Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 7

Part 7 Schedule of Events (part 3)

Alex arrived at the hospital just past seven carrying the arm sleeve that he had selected for Ally. Maggie was waiting for him. "Is she awake yet?" he asked.

"I woke her up an hour ago and gave her a sponge bath. I need a hand with the feeding cradle. Could you help me get it?"

"Sure, let's go," he said.

Maggie led Alex to the supply room where she pointed out a four foot long by one foot wide padded plank. It weighed around twenty pounds and was a bit awkward to carry. Once Alex got it into the hall however it was a little easier to tote. Alex carried it to Ally's room. Maggie followed close behind, carrying the arm sleeve that Alex had brought for Ally.

Ally was laying on her back waiting for them. Her hands were still attached to her collar. She appeared to be relaxing with her hands behind her head, just staring at the ceiling. Of course, Ally had little choice in the position of her hands as they were bound to the collar.

Upon seeing Alex and Maggie enter, Ally sat up. "Good morning, sweetheart. Sleep well?" Alex asked.

Ally nodded heavily and gave a good whinny, "Neeeeheeeeheeeheee."

Alex smiled. She was so cute. He thought the neighing sound was so wonderful coming from her lips. Alex set the cradle down on it's end. Maggie went to Ally and took hold of her reins and led her to the center of the room. She pointed to the ground and Ally knelt.

Maggie then took the hospital table to the far end of the bed and pushed it across the bed so the table was over top of the bare mattress. "Oh, I forgot something. I'll be right back," she said. She left and returned moments later with a dark blue heavy tablecloth. She laid this on the mattress under the table. Then she raised the bed until it was waist height. She used her own body as a gauge. She then lowered it three inches. She cranked the table down until it was just a few inches above the bed. "OK, let's have the cradle.

Alex took the cradle and placed it on top of the narrow hospital table. There was a frame under the cradle that the tabletop fit into. Four small thumbscrews secured the cradle to the top of the tabletop Maggie cranked the table down further until it was now resting on the mattress. "OK, I think we're ready for her," Alex said.

Alex went to the drawer and took the soft star bit and examined it for burrs or imperfections that might cut Ally's soft inner cheek. There were none. The disks had six star points all rounded off. It looked almost like a six leafed clover. The disks were one and a half inches in diameter and a quarter inch thick. As he approached Ally, Maggie came over to Ally also.

"Are you going to put that in before she eats?" Maggie asked. Ally looked at the two of them with great interest. She remembered Alex saying that she would have to wear the soft star bit sometime, but she was hoping for later, much later!

"Susan and I discussed it. We feel she needs to experience both star bits before tomorrow. Just be careful with the reins so you don't injure her inner cheeks. Why, do you see a problem?"

"No, not really. I just thought we were going to let her get used to the star bits a while before we made her eat with them. I guess she'll be OK," Maggie said.

Ally heard all this and was on the verge of hysteria. "Both star bits! Dear God!" she thought. She knew she would wear them, but didn't know how she would bear them. She knelt there patiently as Alex started to remove her bit. She held her mouth open as he inserted the star bit. A small tear ran down her cheek. She felt the stars dig into her cheek and gum. It wasn't really all that bad as long as she kept her cheeks puffed out. As soon as she relaxed her facial muscles the rounded points pressed into the soft, tender tissue of her cheeks and gums.

"You'll be fine, honey," Alex said, "Now, stand up."

Alex took hold of her reins again; he had reattached them to the new bit. He led her over to the contraption that they had constructed across the bed. The hospital bed was crossed by a four foot long plank that had a concave leather pad at the near end and a recessed bowl at the far end. Around the edges of the bowl were thumbscrews to secure the plate of food that would be brought shortly.

Ally was made to stand at the end of the cradle. The cradle was waist height. Alex bent her over the cradle and secured her to it by way of a strap that buckled at the small of her back. Once he did this, Ally noticed that her feet could still touch the floor as long as she didn't spread them out too far.

Alex released her hands and instructed her to place them behind her back. Alex took the arm sleeve and unzipped the bottom of it. He slipped it on both arms and attached the straps that were at the end of each sleeve to the center ring on the back of Ally's collar. He then folded Ally's arms up into the bag and zipped it shut. Ally now had her hands bound to her elbows with a sleeve that ran from one underarm to the other. A strap extended from the inside of each sleeve diagonally to the center ring of her collar. Ally would not be using her hands in any way, yet her circulation was unincumbered.

"I think we're ready for breakfast," he said.

"On my way," said Maggie.

A short time later Maggie returned with a metal dish full of raw oats, alfalfa and ground fruit. A couple of ounces of raw ground beef was mixed into the mixture for protein. An ample portion of water was mixed into the concoction to make it at least marginally edible. Maggie placed the dish into the cradle and tightened the thumbscrews so Ally wouldn't knock it on the floor. The tablecloth she had thoughtfully laid out earlier would catch any scraps that Ally would inevitably spill.

Ally stared down at the food below her nose. What she saw did not look even remotely appealing. The oatmeal was raw. She expected this. She had read the schedule. How was she going to get this down?

Whack! "Begin," said Alex.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," Ally protested as she shook her head. She wasn't going to eat this crap!

Whack! Whack! Whack! "Get your face in that food, now!" Alex yelled at Ally.

Ally knew the beating would only get worse if she didn't comply. She pressed her face into the mush and began eating the disgusting mush.

Whack! "Better, now get moving. Faster!" Alex shouted at her as he gave her many more strokes of the crop. Ally attacked the food much faster. All the food was gone in a very short time. She began licking. Alex gave her more shots as she continued to lick. Now she slacked off her pace of licking. Alex saw it at once. "Keep licking girl. I didn't give you permission to slow down." Whack!

"Neeheeeheeeheee,"Ally said.

After several minutes Alex told her to stop. "I'll be back for lunch. Don't' start without me." He left.

Maggie took Ally off the cradle and wheeled the cradle and hospital table combination to the side so Ally could use the bed. Ally had tears coming running down her cheeks and had mush all over her face. Maggie got a cloth and cleaned her up.

"You're doing fine. I'll get some cream for your buns. Wait here."

Maggie returned a short time later with some healing salve. It was the same salve that she had been applying to Ally's piercings for the last few days. She rubbed it gently into Ally's buttocks. Ally cooed gently as the pain was slowly rubbed from her behind.

Maggie then placed a pillow on the far side of the bed. "She grabbed Ally's reins and led her to the bed. "Bend over," Maggie commanded. Ally bent over the bed and placed her head on the pillow. "You are to stay like that unless you need to use the bathroom. From now on, this is where you stay. Also, forget about getting your ass wiped. I'll be doing that only when you're given your sponge bath in the morning. Otherwise, You'll keep your rear end pointed at the door for all to see. And finally, spread those legs." Ally stretched her legs wide. "Good, I'll see you in a little while."

Ally stayed bent over the bed for some time. During this time she began to think of all that had happened to her in the last week. For the last three days she had worn a bit just like a horse. Now she even was forced to make sounds like a horse. She even had to eat like one. She felt like an animal, unable to do anything without being led by the nose. The strange thing about all this was that she didn't hate doing these things. In fact, she even liked some of the things that were done to her. And she enjoyed the attention they gave her most of all. She realized she had entered a strange new world where the normal rules of society no longer applied. Morality had a completely different meaning. Nudity and sexually explicit behavior was the norm. This adult community was safe from unwanted pregnancies, and any sex she would have would be completely safe. That meant she could have sex as often as they would let her and there would be no physical consequences, only fun. Most importantly, this group of people believed that sex was not dirty, and did not put people down for being promiscuous. In fact, they encouraged it! Ally believed that being made to behave like an animal was probably her preparation for some basic form of discipline that would be incorporated into some sexual training program. She would accept her new role with pleasure.


Alex had arrived at the meeting room just at 10:00 to find Susan leading the two girls, Krystal and Tanya into the room by a leash. Each girl was hobbled with a foot long chain between the six inch heels on their knee length boots. The girl's hands were bound behind their back with handcuffs. The girls were naked otherwise. Felix was there as well and had several sheets of paper before him. The remaining staff had just filed in as Alex took his seat.

"I have called you here once again to determine the fate of these two lovely ladies. They have had quite a bit of difficulty in adapting to their new environment and we are here to discuss their options. Felix will explain," Alex said.

Felix stood and began to give the details of the problems with the two girls. "First, Krystal, the blonde girl you see before you. Krystal was brought here roughly nine months ago. She has given her trainers untold hardships. She refuses to obey, to please, to do anything we ask of her. We've used every method of training we have to teach her the way of an island slave and she has yet to be broken. However, strange as it may seem, she has refused dismissal. She stands before you for judgement."

Felix paused to retrieve a second sheet of notes. He continued, "Tanya, you all know. She has been a trainer for some time. As of late, she has become quite abusive with her slaves. Over the last several months, she has put at least two slaves in the hospital. Both slaves will recover for the most part, however the last slave, Horst, has a permanent back injury and will need to be transferred to Mascula, where he will become a master. He can no longer bear any strain on his back and will in all likelihood never become a slave again. The truly bad thing about all this, is that I saw absolutely no remorse in Tanya's eyes when I interviewed her regarding this latest incident."

Felix paused to allow all the members take a good look at both girls. "I would like to recommend the kennel for both of them."

The entire group instantly became quiet. Tanya's eyes went wide. The entire room was dumbstruck.

"We've tried everything in the book. These girls have only one option," Alex cut in.

A red headed lady near the far end of the table stood up. Jane Mac Dougal was a well respected mistress who sat on the town council in Femina. All eyes turned to her as she began, "I agree. Tanya has been warned time and again about the rough stuff. I personally covered up several incidents when she first started living in Femina because I attributed it to inexperience. I see now that I should have reported it sooner. I take full responsibility. It is my fault that those boys got injured. If I would have said something, then we could have stopped it. As for Krystal, I don't understand what's wrong with that girl. I had her in my staff for quite a while and we had to keep her tied up all the time to keep her from running off. Some of us think she likes to be punished. That, of course is a real possibility. If that's the case, then the kennels would be perfect for her. She wouldn't have any options to disobey." Jane sat down.

"Any other comments?" asked Alex.

A man who was seated next to Felix rose. John Bass was the mayor of Mascula. John Bass was Welch. He was taller and more handsome than Alex and was the first male slave to come to the Island. Alex liked him tremendously. John was bi. He kept several male and female slaves at hand for his enjoyment and his cart was now in the castle stables with his ponyboy and ponygirl harnessed. John was well respected as well and had a reputation for being completely incorruptible. "I agree also, but with one stipulation. These two must be given another option. We must give them the option to leave with full benefits. This way of life is too harsh to not abide by our rules. They must be given an opportunity to tour and live in the kennels before making a decision as well. I feel it is necessary to make them see with their own eyes what awaits them."

"That is an excellent idea, John. Let us say two weeks in one of the kennel's cages," Alex said.

"I was thinking more like one week," said John.

Susan offered a suggestion, "Why not split the difference and give them till a week from Monday. That's ten days. That should be plenty of time to let them decide."

"I like that," said John Bass.

"Very well. All those in favor of putting these girls in the kennels with a ten day tour and the option to be dismissed at the end of the trial period, raise your hands," shouted Alex.

Tanya and Krystal watched as every hand in the room was raised. Their fate was sealed. Almost in unison, both girls dropped their heads in despair. The guard who had taken their leashes led them out.

"Thank you my friends. I'm certain we made the correct decision. I hereby declare this meeting adjourned."

Alex left the room, closely followed by Susan. "I don't want anything to happen to those girls. Feed them normal slave food and don't allow any kennel procedures to be performed on them. It's OK if they can see what will happen to them, but they are not to be touched. Understand?" he ordered Susan.

"Perfectly. I'll go down to the kennels and set things in motion. I'll pass along your orders as well," Susan replied.

"Excellent. I'm going to the kitchen and get a bite to eat. Then I'm going to see Ally again. Sure you can't come?"

"No, I've got too much to do. Tomorrow we'll work together on her."

"OK, it's your loss. Catch you later."

Alex left thinking of Ally and how interesting tomorrow would be. He finally had several days that he could spend with his new found love. The things he would do to her were repeated in his mind over and over again as he walked to the kitchen. Yes, tomorrow would be fun.

Alex polished off a ham and cheese club sandwich in no time at all. He looked at his watch. It was 11:30. He picked up a glass of soda and headed sat down for a few more minutes. Fifteen minutes later, he left for the hospital to observe Ally eating lunch. He suddenly realized that he could stay with her for the rest of the evening. His schedule was empty for today. He arrived at the hospital at precisely noon.

When Alex arrived in the room, he was greeted by the sight of Ally's butt. She had her legs spread wide and was laying across the bed with her hands still in the sleeve. "When did she last use the bathroom," he asked Maggie.

"Only fifteen minutes ago," Maggie responded.

As Ally lay on the bed she wondered how Maggie knew that she had used the bathroom. She suddenly realized that she was being monitored somehow. She decided she would need to be very careful to be obedient as she now knew she would instantly be caught if she wasn't. They probably had hidden cameras and microphones. Ally became just a bit paranoid.

Alex grabbed Ally's reins and pulled her upright. That hurt. The star bit dug into Ally's gums and cheeks.

"MMMMM... heee heee hee," came from Ally's mouth. She converted the original sound into a whinny to please her master. Now she was standing upright.

Maggie took the plate of mush she held and placed it into the recess on the cradle. She laid out a new tablecloth on the bed and repositioned the assembly across the bed. Again she lowered it onto the bed. Alex placed Ally on the cradle and fastened the strap at her waist. He picked up the crop and took aim.

"Now, this time I want obedience from start to end. When I say go, I want to see you attack your food with vigor. Press your face into it and get it down as fast as you can. And I want to see you licking the plate as fast as you can when there's no more mush left. Remember, don't stop or slow down until I say so," Alex ordered.

Ally nodded her head and whinnied. Whack! "Begin," commanded Alex.

Ally pushed her face into the mush and started eating as fast as she could. She didn't have time to worry about the taste, which she didn't like at all. That was the real intention of making her eat fast. They wanted her to worry more about eating what they fed her rather than having a choice to refuse it because it didn't taste good. In just minutes, the food was gone and Ally began to lick her plate. She licked at a furious pace. Alex continued to give her small strokes of the crop as she continued to lick as fast as she could. He could hear her panting as she was running out of steam. "Stop!" he yelled.

Ally stopped. She was grateful as she was almost completely out of energy. "You did just fine, honey. Let me unstrap you," Alex said as he removed the waist strap. Alex examined Ally's rump for welts and bruises from the crop but found only small ones that would heal quickly. He grabbed her reins and took her to the center of the room. Alex had told Maggie that he intended to stay all day and to leave the cradle on the bed. Ally would be at his feet during the remainder of the day.

"OK, girl. Now we have to give you the hard star bit. And I don't want any complaints. This is to show you what happens when we need to control you to the max. Now open wide when I take the bit out," Alex said.

Ally held her mouth open as Alex removed the soft star bit and replaced it with the hard star bit. He first examined it for burrs and then placed it in her mouth. Not moments after the buckles were fastened, Ally began to cry.

"Yes, it is very uncomfortable, isn't it?" he asked.

Ally nodded and whinnied in a labored manner. Tears were streaming down her face as Alex took the reins and attached them to the new bit. This bit had sharper points on the rubber stars. Also the stars were a full three quarter inch thick. Alex could see the shape of a star on each cheek as it stretched around and formed over the rubber insert. "This bit will always be uncomfortable. You will never get used to this bit. When I tug even slightly on the reins, you will have to respond instantly. You won't have any choice. The bit will make you completely obedient, far beyond any level of obedience you ever thought you could attain." To demonstrate, Alex gave a tiny tug to the right rein. Ally felt intense pain in her right cheek immediately and jerked her head to the right and forward. "I think you see what I mean," Alex quipped.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," came from Ally as she nodded.

"Place your head on the floor and lift your rear end to me," Alex said.

Ally leaned forward and put her head on the floor. Her rear end naturally rose.

"Good, stay like that until I say otherwise," Alex ordered. "Maggie, let's go get some coffee."

Ally kept her head pressed to the floor for some time before Alex and Maggie returned. Alex took hold of her reins and raised her head. Ally's cheeks burned from the abuse. She lifted her head as Alex led her to a chair in the corner.

"Kneel beside me and place your chin on the arm rest," Alex ordered.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," Ally said.

Ally knelt beside her master and placed her chin on the arm rest. Alex gently petted Ally, running his fingers along the straps of the bridle. Alex rested his hand on the back of her head and allowed himself to sink into the comfortable leather chair. Alex closed his eyes and started to think of what he would be doing tomorrow with Ally. He wasn't completely satisfied with the new name Susan had offered, but it would do he decided.

Alex opened his eyes and looked at Ally. "Would you like some music?" he offered.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," she said while nodding strongly.

Alex went to the panel above the bed and turned a knob. Music started playing. The station was already set to a top forty station. Today they were playing a mix of current and older hit songs. The song that was playing at this time was an old one called "Wildfire."

Alex listened to the lyrics for some time. It was a song he had enjoyed hearing many times before. "She ran calling Willldddd...fiiiiirreeee......."

"That's it!" Alex shouted, "Don't move sweetheart, I'll be right back."

Alex ran down to the nurses station and picked up the phone. Maggie was there and was concerned. "Is there something wrong?" she asked.

"No, I just got an idea and I have to get a hold of Susan."

"Yea, this is Alex. Get me Susan," Alex said to the operator at the castle.

A few minutes later, Susan was on the line. "What's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing, do you remember an old song called Wildfire? I forget who the group was that sang it," he said.

"Yea, that was a real popular hit some time ago," she replied.

"What do you think about the name?"

"You mean for Ally? Yea, I guess we could use it. But it's kind of late, isn't it to change now?" she asked.

"See if you can get a rush job done. At least get the collar made up. That's the name I want to use for her."

"I'm sure we can work it out. I'll call you if there's any problem," Susan said.

"Great, see ya."

Alex came back to Ally's room to find her in the same position. "Wait there, sweetheart. I need to do one more thing."

Alex went to the lounge and picked up some erotic books. He returned to Ally's room and took his seat once more. Alex decided to do a little reading to kill the time before he would be giving Ally her last meal of the day.

One of the books was called 'Ponygirls' by Victor Bruno. It was from this book that Alex had gotten he idea of using frames for the ponies instead of having them march free standing as Anne Rice had done with the ponies in the 'Beauty' series. The frames in the book were in need of some improvements however. In the book, the frames were made of tubular steel. Fortunately for Alex, one of the first people to be recruited to the island was an engineering student from Berkley who also was heavily into bicycling. He suggested that tubular carbon fiber would be lighter and stronger. Plus there was no chance of rust from the salt air. He also redesigned the rear support to incorporate a cartridge for urine collection. Finally, he designed the stationary pony rack that had casters hidden inside of large rubber feet that could be retracted or lowered to make the rack mobile or stationary. ( Further descriptions of these items will follow later.)

Alex looked at Ally. He could see the distress in her eyes that was caused by the very uncomfortable star bit. He looked at his watch. He had to leave the bit in her mouth for another hour as he had agreed with Susan earlier. He wished he could remove it now. She did too.

Alex sat back and paged through the book. He had read the book many times since it was first published. Alex was killing time by skimming through the pages for the many wilder scenes. He made sure to keep the text and pictures hidden from Ally.

Alex waited for half an hour before deciding to give Ally a break and remove the bit. She looked so pitiful with her cheeks bulging and the tears still running down her face. All the petting and attempts to console her were in vain. Alex had to do something.

"It still hurts, doesn't it?" he asked.

Ally nodded and whinnied. Her cheeks were burning but she kept her chin on the arm of the chair. Alex grabbed her arm and helped her stand. He held the reins but put no pressure on them. He then led Ally to the center of the room using the reins. She did not let them go tight and Alex made no attempt to pull them hard. He wanted to show Ally a little mercy.

"Kneel here," he ordered, pointing to a spot in the center of the room. Ally dropped to her knees immediately.

"Now, before I change the bit, I want to give you a little lecture regarding your future. This is required by our rules. We call it the 'Facts of Island Life' and you must listen very carefully to what I am about to say. Understand?"

Ally whinnied and nodded.

"On this island we operate on what you could call the one way door principle. What this means is that we give you an option to make a decision. This corresponds with going through a door. That decision will be final, in other words, the door is a one way door and you can't change your mind once you go through that door." Alex looked at Ally and saw she was paying attention but appeared confused. He attempted to clarify the situation.

"OK, let me start again. Everything you have had done to you has been with your approval, correct?" he asked.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," Ally said as she nodded.

"We work here on consensual activities. No one gets raped, or sexually assaulted. These terms suggest that the person getting things done to them has not agreed to these activities. Each slave that is on this island has signed a written contract of indentureship that gives us the right to do as we please with them as long as we do not intentionally cause physical harm to them. Tomorrow you will decide whether you want to progress to that point."

"Tomorrow, you will be given a choice to walk through one of two doors, essentially make one of two decisions. One door for you leads back to your home."

Ally started whinnying and shaking her head violently. She definitely did not want that option.

Alex held up his hand. "Now wait! Let me finish. One option will allow you to go home with one hundred thousand dollars deposited into your bank account. Remember, there are thousands of bondage clubs throughout the world, some of the best of which are only miles from your own L.A. home. You can have all that's been happening to you done and still be free. Or you can choose option two. This option provides that you will become a slave, fully, complete and without any expiration. You will not have any right to refuse anything that is done to you. The only thing we will agree to is not to physically harm you. There will be no expiration of your slavery. You could very well be a slave until you are old and gray. You will certainly be a pony slave for the next six months. You will have no right to protest if we decide to make that time one year longer, two years longer or ten years longer. If we want you to be a pony slave for the rest of your life, that's what you'll be. I'll say right now that the longest we ever kept anyone in the stables was eighteen months. But that's not a guarantee you won't be there for two or three times as long. It's not your choice."

"The catch is that whatever decision you decide to make, it's final! If you leave, you will never come back. If you stay, we will make you obey regardless of how much we have to punish you. The training will be similar to what you've been going through but it will be much more intense. Discipline will be extremely tight. Every detail of your life will be controlled. That's the decision you have to make. I don't want a decision now. I want you to sleep on it."

Ally whinnied and shook her head.

"What is it? Do you want to leave now?"

Ally shook her head again and whinnied.

"You want to stay!"

Ally nodded and whinnied.

"I will not accept your decision till tomorrow morning. If you still feel that way then, I'll allow you to sign your slavery contract and you will thereby give up all your human rights. But I want you to take the rest of the day and tonight to think about it. Once you sign, there's no turning back, no matter how much you regret it. Understand?"

Ally nodded vigorously and whinnied.

"Good, now let's put the small disks in. You've been a good girl and I don't think you need those big star disks in your mouth for the rest of the day."

Alex removed the bit and replaced it with the small disk bit. Ally groaned a sigh of relief. She would do anything to keep from having that other bit placed in her mouth again. When all the straps were tightened, Ally bent down and tried as best as she could to kiss Alex's boots. Alex smiled and patted her on the head. "You're so wonderful," he said as he lifted her up by the reins. Ally still felt pain in her cheeks but avoided making any noise. She wanted to show Alex that she could be even more submissive by not giving him reason to be concerned over her own pain. Alex gave her a big hug. Ally turned her rear to him and indicated that she needed to go. He led her to the bathroom and left her there.

Alex continued to kill time for another hour until dinner was served to Ally. The routine was now set. Ally was strapped into the cradle and made to eat the mush while Alex continually gave her incentive to eat as fast as she could. Constant strokes from the crop were administered to Ally's rear until well after the food was gone.

After dinner, Ally was released from the cradle. Alex reminded her, "Remember, tomorrow you have to make the decision. I want you to think carefully about the consequences of the choice you will make. I'll see you early tomorrow morning to see what you want to do. Good night sweetheart."

Ally looked at Alex and longed to be with him. For her the decision was already made. She fully understood the consequences. Signing the contract was merely a formality. But, still, she had been ordered to think carefully about her decision. She thought how it would feel to be turned into a pack animal and be treated as such. She realized that she could very well end up being a pony for many years, if Alex so desired it. She loved Alex. "If that was what he wants, then she would gladly submit to such treatment. Yes, I will do as he pleases and find happiness there," she thought.


While all this was happening at the hospital, Susan was busy introducing Krystal and Tanya to the kennels. "This is the kennels," she said to the two girls. "You have been ordered to observe this environment for the next ten days. Should you wish to stay on the island, you will have to submit to living in the kennels under the rules of domestication. In other words, you must allow yourselves to trained as dogs. You're only other option is to accept the generous offer of one hundred thousand dollars and be returned to your respective homes. There's no negotiation or half way measures available. You will remain in these cages until next week and watch carefully how the men and women here behave like well trained puppies. If you want to stay, you will have to be trained in the same manner with your full consent."

Tanya and Krystal stared at Susan from their three foot cube cages with pure hatred. They were no longer bound, but the cages were locked securely. Both girls were gagged with ball gags however, and the gags were locked in place. This was Susan's addition to the treatment. She told the task master that the girls would only be ungagged during meals. She didn't want them to disturb the other dogs.

Each cage was built against the wall with a window to the playground outside. From here both girls could observe the dogs being made to fetch and do tricks. The would see that the dogs were constantly having sex with one another and each girl laughed at the sight of the clumsy attempts the males would make to mount the females. This part they thought they enjoyed. No dog slave talked however. They always barked or whimpered. No dog slave was ever seen to wear any type of gag or bit. The girls were at a loss to understand why they never made any human sounds at all. They would find out later.

"Now, you girls pay close attention to what happens down here. You will make your decision one week from Monday. That decision will be final!" Susan warned.

Susan returned to the castle to await Alex's return. In the interim, she checked on the status of the nameplate for Ally's stall and her new collar. Everything, except for the nameplate was ready. The goldsmith gave full priority to the collar. It was his finest piece of work to date. The collar was similar to the one Ally now wore, except the single buckle that was secured with an Allen screw was replaced with tandem buckles that had no locks or screws. Engraved into the gold plate on the front of the collar was the name "WILDFIRE."

Susan decided to save Alex some time and collect all the necessary supplies they would need for tomorrow's session. They would be there all day for the most part. She arranged to have Cindy and Alice prepared for an early start. She intended to take them along to provide any sexual services that she or Alex would need.

Alex returned sometime after seven to find Susan waiting for him. "So, is she ready?" Susan asked.

"Yea, I think so. I told her about the contract and how serious the decision would be. I told her about the one way door policy. I told her that the decision could not be reversed. And I told her to sleep on it."

"How long did you leave the star bit in," she asked. Susan knew what was coming.

"I had to take it out a half hour early. She was hurting too much. I didn't think it was necessary anymore. She knows what it's like. She'll avoid doing anything that makes us put that thing in her mouth."

"I guess you're right. I would have left it in for the full two hours though."

"I just couldn't stand to see her suffer any longer."

"I know." Susan snuggled up to Alex. "Take me to bed you stud! I'm hot talking about all this bondage stuff."


The next morning Susan awoke in Alex's arms. After six hours straight of wild sexual pleasures, Susan needed as much sleep as she could get. It was now 9:00 A.M. "Wake up honey. We have a pony to break."

"Yea, I'm awake, I think. Umm, what time is it?" Alex asked with a groggy voice.

"Nine o'clock," she replied.

"A.M. or P.M.? Hey, we've gotta ease up on the wild stuff lady. You're gonna wear me out! Wow, what a night!"

"Yea, I sort of enjoyed it myself. Now let's get started. We don't want to keep the new girl waiting, do we?" Susan smiled at Alex.

Alex and Susan showered together. Alex ran his hands over Susan's body and suddenly kissed her full on the mouth. Susan dropped to her knees and wrapped her lips around Alex's manhood. "Oh God!" he exclaimed. Alex reached down and grabbed two handfuls of Susan's hair and pressed her face into his lap. Susan deep-throated him with no trouble at all. Alex reached down to Susan's breasts and felt for her nipple rings. When he found them, he gently twisted them in his fingers. Susan squealed with joy. By the time they were finished, the water from the shower was not the only moisture between her legs.

Susan returned to her room to get dressed in what she called her bitch outfit. She was clad completely in black leather. Black leather knee length boots with five inch heels, a black leather skirt that barely covered her to the knees, black leather, elbow length kid gloves and a corset like leather halter that Susan laced up as tight as she could, comprised her outfit. She looked into the mirror. She was hot! She fetched the supplies she had collected earlier and met Alex in the lobby. At the last minute she remembered to get the slavery contract from the main office.

Alex was dressed in black leather as well. He was bare chested with the exception of a fine leather vest. He wore leather pants and leather boots. He work short black leather work gloves as well.

At his side were Alice and Cindy. Both girls were naked except for knee length boots with six inch heels, a leather collar and wrist cuffs. Each girl was also gagged with a one inch ball gag that was buckled in place by a strap that went around the head. Alex held Cindy's leash while Cindy held Alice's. Alex led the way to the limo.


"Take these two downstairs and wait for me. I'll take the equipment and the contract. I'll meet you downstairs in, oh, say half and hour," Alex said as he picked up the large black leather bag and took a big brown envelope from Susan. He handed Cindy's leash to Susan and headed for Ally's room.

Upon entering Ally's room, he found her lying on her side on the bed. She still wore the arm bag, small disk bit and collar. Also, her hair was pulled into a pony tail with a small leather wrapping that looked like a miniature collar.

"Good morning. Did you think over your decision?" Alex asked.

Ally nodded and responded with a whinny.

"Good. Before you make your decision final, I'm going to remove all your bonds and have a heart to heart talk with you. I want you to speak your mind and answer as truthfully as you can." Alex paused for effect. "This talk is not part of the procedure. I just want to talk to you, one on one, and make absolutely sure you want to go on. Also, I'm very curious about a few things."

With this Alex began removing Ally's bonds. He removed her bridle, collar, and arm bag. He even removed her wrist cuffs. When she was completely naked he sat her on his knee. Then he kissed her full on the mouth. It was the first time he had kissed her unbound since she had been driven home from the restaurant; that was centuries ago!

"For the next few moments, you will not be required to call me master. This is one on one, OK?"

"OK, what do you want to know?" she asked. These were the first words she had spoken in many days. She didn't realize how important it was to hear herself speak. It felt somewhat unusual to use her mouth to form human words again. She was almost startled by the sounds that came out.

"Why?" was all Alex said.

"Why what?" she responded.

"Why all this? Why would you want to continue being treated like this. Let me explain. We've brought over two thousand people to this place and it still confuses me. Why do people like to have this stuff done to them? And why the island. You can get the same thing at any bondage club around the world and go home the next day. In other words, you have the option to call it quits. Here you don't."

"Exactly. That's why I want to stay. Then I can't quit. I don't want the decision. Alex, my love, for me it all started with those books. Especially the Beauty series. When I read of Tristan being turned into a pony slave, I became so hot you would not believe! Then I thought, what would it be like to be turned into a pony. I imagined myself marching. I could almost feel the tail at my rear, the bit in my mouth. In the basement of the restaurant, you turned my dreams into reality. That's why I was so turned on when you had me march for you. The amazing thing is I don't know why either. The things you have done to me just turn me on. It amazes me too."

"So your mind is already made up. You want to become a pony slave."

"Yes. Whatever you can do to me to turn me into a good pony, I will accept. Please understand that I make this decision freely."

"OK. Then let's begin. First I want you to go into the bathroom and empty your bladder and bowels as thoroughly as possible. Don't hurt yourself, but get it all out as best as you can. Then take a nice hot shower. Take that leather thing out of your hair and put it back when you're done. Make sure you dry your hair thoroughly."

"Yes master," Ally said. Ally smiled, turned and squealed a little sound of joy as she disappeared into the bathroom.

As Ally prepared herself, Alex began laying out some of the items. First, he took all the bridles and laid them out on the bed. Then he took the arm bag and placed it neatly on the bed as well. He made sure it was unzipped. He then got the boots and placed them neatly on the bed. These were hip length and had a zipper that went from ankle to hip. They sported a four inch long and one inch diameter heel. The bottom of the heel had a hard rubber pad on it. The toe had a horseshoe affixed to it with the open end facing the heel of course. He took the old collar and put it into the equipment bag and retrieved Ally's new collar. At first glance, they were identical. Upon closer inspection of course, one would find Ally's new name Wildfire. Last but not least, He took the contract from the envelope and placed it on the hospital table. The eating cradle had been removed by Maggie earlier.

Ally returned to find her bed full of all sorts of equipment. "Is all this for me?" she exclaimed. "And I didn't get you anything!" she said with a mock pout.

"All for my new ponygirl. Now let's get down to the nitty gritty. Come over here." he ordered.

Ally approached him and started to kneel. "No, honey. Remain standing. I want to show you something. This is the slavery contract." He handed the sheet to her. "You have two options. Either you can tear it in two, or sign it. I realize you already said you would become a pony slave, but I have to give you the options. If you sign it, you lose all your rights for as long as both the council and I say so. That could very well mean the rest of your life. Is that clear?"

"Yes my love. Just give me the pen."

Ally said nothing more and did not allow Alex to say anything either. She picked up the paper and started to read:


Contract of Indentureship Slavery Contract

I Allison Medina do hereby verify that I have decided of my own free will to give up all my human rights so that I may become the property of the inhabitants of the island of Mr. Alexander Davis. I fully understand the consequences of my actions. I hereby authorize Mr. Davis and all his assigns to do as they please with my person, not limited to sexual content or physical abuse with one exception. No permanent physical damage will be intentionally inflicted on the signee and the slave will at no time be subject to any intentional risk of permanent damage to health as well. Furthermore the slave will be given a new name upon signing this contract. That name will be "WILDFIRE" while this slave resides in any stables. Additional names will be given to the slave as the need arises. The slave will respond to the name she is given at all times. The signee fully realizes that signature of this document is irrevocable by the signee. The contract may not be dissolved by the slave.

The slave does hereby affirm their unlimited loyalty by signature of this document.

Slave:_______________________ Date: _______________

Witness: _____________________ Date _______________


Ally took a deep breath. "Well, here goes," she said. She signed the form Allison Medina and dated it. Alex took the pen from her and did the same.

"Are you OK?" he asked.

"Yea, I'm fine. So what's next?" Ally was actually looking forward to what was in store for her.

"Good, then let's get started. Put these on," he ordered.

Alex picked up the boots and handed them to Ally. The soles of the boots were facing her and she easily saw the horseshoes on the soles of them. She took the boots and put them on. She zipped them up and secured the zipper with a small strap that ran through the zipper and connected both halves of the boot.

"Walk around in them and tell me how they feel. Do they pinch anywhere?" he asked.

"No, they're very comfortable." Ally moved around the room in the boots. She even lifted her legs and stomped the carpeted floor to test them further. "They're a perfect fit," she said.

"Good. Then let's get the rest of the stuff on you," he said.

Alex first took the collar. "From this point forward, you are no longer Ally. Your name is now Wildfire," he said as he buckled the collar around Ally's, err... Wildfire's new neck.

"Why Wildfire, master?" she asked.

"I like the song," he replied.

Wildfire thought for a second. The tune came to her in only a short moment. "She ran calling Wildfire," she sang. "You named me after the horse in the song!" she exclaimed. "I love it!" Wildfire wrapped her arms around Alex's neck and kissed him. Alex didn't resist much.

After a moment Alex pushed her away. "We have people waiting for us. Turn around and put your hands behind your back."

Wildfire put her arms behind her back and straight down. Alex took the arm bag and slipped it up her arms. He fastened the straps from the sleeves to the center ring on the back of her collar. Now her hands were sticking out the bottom of the bag. He took the cuffs which he had almost forgotten and put them on Wildfire's wrists. Then he folded them behind her back and sipped the sleeve closed. Wildfire's arms were secure now.

It was now time for the bit. Alex looked at his new pony. "Wildfire, my love, would you kneel before me?" he asked her.

She dropped to her knees immediately. "Today we will use the ball bridle. This bridle will be used on you quite often. It will make you appear more submissive than any other bit. Now open wide."

Wildfire opened her mouth as wide as she could. Even still, the ball just barely fit into her mouth. Wildfire groaned as Alex pulled all the straps snug and then attached the reins. "There are only a couple more items left. Stand up."

Alex pulled her reins lightly and helped his pony to her feet. She was somewhat unsteady on her heels. Alex kept a hand on her for support. Alex replaced his pony's bells with larger bells. These were a full three inches long and two inches wide at the mouth. Finally, Alex reached into the bag and pulled out the tail. "Turn around," he said. He slipped the tail onto the waiting ring. A slot in the end allowed the tail end to go right up against the skin. Alex turned a special screw fastener that was hidden in the base of the tail and secured it to the pony. The tail was so designed that it appeared to grow out of the base of the spine, not unlike a real tail might grow.

Before Alex stood Wildfire, the most beautiful ponygirl that he had ever laid eyes on. Wildfire's mouth was stretched wide by the ball bridle and she was incapable of helping herself in any way. Alex was proud of his handiwork. "You will do very well," he said to her.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," she said in a muffled voice. The ball prevented her from making as loud a whinny as she had before.

Alex picked up all the bridles and stuffed them into the bag. He then took his new ponygirl's reins and led her out of the room. Wildfire followed her master into an elevator. They stopped one floor below ground level. Wildfire was taken into a miniature stable. The stable was one large room with a cement floor. It had a few shelves and tables along the walls. Riding crops and other various straps, harnesses, and miscellaneous items hung from hooks along the wall. A few items were sitting on the shelves as well.

What caught Wildfire's eye upon entering, however, was a strange contraption in the center of the room. Alex saw her eyes fix on it and explained, "This is a pony rack. In a moment, you will be strapped into it. There a several models that we use. This one is called a stationary pony rack. Notice the large feet." Alex pointed to the four feet. They looked like oversized suction cups. The feet were a full six inches in diameter and four inches high. They were made of rubber. Attached to each foot was a lever. Alex continued, "Notice the lever. When I move it, a caster is extended from the bottom allowing the entire rack to be moved. When the lever is returned to it's original position, the rack becomes immovable again."

Wildfire took a closer look at the rack. The pony rack was made from carbon fiber tubing, many times stronger than steel and only a third it's weight. The rack consisted of four vertical supports that were attached a foot above ground level and at the top by a rectangular frame. When one looked down from above, you would see two rectangles supported by two legs. Upon further examination, Wildfire noticed that the front and rear crossmembers were adjustable in height. Each had a leather belt attached. Also both were well padded with foam rubber. The rear pad had a hole in the center. Alex continued to explain, "The crossmembers are adjustable in height. We usually set the rear one only once. The front one however will be adjusted quite often to either raise or lower your torso. The rear brace has a cartridge inside that will absorb any fluids that you expel during the day. It can hold up to one gallon of urine. It also has an odor absorption material inside to keep the smell down. The rear crossmember is curved forward and has a plastic sheath that connects to the bottom ring on your sex. Anytime you need to go, you just pee into the crossmember. Of course, you were already told what we are going to do for the other type of waste. Well, let's get you strapped in."

Alex led his pony to the rack and had her stand behind it as he adjusted the height of the rear support. Alex even allowed for the increased height of the rack when the casters were lowered. Once the height was right, Wildfire was bent over the rear support and a girth strap was buckled at the small of her back. Also, the a strap was buckled to both the top and bottom rings at her sex. The leather sheath covered her sex and allowed any liquid waste to go directly into the absorbent cartridge in the rear crossmember. The ponygirl was pressed down onto the front support and a second strap pulled her chest to the front support. This strap was pulled under her arms and buckled at the center of her shoulder blades. The pony could not escape from the rack now.

Wildfire now stood bent over the pony rack in the middle of the room for all to see. Susan, Alice and Cindy looked on at the new ponygirl. Alex held her reins and smiled. He had a new pony to train. This turned him on tremendously. But there was more to do. Wildfire needed to eat.

Alex moved each lever to the down position and the rack became movable. Alex took Wildfire's reins and led her to a shelf with some finely ground food. This was the same food that Ally had eaten earlier that week. The only difference was that it was finely ground into a mush. Alex removed the ball bridle and replaced it with the large disk bit. Wildfire was hoping for the small disk one. Alex positioned the rack at the food and rotated the levers again to the up position. The large rubber feet kept the rack stationary once again.

"OK, Wildfire, this is going to be the only meal of the day for you. So enjoy it while you can," said Alex.

Alex took a riding crop from the wall and took aim. Susan stopped him however. "Wait!" she shouted.

"What's wrong?" Alex asked.

"I want to do it. She's made me hot and I want to get a crack at her."

"Sure, here," Alex said, handing the riding crop to Susan.

Alex went to Cindy and removed her gag. As Susan took aim to begin Wildfire's feeding, Alex plunged his manhood into Cindy's mouth. Susan positioned Alice on her knees in front of her as well and pointed to her crotch. Alice lifted Susan's skirt and buried her face in her mistress's crotch. "Mmmm, begin!" Susan ordered as she gave a firm whack to the ponygirl's rump.

Three girls were now using their mouths for pleasure. Two girls were providing sexual pleasure to their master and mistress, while Wildfire was proceeding to eat her pony mush in a way that made Susan and Alex very hot. The room filled of moans and groans and phrases like "OH GOD! and MORE, MORE, MORE!

Susan proceeded to give Wildfire a sound whipping with the riding crop as Alice plunged her tongue between Susan's nether lips. Alex groaned constantly from the attention that Cindy was giving his cock. It seemed to last for hours, when in fact the entire episode lasted only fifteen minutes. Susan stopped beating Wildfire well after she had cleaned the plate with her tongue. A water trough was beside the food tray and Wildfire took advantage of it by lapping some water to wash down the mush. Plunging her face into the water also cleaned some of the food from her face. She relaxed a bit as Susan stopped her strokes.

After the meal was finished, Alex removed the bridle from Wildfire's mouth and replaced it with the ball bit. Wildfire's jaw was stretched wide again. Susan then took a large feather plume and attached it at the pony's forehead.

"You can drink all the water you want, however you will get no more food for today. Get used to the rack. You'll be strapped into one almost every day from now till whenever," Susan said.

Susan took several rubber bands and pulled Wildfire's tail into a tight ball. Then she wrapped it in a plastic bag and put several rubber bands around the bag to seal it. The bag now hung clear of the pony's anus.

"Time to give her the cream," Alex said.

Wildfire started at the statement. "What was the cream?" she wondered. She would find out shortly.

Alex went to a table and took something that looked like a grease gun. It was filled with a sort of lubricant. "I'm going to insert a tube up your rear. Just try to relax. The material I'm going to put in you is a muscle relaxant. It will be absorbed by your colon and your sphincter muscles and let them relax and expand. Also the cream has a tremendous amount of lubricant and will help us insert the hose tomorrow. After we fill you, we're going to hang a bag at your rear. When the cream takes effect, you won't be able to stop going to the bathroom. The waste will just come out because the sphincter muscles will go lax.

Wildfire braced herself for the worst. Alex inserted the hose a full eighteen inches deep into her anus. A bright red band on the hose marked the required depth. Wildfire squirmed a bit as the hose was inserted, but didn't feel nearly as much discomfort as she expected. Alex gave the device a couple pumps and a few ounces of cream were expelled into the pony's colon. Alex withdrew the hose slightly and gave a few more pumps. He continued to do this until the hose was almost at the entrance. He applied the remaining cream to the last six inches of the channel.

Alex then took a leather bag and attached it to the ring at the bottom of Wildfire's slit and pulled it up over her rear. He attached two straps to rings on the back of the girth strap to hold the bag in place. "Don't try to hold it in. You can't. The bag has some deodorant inside to kill the smell. You'll be staying like this all day and all night. Sometime later today, I'm going to refill you to be sure your inside is relaxed," Alex told Wildfire.

Wildfire lay in her pony rack for the major portion of the day. She couldn't see the bag that hung between her legs but she could feel it. She felt the solids leak from her rear. At first she tried to hold it back. It didn't take long to realize that the effort was in vain. She began losing the feeling in her rear. All she could feel was the trickle of wetness that dripped down the crack into the bag.

She also used the crossmember and urinated into the cartridge. The combined effect of urinating and defecating without the use of a toilet in the company of all these people was the most humiliation she had ever experienced. She had no choice in the matter as her body dictated her needs. She couldn't prevent it.

Now, with all the water loss, she became thirsty. Well, they said she could drink all she wanted. Wildfire ran into one obstacle. The ball gag. How was she going to lap the water if she couldn't stick her tongue past the ball gag. The solution came quickly as she plunged her face fully into the water and sucked water past the gag. The cool water felt good against her strained jaw.

For the next few hours, Alex and Susan used their slaves at various times. Cindy and Alice were traded off between Alex and Susan. Their faces saw more oral sex than they had seen in a very long time. Both Cindy and Alice were put through a tremendous sexual workout, sucking Alex's cock and servicing Susan's crotch. In just a few hours, all four of them were exhausted.

Before leaving Wildfire for the evening, Alex removed the bag from her rear and refilled her anus with more cream. He placed a fresh bag on the pony. Then he placed a pillow on the shelf where the food plate was. She would sleep here. They left.

Wildfire whinnied in a sorrowful manner. She was left all alone.

Part 8