Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 4

Part 4 Welcome to the Island

We last left Ally on her hands and knees beside her master's lounge chair. She is blindfolded, gagged, and has the plugs inserted in both sex and anus. From the gold egg at her rear hangs a dark blonde pony tail. She is wearing hip length boots with six inch heels. She is also wearing a tight, black, leather corset. Around her neck is a thick collar with gold plates and rings at front, back, and both sides. Her wrists have black leather cuffs also. These have one ring each as well. Ally wears bells on her nipples and a strap type harness on her head.

Alex pets Ally as if she were his favorite pet. He loves her much more than a pet however. He has been attempting to get into the proper mindset so that the administration does not see how much he loves her. He knows what will happen if they do. She will be trained by someone else. Oh, he can always visit, but that would never do. How could he ever stand to 'just visit' the one he has waited for all his life.

Alex then spoke to her, "Ally, when we land I'm not going to treat you as nicely as I have been. I'm going to break a rule now and tell you something that you shouldn't know. If the council of the island finds out how much I care about you, they will get someone else to train you. I don't have any power to stop this if it happens. To prevent this, I'm going to have to try and treat you a bit harshly. I don't want to be separated from you. While in public you are going to be treated as a true and perfect slave. I will not show any leniency and I will show no more love for you than if you were my pet. While we are alone will be quite different, I guarantee you. I will make up for the harshness with the love and affection you truly deserve. Understand?"

"Arrgghh," she said. Ally understood completely. She could endure it. She expected no less than to be treated as a sex slave anyway. The life she would lead was an adventure, an adventure beyond her sexual limits. She compared the experience to a deep sea diving program she had seen on television. From the surface all she could see was water and waves. But two miles below the surface was a whole new world with colors no one could imagine. Reds, blues, yellows, purples, all combined into a scene of unimaginable brilliance. Likewise, the adventure was a journey into darkness. And at the end of her voyage she would see a new and beautiful world, only this one would be colored with sexual encounters, with caring, with love. She raised her hands to the back of her neck in tribute to her master. She decided then and there that this life was a thousand times better than any life she could lead back home.

Alex saw Ally put her hands behind her head and remembered at that point that Ally needed to have her hands bound. "Put your hands behind your back, Ally. No, fold them high." Ally pulled her arms behind her back and folded her arms so that her fingers touched her elbows. Alex took the ring on each cuff and attached it to a ring on the back of the corset. Ally's arms were held in place.

As this was going on the yacht was tied to it's moorings. Finally the engines went silent. Alex helped Ally to her feet. She was unsteady on her heels and didn't have her land legs yet. Alex didn't fair much better, but he wasn't wearing six inch heels either. He held Ally steady while she regained her balance. He knew she would be like this for many hours, especially since she had fallen asleep in the cage. "Relax sweetheart, I've got you," he whispered.

Two men came aboard and took hold of Ally and led her off the yacht. Alex followed. She walked very unsteadily and he could tell that she knew he was no longer beside her. She was stiff in her gait. She was afraid. It was that obvious. Alex could do nothing but watch. He knew if he said anything they would get suspicious and he would run the risk of losing her. She would be OK. He climbed off the yacht.

When Ally was off the yacht, the two men handed Alex her leashes which they had thoughtfully pulled up between her legs once more. He graciously thanked them as he took her reins once more. Ally stood stock still as she felt the chains rub between her legs. A tug, she started marching in place. Then the crop at her rear. She marched straight ahead. The chains brushed against her right thigh. She started bending her march to the right until the chains no longer rubbed against the thigh. She marched on.

Ally didn't know anything that was happening around her. She could hear people talking in the distance. "Nice, Alex!" One would say. "Got a tall one, huh!" said another. "Pretty tail!" exclaimed another. Ally also could hear and feel the different sounds made by her heels as she marched first on the wooden planks of the dock, then the concrete walkway and finally the asphalt street. She also heard many feet marching, like horses. She wondered if they used real horses or did they take a page out of the 'Beauty' series by Anne Rice. She couldn't tell. Two tugs, she stopped marching.

The dock was an elaborate complex with three yachts moored as well as six commercial type fishing boats, and two forty foot sport fishing boats with all the gear necessary to catch 'The Big One'. Alex marched Ally to the parking area of the docking complex and was greeted by two men of the council and two slaves, one male and one female. The slaves wore collars similar to Ally's. The also had the cuffs on their hands and ankles. The girl was plugged as Ally was except she wore a small ball gag. The male also wore a small ball gag. He wore a metal chastity belt as well. The belt was a standard design. It had a leather waist band and a metal crotch plate. Attached to the crotch plate was a tube that his cock was fitted into. Chains attached to the bottom of the plate and ran up along the outside of his cheeks to reattach to the belt with two small padlocks. His member was forced to point down at all times, making any sexual arousal extremely painful. He would be further humiliated each time he had to perform his bodily functions as he would now have to sit and pee like a woman. His backside sported a tail attached with an egg shaped plate. This slave wasn't spared this decoration either. The both wore black knee high boots. The girl's boots had five inch heels. The man's boots had steel horseshoes on the bottom. His boots had no heels at all and the horseshoes replaced the heel that would have been there.

The two men held leashes attached to their slave's collars. One was named Jason, the other Arnie. Jason wore black leather pants and a black leather vest. He reeked of leather. He even wore cowboy boots. He wore a black Stetson on his head. Arnie was a bit of a contrast. He held the girl's leash, who had now dropped to her knees. He was dressed in blue denim shorts and wore no shirt of any kind. He wore a straw hat as well. He had no socks and only a pair of well worn sneakers. "So, how was your trip boss?" Jason inquired.

"Long! It took two hours longer because of that damn headwind we ran into. But we got here. So, what do you think?" Alex asked.

"Real pretty. You gonna train her yourself?" asked Jason. "I'd love to have her in my stables. She'd really brighten up the stock!" he continued.

"Sorry guy, but you know the rules. First she goes to the castle stables for food cart training. Don't worry though. You get most of the girls eventually and I'm certain she'll end up with you for a short time anyway."

Arnie smiled. "So, I get her then," Arnie said with a big grin.

"Not so fast. You should know the rules too. First she gets her tubes clamped. Then, after the seven days of recovery you get her. I'm afraid I'm going to throw you a curve though," Alex warned.

"What's that?" asked Arnie.

"This one's a virgin and I get to break her."

"Hey, wait a minute. Virgins are against the rules. How did you get it past Susan and Felix?" exclaimed Jason.

"Both Susan and Felix agreed with me. She is all alone in this world. Her entire family was killed in an auto wreck about six weeks ago. She doesn't have anyone to turn to except us. We all thought that since she wanted this and passed all the tests that she deserved a shot. And we put her through all the tests, everything! She still wanted to come. We couldn't turn her down. You know that the room was bugged as standard procedure. If you're in doubt, just listen to the tapes. Everything was recorded."

"No, Susan and Felix wouldn't have approved her if they thought there'd be any trouble. I can live with it. She sure is well built. Maybe this is a good move anyway. What do you think, Jason?" asked Arnie.

"Yea, Alex here lets his emotions get carried away once in a while but Susan and Felix are sound recruiters. Well, you're not 'that bad'," said Jason.

"OK, enough of the small talk. What's been happening while I've been away?" Alex requested.

Jason spoke first. "The last catch of fish was a bumper crop. We're in the process of freezing the excess for emergency use. All food stocks are in excellent shape with the exception of a few green vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, and bell pepper. The staff is working on a purchase and the supply depots have been notified to encourage greater diversity in diet."

Jason continued, "As for health, no major problems to report. The hospital is practically empty."

"Except for Sandy," Arnie interrupted.

"How's she doing?" asked Alex. Alex was worried. Sandy had leukemia and was almost out of time.

"She's been asking for you. She's not good," Jason said with concern.

"I'll visit her when I take Ally to get the clips," said Alex.

"There's been a couple of unusual events as well. Susan and Felix returned yesterday. Two days ago Tanya injured another slave, a male named Horst. Felix has gone to the village to investigate. The slave got some sort of back injury. She jumped on his back real hard from what I understand. He lost all feeling in his legs for about ten minutes. Everyone cheered when he wiggled his toes. Something has to be done about her," said Arnie.

"I agree. Wait for Felix to return and see if he wants to hold an inquiry," said Alex.

"You're going to have to hold one anyway," said Jason.

"May I inquire why?" asked Alex.

"Krystal, she won't respond to training. And we've just about run out of ideas. Arnie and I have decided to ask for domestication or dismissal. She just won't break. That's the toughest philly I've ever had a chance to bust. I just can't do anything with her. Susan is checking her out now. She doesn't think there's anything she can do either. If pulling carriages and servicing the male and female ponies won't break her, then there's only one alternative, 'domesticate or dismiss'," explained a very frustrated Jason.

Alex looked at Jason then turned his stare to Arnie. "You think so too?" Alex asked.

"Yup, I can't think of any other way to break her, can you?" Arnie asked.

"No, call the council. Set the meeting for tomorrow, say 10:00 A.M. Might as well kill two birds with one stone. Set up an inquiry into Tanya's accident as well. How many times have we gone through this with her now?" Alex wondered out loud.

"Four times in the last ten weeks. Last time that guy needed emergency surgery. She spiked him with her heel and punctured his spleen. He's resting in Mascula now. He can't be a slave anymore because of the injury. He can only be a master. He doesn't seem to mind too much though," said Arnie with a smile.

"I remember. She didn't seem too repentant then. You would think she would be more careful after such an incident. Boy, paralysis scares the heck out of me. How is Horst anyway?"

"I don't have the latest report on him. You can check with the doc when you get to the hospital," said Arnie.

Arnie waved his hand. A huge stretch limo driven by a naked male slave pulled up. This limo had room for everyone. They all piled in. Alex helped Ally in last as she couldn't see where she was going. Alex told her to walk normally. He helped her inside and had her kneel beside him. Arnie and Jason had helped their slaves inside also. Their slaves knelt too.

The limo was air conditioned. It was a balmy ninety degrees outside with seventy percent humidity. The cool air felt good to everyone, especially Ally since she was bound in the leather corset. While they drove, Alex was updated on less important island business by Jason and Arnie. After a ten minute ride, the limo came to a halt. They had arrived at the hospital.

"I'll send the limo back for you when I get back to the castle, OK?" said Arnie. Arnie was petting the girl slave and running his fingers along her shoulders and face.

"No, don't bother Arnie. I'll call for it when I'm done. I think I'm going to be here a while. Leave it at the castle until then. Have a server standing by for me though. You pick her," Alex said.

"No problem, I have a real good one in mind for you. I think you'll like her."

Alex opened the limo door himself and lifted Ally out. Ally was very unsteady and he held her close as he led her into the hospital's main entrance. Ally leaned on him for support as she was still getting used to being on land. The blindfold didn't help any. Without her eyesight to feed important information to her, all she had to go on was what her inner ear was telling her. Of course her inner ear was used to the rolling deck of the yacht. Her inner ear became even more used to the sea when she was asleep because she became even more relaxed and the motions moved her body even more.

The hospital was a fairly large affair, especially considering that it had few patients stay more than a few nights. The key purpose of having one was for emergencies such as someone getting injured from some particularly rough sex game. The true value became apparent as the council decided that all personnel had to be 'clipped'. The original cost was staggering when the procedure was done on the mainland. Now the work was done for free since the doctors and nurses volunteered their service for the carnal pleasures of the island.

Ally was led to the main desk. Alex leaned Ally against the desk and addressed the nurse, "Hi ya gorgeous!" He was talking to a five foot, four inch nurse with short blonde hair who was heavily made up as her doctor/master had prescribed. A tag on her lapel read 'Maggie Johnson.'

She returned the compliment, "Hello sir, you look fantastic as well. Is this the new girl? Is she really a virgin?"

"Why does everyone keep asking that? Yes, but not for long, right Ally?" He said.

"Arrgghh," she grunted.

"Where's the doc? I have a bunch of stuff to go over with him."

"I think he's in the gym. Do you want me to page him for you?"

"No, for once Mohammed feels like going to the mountain. Can you get Ally tested and prepped for clipping?"

"Sure can," she said. Maggie pressed an intercom button and paged an orderly to take Ally to be prepped. Ally was placed in a wheelchair and taken away. Maggie placed a call to the nurse's lounge and informed them of the new arrival. "We'll take good care of her," Maggie said.

"You always do. I'll go find the Doc."

Alex walked to the rear of the hospital. He entered the hospital gymnasium and found the Doc. Doc Haberstead was a six foot two, slightly overweight, forty six year old man with dark brown hair. He was punching the heavy bag as Alex entered. Doc Haberstead was wearing a heavy sweat suit which was darkened front and rear with perspiration. He had his back to the entrance where Alex entered.

"Hey Doc!" Alex yelled above the noise of the heavy bag.

"Jesus H. Christ, you damn near scared me out of my skin! So, did you find what you were looking for? I heard she's a virgin!" he said with a smile.

"Is this all over the island already? God, the island must be full of gossip mongers. Anyway, yea, she's a virgin and don't you say anything! Susan and Felix approved it."

"Fine with me. Is she being prepped?" the doc asked?

"Yes, and I have a few other questions for you."


"How's that Austrian kid, Horst? How bad did Tanya rough him up?"

"She really did a number on his back. I operated on him last night. He had a ruptured disk between his two lowest vertebrae. I had to fuse the vertebrae together. I would not recommend he ever put stress on that joint again. He's a very lucky kid. We could very well have been talking about permanent instead of temporary paralysis. That Tanya needs a talking to.

"Don't worry, she's going to get more than just a talking to. I guarantee it. Regarding Horst, are you saying that he can't be a slave anymore?" Alex asked.

"It would be better if someone waited on him rather than the other way around. Being a pony is absolutely out," the doc warned.

"OK, Horst goes to Mascula. I'll tell him. Now, how's Sandy doing?" Alex' face took on a look of deep concern. He had many faults but the worst one in his mind was his empathy for anyone he knew that was hurt. And the more his friends hurt, the more he hurt. Sandy took a lot out of him. But he would have it no other way. It was this trait that made people respect him the most. He really, really cared.

"She doesn't have much time. The chemo isn't doing it's job anymore. Any day could be the end. She's signed an order to not resuscitate. The nurses have orders not to perform any life saving acts should her heart stop. God, I hate this job sometimes!" The doc went back to punching the bag. He hated exercise, but lately he had been taking his frustrations out on the bag. Sandy was taking a toll on him too.

"I'll go see her. I heard she was asking for me. Maybe I can cheer her up. Don't wear yourself out. You have another operation to do today, remember?" Alex reminded the doc of Ally. The doc punched the bag once more then headed for the showers.

"Say hi for me. I'll check her out in a little while. The tests on your new girl should take an hour or so. I'll make the rounds after I clean myself up. Do I look any thinner?" the doc asked with a grin.

"Yea, only if hair counts!" Alex quipped.

"Thanks for nothing!" The doc disappeared through two swinging doors. Alex headed for Sandy's room.

Alex went through the winding corridors to Sandy's room. It was a trip that he had made many times in the past few months. He walked down the halls and didn't even need to look at the lines painted on the floor.

Sandy meant a lot to Alex. While Susan was his first slave, Sandy was his second. Just as he had fallen for Ally, years ago he had fallen for Sandy as well. He loved Sandy with all his heart. She was a total submissive and she made it her special task to please Alex daily. Over the last several years Alex and Sandy had been practically man and wife. But that would end shortly. Her time was near and Alex knew it.

Alex entered the room to find a nurse chatting with Sandy. "How's my girl doing?" he asked the nurse.

"She's doing great! Aren't you Sandy?" the nurse said as she faced Alex and turned her back on Sandy. Alex could see the concern in the nurse's face. The nurse did as well as she could to hide it, but she knew the situation. Alex knew that the whole island was praying for Sandy, and this nurse was much closer to her. She would feel the pain more than most, he knew.

"Mind if I have a few minutes with my babe?"

"Sure, take all the time you need. I'll be just outside the door if you need me," the nurse told Alex.

Alex stepped up to the bed as the nurse left. "How ya doing beautiful? Miss me?" Alex asked.

A frail woman stared back at Alex. She was practically hairless from the chemotherapy and had taken to wearing a short haired blonde wig that didn't seem to stay put on her head very well. Both arms had tubes attached and she wore cardboard splints on each arm to prevent the tubes from being accidentally removed. Her eyes were sunken in and she had lost a goodly amount of body fat. She was practically skin and bones.

"Not so good lover. I missed you terribly. Did you find yourself a good replacement?" she asked.

"Yes I did. You know at first I really didn't want to replace you, but she is a very special find. Thank you," Alex said.

"You're going to need someone. This time, I don't think Susan will fit the bill. Is she really that nice? What's her name? I want to meet her."

"Her name is Ally. She's very special, but not as special as you," Alex said with a smile.

"Thank you."

"Can I get you anything?"

"Alex, touch me?" she asked.

"I don't think it's wise, sweetheart."

"Please? Just a little. I need to feel your touch," she begged.

Alex placed his hand under Susan's gown and searched for her sex. He ever so gently probed Sandy's crotch for many minutes. Sandy made no reaction of any sort. "Sandy, do you feel anything?" he asked.

"It isn't working any more. I can't feel any pleasure." Sandy began to cry.

"It's OK. Just remember all the good times we had. You don't need an orgasm to be happy. Just think of the past, all the private session we had. Think of all of it!

Sandy reminisced. She had trouble thinking and had to use all her willpower to concentrate. She remembered the first time they had made love. It was so beautiful. Alex spent weeks training her to be the perfect lover. A smile broke out as she closed her eyes and nodded off to sleep. She was very tired.

Alex pushed a stray lock of hair from her forehead, turned and quietly left. The nurse was outside. "She's sleeping. Try not to wake her," he advised.

As the nurse entered the room to return to her 'guard duty', Alex went to the nurses station down the hall. There were two nurses manning the monitors. Only one monitor was active, Sandy's.

"Are you OK, sir?" one nurse asked. The name tag said Iris Bleacher.

Alex replied, "Yea, I'll be fine." Alex was a wreck. His face showed the stress that Sandy's sickness had put him through.

"Why don't you go down to the nurse's station and get yourself a cup of coffee. I just made some," Iris said.

"Thanks, but no. I have to see that Horst kid. You girls don't happen to know what room he's in do you?"

The other nurse, her name was Jill, responded. "He's in room 318. He's nice!" Jill said as she showed a big smile.


Alex headed for the stairway and bounded up the two flights of stairs to the third floor. When he reached the third floor, Alex followed the numbered doors until he found room 318. He knocked.

"Come in," said a male voice that was laced with a heavy Austrian accent.

Alex entered the room to find a huge blonde haired, blue eyed, male dressed in a dark red bathrobe. Horst was lying on his back with a morphine machine next to him for the pain.

"Hi, I'm Alex."

"I know. I'm Horst. I was expecting you to visit," he said.

"How are you doing? How's the back?" Alex asked showing concern.

"I'm doing remarkably well. The doctor said that I should be good as new before too long. I cannot wait to return to being a servant...."

"I'm sorry, Horst, but the doc gives me a different picture. You realize how serious the injury was? Your two lower vertebrae had to be fused. You almost permanently lost all function in your legs. I won't be the one to send you back into a situation that might result in you becoming a cripple."

"Please sir, I will be fine. I can take the pain. It's my life!" Horst demanded.

"And it's my island, and I'm the boss. No more slavery for you, period!"

"Then what will become of me? It is all that I know," Horst pleaded.

"Oh, you know much more than you think. You will move to Mascula and be a master. Even you have to admit that it would make more sense to have several slaves wait on you than for you to wait on someone else. You're going to need massages, and all kinds of therapy. You might even learn to enjoy it. Just treat the slaves as you have liked to be treated. Just don't get carried away like Tanya!" Alex said.

"Tanya, oh how I hate her. She gives the title of mistress a bad name. What will become of her?" Horst asked.

"I have something very special in mind for her. If all works out right, you may get a chance to pay her back in a very special way." Alex smiled at Horst.

"How?" asked Horst.

"It's a surprise. I'll tell you when the time is right. So, what do you think. Do you want to move to Mascula?"

"It would appear that my options are quite limited. I accept," Horst said.


Just then the loudspeaker came to life, "Code blue, code blue, room 247. I need a doctor in room 247 immediately."

Alex' eyes went wild. "Sandy!" Alex rushed out of Horst room and headed for Sandy's room one floor below. The doctor had just come out. His look said it all. Doc Haberstead placed both hands on Alex's shoulders. "No," he said. Alex's face twisted into a grimace. The doc took him down to the lobby and put Alex into one of the chairs. He took a bottle of Rock and Rye from a cabinet and poured two good sized shots into a couple of paper cups. He handed one of the cups to Alex. "Drink this, doctor's orders," he said.

Alex downed the drink in a couple gulps. The doc did the same. Doc Haberstead took a seat next to Alex. At that moment a nurse came in. It was Maggie. "Is he going to be OK?" she asked.

The doc looked up at Maggie. "Yea, I think so. Why don't you call Susan and get her over here. He could use a friend about now."

Maggie left. Doc Haberstead tried to calm Alex but was having little luck. Fifteen minutes later, Susan arrived.

"I'll take over from here doc. You have an operation don't you?" Susan stated.

"The operation isn't for another two hours. I can stay if you need me," the doc offered.

"No, this is something Alex and I have to work out alone. I'll take good care of him. Get some black coffee. I smell it on your breath." Susan then saw the bottle on the counter. "Did he get any of this?"

"I gave him a double, and took one myself. I think we both needed it," Doc Haberstead explained.

"Sorry Doc, it's OK. But Ally's going to be important to this guy from now on. I'm certain that you want to be sober when you operate. The rest of the bottle is for him."

"Yea, you're right. But try not to overdo it."

"Sure Doc, now why don't you leave the two of us alone to work this out," Susan said.

During all this time, Alex was in a daze. He heard the doc, the nurse, and Susan talking, but it was as if they were in another world. When the doc left, he looked into Susan's eyes. Tears ran down Alex's face. All he could say was, "Susan?"

"I'm here Alex. I'll take care of you." Susan indeed took care of Alex over the next three hours. She held him in her arms and shed tears with him. They formed that common bond that people in misery sometimes share. But mostly, Susan constantly reminded Alex that Ally now needed his care. She reminded him that it was Sandy's wish that he find another slave. Susan told him that he would not do Ally justice if he became a basket case. "The pain will pass," she finally said.

Doc Haberstead walked in at that moment. "All done!" he said, "How are you doing, Alex? Ally's going to need you in a little while. Are you up to it?"

Alex responded in a hoarse voice, "I'll manage. Let me get some coffee in me. How did it go, and when can I see her?" Alex asked.

Both Susan and the Doc smiled upon hearing Alex ask about Ally. "She came through with flying colors. She's in recovery now. She should be awake in half an hour. We'll be moving her to room 289 Why don't you get a good filling of coffee, hit the men's room and clean yourself up. She should be ready by then."

"Susan, I want something special for Sandy. Use whatever you need. I know! Sandy was from New Orleans. I want a New Orleans style funeral. We'll mourn on the way to the cemetery, and celebrate life on the way back. It's what she would have wanted."

Susan grabbed Alex and kissed him on the lips. "You're a wonderful man, Alex! I'll take care of everything personally. I can even make some arrangements at the meeting tomorrow morning. Or would you like to put that off a couple of days?"

"No, let's have the meeting tomorrow but only to organize the funeral. We'll hold a second meeting on Thursday to determine the disposition of Tanya and Krystal. Tanya and Krystal need to be attended to, but it can wait a few days, considering."

"Yea, OK, make the meeting Thursday at 10:00 A.M. Sandy's the big concern now. Let's lay her to rest before we tackle any other problems," Susan said.

"Well, let me get cleaned up a bit and I'll go see Ally," said Alex. Alex stood, took a very deep breath and shrugged his shoulders. Then he left for the men's room.

After Alex had cleaned himself up as best he could, he went to see Ally. Ally was lying on a hospital bed naked. All her restraints and decorations had been removed and 2 small decorations added. Her nipples were pierced with one inch diameter stainless steel rings. These rings were inserted when Ally was under anesthesia. Each ring was permanently mounted with a small metal tube that covered the split in each ring. The tube was glued with a special liquid solder especially formulated to be used on the human body. The rings could only be cut off.

Alex could also see the two small bandages that covered a small area on each side of Ally's abdomen. The doc had thoughtful kept the incisions small and had used fine sutures to prevent a scar. Alex ran his hands gently over Ally's bandages. Ally's eyes opened at that moment.

"Good afternoon. Sleep well?" Alex asked.

"Ah, how long was I out?" asked Ally.

"About four hours I would guess." Alex noticed Ally fondling her new nipple rings. "Just another little addition to your decorum. Do you like them?"

"I would have preferred gold, but they're not bad. I don't see any splits in the rings. Are they permanent?"

"Yes they are. You'll also notice that they are inserted slightly below and behind each aureoles. This is to give the rings a stronger tissue to pull against should the need arise. We won't be needing nipple clips anymore. The rings are going to be where we attach your leashes," said Alex.

"Good. Those nipple clamps hurt a lot more than I expected. I hope I never see them again!"

"Ally, I'm afraid you will see them again. You just won't see them that often. The clamps are designed to work with the rings. There's a slot cut into the cones that allow the ring to protrude."

Ally groaned. "Please don't use the clamps. Anything but the clamps. I can hardly stand them!" Ally pleaded.

"It's part of the decoration. You have to wear them," Alex explained.

"OK, if you want me to, I will." It was then that Ally noticed that Alex was distraught over something. She couldn't put her finger on it. "What's wrong Alex?" she finally asked.

"Is it that obvious? A very special lady just passed away. You may have heard me talking about Sandy. Sandy was special. She was a faithful and dedicated slave that I loved with all my heart. About three months ago she began to get tired very easily. When the doc checked her out, he discovered leukemia in a very advanced stage. It was just a matter of time...."

Alex began to shed tears. Ally squeezed his had tightly. "I'm supposed to take her place, ain't I?"

Alex swallowed. "It was her idea to look for another slave. I'm not sorry in the least that I found you; but when she first told me of the idea, I resisted adamantly."

"I'm not sorry either, Master!" Ally said. Ally smiled and patted Alex's hand. "Look, I can't replace Sandy. Maybe I can distract you a bit as you adjust. Remember, I understand the loss of loved ones too!"

"You're right. Hey, I've got to get an early start tomorrow and I've got a few things to take care of before I hit the sack. And you need your rest too. I'll send the nurse in to see if there's anything you need. I would guess you're a bit starved since you haven't eaten in twenty four hours. I'll try and visit you several times each day until you're released next Monday." With this, Alex leaned over Ally and kissed her full on the mouth. Alex and Ally groaned heavily.

Alex left the room went to the nurse's station. Iris was there. "Iris, be a good girl and see if Ally needs anything. She must be starved. Take good care of her. She's special."

"You bet." Iris disappeared down the hallway.

Alex went to the main desk and asked Maggie to call a limo for him. Maggie was concerned for Alex. She came out from behind the desk after placing the call and gave Alex a big hug. "Will you be OK?" she asked.

"I think so. I've got a whole bunch of people to help me sort this out. I'll be fine. Thanks."

"For what?" asked Maggie.

"For being there."

Maggie gave Alex a big hug again. At that moment, a driver came in and said that the limo was ready. Alex kissed Maggie once and left.


Part 5