Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 6

Part 6 Schedule of Events (part 2)

Ally was lying in bed trying to get used to the bit when Maggie appeared with her dinner. Again, Maggie watched carefully as Ally began stuffing the food into her mouth. She finally realized that the best way to eat was to push the food into a large pile and pick it up with her tongue. Ally also made sure the alfalfa, of which there was an even larger portion than before, was well mixed with the other ingredients. She covered it with the applesause and oatmeal and shoved it into her mouth. The plate was almost clean when she set it down.

"Lick it clean, Ally. You know better."

Ally looked at Maggie and saw that she was dead serious. Ally suddenly feared Maggie and picked up the plate and licked it clean.

"If I see you leave any food on the plate again, I'll put the star bit in. Got it?" she warned.

Ally nodded vigorously. The disks in her cheeks were sore enough. She certainly didn't want anything like those stars in her mouth, even if they were only rubber. The way she was being warned was sufficient reason to believe that they were the least comfortable of the lot. Ally decided to make certain that she cleaned her plate thoroughly.

"That's the last official meal for the day, but you can have more food later if you're hungry," Maggie said, "I'm going to put the small disk bit in now so you'll be more comfortable. I need you to get on your knees."

It would be best to further describe the bit that Ally wore as I have been lax in the complete description of this item. The bits designed for the pony slaves are much different than any previously used in bondage games. Most bits use a bar that goes straight across the mouth with little or no bends involved. Some are hinged in the center, but again extend straight across the mouth. The bit that Ally and most all other ponies wore is very different. The bit is 'U' shaped, and has two right angle bends at each end. There is a bar that goes across the tongue, but fits completely inside the mouth. The bar is then bent at a ninety degree angle and extends forward for approximately one inch. Then the bar is bent back ninety degrees to extend out the sides of the mouth as a normal bit would. The disks as described earlier attach to the bar that is well back in the mouth. In this way, the disks or stars can be fully concealed inside the cheek of the pony. The disks are made of rubber and are fairly comfortable until the owner starts to use the reins. If the pony complies with the pulling of the reins, there is no problem. But if the pony fights the reins, then the disks become quite uncomfortable. The disks make controlling the ponies much easier.

Ally complied and got off the bed and onto her knees. "When I remove the bit, keep your mouth wide open so I can put the other one in. It's part of showing your submission to being bitted." Maggie unfastened the strap behind her neck and the two straps going to the top of her head. Just before removing the bit, she reminded Ally to keep her mouth open. Ally opened her mouth wide and allowed Maggie to remove the old bit and replace it with the new one. The disks slid into her mouth much easier of course. Maggie then adjusted the straps as Alex had done earlier and Ally was again properly harnessed.

Ally felt more comfortable with the smaller disks inside her cheeks. She massaged her jaw a little to work some circulation back into her mouth. Maggie helped. "That stiffness will disappear with time as you get more used to the bit. OK, I'm done with you. Stay in your room. If you need anything just ring the bell. You're going to find that you'll need the bathroom more and more as the days go on. That's perfectly normal. Fiber will do that. Oh, I have to replace your reins."

Maggie removed the reins from the old bit and installed them on the one Ally was now wearing. "There you go. Try not to stay up too long. If you're wondering, tomorrow is a light day for you. What's on the schedule isn't too heavy. Also, the entire island will be at the funeral. I'm certain that Alex and Susan will have a large part in it. They're even going to have a parade. You can watch from the window as it passes. It's going to be a New Orleans style march. Should be interesting. I'll check in on you later, OK?"

Ally nodded forcefully.

"See ya."

Ally went to the window and could see all forms of life below. She saw men and women being led by leashes. Some were crawling, most were marching. Some were strapped to a strange framework so their upper body was forced into a horizontal position. Being on the second floor, which was actually the third floor above ground level, she could hardly make out any detail. She watched intently for several minutes before going to the bed once more. She picked up the summary again.

Wednesday: Increase quantity of alfalfa to twelve ounces and reduce oats to twelve ounces. Allow slave to eat with hands. This is the last day that slave may do so. Install bells on nipple rings and keep slave's hands bound to collar except during meals. Meals may still contain up to four ounces of fish or meat per day.

"Tomorrow didn't look too bad at all," she thought.

Ally hit the sack around 10:00 P.M..


Alex awoke the next morning with Cindy and Alice at his side. He had finally decided to allow Cindy to remove the spreader. He was certain she had learned her lesson. He glanced at the clock. It was now 8:00 A.M. and Alex wanted to be at the hospital for Ally's breakfast. He nudged the girls and greeted them good morning.

"Get my things," he ordered the girls.

Both Alice and Cindy immediately hopped out of bed and began to collect the necessary items.

"What outfit will master be wearing?" Alice asked.

"Dress black leather," Alex responded.

"Yes master, as you wish."

Alice collected the clothes that Alex had requested. Alice, having been in her master's service for some time, knew exactly what each outfit required. Alex had ordered 'Dress black leather' which meant black leather pants, black cowboy boots with silver trim, a white silk shirt and a black leather vest.

As Alice collected the clothes, Alex used the bathroom and got cleaned up. He took a quick shower and quickly shaved. He was in a bit of a hurry. He wanted to be ready for Ally.

When he returned, Alice helped him dress. The pants were tight but he squeezed into them. Alex hadn't worn these clothes for several months and they had gotten a bit stiff. This only enhanced his large frame. The vest was left unbuttoned. The shoes were very comfortable, as well they should be. They cost him over five hundred dollars.

"Get me these items," Alex said to Cindy. He handed a list of gadgets to Cindy. She immediately left.

"While she's gone, I think you can service me." Alex pointed to his crotch.

Alice squealed with glee as she took a kneeling position with hands behind her neck. Alice opened her mouth wide. Alex promptly unzipped his pants and proceeded to drive his cock into Alice's open mouth. Alex grabbed her hair and guided her head back and forth. Alice caressed his member with her lips and used her tongue to massage the underside of his cock. Alex continued to stiffen. Finally he came in a rush. "Oh yes!" he shouted as he grabbed two handfuls of Alice's hair. Alice continued to work him. Alex finally slackened and released her.

"Thank you master," she said, " I was looking forward to that for some time."

"You are quite welcome, sweetheart," Alex replied.

Cindy returned with a black bag containing the items requested. In the bag were a riding crop and a pair of bells. Also there were two clips for attaching Ally's rings together. "Will master be taking us?" Cindy asked.

"No sweetheart. I'm going alone. I can't stay long. The funeral is today. When I come back, I'll tell you how I want you girls decorated."

"Yes master," Cindy replied.


Alex entered Ally's room without knocking and found her asleep on her side. He gently nudged her "Mmmm," she said as she opened her eyes.

"Good morning. Sleep well?" Alex asked.

Ally gave a little shake of the head. "No, no, you aren't doing it right. Give me a good shake of the head," Alex corrected.

Ally, still in a daze, shook her head fiercely to please Alex. "Much better. That's your final warning. From now on, you get punished if you don't give me a good head movement. Understand?"

Ally nodded with a full backward and forward motion of her head.

"Good. Maggie will be bringing breakfast shortly but first I want to examine your piercings. Stand up please."

Ally stood as Alex took hold of her nipple rings and examined the wounds. They were almost completely healed. Alex bent down to examine the rings at the top and bottom of Ally's sex. "These are in excellent shape," he said. "Turn around please."

Ally turned around and allowed Alex who was still on his knees to examine the rings in her ass. All these rings were completely healed. The salve was doing its work as expected. "These are fine too," he said, "You shouldn't have any problem with infection. The tissue is firm and there is no sign of redness or irritation of any sort. Do you feel any pain from the piercings?"

Ally shook her head as taught.

"Good, then let's put your bells on."

Alex went to the bag and took out the bells. "Come here Ally." Alex attached two gold bells to her nipple rings. "You'll wear these at all times except when required to lay face down. I also need to put these quick release rings on your collar. When you're done eating, we'll attach your wrists to them. From this point on you won't have any use of your hands unless you need them to eat. Tomorrow, you won't be allowed to use your hands at all. You'll eat without the use of your hands. That will be difficult to learn, but we will help you."

Alex put his arms around Ally and whispered in her ear, "You really turn me on, sweetheart. I truly love this outfit. By Sunday, I won't be able to control myself in your presence. Alex kissed her on the cheek and pressed her face into his shoulder. Ally melted in his grasp and moaned softly. Ally pressed her bell decorated breasts into his chest and rubbed them lightly. She could barely hear the muffled sound of the bells ringing. Ally was turned on as well. Her breathing became deeper and ever so much faster. Alex ran his hands along Ally's back and shoulders. He traced the straps that held her bit in place. He ran his fingers across her lips then kissed her parted lips, sucking on each lip and pressing his tongue into her mouth. His was met by her tongue as it snaked it's way under the bit that held the base of it down. "I love you," he said.

Ally pressed the side of her face into his shoulder once more. Oh how she loved this man. Oh how she felt safe in his arms. Oh how she wanted to please him with her obedience.

"Sorry, to break this up, but it's feeding time," Maggie said as she opened the door.

"OK Ally, time for your breakfast. This time we're going to have you eat on all fours. So get on your hands and knees, please."

Ally looked at Alex. Alex nodded. Maggie set the plate down on the floor in front of her. "You can still use your hands but I want you to try and avoid that. Tomorrow, you'll be punished for using your hands. Go ahead. Get it all down," commanded Maggie.

Ally began by taking her fingers and mixing the food together. There was even more alfalfa than before, and what looked like some diced ham in the mixture. Ally put her hands on the floor and leaned forward. She stuck her tongue out and tried to pick up the food. It was slow going when suddenly Whack! She felt a sharp pain on her backside. Alex had taken the riding crop from the bag and given Ally a good wallop.

"MMMM!" she moaned.

"Get back to business! You're not eating fast enough," complained Alex. Whack! Another slash across Ally's rump. Ally put her head down and started eating faster. "We don't want you to get soft and think we have all day to watch you eat." Whack, another blow. Ally took to eating in earnest. Her tongue darted from between her lips as fast as she could pick up the mush. She pressed her face into the mixture to use her lips. This was what Alex wanted. He wanted Ally to learn that her lips were still usable even with the bit installed. Finally, Ally had cleaned the plate thoroughly, with the encouragement of a few more blows to her posterior.

"Kneel up, honey," Alex commanded, "Put your hands behind your head."

Ally did as instructed. Alex connected the clips to Ally's wrists. Her wrists were now attached to her collar and she would remain like this until someone released her. She could not reach the clips with her hands. "You'll stay like this until your next meal. Oh, and Susan wants to see you eat your last meal today. Use your lunch to get a better feel for eating without your hands. Susan will not tolerate that slow eating habit you displayed. Learn to eat fast. Otherwise, you'll feel the crop."

Ally nodded heavily. Alex gave her permission to stand and escorted her to the bed. Maggie left for a moment and returned with a basin and a wash cloth. Maggie would bathe her this time. No shower for Ally this day.

After Alex left, Maggie gave Ally a sponge bath. The sponge felt wonderful against her skin. Maggie was quite thorough and proceeded to clean every part of Ally's body. When she was finished with her body, she grabbed the reins and made her stand. Maggie led Ally into the bathroom. "I'm going to undo your bit straps, but I'm not going to remove your bit. Hold it between your teeth. I have to wash your hair."

After Ally nodded, Maggie undid all the buckles on Ally's bridle and let them hang. She then pulled a stool over to the sink and leaned Ally's head backwards over the edge of the vanity. She proceeded to wash Ally's hair and blow dry it meticulously. Finally, Maggie buckled Ally's straps once more and led her back to bed.

"Try and rest. I'll be back in a couple hours with lunch," said Maggie as she opened the door. Maggie left. Ally laid on her back and stared at the ceiling before dozing back to sleep.


"OK, let's see. I want both of you in leather corsets, leather hip boots with six inch heels and ball bridles. Cindy, you wear red; Alice, you wear blue. Ball gags are inch and a half. Now go the slave hall and relay my orders to your grooms," commanded Alex. Both girls immediately said "Yes master" and left the main hall.

Alex went to a large room where Susan was setting up the parade. "Is everything set?" he asked.

"Almost, do you have your speech ready?" she asked.

"It's as ready as it's gonna get. I've got a little problem. Maybe you can help."

"Sure, what do you need?" asked Susan.

"A name for Ally," he replied.

"Oh yea, I almost forgot. I've got a few ideas. Let me think about it. Right now I've got things to do. Maybe I'll have one by tonight. We need one by Friday, right?" she asked.

"Yea, that's when she gets her tail and we step up the discipline," Alex said.

"OK, I'll think about it. What time is it?" she asked.

"One thirty, he replied."

"Good, we're right on schedule."

"I'll meet you at 2:00," he said.

Alex wandered off and went back to his bedroom. He combed his hair and performed some last minute grooming of his clothes and appearance before heading out. He was really killing time.

Alex went to the staging area where he met Felix, who was lining all the participants up for the parade. Also there were Cindy and Alice who were nicely trussed up in hip length leather boots with six inch heels, a tight leather corset with many rings hanging all over, and a large ball bit with several straps going around the head of each girl. Attached to the top of the bridle was a foot long white plume of feathers. Cindy wore all red and Alice wore all blue. They looked marvelous. Each girl had her arms trussed behind her back and wore a long white pony tail that hung from a dildo that was inserted into each girl's ass. Finally, their eight foot long reins were attached to the rear of an ornately carved coach. The coach was actually motorized to assist the ponies that would appear to pull it. The ponies would only provide steering in reality. The coach was "pulled" by twelve pony slaves, two females at the front, eight in the middle and two at the rear. They were mounted in special frames in pairs that forced them to bend over at the waist. Each wore a gold tinted tail. Alex could not help but think of Ally, who would soon be in the same horizontal position in a couple of days.

Many other bondage and discipline scenes were played out in the parade. Some owners had their slaves play instruments while partially shackled. Some were force to march with knees lifted high. Some wore the traditional sex and anus plugs that Ally had worn upon arrival. All the slaves were gagged except those playing wind and horn instruments.


Ally awoke to the sound of a New Orleans dirge. The music was slow, deliberate and loud. She rolled herself off the bed and went to the window. In the distance she could see a large parade moving toward a grove of palm trees in the distance. The band was huge, at least two hundred musicians. All totaled, there had to be one thousand people along the route or in the parade. Near the center of the mass of humanity she could just make out a large coach that was being pulled by people in the same frames that she had seen earlier. Still she could not make out any details due to the distance.

After watching for a while, she heard a loudspeaker in the distance. It sounded like Alex. Yes, it was Alex. He was giving some sort of speech, probably the eulogy. "He must be going through hell," she thought.

Her bowels suddenly started complaining. She went to the bathroom and relieved herself. Since her hands were attached to the collar, she couldn't wipe her behind. This upset her. She had to flush the toilet with her elbow.

When she returned to the bedroom, Maggie was waiting with lunch. Ally turned her ass towards Maggie in an attempt to complain about her unclean rear.

"Yes, let me get that for you." Maggie grabbed Ally's reins and led her into the bathroom where she took some tissues and cleaned her.

When she returned, Maggie unhooked Ally's hands and pointed to the floor. Ally got onto all fours and Maggie picked up the riding crop that Alex had thoughtfully left. Ally saw the crop in her hand when she placed the food in front of her. As soon as Maggie stood, she gave Ally a wallop. Whack!

"MMMMM," Ally moaned.

"Get to work and be quick about it," ordered Maggie.

Ally pressed her face into the mess and started swallowing the food as quick as she could. Maggie continued to give her whacks with the crop as she continued to eat. "Faster, sweetheart, I haven't got all day!" complained Maggie as she gave her another smack. Ally finally got down to the last bits of food. She began to lick the plate. When Ally had stopped to examine the plate, Maggie gave her another shot.

"Keep licking until I say to stop. From now on, you keep licking the plate until someone tells you otherwise. As far as you're concerned, the plate has food on it until someone says it doesn't."

Ally felt another sting of pain on her rear and got the message. She went back to licking. After a few minutes, Maggie told her to stop.

"Very good sweetheart. That's another lesson for you. Now, kneel up so I can reconnect your wrists."

Ally pulled herself upright and placed her hands behind her neck. Maggie reattached the clips that would hold her hands in the proper position. Maggie helped her to her feet.

"Did you see the parade?" Maggie asked.

As Ally was nodding her response, the band could be heard starting a loud jazz piece. Ally and Maggie both recognized it as "When The Saints Go Marching In." Ally and Maggie went to the window. Again Ally could see the huge thong of people. "Wow!" Maggie said, "Look at all those people. I bet just about everyone on the island is there."

Ally watched intently. She listened to the music. It was bright and upbeat. She remembered back to her school days. She remembered her geography classes and the lessons on New Orleans. The funerals were very interesting. A funeral march was played on the way to the grave. They bury their sorrow with the casket. They played upbeat jazz on the return from the funeral to raise everyone's spirits and to celebrate the deceased's passing on to a better life. "How very strange. How very wonderful," she thought.


Alex was now back in his bedroom changing into some more casual clothes. He now wore a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He had already showered. He left the two girls, Alice and Cindy in their bondage outfits until he was finished dressing.

Susan arrived just as Alex was dismissing the girls. "I think I've got a name for you. What do you thing about 'Royal Beauty' as her new name?" Susan asked.

"I was thinking more along the lines of 'Proud Lady' or 'Lady Thunderhooves'. And I wasn't particularly happy with those either," responded Alex.

"I've got it! We can call her 'Precious Beauty'. Then her nickname would be either 'Precious' or 'Beauty'. Also, she'll be reminded of those Anne Rice books every time she hears herself called 'Beauty'. It will make her relate better to her new position in life. It may increase her understanding of what is happening to her. What do you think?"

"I love it! Make the necessary arrangements for her collars, the sign on her stall, etc. We need the collar by Friday and the sign by Monday. On another subject, when is that meeting tomorrow?" asked Alex.

"10:00 A.M. I almost forgot myself. That shouldn't take long, but I will need to make some arrangements in the kennels if they accept. You'll have to attend to Ally alone during lunch."

"That should be no problem. There really isn't much that needs to be done until Friday. That's when we put her in the frame. We've pretty much got her eating correctly now. The only obstacle tomorrow really is that the food will be uncooked. She may balk at that. I may need to give her a little incentive with the crop," Alex explained.

"When are you going to use the star bit? She has to taste both stars sometime."

"Yes, I know," Alex said. Alex thought for a moment. "What do you think about making her eat with the soft star tomorrow morning. I'll then put the hard star bit in after lunch. Maggie can remove it before dinner. I don't want the hard star used any longer than necessary now. Her cheeks are too soft. After the disks have toughened the tissue on the inside of her mouth, then we'll use the star a little more often."

"I like it. I'll go and make the arrangements for her new name. Give me an hour and meet me out front. We'll go and see her together," Alex said.

"No, you go by yourself this time. I have a few minor details to attend to. I have to check on the facilities and a few of those 'business' things. It's part of the job. Besides, you'll enjoy it more if you have her all to yourself. But remember the deal, no sex for her. I get first crack."

"I know. I wouldn't deprive you of that bit of fun. I'll be patient. I've got plenty of substitutes, both male and female to distract me. Besides, I know I'll eventually get a crack at her."

"Yea, you will. See ya."


An hour later, Susan had finished the preparations for the new collar, name plate for the stall, along with a bit of paperwork and some minor details such as providing the stables with the new pony's name so it could be added to the racing form. She called the hospital and found when Ally would have her final meal of the day.

Susan arrived at 6:00 P.M. Maggie had held up dinner some twenty minutes so that Susan could watch Ally eat. After chatting with Maggie for several minutes and getting a feel for how Ally was doing, they both entered Ally's room.

Ally had just come from the bathroom and again turned around. "One moment, Susan. I'll be right back," said Maggie. Maggie took Ally's reins and pulled her into the bathroom. After being cleaned, Ally was again led out into the bedroom.

"Hello sweetheart. Feeling well?" Susan asked.

Ally nodded fiercely.

"Wonderful my dear. I'll be keeping an eye on you while you eat. Why don't you get on your knees and I'll detach your cuffs."

Ally walked over to Susan and knelt in front of her. Susan had to use all her control to keep from grabbing Ally's head and ramming it into her crotch. She could feel a tremendous urge building inside. Both Ally and Maggie sensed this almost immediately.

Susan unhooked Ally's cuffs and pointed to the ground. Ally immediately dropped to all fours. Susan then took a crop that was attached to her belt and gave Ally a whack.

"MMMMMM," Ally complained.

"We're going to start another lesson today. From now on, you only are permitted to make sounds like a horse. When you nod or shake your head, I want to hear you whinny. In fact any sound you make has to be a horse sound. Understand?" Susan smiled. She waited for Ally's response.

Ally nodded and made a neighing and whinnying sound.

"Much better!" Susan exclaimed.

Ally neighed again and nodded her head. Susan gave her another whack.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," came from Ally's mouth.

"Good. Now, Maggie, let's have the food."

Maggie obediently placed the plate of mixed mush in front of Ally. The mixture was not combined very well. Several ounces of boiled cod were flaked and mixed into the food.

Whack! "Begin," ordered Susan as she gave Ally a firm swat on the rump. Ally immediately pressed her face into the mush and began eating as fast as she could. Whack! "Keep it up honey. You're doing fine," Susan remarked.

Eventually the food was all gone, not without a few more reminders and swats from Susan to keep up the pace. The swats were not hard so Ally knew it was just to keep her attention focused. Ally continued to lick the plate. Susan engaged Maggie in some idle chatter and for the most part ignored Ally, except for an occasional swat to keep her attention.

"Stop!" ordered Susan.

Ally stopped licking the plate and lifted her head slightly. Susan grabbed her reins and handed them to Maggie. "You did good honey. I'll see you on Friday. Be good!" Susan said with a big smile.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," came from Ally's mouth as she nodded her head.

"Why don't you go and kiss her boots, Ally?" Maggie said.

Ally looked at Maggie and with eyes wide and mouth smiling behind the bit, she went to Susan and pressed her lips to Susan's boots. "She's truly remarkable," said Susan, "Put the large disks in her after you clean her up. I'll see ya."

Ally didn't think much of that last order but didn't have any choice in the matter. Maggie promptly hooked Ally's wrists to her collar and bathed Ally as before. Maggie put the large disk bridle back in. Ally didn't like it at all.


"So, what do you think. Is she OK?" asked Alex.

"She's better than OK, she's fantastic. Maggie suggested that she kiss my boots and she hardly hesitated. Oh, and I started having her make horse sounds. You going to see her in the morning?" Susan asked.

"Yea, I've got to do it early. We've got Tanya and Krystal to attend to. That should be a bit interesting," replied Alex.

"I agree. It will be interesting. I'll see you at the meeting. I'm going to be too busy tomorrow with those girls to visit Ally. You'll have to take care of her. I fully intend to spend a lot of time with her on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Of course, you are already set to be with her those days."

"Yes, I've cleared my schedule for those days. I may even sleep at the hospital. Do you think I should take Alice and Cindy? They might come in handy if things get exciting. They could even service you if you need it."

"Frankly, I'd rather have you service me." Susan gave Alex an evil grin. "Bring them along though. We can always use a bit more entertainment."

"No problem. Anything else you need?" asked Alex.

"Yea, sleep with me."

"OK, I'm reasonable," Alex said. They both laughed hysterically before retiring to Alex's bedroom.

Cindy and Alice were at the foot of Alex's bed as before. Again they were naked except for polished steel wrist and ankle cuffs and collars. Susan looked at them and said one word, "Out!" With this the two girls dropped to hands and knees and scurried out of the bedroom. Alex and Susan were alone. Susan closed and locked the doors.

"I want you, my love. Take me to places I've never been," Susan begged.

"I've got a new idea I'd like to try."

"Really? What is it?" Susan asked. She was tremendously curious. Alex was usually somewhat lacking in the new idea department. But when he came up with something new, it was usually a winner. Susan was rarely on the receiving end of these ideas as they were usually reserved for the slaves.

"I call it imaginary bondage. I'm not going to use any restraints. But you will believe and act as you are bound in the manner that I will describe. It's something like hypnosis only you will be in complete control of your senses throughout the entire scene."

"Oh, I love it. Do it to me my love," Susan said.

"Very well, we are now in scene. You will do exactly as I say. Understand?"

"Yes master."

"Remove all your clothes except your boots."

Susan proceeded to remove all her clothes and toss them onto a nearby chair. Before long she was standing only in her six inch high heel boots. Alex rejoiced in the sight of this exquisite specimen of female beauty that was before him. He continued the scene.

"Now, open your mouth wide. Imagine that a large ball has been placed between your lips and is now wedged deeply in your mouth. You are unable to close your mouth at all."

Susan opened her mouth wide and held it like that.

"Good, now close your eyes. A blindfold has now been placed over your eyes. You cannot see anything. Now place your hands behind your back. I have place a pair of handcuffs on you. Interlace your fingers and keep them that way until I remove the handcuffs."

Susan now stood with mouth agape, eyes closed and hands clasped behind her. She was beginning to get very hot and very wet. Alex could see small beads of perspiration on her forehead. He continued.

"I am now putting a very high collar around your neck. Lift your chin as high as you can. That's very good. Open your mouth a bit more. Good. Now, I have placed a dildo into your crotch and turned on a vibrator. Feel the pulses."

Susan began to shake. She moaned loudly as she was brought to an orgasm. It was the most amazing orgasm she ever had, especially considering that no one had touched her physically. Alex had done it merely with suggestions. She could feel the ball in her mouth, even though it was in fact empty. She felt the dildo between her legs and in fact there was nothing there except her own moisture. She continued to moan. She continued to shake. Finally Alex grabbed her and said the scene was over. He took her to bed and made love in a very simple, very wonderful way. Susan was in ecstacy the entire night and they had done nothing at all in the bondage or discipline arena. Straight sex was never so wonderful for her.


The alarm rang at 6:00 A.M. Susan awoke first. She gave Alex a little nudge.

"Wake up lover. You've got a date with your little pony girl," whispered Susan.

"Uh, yea, let me wake up first," Alex said in a half daze. Alex dragged himself out of bed and headed to the showers. Susan followed him.

"Mind if I join you?" Susan asked.

"Sure, but let's not take too much time. I want to be at the hospital by seven."

Susan stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. The hot water felt delicious. Susan picked up the soap and loofah and slowly ran the sponge all over her body. Alex came to attention in more ways than one as he watched Susan draw the sponge over her ample breasts.

Susan looked at Alex and noticed his problem. "I can take care of that for you if you'd like."

"I'd like!" replied Alex. Alex was fully aroused.

Susan dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around his cock as she gently cupped his balls. In and out, she caressed his manhood as she used her tongue to lick the tip when she ended each stroke. She worked his member deeper and deeper. Susan used her ample experience and brought her master and lover to a tremendous orgasm. Not one drop leaked from her lips for she knew exactly when his orgasm would come.

"Oh, that was wonderful. God, how I needed that!" exclaimed Alex.

"Me too!" said Susan.

They finished their shower in short time. After getting dressed, Alex offered to take Susan to the hospital to assist with Ally. She declined as she had the meeting to arrange. Alex then placed a call to the slave pool and had them send Cindy and Alice to clean the bath and bedroom. They arrived a short time later and went immediately to the task at hand. Alex headed to the hospital after calling to verify that Ally would be ready. Before leaving, he went to the supply department and picked up a leather arm sleeve, for Ally of course. It would be another addition to her decorations.

Part 7