Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 5

Part 5 Schedule of Events (part 1)

Soon after Alex left, Ally began to explore some of the new items that she now wore. Ally was naked. She lay in bed with the covers drawn up. The room temperature was a bit warm but still Ally decided to keep the covers up for vanity's sake.

Now she removed the covers and explored her nipples. A ring now pierced each breast directly below and slightly behind each areola. She shifted in the bed slightly and suddenly realized that there was something piercing her near her ass. She felt behind her and realized that she had a ring at the base of her spine. She couldn't see it but figured it was d-shaped and roughly one and a half inches in diameter. It also had a threaded rod on it. She could feel no opening on it and assumed it was welded as were her nipple rings. Then she realized that there were two rings near her anus. These were small rings hidden deep inside the crack, very close to her hole.

Ally explored her sex. There was a ring just above the slit and another just below. With all the rings attached, she now became aware of her position. The rings caused small amounts of pain whenever she moved the wrong way. She decided that laying on her side was the best solution. "Why did they pierce me so much?" she wondered. "What was the screw on her back going to be used for?" she thought. Ally would find the answers to these questions soon enough.

Now she began to rub the feeling into the wounds that pierced her in so many places. The wounds were all sore but not really painful in an agonizing sense. She spotted a blue satin robe on a chair and decided to get up. Wrong! Ally fell back into bed as she suddenly realized that the anesthesia had not fully worn off. Ally decided to sleep it off a bit and try later. Blackness crept in, helped by the remnants of the anesthesia that still coursed through Ally's body.


The road leading from the hospital traced a path along the edge of the plateau where most of the inhabitants of the island resided. The island was actually a plateau some fifty feet above the water's surface. Only the fishing fleet and the personnel necessary to their operation lived at sea level. Both villages, the castle, hospital, and all other facilities necessary for the daily operation of the island were on the plateau. The Plateau was some ten miles in diameter. The island had a beach on the southern edge of the island which was used quite heavily for sunbathing by both the slaves and their owners. Most of the critical facilities as well as the villages and castle were located along the northern shore. It was decided early in the planning stage to place all critical facilities on the northern shore. Research had determined that the southern shore was substantially more vulnerable to storm damage during tropical storms and hurricanes. Surveys showed that the northern shore sustained much less damage from storm surge and high winds.

Alex gazed at the setting sun through the limo's tinted window. The sun was just about to settle below the horizon when Alex ordered the driver to stop. He watched as the sun began to settle below the horizon. It was a beautiful sunset. There was a very thin line of clouds that cut through the sun's bright orange disk. The view was breathtaking. The glare of the sun was caught by the waves below. Alex thought that it was quite appropriate that as his most beautiful Sandy had passed from this earth, the sunset on her day of passing would be so stunning. He sank back into the leather seats of the limo and ordered the driver to move on. Alex smiled.

When Alex arrived at the castle, he was quite tired. He had slept only a few hours during the last full day and he needed his rest. His back and shoulders hurt as his body sent messages to him to hit the sack.

His plans to go directly to bed, however, were thwarted when he arrived at the castle. Many people had gathered in the main hall to offer their condolences. Susan and Felix were there and offered their help in any way they could. Alex explained that he really appreciated having so many friends who cared.

Finally, Alex was able to make it to his bedroom. The bedroom was dominated by an eight foot square bed that was custom made for Alex. It was an eight post bed. There were four longer posts at the corners and four eighteen inch high posts between the corners. The posts were fitted with large heavy rings just above mattress level. It was so designed so that should Alex desire, he could have a girl spread eagle on either side of him as he lay in between.

At the foot of the bed knelt two naked slaves. Alice and Cindy were assigned to serve Alex by Susan. Both had been on the island for three years. Alice had been assigned to castle duty for a full year. Cindy had served at the castle for only one month and two weeks of that time Alex had been away recruiting Ally. She was quite inexperienced but was trying as hard as she could to perform correctly. These two girls were specifically designated as Alex's personal servants.

The two girls had waited in Alex's bedroom since early that morning. They were not allowed to leave the room for any reason except normal bodily functions. When Alex's boat was reported as coming in late due to weather, the two girls were allowed to leave the room to eat and be groomed. They were immediately brought back to their station to await their master's arrival. Both girls now knelt upright with hands properly clasped behind their heads waiting for Alex to give them orders.

Alice was five feet, seven inches tall and had long red hair. Her eyes were hazel. Alice came from London and sported a Cockney accent that Alex enjoyed hearing. She had firm but average sized breasts and had a slim figure otherwise. She wore a pair of metal bracelets, a shiny metal collar and a pair of polished metal ankle cuffs.

Cindy had the same set of cuffs and collar. She had curly auburn hair and green eyes. Cindy's breasts were quite small but she was skinny as a rail and had a beautiful backside. Cindy had her sex shaved when she was serving as a house slave only one month ago. Her bush, Alex could see, was growing back quite nicely. Alex believed that a woman's sex would be 'enhanced' by the curly hair between her legs and had forbidden any castle slaves from being shaved there.

"How may we serve our master?" asked Alice. Alice had taken charge due to the fact that she had the most experience as a castle slave. Cindy merely followed along and did the best that she could to imitate Alice's subservience. She now knelt in anticipation of her master's orders.

"Cindy, draw a bath for me. Alice help me off with these clothes," commanded Alex.

At once Cindy dropped to all fours and hustled to the bathroom. Alex had now seated himself on the edge of the bed. Alice first knelt at his feet and asked, "May I provide my master with a special favor?"

"Not now sweetheart. I'm too tense and I would really like to get into that whirlpool. Perhaps later you will prove useful."

"Yes my master. I am only too happy to serve." With this said, Alice proceeded to strip Alex of his clothing. When she removed his shirt, she noticed how tight his shoulder muscles were. "May I massage you master? I only want to make you happy."

"Sure, go ahead. But just for a few minutes. Ah. That feels good."

Alice had started pressing her fingers into the stiff muscles of Alex's shoulder and neck. Alex was very tight as the lack of a good night's sleep had increased his tension. Alice continued to work on him.

Alex finally ordered Alice to stop. With this cue, Alice climbed off the bed and crawled into the bathroom to join Cindy. When Alex entered the bathroom, both girls had resumed kneeling with hands behind their head. Alice had her knees apart at the appropriate width, but Cindy had her knees almost touching. "Cindy, do you need a spreader again?"

Cindy immediately spread her knees apart and apologized to Alex, "Please forgive me master. I did not intend to deny my master a view of my loins I can remember the proper position of my knees without the spreader."

"I'll think about it." Alex climbed into the huge whirlpool bath. It was eight feet in diameter and could accommodate several people. Alex believed four or five could fit comfortably, but couldn't imagine having four girls bath him at once. Two was quite enough.

The girls climbed into the tub after Alex. Alice positioned herself behind and Cindy went in front. Both girls went to work with practiced precision. Alice sponged his back and applied shampoo. She proceeded to give Alex a good scalp massage. Cindy washed Alex up front, slowly caressing all of Alex's body with the loofah. As she approached his cock she looked up. He shook his head. Alice moved on to his legs and feet and thoroughly but gently cleaned every part of Alex's body that she was assigned.

After half an hour of bathing, Alex signalled the girls to finish. The girls climbed out and dried themselves as Alex waited. When the girls were ready, he climbed out. Both girls were now standing and proceeded to dry Alex in a most seductive manner. This brought Alex's soldier to attention. Cindy happened to be drying his feet when he decided to make use of her position.

Alex tapped Cindy on the head and merely pointed. Cindy immediately knelt upright and took the serving position of mouth open and hands behind the head. Alex took his cock and entered Cindy's mouth. Under the rules, Cindy was not to move her hands from the back of her neck until Alex was through with her. She now closed her lips and began to draw his nectar into her. Slowly and carefully she massaged his member with her lips, using the utmost care not to allow her teeth to touch him. Alex grabbed her hair as he set go his load. Cindy swallowed as fast as she could but a small amount leaked. Alex thought she would learn with a bit more experience.

The thought of Cindy gaining experience caused Alex to look down at Cindy's knees again. The were far too close. He withdrew from her mouth and pointed at her knees. "What did you say about not needing the spreader? Look at your knees!"

"Please master, I'm so sorry. Please don't make me wear that thing!"

"No arguments! You know where it is. Now get out of here and get it for me. I'll put it on you when Alice finishes up. Now move it little lady!"

"Yes master," she said. Cindy quickly dropped to all fours and scampered back to the bedroom. Alice finished drying Alex and gathered up all the towels. She took her position on all fours to the right of her master and crawled beside him as he returned to the bedroom.

Cindy was kneeling at the foot of the bed again with an eighteen inch long bar in front of her. The spreader bar had a leather cuff at each end. The cuffs were attached to the bar with a few links of polished chain. Alex ordered Alice to put the spreader on Cindy. A tear or two trickled down Cindy's cheek. Alex patted her on the head. "You know you need the incentive. I simply can't trust you to keep those thighs apart. And you've had this problem before. Now you won't have any choice."

"Yes master."

Cindy now had to keep her knees much wider than she would normally be required to. Alex was not through with Cindy's lesson though. He went to a drawer in his dresser. Cindy knew what was in that drawer and cringed a the thought of what was coming. Alex withdrew a two inch red ball gag and came over to Cindy. You'll learn not to argue with your master eventually. Tonight we'll take that option away from you with this. Alex held the ball to Cindy's mouth. She knew resistance was futile and promptly opened her mouth as wide as she could. The ball slid behind her teeth. Alex buckled the strap behind her neck and ordered her to get into bed. Likewise, he also ordered Alice into bed. Finally he attached Cindy's leg and wrist cuffs to the posts as a further punishment for her misbehavior. Alice was allowed to sleep unincumbered. She fell asleep in Alex's arms as Cindy stared at Alex's back. A whimper escaped through the gag as she tried to shrug it off and fall to sleep.

Alex awoke with a start. Susan was shaking him fiercely. "Wake up! You overslept! Alex awoke to find Alice snuggled up to his chest. He glanced at the clock. It read 9:00 a.m. He had one hour before the meeting was to begin. Alex woke Alice and ordered her to release Cindy, who had awakened amongst all the commotion. Alex ordered Cindy to go to the slave hall, get cleaned up, eat, then wait for Alice to fetch her. She was to continue to wear the ball gag as well as the spreader. Her sex was not to be hidden from view. At this command, Cindy got onto all fours and crawled awkwardly to the door.

Susan, with the assistance of Alice, helped Alex get dressed. Alice got the razor and shaved the stubble from his face. His stubble was quite pronounced as he hadn't shaved in almost two days. The sharp razor took care of this with little difficulty. Alex put on his casual / business clothes that he wore most of the time while on the island. This consisted of a pair of tight fitting jeans, ankle length cowboy boots, a light cotton shirt and a brown leather vest.

Before Alex left, he ordered Alice to clean up the bathroom. When she was finished with this chore, she was to go to the slave hall and have her morning grooming. He ordered her to wear a pair of five inch heels after she was groomed. Finally, she was to put Cindy on a leash and bring her to the main hall at eleven a.m. Alice acknowledged the orders and crawled to the door.

"Cute, isn't she?" Susan asked.

"Yea, but personally I prefer the other girl. Cindy needs a lot more training though."

"I saw her gagged and wearing the spreader. What did she do?"

"Cindy has a terrible problem keeping her knees apart. So I ordered her to get the spreader. She put up a little fight and I decided to prevent her from arguing about what has to be done to make her a proper slave."

"Good idea. If you let them get away with it even once, they will never learn. Anyway, let's get to the meeting. It's getting late."

Alex and Susan arrived at exactly 10:00 a.m. to find all the key staff members of the island seated around a twenty foot long conference table. Alex took his seat at the head of the table with Susan and Felix flanking him. Alex counted the heads. Sixteen people besides himself, Susan and Felix were in attendance. These were the directors.

It would be best to explain how Alex, owner of the island, was not in total control of the government of the island. Alex had early on decided that he alone was not wise enough to run the island by himself. Alex wanted control, but also wanted a group of men and women who could override him if he should make an unwise decision. So he set up the board of directors with himself as chairman. Then he established a special voting system to allow them to override him under proper circumstances. The directors had power to overrule Alex in any decision making process. Alex had relinquished just enough power to allow them to override him if they all banded together. Essentially, Alex had forty votes out of one hundred and eight possible. Each of the directors had three votes and Susan and Felix had ten each. Thus, no one could make a decision without help from the others as fifty five votes were needed to pass a decision.

Alex stood and now spoke, "As you know, we suffered a great loss yesterday with the passing of Sandy. In tribute to her New Orleans heritage, I thought it would be appropriate to have a jazz oriented, New Orleans style funeral. I'm not very good at arranging these kind of events, so I'd like to delegate the task to Susan. She will then pass on certain responsibilities to you, my dear friends. I will reserve one task for myself as I will give the eulogy." Alex took a deep breath.

Susan whispered to Alex, "Are you OK?"

Alex replied, "I'm fine." Alex then looked back at the table of people and continued, "I'll be leaving now and allow Susan to give you the details. She will brief me later. Before I leave let me give you one point to ponder. The reason behind the New Orleans funeral march is to mourn the loss of our friend as we march to the grave. But let us leave our anguish at the cemetery. We will strike up the band and celebrate the future rather than suffer with the past. That's the key. Sandy would never want us to be hurt by her passing. As tribute to her, let us celebrate her life, for she truly lived a magnificent one. Thank you."

A woman at the far end of the table began clapping loudly and slowly. A man across from her joined in. More added to the applause and then they all stood. The applause went on for several minutes. Susan went to Alex and kissed him full on the mouth. The applause continued and got even louder.

Felix went to Alex, "Nice job boss!"

Alex raised his hand and acknowledged his gratitude as he left. Susan took over the meeting. She had already sent for the necessary materials on the previous night. A special shipment on a private Osprey, VTOL aircraft would be arriving later today. The shipment would carry the miscellaneous supplies that would be needed. She passed on the various tasks to the appropriate people. All the details were worked out by noon.


While all this was happening Ally was spending the morning in the hospital recuperating from the operation performed on her the previous day. It was 10:00 a.m. when the nurse came in to find her sitting in her bed. Ally was now wearing the blue robe that she had spotted the previous night.

"Good morning! I see you've finally decided to get up," Maggie said.

"Actually I woke up a couple hours ago but I decided to go back to sleep. Boy, that stuff you pumped me with really put me in wierdsville!"

"That's the idea. How about breakfast? I bet you're starved."

"Yes I am. What do you have?"

"You don't get a choice. You will like it though, I'm sure."

"Fine with me. Bring it to me."

Maggie left and came back thirty minutes later with Ally's breakfast. She pushed the hospital table in front of Ally and proceeded to lay several bowls of food in front of her. The breakfast consisted of a cup of cooked, sweetened oatmeal with poached peaches on top. Also, there was a bowl of applesauce, some orange juice and a banana. In addition was a small bowl that contained two ounces of raw alfalfa with a small amount of honey added.

"There's an awful lot of food here for one person. What is this?" Ally asked pointing to the alfalfa.

"Alfalfa with honey."

"Yuck! I'm not supposed to eat that, am I?"

"Yes, let me explain. You're going on a super fiber rich diet. Certain things are going to be done to you that requires it. I am supposed to sit here and verify that you eat as much of this meal as you can. And, by the way, the meals will not vary very much. You must eat the alfalfa and all the oatmeal. Try to get the alfalfa down quick and all you'll taste is the honey."

Ally looked at Maggie for a moment, then looked at the small bowl of green stuff. Ally picked up a spoon and grabbed a big gob of the stuff. She swallowed with a grimace.

"Good, now get the rest of it."

Ally scraped up the last of the green fiber and stuffed it down. "Yuck! That stuff's horrible."

"You'll get used to it. In fact you'll be getting larger portions of it over the next few days. Now start on the oatmeal. Clean the bowl real good."

Ally tasted the oatmeal and peaches. Finding it much more to her liking, she started eating it in earnest. The bowl was empty within minutes. Then she went for the orange juice, banana, and applesauce. She was surprised that she didn't feel full. Rather, she felt that she was quite content on the amount of food in her stomach.

"Good job, I figured you'd be pretty hungry. Want any more?" Maggie asked.

"Could I have some more orange juice?"

"Sure, be back in a minute. By the way, Alex should be coming by to visit in an hour. Why don't you get showered and made up. I'll get you a glass of o.j. while you get cleaned up. Just be careful of the bandages and rings."

Maggie showed Ally where the shower was and instructed her as to what makeup to wear. Ally popped into the shower and turned on the water. The water temperature was electronically controlled and except for the first blast of cold water, the temperature was perfect. Ally dried her hair and combed it out. The makeup was just a bit of rouge and medium red lipstick. Maggie had told her to leave her eyes alone for some reason. She wouldn't explain. In the mean time Maggie got Ally her juice.


The main hall of the castle was a showcase for displaying slaves in various bondage poses. The hall measured one hundred feet long by eighty feet wide. Elevated platforms that extended sixteen feet from the side walls flanked the center hallway. The platforms were eighteen inches high with a continuous step running their entire length for easy access. Every ten feet was an ornately carved roman column that was painted bright red. The columns defined the 'stages' where the slaves were placed on display.

There were ten slaves that were bound in five different ways, with no two methods being used by adjacent slaves. Also the male and females were alternated. One of the administrators saw to the display of slaves and had a full compliment of servants to assist in presenting them. Every hour starting at 10:00 a.m. the slaves were removed from their bonds and allowed a ten minute break before being rotated to the next display area. This way, the slaves would be subjected to all the scenes twice each day. Every day a fresh set of castle slaves are placed on display. Since there are over two hundred forty slaves servicing the castle, each slave was displayed once every twenty days. Also there were two other slaves mounted to the back wall near the dais where Alex's throne was.

At the far end of the throne room was an elevated platform with a gently sloping ramp on the front and sides. The platform was twenty feet deep and thirty feet wide and held one large ornate chair for Alex and several smaller ones. The wall to the rear featured one male and one female that were mounted spread eagle by polished steel collars and leather wrist cuffs.

It was at Alex's insistence that all the slaves on display be gagged in a different manner. He preferred the slaves to wear ball gags, but also thought bit gags were nice in the proper situation. He had even designed several gags, bits and bridles. Several of his designs were in evidence on any given day. For today the following paragraphs describe how the slaves were displayed.

One pair of slaves had their rears injected with a lubricant and placed on poles that were eight inches higher than their rear end. These slaves then had their arms bound behind them and were penis gagged. The female wore bells on the nipple rings and the male wore one on his cock. The shaft was slightly knurled and the slaves found themselves moving around to ease the sensation. However, the sensation grew as the slave moved and caused them to constantly move around the post. To prevent injury from the slave putting their entire weight on the post, a plate was mounted at the ten inch mark to prevent further penetration. As an incentive not to sit on the plate, small steel pins extended from the plate's corners. Should the slave decide to rest their bottoms, they would find a painful result.

The second pair of slaves, male and female, were mounted to a cross in a spread eagle fashion. Similar decorations were in place, but both also wore a black leather blindfold. The gags were one inch blue ball gags.

Third were a pair of slaves on hands and knees with a collar clipped to a ring in the floor and their knees pulled wide by a spreader. Only the collar was attached and no other bonds were present except again for a gag. Each slave here had a one inch dowel pulled between their teeth like a bit.

The fourth method of bondage was a bondage chair. Both slaves were strapped to the chair which separated their legs to place the sex of each slave on display. These slaves wore inflatable gags and the bulb was removed from the one way valve.

The last stages contained slaves in stocks. The stocks were placed at hip height and had a padded bar to lean over behind them. The slaves were bent over the bars and their heads and hands were locked in place. Since the stocks were places at a forty five degree angle toward the right, Most of the slave's body was easily visible. These slaves wore a full ball gag and bit / bridle combination.

Alex walked up the ramp to the throne and took his seat. The throne was decorated in the traditional manner of red velvet upholstery and ornate carvings. Not two minutes after he sat down, Alice and Cindy arrived. Cindy crawled at Alice's right. She wore the steel collar as before, the same eighteen inch wide spreader at her knees and now had a leash attached to her collar, which Alice now held. Alice wore the same manacles and collar. And of course Cindy still wore the two inch red ball gag.

Alice led Cindy up the ramp and presented the leash to Alex. At once she knelt. She placed her hands behind her head in tribute and spread her knees. There was no way she was going to end up wearing a spreader herself. She had worn one quite often enough to know how unpleasant it was to crawl with her knees two feet apart.

Alex told Alice to take a seat on the floor next to him as he pulled Cindy's leash. He guided Cindy before him and had her kneel up. Alex examined Cindy carefully and liked what he saw. Her mouth was stretched impossibly large by the ball and the spreader caused her knees so far apart that he could easily have access to her anytime he wanted. She would learn how to service him properly in due time.

"So, have you learned your lesson, Cindy?"

Cindy was about to grunt out a reply when she remembered that she was taught very early in her training not to talk past the gag. She nodded her head in an exaggerated manner.

"Good, I'll remove the gag then." Alex reached behind Cindy's head and unbuckled the gag. Cindy let out a deep sigh and began to massage her jaw.

"Thank you master. I'm so sorry that I gave you reason to punish me. I'll do better next time. I promise!"

"Good, why don't you take off the spreader then and get some six inch heels and a twelve inch spreader from storage. And get a one inch red ball gag. I'm going to take you over to the hospital to visit the new girl in a little while. Alice, go with her and get a one inch blue ball gag for yourself. Also I need some other items. I've made a list. Please pack them in a black leather bag. He gave the list and Cindy's leash to Alice. The left together.

A short time later the girls returned. Cindy was again on her knees at Alice's side. This time Alice now sported the one inch blue ball gag and Alice was now wearing a red one. Alice carried a black leather bag that looked somewhat like a doctor's bag but was much longer to accommodate some to the toys he had requested. The two girls returned to Alex's throne.

"Did you find everything?" he asked as he made eye contact with Alice. Alice nodded. "Good" now go to my bedroom and do your chores. Return here and sit by the throne when you're done. Cindy and I will return in a little while. Alice turned on her heels and left to clean Alex's bedroom. Cindy looked up at Alex with expectant eyes.

"Let's go shall we?"

Alex made a quick check of the equipment in the bag and gave Cindy's leash a tug. She immediately took a position at Alex's feet and awaited to be led. Alex took Cindy outside to a waiting limo. Just as Alex was about to close the door, Susan came running from the castle.

"Just wanted you to know that everything is set. The funeral will be between two and four tomorrow. You going to see Ally?" she asked.

"Yea, want to come along?"

"No, I can't. Maybe I can make time tomorrow after the funeral. I've got tons of details to sort through."

"Sure, I'll say hello for you," he said.

Alex pulled Cindy into the limo and watch Susan go back to the castle. The limo sped off towards the hospital. Along the drive, Alex petted Cindy's hair and pushed any stray locks from her face. Cindy knelt on the floor as Alex relaxed in the leather seats.

I'm going to let you serve me at the hospital and show Ally how it's done. I guess you heard about her being a virgin. Cindy nodded. I need for you to show extra enthusiasm in front of her when I use you. I'm counting on you. Cindy nodded enthusiastically.


"So, how's my little slave today?" Alex asked as he entered Ally's room.

"Al.... err, Master! God, it's good to see you. Who's that?" Ally pointed to Cindy. Cindy was on hands and knees at Alex's side. Alex held her leash.

"This is Cindy, one of the castle slaves assigned to me. Kneel up Cindy." Alex gave Cindy's leash a sharp tug as Cindy came to a upright kneeling position. Obediently, she placed both hands behind her head as she was taught. Alex dropped the leash and leather bag and went to Ally's side.

Alex now completely ignored Cindy and turned his attention to Ally. Ally on the other hand could not help but notice Cindy's ball gag. She also noticed the bar between her legs and could clearly see Cindy's sex. In fact she was arching her back and giving the impression that she wanted her sex to be clearly seen. Ally realized that she indeed was trying to display herself.

Alex came over to Ally and put his arms around her and gave her a big kiss. "So, did you eat?" he asked.

"Yes master, but it wasn't the best I've ever eaten. That alfalfa is really bad. How can you expect me to eat that stuff? It's horrible!" she pleaded.

"Mix it into the oatmeal. It'll hide the taste. How did you have it, with honey?"

"Yea, It was just tolerable. Why do I have to eat that stuff anyway?"

"We're going to have to keep you soft. Some to the things we're going to do to you demand it."

"Like what?" Ally asked. She could almost guess that something anal was involved, but she had no idea as to how severe it would be.

"We're going to take over you're bowel movement by placing a large tube into you. Then to remove the waste, we're going to hook up a couple hoses and flush you out. You won't be in control when you relieve yourself when you are a ponygirl. I promise that it's completely safe. The tube stays in you all day and night. It's removed once a week to clean out any leakage."

"Um... How big is this tube anyway?" Ally was expecting something scary. She was not disappointed.

"Two and one half inches around and eighteen inches long."

"What! You can't get that in me! Please don't. I didn't expect that!" Ally began to cry.

"Relax honey. All the ponies, both male and female are fitted with this thing. You have to get it. We've used this device on practically every person that has become a slave here. It's perfectly safe and it's not nearly as painful as you think. We use a muscle relaxer and a local anesthetic. You'll just feel like you have to go to the bathroom real bad. It won't be any worse than that, I promise."

"But it's so severe. Why do you have to humiliate me like that? I can move my bowels by myself."

"It's the humiliation that will help make you a better slave. As for moving your bowels, we used to allow our ponies to go along the side of the road or in the stables. But we found that we needed too many slaves to clean up the mess. As the population increased, so did the pony droppings. So now we just take the ponies to a cleaning station and we clean them out. One large hose is attached to remove the stuff and another is attached to flush out the pony's insides with lukewarm water. Then the pony can continue to serve."

"I can't let you do that to me. I'm sorry."

"Are you sure?" asked Alex.

"Yes." Ally's heart was pounding a mile a minute.

"Perhaps you didn't understand the rules when you accepted being my slave. I give the orders and you follow them. Remember, we were going to turn you down, huh! Didn't you beg on hands and knees to go? Even after all that stuff in the basement, and on the yacht, you kept saying you wanted to go on. OK, Cindy, go get a pair of wire cutters."

"What are they for?" asked Ally.

"I'm going to cut off your rings. You're going home."

"NO!" Cindy heard this as she had just turned to leave. Cindy stopped and glanced back at Alex. Alex held up his hand and said, "Wait."

"Now you want to stay?"

"I never wanted to leave. I just don't want that thing in me."

"It's a package deal. Either you take the whole thing or leave. What do you want to do?"

"I can't take that thing in me. It's too big!"

"Cindy, go get..."

"No, OK."

"OK, what?" asked Alex.

"You can put that thing in me. I can't leave the island. There's nothing left for me back home."


"No, but close enough. God that thing scares the hell out of me. Did you have to tell me about it. Couldn't you have hidden it from me until the last minute?"

"That's against company policy. Besides you asked for it."

"I guess I did."

"OK, let's get down to business. The first six months of your stay here will be a very harsh time for you. This is where we test your mettle and your desire to serve to the very limits of human endurance. If you can't survive this training, then you're going home and no amount of pleading will help. Understand?"

"Yes master," said Ally. Ally could only imagine what she would be put through as a pony girl. The idea of having that insert placed in her was still on her mind. What else would she be required to submit to. That was the key word she realized. The key was submission. If she just allowed things to happen, then she would survive. No she would do more than survive. She would be happy.

As Ally pondered these points, Alex retrieved the black bag. He produced a two page summary of what would be done to her for the next few days. Here is a sample of the items on the list.

Monday: Slave arrives on island. Install all rings. Clip tubes.

Tuesday: Introduce slave to super high fiber diet. Verify slave eats a total of eight ounces of raw alfalfa and sixteen ounces of cooked oats. Provide additional fruits and vegetables as necessary to supplement diet. May have four ounces of meat or fish during day. Quantity of high fiber products unlimited. Also, install bit, collar and wrist cuffs at soon as possible. Instruct slave in design and use of bits and bridles. Instruct slave how to eat with bit installed.

Wednesday: Increase quantity of alfalfa to twelve ounces and reduce oats to twelve ounces. Allow slave to eat with hands. This is the last day that slave may do so. Install bells on nipple rings and keep slave's hands bound to collar except during meals. Meals may still contain up to four ounces of fish or meat per day.

Thursday: Grind 4 ounces of meat or fish into meals. Increase alfalfa to sixteen ounces and maintain twelve ounces of oats. No cooked food as of today. Two ounces of crushed peach or two ounces of crushed banana is to be added to each meal along with sufficient water to moisten mixture. Slave will no longer use hands to eat. Slave may not leave any food on dish and must clean dish with tongue.

Friday: Maintain diet proportions. Introduce ball gag bit after 5:00 P.M. Put pony boots on slave and check for fit. Send out for alterations if necessary. Install pony tail. Instruct slave that from this point forward that they are a pony. Introduce pony to stationary pony rack. Leave pony in rack overnight.

Saturday: Install rear insert. Verify proper fit. Verify health of piercings. Diet is to consist of same food but no punishment will be given for failure to clean plate due to possible nausea from procedure. Pony to remain in stationary rack during day. Flush pony out at least once before evening. Pony will be allowed to sleep on belly in evening. Install pony boots. Ball bit and arm sleeve are to be used overnight. Hobble pony by pulling feet to waist.

Sunday: Verify all decorations are proper. Verify health of all wounds and rear insert. Clean pony at least three time during day. Fine grind all food into pony mash. Force pony to eat eight ounces of mash at least three times each day. Force pony to lick plate clean. Use whip or paddle to enforce rules. Use ball bit, arm sleeve and hobble.

Monday: If health is good, discharge pony from hospital. Introduce pony to pony leisure rack and work rack.

Ally read the list and was stunned. Her heart beat even faster. She looked at Alex and was on the verge of crying when Alex put his arms around her. "It'll be OK honey. You'll make a lovely pony. You do want to please me don't you?"

"Yes master," she whimpered. Ally took a deep breath as Alex wiped a tear from her cheek. "I'll be OK. It's just so frightening. I'm having a tough time dealing with it." Ally buried her face in Alex's shoulder.

"You'll be fine. You did OK in the basement just a couple of weeks ago didn't you? You kept saying you wanted to keep going even after we did all that stuff to you, remember?"

"Uh huh."

"We're just adding more controls. It's part of making you into a better servant. And one last thing. You may think it is scary and will be unpleasant, but most people would think that what you went through in the basement was hellish, agreed?"


"But, you had many orgasms during your little march. People don't have orgasms when their not enjoying themselves. I wouldn't doubt that what we're going to do to you will give you a few more."

Ally looked at Alex. "Yea, OK. I can handle it. So, what's next on the list?"

"That's my girl. You have something very special inside, you know that?" said Alex.

"Thank you master," she replied. Ally started to show a little smile.

"Anyhow, the next thing is to fit your bits. I've brought five of them and I want to explain their use."

Alex went over to the bag and retrieved five different bit and bridle combinations. He laid them out on the hospital table. Alex explained, "Each bit consists of a steel rod that is placed between the teeth. These two bits have disks that go between the cheek and gum. This bit has two inch hard rubber disks and this one has one inch disks." Alex then picked up two other bits and continued, "These bits have stars pieces in place of the disk. The stars dig into the cheek better and make the pony more obedient. Also we use them for discipline should the pony misbehave. Both of these, as you can see, are one and a half inches in diameter. This one has the points more rounded than the other and is slightly more comfortable.

Alex then picked up the final bit. "This bit has no disks but as you can see it has a rubber ball mounted on the rod. This will be used quite often, usually when you are put on display or are serving a meal. Also you will in all likelihood sleep with it. We won't be using this until later in the week. Now, I want to install the large disked bit on you as well as your collar and wrist cuffs. Also, there will be no need for you to cover yourself anymore as the initiation has begun. So, why don't you take off your robe.

Ally got off the bed and removed her robe. She carefully folded it and placed it on the chair where she had gotten it earlier that day. Then she returned to face Alex. "I'm scared master. Please be gentle."

"Of course sweetheart." Alex gave Ally a big hug. "Now, down on your knees and hands beside you."

Ally dropped to her knees and waited. Alex took the bit with the two inch disks and placed it in front of Ally's lips. Ally cooperated and opened her mouth as wide as she could.. Alex had to pull her lips to one side to get the disk into her cheek. Eventually, they both fit. He then buckled the strap behind her head, avoiding her hair as best as he could. Then he pulled the chin strap taut. Another strap went across the bridge of the nose. This was tightened as well. There was another strap attached to the bridge of the nose that bisected Ally's forehead before splitting into a 'V' on the top of her head. Alex took both of these straps and attached them to buckles on the main strap that was fastened at the back of her neck. He made a few adjustments to take up some of the slack. Ally's face was well trussed as of this point.

Alex then got the collar. It was the same collar that she had worn into the hospital. It was in the dresser drawer. Alex wrapped the collar around Ally's neck and inserted the screws to hold it fast. Alex repeated the process with her wrist cuffs.

"All finished. You do look lovely. Oh, almost forgot your reins."

Alex retrieved a pair of three foot long leather leashes from the black bag and attached them to rings on the end of Ally's bit. "There we go. Now, I'm going to let Cindy please me. I want you to stay just as you are and watch. And keep your knees apart like they are now so I can see if you get wet.

"Yness nnsstter." Ally grunted.

"No, no, no, honey. Never try and talk past your gag. Nod your head for yes or shake it for no. Understand?" he corrected.

Ally gave a little nod. "No, that's not right either. Cindy, show Ally how to nod." Cindy nodded using most of her upper body to accentuate the motion. "See, tilt your head all the way back and then all the way forward. No little movements for ponies, understand?"

Ally nodded vigorously and tilted her head far back then far forward. "Good, now just stay there and watch."

Alex took Cindy by her leash and led her to a chair in easy view of Ally. He then sat in the chair and removed the gag from Cindy. Alex pointed to his crotch. Cindy unzipped Alex's pants and exposed his six inches of manhood. She could see that it was partially hard and looked up at Alex.

"It's just about ready. Take the position."

Cindy promptly opened her mouth wide and placed her hands behind her neck. Her knees were wide already as she still wore the spreader. Alex grabbed a handful of hair and pulled Cindy forward, impaling her mouth on his sex. Cindy immediately began to massage his cock with her lips and tongue. In and out she moved. She pushed her face closer to his balls and forced herself to deep throat his member. She gagged and pulled back. She then went for another try. Alex allowed her to move at her own pace and just placed his hands on her head for support. Cindy began tasting his pre-cum. Alex came in a rush, but Cindy anticipated the orgasm much better this time and was able to swallow the entire amount.

Alex was enjoying the view that Ally presented. The bit really turned him on. As Cindy began to work, Alex paid particular attention to Ally's inner thighs. When Alex came, he noticed several drops of liquid run down Ally's inner thigh. "So you enjoyed that too!" he yelled at Ally. Ally nodded her head as she was taught. Alex pulled out of Cindy and told her to go to the bathroom and get cleaned up. When Cindy returned, Alex replaced the ball gag.

"Is it my turn yet?" remarked Maggie as she entered with a large flat plate that held Ally's meal. The plate had no bowls to contain the food this time. It was twelve inches in diameter and was made of porcelain coated steel. The plate was dark blue. This was intentional to make it easier to see if the plate was completely licked clean. Maggie moved the bits off the table and placed the plate there. "What do you want me to do with these? How about the drawer?" she asked.

"Yes, that's fine, and if you want to be next come over here," Alex responded.

Maggie put the bits into the drawer and then went over to Alex and knelt in front of her. Ally watched as Maggie placed her hands behind her head and opened her mouth wide, just as Cindy had done earlier. Ally became excited and reached between her legs to finger herself. Alex spotted the movement at once but let her go. She wouldn't be able to do it by tomorrow as he would be binding her hands behind her neck for most of the day.

Watching Ally masturbate really turned Alex on. Along with Maggie sucking away, He had a tremendous orgasm. Maggie couldn't help but let some leak out due to the size of the orgasm. Alex sunk back in his seat. "Nice job. We ought to get together more often."

"I agree. I really like getting together with you, sir."

"Why don't you get yourself cleaned up and we'll show Ally what's expected of her."

Maggie left and returned a short time later. She stood quietly by as Alex explained to Ally what would happen next. "This food is for you obviously. You'll notice there are no utensils of any sort. You may eat from the plate by either licking the food off the plate, or picking the food up with your fingers and stuffing it in your mouth. No, the bit will not be removed. You have to learn to eat with it in place. One last item is that you must not leave any food on the plate. Now dig in."

Ally felt humiliated as she tried to pick the food up with her hand and place it in her mouth. She had some success and got most of the food down. It didn't taste any better than before though. Eventually the plate was almost cleaned with only a thin layer of oats and alfalfa left. The honey was holding most of it to the plate. "Finish it!" directed Maggie, "Lick it all up. You are not to leave even one grain of food."

Ally picked up the plate and licked all that remained. She carefully inspected the plate and licked some more. Then she handed the plate to Maggie. "Good girl. You're learning nicely. I'll take this out then. Sir, do you need me anymore?"

"No, we'll be fine. Thanks Maggie." Maggie left.

"Ally, I'll be leaving now, but I want to give you a few more things to think about. You are not to remove the bit for any reason. Maggie will replace the bit as she sees fit and will tell me if you try and talk past it. If you do, I promise to use a star bit on you. One day this week, you'll wear the soft star bit, just to give you a feel for it. Feel free to use the bathroom or do whatever you want. But don't leave the room unless someone takes you out by your reins. Remember, you are going to eat with the bit in your mouth from now on. Understand all that?"

Ally started to make a noise then remembered. She shook her head up and down to acknowledge Alex's question. Alex picked up Cindy's leash and left.

Ally picked up the summary of events again and began to read. At first she was quite afraid of the listed events that were scheduled for her. She could certainly learn to eat through the bit, but the thought of having that thing put into her rear end was very upsetting. Ally knew if she balked, she would never see Alex again. She also realized that the things that they had already done to her were much safer than they appeared to be. Most importantly, Ally realized that each time they 'mistreated' her, she enjoyed it. The fact of the matter was that she had an orgasm any time they put her through a scene.

As Ally read the paper, Ally unconsciously began to get aroused. When she had put the paper down, she realized that her nipples were hard and she was on the verge of another orgasm. Ally reached down and started to massage her nether lips. She used her forefinger and began to rub her clit. Suddenly she flopped back on the bed and wen into a wild orgasm.

"Well done! What do you do for an encore?" said Maggie. Maggie had caught the last few minutes of Ally's performance. Ally sat on the bed with her face red in embarrassment. She never saw Maggie at the door and wondered how much she had seen.

"Relax honey. I've seen many girls before you get themselves off. I even do it myself once in a while. The activity is quite rewarding. I just came in to check on you. Sit up please."

Maggie checked all the rings and found no problems with the wounds. She took a tube of anti-bacterial salve and applied it to each piercing. "Turn over so I can get at the back rings," she ordered. Maggie applied salve to the ring at the base of Ally's spine and then spread her cheeks. The small rings were healing much better than expected. She applied salve to these as well, but thought that these were already healed enough to prevent infection.

"Go take a shower, Ally. The bathroom is fully equipped. All your rings are looking good. I don't see any sign of infection. Ring the buzzer when you're done," Maggie commanded.

Ally nodded her head as she was taught and headed to the shower. In the meantime, Maggie took the robe from the chair and removed the covers from the bed. Ally would not be allowed to cover herself with any sheets. Then she left.

A short time later Ally emerged from the shower. She couldn't help but notice that the robe and bed cover was gone. She rang the buzzer. Maggie entered a minute or so later.

"I suppose you noticed that you have nothing to cover yourself with. That's intentional, of course. You won't be allowed to cover yourself from here on. Didn't you use the hair dryer?" Maggie had noticed that Ally's hair was quite damp.

Ally shook her head.

"Come with me." Maggie led Ally back into the bathroom. Ally had noticed the hair dryer before but didn't use it for some unknown reason. Maggie promptly picked up the dryer and handed it to her. "Now, I want you to dry that hair thoroughly. I don't want to see you get sick from damp hair, right?" Ally nodded. I'll wait in the bedroom for you.

Ally again emerged from the bathroom, this time however, with dry hair. She immediately went to Maggie, who was sitting on the edge of the bed.

"Have you used the bathroom yet? That fiber should be doing its work by now."

Ally nodded.

"Good, I sort of goofed by the way. I should have applied the salve after you showered. I need to put more on the wounds."

Maggie applied more salve to each ring and again inspected for infection. Every thing looked good. Then she took another gob of salve and applied it to the rings on Ally's ass. She was under orders to keep these rings well saturated with the healing cream so they would be ready for Saturday. Maggie didn't think that would be a problem.

"Do any of the rings hurt more than any others?" Maggie asked.

Ally shook her head.

"Good. I'll be back in a little while to give you your dinner. Try and get some rest."

After Maggie left, Ally went back into the bathroom and examined herself with the full length mirror she had found mounted to the wall. The picture presented to her looked like something out of a third rate porno movie. No, more like a first rate porno movie! She chuckled behind the gag. After a few more minutes of playing with the bit and the reins, she returned to the bed and nodded off.


"So, how's she doing?" asked Susan. Susan was wearing her training uniform now and was about ready to give a few slaves a lesson or two. She wore knee length boots with five inch heels, A black leather miniskirt and a white blouse with a black leather vest. She wore a belt with a riding crop hooked to the side.

"She's fine. She was pretty upset when I told her about the insert, but that's normal. She said she wouldn't let us install it. I ended that argument when I told her I'd send her home. She'll allow us to put it in her," Alex said.

"Good, funny thing is that I think the girls are more likely to accept that thing than the men. We've rejected a lot more men for refusing to take the insert than women."

"That's probably because men are much more homophobic by nature. Stuffing things up the ass reminds them too much of homosexual activity. That intrudes too much on their idea of masculinity. Of course, that's one of the reasons we decided to use the insert in the first place. We wanted to test the subject to see how far they would allow us to push them. If they can take the insert, then they can take anything."

"You have a point, sir. Anyway, to change the subject, everything is ready for tomorrow. I'll need you here by 1:00 P.M. to set up the final details. Do you have any idea how long the eulogy will take? I need to schedule the events."

"It shouldn't take more than fifteen minutes, thirty tops."

"Fine. Oh, I would really like to see Ally eat her dinner tomorrow. I want to verify that she's eating correctly. Besides, she hasn't felt the crop since the voyage and I want to make sure she doesn't get soft."

"Good idea. I'll see her in the morning and you can see her that night. Are you going to help me put her rear in?"

"Wouldn't miss it for the world."

"Hey, I'm beat. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Good night, Alex."


Part 6