Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 9

Part 9 End of a New Beginning

It was now Sunday. Wildfire would be spending her last day in the stables of the hospital. To summarize; Allison Medina, a beautiful blonde free-lance journalist, has been brought to the island of Alexander Davis. Alexander Davis is a multi-billionaire. His current worth is somewhere in the neighborhood of twelve billion dollars. Alex's prime interest is his island. This island is a bondage and discipline haven for people indulging in such activities.

Allison is now in the last stages of being converted from a human female to a full fledged pony girl. All of this training is with her complete consent. Indeed, Alex has on several occasions attempted to discourage her from continuing with the whole affair, enticing her with large sums of money and her freedom. At each opportunity for escape, she has flatly refused. She has even gone so far as to drop to her hands and knees and beg for this continued mistreatment.

For the last several days Allison has been wearing any of several bit and bridle combinations. At times she has been completely gagged with the devices. Also, she has had her hands either attached to a thick collar or held in a leather sleeve that is behind her back. She cannot use her hands to eat as of this point. She has been taught to eat fast while being beaten with a whip or riding crop. Also, she may not talk. She must only make the sounds of a pony. If any other sounds are uttered, she will be punished with the use of a very uncomfortable bit. Discipline regarding these activities is very strict.

Allison currently is no longer called by her real name. A new name has been given to her, Wildfire. Alex heard the song on the radio and decided to name her after the pony in the lyrics. Ally liked it a lot. So Alex had her name changed. This is a process done to all ponies so that they tend to lose their identity.

I will now describe Wildfire's current situation. Wildfire is strapped to what is referred to as a stationary pony rack. The rack is made from high strength carbon fiber tubing. It is very light but very sturdy. The rack has four vertical supports that have large feet attached to them. Concealed in the feet are casters that can be lowered with the aid of a small lever. When the casters are lowered, the rack becomes mobile. Sometimes only the front casters are lowered and the pony must lift the rear to make the rack mobile. At other times, all four wheels are lowered and the rack is fully mobile. All vertical and horizontal supports are adjustable. All but the front horizontal support are usually set once and left that way. The front support is designed for quick adjustment to raise and lower the pony's shoulders. This adjustment can amount to a little over a foot of travel. Usually the support is lowered to its maximum when the pony is at rest and raised to full height when the pony is on display. The trainer usually sets the height somewhere in between for a workout.

Wildfire is now strapped into this rack. Her sex is covered by a specially treated leather sheath that funnels her urine into a cartridge that is held inside the rear horizontal support. Thus, all the pony's bodily functions can take place anywhere. There are no bathrooms for the pony.

The rear of the pony is fitted with a special rubber insert. It is made from a three inch diameter tube that extends fully eighteen inches into the anus, bending as need be to enter the colon. The device is connected to two rings that pierce her butt close to the hole. The end is sealed with a special cap that allows air to escape as the tube fills without fouling the air. There is a charcoal filter in the cap.

The pony has no bowel functions. The pony is cleaned out regularly by having a large hose attached to the fitting and a vacuum applied. A stream of water is introduced via a pressure hose that runs the entire length of the large rubber tube. As a vacuum is applied, the water washes out the pony's bowels. The machine that does all the work is automatic and is tamper-proof. If water is not running, or a vacuum is not felt, then the machine turns off. The machine monitors the cleanliness of the waste water and begins pumping warm dry air through the bowels when the water is clean.

Thus the pony will not use any normal bathroom. This has a tremendous psychological effect on the pony. Some ponies feels like they are losing part of their humanity. They are being turned into a domesticated animal, so to speak. Others feel like they are regressing back to early childhood. Since someone else is responsible for their bodily functions, it reminds them of things such as having their diapers changed and having accidents so to speak. This can really break them down emotionally, much more than would be expected.

I will now describe the physical appearance of Wildfire, or how Alex has decorated her. As I said, she is strapped to the pony rack. One large strap, called the girth strap runs across the small of her back. A thinner strap runs under her arms and across the back of her shoulders. She is naked with the exception of a pair of pony boots. These boots are hip boots with four inch long heels that are one inch in diameter. The heels have a metal tip and the toes have a horseshoe.

Wildfire also wears an arm sleeve. Her arms are folded inside a leather sleeve that runs from armpit to armpit. The ends of the sleeve have a strap running to the three inch high leather collar around her neck. Her wrists, that are inside the sleeve, have leather cuffs installed. If there is a need to remove her arms from the sleeve, they can readily be attached to several eyebolts located at several locations on the rack. She never is allowed to have her hands free.

Wildfire's breasts are pierced with large rings just below the areolae. From each ring there hangs a large bell. Also, her nose is pierced with another large ring. This ring is quite thick and is used at times to lead the pony. A leash can be attached to the nose ring and the pony can quite literally be led by the nose. Also, very often a bell is attached to the nose ring to help enforce the lack of humanity that the pony must endure.

Finally, I will describe the headgear and the horse tail that she is currently wearing. Wildfire is wearing the large disk bit. This is a bit with two inch diameter disks that fit inside each cheek. They are connected by a bar that runs across the base of the tongue. Straps around the back of her head, under her chin, and across the bridge of her nose and extending over the top of her head, hold it in place. There is a steel buckle at the connection above her nose with a hole in it. This can hold any of a number of decorations, usually a feather plume. The strap that extends from the bridge of the nose splits into a 'V' to accommodate a ponytail that is created by using a small version of the leather collar. It has two small buckles that keep the pony tail riding high.

Finally at her rear hangs a three foot long horse tail. This is made from specially treated horsehair. Wildfire had a 'D' shaped ring that has a threaded rod attached inserted into the muscle tissue just below the top of her ass crack. The horsetail is bolted to the ring and presses firmly into the crack. The end is slotted to allow the ring to be concealed inside the mass of horse hair. The tail actually looks like it is growing from the pony' rear.

It is now Sunday, the last day that Wildfire will be spending in the hospital. It is now 10:00 A.M. Maggie (carrying a dish of pony mash) and Alex enter the stables to find both Cindy and Alice awake and watching Wildfire, who is still asleep. Her chin rests on a pillow that has been placed on the shelf where her water and food trough are. Almost as if on cue, Wildfire wakes up just as Alex enters the room.

"Good morning," Alex greets Wildfire, "Sleep well?"

Wildfire nods with an exaggerated up and down motion of her head and whinnies, "Neeeeheeeeheeeheee."

"Great, this is your last day in the hospital. Tomorrow, we'll be moving you to the stables at the castle. I think you'll enjoy it. Maggie has some pony mash for you. We've switched to the final formula just like you'll be eating in the stables. It has equal parts of alfalfa and oats with honey and mashed bananas as the binder. We'll change the binder from bananas to either applesause or mashed strawberries to keep you from getting bored with your feed. In a little while I'll be taking you out for your first trot. It's a bit dreary outside. It's raining a little and only sixty degrees. I'll have you wear something to keep you warm though, so don't worry. Now... I bet you're starved. You only had one little can of mash yesterday."

Wildfire nodded and whinnied. She knew what was coming. She was about to get a whipping as well as a meal. Somehow this didn't bother her as much as she thought it might. She prepared herself mentally and tried to remember the lessons that had been taught her over the last week. She nodded and whinnied again, "Neeeeheeeeheeeheee."

Maggie took the pillow from the shelf and removed the food trough. She took it to the sink and washed it before filling it with the fresh load of pony mash. The trough sat in front of the pony's face. Wildfire lifted her rear and moved herself close to the trough. She concentrated on the task at hand and waited for the order.

While Maggie was preparing the meal, Alex went to the wall and pulled down a black leather crop. He carefully examined it or wear, but found none. "Good," he thought, "this will do nicely."

Alex saw that all was ready, including his pony girl. Whack! "Begin!" he ordered.

Wildfire attacked the food with reckless abandon, but had lost some of her technique in the last day. Alex spotted this at once and gave her a bit of encouragement. Whack! "Faster girl! You know better," he chided. Wildfire moved her mouth as fast as she could. In no time at all the mash was gone. Before she started licking, she raised her head and took a deep breath. Alex immediately applied several strokes of the crop to her backside. Whack, whack, whack, whack, "What do you think you're doing. Get your head back down into that trough. I didn't tell you to stop. Get that tongue out and clean your plate."

Wildfire's rear burned with pain from the strokes. She had to obey. The pain was too great not to. She just wanted to catch her breath. She realized that Alex would have no part of it. Her head quickly dove back down into the plate and she began licking the last bits of gruel as fast as she could.

Alex, in the meantime had struck up a conversation with Maggie, Alice, and Cindy. There wasn't anything specific that they talked about, just idle gossip and shooting the bull. All this time, Alex kept an eye on his pony. Every now and then he would give her a whack just to keep her attention focused.

Wildfire was in a strange state. She felt as if she was in a trance. She was using her tongue on the now clean plate. She was almost completely exhausted but she continued to lick. She wanted to avoid the crop. But Alex continued to apply the crop at odd intervals. She could not escape the crop completely. Also, Alex was talking to the other girls... "No, that's not right. They are the only girls in the room. I'm a pony. I'm no longer considered human," she realized, "They were all treating me like an animal now." Her tongue continued its pace.

After Alex had let her lick the plate for a full ten minutes, he ordered her to stop. "That's enough. Now, drink some water before the girls clean you up. I've got to get your work rack and a few other things. I'll be back in half an hour. Girls, clean her good," Alex ordered.

"Yes master," Alice said.

Maggie left the room with Alex as Cindy and Alice took Wildfire over to the bathing station in the corner of the room. "Why do you have to go back to the castle?" she asked.

"I forgot the damn pony jacket. I should have thought of it when I saw it raining."

"Oh, and she'd gonna need one too. The weather is raw as hell outside. This weather is really weird. Just a few days ago it was ninety degrees during the day. Today we'll be lucky if it reaches seventy. Go figure!" Maggie said.

"Yea, anyway, I'll be back in a little while. I want to check on the final arrangements for tomorrow. Oh, almost forgot, did they deliver the pony racks?"

"Yea, they delivered the work rack and the leisure rack early this morning. Didn't you see them? They were in the stables near the left wall."

"My brain must be in going soft on me. I didn't even see them. Guess I've been preoccupied."

"You've got that right. With all that's happened in the last week, Sandy and now this girl. Is there anything I can do to help?"

"You already have," Alex said. He bent down and kissed Maggie on the lips and left the building.

Alex entered the castle stables and found Arnie discussing the disposition of a pony with a stable hand. "....From what I've seen, he just needs a tiny bit of encouragement. Maybe if you promise to let him please you if he runs well? You've been at this for a year or so. Just do what's right."

Before Arnie stood a beautiful female trainer dressed in leather boots, skirt, and vest. Her breasts were barely covered. She wore a brown leather belt from which hung a riding crop and a coiled whip. Her name was Donna. Her real name was Marla, but she picked up the name of Donna because she was the spitting image of Madonna. Some people actually thought she was Madonna, but everyone shrugged off the idea as pure lunacy.

"Hey man, how's things going? Everything ready for tomorrow?" Alex asked Arnie.

"Sure, as long as you did your part. I've set up a schedule for her. We have her from 8:00 A.M. until noon. Then you get her till six. Then we have her till the following day. We can only keep this up for the first week. I can't give her the proper training if you want it to go any longer than that," Arnie said.

"One week's fine. Sounds good. Hey, do you have her pony jacket. I need to trot her today and it's too raw outside for her to go out naked."

"Yea, wait a minute. I'll get it."

Arnie disappeared around a corner and returned a couple of minutes later with a strange garment. "One female pony jacket. I picked up a hood too," Arnie stated.

"Thanks, do you have any other instructions or preparations that I need to do to her?" Alex asked.

"No, I don't think so. Just deliver her here tomorrow as early as possible. The first day is usually a long one and you're taking her from us at noon. Ball bit her and bring her over. You gonna march her or do you need the trailer?"

"I was going to march her if it's not too warm."

"It's a three mile trot. Are you sure you want to do that? You'll have to get her out by six if you want to be here early enough."

"I think she can handle it. And it's usually cool enough at that time so she won't have a problem with overheating. I think we'll march. It'll help make up for the time she'll lose during the week."

"OK, just keep a close eye on her. Take a mobile phone along. Call us if she gets into trouble. I don't need a lame pony in my stables."

"You know me better than that. I've yet to get carried away with marching a pony. Oh, almost forgot. What is it with me? If I'm going to march her, you'll have to arrange to pick up the leisure rack tomorrow. I'll have her sleep in it tonight so she gets used to it. Then I'll put her in the work rack for the march over. Can you manage?" Alex asked.

"Can do. Hey, I've got work to do. I'll have to catch you later. Oh, do you have a preference for trainer?"

"I didn't until I just saw you talking to Donna. What about her? Does she have an opening?"

"Let me check." Arnie went into a glass enclosed office and returned with a large book. "By chance she is. I'll set it up and tell her. By the way, Wildfire's stall is 22."

"22, got it," Alex confirmed.

"Hey, I've got a question for you. Are you sure that really isn't Madonna?" Arnie asked showing a big toothy grin.

"Ah, come on, give me a break!" Alex said as he turned his back and left. As Alex entered the limo, he shook his head and snickered.

While Alex was at the castle, Wildfire was being bathed and cleaned out. Alice removed the leather boots, collar, arm sleeve and hair strap as before. Cindy tied her reins to the eyebolts. Cindy hooked up the vacuum and pressure hoses and started the machine. Wildfire's teeth were again brushed and a sponge ball that was soaked with mouthwash was stuffed in her mouth. The cartridge was removed from the rear brace.

Cindy and Alice proceeded to scrub Wildfire from head to toe. They used large sponges on most of her body. They used a soft bristle brush on her sex. Alice applied shampoo and washed Wildfire's hair. Warm water washed all the suds away. Finally, the sponge was removed from her mouth, the hoses were disconnected, and a new cartridge was inserted. Wildfire was led to the drying area where Alice and Cindy used hair dryers and towels to dry her entire body. Cindy used an anti-bacterial spray on the pony's sex and reconnected the leather sheath. Alice formed a new ponytail in Wildfire's hair, put the collar back on, and buckled the bridle.

As Cindy was putting the boots back on the pony, she asked Alice about the arm sleeve, "Should we put the sleeve back on her?"

"Oh yea, that's right. Alex is getting a pony jacket. The jacket has to go on first. No, just leave her wrists clipped to the supports for now. Alex will remove them when he puts the jacket on her," Alice explained.

"Fine with me," Cindy said.

All this time Wildfire wondered what they were talking about. She had now gotten used to the idea that each day would be full of surprises. She wondered now about this pony jacket. What was so special about a pony jacket. Of course she would need her arms free to put into the sleeves. This much she could guess. Something in her mind caused her some concern about this piece of apparel. She didn't know exactly what it was, but she was becoming afraid of it.

As time went by Wildfire became more relaxed. The cleaning and bathing were done. She actually enjoyed it this time. Oh, it wasn't a sexual pleasure of any sort. It was just that it was nice to be clean. She wondered just how far she could 'get into the part' so to speak. She realized that she was hooked now on the wild experience. She still didn't understand why though. This stuff went against every sense of morals that she had been taught. It was animal lust. It was sinful. But she thought, "Who cares! I'm enjoying it, and I'm not hurting anyone. So what's the big deal. I've tasted the forbidden fruit, haven't I? Maybe they should have named me Eve!"

As these thought processes had just about ended, Alex entered the room carrying the pony jacket and a hood. "Miss me?" he asked Wildfire as he patted her on the rump.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied.

Alex saw that Wildfire's wrists were attached to the supports instead of bound in the arm sleeve. "Good thinking, girls," he said as he looked at Cindy and Alice, "Guess you realized she was going to need a pony jacket. That's good thinking."

"Thank you master," Alice said for both of them.

Alex walked over to the work rack that was against the wall and wheeled it over to his pony. He untied her reins and pulled her around so that she could get a good look at it. "This is a work rack. It's essentially the same as the rack you're now on except it's made for heavier duty. The tubes are reinforced with a lightweight steel and have diagonal braces in several locations. Also, notice the fact that there are no pads on the feet. And the casters are larger. The wheels are twelve inches in diameter so they will roll better on dirt and grass."

Wildfire stared at the new rack and realized that it was almost the same as the rack in the book 'Pony Girls". Alex and whoever else had designed this contraption had really done their homework. She remembered reading that book and seeing the pictures in the centerfold. When she saw the wheels, she realized that they would just sink in on dirt or grass. Alex had taken care of that by making the wheels very large. "So," she thought, "this is where I learn to trot."

Alex unbuckled the rear sex sheath and the shoulder strap. He unbuckled Wildfire's wrists. He also removed the girth strap at her waist. He had her stand upright. This allowed him access to the buckle on the front of her sex. He removed the strap from her top sex ring. She was finally free of the pony rack.

Now Alex took the pony jacket and showed it to Wildfire. "It's a little chilly outside. I picked up something for you to wear. It's called a pony jacket. It's made of a sturdy, waterproof leather. I think red leather becomes you. Notice the holes for your breasts. The holes are lined with rubber rings that are two inches smaller than your breasts. When I put the jacket on you, your breasts will stick through the holes and bulge from the pressure. You'll only feel a little uncomfortable for a while. Also, the waist is two inches smaller than normal. This will help make your breasts bulge too. Now let's put it on."

Wildfire showed no resistance whatsoever. The jacket had roller buckles in the back plus a zipper that would conceal the buckles when all was cinched up tight. The jacket was actually more of a vest, as it was sleeveless. Wildfire put her hands through the arm holes and looked down at her breasts. They were already bulging and Alex hadn't even applied any pressure yet.

Alex went behind Wildfire and attached the twelve buckles. The straps were very heavy, made from high quality pigskin. The buckles were spaced evenly along the length of the jacket. The term Jacket was very appropriate for this item because it was, in fact, a modified straight jacket.

Alex, at first simply took up the slack on all the straps. Then he tightened the straps one at a time, increasing the tension on the straps one hole at a time. When he had moved all the straps six holes, he checked his work. Wildfire was in good condition. The lower part of the jacket was almost closed. The upper part was closing nicely but needed a little more tension than the bottom. The rubber rings were almost seated and her breasts were bulging nicely. He walked in front of her and grabbed her right nipple ring and pulled slightly. As he did so he massaged the breast through the rubber ring a little. He repeated the process for the other breast. He patted her on the head and went behind her once more. Now he tightened each of the top straps two more holes and checked again. Wildfire did not resist although Alex knew she was in pain. The rubber rings were now fully seated. He tightened the bottom buckles one more notch. To finish, he connected the zipper at the bottom and zipped it all the way to the top, thus covering all the straps and buckles.

Alex now took Wildfire over to the new pony rack, the work rack. First he had to attach the front sex sheath to the ring at the top of her slit. Then she was bent over and both the girth strap and the shoulder strap were buckled. Alex performed some minor adjustments to the rack. The upper body horizontal supports were too long. He shortened them by and inch or two. Also the rear support was two inches too short. This he raised. Wildfire had to stand more upright.

Alex buckled the rear sheath to the ring between Wildfire's sex and her ass crack. Now that her sex was covered and the cartridge was in place, she relieved herself. All this activity was making her nervous. This produced a need to go. So she did.

The next detail to attend to was her arms. At the moment they were free. This was soon remedied by Cindy, who on a cue from Alex took the arm sleeve she had thoughtfully picked up and laid it on Wildfire's back. Alex and Cindy guided the pony's arms back and inserted them in the sleeve. The sleeve was buckled to her collar and zipped close. Wildfire's arms were again folded behind her back.

Alex took Wildfire's reins and pulled her over to a large cabinet. From the cabinet he took two leather bags. He attached these to the horizontal supports on each side of the rack. "Saddle bags!" he explained.

"Stay here," he then ordered.

Alex went over to Alice who was holding the hood that Alex had brought back with him. It was made of the same shiny red leather as the pony jacket. He returned to Wildfire. "I'm going to remove your bit so I can put this hood on you. Whatever you do, don't talk! If you do, I'll guarantee that you'll suddenly become very uncomfortable," Alex warned.

Alex unbuckled the bridle and removed the bit. He washed the bit at a nearby sink and placed it in the right side saddle bag. Now he took the hood. The hood had openings for the mouth, nose, and eyes. The eyes had cups on them to limit the pony's vision. They were blinders. At the top of the hood was a hole for Wildfire's pony tail. At the back, the hood was zippered. Alex placed the hood on Wildfire, guiding her hair through the hole, and zipped it closed.

"Open wide," Alex ordered.

Wildfire now opened her mouth as wide as she could. Alex turned his back to her and took a new bit from the closet. When Wildfire saw the star bit in his hands she balked.

"No, please don't use that one! Oh, no!" she said as she suddenly realized that she had blatantly disobeyed Alex.

"What was that? Now, I warned you. You just broke three rules. One, you disobeyed a direct order. Two, you spoke without permission. Three, you complained about your treatment. That's stupidity three times over. I thought you were smarter than that. No matter, I'll just teach you a little about silence."

Alex turned his back on Wildfire. She couldn't see what he was doing. It looked like he was doing something to the bit, but she couldn't tell what it was. Alex continued to lecture as he worked, "Something you must always remember is that no matter how bad things are made for you, we always have something held in reserve that will make it worse. Remember, you had a bunch of chances to back out. Now that you're in it all the way, you have no say. Yes, that's an excellent way of putting it. You can't say anything about how we treat you. Now I'm going to fix it so that you can't even mumble. Open wide."

As Alex gave this order, he turned around. He still held the star bit. Wildfire now noticed a quarter inch diameter threaded rod extending from the cross bar. Alex placed the bit in her mouth and buckled it behind and around her head. The rod extended out of her mouth by about two inches. Now Alex took a three inch long, one inch thick soft rubber football that was sandwiched between metal washers and pushed it onto the rod. "Wider," he ordered. The pony obeyed and the small football was pressed into her mouth.

Alex wasn't through yet. Now he took a plastic knob with a long shaft and threaded it onto the rod. As he turned the knob, the sponge football was pressed farther back into her mouth until the rear end contacted the cross brace at the base of her tongue. When the football could travel no farther, it was flattened between the washers, forming a three inch diameter donut. Wildfire groaned as her jaw was forced open by the expanding rubber. "Now you know better, don't you?" Alex taunted her as he gave the knob a final quarter turn. It seated firmly and could be tightened no more.

Wildfire nodded and tried as best as she could to force a whinny past the gag.

As the ball spread her jaw open, it stretched her cheeks and pushed them into the stars that filled them. Now her cheeks hurt, her breasts felt as though they would explode and her tongue was pressed down and back into her mouth. She was truly confined as she could never imagine. She endured everything up to this point. Indeed, even this pony jacket, as Alex had called it, she had endured. Her breasts were bulging out like balloons. And they hurt. Everything was endurable except for what was in her mouth at this moment. This wasn't fun at all. She would have to endure it, but she was absolutely certain that she would never give them reason to use this device again. That, she assured herself.

Wildfire was on the verge of hysteria though. Her systems were overloaded. The longer she wore the gag, the more frantic she became. She couldn't keep this thing in her mouth. She tried to protest by groaning and crying. But Alex would have none of it. She was disobedient and had to be disciplined. Wildfire looked up at Alex. She had a plan. Perhaps he would see her sad eyes. Then he would feel pity for her like he did when he first used the star bit. She looked up and then suddenly realized that her eyes were shaded by the blinders. Alex couldn't see her eyes. She could only lift her head high enough to see his chest. She couldn't make eye contact at all. Her head fell as she resigned herself to the situation. Alex would decide when she had learned enough.

Alex saw her head rise, then fall. "Good," he thought to himself, "she's realizing that she has no control over the situation. Let's get on with it."

Alex then grabbed her nose ring and pulled her head up. "Keep that nose high. You will always show pride in being what you are. Now, let's get you outside and teach you how to walk."

Alex pulled a pair of long reins out of the cabinet and attached them to the star bit. He pulled the pony outside. The sky was overcast and the temperature was only fifty five degrees. Wildfire couldn't see the sky even with her head raised as high as it was. She was somewhat happy to be outside for the first time in a week. The equipage she wore, however, overshadowed this small bit of joy.

For all the time she was strapped into both pony racks, the front support was kept in the lowest position. In other words, her back was kept horizontal at all times. Now Alex went in front of her and raised the front support so her shoulders were a foot or so higher than her hips. Alex did this so she could march easier.

As he raised the support he said to the pony, "This is your cue to march. Whenever this support is raised, you must lift your knees anytime you move. You will lift your knees as high as you can regardless of how fast or how slow you trot."

Alex now took Wildfire and led her to a large grassy area and stepped to the side while holding the reins. The reins were twenty feet long. "Begin marching in a circle," he ordered. She began marching slowly. She quickly lifted her right knee as high as she could but only took a small step. Then the left knee was lifted high and a small step was taken. This was not what Alex wanted. "Stop!" he ordered, "That's wrong. Make your strides longer but raise and lower your feet slowly, as if you're moving in slow motion. Now, march!"

Wildfire could barely concentrate because her mouth and her breasts were so sore. But she had to obey. She began to march again, moving in slow motion as Alex had ordered. Alex kept her moving at this slow pace for two laps. Even though she was not moving quickly, she was beginning to breath heavier. Her heartbeat increased of course. But the most disconcerting thing that was happening was that she was salivating heavily and since she couldn't close her mouth, the saliva was dribbling down her chin. She strongly hoped that Alex would wipe her mouth, but all he did was tell her to pick up the pace.

"A little faster please. Just a normal walking pace. Very good, Wildfire," he said.

Now her mouth had a disgusting foam around it as she tried in vain to blow the saliva from her mouth. She bobbed her head, but the stuff wouldn't leave. Now she heard the bells on her breasts begin. Since they were so heavy, they hadn't started making any noise as of yet. Now that she was moving at a faster pace, they began to ring quite loudly. They just added to the humiliation. While the bells started her into that trancelike state that she loved, the mouthpiece held her back. She would get no sexual excitement as long as her mouth was plugged as it now was.

"Stop trying to get rid of the foam! Concentrate on your form. Now, pick up the pace a little more. Just a slow jog."

Wildfire could hear the orders but couldn't see Alex. Her blinders prevented this. She could only see directly ahead. Also, the designer of the blinders was more ingenious than she previously thought. The holes in the cups were slightly below center. If she wanted to see where she was going, she had to keep her head very high or she'd be looking at the ground. "Alex and his crew really knew what they were doing," she thought. She picked up the pace to a jog. The foam dripped down her chin at an even faster pace. Wildfire tried to ignore it.

After one lap at this pace, Wildfire began to tire. Her head dropped and she could barely breath. Her legs were tightening up. "Head up!" Alex corrected. She lifted her head again and continued to jog. Her knees pumped again and again.

"On my order, march as fast as you can. Keep your knees pumping. OK, canter now!" Wildfire began running as fast as she could in a forty foot circle as Alex continued to hold the reins. She ran one lap when he ordered her to stop, "Whoa!" She couldn't be more grateful. She slowed to a stop at once.

Wildfire was almost completely exhausted. She had run only seven laps though. This was not far for her. She had jogged much farther in the past, two or three miles at one time. She realized that she had run less that three hundred yards. "It had to be the gag. Maybe it was because she couldn't breath properly. That had to be it. Maybe he would remove the gag now," she hoped.

Wildfire's prayers were about to be answered. Alex walked up to her and patted her on the head. Her face was covered in saliva and mucus as now her nose had started running. The snot was clearly visible on the black leather that covered her upper lip, just below the nose hole. "You're lucky I'm the one training you at the moment. I'm going to remove the gag, but first I want you to know something. Once you enter the stables, I won't be in charge. I'll help in your training, but if you're disobedient, well, it's out of my hands. Understand?" Alex asked.

Wildfire nodded. She was too out of breath to whinny but tried anyway. A hoarse croak came from her throat.

Alex continued, "The normal punishment for talking is three days of gagging. Of course the gag is removed for eating, but you will wear it at all other times if you foul up again. Consider yourself lucky girl!"

Alex took Wildfire over to a watering trough and removed, first the gag, then the bit. "Keep that mouth open!" he warned. Alex dipped the bit and gag into the water before removing the gag from the star bit. Considering what she had gone through in the past hour or so, she didn't even consider any resistance. She raised her head as the last buckle was fastened. Alex took a somewhat smaller set of reins, a ten foot long pair and connected them to her bridle. Alex pointed to the trough. "Drink as much as you want," he ordered. Wildfire pushed her entire face into the cool water then raised it and lapped up the water for several minutes.

When she was finished, she raised her head high. "Good girl," Alex said. Alex took hold of her reins and pulled her toward a large wooden building. This was a carriage house. Alex opened the doors and led her inside.

Inside were four horse carts. Two of the carts had two wheels and two were four wheel carriages. Alex led her to the smaller of the two wheel carriages. He explained, "This is a sample of some of the carriages that you will be made to pull. Well, pull isn't exactly correct. Notice the power cord going to the smaller cart. This cart is electric. The rest are gas powered. We realized early on that human ponies can't pull these things very far without tiring. The idea of powering them with electric or gasoline engines came to me when I was playing golf. Those carts are very quiet but can haul two and sometimes four people at a time. Funny how ideas can come to you when you least expect it."

Wildfire looked at the carts. The two smaller ones looked light enough that she thought she could pull them without the motor assistance. The larger ones, one was a buckboard and the other was a full coach with ornate decorations, looked impossible to move. She noticed that those two had enough space between the pull bars to accommodate at least two pony racks, maybe three.

Alex now led her to the larger of the two wheel carts. "We'd better use this one since it has a canopy. Let me explain how this works. This cart is powered by a small gas engine that has a very large muffler. You can't hear the engine at all when it's running. Now, to get it to move, you pull one or both of the pull bars. The bars each have a spring loaded sleeve at the base that acts as a throttle. Each bar controls one wheel. If you pull harder on one bar, that wheel will move faster than the other and the cart will turn. Also, if you push back on the bars, they will slow the cart down. The harder you push, the faster the cart will slow. That's important, especially on hills. You don't have to worry about the cart running you over. Let me show you."

Alex reached inside the cart and turned a key. He pushed a lever to the drive position. Wildfire heard a faint popping sound, then she heard nothing. "Step back a bit please, and pay attention," Alex ordered. Wildfire took two or three steps back. Alex positioned himself between the pull bars and pulled on the right bar. The right wheel turned and the cart twisted to the left. He repeated the feat in the other direction. Then he pulled both bars and the carriage moved forward. He pushed back and it stopped. "See how it works?" he asked her.

"Neeeeheeeeheeeheee," she whinnied and nodded.

Alex dropped the bars and grabbed the pony's reins. She was backed into position and the bars were hitched to the pony rack. She was ready for the days work. Alex climbed into the cart and took a five foot long riding crop from the holder on the side of the carriage. Before starting, he gave her one last reminder, "Remember, chin up and knees high!" Whack! Alex have her rump a firm stroke. "March!"

Wildfire pushed off and the cart followed. "Lift those knees!" Alex yelled. Whack, the crop came down on her rear once more as a reminder. Wildfire lifted her knees and moved forward out of the carriage house. It was drizzling now. Wildfire felt it on her rear and could hear the rain hitting her. Since she was covered in leather almost from head to toe, she really didn't get very wet. When the cart was clear of the doors, Alex yelled "Whoa!" and pulled hard on the reins. Alex grabbed the lever and pulled it back into the park position. The wheels were now locked. Wildfire realized that he had set some sort of brake as she knew at once that she could not move. Alex climbed out and closed the doors.

When Alex had turned his back to close the doors, Wildfire relaxed a bit. She inadvertently lowered her head in doing so. When Alex turned around his pony's head was down. "Chin up!" he yelled at her. "Maybe you need another lesson, this one on head position?" he asked.

Wildfire lifted her chin even higher and shook her head. "That's better. We can always fix it so that you can't lower your chin." With that, he grabbed her nose ring and pulled upward. "Get the picture?" Alex asked. He released the nose ring.

Wildfire whinnied and nodded her head. She suddenly saw how he would keep her from lowering her head. He would attach something to the nose ring and apply upward tension. No, she didn't want any part of that treatment. She kept her head high.

"Good, now let's go for a little ride. I want you to concentrate on form. Keep that head up and lift the knees. I'll remind you if you have a lapse of memory."

Alex climbed back into the cart and moved the lever to drive. He grabbed the riding crop and gave Wildfire a stroke across her rear. "March!" he ordered.

Wildfire began moving at a steady pace. The cart worked as it was designed. The harder she pulled, the faster the cart moved. When the cart was moving at the same speed as her, it coasted. Alex began giving commands through the reins. He pulled on the right rein and Wildfire pushed off on the left. In no time at all, she was turning properly.

Alex led her through a serpentine course, having her turn right and left around bushes planted at twenty foot intervals. All the time her knees pumped up and down. The bells rang with each step and her tail was moving in a lovely back and forth motion. But her head dropped again. "Head up!" he yelled once more. Whack! He brought the crop down again. Wildfire lifted her head.

After three trips through the serpentine course, Alex brought her back to the stables but did not lead her inside. Instead, he led her to a watering trough and set the brake once more. "Drink. I'll be right back."

Alex went inside the stables and found Alice and Cindy resting. "Master, I'm due for display tomorrow morning," Cindy said.

"I'll take you back when I'm finished with our ride. Alice, you'll be staying here tonight to watch Wildfire. I'm sorry, but you'll have to go it alone. Can you handle it?" he asked.

"Yes master," she said with glee.

"Good, then get some sleep this afternoon so you don't nod off tonight. You can ride back to the castle with me tomorrow morning. I bet you'd like a nice pony ride, wouldn't you?"

"She's going to trot all the way to the castle? I'd love to!" she said.

"Great. Now, where is that head trainer? Oh, there it is." Alex found the device. It was made of tubular steel. the front half was triangular and spread apart at an angle from the tip. After traveling two feet, the bars became parallel. From the point hung a leather strap with a clip at the end. The parallel rods were narrowed at the ends so they would fit in the sockets on the vertical brace of the pony rack. Alex walked back outside and found Wildfire with her head lowered once more.

"Obviously you can't seem to obey this one order. So, I'm going to give you a little help." Alex pushed the ends of the rods into the top of the front support. The rods angled forward and looked like an improvised divining rod. The strap hung from the tip and hit Wildfire in the face. She knew what was coming.

Alex grabbed her nose ring and clipped the strap to it. Then he tightened the buckle until her head was as high as she could lift it. He gave it an extra tug. Wildfire groaned. "You should know better than to disobey. I've warned you enough!"

The pony whinnied but could not nod or shake her head. Then she gave a little whimper. "Serves you right! Let's get back to work," he said.

Alex climbed back into the cart and moved the lever to reverse. Wildfire felt the cart backing up and pulling her with it. When Alex had cleared the water trough, he put the cart in drive and took the crop. Whack. "March!" he ordered.

Wildfire now marched with head high and knees pumping. She had no choice. Her head could not be lowered. Alex still could pull on her reins. Her head pivoted on the nose leash when he did so. Her nose hurt.

Alex led her out of the yard and past the entrance to the serpentine course. He was taking her through the 'Rides' as it was called. This was a series of paths that were designed to test and train a pony. It had hills and valleys, and had many straights as well as curved sections. All aspects of the trot could be taught. Alex intended to give his pony a full workout.

Wildfire now approached a hill. Alex suddenly gave her a whack with the crop and yelled "Canter! Bump it up a notch, but not too fast." Wildfire began trotting at a faster pace, much faster than Alex had wanted. Alex pulled back on the reins and she slowed. "I said not too fast," Alex warned. Wildfire slowed just a little and settled into a fast trot. "Much better." Whack. "That's a reminder of who's boss," Alex said.

Wildfire started up the hill and began to slow. Whack, whack, Alex gave her two firm strokes. "Just because it's a hill doesn't mean you can slow down. Get back up to canter speed!" Whack, whack, Alex gave her two more shots. Wildfire picked up the pace once more. Alex gave her a few more reminders with the crop as they rose the two hundred yard long hill. The slope was not great, but the length began to get to Wildfire. By the time they crested the hill, she was quite winded. Alex saw this and slowed the pace to a trot by pulling back on the reins until she slowed. Wildfire pumped her legs more slowly.

At the top of the hill was a series of watering troughs. The rain was coming down quite heavily now. It felt good to Wildfire as she had worked up quite a sweat. Alex led her to the trough, but she could not lower her head due to the nose leash. The rain slowed for a moment and Alex got out of the cart and detached the leash. "Drink, we have a lot of work to do yet."

Alex climbed back into the cart as his pony drank. She plunged her head into the water. All these troughs had an automatic filling system that would replenish the water as it was used up. Wildfire drank, stopped to catch her breath and drank some more. When she was finished, she raised her head. Since the rain had not picked up again, Alex got out of the carriage and reattached the leash to her nose ring. Wildfire fully expected this and knew not to resist. God knows what he would do is she did.

Alex jumped into the cart just as a heavy downpour let loose. The wind was coming from behind the cart and Alex was safe. Wildfire, however, got drenched. Water ran down her legs and all over her face. Her pony tails, both the one at her rear and the one springing from her hood, were flattened and lifeless. The rain continued for a full ten minutes before subsiding. The clouds were in fact breaking up. The sun was trying to come out. But that didn't help Wildfire. She was soaked to the bone. Alex wouldn't move the cart until he was certain that the rain had ended because the next leg of the trip would be into the wind. He waited another ten minutes. "Wildfire needed the rest anyway," he thought.

The rain did end some time later. The puddles were many, but Alex didn't really care. All of the gear that Wildfire wore was waterproof. The leather items were all treated.

Alex put the cart in reverse and backed away from the trough. When he was back far enough, he put the cart in drive, pulled hard on the right rein and gave her a stroke with the crop. "March!" he said.

Wildfire lifted her knees and began marching. She looked ahead and saw that they were coming to a crossroads of sorts. Alex pulled hard on the right rein and brought her around the corner. When they did, he reined her in. "Whoa!" Alex exited the cart and came around in front of Wildfire. "Now we're going to work on pace. There's four speeds that you need to learn. They are the march, the trot, the canter, and the gallop. Each one is faster than the last. Before you is a long path that we'll be using in a moment. I'm going to put you through each of these paces several times as we go along. Up till now I've only worked on the canter with you for the most part. So let's get a few things straight concerning speed. When I say march, you will move slowly, as slowly as you possibly can. You must still lift your knees all the way though. When I say trot, you will take up a normal walking pace, nice and easy but certainly not a slow motion march. The canter you already know about. Move at what you would consider three quarters speed. Finally there's the gallop. That demands full speed. Remember, always lift your knees as high as you can. That is a must!"

Wildfire whinnied. She knew that she would be worked very hard in the next few minutes and tried as best as she could to mentally prepare herself. Her legs felt loose and her feet were in good condition. She couldn't understand this because she thought that the trotting would hurt her feet, especially wearing four inch heels. Most of her weight was being carried by the pony rack however. This lessened the load on her feet and legs. If she ever had to march this hard without the pony rack, she certainly would have sore feet. But she didn't. She eagerly waited for the next orders.

Alex gave her a light tap on the rear. "Trot," he ordered. Wildfire began moving at a steady pace. Her head was in perfect form as it had to be. It was held high by the strap. Wildfire looked straight ahead and lifted her knees as high as she could. Alex guided her left and right through the winding path. Her knees pumped up and down. After she had trotted for a hundred yards or so, they came to an intersection. Alex pulled on the left rein and Wildfire turned to the left. Now they were on a long downgrade. Whack, whack, Alex gave her two sharp strokes. "Gallop!"

Wildfire picked up the pace immediately. She began running as fast as she could but in doing so, she lost all her form. She wasn't lifting her knees and she was bobbing her head even though her nose was being held by the strap. Alex ignored her head because the pain from the ring pulling on her nose would soon make her keep her head still. He concentrated on making her stride smooth and her knee lifts higher. Whack! "Lift those knees," he yelled. She began lifting her knees higher but slowed while doing so. Another stroke on the rear, whack, "Faster, I didn't say to slow down."

It took several minutes for Wildfire to get back into form. Now she was running as fast as she could with head held steady and knees lifting as high as she could. Now she was very tired. Alex could see that she was nearing the end of her tether. Fortunately there was a watering trough station at the bottom of the hill. He reined her in by pulling back on the leads. "Trot," he ordered. Wildfire gratefully slowed. Only fifty feet ahead she could see the trough. She desperately hoped that Alex would lead his pony to the water, for she would surely drink. Alex did just that.

The sun had broken through the clouds and the temperature was rising quickly in the midday sun. Alex knew that she only could be marched for another half hour at the most before it would be too hot. Alex allowed her to drink as much as she wanted before hooking the nose strap back to her ring. Alex climbed back in the cart for the last leg of the ride. "Trot," he ordered.

Wildfire began to trot as before. She was now working up a sweat as the sun was out. Before she could take stock of her surroundings and worry about the heat, she felt a stroke of the crop on her rear. "Canter," Alex ordered. Wildfire began running at three quarters speed. Alex was changing the pace every few minutes to help her learn better. Alex pulled back on the reins, "March!"

Wildfire was now wishing that Alex would make up his mind. "Trot, canter, march. Can't he decide what pace he wants?" she taunted him in her thoughts. Still, she slowed to a slow motion trot and pranced as she was taught. Before she could get used to the pace he yelled, "trot!" and she was trotting as ordered.

For the next twenty minutes Alex made her change pace through every speed several times. He made certain that she didn't go more than two minutes before changing the pace. The changes were random but he made sure that she got a workout at every pace, from the march right through the gallop. By the time they were back at the stables, Wildfire was done. Alex stepped out of the cart and patted her on the head. "You did wonderful. Let's put the cart away and get you cleaned up."

Alex led Wildfire by the reins into the carriage house. He had her back the cart up into its original position before unhitching her. Alex bent down to her and said "You were wonderful. Do you realize you ran almost two full miles on your first run? That's fantastic!" Alex kissed her on the cheek even though it was covered in leather.

Wildfire appreciated the gesture. She was quite out of breath and overheated though. She hoped he would get her out of these leather clothes soon. Her wish would soon be answered she realized as he took hold of her reins and led her back to the stables where Cindy and Alice were waiting.

"Alice, Cindy, give me a hand! Let's get her out of these things and get her cooled off. I didn't realize it would get that hot so quickly." Alex stated.

Wildfire was unstrapped from the rack and all the clothes and binding were removed. "Don't talk!" Alice warned as she took the star bit from the pony's mouth. Wildfire shook her head but kept her mouth open. At this point, she was naked from head to toe. Alex took the small disk bit from the saddle bag and installed it. Wildfire was put back in the work rack and led to the cleaning station where she was bathed as before.

Alex told the girls to leave the hood and pony jacket off but to put the nose strap back on. He wanted her to continue to work on her head position. After Wildfire was bathed and her rear and cartridge were cleaned, he got an idea. "Stay here girls. I'll be right back," Alex said with a gleam in his eye.

After Alex left, Cindy said to Alice, "I wonder what he's up to?" Alice just shrugged her shoulders.

Alex flew up the two flights of stairs and went to the kitchen. He ignored the cook and went to the metal exterior of the walk in freezer. There he saw what he was looking for, a refrigerator magnet! Now he went back downstairs where the workshop was located. Alex drilled a hole through the rubber-like material and inserted a small eyebolt. "Perfect!" he said.

Alex returned to the stables where Wildfire was waiting with head held high by the strap. It was dinner time so he called Maggie on the phone and told her as much. Within fifteen minutes she was setting up the pony mush for Wildfire. Wildfire looked at the food with great interest as she was starving. She had already quenched her thirst while Alex was away (Alice had unhooked the strap from her nose while she drank). Alex looked at Maggie. "You feed her. I'm bushed," he said to the nurse.

"Sure, no problem, as long as I can get some satisfaction afterwards."

"I don't see why not. She's perfectly capable and willing, aren't you honey?" Alex asked the pony.

Wildfire knew exactly what they were talking about. She opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue. "After lunch," Alex said. She withdrew her tongue and positioned herself over the food.

The routine was now set. Wildfire's nose strap was disconnected and the front support was lowered to the same height as the rear. She was positioned over the food. Maggie said, "Begin," and gave her a stroke of the crop. Wildfire ate with gusto. Maggie gave her only one or two more whacks. She saw that her rear was well marked from the earlier exercise that Alex had given her. She didn't want to do any more damage than was necessary. Wildfire was finished in record time and she continued to lick the plate until Maggie told her to stop. When she did, she raised her head very high.

"You know, Alex, she may not need the nose strap anymore. She seems to be keeping her chin up pretty nicely now," Maggie said.

"Maybe. I'll decide after we march later today. Why don't you get your reward from her. I think I'll just watch." Alex went to the large chair he had brought in earlier and sat down. Maggie went to the pony girl and dragged her around so that she was broadside to Alex. Maggie wanted to make sure Alex got a good view. Wildfire was already sticking her tongue out.

Maggie was dressed in white pants and white four inch heels. She quickly slipped both heels off and then her pants. She was wearing no underwear. Maggie pressed her sex against Wildfire's face and immediately made a face that indicated extreme pleasure. She began running her body up and down as the pony pushed its tongue deep into her opening. Wildfire felt the nodule that was her clit and began running her tongue around it. Maggie screamed with pleasure. "Oh God!" she yelled. Maggie now began panting. So did Wildfire. For a second she stopped concentrating on Maggie and felt the wetness between her legs. Oh how she wished she could be touched there. Wildfire began groaning and panting. Suddenly Maggie dropped to her knees exhausted.

"Wow, that was fantastic!" Alex said.

Maggie looked at Alex and displayed a wide grin, "You bet it was! She's great."

"Sir, can we play too?" Cindy asked.

"I don't see why not. Why don't you two work on her at once. I'm certain she wants to be played with at both ends, don't you my little pony?"

Wildfire nodded with glee. She started whinnying and nodding incessantly.

"Well, what are you two waiting for?" Alex asked.

Cindy whispered something in Alice's ear and Alice whispered something back to Cindy. Cindy went in front of Wildfire and Alice went behind. Cindy began as Maggie had, rubbing her sex against the pony's extended tongue. Alice unbuckled the sheath covering the pony's sex and began licking her there. Wildfire went, well, wild! The groaning and panting increased to unbelievable levels. Wildfire was getting it from both girls at the same time. Orgasm after orgasm, climax after climax, she had an experience that few people ever have. The orgasms were coming so often that she could hardly determine the end of the last one before the next one would start. Wildfire passed out cold! Cindy saw this and yelled to Alex, "She passed out!"

Alex jumped out of his seat as Maggie, who was curled up on the floor next to him went to the pony. "Is she OK?" Alex asked Maggie.

"She's fine. She didn't really pass out. She just, shall we say, overloaded on happiness. She hyperventilated." Wildfire stirred, blinked, and looked up at all the people in the room. "See, she'll be fine, won't you honey?" Maggie said to Wildfire.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied. Then she stuck out her tongue again.

"Haven't you had enough?" Alex asked her with a tone of disbelief.

She shook her head, no and whinnied. Then instead of leaving her tongue out as if she wanted to lick one of the girls, she brought her upper lip down to cover her teeth and touched her lower lip with the tip of her tongue. Alex knew what she wanted. "I think she wants a little piece of me this time," he said to the girls.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied with vigor.

"Anything to make my little pony happy." Alex unzipped his pants and pulled his member out. He pressed it into her mouth and began pumping. Wildfire began massaging the underside and pinching it against her upper lip as she gently applied a delicate suction to his cock. It felt wonderful. She only wished he would use it in her other end and end her being labelled a virgin. Alex was already hard when he entered her mouth but exercised extreme control as he used her mouth for a full five minutes before withdrawing. She was not allowed to satisfy him in this way. She was extremely disappointed and shook her head and whinnied. She didn't want it to stop.

"Relax honey, I'm not done yet," Alex said.

Wildfire looked at him confused. Alex went behind her. As he did, she suddenly realized what was about to happen. She began nodding and whinnying constantly. She spread her legs. Alice had left the sheath unbuckled and Alex entered her wanting sex from behind. Wildfire continued to nod and whinny. Alex pumped her moist puss with the knowledge that he was freeing her of her reputation. She was no longer a virgin. He had witnesses to prove it. And he got to her first. But he gave up on these ideas as he sensed the extreme joy of her moist, tight opening. All the girls saw Alex's face twist into a grimace, then into a wide smile. Alex was out of breath. So was everyone else, including the girls. They could almost feel Alex make love to them as he did the pony girl. The three girls masturbated. Wildfire had a fantastic orgasm, thanks to Alex. Alex withdrew. His knees buckled and he dropped to the floor. Now everyone was on the floor except the pony girl.

Wildfire looked around her and saw that she had bested everyone in the room. If the bit wasn't cutting into her cheeks she'd be laughing out loud. It suddenly came to her. Wildfire lifted her head high and began trotting around the stables. No one told her to do so. She just pranced like a happy pony would. Everyone in the room pointed and laughed. "That's the craziest thing I ever saw, and I've see a lot of crazy things," said Maggie.

"Yea, how about that!" Alex said, shaking his head.

Wildfire continued to prance for many minutes. She was truly in her glory. She was no longer the butt of all those virgin jokes, no longer a woman to be ridiculed. She had completed another small piece of the puzzle that was her life.

After many minutes of watching the pony girl prance, Alex looked at Wildfire and said, "Come here sweetheart. I want to test something out." Wildfire trotted over to Alex, who had now picked himself off the floor. Alex took the magnet from his pocket and attached it to the nose leash. "Lift your head until your nose ring sticks to the magnet. Let's see if this works."

Wildfire lifted her head and the nose ring touched and stuck to the magnet. The magnet, however, rolled to the side of her nose. Alex didn't like it. It wasn't working as he had thought. "No, that's not going to work," Alex said.

Alex removed the magnet and was about to reattach the nose leash when he stopped. He removed the entire assembly and bent down to look into Wildfire's eyes. "Can I trust you to keep that chin up? Otherwise, we may have to make this thing permanent," he asked, waving the nose leash assembly in front of her.

Wildfire nodded and whinnied. Then she raised her head high to show that she didn't need that thing clipped to her nose. She certainly didn't want to have that leash attached permanently.

"Good. If I didn't tell you before, the rule is you must keep your head up whenever you are in the presence of anyone other than another pony. If you're alone, you can drop your head."

Wildfire nodded then raised her chin again.

"I'll let you rest for awhile. I have to take Cindy back to the castle. I'll be back around 4:00 to take you for another trot." Alex turned his attention to Alice and Cindy. "Cindy, go get your ball gag and put it on. We'll be leaving shortly. Alice, try and get some rest. Remember, you're going to be on duty tonight. We'll be starting very early tomorrow. We're going to let Wildfire take us to the castle."

"That's a long haul, sir," Alice said.

"That's why we're going to leave at 4:00 A.M. That means we'll have to start preparing her by three. So try and take it easy. We'll be putting her to bed around six."

"Yes sir," Alice said.

Cindy returned a short time later with a large red ball gag in place. It was the law. No slave could go outside without being gagged. There were certain exceptions, but they were few. Cindy and Alex left. Alex had reserved a limo earlier and it was waiting for them as they exited the hospital.

When Cindy and Alex entered the castle, Susan was waiting for them. "So, how's she doing?" Susan asked.

Alex said, "She's doing great. You should have seen her. We had a little problem with her head position but that's corrected now. We had a little orgy and she came out on top. She is truly a wonderful find. Oh, Cindy, why don't you go and report to the slave pool. I'll need you around, oh say 6:30 tonight. Be in my bedroom by then. Go on, get!"

Cindy hugged Alex and left. She knew for a fact that Alex was going to use her tonight. Just the thought of it made her wet. Cindy disappeared through a large archway and was gone.

"I need to talk to you about those two girls we sent to the kennels," Susan said.

"What about them?"

"Both have requested private meetings with you," Susan said.

"I see. Well, I don't have time today. Set it up for tomorrow morning. I'll be delivering Wildfire to the stables around six. I should be done by eight at the latest. Set the meetings up for eight and nine. I bet those two want to weasel out of the offer."

"We do have some leeway if there's mitigating circumstances. But I just don't see any. Tanya is just a bitch. Wouldn't it be appropriate if the bitch was put into the kennels, if you know what I mean?"

"Yea, I do. She's a lost cause. But Krystal only seems to get into trouble if she's not around me. I wonder if that's where the problem lies."

"You mean she only wants to perform for you? Could be. It's happened before. If that's the problem, then it could make things difficult. After all, how do we break them of falling in love with such a handsome stud like you!" Susan said with a mocking grin.

"Yea, I know what you mean. I've fall in love with myself every time I look in the mirror," Alex returned.

"Don't push it!" Susan and Alex each had a good laugh.

"I'll talk to both of them tomorrow. Tell them. Also, pull their files. I want to look through them and see if there's anything in there that could give us a clue to their behavior problems. I'll take a look at them tonight," Alex ordered.

"It's good to be thorough. Maybe there's something in there that we missed, but I doubt it."

"Get them anyway. I'll be back around six. I want them ready by then." Alex was getting a little short with Susan. Susan was being a little narrow minded in his estimation and he would have none of it.

Susan sensed that Alex was getting a little peeved at her and tried to mitigate the damage, "OK, the reports will be ready by six."

"Good. Hey, I'm sorry. It's been a long day," Alex apologized.

"That's OK, I understand," Susan returned. She hugged Alex and kissed him fully on the mouth.

Alex separated himself from the beautiful woman that was wrapped around his neck and looked at her from head to toe. She was dressed in her favorite outfit, Red silk blouse, black leather skirt, black knee high boots with five inch heels and black leather gloves. She knew full well that it was his favorite outfit, too!

"Hey, I gotta go. I've got a pony to work on," Alex said.

"Go ahead. I'll get those files and tell the girls that they'll get their meetings."

A short time later, Alex returned to the stables to find Wildfire ready for the afternoon trot. When four o'clock had come and gone, Alice took it upon herself to put the pony jacket on Wildfire and strap her down onto the work rack. She would let Alex decide on blinders and bit. When Alex returned, he found Wildfire ready.

"Good job Alice. I'll take it from here," Alex said.

Alex looked at Wildfire for a moment and decided. He grabbed the soft star bit and replaced the bit she was wearing. This bit had rounded points on the stars that were pushed into her cheeks. They were still uncomfortable, but her cheeks had toughened over the past several days and it wasn't nearly as bad as she had thought it would be. Alex decided to leave the blinders off. He raised the front support about a foot and grabbed her reins. In a short time, she was again hitched to the carriage as she was earlier.

Alex stepped in front of Wildfire and looked at her carefully. Wildfire was keeping her head nice and high. Alex placed his hand under her chin. "Very nice," he said, "We're just going for a little trot. We don't have a lot of time. I really just want to wear you out a bit so you nod off when we get back.

Alex was holding a feather plume in his left hand. "One last bit of decoration," he said. Alex clipped the plume to the joint at her forehead. The feathers fluttered in the light breeze that was coming in through the doors of the carriage house. Alex patted Wildfire on the head and climbed into the cart. He turned the key and started the engine. Alex placed the lever in drive and gave the pony a whack on the rump. "Trot," he said.

Wildfire was able to look around this time. The sun was disappearing fast from a clear blue sky. Alex led her to a cliff on the western edge of the island. They came out of the palm trees into a clearing. The sun was very low on the horizon. Alex set the parking brake and climbed out of the cart. "Pretty, isn't it?" he asked her.

Wildfire nodded. Sunsets in the Pacific were exquisite. She had often sat on the beach near her home and watched as the orange ball would settle into the sea. She watched now as the sun set once more. Only this time the sunset told her future. Her freedom had ended of her own choice. The sunset gave added emphasis to this thought.

Alex continued the trot through the rides for perhaps another half hour. He stopped once or twice to allow her to drink from watering troughs that were strategically placed. He didn't have to correct her head position even once. He was really impressed by this. Alex led her back to the stables.

Wildfire was quite tired by the time they got back. After putting the carriage away, Alex brought her back into the stables. As he removed her from the work rack, he praised her on her performance. "You did a wonderful job," he said, "I was very impressed."

Wildfire nodded and whinnied. Alex removed her pony jacket and arm sleeve, but left the bit and bridle in place. Wildfire was led over to the leisure rack. Alex explained. " This is the leisure rack. Notice that there is a bracket that extends to hold your chin. Also notice the mask in front to the bracket and the holes for your mouth and nose." Alex pointed to four rubber coated hooks fastened near the corners of the mouth opening and the two short hoses near where her nostrils would go. "These hooks hold your mouth open and the small rubber hoses go up your nostrils. This peg on the front is where the nose ring hooks on."

Alex reached down and fingered a dildo that was attached to the chin of the bracket with a silver chain. When I have you positioned, I'll insert this into your mouth. Finally, I'll install this," Alex said as he reached to the floor and picked up a fiberglass helmet. The helmet looked like a motorcycle helmet but had a hole on the top, obviously for her hair. On the front was a dark visor, only this visor was completely opaque as apposed to the dark sunglass material normally used on helmets. Alex showed her the inside. It was lined with a tremendous amount of fur. The helmet was oversized so that extra fur could be packed in.

Wildfire looked back to the rack. Alex redirected her attention to the helmet. "The whole point of this is to give you not only a rack that you can sleep on, but also a rack that opens you up to being used. When you're mounted on this rack, you will become a true sex toy. You can be used by anyone, and with the helmet in place you won't have any idea who does what to you. You won't be able to hear, see, or talk. I don't think you'll mind much though." Alex then pointed to the rack. "The rack is a little different between the front and rear supports too. Instead of having your belly hanging, we have installed this padded board. It's narrowed at the chest area so that your breasts still hang free, but you abdomen and breastbone will be supported. OK, let's get you mounted up."

Alex put the helmet down and led her to the rack. She was bent over and pressed into the padding. Alex removed her bit and warned her not to talk. He adjusted the mask and bracket as he told her to open her mouth as wide as she could. Wildfire spread her lips wide and hooked her teeth on all four hooks as Alex lifted her nostrils slightly and allowed the small tubes to enter her nose. The nose ring fit onto a large peg in front of her nose. He took several straps and pulled her face tightly into the contraption. Her head was bent back sharply. Alex attached her wrists to clips on the rear support. This kept them clear so that anyone looking from the side would get a clear view of her hanging breasts, which still held the large bells that were installed several days earlier.

Alex placed the dildo into the mouth opening. The dildo was hollow so she wouldn't have any trouble breathing. "Any time you feel this thing being removed, stick out your tongue. If you feel a female's sex on it, just do what comes naturally. But if you feel a man's cock pressing, then you'll have to pull it in. There isn't enough room for both to go through that hole. Now, when I put this helmet on you, you won't be able to hear or see anything."

Alex placed the helmet on her head, carefully pushing her ears against her head and pulling her hair through the helmet. The visor was up. There was a nose piece that pressed down on the peg that held her nose ring. Alex fastened four clips and the helmet was secure. Alex lowered the visor and placed the pony girl in darkness.

Alex had only one more task to complete. He removed her pony boots and placed fur lined pink leather sleeping boots on her feet. The boots had no heels and were knee high. When they were installed, he put her feet on the shelf that ran just above the ground. Alex strapped her calves to the side supports at the rear of the rack. This spread her legs quite wide from the knees up. Her sex was prominently displayed. Alex covered the pony's sex with the leather sheath. He finally wheeled her over to the cleaning station.

"Alice, clean her out then try and get some sleep. I don't think she'll be any problem tonight. Just push the cot next to her and get some sleep. We'll be starting early, remember."

"Yes sir, we'll be fine," Alice said.

"Good, I'll be back at 3:00 A.M.

Alex left Wildfire with Alice. He was confident of her abilities and knew that she would take care of his pony girl. Alex took one last look at Wildfire. In a way, he pitied her since she could not sense the world around her. The rack was so designed that the rear was higher than the front. This forced her hips up. In combination with her knees being spread wide, she was a tempting target. Alex suppressed the urge to give her one last thrill and walked out.

It was approaching six o'clock now and it had started to get dark. When Alex had returned to the castle, Susan had left the folders on the bed in his room. Cindy was there also, cleaned up and ball gagged with a fresh red ball. She was made up smartly. Her lips were painted with a bright red lipstick. This made her ball gag that much more impressive.

Alex sat at the edge of the bed and began going through the folders. Cindy had crawled up next to him and rubbed her face against his leg, like a little kitten. Alex smiled as he opened the first folder.

This folder was on Krystal Light, blonde, five foot, eight inches tall. "Hmmm, same height and hair color as Wildfire," he thought. Alex read further. Her parents were fairly old and very religious. Her mother was hospitalized on several occasions for bruises from spousal abuse. Her father was currently serving a life sentence for murder. "God, it's good that we got her. She was really raised in the school of hard knocks. At least she doesn't have any record," he thought. Alex could find nothing to tell him why she was misbehaving in front of others. Maybe Susan was right. She was infatuated with him. He might be able to team her with Wildfire. Maybe she would learn from her.

Alex put the folder down and picked up Tanya Krasnik's folder. He shrugged his shoulders and opened the file. The answer was right in front of him. Born: 1963 Sarajevo, Yugoslavia. "Now, Bosnia-Herzegovina," Alex thought. "She's taking her frustrations out on the slaves!" he realized. Now he had something to work with. Tanya might be salvageable. Alex would find out for sure in the morning.

Alex took the two folders and placed them on the night table. He turned his attention to Cindy who was kneeling on the floor. "Help me off with these clothes," he ordered.

Cindy jumped up and began unbuttoning Alex's shirt. Alex sat down and held his feet to Cindy. She pulled off the leather cowboy boots. She opened his pants and removed them as well. Alex was completely naked now, just as Cindy was.

Alex looked at Cindy and decided that he didn't want her gagged. "You can take the gag out. Hop into bed and I'll get the lights." Alex closed and locked the double doors and turned out the light. It was a full moon and the light shone through the window. Cindy climbed into bed and under the covers. Alex crawled beside her. Cindy curled up next to him, placing her head on his chest. "Oh how I wish I could be your slave forever, master. I don't like the idea of being put back in the lottery. I'm sure I'll end up in the stables in only a month or so."

"You liked the stables. You said as much when we put you in the castle," Alex said to Cindy.

"I did say that, but at that time I hadn't spent any time as a castle slave. I like this much more," Cindy said.

"Personally, I wish I could accommodate you honey. You're much better than most of the girls. How long have you been on castle duty?"

"Almost six months. I go back into the lottery next month, right?"

"Yup, the castle slave job security rate is six months, just like the pony job security rate."

Side note: It would be best to describe how job positions are awarded on the island. New people are brought in as ponies. Their first promotion will be to the job of castle slave. Afterwards, they can be moved to any position based on a lottery system. The way this works is like so. Each job has a minimum time. This is called the job security rate. Ponies and castle slaves have a job security rate of six months. Other jobs are longer. Stable hands are three years as are most mistress and master positions. Ponies are attended to first, both in removing old ponies and replenishing the two hundred or so head of stallions and phillies. The chance that a pony will be removed from the stables is equivalent to what portion of one year that the pony has spent in the stables after the six month minimum. This means that the chances of a pony being removed from the stables would be fifty percent after six months had passed following the minimum first six months. That would be one year total.

No pony would ever spend any more than eighteen months in the stable because their chances of being removed from the stables would be one hundred percent at that point. Likewise, any person who has spent the minimum in the position they now hold was available for transfer. These transfers were automatic and rarely questioned. The only real exception was for injuries. If a person was injured, they might not be capable of being a slave, so the system would lock them out. The chances of going back into the stables was increased slightly for slaves, because the masters and mistresses held their positions for a very long time. Those positions came up very rarely. Ponies were moved out every week, however. And the computer made certain that those positions were taken care of first. Cindy knew this full well.

"I may be able to work something out to keep you with me. I can't talk about it just yet. It's a secret," Alex said.

"That would be wonderful. But I thought that was against the rules, to meddle?" she asked.

"It is. I'm not going to meddle. Let's not talk about it. I've got big decisions to make. Get some sleep. We both have a long day ahead of us."

"Can't we do it just once? I need it," Cindy requested.

"No, I have to get up early. Oh! I'd better set the alarm." Alex set it for 2:30 A.M.

Cindy kissed him and respected his wishes, especially when she saw him set the alarm for so early. She closed her eyes and nodded off to sleep, using Alex's chest as her pillow. Alex ran his hand through her hair and drifted off himself.

Part 10