Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 10

Part 10 Welcome to my Castle.

Author's note: A small apology is due for some earlier confusion. Since I am making up this story as I go, I have discovered one error which I'd like to clarify. In part 5, where we first meet Alice and Cindy, I originally stated that Cindy had only been on castle slave duty for one month. In part 9 I then said she had worked for five months. The latter is correct. She has worked at the castle for five months and is due to enter the lottery in one month. Alice has been at the castle for one year and has been in the lottery for the last six months. She has not been picked as of yet.

Thank you.

Silence, darkness, utter isolation, these are new experiences for Wildfire. She allowed herself to be placed in this situation. Yet, as strange as it may seem, she is not upset in the slightest by her predicament. A dildo is pressed in her mouth. It's rubber and hollow. It doesn't extend very far past her lips. "It's probably just to keep me from talking," she thought. "They put the helmet on to keep me from being disturbed," she figured. "Anyway, it's a turn on too, just like all the rest of the stuff." Wildfire was trying to justify this treatment and squelch any negative thoughts. She was fairly successful.

She was amazed at how comfortable this rig was. She was bent over a padded bar and pressed into a cushion. This cushion was hourglass shaped to allow her breasts to hang freely. Alex had removed the arm sleeve and connected her wrists to the rear supports. This Wildfire truly appreciated, because they had kept her arms folded behind her for the past two days. Her shoulders were beginning to ache.

Inside the helmet, she was oblivious to anything that might be happening around her. Wildfire had her teeth stretched around four rubber coated hooks. Her mouth was held wide open. Alex had plugged her mouth with a dildo. This dildo, as mentioned, did not extend very far into the mouth. It's main purpose was, as Wildfire had suspected, to keep her from talking. The dildo was hollow so that she could breathe.

The twofold purpose of the rig was quite obvious. First, the rig was meant to keep the pony isolated so that the pony could be allowed to sleep at any time. The chin area was well padded with soft foam. This provided a very comfortable area for the head to rest. The helmet kept the pony isolated so that it would not be disturbed by any sounds or bright lights. That was the purpose that it was being used for right now.

It was the second purpose that Wildfire would discover later. The rig was known as a leisure rack. That's because it was designed for the leisure activities of the staff. The pony's mouth was held wide open and the rear was placed at the perfect height so that the pony's sex was easily accessible. All one had to do was remove the dildo from the mouth and drop the sex sheath and all sexual orifices and organs were readily available.

Wildfire really didn't care about any of this. Alex had worked her quite hard on this day, the last Sunday in August. It was August 28th, 1994. Wildfire had spent the last week being prepared for tomorrow's glorious event, her transfer to the castle stables. Earlier, Alex had taken her on a pair of trotting exercises that he had said amounted to at least three miles, perhaps four. Her feet were quite sore, but not as sore as her rump. Alex had used the crop quite liberally on her backside to encourage her to perform properly. All this pain faded into darkness as fatigue finally won out and she slipped into a deep, wonderful sleep.


Alex was playing golf with Jack Nicklaus and Lee Trevino. Alex was putting when a pelican landed directly in front of him and ate his ball. Alex started chasing the pelican. It started flying off and Alex started flapping his arms. Alex took off into the air like a big ugly bird. The last thing he remembered was yelling, "Give me back that ball!" Then the alarm clock started buzzing. It was 2:30 a.m.

"Mmmm, good morning," Alex said to Cindy as she had just awakened to the sound of the alarm clock. Alex hit the snooze button to stop the racket, then found the switch to shut the alarm off permanently. Alex hated alarms and had thrown a fair share of them against the walls of his bedroom. Along with several broke alarm clocks, Alex had also broken many mirrors as well. He figured that he'd have 49 years of bad luck even after he met his maker.

"Good morning master. Is it that time already?"

"Afraid so. You're going to have a long day. Why don't you catch a few more hours of shuteye. I'm just going to take a quick shower. They want you in the grooming room around nine, right?"

"Yes master. Master? I can still help if you want," Cindy offered.

"Nah, try and get some sleep. It's going to get a little intense for you in a few hours. I'll set the alarm for 8:30. That should give you plenty of time to make it to your groom."

"Thank you master. I am kind of tired." Cindy fluffed her pillow and pulled the satin sheets over her as Alex pried himself out of bed. Of course, he gave Cindy a long luscious kiss first. They both appreciated that.

Alex quickly showered and dressed. He wore a white silk shirt and black leather vest. He wore a pair of black leather pants with black leather boots. He looked like the perfect trainer. Many knew just how perfect he could be.

Alex arrived at the hospital at 3:15 a.m. Alice was still sleeping on the cot that was next to a strange contraption that held Wildfire. Wildfire was still in the leisure rack. Alex could just see her chest rise and fall ever so slightly. Her arms and legs remained motionless. Even though they were bound, Alex knew that she could get a small amount of movement from them. It was quite obvious that Wildfire was sound asleep.

Alice stirred as Alex approached. She opened her eyes just as Alex reached the side of the cot. Alice smiled. "Good morning master."

"Good morning Alice. Sleep well?", Alex asked of the slave.

"Yes master."

"Have any problems last night?"

"No, master. She didn't show any distress. All signs indicate that she slept peacefully. I woke up a few times and took a look at her. Didn't see anything that concerned me."

"Good job. Guess we better wake her up."

Wildfire was jogging in high heels. Her long boots rubbed against her thighs. Beside her was Alex. He was holding her leash. She turned to her right and smiled at him. She wore no bit. She was part of a huge crowd of runners. All the women were naked except for the high heeled boots and collars. Hundreds of men led their ladies through the park. Something was pulling on her bare breast. Then she woke.

Shortly after Alex gave the pony girl a tug on her nipple rings, Wildfire began moving her arms slightly. Of course she couldn't move them very much because they were still connected to the rack. Alex now knew she was awake. He removed the dildo from her mouth. Her tongue came out immediately.

In no time at all Wildfire was fully awake. The dildo still was positioned on her tongue. She quickly remembered her instructions should it be removed. Suddenly, the dildo was removed. "Have to stick my tongue out," she thought. So she did. Nothing happened! "What is he waiting for?" she wondered. She stuck her tongue out farther, but still nothing happened. After a few seconds she pulled her tongue back in. She was rewarded by a firm swat on her behind. "Ahh!" she groaned. Wildfire began to receive slow steady swats. Alex was spanking her with his bare hand. Then she realized why. She stuck her tongue back out and the spanking stopped.

"She learns fast," Alex said to Alice.

"They usually do. I did!" Alice replied.

"Yes, you did. Well, let's unbutton her and get her into the work rack. Then I'll let you clean her up. Need any help?" Alex asked.

"Not unless you want to, master. I can handle it myself. Of course we can get done quicker if you do help."

"Sure. I'll take the front end and you take the back."

"As you wish, master." Alice figured that she would get the back end. That's what slaves were for.

Alice pushed the work rack into position and Alex released the latches on the Wildfire's helmet. She could hear and see once more. Her tongue was still sticking through the hole in the mask. "Pull your tongue in, honey. But don't talk!"

Wildfire did as she was told. She could feel Alex working behind her head and suddenly the straps that held her face against the mask were free. Alex pulled her head back and pushed her chin up to close her mouth. "Keep it closed and you won't get into any trouble." She nodded after she closed her mouth. It felt good to do so.

"Empty your bladder, honey. Nod when you're finished," Alex ordered.

It felt somewhat humiliating to have someone order her to perform a biological function, but she did as she was told. In a few moments, she was empty. She nodded.

Upon seeing this, Alex removed all the binding from her. He also removed her boots. Wildfire was stark naked except for a pair of bells attached to the nipple rings. He merely pointed to the work rack. She obediently walked over to it and bent over the rear support. Wildfire felt the straps at the small of her back and her shoulder blades buckled. She watched as Alex walked to the cabinet and retrieved a soft star bit. Obediently she opened her mouth wide as he inserted it. Alex didn't buckle it. Instead he tied the reins to the rear support. Finally he attached her wrists to the front support. "Over there," Alex said as he pointed to the cleaning station.

Alex had left her barefoot. She heard her own feet slap at the concrete as she pushed herself over to Alice. Alex followed and positioned the rack properly over the drain.

The routine was now well established. Alex removed the leather collar from her neck and the leather strap that held her hair in a ponytail. Alice connected the cleaning machine to Wildfire's rear. After she turned it on, Alice began the process of washing Wildfire's legs and sex as Alex brushed her teeth. Alex took the sponge ball and washed it at the sink. He poured a liberal amount of mouthwash onto it and squeezed it to wring out the excess. He pushed it into her mouth. Alex then grabbed a large sponge and began washing her torso and face. He worked swiftly but gently. By the time he had Wildfire fully lathered, Alice had finished washing her legs, rear and sex. Alex took the hose and tested the water. In minutes, Wildfire was free of all the suds. Alex took the opportunity to soak her hair. He shampooed the pony's lovely blonde locks and rinsed her one last time. Alice applied the disinfectant to her sex and closed the flap.

As per the usual routine, Wildfire was led to a drying area where both Alex and Alice first used towels then hair dryers to make sure she was thoroughly dried off. Alice formed the ponytail at Alex's request as he was not very gifted as a hairdresser. Alice combed Wildfire's long blonde hair out and formed the ponytail. She put the leather strap on to hold it in place. Once Alice was done, Alex replaced the neck collar. "Now the boots," Alex said to Alice. Alice nodded and fetched the same boots that the pony girl had been wearing for the past few days. Alex had thoughtfully placed them on the blowers to air them out overnight. Alice pulled them onto Wildfire's feet. Alex untied her reins and pulled her over to the trough. "Do you want to eat before we go?" he asked the pony girl.

"Neeeheeeheeeheee," she said as she nodded with vigor.

"I don't have the time to wait for the kitchen to make up fresh mash. You'll have to settle for the canned stuff. OK?"

"Neeeheeeheeeheee," she whinnied and nodded once more in the affirmative.

Alex went to the cabinet and took out a can of pony mash. He pulled off the pop top lid and dumped it into the trough. "Don't overdo it. You've got a long march and I don't want you to get sick. In fact, I'm not even going to drive you while you eat. Just begin when you feel like it."

Wildfire was glad to be spared the whipping. She pushed her face into the mush. It was not very appealing at all. If the taste could be described, she would think it was made of honey coated cardboard. But she ate about half of it anyway. She took a few sips of water before going back to the mush for one or two more tastes of it. She washed her mouth out at the watering trough one last time. She lifted her head high.

"Good girl! You remembered," Alex praised. "OK, let's get you in your pony jacket. It's a little chilly out. Oh shit! Alice, it's too cold for you to go out naked. Down the hall is wardrobe. Put something on. Red leather to match our pony girl would be nice. Leather boots of whatever choice you want too. And don't forget the ball gag. You know the rules."

"Yes master. I'll only be a few minutes." Alice ran off.

Alex unbuckled Wildfire from the pony rack and picked up the pony jacket. She pushed her arms through it as Alex began cinching the buckles in back. This time Wildfire helped by working her breasts with her fingers to help force them through the two openings. In no time at all, two ripe melons extended through the rubber rings. Alex pointed to the rack. Wildfire obediently bent over. Alex strapped her in. Alex raised the front support about eight inches. Next, the arm sleeve was applied and Wildfire was fully prepared for her trip. Except for two more items. Alex replaced the three inch long bells on her nipple rings. At that moment Alice returned.

Alice had picked a leather corset affair that left the tops of her breasts exposed from just below the nipples to just under her neck. The corset was made of red dyed leather as Alex had instructed. She added a black leather cape. On her legs were fishnet stockings that covered her from the knee to the crotch. A pair of garter straps held the stockings up. Her feet were encased in knee length red leather boots with laces up the front. The heel was five inches high. She had applied some lipstick to make her lips bright red and placed a red rubber ball gag into her mouth. A black strap wrapped around her head to hold it in place. "Magnificent!" Alex exclaimed. Alex went to the cabinet and picked a few items, the bits that he had used on Wildfire over the past week and a red rubber ball with a molded ring attached. He stuffed these into the saddle bags. "Now let me think. Did I forget anything?" Alex thought for a moment then said, "Oh yea, the plume!" Alex took a white feather plume from the cabinet and attached it to the ponygirl's forehead. "Let's go!", he said.

Alex took Wildfire's reigns and signalled Alice to open the door. In the carriage house, Wildfire was again hitched to the two wheel cart with the canopy. Alex helped Alice into the cart and hopped in himself. He turned the key. Alex looked at the gauges and noticed the needle on the fuel gauge indicated less than one quarter full. "Oops! Guess I used up quite a bit of gas yesterday." Alex jumped out of the cart and quickly filled the five gallon tank. "There, that's better," he said when he turned the key. The gauge read full.

The pony girl was waiting obediently with head raised when she felt the first stroke of the crop on her buttocks. "March!" Alex ordered. Wildfire began moving in slow motion, and "Pulled" the cart through the carriage house door. "Whoa," Alex yelled as the cart cleared the door. Alice got out of the cart and closed the doors. Wildfire wouldn't see this hospital for a long time at best. Alice wondered if she would see return here and become a pony girl again. She would find out in a week when the next lottery drawing would take place.

Alice had been in the lottery for the past six months. She had a feeling that she would end up back in harness. She figured that the odds were very high that she would end up in harness rather than getting a mistress position. This is what she really wanted. It wasn't that she didn't like being a slave. She did. She really enjoyed getting all the attention. It's just that she would now like to attend to a few slaves like she had done to Wildfire over the past two days. Then she could decide if and when someone would please her. Of course the chances were much greater that a pony position would open up. Those people went into the lottery after six months. Mistresses went in after three years and there weren't as many. She totally forgot that she could be transferred to house slave in one of the villages. The next drawing was in one week.

Alice climbed back into the coach at Alex's left. Alice took Alex's left arm in hers and rested her head on his shoulder. She was still quite tired. It was now 3:30 a.m. Time to get started. Alex put the lever in drive and gave Wildfire a little tap with the crop. "Trot," he commanded. The pony girl began lifting her knees high as Alex guided her around the entrance path to the rear of the hospital. In no time, they were in front of the hospital.

Alex had left the blinders off Wildfire so she could get a good look at her new surroundings. He was certain that she was quite curious as to what the island looked like. As they pulled around front Alice got a good look at the hospital. If she didn't know better, she'd swear that it looked like an Aztec pyramid. All the walls were slanted at a twenty degree angle. Each floor sat on top of a larger floor, leaving a ten foot ledge all the way around. The hospital was three stories high and not very large, perhaps two hundred feet on a side at the base. The upper floors were somewhat smaller. The architects had one very important problem that they wanted to guard against. Storms, specifically tropical storms and hurricanes were a rare occurrence. They did happen often enough to factor into the planning of all the buildings on the island. The slanted walls helped deflect the wind in such a way that the walls would theoretically withstand two hundred mile per hour winds. The windows were also protected in two ways. First, all windows were made from automotive safety glass and were shatterproof. They also had steel shutters that were motorized. The hospital could be buttoned up as tight as a drum if need be. The last time that was needed was three years ago. Alex hoped it would be three hundred years before the next storm hit.

Alex led Wildfire down the main road toward the castle. It was a long trip so he didn't push the pony girl too hard. On only a very rare occasion did he have to remind her about her form. He used the reins to lift her head on only one drop of her chin. He applied the crop every so often to keep her attention. Wildfire trotted on taking in the sights around her.

The road ran along a cliff for some time. She could see that the sky was brightening. In another half an hour the sun would rise. She was certain she would see it, her first sunrise in an entire week. The air was a bit chilly for this time of year. This was normal for an island, however, as it was surrounded by water. It was sixty two degrees. Not particularly uncomfortable for a pony girl who was now being exercised and wearing a leather pony jacket. In fact she was working up a little sweat.

Alex had his hands full, so to speak. He had Alice on his shoulder, and Wildfire in harness. He had a number of things to do at the same time. First he had to keep a tight rein on the pony girl and lead her down the path. He also needed to watch her form and correct her if she faltered. He wanted to keep an eye on the odometer and stop her every half mile for water. Wildfire was pulling at a nice steady pace of three miles per hour. The pace was slow as humans walk but Alex knew that new ponies couldn't walk at a very fast pace for very long. A tremendous amount of energy was expending in keeping good form, lifting the knees and keeping the head high and proud. They marched on

Alice was basking in Alex's warmth. The leather outfit covered her more than she normally would be clothed. In fact, she often spent days without any garments whatsoever. She continued to snuggle up to Alex as he attended to the pony girl up front. Alice ran her hands up and down Alex's thigh and chest. This was getting Alex excited in many ways. But he had business to attend to. He had to deliver a pony girl in two hours. "Later honey, or is that horny!" he said to Alice. Alice groaned with laughter past the ball gag.

"Correct on both accounts," she thought.

Wildfire took in more of the view. They traveled south along the eastern edge of the island. The road they traveled was very wide. Three lanes of traffic could easily fit on the road. The road was high quality asphalt. Wildfire could see to her left a vast expanse of blue ocean. Stunning! But not a single spot of land was visible. To her left, towering palm trees lined the road. No guardrail was used on the island side of the road, only the cliff side. Every hundred yards was a watering trough of the type used on the hospital paths. They automatically refilled as needed and flushed themselves every few hours if not used. Every quarter mile a large stone structure was built. The sign said "cleaning station." Wildfire correctly assumed that these were the places Alex had described. These were the places where her bodily functions would be taken care of.

The odometer was approaching one half mile and the pony girl was beginning to labor a bit in her stride. Alex had a good eye for this as he had been driving pony girl carts for years. He led her over to a trough and set the parking brake. "Drink up and relax for a few minutes", he ordered. Wildfire gladly lapped up the water and waited. She was a trifle winded. The water and the rest helped. After ten minutes, Alex placed the cart in reverse, pulled hard on the left rein and gave her another stroke of the whip. "Trot!"

For several minutes Wildfire pulled the cart. Of course the gasoline engine actually drove the cart. She only pulled on the pullbars to engage the dual throttles. She kept her eyes on the road but glanced at the brightening horizon every so often. Suddenly, there it was. The sun began its ascent from a small orange glowing object. She had never seen a sunrise so beautiful. It rose slowly and majestically. Wildfire took in the sight and began veering to the left to get a better look. Alex was watching the sunrise as well and didn't notice that they were off course until they were almost in the left hand lane. Suddenly, he pulled on the right rein and brought her back on course. "Whoa," he ordered. "Guess you should be allowed to see your first sunrise as a pony. Take your time." Wildfire did. She stared at the sunrise and contemplated the significance of it. This was a dawn she would never forget. She was being delivered into a new life. A life of her own choosing awaited. This would be unlike anything she could imagine only weeks ago. She was humbled by this new life that she had entered.

Wildfire turned her head to the right, away from the sun. Alex gave the order to trot once more and they moved on. The first mile was almost up though and it wasn't far before Alex pulled her over for her second rest. For the next two hours Alex drove Wildfire toward her destination, the castle.

When they were a half mile away, Wildfire could begin to see the castle. "Funny," she thought, "It doesn't look like a castle. Looks more like a dome!" The castle was in fact a geodesic dome, specially designed to prevent storm damage. The entire dome was of a translucent material that could be made clear or opaque with the application of a minute amount of electric current. The dome was a full quarter mile in diameter. It was a true miracle of engineering as there were hardly any internal supports for the dome other than the stone buildings inside, yet it could easily withstand two hundred and fifty mile per hour winds. The sections of the dome were made of a special type of lexan (c) plastic that would not deteriorate when exposed to the sun for long periods of time. This had been a major problem with the original design. Lexan was the material of choice but it became brittle after the sun beat down on it for a few month. The new process tempered the Lexan and increased its life-span a thousand fold. Alex made a fortune on the process as did the engineering team that invented it. If people had known what the new material was originally designed for....

Alex drove the cart up to the main gate. It was now almost 5:00 a.m. Wildfire was very winded. Alex led her to a trough just inside the entrance and allowed her to drink. He hopped out of the cart and went into the right saddle bag. "Like my place?"

The pony girl nodded and whinnied. She saw the ball in his right hand as he said, "Open wide. I have to deliver you with this installed." Wildfire opened her mouth as wide as she could. The rubber ball just fit. Alex adjusted it so that the ring stuck straight out of her mouth. Wildfire didn't like it. Her mouth was stretched wide by the two inch ball gag. There were no straps to hold it in but her tongue was pinned both by the back bar of the bit and the ball that now rested on it. "There, now you're ready for delivery."

Alex got back into the cart and told her to trot. He led her to the stables near the northern edge of the grounds. Wildfire tried to ignore the discomfort from the gag and survey the inside of the castle. There were tall buildings everywhere, especially around the perimeter. All the buildings were made of polished stone and brick and all had a facade that slanted back, like the face of the hospital. Several were in contact with the domed ceiling. The entrance was on the western side of the castle. Towards the rear, or eastern side was the main building where Alex and his staff resided. It was a four story building that extended a hundred yards toward the center of the room. It went all the way to the ceiling as well. The building occupied close to one quarter of the available space within the dome. Everywhere there were flowers and plants along the sides of an intricate set of concrete paths. She could smell the sweet perfume of all the tropical plants. It was beautiful. There was something odd though and Wildfire couldn't pick it out. Then it came to her. There weren't any people around. Then she realized what time it was and correctly assumed that it was too early. They entered the stables at precisely 5:15.

"Anybody home," Alex yelled as he exited the cart. He held out his hand and helped Alice out as well. She stood silently beside him.

In fact there were several people 'at home' and all looked up as Alex entered. Off to the left was the main office and upon Alex's arrival Donna the trainer and Arnie came out smiling. "Very nice," Donna said.

Arnie waved to a pair of stable hands and Wildfire was disconnected from the pony cart. Donna was carrying a short crop and began an inspection. First she checked head position. She placed the crop under the pony's chin. It was already raised as high as it would go. "Nice form up front," she commented. "Breasts are of nice form and size. You like those big bells, don't you Alex? I think they're a little too much for her. I'd like to replace them if you don't mind."

"Whatever you think she needs," Alex said.

"Good, let's check the rest." Donna went around back and immediately notice that the pony's legs were spread and bent at the knees. "What the hell is this!" she exclaimed. She raised the crop to strike but Alex grabbed her arm and stopped her.

"Dammit, I knew I forgot something. I never told her how to stand. I was too busy working on her marching form. Sorry Donna," Alex apologized.

"Alex, what am I going to do with you. Well there's no time like the present to teach her," Donna said with resignation. She was one of the many who loved Alex with a passion and prayed for the moment she could be alone with him.

She returned her attention to the pony girl. Donna went around and stood directly in front of her. She bent down and stared directly into Wildfire's face. She backed up. "It's Madonna!" she thought.

As if Donna had read her mind she began to set her straight. "No, I'm not Madonna. Look, no mole." Donna pointed to the top right side of her lip. There was nothing but skin above her red lips. Wildfire relaxed and the ends of her mouth could be seen to turn up ever so slightly.

"Now, listen to me. I'm going to be in charge of you. I'm your trainer, understand?" she asked.

Wildfire whinnied loudly and nodded with an exaggerated movement of the head.

"Good. One lesson that you weren't taught and were supposed to have been," Donna glared at Alex, "was to place your legs together when you're not moving. Do it now and straighten your knees."

Wildfire did as she was told. The effect of bringing her feet together and straightening her knees was dramatic. Since the small of her back was held down by the girth strap, standing as she was ordered caused her rear to bulge up and out. The rear wheels came off the ground ever so slightly when she did so. Donna noticed this and lowered the rear support until the wheels just touched. "Much better. Now press your knees together as well as your heels. That's perfect. Now stay like that."

Alex went in front of Wildfire and petted her hair. "I've got to leave now honey. We'll see each other later." Alex looked at Arnie. "You're giving her to me from noon till six for the first week, right?"

Donna nodded. Arnie said, "That's right. I wish you wouldn't though. It'll slow her training.

"I don't think it'll hurt too bad just for one week. You'll have the weekend to catch up."

"We'll work it out," Donna said.

"Good, then we're set. I'll expect her around noon. Dress her nice. Don't forget the castle boots. We fitted her for eight and a half inch heels. God, I never saw such large but slim feet on a woman!"

Wildfire heard that. She didn't like her feet at all. She compared them to something Godzilla was born with. She didn't move a muscle though as she waited for her next order.

Alex left the pony girl with Arnie and Donna. "Are you sure you're not Madonna?" he asked, laughing out loud.

"How many time are you gonna ask me that, Arnie? No, I'm not Madonna!" she said. She gave Arnie a big hug and joined in his laughter.

"So who are you gonna team her with," Arnie asked.

"Let's see, she's bi right."

"Yea, no marker and her chart says so. I checked."

"Well that leaves us with several options. Let me think. We have Twin, Big Barney, and Samson. For girls we have Misty Molly, Pretty Polly and Jumping Jane. They're the main candidates I'd look at. What do you think?"

"There's only one choice really."

"Twin," she affirmed.

"Right! He's the best. Also, she's very green. I'd rather put her with a male so she can get comfortable with the opposite sex. We can always switch later."

"OK, I'll put Danny's Twin in with her. Come on girl," Donna said as she grabbed the reins. Arnie watched them walk down the stable path. He went back into the office to finish the paperwork on the new arrival. "Real nice job, Alex. She'll do very nicely" he said to himself.

Wildfire held her head high and straight. There were stalls on both sides of the aisle. Each stall was separated by a thick wall that went to the ceiling. The front of the stall had a wooden three foot high wall on the front. The top of it held two water and food troughs. There were thick black curtains hanging above the wall. Wildfire saw that the stall could be isolated from the view of any passersby. She could glance to either side to find several ponies, both male and female in stalls on both sides of the path. Two ponies occupied each stall. Many were just being removed from leisure racks. Some were still locked in them. She remembered how it was only a few hours ago.

As they approached her stall, she was distracted by the sound of heavy breathing. To her left, there was a pony still in her leisure rack. The dildo had been removed and the stable hand was pushing his long thick cock into the opening up front. "So that's what it looks like from the outside!" she thought. Donna didn't allow her to stop and watch. She pulled her into the next stall. The sounds stopped only moments afterwards.

Wildfire was taken through a door at the back of her stall. This room was very large, perhaps twenty feet deep and twelve feet wide. She recognized a leisure rack and a stationary rack, many bits, boots, jackets, gloves, etc. It was a huge collection. Donna closed the door behind her.

The ball gag was finally removed much to Wildfire's relief! Then Donna began removing the bit and bridle. When she was ungagged, she turned around and picked up a tablet and a pen. "You may talk freely," she said. "I won't punish you for anything you say."

Donna checked the list for a moment then continued, "First, when were you last cleaned out?"

"I'm not sure. Just before we left the hospital."

"Do you need a cleaning now?"

"No, I'm fine, thank you."

"I'd prefer you to call me mistress. I think it'll establish our relationship better. Understand?"

"Yes mistress."

"Better. Now, let's see. Are you in any pain?" she asked. That was the next question on the list.

"Yes mistress. My behind, my arms and my feet hurt."

"I can't do anything for your behind. But I can help you with your feet and arms."

Donna went behind Wildfire and removed her boots. Wildfire pulled her feet and knees together. Her rear wasn't nearly as high now. Then Donna removed the arm sleeve. Wildfire expected her to attach the wrist cuffs to the frame, but she didn't. Instead, she continued by removing all the bonds that held her to the rack. Wildfire was made to stand upright. She groaned. "Ahh, thank you mistress."

"You're welcome. Now let's get this jacket off you." Donna unzipped the back of the jacket and unbuckled all the straps. She hung it on a hook. Donna pointed to the haystack along the wall. "Have a seat," she offered.

Wildfire looked confused. "I thought I was supposed to stay in the rack all the time?" she asked.

"That's crazy. You'd end up a vegetable. You're body would atrophy. Look how your arms feel just being strapped to your back for a few days. Imagine what they'd be like after six months or even a year! You'd never use them again. In fact, you'd probably lose them to infection. Here, I'll describe the basic routine to you."

"You'll be removed from the rack every other day for upper body exercise and Turkish bath. These days you'll be awakened at eight. On the days you don't exercise, you will stay in the leisure rack until ten. You may be awakened at nine, if someone wants to use you. Clear so far?"

"Yes mistress."

"How do you feel about not knowing who is going to do it to you?"

"I find it exciting mistress!" Wildfire exclaimed.

"Really, I thought you'd be scared. You're pretty green yet."

"Alex gave me a few lessons. I found them extremely pleasing. Can't wait for more actually. God, I sound like a slut!"

"There is no such thing on this island, only sexually motivated people. That's something you have to remember. All sex on this island is safe, save from disease due to the extensive screening, and safe from pregnancy from the threefold method of birth control. Alex told you about that, right?"

"Yes mistress. If he hadn't, I wouldn't be here."

"What I'm getting at is that society as a whole has established that having too much sex is bad for you. It is disgraceful and wrong. That was mainly established to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Now we have to worry about sexually transmitted disease as well. We've removed all these problems. Sex is fun when there's no risk. That's the whole purpose of this island. Sex is encouraged. Multiple or single partners, having sex fifty times a day, or once, it doesn't matter. Have fun! That's the message."

"But that's not how I was raised," Wildfire argued.

"That's not how anyone was raised. But here it's different."

"You're telling me!"

"Right! There's no risk. Enjoy!" Donna exclaimed with a smile.

"I'll take you up on that offer."

"Consider it done. Now let's continue. You're scheduled for Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In an hour, I'll be taking you to the exercise room and we can work on getting some circulation back in your arms and shoulders. Then, when I'm satisfied you've had enough, I'll take you to the bathhouse and leave you there for a half hour. Bet you can't wait for that!"

"Sounds wonderful, mistress!"

"Then there's your mate."

"I heard you talking about that, mistress. You're going to team me with a male pony?"

"That's right."

"But what about Alex? I lo..." Wildfire caught herself. She suddenly remembered rule number one. A master couldn't love his slave.

"Relax honey. I know you love him. I won't tell. Anyway, I know that Alex told you about rule number one. He tells all his recruits. It doesn't remain a secret for very long here. We'll keep this a secret just for appearance sake, OK?"

Wildfire was relieved. "OK, mistress. I do love him."

"There's lots of women who love him. Guilty!" Donna said, raising her hand.

"May I ask a question, mistress?"

"Certainly." My this one is very polite and submissive.

"Have you ever, ah..."

"The answer is no, unfortunately. But I'll let you in on a little secret. If he ever lets me, I will! Does that bother you?" Donna was testing her and giving her a lesson in sharing.

"A little. No! that's a lie. A lot! I'm jealous."

"That is something that is not allowed. We're not allowed to be jealous. It doesn't fit the society here. We have wild sex and fun all day. We don't prohibit or take ownership of people. I want you to try and understand how this island works. You're one of two thousand people on this island. Five hundred people are ponies, one thousand are slaves and five hundred are masters and pony trainers. Get the picture. Slaves and ponies combined outnumber the masters and mistresses three to one. You have to expect people to have more than one lover."

"I didn't realize that the ratio was that big. But, I've had fun with almost everything that's been done to me. It's going to be tough, but I'll try and adjust my thinking, mistress."

"That's a good girl. I somehow think that it won't be nearly as difficult as you think, especially when you see Twin." Donna smiled.

Wildfire observed Donna all this time. She was the spitting image of Madonna. Her voice even had the same accent. "Why don't I believe her?" Wildfire asked herself. She put aside the thought for the time being.

"So, are your arms and shoulders still sore from the arm sleeve?"

"Yes, mistress. They're very stiff. And my feet hurt."

"I'm not surprised about your feet. That's a three mile trot. You seem to have come through it in good condition. Do you jog?"

"I used to. Guess I'm in pretty good shape."

"Yes, you are. But we'll get you in better shape. I think you need to lose about five pounds or so. That'll come off with exercise. Now, why don't you hop up on the massage table and I'll work those kinks out of your shoulders."

Wildfire stood and climbed onto the massage table. It was covered in black leather and had a white sheet on top. The pillow was soft. Wildfire's tail hung over the side. Donna placed it between her legs. "Just relax."

Donna began pressing her fingers into the pony girl's shoulders. Wildfire said, "Oh, that feels good!" Donna just smiled. She worked the muscles down to the lower back and up through the shoulders. Donna applied some liniment and massaged Wildfire's back again. Wildfire revelled in the warmth that now spread through her muscles. Her breathing slowed and she closed her eyes as Donna continued. After fifteen minutes of this wonderful treatment, Donna gave her a slap on the rump. "OK, get up. I have to show you something."

Wildfire rose from the table. Donna picked up a new bit that Wildfire had never seen before. "As I explained before, we want to keep you healthy. A human being is very different from a horse. A horse is made from the ground up to be a horse. A human isn't. There are a few problems associated with making a human into a pony slave. First, as I've mentioned, is the problem with muscle atrophy. If we left you on the rack as you originally thought, your muscles would lose their strength from lack of use. The same situation exists with your teeth. If you don't use them, you'll lose them. The teeth need to be worked, by chewing or biting. That's what this bit is for. We call it a chewing bit. Here, let me put it on."

Donna placed the bit in Wildfire's mouth. It was a one inch thick rubber bar that went between her teeth. Unlike the other bits, this one had only one strap that went around the head. And this strap was elastic. Donna attached this strap and adjusted it to hold the bit in place. "Comfortable?" she asked.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied.

"OK, let's put you back in the pony rack for the time being. Then I'll go get your new friend." Wildfire went to he rack and was installed into the rack. Donna knew that she would be taken out of the work rack in a short while so she only connected the sheaths and rear girth strap. Wildfire's wrists were attached to the front supports. Donna led her out into the stable area and left her there. "Stay here, honey. I'll be right back."

A couple of minutes later, Donna returned with a male pony. Wildfire's eyes opened wide. "Oh my God!" she thought. Danny's Twin was mounted on a pony rack. Donna led him into the stables. He didn't wear an arm sleeve. There was a reason for that. His biceps, no, his entire body bulged with muscles and tendons. He couldn't bend his arms behind his back. "Well, do you like?", Donna asked.

By this time the male pony had seen Wildfire and both seemed to nod and whinny at the same time. Donna smiled. Wildfire took a closer look at her new mate. Danny's twin was a six foot ten male specimen of body building excellence. He had long blonde hair and a face that was even more handsome than Alex. If she wasn't tied down, she'd float through the ceiling with joy. His skin glistened. Someone had taken the time to oil his body. He wore a standard bit. Wildfire couldn't tell what kind. His nipples were pierced and he wore small bells on them. The nose was pierced as well. Wildfire had been told this before, that all ponies wore the ring. Wildfire looked at his boots. They had no heels. "Wish I didn't have to wear heels, like him!" she prayed.

"Wildfire, meet Danny's Twin. Twin, this is Wildfire," Donna said.

Twin and Wildfire nodded to each other. Donna was gleaming with joy. "This is working out better than I planned," she thought.

"OK, honey. Let me explain a few things. Twin is a pace pony. We use him to help train the slaves. You'll be trotting along side of him most of the time. Notice his physique. Oh, I guess you already have! Anyway, while you get a half hour of exercise three times a week, he gets one hour of work five days a week. Also, you two get Monday and Thursday nights out of rack. You won't be strapped into a leisure rack on those nights. I'll be taking the two of you to the training room in a half an hour. Tell you what. Since you've been a good girl, I think I'm going to release you for a while. Then you two can talk. Twin might be able to give you a few hints. Like that?"

Both ponies nodded and whinnied.

"Good, first, you better empty your bladders as you won't have any place to go until after your bath." Donna waited for a few minutes until both ponies were finished. Then she removed them from the racks. Twin rose to his full height. His cock was rock hard. Wildfire saw this at once. It was huge. She smiled. "Feel free to talk. I've got work to do elsewhere. I'll close the drapes. You can remove the bits, but I want you to put them back in when I return, so keep them handy and clean. Put them in the water troughs. That's always a good place for them." Donna left them to get acquainted. She knew that they would like each other.

"Good day Miss Wildfire. You are a truly lovely lady." Twin said.

"Thank you, ah, Mr. Twin?" Wildfire said. She couldn't stop smiling. Also, her gaze was constantly shifting to his crotch. She shook her head in disbelief.

"You may call me Franco. Perhaps we can sit down. I have just finished a half hour of weight training and I am a trifle sore." In the corner of the stables was a huge pile of straw. He sat on this and offered the space next to him by waving his hand. Wildfire sat down next to him, leaving a foot of space between them.

"I don't think I'm ready yet," she apologized.

"This is perfectly acceptable to me. I will force you never," he said with a thick Italian accent. "Perhaps we can talk about other things. Perhaps you have questions, yes?"

"A few. I'm very curious about the name you were give as a pony. Why? Why Danny's Twin?" she asked.

"There is a movie, I am told. I have never seen this movie. It is called "Twins". Have you ever heard of it?"

"Yes, I saw it a couple years ago. It stars Danny De Vito and Arnold...." Wildfire brought her hand to her mouth and started giggling. "They think you look like Arnold."

"Some say I do. Perhaps it's because of these," Franco said as he flexed his right bicep. "Or these," Franco said again as he flexed his left bicep. Or perhaps it is because of all of these." Franco put his arms straight out from his sides and pushed down, flexing every muscle in his chest and abdomen. Wildfire was in shock. She had never seen a body builder up close like this. But her gaze kept returning to his cock. Franco noticed this finally.

"You like?"

"Yes, it's huge!"

"Perhaps you would like to please me, yes." Franco looked into her eyes. She was his and she didn't mind at all. But she wasn't ready, she kept trying to believe. "No, Franco, I mean yes. I mean.... Oh what the hell." Wildfire opened her mouth and plunged onto his member. Franco petted her hair as she sucked him for a very long time. When he came, she took it all in. "The training did pay off!" she thought.

Wildfire rose expecting to see Franco vanquished like Alex had been back at the hospital. But she immediately saw that he was smiling, but not in any distress whatsoever. "You are truly magnificent, Miss Wildfire. I thank you with all my heart." Franco then did something subtle yet quite effective. He took her hand and kissed it. That's all! Suddenly Wildfire wrapped her arms around his neck and immediately began breathing heavily. Suddenly she had an orgasm. "OH GOD!" she screamed.

Donna was attending to a pair of ponies two doors down. She heard Wildfire scream. "Yes!" she said with authority. "Good choice again," she thought.


It was now approaching eight a.m. and Alex had a meeting with the two girls, Tanya and Krystal. Both girls were being kept in the holding area in the main building. Both girls were released from their bonds and given a robe and slippers to wear. Alex entered the first holding cell and found Krystal sobbing. Alex had her packet with him and had reviewed it before entering. "Hey, what's all the tears for?"

"I...I...I can't do that," she said, pointing to the door.

"Why do you give us so much trouble. You were into this bondage stuff for two years before you came here. You seemed to love the interview and fitting. And you were fine for the first few months. You didn't seem to have any problem with multiple partners, 'bi' activities, nothing! I mean, what is the problem?" Alex sounded very frustrated. He liked Krystal. For all her faults, she was a lovely girl with bright eyes and usually sported a big smile. But now. Her eyes were puffy. Her face was a mess. Alex didn't want her to be like this.

"I don't know. All I know is that I can't go into the kennels. That's too much."

"Then take the money and go home. You can return to the bondage clubs you went to before."

"I can't do that and you know it. I'm hooked. I can't leave. Help me?" she pleaded. Krystal walked over to Alex and wrapped her arms around his massive shoulders. She started crying and Alex could feel her tears as she pressed her wet cheeks to his. He kissed her gently on the lips. It was a quick but meaningful kiss. He stroked her hair and said, "What do you have in mind?"

"I don't know. Maybe we could start over, just like I was a brand new slave."

Alex took a deep breath and pondered the offer for a moment. "Are you sure that's what you want?" He looked deep into her eyes.

"No, but it's the only thing that will keep me out of that horrible place downstairs. I promise I won't resist anymore, I swear!" She raised her right hand as if she was swearing on a bible.

Alex scratched his chin for a moment. Then he said, "I'll present it to the board on Wednesday. That's the month end meeting we always have. I'll recommend a restart of your training. If you screw up this time, we won't show any mercy. We'll just give you the money and send you off. I know you don't want that, do you?"

"No I don't, Alex, I mean master." Krystal corrected herself and smiled.

"Good. Let's see. The next lottery is in one week, right? Yea, the first and third Mondays of each month. Assuming the board approves it, and I see no reason that they won't, we'll start your refitting two weeks from today. How's that sound?"

"I was hoping or something a little more immediate," she said.

"No can do. Tell you what. If you want, why don't you join my personal slaves, Cindy and Alice, for the next couple of weeks?"

"I'd like that a lot," she said with glee.

"Great, then it's settled. Pending approval, you'll enter the stables hospital in two weeks and be treated like a freshman. I'll send word to take you to my chambers for evening duty. They'll prepare you and feed you. For the record, I'm very happy that you didn't end up in the kennels."

"Me too. Thank you, master!" Krystal kissed him and hung on for dear life. Alex just smiled, turned and left.

His next visit was Tanya. First he reviewed her packet once more. Born in Sarajevo. That one fact kept bothering Alex. "Could she really be taking her problems and frustrations out on the slaves? Or was she just naturally cruel?" Alex entered her room.

Tanya was sitting bolt upright in a chair along the wall. "I will not be your dog!" she stated firmly. She glared with hatred at Alex. Alex looked at her, then at the folder. He tossed the folder at Tanya.

"What is this?" she asked.

"Your packet. Where were you born?" Alex asked. He took a chair from the two near the table in the center of the room. He sat down right in front of her. "Where were you born?" he demanded again.

"You know where I was born. Why do you bother with this farce. The decision has already been made." Alex thought he heard her voice crack on the last word. "Could she be human after all?" he wondered.

Alex reached out and touched Tanya's right hand. Then he said in a soft voice, "Decisions can be altered, if the need arises. Is there a need, Tanya?"

Tanya was put off balance by the kind gesture. She swallowed hard and said, "Yes. Why do those people have to fight? My parents are dead, and for what? I'll tell you what! Prejudice. Prejudice killed my family. All people talk about is setting this piece of land aside for the Moslems and this piece aside for the Serbs, and, and...." She started crying. Alex could see it was no act. Alex squeezed her hand. "Is that the reason you were so hard on the slaves? Because you were angry?"

Tanya nodded. Alex wondered what he could do. He couldn't send her home. She'd be killed in six months. No one deserves to be sent back into that hell hole. He decided also that she didn't deserve the kennels either. Then he thought of the last slave she hurt, Horst.

"You don't want to leave, do you?"

"Not if I can help it." Tanya swallowed hard. The tears were almost under control and she wiped her eyes on her sleeve. "Is there something that can be done?"

"What do you think of Horst?"

"What do you mean?" Tanya looked confused.

"What you did to him will force him to be a master for the rest of his life, or as long as he desires. I think justice would be served if you were his house slave for the same period of time."

"He would take revenge on me!" she said with shock.

"We'll talk to him. I'll set up the rules. Then we'll decide."

"Very well. But what about the board's decision."

"We have a meeting on Wednesday. I'll fix it. Besides, one little rule is that we give you an option to go home. If we can't send you home, then it wouldn't be fair to send you to the kennels, would it. You don't have a second option. Hardly consensual, is it?"

"Good point. Did you ever go to law school. You'd be good!"

"Thank you." Alex checked his watch. It was now almost ten. He had to be back at the castle by noon for Wildfire. He decided that he'd have time. "Let's go see Horst."

Alex called the car pool and reserved a limo. In no time they were at the front desk. Maggie was there. "You!" Maggie said to Tanya with contempt in her voice. Tanya lowered her head and looked at the ground. Maggie could sense that something was amiss. "Could she truly be sorry?" she thought.

"Heard she was up for kennel duty. Is that what she's here for?" Maggie asked.

"No, we're going to see Horst. Tanya want's to apologize."

"She what! Kind of out of character for her, isn't it?" Tanya kept her head bowed and allowed Alex to talk for her. She was completely cowed. She swallowed, but her throat was dry as punk.

Alex handed Maggie the packet. "She's from Sarajevo. Her parents were killed two years ago. That stupid war, how would you feel?" Alex asked.

"I'd be..." she hesitated. She spotted a tear on Tanya's face. "Oh my!" Maggie's feeling sent into overdrive. Those feelings and emotions that made her a superb nurse now extended to Tanya. "Is that the truth?" she asked her. Tanya gave a small nod of the head. Maggie looked at Alex. "Do you want me to come with you? Maybe I can help." At that point Tanya wrapped her arms around Maggie and totally threw her for a loop. "This was the ice queen?" she thought. Maggie had fixed up too many men Tanya had injured. This was not the same woman. She had changed.

"We'll be fine. Thank you though, Maggie." Alex gave Maggie a small peck on the cheek. Maggie smiled as Alex took Tanya by the arm and headed for the elevator.

"What's she doing here?" Horst was enraged at the mere sight of Tanya. "Is it not enough that I must endure this disability, this pain? Need I be tortured now by the sight of this bitch? Why is she here?" Horst demanded. Tanya looked at Horst but said nothing. His words cut deep for Tanya secretly loved Horst. Tanya could not stand to look into his eyes anymore and bowed her head.

"Read this!" Alex said. He tossed the folder onto Horst's lap.

"What's this?" Horst asked. Horst opened the folder and began reading.

"It's Tanya's packet. Read it."

Horst scanned the data, her age, place of birth, vital statistics, family history. He saw nothing of interest. "So?" he said, looking at Alex.

"Read the place of birth," Alex ordered.

"Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. Wait, that's Bosnia now." It hit Horst like a ton of bricks. "Oh my God!" Horst looked at Tanya, then Alex. He was in shock.

"There's more. Read the family history," Alex suggested.

Horst turned to page three. His face turned to pure horror. "Mother and Father: deceased. Killed in mortar attack December, 1992." Horst looked up. "This is the reason for her abuse? I do not accept this excuse. It is not fair. I was a loyal and devoted slave. I gave all to please her. Now I will spend years in pain and I will no longer be able to serve. It is not fair!"

"Life is never fair, Horst. Tanya has offered to try and make up for her abuse," Alex said. He looked at Tanya. "Do you have anything to say, Tanya?"

"I am sorry, Horst. I truly am. For almost two years I have been in pain. This pain is much worse than you have endured. I have lost my parents to man's inhumanity to man. My people fight over stupid prejudice. Tens of thousand have died. My friends are probably dead, my family. If I should return, I would die also. Life has dealt me a bad hand as well Horst. I ask your forgiveness and offer to make up for my abuse."

"How do you intend to do that? I will now be forced to live in Mascula for the rest of my life. I will never be able to do the one thing I truly loved, be a slave. How will you make up for that?" Horst asked. His voice frightened Tanya and she began to shiver. Horst had truly put her in her place. And he saw it.

"The council offered me two options, become a dog in the kennel, or go home with a lot of money."

"I know. Word gets around." Horst said.

"I cannot choose either option. I certainly cannot go home. I have no home now. It lies in ruins. The other option is not acceptable either. I cannot submit to this. It is too drastic for me."

"Then what will you do?"

"Alex has suggested that I become your slave for life, or until you decide to leave the island. I have told him that I will do so should you want me."

"My slave? For life? Are you crazy? I can't have you do that!"

"Why not?" Alex asked. "Wouldn't it be justice? She's the one who put you in this situation. She realizes what she did was wrong and she's offering to try and make it up to you. It's a rare thing to find someone who will offer to change their life so drastically. I think you should consider the full impact of what she is offering. She has offered to spend her entire life serving you. Those aren't the words of a selfish woman, are they?"

"Why do you wish to do this? Couldn't you offer something else to make up for your error," Horst said.

"Like what? There isn't anything else that would be fair to you. I want to help you. Before I came here I was a physical therapist. I can help you recover. Besides, there's an even more important reason."

"What's that?" Horst asked.

Tanya went to Horst's side and took his hands. She looked deep into his eyes. "I, I love you," she said. Her voice broke and tears streamed down her eyes. She leaned over Horst and rested her head on his naked chest. Horst was shocked by her sudden display of emotions. He wrapped his arms around her and said, "OK, I'll take care of you and you take care of me. Deal?" Tanya rose from his chest and just nodded. "Come on, let's see a smile," Horst said. The corners of Tanya's lips lifted ever so much. Horst pulled her down to him and kissed her. "No more tears! That's an order my pretty slave," Horst demanded.

"Yes master," Tanya said with confidence. Horst wiped the last of her tears aside and kissed her again.

"I have a little secret for you, myself. I've been in love with you for a long time. That's why I didn't complain about how far you went with me. I took it all. But everyone has their limits. This injury was mine. I am sorry too."

"For what?" Tanya asked.

"For not letting you know how much I loved you. I truly did love you. And I do once more. I will help you deal with your problems and you will help me deal with mine. This will work out much better than I could ever hope."

"Me too. Alex, may I stay with my new master? He needs my help." Tanya hesitated for a moment then said, "And I need his."

"I'll fix all the paperwork and make sure the committee understands. Gee, I love happy endings!"

As if on cue, both Tanya and Horst replied in unison, "Me too!" All three laughed at the unintended harmony of voices. Alex left to return to the castle. Wildfire would be coming in another half hour.

When he arrived, he met Susan. "So what's the deal with our two girls? You gonna send them to the kennels?" she asked.

"Nope! I fixed it for both of them."

"How, and why?"

"You won't believe this but Tanya is quite human once you peel off her leather pride. She's offered to become Horst's slave for life. And Horst has accepted."

"He'll tear her apart! He could kill her!" she exclaimed.

"Not a chance. I just left them at the hospital hugging and kissing each other to beat the band. They've secretly loved each other for a long time. It's just that neither had the guts or common sense to show it. They've made a pact to help each other. Tanya will help Horst to recover. She was a physical therapist. And Horst will help too."


"He will help her deal with the pain of losing her parents to the war in Bosnia. That was the problem. They will be fine, I'm certain."

"It's amazing how many people lose their family to violence on this island, isn't it?" Susan stated.

"An unfortunate fact of life. We have a lot of loners here. That's a major source of them, unfortunately."

Susan noticed that Alex suddenly looked depressed. So she kissed him.

"What was that for?" he asked.

"For being you! I love you, Alex." she said. She kissed him again. Alex gave her a big hug and smiled.

"Oh! So what about Krystal then? Is she going home?"

"No, she wants to start over. I'm recommending that we retrain her. Start from scratch. That's what she suggested. I told her that if she screws up again, it's good-bye for good."

"Are you sure it will work?"

"Only one way to find out. She knows her options. Also, Since the next lottery drawing isn't till next week, I've decided to keep her in my service until she starts her refitting at the hospital. That won't be for two weeks as you know. I intend to try and work on her attitude. I think it will help."

"You're gonna have a tough time feeding this to the council. I'll back you up for Krystal, but I still have a hard time showing Tanya any mercy. She's been real trouble."

"Trust me? Do it for me. She really isn't that bad. She was just very frustrated. Tanya knows where she went wrong."

Susan gave thought to Alex's words for a moment then smiled. "OK, but you're gonna owe me big time, mister!"

"Thanks beautiful. I'm sure we'll work out some repayment," Alex said with a smile.

"You bet we will," Susan replied. She kissed him again and left. Alex watched her tight leather skirt move back and forth. "Yes we will," he said out loud.


Back at the stables, Wildfire had just finished giving Franco pleasure and wanted to wash out her mouth. She stood and walked over to the water trough. "Be careful! Don't use your hands. They'll punish you if you do," Franco warned. Wildfire bent over and lapped the water with her tongue and spit it out. She took in some more water.

She could see the bit in the bottom of the trough. She picked it up and looked at it. Then she put it back in the water. "That's to keep you from losing your teeth," Franco said.

"Yes, Donna, I mean my mistress told me." Wildfire sat back down next to Franco. "Tell me, what is she like?"

"You met her for yourself. She is a beautiful woman, but has, how do you say, a rough side? She seems to truly love all her ponies. I have served her many times and she is always kind to me. Sometimes she drives me very close to my limit, but she has always sensed that limit. She has never exceeded it."

"So she's been taking care of you every day for a long time?" Wildfire asked.

"Not exactly. She is a permanent member of the community, a shareholder so to speak. She works as a stable hand for a few weeks, then disappears for sometimes two or three months before returning. She sells real estate I heard."

"She looks just like Madonna," Wildfire interjected.

"There is a rumor that she really is, but I doubt it. She doesn't have the mole."

"She pointed that out. I know that every picture I've ever seen of her has that mole above her lip. It's always in the same place too! She can't be Madonna."

"That's right! I can't be." Both pony slaves looked up from their sitting position to gaze into their mistress' eyes. "I do wish that rumor would end. It gets old after a while. Now, it's exercise time. Let's get you two bitted."

Donna retrieved both bits from the troughs. Wildfire was immediately gagged with the chewing bit, but Franco was not. Donna took his bit into the back room and returned with a second chewing bit and several other items. The bit was placed in his mouth and buckled it. She threw a pair of sneakers to each pony. "Put these on," she ordered. Donna also had picked up two leashes. These she attached to the pony slave's nose rings. "OK, up you two."

The two pony slaves were led by the nose to a pair of doors. They could hear and see a large steaming pool through the left door and a gymnasium through the right. They entered the gym. The gym was quite large. There were six slaves working out, including Wildfire and Twin. The majority of the equipment was universal gym equipment. Six universal gyms were set up in the center of the floor space, plus treadmills, free weights, and a mat for calisthenics. Donna led them to the front gym as it was not in use. She removed the leashes.

They now stood in front of a handlebar that was suspended from a cable. Below was a padded bench. Donna checked the weight setting. The peg was in the 120 lb. slot. "Show her how it's done, Twin." Twin knelt on the bench and grabbed the handlebars. He pulled down on it as if there was no resistance at all. He did twenty slow reps then stopped. Then he did twenty more. He stood.

"Up on the bench, girl," Donna ordered. Wildfire obediently knelt on the bench but could not reach the handlebars when she did so. Donna first reduced the weight to 40 lbs. then adjusted the cable so that Wildfire could reach it. She started pulling on it, but Donna stopped her. "You're a little too fast for me. Just wait a minute."

Donna walked behind her and placed her hands on the bar near the cable. "Just pull down once. I want you to bring it down slowly and let it come up slowly. OK, let's try it." Wildfire pulled the bar down at a very slow pace and allowed it to return slowly as well. "Did that hurt?" Donna asked. Wildfire shook her head and whinnied. She was very used to the idea of making that sound when responding now.

"Let's try ten reps. Pull down and let it go up slowly. Take your time. Go!" Wildfire began working and counting to herself. She found out immediately that this wasn't necessary. Donna counted out loud for her. After the first five reps, she began to strain. This forced her to grit her teeth. Of course she had the chewing bit in her mouth so she chomped into the rubber bar. Wildfire concentrated and finished the ten reps. She was breathing very heavily when she finished. Donna began massaging her shoulders after she had finished. It felt good. Then Donna asked, "Want to try another ten?"

Wildfire found herself nodding and whinnying. Her arms were sore though. She wanted the exercise, but the pain would be great. "Am I turning into a masochist?" she wondered. Before she could ponder the though, Donna said, "Go!" Wildfire began pulling again. This time she could barely pull the bar down by the fifth rep. Donna began to help by pulling down with her. Donna continued to help through the tenth rep. "Good girl!" she praised. "Let's go over to the butterflies."

The two ponies went to the other side of the apparatus and were shown another exercise device. It was a chair with a pair of vinyl covered pads mounted at eye level. Donna pointed to it and Twin sat in it. Donna set the device to 80 lbs and let him start on his own. Twin placed his upper arms on the pads and pushed forward. His huge pectoral muscles bulged as he worked the device. Again, he did two sets of twenty. Wildfire noticed that he had still not broken a sweat. "OK, it's your turn. Twin, why don't you go over and do some curls. Wildfire won't be doing those for a while. Into the seat, girl."

Wildfire sat in the seat fully expecting her tail and egg to press into her rear and become uncomfortable. This did not happen. The cushion was split down the middle to allow for the tail and egg. Donna set the weights to a mere twenty pounds. She took each of Wildfire's arms and placed them in the proper position. "Now, try and keep your back straight and do ten reps. I've set the weight pretty light. Begin."

Wildfire pulled forward with her shoulder muscles. This was a lot more difficult than it looked. By the tenth rep, she was beat. When Donna asked her if she wanted to do another ten, she refused. "That's OK. You'll do better the next time."

Twin had just finished his second set of ten reps with a 100 lb. curling bar. Wildfire watched his oiled muscles bulge and shook her head in disbelief. Every muscle was perfectly defined. How could she be so lucky. She was floored by his size and build.

Donna explained that this was Twin's second trip to the gym today. He was up earlier and had a full workout before Donna had introduced them. "I think he likes you. He doesn't usually show off for this long with the other girls." The corners of Twin's mouth lifted slightly as he continued to pump iron, now with his hands on top of the bar and pulling up against his body. His biceps were now working and bulging. Beads of sweat were forming on his forehead. "Dear God!" Wildfire thought.

Donna led Wildfire through several other exercises, floor exercises, dumbbells, etc. After half an hour of work, most of it to improve her upper body, Donna informed them that it was time for the bath. She waved the two of them to the exit and into the Turkish bath. It was practically deserted. Donna removed the bits from their mouths. Wildfire was afraid. She had to say something important but knew she wasn't allowed. Her prayers were answered when Donna said, "This is one of the few places that you may speak freely. That's why I removed your bits. We're running a little late. You have a date with Alex, remember?"

Wildfire suddenly looked at the clock. It was almost ten. "I'm his from noon till six?" she asked.

"That's right. I'll let you stay in here for a half hour. I have to have an hour or so to prepare you. Do either of you need cleaning out or have to pee?" Donna looked at the two ponies. Wildfire said, "I do." Twin shook his head.

Donna led her along the very large pool. Before they entered the bathroom, Wildfire said, "I can't swim!"

Donna laughed. "Then walk. It's only three feet deep."

Wildfire looked into the pool. She saw bottom. "It looked a lot deeper. Can we hurry please? I really need to go!"

Donna led her into the bathroom. This was a different type of bathroom than Wildfire had ever used. There were six pony racks along one side and some sinks to her left. In the rear were three stalls with conventional toilets and Wildfire, without thinking started heading toward them. Donna stopped her and pointed to one of the pony racks. This rack was similar to the stationary rack. It was firmly attached to the floor. Wildfire bent over the rear support and the leather sheaths were attached to her rings. The rear support had no cartridge, but instead had a plastic pipe that ran into the floor. Donna could hear the liquid run down it. Donna took hoses and attached them to Wildfire's rear and turned on the machine. In no time the device had run through its cycle and Wildfire's bowels were cleaned as well. Donna removed her from the rack, wiped her sex with bathroom tissue and returned her to the pool.

Twin was already in the pool. "Come on in. The water is, how do you say, fine!" Twin said. He laughed. Wildfire covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. She removed her sneakers and placed them against the wall next to Twin's. Her sneakers were the same size as his she noticed. Wildfire walked down the steps and into Franco's waiting arms. The water felt warm and wonderful.

"I'll be back for you two in say, 45 minutes. Get yourselves nice and clean." Donna threw them a couple sponges and a soap on a rope.

"Thank you, mistress." Wildfire said.

"For what."

"For being a good person."

Donna was touched by Wildfire's words. She was a rare find indeed. Donna smiled. "You're quite welcome. I'll see you in a while." Donna left.

Wildfire and Franco washed each other's bodies in the most sensual ways. She would wash him and he would wash her. Wildfire started at the top and worked her way down. She hesitated at his manhood, then proceeded to gently rub his cock with the sponge. The strokes were ever so gentle. Franco merely smiled. His manhood was underwater. Wildfire kept looking into his eyes as she continued to stroke. Then she released the sponge and pressed herself into him. She guided his hard sword of flesh into her hot canal of love. She screamed with pleasure. For what seemed like ages, Franco pumped into her and out again. She felt the gush of joy fill her as he screamed, "Oh yes!" Suddenly there was applause from people all around them.

Wildfire stopped and stared at the four people wading around them. She had not even seen these people. "Where did they come from?" she wondered. Wildfire was embarrassed beyond belief. She pulled away from Franco. "What is the matter?" he asked.

"Where did they come from?" Wildfire was in shock.

"They were here when you entered, when you gave yourself to me, and I to you. I suppose you did not see master Mark sitting in the booth there either?"

Wildfire turned and looked at where Franco was pointing. A glass picture window was set into the tiles. A handsome man sat behind a console and waved at her. She gave a half wave back and smiled awkwardly. "I didn't see anything. Guess I was out of it."

"Nice job," one of the other girls said. This was Julie, blonde, five feet four and very well endowed. She was better known as "Easy Rider". Julie had been a member of a motorcycle gang some time back. She was in her third trip to the castle stables in five years. Her luck with the lottery had been pretty bad, but not from her point of view. She loved it. "If it's any consolation to you, you've just done something that few others have done. Get him off. By the way, I'm Julie. My pony name is Easy Rider. What's yours?"

"They call me Wildfire. My real name is Ally."

"Glad to meet you. Hey aren't you the one Alex just brought in?"

"Uh huh," Wildfire said.

"That means that you're a... Oh, I guess you're not," Julie said looking down at the water between Wildfire and Twin. She giggled.

"That was taken care of yesterday." Wildfire giggled too.

"Hey, I'd like to introduce some friends. First, my mate, China Doll, or Denise. She's actually from Hong Kong." China Doll was just that. Long black hair and a bright pair of green eyes that would drive any man wild. She smiled and said, "Hi."

"Hi," Wildfire responded.

"Then there's Ireland Dream. His real name is Patrick. What else?" she said with a big smile. She giggled again. The other girls did too. Patrick was another large specimen of manhood, standing six feet eight. He had dark black hair and a good build. He was not a body builder however.

"The ladies are being a little silly today. Good morning," he said.

"Good morning. Who's your mate?"

"This is my love, Luscious Lil, Astra."

"Hello, Astra."

Instead of returning her hello in the normal fashion, The red headed girl used sign language and said "hello" to Patrick. She was deaf. "She says..." He stopped. Wildfire was looking at Astra and signing to her. "Hello, you are a lovely girl," Wildfire signed. Tears came to the girls eyes. She waded over to Wildfire and gave her a big hug and kissed her. Everyone was touched by the gesture.

Wildfire and Astra signed for several minutes. Astra told her about her condidtion. She signed I have few friends who can sign. I have a hearing aid, but it is back at my stall now. I cannot let it get wet. The deafness is very severe. My orders are very hard to understand, even with the hearing aid."

"Do you like this treatment?" Wildfire asked.

"Very much so. Here, people treat you with love. The real world treated me with pity. It is something I always hated."

"Where were you born?" Wildfire signed.

"Australia, guess you couldn't understand my accent," Astra joked.

Wildfire giggled. She gave her another hug.

"Better wash your hair. The shampoo is on that shelf there," Julie interrupted.

Wildfire climbed out of the pool and picked up the shampoo. She spotted the hair straps on a table and realized that she had to remove hers. She fumbled with the buckles but eventually got it off. She set it on the table and returned to Twin. Wildfire handed the bottle to Franco and dunked her head under the warm water. When she rose, Franco had already poured a small dab into his hand. "Turn around," he said. Wildfire did exactly that. "Kneel," he ordered. Wildfire knelt. Her head was just above the water. Franco washed her hair and gave her a wonderful scalp massage. Wildfire plunged her hair underwater to rinse the soap out of her hair. "Now you do me."

Wildfire rose. Franco handed her the bottle and turned around. He plunged his head under water and knelt for Wildfire. Wildfire couldn't help but notice how much of his chest extended above the water. She washed his hair and gave him a nice scalp massage too. He went under the water to rinse. "Just toss the bottle over there. We can get it later," Julie said. Wildfire placed the bottle on the edge of the pool.

The six of them waded in the warm water for some time. Julie asked, "How was the initiation?"

"Wonderful!" she replied. "Alex is a great lover and a compassionate man."

Astra signed, "Yes he is. He brought me here three years ago. He had to go before the committee and argue my case. He is truly wonderful." As she signed to Wildfire, Patrick interpreted her hand gestures.

"He's a very popular man. Every woman on the island wants to sleep with him."

"So I've been told."

"A little green around the edges, Ally?" asked Julie.

"A little. I'm trying to deal with it. He's my first lover." She looked at Franco. "Oh God! I'm so sorry Franco."

"For what my lovely lady? You may talk about your love for Alex in front of me. I have had many women and have not had any difficulty with envy or conceit. Little bothers me. We have no restrictions. This you will learn in time. If you wish, you may have sex with Patrick right in front of me. I will have no envy of him. Likewise, I may take any of the girls and no person here will have a problem with this either."

"Is this true?" she asked everyone. They all nodded.

Just then, Donna appeared. "Time's up! Sorry." Wildfire and Twin stepped out of the pool. Twin picked up the bottle and put it back on the rack. Wildfire grabbed her hair strap. Both grabbed their sneakers.

Donna directed them to her right, or the opposite side of the pool from where the bathroom was. Here was a huge stack of soft terrycloth towels, a wall length mirror and hair blowers suspended by springs from a crane. The ponies needed no explanation. Each took a towel and dried themselves. The towels were very large. Only one was needed for each of them. Wildfire took Franco's cue and walked over to the mirror. He reached up and took the hair dryer and began blowing his hair dry. He took a brush, one of many that was on a thin shelf along the bottom edge of the mirror and did his long blond hair. Wildfire did the same. Her hair was much longer though and it took a little bit longer to dry and brush out. She gathered her hair in a tight ponytail and fastened the hair strap in place. It was quite difficult to install. Donna came over and helped. When she turned around, Donna held a soft star bit in her hand and a pair of reins. This one had red straps. "Open," Donna ordered.

Donna installed a soft star bit in both ponys' mouths. Each pony was allowed to put the sneakers back on. Two long reins were attached to each pony and Donna returned them to their stables. The curtains were opened once more. Two work racks were in the main stables area, but Donna didn't mount them there. Instead, they were led into the tack room behind. A naked man and a naked woman were waiting. They were obviously pony slaves as well. This was obvious from the bit, tail, boots, etc... Donna had Twin and Wildfire climb onto the two tables in the tack room. The male slave worked on Wildfire and the female one worked on Twin. They applied oils and scents and massaged them into their supple bodies. They applied healing cream to the welts on their backsides. When they were done, they both glistened from the body oil. "You will return the favor at some point in the future," Donna said to Wildfire." She nodded and whinnied.

Donna looked at the slave attending to Twin. "Mount him on the left work rack. Regular trotting boots," she ordered. Twin and the female slave disappeared into the stables.

"Up," Donna ordered. Wildfire stood. "Over here." Donna made Wildfire sit in a dressing chair. Makeup and several combs and brushes were scattered about the table before her. The male slave stood beside Wildfire. He removed the straps and took the bit out of her mouth. He placed a one inch diameter ball in Wildfire's mouth. Donna stood in front of her. She handed some dark brown eye shadow to the slave. He colored the top and bottom of her eyes in a very delicate manner. He had been doing this for some time. He was good. Donna handing him the rouge. He colored her cheeks with a few strokes of the brush. Then he took the brush and pointed to her nipples. Donna nodded. He darkened them just a tad. Donna picked up the mascara. It was a special, waterproof variety. The slave made Wildfire's lashes very long.

Finally, Donna gave him a paintbrush and a lip gloss tray. "Make them bright red," she ordered. The slave painted her lips with the brush. First he applied a slightly darker red color around the edge to define the lip, then he filled the rest in. Donna looked at her and liked what she saw. One more step though. Donna took a small spray bottle and held it in front of Wildfire. "Close your eyes. This spray will set the lipstick and keep it from rubbing off." Wildfire closed her eyes and spread her lips wide. Donna gently misted her lips with the pump spray. Wildfire just could taste the spray past the ball gag. The taste wasn't exactly wonderful. Wildfire coughed a couple of times. The male slave reached into her mouth and removed the ball. The red strapped bit was replaced and the reins were reinstalled. "All finished with the makeup. Let's get you mounted up. Stormy, get those boots and the arm sleeve. Ponies first," Donna said. She gestured toward the door.

Wildfire entered the stables and found Twin already mounted in his rack. She went directly to her rack and leaned over the rear support. Donna said, "Wait! I think you'd do better with a jacket. Donna looked at the female slave and told her to get the gold one. "Get a red hair strap and a red plume too."

In no time the female pony slave returned with the required items. Donna placed the gold jacket on Wildfire and pulled it tight. Her breasts bulged as before from the two holes. Wildfire had to help her breasts by pulling on the rings and massaging the edges past the rubber rings. Wildfire heard the zipper close. Donna waved toward the rack. In no time, the pony girl was strapped down again.

Next came the equipage. The boots, Donna took a soft brush. She grabbed the pony girl's right ankle and lifted her foot. The bottom was covered by a few pieces of straw and gravel. She took the brush and cleaned all debris from it. She set the brush on Wildfire's back and held her hand out. The male slave handed Donna a black patent leather boot with an eight inch heel. This was just under the maximum size that she had been fitted for. Donna placed the boot on her foot and ran the zipper all the way up. She buckled the top strap through the zipper to hold it in place. She repeated the process with the other foot.

Wildfire immediately noticed the incredibly long heels that she wore. She also noticed that there was something different with the front of the boot as well. The horseshoes felt different. They weren't metal. They were rubber. Suddenly she realized that her legs were spread and her knees were bent. That was bad form, she remembered. She brought her feet together and straightened her knees. This lifted the rear wheels off the ground by six inches. Donna immediately saw this and adjusted the rear support.

"Let me have the feather." Donna placed the plume on Wildfire's forehead and twisted it. A catch grabbed and it was secure. The male slave handed her the arm bag. This one was red colored leather. "Arms back," she ordered. Wildfire put her arms behind her back and Donna installed the arm bag. Her arms were folded behind her in the leather sleeve. Donna was about to attach the straps from the arm bag to her collar when she noticed it was wet. Maybe we'd better replace this. I think we need a little color here too. Get me a red leather collar." The male slave went into the tack room and returned with a red, three inch wide collar and a socket head wrench.. The collar had on plate on it though. Donna removed the collar from the pony girl and removed the metal plate with one socket head screw. She installed the plate on the red collar and in seconds Wildfire again felt the leather encircle her neck. Donna attached the straps to the rear ring of the collar.

Donna pulled two small bells from her pocket. She looked up at the clock. 11:40, right on schedule. Donna attached the small bells to the nipple rings. She stepped back and examined the pony slave. "Very nice."

"Let's get you fed and watered." Donna removed the plume from Wildfire's head and led her over to the trough. Someone had already put some pony mush in the one trough and water in the other. "Hurry up. Begin."

Wildfire began eating in earnest. She was starved! But something was wrong. Nobody was beating her. She didn't stop to wonder why. She cleaned her plate and kept licking the trough. Donna said, "Stop! Get some water and I'll take you to see Alex." Wildfire moved over to the water trough and began drinking. She spotted something in the bottom of the trough. It was gold and round. She finished her drink and lifted her chin. She knew what it was.

Donna took the gold colored ball from the water and pushed it into Wildfire's mouth. The ball was very large. Wildfire took it into her mouth willingly, but immediately wanted to expel it. It was too big though. Her tongue was pressed down and back and unable to help. Donna could see what Wildfire was trying to do. "Stop that! You can't spit it out. It's intentionally designed to prevent inadvertent removal." she shouted. "Get that chin up."

Wildfire stopped trying to spit out the large ball. She realized it was too big and was wedged behind her teeth. She lifted her chin high. "That's better. You do look lovely. Let me put the plume back on you. I didn't want it to get wet." Donna placed the plume in the socket again and twisted. She adjusted the red feather slightly and stood back. "Yes, you are ready." Wildfire couldn't agree more.

So ends Part 10.

Part 11 will begin with Wildfire's delivery to Alex. Who knows where it will go from there!

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