Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 8

Part 8 Week's End

As we begin this chapter, we find the former Allison Medina strapped to the stationary pony rack. She is no longer a human female, but instead, has been turned into 'Wildfire', the pony girl.

Wildfire sleeps now, resting her head on the soft pillow that was placed on the shelf before her. Her mouth holds a ball bridle with straps encircling her head. The pony girl wears a wide collar around her neck. On the front of it there is a gold plate that has her name embossed into it. Wildfire's arms are folded behind her back. They have been placed into an arm sleeve. The sleeve runs from armpit to armpit, and is attached to her collar by two leather straps that run to the ring on the back of her collar.

Wildfire is also wearing hip length boots that are zipped to the top. A strap runs through the zipper at the top to prevent them from becoming undone. The boots have a four inch long by one inch diameter heel. The heel has a steel plate on the bottom. The toe has a horseshoe mounted to it also.

Wildfire is bent over the hip bar of the pony rack. Her sex is loosely covered by a leather sheath that funnels her urine into a cartridge that is held inside the hip bar. This cartridge absorbs the liquid and deodorizes it as well. The rear of the sheath is attached to a ring that pierces the pony's flesh just below her sex. Attached to this ring as well is a plastic bag to catch her stool. Yesterday evening Alex pumped the pony's rear with a cream consisting of a lubricant, a muscle relaxer, and a local anesthetic. Slowly over the many hours, Wildfire's anus began to relax and widen. Most of the cream and stool were ejected without any effort on the pony's part. Wildfire could not control her bowel movement in any way. The bag caught what came out.


"She's still asleep," Susan whispered to Alex.

"Good, give me the blindfold," Alex told Susan.

Alex took the blindfold and placed it gently around Wildfire's head. She barely stirred as Alex buckled the strap at the back of the pony's head. Wildfire awoke with a start and started groaning through the gag. Alex firmly grabbed her reins and pulled down sharply. "Stop that before you hurt yourself," he yelled at her.

Wildfire calmed down immediately. Wildfire now took stock of her situation. She realized at once that she could not see due to a large padded blindfold that pressed against her face. She could feel two small bulges at her eyes. The blindfold had padding that pressed into the eye sockets to keep the eyelids shut, she realized. She waited for Alex to give her an order.

"That's better. Now just stay still. I need to change your bit. Remember to keep your mouth open when I remove the ball," he reminded her.

Alex removed the ball bit. He had to temporarily remove the blindfold as he changed bits. He placed the bit into the water trough and took the large disk bit. Wildfire kept her mouth opened wide. Alex had to pull her cheeks out to fit the disks into her mouth. Then he buckled the straps as he had done on many occasions earlier that week. Alex replaced the blindfold and the pony was in the dark again.

Alex and Susan bent down and flipped the levers to lower the casters on the pony rack. Wildfire could move again. Alex took hold of her reins and slowly led her to the side door. Wildfire had no choice but to push the rack and follow Alex.

Alex led Wildfire into the preparation room. In the center of the room was a long thin basin mounted on legs. The top of the basin was three feet long and only one foot wide. It was made of stainless steel. The top edge was lined with a plastic bumper. The basin had a large drain at the bottom for the waste that would come out of the pony.

Alex positioned the pony's rear at the end of the basin. "Spread your legs as wide as you can and back up slowly," he ordered. Wildfire indeed spread her legs and backed up. At once she felt the basin slide between her legs. Alex continued to push her back until the rear vertical supports of the rack were positioned into two pairs of brackets. Alex closed the brackets on the supports. The rack could not move forward or back. Alex and Susan then turned the levers on the feet again and the large pads contacted the floor once more.

Alex now took the pony's ankles and placed them in manacles that were attached to the side of the basin. Her feet were lifted from the floor and her lower legs were now horizontal, held just below the lip of the basin. Finally, Alex removed the bag from her rear and discarded it into a airtight refuse container. The pony was ready for the procedure.

"We're going to give you an enema now. Just try and relax," Susan informed her.

Alex took the enema tube and placed the end in the basin. He turned on the water and tested it with his hand. Just a little warm was what he wanted. When the temperature was right, he turned off the water and placed the end into the pony's rear. The nozzle had a meter attached to it. When he turned on the water, it began to register the quantity of water in the pony's bowels. Wildfire felt the water going in. After a few minutes the meter read thirty ounces. Alex turned off the water and felt the pony's belly. It felt full enough. He removed the nozzle.

Wildfire's sphincter muscles were unusable. When the nozzle was removed the water simply came out. Alex pressed Wildfire's belly and a little more came out. The color was slightly gray with white chunks of the greasy cream throughout it.

"That's not clean enough, Sir!" Susan stated.

Wildfire cringed at these words. She knew at once that the process would need repeating. She was helpless to prevent it. Suddenly, she felt the nozzle invade her rear again and the water pumped into her. She groaned through the bit but said nothing. She fully remembered the warning that she would wear that damnable star bit if she spoke. Finally, she felt the nozzle retract and the pressure inside her eased. But the humiliation did not.

"You're all clean out inside. Now I'm going to fill you with the grease again. I want you to relax. This isn't going to hurt. The grease has an anesthetic in it, just like last night. Now just take it easy, honey," Alex said. Alex inserted the grease tube into Wildfire's anus and began slowly pumping the grease mixture into the pony as he slowly withdrew the tube. Wildfire felt a slight sensation of her insides filling. The enema had washed away the effects of the previous load of grease to some extent. So she could feel something inside her, but the feeling was limited to the mere filling sensation of the grease. Shortly after Alex was finished, Wildfire could feel nothing at all.

Alex walked in front of Wildfire and bent down close to her face. "Now, I'm going to place a device inside you that will stretch you out. I don't want you to be afraid. This isn't going to hurt, but you will feel pressure. If it hurts just make some noise and I'll stop and let your muscles relax." Alex patted her on the head and went behind her.

The device that Alex held was made of four rods, one foot long and flattened for most of their length. The rods were coated with very smooth plastic sheathes. They were attached to a six inch diameter collar that was made of half inch thick steel. It had knobs at four points around its circumference. When the knobs were turned, they clicked via a rachet device that held the knobs in position unless turned. As the knobs were rotated, the distance between the rods increased, thus spreading the anus. Alex inserted the device.

Wildfire felt the rods enter. The sensation was hardly noticeable since the grease had anesthetized her sphincter muscles. When Alex began turning the knobs, she felt the pressure he had mentioned. She knew at once that she could handle it. She trusted Alex. She had no choice.

Alex began to slowly increase the pressure. When the hole had increased to approximately one and a half inches, Wildfire groaned. He stopped. He went in front of Wildfire and said, "We're going to stop and let your muscles relax a bit. We'll do this a few times since this is you're first time. Just relax honey."

Alex waited five minutes before continuing. He was able to turn the knobs one and a half turns before he felt more tension. At this point, Wildfire groaned. "Am I hurting you?" he asked. She nodded.

"OK, we'll stop for a bit. I'm going to spray your insides with a material that will relax your muscles even more. You may feel a wetness when I do. It's perfectly normal."

Before Alex picked up the spray can, he backed off the pressure on the spreader slightly. Wildfire seemed to relax a bit and her breathing slowed. Alex picked up the can of muscle relaxer and inserted the long nozzle into Wildfire's rear. He liberally sprayed her insides with the thinned out version of the lubricant that he had used earlier. This material was mostly muscle relaxer and anesthetic. I had only a small quantity of lubricant. He waited five more minutes before proceeding.

Alex now had to be careful. He knew that if he stretched her sphincter muscles too quickly, they might tear. This was not his intention. He only wanted them stretched. Alex also knew that these muscles were quite capable with assistance of being spread to well over the inch and a half that normal body functions required. Three inches was safe only if the procedure was done carefully. Also, Alex needed the sphincter muscles intact so that they would contract and seal the anus when he was done. If a tear developed, the device might leak.

Alex asked Wildfire if she was ready to continue. Wildfire nodded and whinnied. She was still breathing a trifle fast for Alex taste, so he brought his lips near her ear and told her that she was doing fine and that he loved her. Alex noticed that the corners of her cheeks lifted ever so slightly. Her breathing slowed. Alex went back to work.

A check of the jaws on the device now indicated one and three quarters inches. A full turn of each pair of knobs produced a movement of one tenth of an inch in the jaws. Alex was able to turn the knobs two full turns each before Wildfire groaned again. Again he stopped, sprayed her rear with the muscle relaxer and waited five minutes to allow the chemicals to work. Alex told Wildfire to nod her head when she was ready to continue. When she did, he was able to turn the knobs another two full turns before she groaned again

This process was repeated three more times. Now the hole was a full three inches in diameter and was ready for the tube. Wildfire was breathing a bit fast. Alex patted her on the head and tried to get her to relax. "I'm going to put the tube in now. Let me know if you feel any pain whatsoever. I don't want to hurt you," he said.

Alex picked up the tube. It resembled an automobile's radiator hose, but was much more flexible. The length was eighteen inches long. The first six inches was made of a hard plastic to prevent the muscles from collapsing it. The remaining foot was flexible so it could bend to enter the colon. Steel rings imbedded in the rubber kept the remaining part of the tube from collapsing but allowed it to remain quite flexible.. Through the entire length of the tube ran a half inch diameter pressure hose that would carry the water used to flush out her bowels. Finally at the end was a fitting that would attach to the external part of the device. This external part, called the egg, was in fact oval shaped and connected via a flange that could be turned with a spanner wrench, thus securing it to the inside part of the pony rear.

Alex squirted some grease into the hole and spread it liberally around the opening. Then he inserted a guider rod into the tube. This would allow him to bend the end of the tube once it met the colon. He spread additional grease on the outside of the rubber tube and inserted it very slowly. "More light!" he said to Susan.

Susan brought the light down to Wildfire's rear as Alex continued to push the tube in. With her anus spread so wide, he had no difficulty in determining how far the distance was to the bend at her colon. He could determine this by looking through the tube. When he reached the bend, Wildfire groaned. "Sorry, honey. I'll try to be more gentle."

Wildfire tried as best as she could to control her breathing. She was scared, but she trusted Alex. She relaxed as best as she could and allowed them to continue. She felt humiliated. She felt the hose going into her, but accepted it as part of the training. She had long ago decided to accept anything these people would do to her because she knew they would make her happy. The sensations she felt now were not pleasant in any way, but for some reason she didn't want them to stop. She was practically in a trance, put there by all the activities she now experienced.

Alex twisted the end of the tube with the guider rod and fed it deeper inside the pony. Once the tube began to round the bend, he detached the guider and removed it. He continued to push the tube into the hole and added more grease as he did so. Once the stiff part of the tube was well inside her, he gently pulled the spreader out of her. The plastic sleeves that covered the fingers of the spreader remained behind as the steel rods slid out of her anus. The hole contracted immediately around the plastic tube. It was necessary to remove the spreader before attaching the egg because the egg would not fit through the hole in the spreader.

Now that the spreader was out, Alex attached the egg to the tube with the spanner wrench. A few turns and it was secure. Now he turned the egg until it lined up with her crack and pushed it in until it was properly seated. Alex pulled the plastic sleeves out. Alex then took a pair of needle nose pliers and pulled the rings imbedded in Wildfire's rear over the pegs on the tube. The egg had a rubber flange around the edge, which when lifted revealed two screws. Alex turned these screws and forced a small collar to press down over each peg along the side of the tube, thus capturing the rings on Wildfire's ass. Now the device would not come out until the screws were loosened.

It would be best to describe the egg in slightly more detail at this point. The egg was six inches long and curved slightly to conform to the buttocks. It had a plastic cover that was held in place by two small buttons, one near the top and one near the bottom. Inside the cover was a charcoal filter fitted inside a plug. This plug kept the large hose sealed. The filter was necessary to allow air to escape without fouling the environment. Directly above the large hole was a fitting for the hose that would inject water under a small amount of pressure into the bowels. This water would enter the pony as a vacuum would be placed on the output hose. The output hose is attached to the machine. The machine monitors the cleanliness of the water and automatically shuts off when it is sufficiently clean. Alex installed the cap.

Wildfire felt the cap snap into place. She heard Alex say "Done," and she relaxed. But suddenly she felt the reins being pulled back. "What was happening?" she wondered.

Alex took Wildfire's reins and pulled them back hard. He gave one rein to Susan and together they tied the reins to eyebolts at the rear of the pony rack. Wildfire was forced to lift her chin high and arch her neck severely. The bit pulled hard at her cheeks and tears flowed behind her blindfold. She waited for consoling words from Alex or Susan, but none came. Now she felt a cotton swab entering her nose. She smelled bananas and a medicine aroma. Very quickly the end of her nose went numb. Now she felt a metal device enter her nose. Alex had placed a device similar to a paper punch into the pony's nose. This device was powered by air. When it was positioned just above the flair at the bottom of the septum, Alex nodded to Susan. Susan pressed a button and the jaws quickly closed with a pop.

Wildfire felt a quick pinch and then the metal device was withdrawn. Alex had punched a 1/8 inch hole in her septum well inside her nose. Wildfire sensed this as another cotton swab spread more salve inside her nose. Wildfire couldn't know, but the salve also had a strong clotting agent as well as an anesthetic as two of its components. Alex spread more salve to stop the small trickle of blood. Then he took some gauze and pushed it into both nostrils. He pinched her nostrils closed for a minute before removing everything and inspecting the wound. All seemed well.

Alex now took a large nose ring. This ring was stainless steel, two inches in diameter and an eighth inch thick. It had a split in it also. Alex twisted it and inserted the end into the hole he had just punched in her nose. Wildfire began to groan and complain as soon as she realized that she was being fitted for a nose ring. Since she could not move her head, Alex did not need to respond or console her. He simply kept on working.

Wildfire was fully expecting calming words from Alex or Susan. "Why don't they say something? Why aren't they being nice to me? Why aren't they trying to calm me down?" She continued to ask these questions for some time. Alex and Susan simply ignored her.

The ends of the ring were drilled to accept a small stiff wire. Also the end had a short sleeve that would cover the seam when the ring was closed. Alex took some cyanoacrylate glue, better known as super glue and carefully placed a small drop inside one hole of the ring. He inserted the pin that would hold the ring together. Then he placed a second drop into the other hole and pressed the ring halves together. He took a special pair of pliers that had curved jaws to accept the ring halves and squeezed. The halves came together solidly and permanently. Alex turned the ring until the joint was above and almost sitting on the bridge of her nose. This was done to prevent the fumes from the glue from entering her nose. The blindfold would keep the fumes from burning her eyes also. Alex cleaned the excess glue with some acetone.

Wildfire knew that the ring would stay in her nose and shed a tear behind the blindfold. She now realized that she was an animal ready for training and had no choice but to obey. She felt the ring in her nose now as the local anesthetic had worn off. Wildfire could feel how thick the ring was and didn't like it one bit.

"All done honey," Alex said, "Let me release your feet."

Alex reached down and unhooked her feet from the manacle on his side of the tub. Susan bent down and released her other foot. Then Alex released the clamps that held the pony rack to the basin on his side. Susan released the other side. Both of them lowered the casters and pulled the pony rack away from the basin. Susan removed the bag that covered and protected Wildfire's tail and, using a brush, combed the horsehair straight. Wildfire could feel the hair brushing against her thighs.

Alex untied the reins and led Wildfire back into the stables. At that point he removed the blindfold. Wildfire immediately noticed the ring in front of her nose. I looked huge! She felt humiliated to have to wear this monstrous ring and tears ran down her cheeks as she began to whimper.

"Does the nose ring bother you?" Alex asked.

Wildfire nodded.

"It's part of your costume. Try and get used to it. Every pony has one," Alex explained. Alex took a handkerchief and wiped her tears and patted her head. "You'll be OK."

Wildfire's eyes wandered around the stables and noticed that she was being led to one corner of the room. She recognized Cindy waiting on hands and knees. Beside her she saw Alice. Alex introduced them.

"You've already met Cindy. This is Alice. They're going to bathe you in a moment. But first we need to talk a bit about some special matters," Alex stated.

Alex led the pony to a shelf with several items on it. He took a low stool and sat down in front of Wildfire. He addressed the pony girl, "Look at me. For the next few moments you have permission to talk through your bit. I realize your speech will be garbled but I'll manage. Now, I want to talk to you about sex, specifically the sexual activities you will be participating in."

Alex looked into Wildfire's eyes as he took a deep breath. "When we had our interview, you indicated that you wished to have both male and female partners. Has that changed?"

Wildfire shook her head and whinnied.

"Good. Then let me explain the way we indicate the sexual preferences of the occupants of the island. If you prefer both sexes, you get no indicator of preference. If you prefer gay activity, you get a medal or ring that has a gold circle on it. If you prefer male / female sex, you would wear a triangle medal or ring." Alex picked up two medals from the shelf and showed them to Wildfire. One medal was round and one was triangular. Then Alex showed Wildfire his ring. It had a small gold triangle on it. "You see. This means I only prefer heterosexual relationships. You will notice that Cindy, Alice, and Susan have no medals or rings. This means they prefer both sexes. You will not wear any medal either."

Wildfire nodded and whinnied.

"OK, now let's talk. As a pony, the majority of your sexual experience will be through oral sex, especially since your mouth will be more readily available than any other orifice. Does this bother you?" Alex asked.

Wildfire nodded and spoke through the bit, "I'm scwaarrred. I've neeber done dis befur. I wan ta leahrn. I wan ta mahk ya habby."

"I understand, honey. I want to make you happy too! I'm going to teach you a few things now. I want you to watch carefully and do exactly as I say. Now, there's nothing to be afraid of. Oral sex is very pleasurable. Cindy and Alice here can tell you. Don't talk anymore. You're back to horse sounds only."

Alex signalled to Cindy and Alice. Both stood and walked over to Alex before kneeling beside him. "Yes, master?" both said in unison.

At that point, Susan said she had other business to attend to. "I'll see you later, Alex." Alex waved at her and she left.

"OK, we're going to give you a lesson," he said, returning his attention to the pony girl.

"Stand up, Cindy," he said. Cindy stood. Of course, both girls were completely naked with the exception of a pair of black leather knee high boots with five inch heels. Alex didn't even have them gagged.

Alex moved the stool to one side and allowed Cindy to stand directly in front of Wildfire. The pony looked a bit rattled. "Try and relax. I realize this is your first time, so I would expect you to be quite nervous. I want you to stick your tongue out as far as you can and keep it out," Alex requested.

Wildfire was trying to adapt and find enjoyment in the situation. She could see Cindy's sex only inches in front of her nose. The ring in her nose could not be ignored. It stood right in front of her line of sight. The ring made her feel like an animal. It was degrading. It reminded her of pictures of cattle that had rings in their noses. She tried to put these thoughts aside as she extended her tongue.

"That's fine. Now, I'm going to have Cindy press her sex against your face. I want you to keep your tongue fully extended. You don't have to move it if you don't want to. Cindy will do all the work. Cindy, you may begin," Alex said.

Cindy smiled from ear to ear and pressed her crotch into Wildfire's face. She placed one hand on each cheek and ran her crotch up and down. Wildfire tried to keep her tongue pressed as far out as she could as Cindy rubbed herself into her face. Cindy began to moan as she pushed her clit against the pony's tongue. Cindy forced Wildfire to concentrate her efforts onto her clit. Cindy began to moan. Wildfire found herself getting very hot. She began to moan too. She felt a wetness between her legs as Cindy came to a climax. A small trickle of fluid ran down Wildfire's face and she tasted it on her tongue. Now she began to move her tongue in and out and around Cindy's slit as Cindy continued to work. Cindy climaxed again and almost passed out.

"Enough!" cried Alex. Alex signalled for Cindy to return to her knees. "Did you like that, my little pony?"

Wildfire nodded vigorously and whinnied with equal intensity.

"I thought you would. Would you like to pleasure Alice as well?" he asked. Alice smiled with anticipation.

The pony nodded and whinnied again with tremendous intensity. Alex ordered Alice to stand in front of the pony. Wildfire stuck her tongue out without being told.

"Good girl!" he said to acknowledge her action. "Alice, indulge yourself."

Alice was much more experienced in the sexual arts than Cindy. She moved more slowly and deliberately as she placed one hand under Wildfire's chin and the other on the back of the pony's head. She firmly grabbed Wildfire's chin and pony tail and slowly pressed her sex into the pony's face as Cindy had done. Alice moved very slowly and kept the pony's tongue moving up and down her slit. She did this for several minutes as she moaned and groaned. Wildfire was moaning as well. The two girls eventually were making sounds in unison as they simultaneously climaxed. But Alice didn't stop. She worked on and on. Wildfire kept her tongue pressed into Alice's sex as she continued to work toward her second orgasm. When they had reached the second climax Alex ordered them to stop.

Alice collapsed to the floor. "Thank you, master." Alice said.

"You're quite welcome, isn't she, Wildfire?" Alex asked his pony girl.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied furiously.

"Good. You're a real natural. Now that you've experienced the attention of women, it's time to experience the attention of a man. Ready?" Alex asked.

A chill ran through Wildfire's body. She loved Alex with all her heart. This was the moment she was waiting for all her life, to please the man she loved. Yet she was afraid of oral sex with a man. She didn't really know why, but she was. She took a deep breath and summoned a huge amount of courage from inside. She nodded.

Alex retrieved a dildo from the shelf and held it before Wildfire. "I'm going to have you practice first. I want to teach you how to do this. When you have oral sex with a man, it will always be more demanding. You will have to obey certain rules while performing the act. Now, I want you to open your mouth as wide as you can."

Wildfire did as she was told. Her eyes were fixed on the dildo that was held in front of her nose. It was very long. She could see that it was made from a light colored wood and very smooth. It looked like maple. She waited.

Alex noticed that she pulled her lips away from her teeth. He corrected her. "No, don't show your teeth. Pull your upper lip down and cover your teeth."

Wildfire pulled her upper lip down as Alex had instructed. She didn't understand why he wanted this though.

"Now, stick out your tongue just past your lower lip. While you're working, you must not allow your tongue to retract beyond your teeth. The cock, or dildo in this case, must never touch any of your teeth if at all possible. Use your lips and your tongue only. Open a little wider. That's it. Here it comes."

Wildfire opened her mouth as wide as she could as Alex inserted the dildo. He placed it into her mouth to a depth of about an inch. He began moving it in and out of her mouth. "I want you to use a little suction on the thing as I move it. Just suck gently. That's right, you're doing fine," Alex said.

Alex continued to work the dildo in and out of the pony's mouth for a good five minutes before removing it. Wildfire was getting aroused. This was wonderful. She couldn't wait for the real thing. Alex was constantly correcting her form, reminding her to not touch the dildo with her teeth and to gently suck on the rod. She did as she was told with glee. Another orgasm came and she moaned. "How many was that?" she wondered. "Four, no five in the last hour." she realized. She was hooked, even addicted, to the orgasms. She couldn't get enough of them. As Alex withdrew the dildo for the last time, she took several deep breaths. Beads of sweat had formed on her forehead.

"Try and catch your breath. We have a second lesson for you. Try and relax. Are you OK?" he asked.

Wildfire nodded. She remained out of breath for several minutes. When her breathing calmed, Alex picked up a second dildo. This dildo had a plunger at the end.

"This dildo is for training you to hold a man's orgasm. It's filled with semen, and no, it's not mine. To prepare for this session, we milked a few pony boys. I'm going to do the same thing with this dildo, only when I think you're ready, I'll press down the plunger. When I do, swallow all of it. We're going to do this four times. Then you get the real thing. Now open and cover your teeth like I taught you."

Wildfire stared at the dildo and the plunger. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth, covering her lower teeth with her tongue and pulling down her upper lip to cover her teeth. Alex inserted the dildo into her mouth and told her to start sucking. He moved the dildo in and out. Wildfire could taste the semen leaking from the dildo. It didn't taste particularly good, but for some reason it excited her. After the fifth stroke, Alex pressed the plunger firmly. Wildfire swallowed as fast as she could but some leaked from her mouth.

Alex scolded her for her clumsiness, "That was pretty sloppy, girl. Let's try that again, only this time be more careful!"

Wildfire nodded and whinnied.

Alex picked up another dildo and held it before the pony. She obediently opened her mouth again. In it went. Five strokes later, Alex pressed the plunger. Wildfire swallowed faster, but some still leaked. "Better, but not good enough," Alex said to Wildfire.

Wildfire had suddenly discovered a trick. If she sucked harder on the dildo, less would be left when Alex pressed the plunger. She opened her mouth as the third dildo was presented to her. This time, as Alex worked the dildo, she sucked harder. When Alex pressed the plunger, there wasn't as much semen left in the dildo. She sucked with all her might and swallowed all of it. She felt triumphant. She had beaten the system, or thought she did.

"Nice try honey, but I know that trick. You sucked half the semen out before I pressed the plunger. No fair. But your technique is better. Suck as hard as you can when the plunger is pressed. That's the trick you want to use. Let's not have any more heavy sucking until the orgasm, OK?"

Wildfire nodded vigorously. She took his words to heart and concentrated as the last dildo was placed in her mouth. This time she only applied slight suction until Alex pressed the plunger. When he did, she sucked for all it was worth. She got it all down and was still sucking when the dildo was empty.

"That's the way, girl! I'll let you rest a bit before we go for the real thing. Then I'll let the girls clean you up," Alex said.

Alex waited for a few minutes, gently petting Wildfire's hair. He fondled her breasts during this time and tapped the bells on her nipple rings. He smiled. What he was really doing was trying to excite himself and prepare for the event he had waited for almost three weeks. When he was hard, he stood and unzipped his pants.

Wildfire stared at Alex's manhood as it pointed directly at her. To be truthful, she had never seen one in person and it was a bit of a shock. She instinctively opened her mouth as she had been taught as Alex guided his cock into her mouth. Wildfire concentrated on keeping her teeth away and her tongue extended. Alex praised her as he worked his sex in and out. For a full five minutes, he held back until he was sure of maximum climax. Wildfire applied a gentle suction to his member. Suddenly, he could hold back no longer. A load of semen exploded from his sex. Wildfire sensed the orgasm immediately and began to suck as hard as she could and swallow at the same time. Alex withdrew. Wildfire smiled as best as she could with the bit in her mouth. She was triumphant again!

Wildfire took stock of her situation. She felt quite good. Her crotch was as wet as she had ever gotten it. She counted nine orgasms. She was out of breath and exhausted. Her belly didn't feel as full as she thought it would. Her bladder felt full and she peed into the cartridge. Her mouth felt sore from being worked so much, but it wasn't that bad. Her only problem was her anus, which was starting to go into contractions as the muscle relaxer wore off. This was becoming quite sore. She moaned loudly.

"Is something wrong?" Alex asked.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied loudly. She flicked her head backwards and wiggled her ass. It was hurting more as each minute passed.

"Your rear hurts, doesn't it?" Alex asked her.

Wildfire whinnied and nodded as hard as she could. Alex went to a medicine cabinet and retrieved a bottle of pills. He also took a glass, filled it with water, and inserted a half inch diameter tube into it as a straw. He had to use a rubber tube because her lips were spread too far for a normal straw. "These pills are like a laxative. They will stop the pain in just a few minutes. Open," he ordered.

Wildfire opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. Alex placed the pills on her tongue and let her drink the water through the rubber tube.

Within only a few minutes the spasms stopped completely. Her breathing eased as well. Alex noticed this. "Feel better?" he asked.

Wildfire nodded.

"Good, let's get you cleaned up then," he said.

Alex took Wildfire's reins and led her over to the side of the stables where lots of bathing items, sponges, brushes, soap, hoses, etc. were laid out. Cindy and Alice followed. Alex led her until she was directly over a floor drain. The concrete was sloped toward the drain for several feet.

"I need to know if you are feeling any nausea at all," he said to the pony.

Wildfire shook her head no and whinnied.

"Good, then we can proceed. This is a cleaning and bathing station. A bathing station is where you get a bath. A cleaning station is where we flush your rear and replace the cartridge. Bathing stations are placed in the stables only and here at the hospital. Cleaning stations are placed in these places as well, but are also placed at strategic locations around the island. Some are manned. Some are not and have to be used by the pony's owner. If you're wondering why I want to know about nausea, it's because I don't want to block your mouth if you feel sick. Part of the bathing procedure will be to insert a sponge ball into your mouth that's soaked with mouthwash. When your mouth is plugged, if you feel sick, make noise! Otherwise, you could choke. Now the girls will get to work."

The first thing the girls did was tie the reins to the rear support bar again. The pony's head was pulled back sharply once more. Next, as Alice removed the pony's boots, Cindy removed Wildfire's collar and hair strap, detaching the straps going to the arm sleeve at the same time. Cindy unzipped the bottom of the arm sleeve and pulled her arms straight back. The arm sleeve was slipped off. Wildfire's freedom was short lived as Cindy and Alice took her hands and attached the leather cuffs she was still wearing to eyebolts on the front support of the pony rack. Alice placed the boots over two pipes that blew warm air inside them. Cindy took the remaining items previously removed from the pony and placed them in a closet to prevent them from getting wet. They were ready.

Alice went behind Wildfire and removed the plug. She took a clear vacuum cleaning hose and attached it to the large opening. Then she took the smaller inlet hose and attached it to the smaller opening. She turned on the device. The cleaning machine worked automatically and would pump warm water through her bowels until the sensors in the machine saw that the water was clear. Then it would shut off the water supply and begin pumping warm air through the hose until the pony's insides were dry. Wildfire felt the water entering her and the small amount of suction. It wasn't painful, but it was a bit unnerving. She endured it.

Alice then uncoupled the sheath from the bottom of the pony's sex and pulled it down. She removed the cartridge and placed it in a sealed can. Alice took a sponge and liberally soaped the pony's sex and proceeded around to her ass. She then soaped the legs of Wildfire and pressed the sponge between each toe and scrubbed the soles and heels of both feet.

In the meantime, Cindy had taken a toothbrush and applied toothpaste. She pulled Wildfire's lips to the side and brushed the pony's teeth. When she was finished, she took a hose with a small nozzle and squirted water all over Wildfire's teeth. She told her to spit the water out several times. Wildfire could barely manage and water and toothpaste dribbled down her chin. Cindy wiped her mouth with a rag. Cindy then took a two inch sponge ball that had been soaked in mouthwash and unceremoniously stuffed it into Wildfire's mouth. "Don't spit that out unless you get sick!" warned Cindy.

By the time Cindy had stuffed the ball into the pony's mouth, Alice had just finished soaping her legs and crotch. She took another load of soapy water with the sponge and went over her back, neck, and face. Wildfire closed her eyes. Alice took one more load of soapy water and did the underside. She roughly scrubbed the breasts and belly. When she was done, Cindy took a hose and squirted some water onto her hand. She ran the water until it was slightly warm, then rinsed off Wildfire. At the same time she soaked the pony's hair heavily. Alice took some shampoo and washed the pony's hair. Cindy pushed the nozzle against the hair and applied water as Alice massaged the soap out.

Wildfire was now clean, inside and out. The cleaning machine had finished its duty and had turned off. Alice removed the hoses and replaced the plug. Cindy then pulled the pony forward to a dry part of the pavement. Cindy and Alice took several towels and dried her. They took hair dryers and blew hot air not only through Wildfire's hair, but all over her body. When they were done, she was completely dry. Alice inserted a new cartridge into the rear support. She also sprayed the pony's sex with a disinfectant to prevent diaper rash. She reattached the sheath covering Wildfire's sex.

Cindy combed Wildfire's hair and put the leather hair collar back on, forming a fresh pony tail. Alice retrieved the boots from the pipes. The insides were slightly warm. Wildfire enjoyed the warmth as Alice placed the boots on the pony's feet.

Cindy replaced the collar and buckled it in place. The next item was the arm sleeve. Cindy laid the arm sleeve across Wildfire's rear. Alice and Cindy detached the pony's wrists from the eyebolts and pulled them straight back. They slipped the arm sleeve onto her arms, bent her arms and zipped the sleeve closed. The straps were attached to the collar. Cindy pulled the sponge ball from Wildfire and looked at Alex.

"Well done girls. I'll take over from here. Go back to the holding room and put in a pair of ball gags. I'll reward you two later with something special," Alex said.

Alice was about to untie the reins when Alex stopped her. "That won't be necessary. Just go to the holding room. Oh, get something to eat first. I'll expect to see you in an hour. You two did very well," Alex praised the two slaves.

Both girls thanked Alex and left. The went to the cafeteria and picked each picked up a sandwich. Over lunch, they talked about the last hour or so and the fun they had with the new girl. They hadn't gotten a chance to do a pony girl in almost two months. It was a special treat to break a new girl in. When they were finished, they went downstairs to the holding room and put the ball gags in. They waited for Alex and his special treat.

In the meantime, Alex took a small leash from his pocket. "You're wondering why we put such a large ring in your nose? This is why." Alex clipped the leash to the nose ring. Suddenly, Wildfire was being led by the nose, literally. She followed quickly trying to prevent any tension from being placed on the leash. Alex led her back to the food trays and raised the casters on the rear legs only. The front of the pony rack was mobile, but she could move the rear only by lifting the entire rack with her legs. Alex went to a closet and opened a can of pony mush. He dumped it into the tray. He opened the drain on the water trough and let all the water run out. When it was empty, he refilled it with a faucet overhead. The ball bridle was still in the trough. He removed it and set it aside. He unhooked the nose leash from the nose ring. Then he untied the reins from the rear support and tied them to a ring attached to the bottom of the shelf.

"I left enough slack so you can reach both water and mush. Today I'm not going to require you to clean your plate, but I would appreciate it if you would try to get some food down. Tomorrow, we go back to the eating style you were taught earlier this week. I'll be back in a little while to check on you. Also, if you get sick, don't be afraid to upchuck on the floor. There's a drain under the shelf and we can wash it away." Alex patted Wildfire on the rump and left.

Alex went up to the cafeteria and found Maggie having lunch. "May I join you?" he asked.

"Have a seat. So, how's she doing?" asked Maggie.

"She's coming through like a real trooper. Essentially, we're all done. All I have to do really is teach her to trot. She was into ballet as a hobby. Did you notice her leg muscles. I bet she jogged a bit too. I really think she'll be a great pony."

"And how about emotionally? Did you do the dildo training?" Maggie asked.

"Emotionally she seems fine. We did both the dildos and I had her lick out Cindy and Alice. She couldn't get hotter!" he said.

"Great, maybe I'll visit her before she leaves and get a little service myself," she said.

"Suit yourself. I think she'd like that. But I would wait till tomorrow. She still could get sick from all the trauma." he said.

"Sure, why don't I go check on her while you get a bite to eat?" she offered.

"Yea, go ahead. I'll be here for a few minutes. Then I'm heading down to the holding room. I promised Alice and Cindy a special treat," Alex said.

After Maggie left, Alex picked up a large turkey and cheese club sandwich. The chef had specially added a few extra strips of bacon. Alex smiled as he picked up the first quarter. Since he hadn't eaten all day, he practically inhaled the sandwich. Of course, Alex had a habit of making food disappear in a flash. When the food was something he truly enjoyed, it disappeared just that much faster.

Alex went to the holding room after lunch and found his two slaves kneeling. They had been waiting for at least half an hour. Each girl was wearing a ball gag, the same gags they had worn when transported to the hospital. Alex detected tremendous anticipation in their eyes. Alex's manhood began to bulge as he stared at the two naked slaves before him.

"Stand up girls," he ordered.

Both girls stood. "I think we'll do it on the table. Go over to the table and bend over it."

Each girl turned their rears toward Alex and bent over the table in anticipation of Alex using them. Alex unzipped his pants and approached Cindy. As he was about to plunge his member into Cindy's sex, the phone rang. Cindy groaned.

It was Maggie. "Alex, I think you should get down here right away. Your pony just tossed her cookies," Maggie said.

"How bad is it. Is she OK?" Alex asked. Alex was very concerned. Cindy and Alice stood up and stared at Alex, searching for a clue.

"She's still nauseous. She didn't throw up too much though. Her stomach was pretty empty. Just get down here. I think she needs you."

"I'm on my way," Alex said. Alex started to walk out when Alice and Cindy moaned loudly at Alex, "Mmmmmm."

"Sure, come along. I know you're worried too. You can take those gags out," Alex said to the two girls.

Alice and Cindy removed the gags and followed Alex down to the stables. Maggie had just finished washing the vomit down the drain. The room still had a slight odor. Alex approached Maggie. "Did you do anything for her?" he asked.

"Not yet. I wanted to get rid of the stuff first so the odor wouldn't make her even more sick. I was thinking of a little antacid to settle her stomach. Would you like that dear?" Maggie looked at Wildfire. Wildfire nodded and weakly whinnied.

Maggie went to a cabinet and took two antacid tablets. She spotted the glass and hose that Alex had used earlier and filled it with water. "Here you go honey. I'm sorry but you'll have to swallow the tablets whole since you can't chew. Open," Maggie requested. Wildfire opened her mouth and downed both tablets followed by a full glass of water. "You should feel better in just a few minutes."

Wildfire just stood there for several minutes trying to avoid vomiting again. Maggie picked up a wet rag and wiped her face. Maggie was captivated by the pony's eyes. They looked at her full of love. Maggie petted Wildfire and smiled.

"I thought she would be OK. She seemed fine only an hour ago," Alex said with wonder.

"Sometimes these things happen very quickly," Maggie said.

"Sometimes ponies lie," volunteered Cindy.

All eyes focused on Cindy, especially Alex. "What's that supposed to mean. Why would she lie?" Alex asked of Cindy.

"Maybe she just wants to please you so much that she didn't want you to be worried." Cindy said.

"Wildfire, did you lie to me earlier? Were you sick?" Alex asked the pony girl.

Wildfire didn't move her head in any direction. She didn't want to answer.

Alex grabbed her reins and put his face directly in front of hers. "Answer me! Were you sick?" Alex asked showing anger in his voice. It was anger out of concern for her.

Wildfire nodded ever so slightly and whimpered. Alex released the reins and stood up shaking his head in disbelief.

"That was a damn fool thing to do. If I had plugged your mouth, you could have died. You would have drowned in your own vomit. Don't lie to me again, girl, especially about stuff like this. I don't want to see you hurt." Alex took a deep breath. "OK?" he asked.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied.

"Good, are you feeling better now?"

Wildfire nodded a little and weakly whinnied.

"I take it that you still feel a little sick. Would you like me to stay with you for a while?" Alex asked.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied vigorously.

"I'll be staying here for some time, Maggie. Maybe we can get some white bread for her to help settle her stomach. What do you think?" Alex asked Maggie.

"That's a good idea. I think part of the problem is that her stomach is empty. She needs something light in it," Maggie said.

"It helped me," Cindy said.

"OK, Cindy, go get four slices of white bread from the cafeteria," Alex ordered.

Cindy left at once. Alex left the room for a moment and returned with an office chair. He wheeled the leather chair next to Wildfire and sat down. "Might as well make myself comfortable, especially if I'm going to stay for awhile." Alex said to no one in particular.

"I have a few other duties to perform. I'll catch you tomorrow," Maggie said as she turned on her heels and left.

A few minutes later Cindy returned with four slices of bread on a paper plate.

"Thank you Cindy. I know I promised you a special treat today, but obviously we've run into a problem. Maybe I can make it up to you tonight," Alex offered.

"That would be wonderful, Master," Alice exclaimed. Alice smiled at Alex.

"I'd like some time alone with my pony girl. Why don't you two return to the holding room? Maybe you can find something to keep yourselves occupied."

"Yes? What is it?" Alex asked.

"Sir, may" Alice asked.

"Sure, why not. Just don't wear yourselves out. I may want a piece of you two before dawn," Alex said.

"Yes, master. Thank you, master!" Alice exclaimed. Both girls scurried out of the room with huge grins on their faces.

As soon as the girls left, Alex took Wildfire's reins and pulled her around to face him. "We need to have a little talk." With this, Alex unbuckled her bridle and removed the bit from the pony's mouth. "You have permission to talk. How do you feel?"

"I'm OK. My stomach feels a lot better." she said.

"Good, that was a really dumb thing to do. What was going through your head? You could have died!"

"I didn't want you to worry about me. Besides, my stomach wasn't that bad when you asked me. How did you know that I would get nauseous?"

"The grease has a tendency to work its way up into your stomach. Also, the colon doesn't like rubber tubes in it all day either. The problems usually pass after a few hours. Now I have a question. Why?"

"Why what?"

"Why are you doing this. You know, I've been on this island for most of my adult life. I've seen hundreds of men and women voluntarily turned into pony slaves and I still don't get it. Why do you, and all the rest want this?"

"What are you talking about. Didn't you design this setup? Wasn't the idea of using pony slaves all your idea?"

"Yes it was. I can understand my pleasure, but for the life of me, I can't understand yours!"

"I want to make you happy."

"If that's all, I could turn you into a house slave. Then if I pull the right strings, I could have you assigned to my quarters.'

"I thought you said that if someone found out that you were hoarding me for yourself that they would get someone else to train me."

"That's true."

"Then that's not acceptable. But I have selfish reasons for wanting to be a pony girl."

"Such as?"

"I like it. No, that's not right. I love it. I'm already addicted to the extremes I've been exposed to. I can't really explain it except to say that every time something new is added to my experiences, I feel myself going into a wild erotic trance. I get tremendously hot. I could never have imagined how wonderful this could have been. You see. When I said at the interview that no one who had not been on the island could have any idea, I was right. This is far beyond any experience that even the most imaginative person could fathom. I'm hooked."

"I still find it hard to believe. I've really hurt you with that crop. I've degraded you and turned you into an animal. Look at yourself."

"Do you like what I look like? Then I'm happy. If your happy, then I'm happy."

"I get the impression that you are putting up with this just to please me. Remember, when you go into the stables, there's going to be plenty of others. You could have sex twenty times a day."

"Wonderful. I've been deprived all my life. It's about time I started making up for lost time."

"Cut that out!"

"I'm sorry. Just trying to make a little joke. I'll gladly accept any attention that they give me and return the favor. I was so turned on by your two girls and by you as well, that you can't imagine. I sound like a slut, don't I?"

Alex took a deep breath. "Not really. You sound like a person that's experienced a state of wild sex. You just want more. Are you sure you want to continue with this? It's only going to get more intense."

"I'm couldn't be more certain. I want to be a pony girl. Please don't try and convince me otherwise.'

"OK, you win."

"Thank you. Alex, could I ask you for a favor? Would you kiss your pony girl. She really needs it."

Alex leaned forward and pressed his lips to Ally. At this point he couldn't think of her as a pony as her lips were free. Their tongues met as Alex placed one hand under her chin and the other behind her head. The kissed and kissed for many minutes before separating. Wildfire opened her mouth and placed her tongue on her lower lip.

"What are you doing?"

Wildfire withdrew her tongue. "Isn't this the way that a pony asks to blow her master?"

"No, I mean yes it is. But you're not having any more sex today. I want your fully recovered for tomorrow."

"Please, I can handle it."

"No way!"

"Yes, sir." Wildfire frowned. She wanted Alex inside her mouth badly. But he was right. Her stomach was still a little queasy. She wanted to please Alex, but he knew better. She did too but didn't want to admit it.

Alex shook his head.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing. It's just that I get this feeling that you are only doing this so you can be near me, like you're not really getting turned on by the activity as much as by the fact that I'm getting turned on seeing you like this."

"That's not true. I've told you how I feel. I've told you what I want. What more...." Wildfire was angry. The anger made her stomach pump more acid into an already upset stomach. "...Oh!" she groaned, "I think I'm going to be sick again." She closed her mouth as Alex quickly stood and turned her toward the wall. When she opened her mouth a small amount of vomit came out. Alex held her head still and waited till she was done.

"Hang on. I'll get you some water." Alex picked up the glass and refilled it. Wildfire was able to rinse her mouth out and wash away the vile taste. "Are you OK? Try not to get upset over all this. If this is what you really want, then I'll do everything I can to make it enjoyable. But you don't need to get all worked up over it."

Wildfire took a deep breath. "I can't help it. I need it. I can't explain. Please." Wildfire started crying. Her tears made Alex weak. He loved her so much. He had to give her what she wanted. These tears had to stop. He had to help her.

"Don't cry. I'll fix everything. Promise." Alex said. He bent down and kissed her on the cheek. She smiled.

Alex pulled her out of the way and washed what small amount of vomit there was down the drain. Then he took a rag and finished cleaning Wildfire up. "Thank you," she said as he finished wiping her chin.

"Your welcome. After all, you can't clean yourself."

"I mean for allowing me to remain a pony girl."

"Your welcome again. How are you feeling now?"

"Better, but my stomach is still a little sour."

"Let's get your bridle back on, then I'll feed you some white bread. It'll help settle your stomach." Alex picked up the bridle and pushed the bit back into her mouth. Again he had to spread her cheeks wide to accommodate the two inch disks. Wildfire was now getting quite used to having these disks fill her cheeks. In fact every aspect of her new equipage was becoming more and more familiar to her with each passing minute. She wondered what else would be done to her.

After her bridle was firmly buckled, Alex began tearing small pieces of white bread from the slices and stuffing them into the pony's mouth. Wildfire swallowed with difficulty as the bit ran across the back of her tongue. Somehow she managed to get the pieces down. After she had swallowed one slice of bread she refused any more. Alex looked worried. His worries were unfounded, however. Wildfire merely wanted some water. She pushed herself to the water trough and lapped up some of the cool liquid. Then she turned herself back to face Alex and opened her mouth, indicating that she wanted more bread.

"Good, you seem to be getting your appetite back." Alex started feeding her more bread. She finished all four slices and made a few more trips to the water trough. "Feel better?" Alex asked her. Wildfire nodded and whinnied. "Great, then turn and face your trough."

Wildfire did as she was told. She wondered why he ordered her to turn this way. They wouldn't be able to see each other's faces. He was at her side still sitting in his leather bound office chair. She was in the pony rack. He could look at her, but she couldn't see him. The collar she wore prevented her from turning her head that far. Oh how she longed to return her stare to his eyes. His eyes held her captive. Now she longed for them.

Alex took the reins and tied them to the ring on the shelf. "I'll be staying a while to make sure you're fully recovered, maybe another hour. In the meantime, I'd like some entertainment. Wag your tail."

"What?" she thought. She just stood stock still.

"Go on, get your ass in motion. Start wagging your tail." Alex ordered. Alex pushed the chair behind her now. He waited. Wildfire moved her tail for a few seconds and stopped. "No, keep it moving. I didn't say to stop. You said you wanted to be a pony girl and make me happy. So make me happy, pony girl. Wag your tail for me." Wildfire now started moving her ass in all sorts of gyrations. She moved it up and down and side to side. All this movement caused the rest of her body to shake. The pony rack was moving around also and this caused her breasts to bob up and down. The bells started to ring. Wildfire felt the waves of humiliation wash over her for many minutes. Tears ran down her face. She wanted to make him happy. She had endured far worse treatment, but for some reason, this seemed like too much. She forced herself to maintain control but found it exceedingly difficult. She continued to pump her hips.

After perhaps twenty minutes of wagging her tail, the humiliation seemed to waver. She felt stronger for some reason. In fact, she felt a new energy about her. She was making her master happy. That was all she needed. She began to imagine what her ass and all its equipment, the tail, the rear, the leather hip boots, looked like to Alex as he sat directly behind her. Of course she could not see. It had to be exciting. Now she was feeling the wetness return to her legs. The orgasm was seconds away. "'MMMMM", she groaned.

"Orgasm?" Alex asked, displaying a broad grin to the pony's flanks.

"MMMMM", she groaned again as she nodded her head vigorously.

"Good, keep your ass moving. I'm sure you'll have more."

Alex leaned back in his chair and rubbed his crotch. She had been at this for over one hour now and had only now started to have orgasms. He was certain that they would make her completely forget about her sour stomach. He was right. She kept on pumping her butt in all directions. Her tail was now swinging wildly. He thought that this was a good way to begin exercising her legs too for tomorrow's lesson on trotting. All this movement was loosening her hips up for the exercise.

Wildfire continued until it was almost 3:00 P.M. when Alex ordered her to stop. In that time, Alex had counted five more orgasms. He still didn't fully understand why anyone would want to be a pony girl, but there was no arguing with the fact that this girl was having one orgasm after another when he had her perform. The evidence was right before him.

"Are you going to be OK? I've got a couple girls that have been waiting for their treat for over an hour."

Wildfire whinnied. She contemplated indicating that she was still sick, but that wasn't true. She wanted Alex to stay even longer, but respected and loved him too much to interfere with his promise to please the two girls. She nodded her head.

"I'll send the girls in to keep an eye on you in a couple of hours. Do me a favor. Try and get some pony mush down. I think you'll feel better if you get some food in your stomach. An empty stomach gets upset easier."

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee", she whinnied. She nodded her head vigorously as before. After Wildfire heard him walk out, she pressed her face into the mush and picked some up in her mouth. It didn't taste much different that the pony mush she had the day before. She did feel hungry and that contributed to her thinking that the stuff was beginning to taste better. She ate about half of it before she went to the trough and lapped up some of the cool water. It tasted good. It also allowed her to wash off some of the mush that had stuck to her face. She pulled away and relaxed for a short time. That felt good. Finally, she had something solid in her stomach and she didn't feel sick.

Wildfire couldn't help but think of her conversation with Alex. What she realized was that he wanted to spend more time with her. She wanted the same of course. But what she now experienced while being a pony was so addictive that she was forced to ignore these wants and desires. This was quite a dilemma for her. On one hand, if she let him remove her from the pony rack she could attend to more of his needs, sleep with him and make love to him. On the other hand, if she remained a pony, she would be submitting to him in a way that was much more intense. She would show him that she loved him even more. But this would prevent her from making love to him as often. This way would allow her to get more attention however. The stable hands would use her sexually and physically. She would have more opportunity for sexual pleasures, for those wild orgasms. Now she realized why she begged Alex to leave her as a pony girl. Being a pony girl would make her happier, regardless of how much Alex could please her. She was no longer Allison Medina. Even in her mind she was Wildfire, now!

Upon entering the holding room, Alex found his two slaves in the classic sixty nine position. He stood by the doorway and listened to Alice and Cindy moan and groan. They were so caught up in their activity that neither noticed his arrival. He let them have their fun for a full ten minutes. Then they stopped, apparently out of breath.

"Having fun?" Alex inquired of the two girls.

Cindy looked up at Alex and smiled. She was breathing heavily. "Yes, ah, yes sir we are!" she exclaimed. Cindy and Alice climbed to their knees to show respect to Alex.

"As I remember, I had you two bent over the table before we were distracted. Why don't you two assume the position again over there."

Both girls showed Alex a huge grin, stood, and walked over to the table. Alex was now presented with two lovely asses. Cindy and Alice waited for him with great anticipation of something truly wonderful. Each girl placed their hands behind their head as they had been trained. They spread their legs very wide. All that remained was the act. Alex was quite willing to oblige.

Without saying a word, Alex walked up to Alice's rear and unzipped his fly to reveal his ample manhood. Already it was at attention. Alice would be first. Her breath quickened with excitement as Alex reached underneath and played with her nether lips. He ran his fingers ever so tenderly along her inner thighs. When he gently caressed her clit, she came. He was only just beginning.

At the same time, with his left hand he reached underneath Cindy's chest and pulled her nipple ring to the side so he could get at it better. Her right breast, which was very large, now protruded from her prone chest to the side. The nipple was just visible, pressed to the table by her delicate body. Alex pulled ever so gently with his left hand as he fingered Alice's slit with his right. Before long both girls were moaning with ecstacy.

Now that Alice had experienced her orgasm, and Cindy was close to having her own, Alex placed the tip of his cock at the entrance to Alice's sex. As he entered Alice, he moved his left hand to Cindy's inner thighs. Now he pumped Alice while warming up Cindy. Alice began to buck as he pumped his manhood into her to it's full seven inches of lust. Alice was a screamer. She began moaning and shouting, "Oh yes! Oh yes!"

Cindy was becoming excited at seeing her coworker slave going into such a wild orgasm. She waited for Alex to do more for her than just warm her up. She now was getting very hot. She realized that she was now bucking gently as Alex ran his fingers around her womanhood. This caused her to rub her nipples on the smooth formica tabletop, which excited her even more. "Oh God!" Cindy exclaimed as she released her juices. Please master. Do me now!"

Alex felt Cindy suddenly go wet on him as he continued to pump Alice. He was a man of exceptional control. Of course, he had much practice. The many years of island life provided that. "Not yet sweetheart. Just be patient. I have to make sure Alice gets her full share." Alex was just at the point of coming when he pulled out. At that moment, Alice came for a second time as she screamed, "Yes!"

This was what Alex had intended. He wanted to do both girls, but knew that if he let loose his load that he would have to wait some time before doing the other girl. So he stopped just short. Now he turned his attention to Cindy. "I saved the best for last," he said as he positioned himself behind Cindy. Alex now took his right hand and began teasing Alice's nether lips again. She began moaning softly. Alice was very much out of it. Before Alex had arrived, she had attained two orgasms. Now Alex had added two more to the total. She knew that number five could be only minutes away.

Cindy waited patiently for Alex to enter her. Just as she formed the thought, "When is he going to do it?", he entered her. "Oh yea!" she shouted. Since she had been on the verge of orgasm for the last five minutes, she came the instant he entered her. Now he began to pump her. Her breathing increased as did her bucking and gyrations. Alice could feel and see her bouncing up and down as she also felt Alex running his fingers around her clit. Within minutes, Alice came for a fifth time. "Oh God! Oh, oh yes!" she cried out once more.

After several minutes inside Cindy, Alex pulled out before climaxing again. But he wasn't finished yet. "Rest for a few minutes," he said to the two girls. "Then we'll try something else."

When the two girls' breathing had slowed enough Alex ordered them both onto the table, "Lie on your backs, girls. Heads off the edge." Both girls lifted themselves up and laid down on the table, side by side. They pulled themselves to the end of the table and let their heads hang off the edge. Alex went to a shelf and grabbed two towels. The girls' necks were now pressing into the hard edge of the table and this was causing extreme discomfort. Alex took the towels and placed one behind the neck of each girl. Now they could keep their heads off the edge of the table with little problem.

Each girl had been through this activity many times. The table was waist height. The girls opened their mouths, waiting for Alex to enter them. The method was developed to provide a suitable method for giving oral sex. The face was vertical and the mouth was wide open. With the head hanging off the edge, the mouth had to remain open. Also, the throat was now more easily accessible, since the prone position made for a straight path from mouth to esophagus.

Cindy would be first this time. Alex's still erect organ entered her. She closed her lips around it as he pressed it deep into her throat. No gag reflex could be detected. Cindy was exercising tremendous control. Her tongue now rode on top of Alex's manhood and her upper lip was underneath. Between the two, she massaged him without allowing her teeth to touch his organ.

Alex pulled out once more without coming. Cindy was frustrated again! Alice had been waiting patiently with mouth wide open. She had her eyes shut until she felt something enter her mouth. She had been listening to Cindy moaning for the last five minutes and was daydreaming when Alex pressed his organ past her lips. At once she began to suck and massage him with her tongue. Alice was good. She knew when he entered her with a hard cock that he had still not come. She couldn't believe that he had so much control. She resolved herself to make certain that he didn't get away with that again. She began to pull long drags on the organ as it entered the back of her throat.

Alex at once saw what she was doing. He was beginning to tire. This contributed to a minute lack of control. It was the opportunity that Alice had been waiting for. She tasted a small amount of precum and at once doubled her effort. Harder and harder she worked until Alex came full force. Alex groaned, "Oh!" He pulled out and looked at the two girls lying on the table. He was exhausted now also. He dropped to his knees as he mumbled, "I'm finished!"

Alice was exuberant. She had gotten the better of Alex. What she saw from her position on the table was an upside down view of Alex, out of breath on his knees. He could barely talk. She was wearing a tremendous grin.

"What are you smiling at?" Alex said. He could barely get the words out. Alex broke out in a grin. Cindy rolled over and started smiling at Alex too. Alice rolled over as well. She started laughing out loud. Cindy and Alex followed. Alex leaned forward, wrapped his arms around the two girls and kissed them. "I love you two," he said.

"We love you too, sir," Alice replied.

Alex gave each girl one more hug then stood. "I need you two to stay with our new pony for the night. I'm worried that she still isn't being totally honest with me. I think she still may be a little sick. I want you two to stay with her all night. Can you handle it?"

"Sure," Alice said.

"No problem," Cindy stated.

"Good. I need to return to the castle. I want you two to clean her out around six. Pull a cot out of the storage room and work four hour shifts. One of you can sleep while the other one keeps an eye on her. I'll be back around ten. And no fooling around! OK?"

"Yes sir," Alice said. She displayed a frown to Alex. Cindy did as well.

Both girls jumped off the table and left. Alex returned to the castle as the two girls headed for the stables. They stopped off at a storage room just outside the stables. Alice picked up the cot and began pushing it to the stables. Cindy followed with a pillow and a blanket.

Wildfire was lapping some water as the two girls entered. She heard the two girls enter but couldn't turn her head to see who it was. The two girls announced themselves. "We're back. Miss us?" Alice asked.

Wildfire whinnied and nodded with glee. She was truly glad to see the two girls. She hoped for some special treatment from them. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue to show them that she was ready and willing.

Alice looked at the pony girl and shook her head. "Sorry hun, the boss said no fooling around. And believe me, it's not like we don't want to," Alice said.

Wildfire looked with eyes of disappointment at the two girls. Her eyes pleaded to them to disobey Alex. But it was not to be. Wildfire felt Alice and Cindy pet her and smooth her hair. Alice pushed a stray lock from her forehead.

" Alex wanted us to keep an eye on you tonight. We'll work shifts. Let's see. What time is it? " Alice asked Cindy.

Cindy looked up at the wall clock. "5:30," She said.

"Good enough. Let's get her flushed out." Alice untied her reins and led her over to the cleaning area. Alice removed the plug and quickly attached the large vacuum hose to her. She then plugged in the pressure hose to the smaller fitting and turned on the machine. Cindy removed the urine cartridge. She unbuckled the crotch sheath, took a damp towel and wiped Wildfire's sex. Then she took a spray bottle filled with an anti-rash medication and liberally sprayed her sex. She installed a fresh cartridge. By this time the machine had just finished cycling. Wildfire had hardly any waste in her and the machine finished flushing her in record time. They led her back to the water and food troughs.

"Do you want any more mush?" Cindy asked Wildfire.

Wildfire shook her head and whinnied. Alice removed the dish and replaced it with the soft pillow she had used on Friday night. Wildfire pushed the rack against the shelf and set her chin on the pillow. Cindy and Alice helped position the rack better. Wildfire sighed.

Cindy unfolded the cot and got comfortable. Alice plopped down in the comfortable chair that Alex had thoughtfully left. "Oh, that's cold!" she exclaimed as her bare hide came in contact with the cold leather. Alice leaped out of the chair.

Cindy propped herself up on her elbows and said, "Well, you can warm it up for me then."

Alice smiled. "Right!" She went to the closet where the towels were kept. She had used them earlier to dry Wildfire. She took several towels and laid them across the leather seat and sat down. The terrycloth tickled. She leaned back. "So, what do you think?" she said with a smirk.

"Very smart," Cindy said, "I didn't know you had that kind of ingenuity in you."

"Get some sleep. I'll wake you around ten."

Cindy rolled over and quickly nodded off. She was beat. After all the wild sexual encounters that this day had brought, sleep came quickly. Alice leaned back and watched Wildfire. Wildfire nodded off as well. Alice was amazed. She remembered back to her days in the stables. It had taken almost three days before she could sleep in a rack. Wildfire took to it after only the second night.

Around ten Alice woke Cindy up for her shift. "There, it's all warmed up for you." Alice and Cindy switched places. Alice thought for a moment. "Let's see. They're coming for her when? Ten, isn't it?"

"That's what Alex said. That leave's us twelve hours. Good, that leaves us with two shifts each. Get some sleep," Cindy ordered.

Alice gave Cindy a mock salute and curled up on the cot. In no time she was sound asleep. Cindy got comfortable and looked at Wildfire. She could hear the new pony girl breathing through her mouth. It was almost like a snore, but not quite.

The night was relatively uneventful. Alice and Cindy switch shifts two more times. Wildfire woke in the middle of the night and lapped a bit of water. She used the urine cartridge and sunk her head back into the pillow. This happened around 3:00 A.M. Alice was back on duty and helped her move the rack to the proper position when she had finished her drink. Wildfire nodded back off. Her final day in the hospital would begin soon.

Part 9