Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Island Pleasures 3

Part 3: The Journey.

Ally awoke the next morning feeling wonderful. After she showered and had breakfast she took out the envelope filled with papers. First and most important was the doctor appointment. She called the doctor and set up the appointment for that afternoon.

Ally went to the doctor and was examined. The doctor performed various tests. Blood was drawn. It was a complete, but normal physical exam. Ally then had to sign a paper releasing the test results to Mr. Davis' organization.

Over the next week Ally followed the instructions that were listed in the information packet. She bought a pink, strapless bikini at a fancy little store in downtown L. A. She had five sets of house keys made as instructed. These she gave to the security agency when a representative came to her door. He also took the valuables, jewelry and a few personal items that she wanted protected. She included the jewelry that Alex had given her as well. She set up a post office box for her mail and stopped the newspaper. Alex's organization would take care of all bills. Everything was ready by Thursday when she received a phone call from Alex. "The test results are in. Everything is fine. How are you holding up. Is everything ready?" he asked. "Everything is set. I've followed all the instructions on the paper. I'm glad to hear that the medical tests were OK," she said. "Remember Ally, on Sunday put your hair in a bun, wear no make-up, no jewelry, and no shoes. Also remember to fast from midnight Saturday evening until I pick you up Sunday afternoon," Alex reminded Ally. "I know. I read it in the instructions." "Good, then I'll see you on Sunday," he said. "Bye."

Saturday night came and went. Ally barely slept a wink. Finally she forced herself out of bed at 11:00 A.M. Alex would be here in less than an hour. She quickly showered and fixed her hair. She pulled the hair into a tight bun and held it in place with some bobby pins. Next she put on the bikini. She waited.

At precisely noon a knock was heard at the door. It was Alex. He was carrying a shoe box. "Ready?" he asked. Ally took a deep breath. "Ready," she affirmed. "Good, these are for you." He handed the box to Ally. "Put them on and lock the ankle straps into place." She took the box to the couch, sat down and put the shoes on. They were the six-inch pink spikes that Susan had found in the basement a week earlier. She then stood and tried to get a feel for the new shoes. "Excellent," Alex said, "shall we go?".

Alex and Ally left the house together. Alex made sure to lock the door behind them. Then he walked around the house and checked all doors and windows to make sure they were locked as well. Alex then led Ally to the Rolls parked outside. Charles was driving again. Alex helped Ally into the car and stepped in after her. Charles put the car in gear and they were off. As they drove to the yacht Alex reminded Ally, "Remember, at 12:01 tomorrow morning you run out of options. I'll ask you if you want to continue at midnight tonight. If you do, you accept the life that will be defined for you by me. Only I have the power to release you after that point. Otherwise, you become a slave until I say otherwise. Understand?" he asked.

"Completely," she said.

"Remember, up to that point you can cancel all of this and I will order the yacht turned around and I'll take you home. Just say you want to quit, or use the SOS signal if you're unable to talk. OK?" he asked.

"I understand. I won't back down, Alex. Trust me," she said with confidence.

"Excellent!" he said. Ally snuggled up to Alex and he put his big muscular arm around her. They drove on.

About an hour later they arrived at the yacht. The 'Pursuit of Happiness' was a big yacht, measuring one hundred and twenty-five feet from stem to stern and fifty feet across at the beam. Ally thought it looked like a miniature ocean liner without the smoke stacks.

Alex stepped out of the car and then helped Ally. He led her to the yacht, which was moored at Alex's private dock. As he led Ally to the yacht he warned her to be careful of the gaps between the planks. Her heels might get stuck in one. She carefully stepped onto the stern of the yacht. Alex led her below decks.

Upon reaching the bottom of the steps Alex turned to Ally. "Please drop to your hands and knees Ally. I want you to crawl for me. Don't stand up again unless I give you permission," he ordered. "You may actually find it easier to move around on the boat by crawling, especially once we hit open water. Those heels will be difficult to walk in when the boat starts to rock." Ally immediately dropped to her knees. Soft pile carpet covered the floor, obviously so her knees would not be harmed when she crawled. "Follow me," he said. He walked toward the bow of the boat, with Ally following close behind on her hands and knees. When he got to the forward most cabin he opened the door. "Inside," he said as he gestured with his arm. She crawled through the door and Alex followed her in.

Inside, she found a room with various pieces of furniture, a couch, some chairs, tables, etc. Alex led Ally to the table. "Sit back on your heels, Ally," he said. She did so and waited for Alex's next command. Alex then took a small paper cup and handed it to Ally. Inside was a single pill. Alex then took a pitcher of water and filled a tall glass with it. "This is the laxative. Wash it down with the water. Try to drink the entire glass please," he said. Ally popped the pill into her mouth and drank the water. She was able to empty the glass as instructed.

"Good. In about fifteen minutes the pill will begin to take effect. You'll have a great need to empty your bowels. The bathroom is through that door. Stand up Ally," he said.

She stood. He looked at her for a moment and then took a leather collar that was sitting on the table and puts it around Ally's neck. Ally's head was lifted high again as it was a week ago. The collar had a standard type of belt buckle, but the spike of the buckle had a loop on the end that fit into a recess in the buckle. When the buckle was closed, Alex took a gold colored socket head screw and ran it into the buckle. The screw went through the buckle, capturing the loop on the end of the spike. He then took an Allen wrench and screwed the cap screw into the buckle, the head fitting into a recess. Thus the screw could not be removed by hand. Only a wrench of the same type could remove the screw and thus allow the collar to be removed. The buckle was placed behind Ally's left ear. On the front, back and both sides of the collar were embossed, gold plates with a heavy metal ring attached. On the front plate was also an inscription. "ALLY" was all it said. Alex then placed leather bracelets, with similar gold plates and rings on Ally's wrists and secured these as well with Allen screws.

"I'm going to leave you now. You'll be needing the bathroom quite a bit for the next couple of hours. That's perfectly normal. I need you empty before we depart. OK?" he said. "I'll be back every hour to verify that you drink a full glass of water and make sure you don't dehydrate yourself."

At that point Ally bolted for the bathroom. Alex smiled and left. Over the next three hours Alex checked in on Ally on the hour. At 4 P.M. Alex said they were ready to depart. The crew released the yacht from its mooring and it made its way into the open waters of the Pacific. The sea was as smooth as a lake. A high pressure center was positioned just offshore of Los Angeles and there was little if any wind. The yacht proceeded on its journey.

Ally was surprised at how smooth the seas were. As the yacht left the harbor she could hear the engines increase in their roar. The cabin was insulated in a sound deadening material so they weren't loud at all. Ally had been on a boat only twice before. Once when she was ten, her father took her on a fishing trip. She reminisced about how she wouldn't touch the 'little fishy' when her dad said to place it on the hook. Her dad had to bait the hook with the minnow. She remembered how excited she was when she caught her first fish. "I got one! I got one!" she remembered screaming. She repeated the feat 17 more times in the next four hours, thoroughly embarrassing her father. "Nice job, pumpkin," she remembered him saying with a huge smile. He only caught 3 fish all day! She smiled when she thought of him. Several years later Ally returned to the sea. Only this time it was for the task of spreading her father's ashes over the sea. A small buoy was placed at the spot. She wiped a tear from her eye.

Shortly after the yacht was into the Pacific, Alex went into Ally's cabin. "Please remove your bikini, top and bottom, Ally," he ordered. She removed her top and bottom revealing the same beautiful naked body that Alex had seen a week earlier. "Are your bowel movements clear yet?" he asked her. "Yes," she said. "Good. Now, get on your knees again but sit up. I want to show you something," he said. She dropped her knees to the carpet and looked up at him. "First, your hands may be placed in only one of two positions. Either both hands are to be on the floor for crawling purposes or they are to be behind your head. Please clasp your hands behind your head," he ordered. She did as she was told, feeling her breasts being pulled upward as she interlaced her fingers behind her neck. "Excellent. Now your knees; spread them wide so I can see between them," he ordered. She spread her knees wide apart. "Whenever you stop crawling you are to place yourself in this position without being told. Either you will be crawling or on display as you are now. There are no exceptions. Understand?" he asked her. "Yes," she responded. "No, Ally. Yes, master. From this time forward you will call any male who has control over you master, and of course any female mistress. Understand?" he again asked. "Yes, master," she replied. "Good, now follow me," he commanded. Ally followed Alex. He led her into the bathroom.

Alex made Ally kneel in front of a full-length wall mirror. She assumed the position Alex had taught her earlier. "This mirror is two way. Behind it is a video camera that has its output channeled into my private quarters. I want you to stay as you are until I return. You are to break from this position only if you need to use the toilet. Afterwards you are to return to your knees as you are now. I'll be back each hour to check on you. Also at this point, you will not be given any more water. I now need your bodily functions to return to normal."

Alex left Ally kneeling in front of the mirror and went to his cabin across the hall. He approached a fifty inch projection TV and turned it on. Immediately it showed an image of Ally's beautiful body. He went to a black leather, cushioned lounge chair. He sat back and observed Ally's figure on display in front of him. She looked beautiful. He knew that Ally was seeing essentially the same picture.

Ally knelt in front of the mirror. She could see every inch of her body in the reflection. She observed the collar and could see the engraved lettering above the ring that was attached at her throat. She could also see her breasts and her sex. She liked what she saw and tried to improve her pose. She knew that Alex would be watching and she wanted to look as beautiful as possible for him.

Over the next four hours she knelt before the mirror almost continuously, rising only to empty her bowels. Afterwards, she would immediately return to the mirror. She returned to a kneeling position, hands behind her head and knees spread wide.

Each hour or so Alex would enter the bathroom and check on her. Each time, she addressed him as 'master' and said that she was fine. Alex would then return to his chambers and watch Ally on the big screen TV.

It was now 8:00 P.M. They had been at sea for four hours. Ally's bowel movements had for the most part stopped. Alex had discovered this by watching the TV as well as asking Ally each time he checked on her. It was time.

Alex picked up the 'toys' he had kept in his room. He went into Ally's room and placed these items on table. He then went into the bathroom. "Follow me Ally," he said. Ally twisted around and crawled out of the bathroom behind Alex. Alex led her to the table. When she stopped, she immediately assumed the kneeling position as before.

"Time to install the plugs, Ally. Are you ready?" he asked. "Yes master," she said. He first took the 'T' shaped bit, similar to the one used in the basement. This one however was made from one piece of steel, again wrapped in leather. "Your hands are in the way. Clasp them behind your back," he ordered. She removed her hands from her neck and puts them behind her back. "Open wide, Ally," he said. She opened her mouth and Alex inserted the bit into her mouth. He then pulled the strap around the back of her head and buckled it in place. The butt end of the phallus stuck out of her mouth about six inches and had a ring attached as before. Then he grabbed a leather harness. He pulled this down over her head and began fastening several straps. She could feel the straps pulling her skin and scalp taut. Straps went across her forehead, along the bridge of her nose, and under her chin. A series of other straps and belts attached to these forming a web over her entire head.

Next he took the sex-plug. He took some grease and smeared it onto the phallus and inserted it. Ally groaned slightly. He then turned the ring while pressing the plate tight to Ally's sex. "Bend over, Ally, and place your hands behind your head again," he ordered. Ally leaned forward, placing her hands on her head. Alex bent down and helped Ally into the proper position. He placed her head on the floor. The collar prevented her from turning her head and she had to prop her head on the end of the phallus extending from her mouth. This exposed her ass. He spread her legs and grabbed the last plug. He greased this phallus and inserted it. Again he turned the ring while he pressed the egg shaped plate against the crack in between her cheeks. He inserted the end of a blonde colored pony tail into the socket in the egg. It hung loosely between her legs. He then had her sit up. He took the ring on each wrist cuff and attached it to the side rings of Ally's collar. Now she had to keep her hands behind her head.

Alex helped Ally to her feet. The motion of the sea caught her off guard and she nearly fell. Alex grabbed her and steadied her until she got used to the motion of the sea. The motion of the yacht was hardly noticeable but it was definitely greater than before. When Ally had regained her balance Alex grabbed the ring on her rear. "Now you march, Ally. Back into the bathroom," Alex ordered. Ally lifted her knees and set them down smartly as she did just one week ago. She marched with head held high into the bathroom and back in front of the mirror. Alex had her kneel again in the same position. Only this time Alex took a piece of chain, and attached Ally's sex-plug to a ring on the floor. She was held fast to the floor. "I'll be back in a little while. Are you OK?" he asked.

"Arrgggh," she grunted.

Alex left Ally as she was in front of the mirror. Ally could now see what her new decorations looked like. She was gagged and plugged and under the total control of her master. She couldn't break free even if she wanted to. She asked herself if she wanted to. She realized she didn't. In fact she actually enjoyed the treatment she was being given and craved for more.

Alex returned to his room and looked at Ally's newly decorated body on the TV. She looked wonderful. He poured himself a small glass of wine and sat in the lounge chair. He watched Ally squirm and try to get comfortable within her bonds. Her every move excited him. He began to get hard but controlled himself. This was most difficult, especially since Ally was so beautiful when she was bound. He let an hour pass as he watched her. It was now 9:00 P.M.

Alex picked up a few more items from his cabin and returned to Ally. She was obviously beginning to get tired. He could see her trying to maintain her balance and her body was tense. Alex unhooked the chain from the floor and helped Ally to her feet. Her knees were a bit wobbly. Alex took hold of the ring mounted in Ally's rear again and pulled her upright. "March," he ordered. Ally lifted her knees again and allowed Alex to lead her to the table. Alex then took two large nipple clips and attached them to Ally's breasts. These were of an unusual design. They were two inches in diameter, cone shaped, and had a ring on the end. The ring was attached to a spring loaded rod which in turn was attached to a clam shaped clamp. Pressing the ring into the device opened the clamp. Alex did this and attached it to Ally's right nipple. When he released the ring, the clamp receded inside the cone pulling the nipple inside. The nipple was under constant tension and this pulled the cone tight up against the breast. Ally groaned when Alex released the ring. He tested it to make sure it was on securely. It was. He repeated the process with Ally's other nipple.

Next Alex unhooked Ally's hands and placed them behind her back. Alex then connected the rings on the leather cuffs. Alex then took a pair of chains and attached one to each nipple clamp. He ran the chains down through the ring on Ally's sex, between her legs, through the ring in Ally's rear, and secured it to the rear ring of her collar. He pulled the chains tight so that Ally's breasts would be stretched. Alex then attached gold, tear shaped bells to Ally's nipple clamps and a larger one to the ring between her legs. He tapped each of these and they made a delicious ringing noise. He then attached earrings of the same design to Ally's ears. Finally he took from his pocket a pair of leashes made of gold colored chain with leather handles. He clipped these to Ally's nipple rings as well. He stepped back and looked at his work. He liked what he saw.

Alex then led Ally to the center of the room. Attached to the ceiling was a chain that ran through a pulley and to the wall. Alex unhooked the chain from the wall and pulled the other end down. He attached this to Ally's bit. He then pulled the chain until Ally was standing straight up but had both heels planted. He secured the chain to the wall. "It's 9:30 now. I'll be back in half an hour to check on you. The next thing I'm going to do is use a paddle on your lovely ass. Do you still want to continue?" he asked. "Arrgggh," she grunted. With that Alex went back to his cabin.

Ally stood there with her head held high by the chain. She felt the motion of the boat and each wave that rolled the boat made her move her feet. When she did, most of her weight pulled on the gag. She felt the strap on the back of her neck pull tight until she regained her footing. This continued for over half an hour. She could see a clock on the wall. 10:00 came and went. Where was he?

Alex decided to take a shower before returning to Ally. By the time he was done it was 10:10 P.M. He went into Ally's room to find her hanging quietly. "Are you ready?" he asked her. "Arrgggh," was the reply.

Alex was now carrying a leather clad paddle about a foot long by three inches wide. He pressed the paddle against Ally's left buttocks then took aim and delivered a solid whack. "Arrggh," grunted Ally. Ally's left cheek turned bright red. Alex repeated the process on the right cheek.

"Now Ally, I'm going to spank you while you march. Lift your knees high and plant them firmly. Now, march," he commanded. Ally began pumping her knees up and down. Alex continued to hit Ally's ass with the paddle, first one cheek then the other. Ally grunted with each whack She did all she could to keep her knees high. Alex occasionally had to remind her. "Lift your knees, Ally," he would command as he continued to strike. He watched her breasts bob up and down and the tail wag back and forth. She looked stunning in her pose. As he struck her backside he had to be careful not to hit the egg sticking out of her rear. The strokes were placed almost but not quite on Ally's hip to avoid this. Alex continued to apply the paddle for a good fifteen minutes. Ally was visibly shaken. Tears ran down from her eyes and she was obviously crying behind her gag.

Alex unhooked the chain from Ally's bit and she immediately collapsed into his arms. Alex held her and ran his hands over her head, petting the straps and her hair at the same time. He took a handkerchief and dabbed at her tears. She had stopped crying but she was breathing heavily. "Are you OK, Ally? Do you want to go on?" he asked. "Arrgggh," she grunted. He couldn't believe it. How could she take all this having no experience in discipline type games?

He carried her over to the couch and laid her, face down across the arm of the sofa. He let her feet hang to the floor. He sat on the sofa and put Ally's head in his lap. Of course she couldn't turn her head so her chin was pressed into the bulge of Alex's pants. He petted her and ran his hands all over her body. Her breathing slowed dramatically.

Alex allowed her to relax until around 11:00 P.M.. At that point he took hold of the leashes that were attached to Ally's breasts and lifted her upright. Alex led her to the table where there were only two items left, a riding crop and a cat-o-nine-tails. "Do I have permission to use these on you, Ally?" he asked her. "Arrrgggh," she grunted. "Good. Then would you be so kind as to lean over the table and present me with your bottom?" he asked. She leaned over the table and waited. Alex took the cat and tested it out by swinging it through the air. Then Ally felt the first blow. Slap! The cat struck Ally in the right cheek. Slap! The left thigh was hit. Slap, slap, slap, Ally's backside was struck many times. Then Alex stopped. "Stay here Ally. I'll be back in ten minutes. Alex checked his watch. 11:30. "Good, we're right on schedule," he thought. Alex went back to his cabin, sat down and relaxed for ten minutes. The critical point was almost here.

Alex returned to Ally, who was still bent over the table. He picked up the riding crop. "This is the most painful type of whip we use. I'm going to whip you until five minutes till midnight. At that point I'll stop, take out your gag and ask you to tell me what you want to do, become a slave or turn around and go home. I know you said that you wouldn't back down, but this is going to be a real test for you. Think carefully before you make your final decision, OK?" he said. "Arrggh," she grunted. Alex began striking Ally's ass. Ally's groans were the loudest she ever made. Each blow made a red welt on her ass and thighs. Alex kept beating her until five minutes till midnight. Ally was practically screaming behind the gag. Tears were running down her face. Then the beating stopped.

Alex lifted Ally upright. Her knees were a bit wobbly. She was breathing heavily and sobbing slightly behind the gag. Alex unbuckled the strap that held the gag in place, then pulled the strap through the harness, which, since the harness had been put on after the bit, had trapped the strap against Ally's face. Alex removed the gag. He massaged Ally's jaw a bit. It was precisely midnight.

"So, what do you want to do Ally?" he asked. Ally took a few deep breaths. The pain from her rear was intense and distracting. "I need to know. What do you want to do?" he demanded. "I want to go on to the island. I want to be taken care of. I want to serve. I want to be a slave," she finally said. "Are you absolutely sure? There won't be any reprieve you understand?" he said. "I'm absolutely, positively sure," she affirmed. Her voice was wavering from the pain of her whipping, but her voice was filled with confidence. "Very well, I hereby welcome you as my newest slave," he said. Alex then bent forward and kissed Ally full on the mouth. Their tongues mingled in each other's mouth. Ally felt as though he was devouring her whole. Alex wrapped his arms around her. "I knew you could do it my love," he said. "I told you I wouldn't fail you, master," she said with a smile. He realized she added the word 'master' as a sign of total submission. He squeezed her even tighter in his strong arms.

Alex held her and kissed her for several minutes. Then Alex said, "It's time for another lesson, Ally." "Yes master," Ally said, "I'm ready and willing to learn." Alex then forced Ally down on her knees. "Open your mouth," he said. "A slave always has her mouth open if it isn't plugged. Now, keep your mouth open Ally," Alex said. Ally opened her mouth and kept it open. "Good, now you have to remember to open your mouth after you are done speaking. Understand?" he asked. "Yes master," she said. After saying this, Ally closed her mouth. "No Ally, you didn't open your mouth again after you said 'Yes master.' Open your mouth now, Ally," Alex commanded. Ally opened her mouth again and tried to concentrate on keeping it open. "Now, are you going to keep that mouth open, Ally?" he asked. "Yes master," she said. Immediately afterwards she opened her mouth again. "Excellent, that's what I wanted to see. You'll need to concentrate on keeping your mouth open to whoever wishes to use it. Now I think we're done with your mouth for now," Alex said. After saying this, Alex took the bit and re-inserted the phallus end into Ally's mouth. He fastened the buckle securely. Then Alex grabbed the leashes and pulled Ally to her feet. She groaned, "Arrggh."

The leashes were about six feet long. Alex ran the chains through Ally's legs and put just a little tension on them. Alex then picked up the riding crop in his right hand as he transferred the leashes to his left. He gave the leashes a little tug. "Arrggh," Ally grunted. "Now Ally, we're going to teach you how to respond to leash commands. When I tug once, you are to start marching in place. Two tugs mean to stop. Once you are marching in place I am going to drive you with the riding crop. I'll just give you a slap every now and then. As you march, I'll direct you by pulling the chain against the inside of either thigh when I want you to change directions. At some point in the future you will be required to march blindfolded. The chain will be the only means of direction you will have. Now let's try it," Alex said.

Alex gave one good yank on the leashed. Ally started marching in place, with knees lifted high. Alex enjoyed seeing the tail wag as before. Slap, Alex lowered the riding crop onto Ally's behind. She started to move forward. Alex kept just a tiny bit of tension on the leashes. Then he pulled the leashes hard to the right and the chains pulled against Ally's right inner thigh. She turned to the right as she marched until Alex let up on the tension. Then he repeated the process on the left side. The cabin wasn't very large but Alex was able, nonetheless, to give Ally the idea. Alex gave two quick tugs and Ally froze.

"Wonderful Ally, You did magnificent. I want you to remember what you just learned. You will be made to march very often in this manner when you land. I think you'll make a lovely pony," he said.

"Pony?" thought Ally. "I didn't realize. I guess I can live with it. I do love him so!" she thought. She lifted her head up higher and arched her back. Alex saw this. "Yes, you do look so lovely, my dear," he said.

Using the same leash commands, Alex led Ally through the door and into his own cabin. She marched as he had instructed and received several cracks from the crop as she went. When they entered the cabin Ally's eyes became transfixed on a gold cage. The cage was seven feet long and two feet high. Alex led her over to it. Alex then unhooked the two padlocks that were hanging in the latches and opened the top. The lid was in two parts with a latch for each. It opened somewhat like a coffin. The bars were gold plated steel and were a half inch thick. On the bottom was a two inch thick mattress.

Alex unhooked Ally's hands from behind her and attached them again to the side rings on her collar. Then he told her to step into the cage and lie down on her back. This she did with great difficulty because of all the ornaments she was wearing. When she finally was prone, Alex closed and locked the lids. The padlocks closed with a distinct click. She was caged like an animal. "Try and get some sleep. You've been through quite a lot today. You have a long day ahead tomorrow."

Ally lay on her back staring at the bars over her head. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep. She was exhausted. "Now I'm his," she thought. Fear crept in as she tried to sleep. She had surrendered her body to him. Every part of her was his. The thought of futility held her fear in check. What good was it to be afraid? She had to do as she was told. He had bound her and decorated her so she had no choice. And without choice there was no need for fear. He said she would not be permanently harmed. Her backside still burned from the crop but the burning excited her. All this she took in as blackness crept into her mind. Ally finally dozed off into a wonderful dream.

After Ally was placed in her cage, Alex dimmed the lights. The switch had a dimmer. He just lowered the lights enough so that he could see her. He left them dim enough, however, so that she wouldn't be kept awake by them. He stared at her for the longest time before leaving the cabin.

Alex then went up to the bridge. On the bridge were the captain and his mate. The captain's name was William Sternhaus and he was assisted by his mate, a Mr. Jim Engleside. "So, how is it going gentlemen?" Alex inquired. "I'm afraid not as well as expected sir," the captain said. "What's wrong?" Alex asked. "Mr. Engleside will explain," said the captain. "Sir, I'm afraid we're not making as much headway as we usually do. We are unfortunately running into a fifteen knot breeze and it's pushing the tide against us. Weather reports show no major storms in our path however. The seas shouldn't get much worse than they are now, by the way. The bottom line is we will land two hours later than expected," said Mr. Engleside. "Very well. If you haven't done so, please radio ahead and inform the island harbor master of the delay. I will be in my cabin. Inform me of any other changes," said Alex. "The island harbor master has already been informed. I will wake you should anything unusual arise," stated Mr. Engleside. "Thank you gentlemen," Alex said. Alex turned and left.

Alex returned to his cabin and slowly opened the door. Ally was sound asleep. Good, he thought. She could use the sleep. "I think I'll let her sleep the extra two hours. Let's see, I need two hours to prepare her for the landing." Alex went over to a night stand and set an alarm clock for 8:00 A.M. He then slipped off his clothes and sacked out. From where he was he could see Ally's cage. She looked so peaceful and beautiful lying there. He dozed off quickly with Ally's vision on his mind and a smile on his face.

Around 6:00 A.M. Alex awoke with a start. Ally was grunting and groaning and making all kinds of noise. She was trying to shake the cage in any way she could. Alex rushed over to Ally and quickly unlocked her cage. He was obviously worried. If she got seasick she could drown in her own vomit. Alex quickly unbuckled the gag and removed it.

"What's wrong Ally?" he asked. "I'm scared!" she cried. Alex helped her to a sitting position and took her over to the bed. He had Ally sit on his lap and wiped her tears. "It's OK honey. That's a perfectly normal reaction. You're finally realizing that you are no longer free. You will get used to it. Trust me." Ally tried as best as she could to bury her face in Alex's shoulder. With her hands locked to the sides of her neck this was quite difficult. Alex tried to comfort her.

Alex took a handkerchief and wiped any remaining tears from her face. Then he wiped her nose. He ran his hand through her hair. "To hell with rule number one," he thought. "I love this girl and nothing will ever stop that."

Alex held Ally in his arms until she regained her composure. Then he reached for the gag and was about to replace it. Ally spoke, "Please master, could that wait for a little while? My jaw is so sore." Alex looked at her. "Normally I wouldn't do this but OK. You tell me when you're ready for it."

Alex began rubbing his fingers along Ally's jaw. She moaned softly as he worked the circulation back into her cheeks. But touch is a strange thing. Alex couldn't help noticing Ally's soft, wonderful skin. His massaging became a gentle caress. He moved his fingers from her jaw to her forehead and then to her cheeks again. Then he began touching other parts of her. He felt the smooth collar with its plates and rings, and the skin under her chin. He moved his hands lower. His touch became ever so delicate. He was barely touching her. He ran his hands into Ally's cleavage. Then she felt him running his hands around her lovely breasts. "Oh, how wonderful!" she exclaimed. "Shhh," he said, "Slaves don't talk, remember?"

"I'm sorry, master," she apologized. "That's OK honey," he said. Alex continued to run his fingers over her breasts. He gently would lift them slightly as his fingers went under them. Ally's breathing increased. Alex noticed this and looked into her eyes. Oh, what beautiful eyes. His gaze wandered down to her lips and all at once he found her lips firmly planted on his. He pulled her closer to him, pressing her body with her lovely breasts against his. Their tongues mingled together. The kiss went on for what seemed like a thousand lifetimes. Alex and Ally floated in a world full of nothing but ecstacy, their wildest dreams were now reality.

They kissed and kissed. Finally, Alex gave Ally a final peck on the lips. Ally knew they were done kissing. "I'm ready master," she said. "I'm ready for the gag." Alex was impressed by Ally's submission. He put the gag into her mouth again and buckled it tight.

"OK?" he asked. "Arrggh," she grunted. "Let's see. It's 7 A.M. now. Before I forget, we've run into some unexpected oncoming currents and it's going to take an extra two hours to get to the island. Nothing to worry about though. Our e.t.a. is now 10:00 A.M. I'm going to let you relax for another hour before I finish preparing you for your arrival. Lie face up on the bed Ally."

Ally stood and leaned over the bed. Alex helped her onto the bed and then climbed in next to her. Ally could feel the boat gently rock and it added an extra factor to the atmosphere. All Alex could do was stare at her. He picked up the touching of her body where he stopped earlier. He now moved his hands even lower on her body. He caressed her abdomen, gently probing her belly button.

He moved his hands lower and touched the plate on her sex. He ran his fingers all over the ornamental carvings and the ring. Ally began groaning again.

The alarm buzzed. Was it really 8 o'clock? Alex turned off the alarm. "Time to get you ready." Alex helped Ally out of the bed and had her stand. The boat was moving too much and she fell back on the bed. "OK, just sit there. It's obvious that the boat's rocking too much for you to stand in those heels." Alex then unhooked the chains that were attached to her nipples, both the chains that went between her legs and the leashes. He set them aside for later use.

Alex went for the last of his 'toys. Alex got an idea. He unhooked Ally's hands and took her over to the door. With the door open he had Ally grab the door jambs and steady herself so he could work. First, he wrapped the corset around her body and began hooking it. The corset was made of black leather with half cups. It was strapless. At several places there were metal rings attached. There were garter straps at the bottom also.

Ally felt the corset pull tight. She stood in the doorway steadying herself with her hands. It was difficult in the 6 inch heels but she managed. When Alex began to put his weight into the stays, she braced herself and helped him apply pressure to the laces. The heavy boning made her waist much smaller and lifted her breasts high.

Alex took her hand and led her back to the bed. Alex then took out a key and removed her heels. "Wait here." He went to the closet and took out a pair of black leather hip boots. The boots had 6 inch heels also. He placed the boots on Ally's legs. There was a zipper along the outside of each boot and he zipped each one up to her hip. The kid leather felt like a new skin to her. Ally could feel a padding at the front of the knees but it was tapered so as not to be evident from the outside. Alex finally connected the garters. Each of the buckles where both the garters and zippers were connected had a small keyhole. The ends of zipper and garters looked like miniature seat belt connectors. Only a key could remove them.

Alex turned his attention to her nipples. He checked the clamps again. They were still firmly attached. He checked for damage or bruising, and except for a bit of reddening, there was none. "Good," he thought. He took the leashes and reattached them to her nipple decorations. He decided to leave the other chain off. His thoughts were that the chains just didn't look right with the corset.

"On your knees, girl," he commanded. Ally got off the bed and couldn't help but land on her knees. The boat was pitching in three foot seas now, She dropped to her knees more because of the rocking deck than from her own volition. Alex took the last item, a blindfold. Ally balked. She started groaning franticly and held up her hands in an attempt to stop him. "Put your hands down! Don't make me use force." She dropped her hands. He could see tears start to flow. "It'll be OK." She raised her head and pushed her face toward the blindfold in an act of submission. The black leather blindfold was applied. It had two bulges on the inside that gently pressed against the eyelids, thus preventing Ally from looking out the bottom of the blindfold. "Follow me."

Alex took the leashes and pulled Ally along. He led her up the stairs at the stern and brought her up on deck. The sun had been up an hour or so. Alex could see the island in the distance. "Kneel up Ally. I can see the island. We'll be landing shortly."

Ally took up the position. She placed her hands behind her head spread her knees wide. Alex saw this then continued, "I expect you to behave as I've taught you. You'll be marching blind. Remember the leash commands and do as you were taught. When you are not marching you are to stand perfectly still with your chin raised in tribute. And don't let the leashes go slack!"

Ally groaned to acknowledge his commands. She was now totally under his control. The island was near. Oh, how she wished she could see it. She could barely hear the surf pounding over the engines' roar. She could smell the sea. Memories of her father returned. Thirty minutes later she heard the engine noise reduce. They were there....

Part 4