Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 2

Part 2 The Fitting

Ally sits there at the large table and takes a deep breath. How much time has passed during this inquisition? She has lost all sense of time. It is then that she notices a wall clock above the double doors. 4 PM, she realizes she's been here for three hours. Where did all the time go! The saying "Time flies when your having fun." , came to her mind. Was that what this was, fun? Perhaps, for even after all the arguing, pleading, and crying that she had gone through she felt quite good now. She had conquered the situation. But most importantly she would be loved. Her future master and mistress would care for her and she would accept all that they did to her. She could see the love in their faces and hear the love in their voice. She fully comprehended now that they would know what she needed. They would show her the way. She was ready.

Alex spoke. "Ally, before we begin, do you have any questions? I don't want you to have any unanswered questions before we begin the next step."

Ally thought for a moment.

Alex continued, "Do you have any fears or concerns about what will happen to you, about anything at all?"

Ally pondered what kind of risk would be involved. "What about pregnancy? I don't want to get pregnant.", she said with a bit of concern.

"Good question. First, there is a fully equipped medical center on the island with facilities to handle just about any emergency So all the medical procedures that are performed are safe. Our doctors have developed a special surgical clip that they can attach to the tubes inside. All women get this done to them. The clip can be removed by a similar procedure and full function can be restored. A similar clip is installed on the male testicle creating a temporary vasectomy. The surgeon uses orthoscopic surgery techniques so there's little if any scaring. Can you accept this? This is an important point. I must have missed it in my notes. "

"Good", Ally said, "I was worried about that."

"Sir, You forgot something! She needs to be examined before the trip!", said Susan.

"She's a virgin. Sorry Ally. I was going to skip the doctor visit. I think she's safe.", Alex said to Susan.

"You can't do that sir. What if she has something other than STD? There are many more ailments that could be contagious. You can't take the chance of an epidemic. We're not equipped for it.", said Susan with concern.

"Damn, your right. I wonder if we could get her in today."

"The cultures and lab tests take three days, and it's already Thursday.", said Susan.

"Ahh.... Nuts! We aren't going to be able to do it this weekend, are we. Damn!", said Alex with disgust.

Ally looked astonished. "You mean the trip is off? Nooooo.... Please."

Alex gently grabbed her left wrist and looked in her eyes. "Calm down Ally. We're only going to delay it a week to give the lab a chance to do the tests. You'll still go."

"But I don't want to wait. I need this now. Please."

"Ally", said Susan as she reached across the table and patted Ally's other wrist, "we can't take the chance. There's a tremendous amount of body contact on the island. Suppose you have some dormant or undetected contagious disease. There's two thousand people on that island. Do you want to be responsible for starting an epidemic? Ally, you have to accept the fact that we have very good reasons for doing this."

"OK, I guess I can handle one week more. But it will be rough. Your right. Without an exam, you could never be sure, could you?", Ally said with resignation.

"Good. Any more questions?", Alex said.

"You said that you were going to put things in me. Ah, how do I put this...."

"Are you worried about the sensation, or if it will hurt?", volunteered Susan.

"Will it?"

"A bit, but it passes. I'm plugged now. You don't see me squirming or grimacing in pain do you?", said Susan.

'You are? I couldn't tell. Well then what about ah..."

"What Ally?", said Susan, "Spit it out."

"Ah... Hygiene.", said Ally.

"I see. Your wondering about being plugged during your period. We use a drug that suppresses menstruation without affecting sex drive. Actually, we have a choice of several drugs in case there is an allergic reaction. You won't have your period. Which is important to remember because you might think you're pregnant when you miss your period if we hadn't told you this. Susan, make a note to add this to the interview info.", said Alex.

"Boy, you really have thought of everything!", said Ally.

"A lot of people have collaborated on this. We brought in some of the finest experts around the world to work out the bugs. And the key administrators meet at regular intervals to suggest improvements. The antimenstruation drug was suggested by a number of female slaves just two months after we got started. We agreed that a woman goes through at least a week of misery each month, perhaps more. And we knew that these drugs were safe. We decided it wouldn't be right for the girls to suffer from 'nature's cruelty' , as one of our female administrators put it if there was a way we could stop it. The discomfort was also distracting the slaves' attention and in fact there were several times when training sessions were delayed or cancelled. Something had to be done. So now we use the drugs.", explained Alex.

"The drugs are totally save?", asked Ally.

"We've been using them for many years now with no problems. Any more questions?", asked Alex.

"Nope, I guess that about covers it.", said Ally.

Alex shuffles through the list of info one more time. " I just want to make sure I haven't forgotten anything. Susan, can you think of anything I've missed?"

"Nope. Oh wait. Up near the top of the list, we forgot....", said Susan.

"Oh yes.", said Alex. Alex looked at Ally. "Ally, don't take this the wrong way please. Do you have a sexual preference?".

"What do you mean? Oh.... You want to know if I want am ah....", Ally stumbled.

"Could you sleep with a woman, Ally?", said Susan.

"I don't know. I'm a bit nervous about sleeping with a man. Sleeping with a woman is something even more scary for me. It goes against my upbringing. But something inside says to try it. Could you make it part of my training?", said Ally hesitantly.

"Are you sure that's what you want, to be trained to make love?", said Susan.

"Yes, in fact I kind of like the idea of it. I have to accept the fact that I'm, ah, inexperienced... So I need to be taught anyway, right?", said Ally.

Susan smiled at Alex. Alex smiled at Susan. "That's correct Ally. I think we're ready.", said Alex.

Ally felt her heart race. She wasn't sure that it was the joy of getting through this first part or the fear of what was ahead. The excitement inside her was building like she never felt before. She felt her nipples harden and the urge build between her legs. She forced herself to regain control of herself. She poured herself a little more water and drank it down. That felt good.

At that point Susan looked at Alex. Alex nodded. Susan rose from the table and walked around to Ally. "Ally, we need to go to the powder room again.", said Susan. Ally rose from her chair and followed Susan to the powder room. Again it was empty. Ally, I want you to sit down and empty yourself as dry as you can, both bowels and bladder. Take your time and try not to strain too much."

Susan led Ally to a stall and held the door open. Ally sat and the water came out. Between the tension she had been under, not to mention the fact that she had practically emptied the pitcher of water by herself, she had a lot to let out. Her bowels releases it's waste as well but not very much. She pushed harder and felt another small load exit, but that was it. Ally wiped her bottom and stood. As she reached for the handle Susan stopped her. 'Let me take a look. You didn't get much out of your bowels. Sit down and let your intestines rest. Then try again.

Ally sat back down and looked up at Susan trying to explain. "I haven't been eating much because of the pressure I've been under. Maybe there isn't any more.", Ally said.

"Just relax a few minutes. I'm certain there's more.", said Susan. She let her sit for a good five minutes then told Ally to try again. Ally strained as hard as she could and one large load of liquid waste exploded from her backside. She had diarrhea. She emptied the last of the waste from herself and wiped herself once more. Susan looked in the toilet and then flushed it. "Good, now lift your skirt. I need to examine you before we measure you.".

Ally lifted her skirt as she was told and Susan bent down. Susan then pulled the panties down slightly so she could get a clear view of Ally's sex. Susan began running her finger into the slit and began to explore. Your very tight. You really are a virgin aren't you. You've never even been penetrated artificially either have you?", said Susan. Susan pulled Ally's panties back up and rose. Ally released her skirt.


"To measure you, we're going to have to open you. It's going to hurt. Are you sure you're up to it?", asked Susan.

"It's has to be done eventually. I can handle it, I hope.", said Ally.

"I think you can too.", said Susan as she put her arms around Ally and gave her a big hug. Susan felt Ally accept her caress. Susan release Ally and then placed both of her hands on Ally's shoulders and looked right into her eyes. "It's OK to be a little nervous. I'm going to take care of you, OK?", Susan said as she smiled ever so slightly. Ally's face slowly broke out into a smile as well. "Let's go then, shall we."

The two girls returned to the dining room. Alex had returned to his seat and was waiting patiently. "Is she ready?", he said as he looked at Susan.

Susan looked at Alex and said, "She's ready, but we'll have to open her before we measure her sex. She's never been penetrated at all. I may need your help."

"Sure, no problem. Ready Ally?", said Alex.

"Ready.", said Ally with a big smile.

"Wonderful.", said Alex. Alex rose. At that point Felix opened the double doors and exited. "Felix will prevent anyone from disturbing us. Come with me. You can leave your handbag here.", Susan said. Susan took Ally's hand gently and led her to Alex. As the two girls approached Alex turned to ward the single door in the corner. He reached into his pocket and pulled out a key and opened the door. They all stepped inside. Alex reached for a light switch beside the door and Ally realized that this actually was a large walk in type of supply closet. Several shelves of office supplies lined the otherwise unexceptional walls. Susan then closed the door. Alex walked to the rear of the closet and pulled out another key but there was no keyhole visible that Ally could see. Then Alex pressed his fingers against the trim of one of the cabinets and slid it to the side to reveal a small keyhole. He inserted the key and turned it. A distinct click could be heard and the entire cabinet and wall section moved ever so slightly. Alex returned the key to his pocket and slid back the molding into its original position. Then Alex opened the hidden door fully. Behind it was a stairway leading down and back toward and under the dining room. Alex flicked another switch and lights illuminated the way down. Susan let Ally down as Alex closed the door behind them. Susan felt Ally's breathing quicken and she told her to try and relax. When they reached the bottom of the stairs Susan reached for a switch on her left. Several overhead lights came on revealing the workshop where Ally would be measured.

The workshop was about fifty feet long by thirty feet wide. The walls were all lined with wood paneling and several harnesses, paddles, whips, and other 'tools', some of which Ally was sure would be used on her. Toward the rear and off to the left was an archway that led into darkness. Along the wall next to the archway were a two leather office chairs, a table, and two more leather chairs. But dominating the room were three tables in the center of the room. All three were lightly padded and upholstered in black leather. The center table was the largest, easily capable of holding a person. The sides of the table were enclosed in cherry veneer and had several drawers in it. At the end of the large table there was a similarly padded shelf that protruded from the end of the table and was supported by some sort of bracket from underneath. There were three or four straps hanging from the edge of this small platform. Ally surmised that this was to hold a person's head. Additional straps hung from the main part of the table as well. Plus there were several eye hooks at various places around the table. The two other tables were shorter and didn't have the head support. They still had the hooks however The table to the right had two steel columns three inches in diameter at the end that stood about six feet high and a third steel column at the center on the opposite end of the table.. Near the top were one inch diameter silver colored rings and about half way up were two eye hooks. The sides of this table also was lined with cherry veneer and had a cabinet instead of drawers with two doors decorated with brass knobs. The table to the left was of similar length as the table on the right with, again, various straps and eye hooks. This table had no columns however. There were pipes and hoses around the sides and the underside of the table appeared to have a large bowl shaped object about a foot deep and as wide as the table just under the table proper. A four inch wide pipe extended from the bowl to the floor through a shelf about six inches from the bottom of the steel legs that supported the whole thing.

Susan led Ally to one of the chairs on the far wall. Alex followed them.

Alex spoke. "Ally, I need for you to remove all your jewelry first and place it neatly on the table here." Ally looked at Alex then went to work removing here earrings, rings and the gold chain around her neck. She neatly placed them on the table. "Now remove your skirt please.", Alex ordered. Ally felt a twinge of fear, which she quickly subdued. Ally sat and began to slip off her heels to make it easier to remove the skirt but then Alex spoke. "No, Ally, only remove the items I tell you."

She replaced the one shoe she had just slipped off and then reached for the band around the skirt. She undid the catch and slipped off the skirt. At that point the blouse she was wearing fell down to cover her below the waist. She gently tossed the skirt onto the table. Alex again had to correct her. "Please pick the skirt back up, fold it neatly and put it back on the table. I want you to be careful with each item I tell you to remove. Fold each piece of clothing neatly and lay it on the table. Also do not pile any piece of clothing on top of another. Now remove your blouse." Ally unbuttoned the last couple buttons and removed the blouse. She held it by the collar and carefully brushed out all the wrinkles. Then she folded the blouse in half along it's length and laid it carefully on the table. She realized that the clothes laid out on the table had taken up all the tabletop and she realized that she was going to have to remove the remaining clothes, she rearranged the clothes to make more room. Alex complemented her on her initiative. "Good, Ally." Alex stepped back a step and took in the beautiful girl revealed to him now.

On a scale of one to ten she was a fifty. "Ally, your are a very lovely lady.", said Alex. "Thank you.", said Ally in a small whisper. Alex heard the nervousness in her voice. "Are you OK, Ally? Are you sure you want to go on?", asked Alex. "Uh huh, I'm just a little nervous.", Ally said. "That's perfectly normal. Now I need for you to remove your garter belt, panties, and bra and place them on the table neatly." She unfastened the garter belt from her stockings and placed it on the table carefully folding the straps on top of the lace. Then she pulled down the panties and slipped them over the heels. During this she caught the panties on the heel of the shoe due to her nervousness, but she got them off without tearing them nonetheless. Then she reached behind her to undo the catch to her bra. But her fingers were sweaty and shaking. She was having a difficult time of it when Susan came up behind her. "Here honey, I'll get it.", said Susan.

A "Thank you" escaped from Ally's lips as the catch was released. Ally removed the bra revealing the two most perfectly rounded breasts that Alex had ever seen. Ally placed the bra, her last shield from prying eyes on the table. She started to raise her hands to her breasts but Susan grabbed her wrists from behind and told her to keep her hands at her side. Ally relaxed and let her hands drop to her side.

"Very nice Ally. Now you may remove your heels and stockings.", said Alex. She did so and placed the stockings on the table and the shoes on the floor. Alex then told her to put the shoes on the table as well. She did so setting them neatly next to each other. "Now, come with me.", said Alex.

Ally was led to the center table. "Susan, she's all yours", Alex said.

"Thank you sir. Ally, sit on the edge of this table please facing me.", Susan said as she patted the center table. Susan then pulled open the top left drawer and took out a strange device. It was a pair of manacles that were joined by a three inch wide piece of steel that left about six inches between the each wrist. The manacles were designed similar to a handcuff in the fact that they could be tightened to any size wrist. The steel was very thick, perhaps half an inch thick. In the center of the steel piece was a hold with a locking ring attached to it. "Ally, hold out your hands in front of you, palms facing each other.", Susan said. Ally did as she was told. Susan put the device on each wrist and closed the cuffs. Ally started to shake. "Are you still OK, Ally? Should we proceed?", Susan asked. Ally nodded. "I'm OK.", Ally said and even managed to break out a smile.

Alex in the mean time was beginning to get hard. Bondage for him was the ultimate rush. In fact many times he didn't even care about having sex as long as he could control someone. This he had found out over the years was his biggest flaw. But he accepted this and would exercise proper control when the time was right. But now all he wanted to do was enjoy the scene before him. He rubbed himself a bit then went to the far side of the table. When he reached the opposite side Susan spoke.

"Now Ally, swing your feet up and lie down on your back. Allow us to properly position you.". Ally swung her feet up then laid back. Susan and Alex helped pull her to the head of the table so her head rested on the small extension table.

Alex, having touched the soft skin of Ally's back when he helped her lie down was really getting warm. Susan reached for Ally's bound wrists when Alex stopped her. He looked at Susan and smiled. "I want to do this. I haven't done one in quite a while. Whatta ya say?".

"Sure, your the boss.... Boss.", Susan said.

At that point Alex grabbed a handful of Susan's hair with his right hand, pulled her to him and planted a big kiss on her luscious red lips. Then he looked down at Ally and smiled. He grabbed Ally's bound wrists and pulled them up and behind her head. He then pushed the steel plate onto a protruding steel rod about one inch in diameter that had a quarter inch wide groove cut into it. When he pushed the manacles onto the rod a click was heard as the locking ring took hold. Ally's hands were firmly attached to the head rest.

Alex then looked into Ally's eyes and smoothed her hair. He could see she was scared but she could talk freely and ask to leave if she wanted to . She remained silent. "Listen to me Ally. In a moment we are going to begin fitting your mouth. When we do , of course, you won't be able to talk. As I said before, if you want, you can end this right up until Midnight on the day of your voyage. We must give you a way of telling us that you want to stop. So we'll use what we call an SOS signal. If it gets too much for you and you want to end it grunt three times fast like this. Ugggh..Ugggh...Ugggh. Then we'll stop, allow you to get dressed and take you home. Otherwise we'll continue. Understand?", asked Alex. "Uh huh", she said. "God I'm so scared", Ally said. Alex looked at her and wiped a tear from her cheek. "Do you want to stop?", he asked. "No, do it." , she demanded. Alex patted Ally on the forehead. "OK, good.", Alex said.

Alex then took his the fingers of his left hand and gently rested them on Ally's forehead. As he did so Susan picked up a small electronic box with a wire running into a plug on the back of the table and handed it to Alex. Alex pressed one of the buttons and watched as the headrest began to tilt down. Alex kept light pressure on Ally's forehead as the headrest swung away. When he felt her head stop going down he released the button and press another button and raised the headrest slightly until her head was just lightly touching. He played with the buttons a bit more until he had Ally's head just off the headrest by a small fraction of an inch. Then he took one of the straps and applied it firmly around Ally's forehead pulling her head into firm contact with the headrest. Then he buckled a second strap at her neck. This was a wide strap and he pulled it down just tight enough so she wouldn't choke. But with her head back this far the strap around her neck pulled down on the muscles that open and close the mouth. This forced her mouth wide open, which was exactly the purpose of the contraption. She could only close her mouth with great difficulty.

Alex then opened the large center drawer. He pulled out four straps which he attached to the eye hooks and buckled. One was placed at under Ally's armpits and just above her breasts. One was strapped at her waist, one above her knees and finally one across her calves. Ally was now totally helpless.

Alex then went around to the side of the table and pulled open the drawer directly underneath where Susan had gotten the manacles. This drawer was a bit deeper to hold some of the larger 'tools' he would need. He pulled out one of several phallus holders. This device was a stainless steel tube about four inches long. At one end of the tube were two leather coated stainless steel bars that protruded from opposite sides of the tube. The leather crossed the tube between the bars. If the device were held by the tube it would look like a 'T'. A leather belt was fastened to the leather sheathing of each bar. Finally through the center of each bar was a long set screw with a knurled silver knob about a half inch in diameter that was on the end. When the set screws are tightened the screws press on anything inside the tube. Etched into the tube just below where the leather crossed the tube was the number '1.25'. This was the outside diameter of the metal tube and the leather combined.

Alex went back to Ally's head and placed the device into her mouth. He examined the stretch of her cheek muscles and determined that this tube was just a bit too small, He went back to the drawer and exchanged the device for one that said '1.5' on it. He returned to Ally and placed this between her teeth. Then he examined her cheek muscles again and liked what he saw. As the final test he took one of the straps and fed it under her neck and up the other side. Then he buckled the strap and pulled it taunt. This had the effect of pulling the device further into Ally's mouth, with the leather coating over the tube preventing any damage to her teeth and the bars pressing against her cheeks. The device was well constructed.

They even thought to put the buckle on the side of the head because the back of the head wouldn't be accessible on the table that Ally was strapped to. Alex then unfastened the buckle and went to the drawer directly beneath the center drawer where he had gotten the straps. Opening it revealed twenty or so stainless steel phalluses of various sizes each easily a foot long with a gold colored metal ring mounted on the very end. Each phallus sat in a labeled slot in the drawer. Alex grabbed the 1.5 inch phallus and inserted it into the tube base first from the end that enters the mouth first. The phallus had a slightly enlarged head on it of standard design so it could only be installed one way. That was why he had removed the device from Ally's mouth.

Alex pushed the phallus all the way up so only the head protruded. He then went back to Ally and placed the device back into Ally's mouth. Alex again fed the strap under her head and buckled it tight. Ally gave a little moan due to the fact that Alex had put a bit more tension on the strap so he could make sure it was pulled home. Susan then handed Alex a scribing tool similar to a pencil. He palmed it in his left hand then, after making sure the thumbscrews were loose, began pushing the phallus into Ally's mouth. The phallus moved about two and a half inches when Ally started to gag. Alex pulled the phallus back slightly, to allow Ally to recover. Once she did. Alex talked to her. "I want to mark the point where you begin to gag Ally. That means I'm going to have to lock the phallus in place when you start to gag. Try and breath through your nose and try to suppress the gagging. OK, here we go. And keep your eyes open so I know you haven't passed out."

With that Alex again started feeding the phallus into Ally's mouth. He had just moved it a half inch when she started to gag. Alex held the phallus in place and tightened both thumbscrews. Ally continued to gag but was obviously trying to stop herself. She was breathing heavily through her nose. Alex took the etching tool and scribed a line on the phallus where it exited the tube. After that he checked to see if Ally was still conscious. She was and she had stopped gaging, but only because she was fighting it. He loosened the thumb screws and pulled the phallus all the way back. Then he pushed the phallus in again to the gag point to see if Ally would gag again when the phallus reached the mark. She did and he pulled the phallus back about a quarter of an inch. Then he tightened the thumbscrews again. Finally he looked down at Ally. "Ally, now your fitted properly. We'll take measurements from the device and make a one piece unit for you. Grunt once if you want to continue."

"Urrgggh...", Ally grunted.

Susan began to undo Ally's bonds when Alex stopped her. "No, let her rest here and get used to the bit. I think we both need a break."

Alex then took Susan by the hand and headed toward the archway at the back of the room leaving Ally alone. As they started to leave Ally grunted past the gag as loud as she could. Susan approached Ally and saw tears flowing from her eyes. "We'll be right back honey. I think you got our friend excited. I need to go into the back room and take care of him, OK? You'll be fine. Now try and get used to the bit. You're going to be wearing one for quite some time when we get on the boat. Susan patted Ally on the cheek and went to Alex. They exited through the archway. Ally was alone.

Ally's fears were at their peak She was alone secured to a table with a rod shoved into her mouth. She could feel the rod pressing against both the base of her tongue and the roof of her mouth. The fit was very tight. She felt like she couldn't go on. She closed her eyes and thought of her mother. Her mother would be ashamed of what she was allowing them to do. She had to end this. It was too much. But how. "The SOS, I'll use the SOS." , she thought," Then I'll go home to my apartment and.... And what? Nothing, empty space, four walls and nothing to do, no one to care for, no one to love me. Please forgive me mother. I love you dearly by I can't turn back. Nothing's worse than being alone.", she thought. Ally's thoughts released her from her fears. She finally realized that it wasn't her mother's strength that she'd been drawing on for all these year. It was her own.

So Ally began to accustom herself to the bit. She tried a couple different positions for her tongue and found that the best position was to just relax the tongue with it pushed as far forward as possible. Next she tried to slow her breathing and think happy thoughts. She thought about how loving her captors were each time she showed them her fear. How they hugged and caressed her. Her breathing became slow and relaxed. She would be OK.

Alex and Susan went down the hallway that led from the archway to a small parlor. Upon entering the room Alex grabbed Susan by the hair and kissed her wildly. "Oh boy, what a rush!", Alex said between labored breaths. Susan, do me now before I make a mess. OH, GOD!!!". Alex led Susan to the couch where he plopped himself on his back. He hurriedly unbuckled his pants as Susan practically leapt at his organ. She firmly planted it into her mouth sucking and massaging it with her lips. She had hardly gotten her lips around when Alex let loose. It was a big one and Susan did all she could to swallow. Afterwards it started to go limp so she worked at his member harder, licking and caressing, cleaning it from top to bottom. After what seemed an eternity of pleasure, Alex said, "We'd better get back to our guest. She must be in an awful state by now."

Susan raised her head from his shaft and shook her head. "No, let her learn to get used to the bit. It's only been five minutes by the wall clock. I think she needs a little time to relax, to collect her thoughts. She'll be fine. Alex zipped up his pants and took Susan in his arms. "You really know how to do this, don't you?", Alex said to Susan who had moved over to a small sink to wash her mouth out. "I was the first person strapped to one of those tables, remember? I know what she's going through. She's debating in her mind whether this is what she really wants. She's defying her mother's upbringing. She's thinking how ashamed her mother would be of her at this moment. But she'll realize that she needs the attention she'll get if she surrenders herself to us. She just needs a little time.

"How long do you think she'll need?", Alex said.

"Give her another twenty minutes, a half hour total."

They waited the additional twenty minutes and returned to Ally. They found her dozing. She had gotten so relaxed that she had actually fallen asleep.

"Wake up Ally.", Alex said as he gently patted Ally's cheek. "Time to move on."

Ally woke and if she could smile she would have. Susan and Alex undid all the straps and released the catch that was holding her manacles to the headrest. As Alex released Ally's hands he warned her not to try and remove the phallus. It was to stay on until she was fully measured and fitted.

Alex and Susan each put a hand under Ally's shoulders and helped her to a sitting position. As they were lifting her she tried to lower her head. She immediately gagged. Alex grabbed Ally's hair and pulled her head back so her neck was straight. She stopped gagging and returned to normal breathing. When she was fully upright Alex warned her, "You've got to keep your chin high or you'll gag. The end of the phallus is practically in your throat. When you lower your head you force it in deeper. That's why we fit you with your head tilted back. Now try and lower your head gently. If you stick your neck out a bit and pull back your shoulders it will be more comfortable. Try it." Ally lowered her head until the phallus started to gag her then quickly raised it. Then she pushed her neck out and pulled back her shoulders and found she could lower her head a bit more. Her face was angled so that her chin was about an inch higher than if her head were level. Not much but enough to keep her uncomfortable. If she relaxed her neck or shoulders she had to tilt her head back to keep from gagging. Eventually her body worked out a set of natural reflexes that allowed her to keep her head at the right angle while she kept the shoulder and neck muscles at the proper amount of tension.

Susan pulled open the right bottom drawer and pulled out a device similar to those foot measuring tools found in shoe stores. She lifted Ally's right leg and measured her foot for length and width. It was only then that she realized how large yet narrow Ally's feet were. "Eleven B!", she said to Alex. She released Ally's leg and grabbed her left foot. "This one is just a hair wider.", she said after taking the reading. "We'd better go with a C width. A B width would probably be too uncomfortable.", said Alex.

Susan returned the measuring device to the drawer and then helped Ally off the table. Ally was then led to the wall on the left side of the room to a strange device. It consisted of the heel end of two shoes made out of metal that were attached to rods that went into a wide metal platform. The heels were about two inches above the platform. The heels had leather ankle straps on them and a small metal loop on both sides of each heel. About seven feet up a steel beam extended from the wall and a heavy chain hung from it with a clip of some sort on the end. Alex explained that they were now going to measure how high a heel she could tolerate. She was then led onto the platform.

Alex took Ally's hands, still manacled, and pressed the bracket onto the rod that was similar to the one on the table. Her arms were almost fully extended slightly below shoulder height. Next they placed Ally's feet into the heels and strapped her in. Next Alex went to a small table next to the contraption and took two items that were in fact the toes of a pair of shoes. They were about two inches long with a metal sole and leather uppers. Attached to the sides of these were a pair of elastic straps. These toe pieces were fitted onto Ally's feet and the elastic was pulled and attached to the loops on the sides of the heels. They just barely covered her toes. Ally realized that the metal pieces were magnetic. The magnets were not strong though as she could easily lift her toes off the platform.

Then Alex took the chain that was hanging from the beam and fed it through the loop of the phallus. He tilted Ally's head back and pulled the chain up. There was a long spring device hidden inside the beam that Ally hadn't noticed before. But she did now as Alex pulled very hard to compress the spring. He continued to pull until the chain reached a metal loop on the beam. The chain had been pull about eighteen inches and was fairly strong

"This will keep you standing up straight as we check your heels. Now Ally, the heels you are strapped into are attached to pistons inside the platform. The toes you are wearing, as you have already noticed, are magnetic. The platform has sensors in it which will tell us how high the heels are and whether either of your toes have been pulled off the platform.", Alex explained. "All you need to do is try and keep from lifting your toes. Grunt once for me if you understand".

"Urrrgggh...", Ally grunted.

"Good, then here we go.", Alex said. Alex flicked a switch on a control panel mounted to the right of the platform and several digital displays and lights lit up. The displays went through some random displays and the lights blinked on and off. The device was actually calibrating and testing itself. After ten seconds or so the lights and displays steadied. The panel consisted of two large led displays mounted side by side showing the height of each heel. Both displays read '2.00'. Directly above each display were two lights, one red and one green. Under the lights was a small sign that read 'Contact'. The green lights above each display were lit. Under each display was a rocker switch, one marked 'Left' and the other marked 'Right'. Between these switches was a third switch marked 'Both'.

"OK Ally, I'm going to raise your heels. Try and keep your toes on the platform.", Alex said. He the pushed the top part of the switch marked 'Both' and Ally's heels began to rise. As her heels began to rise, Ally was expecting the tension to ease on the chain attached to the phallus. But then she realized that the beam was moving upward at the same rate as her heels. Ally was pulled upright as her heels were lifted. Alex didn't look at Ally though. He kept his attention focused on the displays and the contact lights. When the displays each read '7.00' the left contact light went out and the red light came on. He released the button and the green light came back on as Ally wiggled her left heel slightly and was able to stretch her toe bock to the platform. Susan then bent down and examined Ally's feet. She readjusted the ankle straps so they wouldn't cut into Ally's feet so bad. Then she turned a wing nut on the rear of each heel and this tipped the heel forward slightly. Ally's toes were now much more easily planted on the platform.

"How's she doing.", Alex asked Susan.

"She's fine. I've tipped the heels forward about five degrees. I can go another ten if we need to. Lift her up to eight.", said Susan.

Alex pressed the button again and Ally's heels rose again. "Eight.", Alex said. Alex looked at the lights. Both sets of lights were switching from red to green and back again as Ally strained to keep her toes planted. Susan, seeing this gave the wing nuts another turn or two and Ally's heel shifted forward again. "That's fifteen degrees. I can't tilt her heels any farther forward without risking damage. Try eight and a half. I think we'll lose contact before we get there though.", Susan said as she looked up from her kneeling position. Alex hit the up button one more time the displays inched upward. As he approached 8.3 inches he started jogging the switch and releasing it. The contact lights stayed green. '8.4', still green. '8.5' still green. No wait. The lights started to flicker. "That's as high as she can go.", Alex said to Susan. Susan nodded.

"Do we have any size 11-C with an 8.5 heel?", Alex asked Susan.

"I'm not sure we have an 11-C at all. Let me go back and check", said Susan. Susan disappeared through the archway leaving Ally with Alex. "You're doing fine honey. Just try and relax as best as you can." Alex then petted Ally's hair. Ally set out a sigh through the gag.

Susan returned after a short time with two shoe boxes. "I found two pair of 11-C's. But the highest heel we have is a 7.5, the other is a 6.0", she said.

"7.5 is fine. What color are the 6.0's by the way?", asked Alex.

"Wait, let me look. Pink.", Susan replied.

"Great. Are they locking or free?", asked Alex.

"Both sets are locking. Remember, we have to put in a special order for some 8.5's. We don't stock them on the island. I've never seen anyone with such supple ankles. Wait, didn't her sheet say her hobby is ballet? That's why! All those toe lifts have loosened up her ankle muscles.", said Susan.

"Yea, your probably right. Anyway, let's take her down and try on the 7.5's. We can save the 6.0's for the voyage. You just saved her a trip to the shoe store." With that Alex pressed the down button and Ally's heels dropped to their original position. Alex reached up and released the chain while Susan placed her hand on the neck of Ally to help prevent her from dropping her chin too much. When Ally regained control of her neck muscles and could keep her chin up, Susan took her hand away. Alex bent down then and removed the toe pieces and released the ankle straps. Ally heels were on solid ground again. Finally Alex released the catch that held Ally's manacles to the wall.

Ally was led over to the chairs by her clothes once more and was seated. Susan opened the box that held the 7.5 inch heels and took one out. It was black with a huge heel on it. The ankle strap had a catch on it and fit into a small lock. When the strap was put on, Ally wouldn't be able to remove them without a key. Susan found the key attached to a long chain in the box. She took the key and put the chain around her own neck. On the back of the shoe was a loop of leather which held a small metal ring. .Susan took Ally's feet and put the 7.5 inch heels on her. The ankle straps slipped into their latch with a distinct click.

All this time Alex was sitting next to Ally, holding her head high by the ring on her phallus. At the same time he petted her hair gently. When Susan was done Alex pulled on the phallus and lifted Ally by it. Ally groaned. Then, when Ally had gained her balance, Alex released her. She could barely stand on the heels and they hurt too. She shifted her weight from leg to leg and eventually she got used to the heels to some degree. "Walk around a bit, honey", Susan said. Ally took a few steps and almost stumbled. Then she slowed her pace and began to get a feel for the heels. She walked to the far end of the room and back. "Very good Ally, but now I want your to lift your knees very high and march once to the far wall and back again. I'll be right beside you." Ally turned to face the far wall and began to march. Susan was next to her the entire time ready to catch her but Ally had no trouble marching.

"You're doing lovely sweetheart. Now I want every step you take to be with your knees lifted high. I want you to march everywhere you go, understand? Grunt once if you do.", demanded Susan. "Arrggh...", grunted Ally.

"Good, now march around the room. Keep going until we tell you to stop.", commanded Susan. Ally started marching. Susan and Alex had taken seats next to each other in the mean time. Ally marched on, keeping her head high and lifting her knees. As she marched she allowed her mind to empty. No fear, no anxiety, just the knowledge that these two people were going to show her the way to peace of mind and happiness. She marched on, knowing she was pleasing these people who would become her owners and that made her happy.

After two laps around the room Susan and Alex told her to stop. Ally was then led to the table with the columns. Alex grabbed Ally under the arms and lifted her onto the table between the two columns. The table was slightly convex and as Alex laid her back, her back was arched. The area near her shoulders curved away even sharper. Again Ally's head was tilted back but not as far an on the large table. A chain was attached to the ring on the phallus and Ally's head was pulled back. The chain was attached to the post above her head. Then Alex opened up the cabinet under the table and took out a small rod with two chains attached to it. The rod was plugged into the hole in Ally's manacles. The two chains were then threaded through the upper rings on the posts at Ally's hips and pulled down and hooked into the eye hooks. Ally's arms were pulled forward and up while her head was held back by the chain on the phallus. Next, Alex went into the cabinet again and took out two more chains. These he attached to the rings on the back of Ally's heels. He threaded these as well through the rings at the top of the columns and attached them to the same eye hooks. Now Ally was spread eagle. Finally Alex took out two belts that he attached to rings on either side of the table and applied one belt just under Ally's arms and another just above her hips.. Alex closed the cabinet then and said to Susan, "You've got to do this one. I'd be too rough."

Without saying another word Susan put her finger in between Ally's legs and felt her insides. "Dry!", she exclaimed. We'll need to help her a bit. Susan went over to the large table and opened the drawer with the phalluses. The took out a one inch, foot long phallus. Then she went to the larger drawer on the left that had held the phallus holder and retrieved a 'D' shaped handle. Susan twisted the ring on the phallus and removed it. Then she inserted the phallus into the handle and twisted it. A bolt inside the handle took hold and the handle was threaded onto the phallus. Finally Susan opened the bottom center drawer. This contained many different types of lubricants and creams. Susan took a jar marked 'MS' on the lid and closed the drawer.

Susan walked back and took a position between Ally's legs. "Your gonna use 'MS' on her, huh. Good idea.", said Alex.

"She needs as much lubrication as we can give her. Even so it's gonna hurt like hell.", Susan said.

Alex walked back to Ally and gently caressed her cheeks and smoothed her hair. "In a moment Susan's going to apply some creme between your legs. You're going to feel a little warmth followed by an urge to masturbate. Susan's going to massage your insides until you do. Don't hold back anything, OK? We need you as wet as possible so when we open you the phallus will slide better and not injure you.", Alex explained. Then he nodded to Susan. Susan opened the jar of cream and took a large dollop in her right hand and with her left hand spread Ally's nether lips and inserted the cream. Then she took her finger and pushed it all the way in and spread the cream around while massaging her. Ally immediately went wild, moaning past the gag and straining against the restraints. Susan ignored her and took another dollop and repeated the process. Ally's moaning became intense. She bucked and shook but couldn't come free. She burned inside horribly. All of a sudden she felt a huge urge to masturbate but held it back. "She's starting to come.", said Susan. "Let it go honey. Just let it go.", said Alex. All at once Ally released her juices and let out a huge moan past the gag.

Now she was wet and well lubricated. Susan then grabbed the phallus with the D handle and smeared cream on it. "Ready? Here we go honey.", Susan said to Ally. Susan then pressed the tip of the phallus into Ally. It went in about an inch before Ally started moaning past the gag again. "It's OK honey, just try to bear with it. It'll all be over in a minute. Bite down on the gag. It'll help.", said Alex as he held her head in his hands. Ally forced her breathing to slow and bit down on the gag. Alex nodded and Susan drove the phallus in deep. Ally screamed past the gag. For some time Ally groaned loudly. Susan had left the phallus in place and walked up beside Ally. "Try and relax honey. It always hurts the first time", said Susan as she joined Alex in stroking Ally's face. Ally's tears were flowing freely now as she felt her insides plugged. Susan saw her tears and wiped them away Eventually she became accustomed to the feeling inside her and the pain eased. Ally's groans and gyrations all but stopped. Susan then went to the cabinet and pulled a device with four rods sticking from it about six inches long. Then she pulled out a rubber condom like device that she inserted over the four rods. The device was made out of a heavy but supple rubber like material and it had a collar at one end. This, Susan attached to the base of the instrument. Directly behind the rods was a clock like gauge and a black knurled knob. The dial read .75 inches.

"OK, honey, now I'm going to measure you. Bite down on the phallus if it hurts.", said Susan.

Susan removed the phallus from Ally's sex. Then she lubricated the rubber and inserted it. Ally groaned only slightly as she bit down. Now Susan began turning the knob. The needle on the dial inched upward as the four rods moved away from each other and stretched the rubber and filled Ally's sex. When the dial reached one inch Susan began moving the whole device around to determine the fit. Too loose. She slowly turned the dial more as Ally started moaning louder. Her breathing picked up as well. When the dial read 1.5 she checked the fit again. "That feels about right. Come here and check." Alex went over to Ally's bottom and checked for fit.

"Yea, I like it. Let's go with an inch and a half.", said Alex.

Alex went into the back room and found a gold colored ornamental plate with a ring on the front. In the rear of the plate was a small threaded collar and a flat piece of steel which was attached to the ring on the front. Then he got a 1.5 inch phallus about five inches long. This phallus was made of a soft rubber similar to the measuring device covering. The inside had a flat keyhole that accepted the steel attached to the ring. He threaded it onto the plate. Then he checked the function. When he pushed in the ring and turned it clockwise the tip of the phallus expanded and pulled back slightly. With enough turns, it would stay in place.

Alex returned to Ally and Susan removed the measuring device. Instead of using the cream they had been, Alex went over to the other small table and press a button on a hose. A small amount of grease came out of the hose which he applied directly to the rubber. He returned to Ally and inserted the new phallus into her. She groaned. Then Alex pressed the plate firmly against her sex and began turning the ring. He gave it one full turn and checked the fit. Finding it a bit loose, he gave it another full turn. Ally groaned again then relaxed. Alex checked the fit. It was just right.

"All done Ally. Just one more hole to plug.", said Alex. "We're going to leave you to rest again before we plug your behind. Susan and I need to go into the back room again. I want you to try and relax and get used to your attachments. We'll be back soon."

Again Ally was left alone, this time now with two openings plugged. The shaft in between her legs though was not as bad as she thought it would be. In fact the pressure of the device was actually quite pleasing and her insides welcomed the touch of the phallus. Ally felt an urge to masturbate and she wiggled her bottom a bit and moved her legs as best she could to stop the urge. But doing so only made the desire worse. At last the urge passed without incident. At least she still had this small control over her body.

In the mean time Susan and Alex had returned to the parlor. Susan was hot and so was Alex. Susan practically tackled Alex as soon as they entered. Before long they were both naked and squirming on the floor. Susan removed her sex plug with a couple turns of the brass ring . Then Susan was on top plunging herself onto Alex's erect cock. She kissed him madly and he returned the favor. After a half hour of enjoying each other's hot flesh they both stepped into a shower in an adjacent room to clean up. Susan applied fresh makeup and got dressed. Alex cleaned himself up and also got dressed.

By the time they had finished a full hour had passed. They returned from their brief respite to find Ally relaxed and awake. "Grunt once if you're ready to get your ass plugged, Ally.", said Alex as he stood over her. "Urggghh...", Ally grunted once more.

"Ally, I need to know. Do you still remember the SOS signal.? Grunt once...", asked Alex.


" Do you remember what it's for, Ally?", asked Alex


"Good.", said Alex.

Alex and Susan unbuckled Ally from the table and lifted her up, keeping her head held high and back. They left the chain attached to her hands in place. When Ally was again on her feet Susan took one of the chains and attached it to the ring on Ally's sex plug. As Susan started to lead her to the third table Ally started to take a normal step. "No Ally, remember? You have to march.", said Susan. Ally began pumping her knees as she was led to the third table by Susan, as she held the chain attached to the ring to Ally's newly installed equipment. Ally kept her head high and followed.

In the mean time Alex removed the two belts from the table and the two chains that were attached to Ally's heels. He joined Ally and Susan at the third table. First they took Ally's ring on her sex plug and clipped it to a ring at the back of the table. Then they pulled and lifted her onto the table and attached the chains from her manacles to rings at the far end of the table. Then a small chain was clipped to the ring on Ally's bit and attached to a ring at the front edge of the table. Alex and Susan then attached the straps to the rings on the sides of the table and buckled Ally down, one belt placed across her shoulder blades and another crossing at the small of her back. Then Alex handed Susan one of the chains that were previously attached to Ally's shoes and reattached them to Ally's heels. They pulled Ally's legs back and to the sides and fastened the chains to eye hooks on the table. Ally was now laying on her belly with her legs spread wide and doubled back. Ally's ass hung just over the edge of the table.

Susan then pressed a button on the side of the table and it began to move forward, as well as tilting up slightly. By the time the table had stopped, Ally was laying at a thirty degree angle with her back side pointed into the bowl.

"OK, Ally. We're going to clean you out.", said Susan. Susan took a hose that had grease under pressure and inserted it well into Ally's rear. She pressed the button on the grease gun several times as she slowly withdrew the hose. Susan then took a rubber hose and attached it to a phallus type device she had retrieved from a cabinet on the wall. The hose was attached to a gauge that measured water used. Susan pressed the button on the gauge to reset it to zero, and inserted the phallus into Ally's rear. She pressed a button on the hose and began to fill Ally's insides. When the gauge reached 64 ounces Susan stopped. Ally remained still until just before Susan stopped, when she groaned past the gag. Susan let the water set inside Ally for about five minutes before removing the phallus. When she did Ally's bowels emptied. Susan examined the color of the water, and seeing it was still tinted brown, repeated the entire process, first greasing her then filling her with another two quarts of water. When she removed the phallus this time the water was clear.

While all this was going on, Alex had returned to the table with the pillars and retrieved the measuring device. Alex took it to the sink and removed the rubber shield, and washed the entire unit with soap and water. He dried it thoroughly and went back to the cabinet where he picked up a fresh rubber cover, which he installed on the device.

"Is she ready?", he asked Susan as he approached.

"Yup, all cleaned out", said Susan.

Susan inserted the grease hose into Ally's anus one last time pushing it in at least six inches and began pumping grease into Ally. Then Susan applied a bit of grease to the measuring device as Alex held it. Alex then pressed it into Ally's rear slowly. Ally moaned slightly. The Alex began to turn the knob slowly. He stopped at one inch. "She's tight. Feel this.", he said to Susan. Susan took the device and tried wiggling it. "Your right, sir, but I think we can go to an inch and a quarter if we let this sit inside her for a few minutes. Let me go and get a 1.25 and by the time I get back she should be able to handle it. What do you think?", said Susan.

"Good idea. Go ahead.", said Alex.

Susan disappeared through the archway and headed for the storeroom. Alex was left with Ally and kept a hand on the device while gently applying pressure to the knob. The needle edged upwards to 1.10. He held it there until Susan came back. She had gotten a 1.25 inch diameter rubber phallus similar to the one inserted into Ally's sex. This was attached to an gold ornamental egg shaped plate with a ring in it as well. But this ring was not centered on the egg but was more toward the edge. This was to make room for a round hole at the opposite edge. The phallus still protruded from the center of the egg however, a series of gears inside the egg transferred the ring's turns to it.

"What's she read now.", asked Susan. Alex looked at the gauge. "1.20, close enough.", said Alex. Alex then released the pressure from the device and removed it. He took the grease hose and applied a bit more grease inside Ally, then greased the phallus. He pushed it inside Ally and checked the fit. "Not bad. Good work, Susan.", Alex said. Then Alex pressed the egg against Ally's ass and turned the ring while pressing it down at the same time. Alex gave it one full turn as before and checked the fit. It wasn't bad but he wanted to be sure, so he gave it a half turn more.

"All done Ally. Your all plugged up. Grunt if you want to continue.", said Alex.

"Urgggh", was the sound that came from Ally.

Ally's straps were removed and she was lifted off the table. "Remember, Ally, march!", Susan reminded Ally. Susan picked up the chain she had used on Ally's sex plug and reattached ti. The Ally was led through the archway to a back room. She lifted her knees as she was told, providing Alex a spectacular view as he followed up the rear. The room was fairly ordinary looking except for a chain in the center of the room that protruded from a hole in the ceiling. In addition there was a cabinet against the wall. Ally was led underneath the chain, her legs pumping up and down. Susan pulled out a key and unlocked one of Ally's wrists. She then pulled her arms behind her back and reattached the manacle. Then Susan went to the cabinet and pulled out a rod with a short chain for Ally's manacles. She attached the rod to the manacles as before and clipped the other end to the phallus ring at her rear. This not only pinned her hands behind her but also prevented her leaning forward at the hips , with the tension that Susan applied to the manacles. Alex went to the cabinet against the wall and pulled out a pair of four foot long gold chains and two nipple clamps. The nipple clamps were attached to Ally. Then the chains were attached to the clamps, fed up through the loop in the chain running into the ceiling and brought down and attached to the ring on Ally's bit. Susan stood by Ally as Alex went to a wall switch and pressed it. The chain began to rise into the ceiling, pulling both on Ally's nipples and her bit. Ally could relieve the strain on her nipples only by lifting her head higher. When Ally could no longer fully release the tension on her nipples by raising her head higher Susan signaled Alex to stop.

"Susan, go ahead and measure her for her harnesses and equipment. I'm going into the parlor to take a nap. Wake me when you're done.", said Alex.

Susan immediately began taking measurements and writing them down on a preprinted pad. These measurements not only included the normal measurements such as bust size, inseam, glove size, etc..., but also included such things as distance form crotch to chin, distance from knees to heel, distance from ears to shoulders and many measurements of the head as well. Susan took well over an hour as Ally hung, trying to endure the pain. Finally, Susan went to the wall and lowered the chain. As the chain lowered Ally kept her chin high and let the chains to the clamps go limp. She wanted to show Susan that she wanted to please her.

"How wonderful, Ally! You're actually trying to please me aren't you? Grunt once...", said Susan.


"Good, now let's try something to make you more entertaining".

First Susan retrieved from the closet a tan colored horse tail. She held it up to Ally's hair and checked it for color. It was just right. She then went behind Ally and plugged into the hole in the egg. A half turn secured it. Susan then detached the chain from the bit and pulled them from the chain in the ceiling. She then fed them through the ring mounted at Ally's crotch and reattached them to the back of Ally's heels. She attached the right breast to the left foot and vice versa. Enough tension was applied to just pull on her breasts slightly. Susan then attached the chain to Ally's sex ring and pulled. "March Ally", Susan demanded. As Ally marched her feet first released then pulled on her nipples making her breasts bounce. "Good Ally. Now follow me."

Ally followed Susan, lifting each leg high. Every time her foot hit the ground the chain pulled on her opposite nipple. At the same time Ally showed Susan how much she wanted to please her by keeping her head raised as high as possible. The tail brushed Ally's legs as she marched giving her a sense of embarrassment, as if she was some sort of beast of burden. Susan led Ally down the hall to the parlor.

Alex was sound asleep on the couch when the two girls entered. "Stay here Ally.", Susan whispered. Susan crept up to Alex and noticed a bulge in his pants. She gently and stealthily unfastened Alex pants and released his cock. She plunged down on it with her mouth and fulfilled his needs. He awoke as she was just finishing. "Ahh... wonderful.", said Alex. Susan continued until Alex was satisfied, then went to the sink and washed her mouth out.

"Look at her Susan! She's learned to keep her head high in tribute. How wonderful!", exclaimed Alex. "And I see you've done the heel and breast trick on her too. And the tail is lovely. Let's take her to the track and march her." "Good idea.", said Susan. "But first I want to freshen up."

Alex approached Ally, still standing with her head held high. "You are simply lovely, my dear. I really like the way Susan has decorated you. Would you like to march for me?", asked Alex. Before he could tell her to grunt if she would, Ally took the initiative and grunted herself. "Arrrrghhh...", came from Ally's mouth.

Alex kissed her on the cheek and began petting Ally's hair. "I do believe I am falling in love with you my dear. If you change your mind and don't go to the island it will surely break my heart.", said Alex as he pressed his body against her and ran his hands through Ally's hair. Ally thought to herself, "Not as much as it would break mine."

Susan returned after fixing herself up. Twice already she had to redo her makeup, but she didn't really mind. After all, she was having a fantastic time fixing up Ally. She was a dream come true. Susan would not admit that she was sexually attracted to Ally. She wasn't exactly against lesbian activity but partaking in such events was not her preference. She loved to torment the female slaves. She really didn't know why. She didn't hate them at all, in fact she loved them with all her heart. But she didn't love them as a sexual partner. Her love was more like that of a woman to her pet. Ally was her pet, so to speak. If she left, Susan would be heartbroken, just as if she had lost her favorite dog or cat.

Susan approached Ally and noticed that her knees were bent slightly, taking the pressure off the chains going to her nipples. She grabbed the ring on Ally's bit and pulled her up straight. The chains tightened and began to stretch Ally's breasts. "Stand up straight, Ally.", corrected Susan. "I made the chains tight intentionally to show off your lovely breasts. Don't disappoint me and let them go slack." Ally straightened her knees and felt the pressure on her nipples increase. Susan released the ring. "Very good dear. Now follow me and keep those knees high", Susan said as she grabbed the chain still attached to the ring as Ally's sex.

Ally started to follow Susan lifting her knees high. Susan began to pull the chain and after a half dozed steps or so noticed something. She didn't look at Ally but looked straight ahead and was listening for Ally's heels. The steps sounded much softer than she expected. She turned around and watched Ally as she led her onward and noticed that while Ally was lifting her knees high she was setting her feet down gently, often not even letting the heels touch the floor. Susan stopped to correct her. "No Ally, your marching all wrong! You're not planting your feet firmly with each step. Now march in place and plant your feet with each step. I want to hear your heels click loudly. That will make your breasts bounce beautifully as your heels make that lovely sound.", said Susan.

Ally began marching in place with her head held, again lifting her knees high. But now she also planted each foot firmly with each step. The chains made her breasts bounce tremendously, sending a shooting pain into each nipple with each step. "Much better.", said Susan. Susan turned around and pulled the chain, leading Ally onward.

Ally was led down the hallway and down a ramp to a room about forty feet on a side. It had a wide entrance perhaps ten feet wide. All walls were covered with mirrors, except where the entrance was, of course. Along the top of the walls were more mirrors that were tilted down at an angle. The ceiling was quite high to allow for the two sets of mirrors. It was also covered with mirrors with lights spaced at regular intervals to illuminate the area. Sitting in front of the entrance was a small bleachers perhaps eight feet wide and with five levels. Ally was led around the bleachers to the main floor area. The main floor consisted of a maple planks, in the style of a good dance floor. There were four metal posts, six inches in diameter and about five feet tall, placed about six feet from the corner of each room. On the top of each post was a red light which after Alex had turned a knob at the entrance began to blink in unison. On the floor was a wide white line describing a figure eight pattern around the posts.

As Ally was led into the room she saw herself in the mirror. At first she thought what she saw was obscene. Then she realized how wonderful she felt in the care of Alex and Susan. She examined the reflection again in a new frame of mind. She actually liked what she saw, the touch of gold at her breasts and sex was quite lovely. But the heels she saw by looking in the angled mirrors really turned her on. She still couldn't understand how anyone could walk in those things but here she was not only walking but marching! Then she saw her breasts bounce as she walked. Susan was right. The were much more beautiful when they were pulled and released. She redoubled her efforts to lift her knees and plant her feet firmly to make them bounce even more so.

Susan led Ally to the left post closest to the bleachers and faced her toward the rear wall. She signaled Ally to stop. Susan took the chain off Ally's sex. "Ally, see the lines in the floor?", asked Susan. "Arrgggh.", grunted Ally. "I want you to march around the room just as you have been doing before. Follow the line in the floor. You'll have to look at yourself through the ceiling mirror because you won't be able to see with your head lifted so high. Just keep marching around the posts in a figure eight pattern. The red lights on the posts are pace lights. I want you to take one step every time the light blinks. We've set the lights at a slow but steady pace. You should be able to keep up with no problem. Remember to keep your head high, lift your knees, and plant your heels so I can hear that lovely clicking sound. Go on Ally."

Ally began to march to the rhythmic blinking of the red lights. She became one with the lights as she marched around the posts. She did exactly as she was told trying as best as she could to please Susan and Alex. She felt wonderful. She felt free of her pains, both the emotional one of losing her mother and sister, and the pain caused by the pulling of the clips attached to her nipples. Instead of the phalluses merely filling her, they now excited her. She felt them press the insides of her mouth, anus, and especially her sex and began to sweat. The excitement continued to build until she started groaning. Her insides were ready to explode with a huge orgasm. All at once she let it go. "Arrrgggh", she said as she continued to march. A small line of fluid began to leak down her leg past the gold plate covering her sex. But she marched on. She thought that would be the end of it but after just one more lap the urge built again.

The last orgasm along with the marching drained her will and she simply let it go. "Arrgggh", she groaned again. Another trickle was released. But she continued to march on. Every two or three laps, certainly no more than five laps, she had another orgasm. She was in heaven. She never had a feeling as wonderful as this. Alex and Susan had brought her to this point of extreme joy. She was so grateful she forced herself to march onward, stretching her neck even higher and clicking her heels in even greater tribute.

In the mean time Alex and Susan went over to the bleachers and took a seat on the second row of planks. They watched Ally carefully, looking for any flaws in her form. There were none. After about three laps Alex and Susan heard Ally's groan as she had her first orgasm. "What was that for...", Alex asked Susan. "She's very happy.", said Susan as she smiled widely and winked. "Way to go Ally!", he yelled as he smiled.

They allowed Ally to march for about thirty laps, during which they counted six orgasms that they could detect. Actually she had seven. This one came as she was stopped and led to the bleachers to rest. They didn't let her sit however, the egg shaped device protruding out of her behind. Instead they bent her over the bleachers at the end of one of the planks. When she had caught her breath they lifted her up and led her back to the main workshop to the table where her clothes were. "All done Ally. You pass the test.", said Alex.

Susan first removed the chains from Ally's nipples and pulled them out of the ring at her sex. Then she detached them from her heels. Susan removed the clips from Ally's nipples as well. Next she took out a key and removed Ally's manacles. Her hands were completely free at last once more. Susan then unbuckled Ally's bit and removed the phallus from her mouth. Ally took a deep breath. "Keep your chin up sweetheart. I'm not done with you yet.", said Susan. Ally lifted her head back up. Her jaw was sore. Susan went behind Ally and turned the ring counterclockwise and loosened the phallus. She removed the phallus with a slow easy motion. Ally groaned, "Ohhhhh...". She now felt empty like her anus needed to be filled. She almost asked Susan to put it back in but changed her mind. Susan did the same to the ring in the front and removed the phallus from Ally's sex. This was just as wonderful but Ally maintained control. Finally Susan sat Ally down and removed her black seven and a half inch heels with the key she still had. She placed the key in one of the shoes. Ally was finally free of her bonds.

"You can lower your head now sweetheart. You're no longer under our control. Let me take you to the back room where you can get in the whirlpool and work all those little pains out of you. Then you can put on some fresh makeup. I'll bring your clothes in later.", said Susan. Susan led Ally into the back bathroom where there was a large black marble whirlpool bathtub with gold fixtures. Susan showed her where all the items were such as soap, towels, and wash cloths. She turned on the water and made it a bit warmer than normal. She called Ally over and told her to adjust it to her taste. She said it was fine. After the water was about half way up the tub, Susan added some perfumed bath oil and helped Ally get in. She placed the shampoo, soap, towels, and wash rag within easy reach of Ally, showed her how to operate the whirlpool with the touch of just a few buttons. It's about nine thirty now. Try and stay in the water for at least twenty minutes and let the jets relax you. I'll get your clothes and jewelry in the meantime.", said Susan just before she left.

The whirlpool felt wonderful. She played with the jets and let the warm water play all over her body. Her nipples were quite sore and she gently massaged them while holding them under the water until the pain was eased. Then she soaped her whole body reveling in the feeling of the soft rag in combination with the jets of water rushing over her. She grabbed the spray nozzle and wet her hair. Then she applied shampoo and massaged her scalp. Instead of using the spray nozzle to rinse her hair she laid back, took a deep breath and dunked her head under the water. She stayed like this for a few seconds and allowed the jets to massage her head, especially around her neck and jaw which were particularly stiff from holding her head high.

When she came up for air Susan was just entering the room with her clothes, but not the same ones she had on when she first came to this place. "When your finished, put these on. Makeup is over there, also a hair dryer, comb, brush and anything else you need. Feel free to use anything you want.", Susan said as she pointed to a table with several cosmetic items. "Make yourself up like before and be careful to avoid making the lipstick make your lips look too thick. That isn't attractive." Then meet Alex and me in the parlor directly across the hall. As Susan was about to walk out, Ally noticed that the clothes brought to her were different. "Those aren't my clothes!", Ally said before Susan could get away. "A gift from Alex, their yours now. The shoes are the ones you came in with as well as the stocking, and underwear. Only the dress and jewelry are new. I know you'll like them." Then Susan walked out.

Ally allowed the water to refresh her tired muscles for another fifteen minutes before getting out of the tub. She dried herself with the towels, picked up the blow dryer and brushed out her hair as she blew the dampness from her hair. Then she put on her panties, bra, and garter belt. Then she slipped her stockings over her long slender legs and clipped them to the garter belt. She decided to leave her shoes off until last since her feet were still a bit sore. She decided to apply the makeup next. She worked on her eyes first, applying a little eye color to darken her eyes. Then she applied the mascara, a bit heavier than she normally would, taking a cue from when Susan made her up in the powder room. Then she applied the lip color. She used a brush to apply the color to her lips, finding it easier to control. She used what she had learned from Susan again as she kept her lip size as thin as she could. "Hmm... not bad.", she thought. She was not just 'not bad', she was beautiful, perhaps more beautiful than when she had first come into the restaurant. Finally she applied a bit of rouge to her cheeks to give her a bit of color.

Ally went over to the dress that was brought her. As she lifted it she saw a foot square black cardboard box and a wide black belt on top. Ally examined the dress. It was a black dress of fine cotton and was low cut. She slipped it on. It fit perfectly. The neckline came down to just below her breasts revealing just enough to tease. "How did they know my size!", she thought. Anyway, she wrapped the belt around her waist and buckled it.

From the moment Ally saw the black box she was curious. Forcing herself to delay opening the box only made Ally's desire to see what was inside that much greater. Ally put her hands on the side of the box and lifted the lid. "Oh my God!.", she exclaimed as she was dazzled by a pair of diamond studded pendant earrings, a diamond choker, and a diamond bracelet. Also in the box was a watch with a slim diamond studded wrist band. She picked up the watch and turned it over. On the back was the word "ROLEX". She smiled like she was a child who had just received a million dollars worth of Christmas presents. First she put on the earrings then quickly walked over to the mirror. They dangled from her ears like little diamond tear drops. She adored them. Then she put the bracelet and the watch on. She put the choker on and walked over to the mirror to look at herself. She was so happy she almost started to shed a tear. She held it back after she realized all the work she put into her makeup. Then she went and put on her heels. Somehow the five inch heels didn't make her feel as sexy as the seven and a half ones did. But they weren't bad either!

Having finished dressing, Ally went over to the room across the hall. Susan and Alex were sitting on the couch, Alex with his arm around Susan and Susan with her head on Alex's shoulder. Before Ally could say a word, Alex stood up. "Ohhhh my....", said Alex as he stared at Ally. The dress, the jewelry, and Ally herself presented a perfect picture of loveliness. "You look fabulous.", said Alex.

"Thank you. I can't accept these. They're too much...", said Ally.

"Nonsense, you think a few thousand dollars means anything to me? Heck, that only leaves me with an even twelve billion dollars. Wonder if I can even afford cab fair.", quipped Alex as he let out a big laugh.

"Really, I can't.", said Ally.

"I'll tell you what. You take these home with you and we'll put them in safe keeping. If for some reason you leave the island, and you still feel that way, I'll take them back, OK?", offered Alex.

"OK, I can only wear them for a week anyway right?", asked Ally.

"Question, how did you know my size? This is obviously a custom dress. You didn't have time to have this made today since Susan took my measurements.", asked Ally.

"We cheated. We used the computer database I mentioned earlier and found that you purchased a dress two months ago. We just used that size. If it didn't fit, we would just let you use your old clothes.", explained Alex.

"Oh, that explains it.", said Ally.

Just then Ally's stomach made a loud growling noise. "Oh.... EXCUSE me!", said Ally, embarrassed.

"Hey, how about dinner? Neither of us have had any food for at least eight hours, maybe nine!", said Alex.

"Done! I'm starved! Will Susan or Felix join us?", asked Ally.

"Susan and Felix have work to do setting things up for you. Now let's go upstairs. I have a few things I need to go over with you so you can be ready. Then we can have dinner. Sound good?", Alex said.

Alex and Ally walked through the hallway, through the workshop and up the stairs. After passing through the hidden doorway, Alex closed the bookcase. "Susan will be up as soon as she puts out a bunch of faxes." , said Alex. Alex led Ally back into the large dining room. It was empty.

"Please have a seat.", Alex said as he took his own seat. "Let me see, travel preparation, here we are!", Alex said as he found two copies of a three page document. "Now, valuables storage. Here we go.", he said as he found another sheet of paper.

"Do you live in a house or an apartment?", he asked.

"A house", she said.

"Mortgaged or paid off?"

"From the insurance money..."

"I understand."

"OK. Security agency and home care company..., home care company", said Alex as he found yet another document, "and security agency.", he said as he found one more sheet of paper.

"Finally bank trust fund papers, here they are.", he said.

'Oh, almost forgot, medical exam papers!", he exclaimed

Alex made two piles, one with all the documents and the other merely had the 'Travel preparations' instructions. Alex then explained, "These documents describe the procedures you will have to follow to protect your home and valuables so they are taken care of while you are away. I will pick up all the expenses. Instructions for each item are listed on the documents including phone numbers and any preparations you need to make before calling the company involved. The most important one is the medical exam. That must be done no later than next Tuesday to be safe. Otherwise the lab won't have enough time to complete its workup before next weekend. All the other items are self explanatory. As it says on each sheet, you are to say you are a client of Mr. Davis. The doctor will set up an appointment the same day upon hearing this. If you can, call him tomorrow. The exam usually is not too involved but is sufficiently thorough. When the other companies hear the name Mr. Davis they will offer to come to your house that same day. Usually within an hour of calling if I remember correctly. As for what to wear, you need to go out and buy a strapless two piece bikini with the money I gave you. You don't need the heels since we found a pair for you downstairs. I'll deliver the shoes to you on that Sunday. All your bills, taxes, etc., will be funneled into the Davis depository agency, which will take care of all your financial arrangements. The bank document will set up a trust fund and transfer all your money from all bank accounts into it. Then I will add ten thousand dollars to the account. Clear so far?", asked Alex.

"You're spending an awful lot of money on me. You really don't have....", argued Ally.

"I don't get a chance to bring in a new face to the island but once or twice a year anymore, now that we've reached the limit the administrators agreed to. So I can spend quite a bit more on a potential trainee if I feel like it. And you make me feel like it!", said Alex.

Ally blushed. She realized that the guy was enjoying spending money on her, and she had no problem with making sure her home was taken care of while she was away. Someone had to care for it. She decided it was a fair trade.

Alex continued to explain, "Everything you need to do is listed in the travel preparations guide. There are a few key points I want to go over with. First, if for any reason you have problems with any of the companies, or you have any questions call the number at the top of the page. It is an answering machine, in fact it's the same number you called in the ad. You should receive a reply in an hour or two at the latest. Second, avoid eating any solid foods after midnight on Saturday. Drink lots of fluids however since the pill you will be given will tend to dehydrate you. I need to ask you something. When was your last period?", asked Alex.

"Two weeks ago.", replied Ally.

"I'll need to give you a dose of anti-menstrual drug before we go up to have dinner. Otherwise you'll be too close to your period when we sail. It's just a small pill.", said Alex. Alex then went back into the closet and took one pill from a bottle of this special drug which he had thoughtfully remembered to bring from the island a week ago. While he was in the closet he also picked up a large envelope for Ally's papers. He returned to Ally and gave her the pill. She poured herself some water and washed down the pill. "Here's an envelope for all the papers. One last thing which is not on the papers. I'd like you to put your hair up in a bun before we come to get you on Sunday. I have my reasons. OK?", said Alex.

"Sure, no problem", said Ally.

"Good. Then how about dinner?", asked Alex.

"I thought you'd never ask!", said Ally.

Ally gathered up the papers and put them in the envelope. Then she put the envelope in her bag and rose. Alex rose and led Ally out of the dining room.

Felix was waiting outside. "How did it go?", asked Felix. "Much better than I expected. Ally is as perfect as I have ever seen.", said Alex. Ally blushed and smiled. "Thank you.", she whispered to Alex. "Felix, why don't you go down and help Susan make the proper arrangements. Ally, if you please.", said Alex as he held out his arm. Ally wrapped her arm in his. Upon seeing this Felix warned Alex. "Sir, I think you're on the verge of breaking rule number one. Be careful."

"Thank you Felix. Do you really think so?", asked Alex.

"I'm sure of it. It wouldn't be fair to her if you did.", said Felix.

"Thank you Felix. You have kept me from making a fool of myself again!", Alex said with a smile. Alex looked at Ally. "Dinner!", he said.

"Dinner!", Ally affirmed

And they walked to the main dining room together. As they walked away Felix shook his head. Then he walked through the double doors and made his way downstairs to help Susan.

Alex led Ally down the hallway to the main dining area. As they walked, Ally's heels made a delicious clicking sound on the parquet flooring. Alex could easily hear the wondrous sound coming from Ally's spikes and delighted in this.

When they arrived in the main dining room Andre spotted them emerging from the hallway. As Alex and Ally entered the dining room Alex signalled Andre. Andre came over to Alex. "May I be of service, sir?", he said.

"Is the private dining room free, Andre?", asked Alex.

"Yes, as a matter of fact it is, sir. Will the lady and you be dining there?", he inquired.

"Yes, we will. Please send a waiter with a menu and place settings for the two of us, Andre.", said Alex.

"I will attend to it personally, Mr. Davis.", said Andre.

"Thank you, Andre.", said Alex.

Andre walked away to make the proper preparations as Alex led Ally to a single wooden door. Alex opened the door revealing a small but heavy wooden table, perhaps three feet in diameter. Alex helped Ally to her seat and, being a perfect gentleman, pushed the seat forward for Ally. "Oh, what a gentleman!", said Ally. Alex just smiled. Then Alex took his own seat opposite Ally.

Not thirty seconds after Alex took his seat, Andre entered with two waiters. The waiters laid place settings and a pitcher and two glasses of chilled spring water before Alex and Ally as Andre handed gold trimmed, leather bound menus to Alex and Ally. Andre waited as they decided on their selections.

"Order whatever you want. It's on me.", Alex said.

"Oh, it all sounds so good. I don't know.", said Ally. She read the menu for a little while longer. Then she decided. "I'll have the crab imperial with stuffed shrimp, broccoli with hollandaise, and a garden salad.

"Yes ma'am. What kind of dressing would you like on your salad?", asked Andre.

"Russian please.", she said.

"And what would you like to drink?", said Andre.

"Coke.", she said.

"Thank you ma'am. Mr. Davis, may I take your order please?", he said as he turned his gaze at Alex.

"Yes, I'll have a lobster with stuffed shrimp, duchess potatoes, and cole slaw. I'll have a Coke as well. I've been hitting the wine too much lately anyway. I'll have a garden salad as well with Thousand Island dressing.", he said.

"Very well sir. I'll be back shortly with the salads and drinks.", Andre said. At this point Andre left, closing the door behind him.

Alex smiled at Ally. "My, you look absolutely ravishing!", he said. "Thank you.", she whispered as she blushed. "You don't look half bad yourself.", she returned the compliment.

Ally and Alex chatted over the weather and other trivia for a few minutes when a knock at the door was heard. "Enter.", said Alex. Andre entered carrying a tray with the salads and drinks. "The main course will be ready in approximately twenty minutes, Mr. Davis. Is there anything else I can get for you?", asked Andre. "No, this will be fine. Thank you, Andre.", said Alex. Andre turned and left, again closing the door behind him.

"So, how do you feel, Ally?", asked Alex.

"I'm OK. Actually I feel quite well, just a little sore here and there. I should have stayed in the whirlpool a bit longer I think.", said Ally.

"No, I meant how do you FEEL, as in how do you feel about what's happened to you and what's in store for you in the future.", Alex explained.

"Well, at first I was very afraid to go on. I really had second thoughts when you left me alone for the first time on the center table. But I held out and I'm glad I did. After everything was installed I felt wonderful, as if this is what I've been looking for all my life. I've never really had much control of my life. My mother....", she stopped in mid speech. Upon saying the word 'mother' Ally became visibly upset.

Alex reached across the table and took hold of Ally's hand. "We don't have to talk about this if you don't want to.", he said.

"No, it's been eating at my insides for weeks. I need to talk about it.", she said.

"That's smart, Ally. Things like this will tear you apart if you don't talk about them. Let it out Ally.", he said.

"Mom always protected me. I was her little girl. Now, she's gone. I guess I'm looking for someone to take care of me.", she said. Ally's voice started to crack. Alex patted her hand. "It's OK, I lost my parents when I was seventeen. I know what you're going through.", he said.

"You did?", she exclaimed. "I didn't know. Is that why you've been so understanding?", she asked.

"Partly, there are other reasons as well.", he said. "There's a saying that misery loves company. Well, sometimes the misery gets to me when I'm alone and it's nice to talk to someone who's been through a similar tragedy. Can I ask you a silly question?", he asked.

"Sure.", she replied.

"You're last name is Medina. That's Italian, right?", he asked.

"It is.", she said.

"Funny, you look more German.", he stated.

"So did my mother.", she said with a smile. "My mother was half German and half Swedish. My father's parents came from the very northern parts of Italy, near the Austrian border.", she explained.

"Oh, so that explains the blonde hair and blue eyes.", he said.

"That's right. Could I ask a question, now?", she asked.

"You certainly may.", he responded.

"What is rule number one? I heard Felix say you were about to break it.", she asked.

"I'm afraid that's classified. We have certain rules concerning recruitment and training. Only the trainers are permitted to know these rules. We've decided that allowing them to become known to slaves and potential slaves might make training more difficult. It's something I'm afraid I just can't discuss. Sorry.", he explained.

Rule number one stated that a master or mistress should never fall in love with a slave. They could love them as a master would love a pet but never as one human being would love another. They called this 'Losing your perspective". Many argued that the fine line, if there really was a line at all, was difficult if not impossible to determine. That was why Alex included Felix on these trips. One person would always stay distant, as Felix did this time, and observe to verify that everyone maintained perspective. Felix had spotted Alex's love for Ally almost immediately and warned him. But Alex was the boss and he was the one who had to take responsibility if something went wrong. And he got himself hooked. Alex accepted this. He wondered if the line between the two different types of love really did exist. At the moment he really didn't care.

"I don't fully understand, but I will accept the explanation anyway. You've been up front with me since I first came here. I guess I can trust that it's for my own good. I have another question.", she said.

"Shoot.", Alex said.

"You said that the island was somewhere east of Tahiti....", she started to say.

"Did I say that? I'm sorry. An associate of mine was interested in starting an island of his own somewhere east of Tahiti. I've been working on the purchase for about a month and I must have gotten confused. Actually my island is about three hundred and twenty miles west, southwest of Los Angeles in international waters. If it were where I said it was it would take three days to get there. Is that what you wanted to know?", he asked.

"Yes. I thought something was wrong with the travel time. Just one more question. When's the food gonna get here. I'm starved!". Ally asked. Ally picked at the last of the salad. She really wasn't a salad person. Neither was Alex she noticed. He had hardly touched his. Ally's mom always started a large dinner with salad and that's why she ordered one. It was more out of habit as opposed to actually wanting one that she ordered it. Alex really didn't like salad but wanted something to nibble on while Ally was eating hers.

Just two minutes later the main course arrived, carried by two waiters. They laid out the feast before Alex and Ally, accompanied by several 'Wow"'s and "Oh, my..."'s from both Ally and Alex. Alex, even though he had eaten at his own restaurants several times, was always amazed at the skill of his chefs. He had spared no expense in getting the very best people. "Will there be anything else, sir?", asked one of the waiters.

"No, I think we're fine. Please lock the door on your way out. I'll ring if we need anything else.

The food was delicious. Ally practically inhaled the shrimp, stuffed with crab meat. Alex tore into the lobster with reckless abandon. They ate like there was no tomorrow, punctuated by more idle chatter. Twenty minutes later there was hardly a scrap of food left on either plate. "Boy, I didn't know I had a human vacuum cleaner on my hands!", he said as he looked at Ally's empty plate. "You didn't do so bad yourself I see.", she returned the 'compliment'. "I guess dessert's out of the question.", he said with a smile. She laughed. "Yes it is. I couldn't eat another bite. Thanks anyway.", she said.

They sat for a while longer sipping their drinks. Alex then looked at the time. Ten past midnight. "Hey Ally, it's late. Maybe I should take you home? ", he asked. " To be honest with you, and this is going to sound strange, I'm not exactly tired of your company....", she said.

"Well then, what do you say to a tour of L.A. in a nice, fancy limo?", he asked.

"Sounds wonderful!", she exclaimed. She wanted to stay with Alex as long as she could tonight. His company was as addicting as the most powerful narcotic. His baby blue eyes held her heart captive and she relished every moment.

Alex stood. "Ohhh...., I think I ate too much!", he said as he rose. "I know the feeling.", Ally said as she rose also. Alex went to an intercom mounted on the wall. He pressed a button. "Andre!", he said. "Yes sir", was the reply. "Tell Charles to bring the Rolls around front in ten minutes. Miss Medina and myself would like a tour of L.A.", Alex ordered. "Right away, sir.", Andre answered. "I need to use the ladies room.", Ally said. "Certainly.", said Alex. Alex led Ally to the rest rooms and let her go into the ladies room as Alex entered the men's room.

They met outside the restrooms and exited the restaurant. The Rolls Royce was waiting outside with a driver dressed in all black with the traditional driver's cap. The driver held the door for Ally and Alex, closed it, then got behind the wheel. "Where to sir?", he asked. "Indulge yourself, Charles.", Alex replied. "Sir?", Charles asked. "Out there. Just drive through L.A. and anywhere else you'd think might be interesting. It really doesn't matter. We'll be quite satisfied with your choice.", Alex stated. "Yes sir.", Charles replied.

Charles drove Alex and Ally around for two full hours. Alex and Ally didn't really care where they were or where they were going. All they knew was that they loved each other. Alex kept telling himself to maintain perspective, to only love Ally as a pet. But as far as he was concerned, that was virtually impossible. So they allowed Charles to drive around as they held each other close and kissed each other dozens of times.

Finally, around two in the morning, Ally said she was tired and would like to be taken home. She gave Charles the address and he drove them to her house in what seemed like just a few minutes. Too short, thought Ally, as she pressed her body into Alex's arms. "I'll see you in one week.", he said. "Do you have all the papers and instructions?", he asked. "Yes.", she replied. "Good, remember the doctor's appointment is the most critical. You must get that done as soon as possible." , he reminder her. "I know.", she said. They kissed one last time. Ally was about to open the door when it swung open. Charles had gone over to her door and opened it for her. Ally exited the Rolls and thanked Charles for helping her out. He returned the compliment, closed the door and got behind the wheel. She waved to Alex as the Rolls pulled away.

Part 3