Island Pleasures

By SirThomas


01: Interview
02: The Fitting
03: The Journey
04: Welcome to the Island
05: Schedule of Events (Part 1)
06: Schedule of Events (Part 2)
07: Schedule of Events (Part 3)
08: Week's End
09: End of a New Beginning
10: Welcome to My Castle


Part 1: Interview

The story begins as a beautiful lady named Ally enters a very posh restaurant in Los Angeles. She is answering an ad she had seen in a personal column in one of the lesser known newspapers that usually carry some of the more kinky personal ads. The ad read, 


"In need of a female subject for long term training program on my private island. Subject must be natural blonde, slim figure, and nicely endowed. Subject must be drug and disease free and non-smoker. S&M, B&D are involved. Subject must be willing to stay on island for extended period of time....."


The number was an answering machine. She felt quite apprehensive about the whole affair at first, what with all the crime in big cities. But she figured that a criminal wouldn't say that the activity was on his private island. She surmised it was for real. So she called. The message said to wait by the phone and a reply would come in about 2 hours. Sure enough the call came. She was told to ask for a Mr. Alexander Davis at the Chateau Bleau Restaurant, a new and very high class place she had heard rave reviews about.

The occasion would be formal and she was to dress appropriately. She contemplated how much this Mr. Alexander would need to examine of her. She decided that he might want to see her naked or at least partially unclothed so she kept her outfit simple but sharp. First the bra would be black lace, followed by a pair of black lace panties to match. The pink of her nipples could just barely be seen through the lace and the blonde bush provided a very pleasant contrast to the harshness of the black panties. Yes, that would do nicely. At this point she applied a bit of rouge to her cheeks, and a dark red lipstick which together added a very nice touch of color to her face. She looked in the mirror and decided her eyes needed a bit of work. She gently brushed a small amount of mascara to build her lashes and added a bit of dark grey eye shadow to make her eyes look mysterious and lovely. Next she got out her last pair of black stockings and put them on, along with a garter belt to hold them in place against her luscious thighs. Her blouse buttoned in front and was of a black silk. She allowed as much cleavage to show as she dared. The skirt was of a grey tweed that covered her to just above the knees. She put on a pair of 5 inch spikes and as a final touch added a bit of jewelry, a nice pair of gold pendant earrings and a ring or two, a bracelet, and a gold chain necklace. Ally added a bit of perfume here and there and took one final look in the mirror.

"Knock em dead!", she heard herself say.

Ally was Allison Medina, a free-lance journalist who had a fair amount of success getting a few magazine articles published, just enough to live on. She was 24 years old, long blonde hair, and well proportioned. She was 5' 8" tall and weighed 140 lbs. She had a body that would make any high priced model jealous. Her blonde hair came half way down her back and was full bodied.

She came from a very strict Catholic family. Her father passed away only 3 years ago from lung cancer. She watched him suffer for a long time and it took a large toll on her as she could do little to ease his pain. She did give up smoking shortly after his death. She really never enjoyed it that much anyway. It was just a way to take the edge off a rough day. Her mother was a classic German family matriarch, dominating her life and making her into a very respectable woman. She owed much to her. She had one sister, Janet, just 2 years younger than her who had married when she was 16 and had given birth to twins girls at the age of 17.

Then just five weeks ago tragedy struck. It was a rainy night on a well traveled stretch of the L.A. Expressway. Janet and her husband Frank had taken her mother, and the twins to a Disneyland. On the way back, a tractor trailer carrying a load of propane jackknifed just as it was entering a tunnel, the same tunnel that the van carrying Janet and her family were in. The whole thing blew sky high and killed them and twenty-six other people. She had no one to turn to. No friends to lean on, no lover, no boyfriend. She was alone, trying to survive and not doing a very good job at it. Maybe this was her way out of her misery.

She further contemplated the meeting. Ally admitted to herself that she was a bit anxious. No, she was scared to death. As she entered the restaurant she felt a sense of foreboding. She feared going through with this meeting. But she felt something inside spurring her on. It was fear, curiosity, passion, and several other emotions all rolled up into one incredible rush. She was reminded of the daredevil and why they did what they did. As they longed for that feeling of ultimate fear and ecstacy just a split second before they cheat death one more time, so Allison Medina walked into the jaws of the unknown to meet her fate. She wanted the unknown.


As Ally approached the entrance to the dining room she felt the anxiety balling up in her abdomen. Upon entering the dining room she almost turned right around and left. But something inside said that she must go on. At that moment the maitre'd spotted her and approached.

"May I help madam.", he said with a wide smile.

"Yes", she beamed back, "I was told to meet a Mr. Alexander Davis. Has he arrived yet?".

"The fact is Miss...?", the maitre'd said

"Medina, Allison Medina.", she said with a smile. She always liked being treated special.

"The fact is Miss Medina, Mr. Davis has been here since early this afternoon. You see he owns this establishment."

"Oh my! I had no idea!", she exclaimed.

"Mr. Davis is currently in the executive dining room. Would you please come with me Miss Allison. By the way you may call me Andre if you wish."

"Thank you Andre. Please lead the way."

She was led through an exquisitely decorated dining room. The room was carpeted with a short pile rug which partially muffled the sounds of her heels. The walls were decorated with fine paintings and sculptures of various designs. As Ally passed one of the paintings she couldn't help noticing the signature, Picasso! These couldn't be real though could they?

People from only the highest standing dined here. There were even a few celebrities scattered through the room. She tapped Andre on the shoulder. "Isn't that Don Johnson over there with his wife? It is!" , she squealed, " Do you think he'd mind if I got an autograph?"

Andre looked annoyed. The expression said it all and was punctuated by a small but firm shake of the head.

"Oh well, perhaps some other time.", she lamented.

She was led into a long corridor that ended at a 'T'. As they entered the hallway the carpet was replaced by a parquet floor. The heels made a delicious sound on the parquet and it aroused her senses. However these senses were a distraction from the task at hand, controlling her fear. She almost let that wave of fear overcome her when the turned right at the 'T' and came to a huge pair of ornately carved wooded doors.

Andre opened both doors and announced Ally's arrival. There was no going back now. Ally stepped forward into the room. She was immediately impressed by the size of the room. It was some eighty feet long and twenty forty feet wide with a forty foot long series of heavy oak tables down it's center. Chairs were lined up along the walls as well as the sides of the tables. At the very far end of the tables was one large chair almost like a throne. There was a single door at the far end to the left of center and Ally assumed this to be a closet. She was correct. The double doors she had just entered were the only way in (and the only way out, she thought).

The fear began anew. Again it was quenched by a tall handsome man who proffered his hand as he greeted Ally.

"Miss Medina? Hi, I'm Alexander Davis. Please come in."

"Allison Medina, glad to meet you.", she said.

That statement from her was more than just common courtesy. She really was glad to meet him. Before her stood a six foot, four inch specimen of the perfect male body. It was all she could do to keep her eyes from popping out of her head!

Alexander Davis was a tall handsome man about six foot four, well built. He possessed sandy brown hair, obviously sun bleached, perhaps from the island climate Ally thought. His complexion was nicely tanned from head to toe. He was wearing a three piece business suit. The vest and jacket were of fine blue grey silk and contrasted well with his tanned features. Ally wondered if he had tan lines.

Davis wasn't exactly having an easy time of it either. He stared for the longest time at Ally. From head to toe she was exquisite. His eyes focused on her heels. My they looked nice. He always had a thing for heels. It really turned him on.

Ally entered the room and followed Alexander to the far end of the room. She then noticed two more people in the room, a man and a woman. The man was standing near the large chair at the end of the table. The woman was seated on the far side of the table at the very end. She had a few stacks of papers just to her left arranged neatly on the table.

As they reached the end of the table Andre spoke.

"Will you be ordering dinner sir?", he said.

"Miss Medina, would you like a nice dinner, My treat?"

"Actually I'm not very hungry at the moment. The situation has made me a bit nervous and I've kind of lost my appetite."

"I can understand your nervousness. Let me assure you that at any time you wish, you may walk out of here no questions asked. No one will stop you. Does that help any?"

Ally pondered the statement for a moment. "Yes it does help a bit"

"But not that much. I understand. Since you are not hungry at the moment perhaps I can offer you a drink? We have an excellent wine cellar. Andre, bring us a bottle of Chablis. You choose..."

"No, please. Ahh... alcohol doesn't appeal to me at the moment. Could I just have a glass of ice water. My throat is terribly dry."

"Sure, no problem. Andre, bring a pitcher of ice water. We can save the wine for another time.", Alexander said. As Andre left the room Alexander introduce the other two people.

"This is Felix. Felix is my right hand man. He consults me on almost every matter that comes up regarding the island. I like to think of him as the guy who keeps me from making an ass out of myself", Alexander said with a big laugh.

"Sometimes you succeed in making an ass out of yourself anyway. I can't perform miracles!", said Felix as he gave Alexander an comical stare.

Felix was about five feet, four inches tall and very muscular. He was semi balding and about 30 years of age. He wore a grey business suit that didn't fit very well. He was not all that handsome and carried a little bit of a paunch up front.

"And this is Susan. Susan is my expert in recruitment and will assist in the matter at hand."

Susan smiled at this through lovely dark red lips. She remained seated and said nothing. Susan was five foot, nine inches tall with jet black hair. Other than the lipstick, she wore very little makeup, the small amount of rouge on her cheeks being the most distinguishing color. She wore a bright red silk blouse and no jewelry except for a pair of small gold earrings. Ally couldn't see below the table so didn't know that Susan was wearing a pair of black six inch spiked heel boots that came up to just below the knee and was also clad in a mid length black skirt. Ally didn't know this woman very well but she sensed that she was the greatest threat to her well being. She couldn't be more correct.

"Please have a seat". Alexander pointed to the chair at the end of the table directly opposite Susan.

At that moment Andre returned with the water. He immediately poured a glass for Ally, then looked around to see if anyone else would like a glass. Alexander signalled for a glass. Susan and Felix declined. Andre pours a glass and gives it to Alexander.

"Will you be needing me anymore sir?", Andre asks.

"No, and thank you Andre.", says Alexander.

Andre leaves the room and closes the double doors. At that moment Felix heads towards the doors and stands guard so to speak. Ally looks at Alexander with concern in her eyes.

"Felix will simply stop anyone from coming in. The offer is still good. If you wish to leave you still may. No one will stop you."

"A toast. To the pursuit of happiness!", Alexander states, offering his glass in tribute.

"To the pursuit of happiness!", Ally repeats with a big laugh as she gently clink glasses with Alexander's. They both take a long swallow of the ice water. It tastes wonderful. Alexander is laughing as well.

"Feel better now?", asks Alexander.

"Quite". A huge grin has emerged across Ally's face and she finally feels at ease.

"Then let's begin. As I said my name is Alexander Davis. I own this hotel as well as 12 others in various cities in the U.S. I also have a few more abroad in several English speaking countries. I was raised by strict parents who died along with my four brothers in a plane crash when I was 17. I am now 28. The lawsuit victory and insurance settlement from the crash provided me with the initial capital of 5 million dollars, which I put into some very wise investments. When I was 22, the stock market crashed. But I had taken many wise investments, called trading short, that actually pay off when stocks go down. This made me a very rich man. My two and a half million dollars in investments turned into one and a half billion overnight! Now over the last six years I've accumulated an even greater amount of wealth. To be honest with you I don't know how much I'm worth. Perhaps eight billion, maybe more."

Susan spoke. " I believe it's closer to 12 billion Al."

"Thank you Susan, 12 billion. And since when did we get so personal!", He rebuffed Susan.

Susan immediately lowered her eyes to the table and said, "Sorry sir. I lost my composure for a moment."

"Susan, I forgive you. Now let me continue."

"Now where was I? Oh, yes. I guess I have 12 billion in various businesses as well as capital throughout the world."

"When I first got the money, many investment brokers recommended real estate. I purchased several pieces of property and did quite well. One of the properties I purchased was an Island in the South Pacific about one hundred twenty miles Southwest of Tahiti. My tastes being of the sexual dominance ticket, I began looking up ways to fulfil my fantasies. I read Anne Rice's Beauty series, and her book Exit to Eden. Also I used various computer networks to gather additional ideas. The mental aspect of training was best illustrated in the 'Story of O' by Pauline Reage. It was from all these sources that I created my own version of 'Fantasy Island'.

On this island are two villages and one palace. Of course I reside in the palace. In one village only women are slaves. In the other only men are slaves. In the palace there is a mixture of both. Also the palace is where the initiation and training takes place. Only experienced slaves are sent to the villages. We currently have over two thousand inhabitants approximately twelve hundred of which are slaves".

Upon hearing the talk of the island Ally's fears re-emerged, but so did that same desire for the rush of the danger.

"Let me get this straight. The ad is for sex slaves? You want me to become a sex slave?", Ally seemed astonished. She realized that she shouldn't have been. Perhaps it was just her ego's last ditch effort to prevent Ally from giving into her desires. Ally had read the ad. It was clear as day and she knew it even before she set foot into the restaurant that she desired to be controlled, as her mother controlled her all her life, she admitted to herself.

"You seem surprised at what's expected. Let me begin formally in the manner in which I originally planned this meeting. Susan, if you please.", he said.

Upon this note Susan relaxed and took a few sheets off the papers that were on the table. She handed identical copies to Alexander. It was a checklist of sorts. Alexander took out two pens handing one to Susan.

"Before we begin let me preface this meeting with the following statement.", he said as he looked directly at Ally, "Everything that is presented to you will be as truthful and as up front as we can possibly be. Should you accept the offer we present you will know everything up front. We will attempt to hide nothing. Understand?"

"Yes", she said in almost a whisper.

"Good. But be forewarned that the descriptions of what takes place, what you need to do, or what will be done to you could be quite graphic and probably quite upsetting. Understand?".

"Yes", Ally was visibly shaking now. Alexander saw it.

"Ally, your shaking like a leaf. Take a sip of water and take a deep breath.", said Alex.

She did this and the shaking stopped. She took a second deep breath and in an apologetic manner spoke, "I'm sorry. I guess I lost my composure too."

Susan smiled.

Alex spoke again consoling her. "Hey, your allowed, OK. What the ad is offering is a very unusual situation. This is one hundred percent voluntary. And don't worry about me not filling the position either. There are millions who would give their eye teeth for this opportunity. Now do you wish to end this meeting and leave or do you want to hear more? I need to know now or we'd both be wasting our time going any further."

Ally was being mentally torn in two by the desire to escape and the longing for the passion should she continue. In reality she only hesitated for a moment but for her the debate in her mind seemed to continue on for hours. What would be expected of her. She'd read all the books Alexander had mentioned and had a good idea that she would be abused, humiliated and tortured. But these thoughts began to take on a different meaning as the debate continued. She feared but could not run. The desire for the passion was too great. Ally pulled a large pitcher of willpower from her most secret vaults within her mind. "I'll stay!". Upon saying this Ally sat up with conviction. She had backbone and willpower and she wanted to display it. She wasn't a slave yet and she might as well use up the last vestiges of backbone and willpower she had left. Before long she decided that willpower would be as worthless as a three-dollar bill.

"Excellent Ally. I believe you've conquered that last bit of anxiety. Now let us continue...."

"I have here a copy of the ad that you responded to. I will now read it aloud."

"In need of a female subject for long term training program on my private island. Subject must be natural blonde, slim figure, and nicely endowed. Subject must be drug and disease free and non-smoker. S&M, B&D are involved. Subject must be willing to stay on island for extended period of time...."

"Ally, I am now going to ask you many questions. If we cannot resolve each question I will in all likelyhood reject you for admittance. Should you refuse to answer even one question you will be rejected. Many questions will involve your personal life and very private matters. Regardless you must answer them as truthfully as possible, no matter how humiliating or upsetting the answer may be. Understand?"

"Yes, OK."

"Now first an easy question. Are you a natural blonde", he asks.


"Excellent. Have you ever used illegal drugs? There are no drugs on the island. A drug user would end up in withdrawal in a day.", he warned her.

"I don't use drugs, don't drink, and don't smoke. That should cover all the bases there right". Ally was a little miffed at first but realized Alex was really only looking out for both their interests. She let him go on.

"OK good. Now a bit tougher one. Do you have any sexually transmittable diseases? And have you ever been examined for them?"

"Oh boy.", she gasped. " I have never been examined".

"Then you don't know!"

"Mr. Davis. I can personally guarantee I'm clean. I've never used drugs, and I've never had a transfusion. So I'm clean, OK!", Ally says in an extremely agitated manner.

"Uh....Ohhhhh", Susan blurts out.

"What.......What am I missing!", Alex says in a very confused manner. First he looks at Susan. Then he looks at Ally. Then Susan, then Ally....

Susan speaks up next. "Sir, if I may.". He nods still not grasping the situation. "Ally dear, please answer this question, How long has it been since you had a man?'". Ally shuffles in her seat.

"Ahh........Well....Um...I kinda never.....", she blurts out embarrassingly.

"Augh.....For crying out loud. Are you trying to tell me your a virgin?!!! Remember our deal, up front and truthful!". Alex is a wee bit upset. Virgins are not in the game plan.

"I'm sorry. I was raised by a very strict mother. She kept me from the local boys all her life. Is this going to be a problem?". Ally was visibly concerned. She knew what was coming.

Alex spoke in a very official tone. "I'm sorry Ally. This isn't going to work at all. We have a strict rule about virgins. You simply don't have enough experience to make what we call an informed decision. You see, I can explain all the things that will be done to you but that would never even come close to what the experience would actually feel... like. Unless you have that experience you can't make a decision based on what sex is like. I'm sorry."

"Alex, your full of it!", Ally said with anger as her voice began to crack. Soon the tears would overcome her. She had to continue, to fight for her right. Holding back the tears as best as she could, she swallowed hard and went on. "No one except those people on that island of yours could know what it feels like to be a slave or master on that island of yours. A few jumps in bed with someone isn't going to give anyone enough experience to make a bit of difference when it's compared with what might go on on that island! Please, don't turn me away!"

The tears were really streaming now. Alex pulled out his handkerchief and pushed it to Ally. If Alex had one weak spot it was a woman crying. But he had to draw the line somewhere. He couldn't take in a virgin. And besides, who ever heard of a woman who looks like her and is 24 years old.... Of course it would be easy to find.... No, she's telling the truth.

Susan broke the ice as Ally wiped her red swollen eyes. "She's right you know. She really doesn't know what's involved and what these experiences will feel like, but most of our slaves were in similar predicaments. They just didn't know what it feels like until they landed on the island! No one could until the are on the island."

Ally saw her chance. She could see through the tears that Alex was in a real dilemma. She knew he was playing by rules that made no sense. He had a willing subject. All he had to do was have an excuse.

"Please, don't end this. I'll do anything for your. I... I... I'll grovel, I... I... I'll obey. I'll do anything! Please!". Ally was really crying. Her voice was hoarse and her eyes were bright red.

"I'm sorry Ally, I can't", he said with great disappointment in his voice. "Felix, please take Ally home."

"NNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!........ PLEAAAAAAAASSSSEEEEE.... I've got nowhere else to goooooo........", Ally balled. She was now breathing heavily, hyperventilating. She was weak from all the emotion leaking out of her.

"Look, I came from a strict family too. Ally, look at me.". She looked up. "Now listen. I'll have Felix drive you home and we can get your family to....."

Just then Ally's face twisted into a grotesque figure. The mascara was running with the tears as they came down in full force. Her balling was coming between labored breaths. If someone didn't do something she would probably faint. Alex took her in his huge arms and held her tight. She returned the favor and wrapped her arms around his. She buried her face in his jacket as he did his best to comfort her.

"What did I say?!!!!", Alex asked Ally.

Ally's breathing was slowing. She was regaining control. Good. Now she would listen. Alex pushed her ever so slightly away from him and looked directly in her eyes as he repeated, "Ally, tell me. What did I say that hurt you.".

Ally took a hard swallow. Alex took that as a queue. He picked up Ally's half full glass of ice water and held it to her lips. She thanked him. She took a deep breath and gathered up a tiny bit of strength, just enough to make one last stand and clear the air.

"Alex, you don't understand. My parents are dead. Didn't you read the newspaper? I really do have no one left. My mother, sister, her husband and her twin girls. They're all gone! I need to be taken away from all this. Please...."

"That wasn't in the report!", Alex said, " when did this happen?" He said to Ally

"A month ago. What report? What are you talking about.", Ally seemed confused.

"You see, to expedite matters we use your phone number with a special database that one of my companies has to investigate criminal and civil activities. I'm sorry but we have to protect ourselves."

Alex knew he was in trouble now. He had a crying girl in his arms begging for domination, and now she had a hook into the softest flesh he had. His heart. He could never resist a damsel in distress. But still this had to be hashed out with Susan and Felix.

He released Ally as he said, "Ally, wait here.".

Ally did as she was told just sitting still. Something was wrong, or was something right? She'd find out shortly.

Alex went over to a chair near the corner of the room farthest from the double doors and placed the chair facing the near wall, directly away from the double doors. He gestured for Ally to come near. He kissed her on the forehead and told her to sit down. "Just stay here, Ally. The three of us have to talk in private.", he said.

With this he took up a brisk pace to the far end of the room. As he passed Susan, she rose and followed him.

"I'm gonna take her. I'll probably hate myself but I gotta take her.", Alex said.

Everyone had a stern look on their face.

Felix spoke. "Why! So she has no friends or family. Let's just give her a little money and she can find friends. A body like that! And mom ain't around anymore to keep her locked up. She's free to date now. Admittedly a bit late on the learning curve but with a body like that she won't have any problems."

Now it was Susan's turn. "Excuse me for saying so sir but Felix is a pig. Here's a young girl in emotional distress like none of us have ever known. Sorry sir, I didn't mean you. Give the girl money! She'll go buy a .357 magnum and splatter her pretty brains all over some wall."

"Now who's being the pig Susan?", Felix retaliated.

"Anyway, she's willing, she's got no ties to job or family. And the virginity thing is just a bunch of crap. I say let's continue with the interrogation, describe everything in graphic detail as we always have and let her make the final decision. The description of what's involved will probably scare her away anyhow.", Susan argued.

"So what do you say Felix? Is Susan right?", Alex said.

Felix's face quickly showed a grimace that slowly melted into a smile. "Lady, I'd love to argue with you, but your absolutely correct. I see no reason to turn her down."

"Great, It looks like the two of us will have another pupil soon. Ha Susan. Let's go tell the little thing the good news shall we."

Felix returned to the doors as Susan and Alex approached Ally.

"Ally, we can continue. But first I want you to go with Susan to the powder room and get cleaned up. Your face is a mess. I want you to have complete control of your senses when we continue the interrogation. OK?"

Ally looked at Alex with a face showing wanting and desire. Alex craned his neck down to kiss her lips but then pulled away. "No, just as you need your head clear and composed, I need to be in control of my faculties as well. Later perhaps." Ally looked hurt but understood. If something else should come up that was reason for her dismissal, a clear head might make him reason out the problem and avoid the rejection.

Susan rose as she said, " Come along dear.". Ally walked over to Susan who promptly took her hand. They walked out together to the powder room. As Ally cleaned up her face with a bit of soap and water, Susan took out a few makeup items since Ally's makeup was all but gone. "Let me see dear. Your eye shadow and mascara are all but gone. And the lipstick is all smeared, probably when you buried your face in his shoulder. The rouge is gone as well. Here let's fix you up nice and pretty. A pretty girl's a happy girl, right?"

"Yeah, you do it. My hands are still shaking.

"That's OK. I'll take care of you."

First Susan applied the lipstick. It was the same color that she wore. A very dark red. Susan's skills with makeup were very good. Alex liked lips to appear thin and sensuous. Susan did a fine job there. Next she applied the eye shadow, this time with a dark brown with a tint of red in it. Susan applies the mascara only a bit heavier than what Ally did. And finally a burnt umber rough to help frame the face.

"Now little girl don't mess up my make-over or I'll be very angry with you. No more tears, OK?"


Ally goes over to the mirror and takes a look at the job Susan has done. She sees a smiling, lovely blonde haired girl staring back at her. "You do beautiful work Susan. Ally said.

"I can only enhance what is already there. Your features make it easy for me. Are you composed and in control to continue the interrogation? Is your head clear yet?"

"Yes, let's go. I'm certain I can handle it now."

"Don't be so sure. It's going to get much worse. You'll see."

They walked back to the conference room and the took their positions as before.

Alex began. "Are you OK now? Do you have complete control of your senses, Ally?"

"Yes, go ahead. I can handle it."

"Good. Now this part of the interrogation will involve simple yes and no answers for the most part. Several of the questions will be very personal and graphic, but you have to be told up front. OK?"

"Yeah, go ahead.", Ally said with confidence. She even managed to sit up a bit more straight and felt much more confident.

Susan and Alex took up their pens and checked off the topics that were inappropriate due to Ally being a virgin. Alex led the way.

"Let's begin then.

"Question 1."

"Do you know what the terms bondage and discipline mean?"


"Question 2"

"Will you allow yourself to be tied and bound as anyone desires, regardless of the misery you are put through?"


"Question 3"

"Will you allow yourself to be struck with a paddle or a whip as your master or mistress so deems?"

"Ye... Yes"

"Ally, you hesitated on that answer. Do you have a problem with it?", Alex said.

"I'm afraid someone might get carried away and hurt me real bad or something."

"My promise, no permanent damage will be done to you. We have over twelve hundred slaves and none have ever been permanently marked. OK? Do you still have a problem with being whipped or paddled?"

Ally looked Alex straight in the eye. "No, I have absolutely no problem with it."

"Good Ally. I can see you have firm control of your faculties. Let us proceed."

"Question 4"

"A woman has three openings that can be used for sexual pleasure. Will you allow your sex to be entered?"


"Question 5"

"Will you allow your mouth to be entered?"


'Question 6"

"Will you allow your anus to be entered?


"Question 7"

"Will you allow a phallus to be inserted into all three openings? (I told you it would get graphic!)."

"Yes", Ally said.

"Question 8"

"Have you ever read any erotic stories?"


"Which ones?"

"All the Anne Rice Beauty novels, and Exit to Eden. Never could find any Marquis De Sade stuff though. Looked for months", she said.

"How long has it been since you finished these books?"

"I finished the last book, Exit to Eden about three months ago.", Ally said.

"Question 9"

"Is there anything you wouldn't do in those books?


"What is that?", Alex asked. He worried. If she couldn't do everything in those books then she would be rejected. He prayed they could work it out.

"I don't think I could be a mistress. I couldn't be that cruel", Ally said.

"Susan is a mistress, in fact she will be your mistress. Has she been cruel to you? Of course not. Remember everyone that lands on the island does so because they want to and they have all the facts up front as your are receiving them. Cruelty is when the subject is subjected to thing it does not agree to. Can I convince you to change your mind on this?"

"Yes, OK."


"Question 10"

"Will you allow the use of nipple clamps? And will you allow your nipples to be pulled and tormented as we see fit? I'll assume you know what they are since you read Beauty."


"Question 11"

Will you allow yourself to be displayed in public naked and decorated with any objects your master or mistress desires?"


"Question 12"

"Will you crawl on your hands and knees for your captor?"


"Question 13"

"Will you allow your head to be locked in a padded box unable to hear see or smell anything?"


"Question 14"

"Will you allow yourself to be hung by your arms or legs?"


"Question 15"

"The final question and the most important. We need to take many measurements of your body Ally, especially your orifices. We need to measure your sex and backside for diameter and your mouth for depth. We also need to measure your feet for shoe size and for the maximum size heel you can wear. Accept all this and demonstrate your submission by allowing me to plug all three openings once your orifices are fitted and all your tasks at this interview will be complete.", Alex explained.

"Ally, do you accept. This is your chance to demonstrate that your really want to be a slave." Alex waited and prayed she would accept.

Ally pondered the statement for a moment. This was it girl, she was thinking to herself. Do it or spend the rest of your life alone. But she couldn't form the word. She started to shiver.

At once Susan rose from the table and put her hands on Ally's shoulders. "Calm down Ally, and get control of yourself. Take another sip of water. That's it. OK. Good. Now Ally, I want you to look deep into your heart. Tell me what you want more than anything in the world."

Ally looked deep into her heart. Her heart would rule her. She looked into that place where she always found strength. She straightened up in the seat and said in a slightly quivering voice, "I want my mother. I want her strength, her resolve, and most of all her love and attention. But now she's gone and I have no one to turn to." Ally thought for a moment then in a confident and steady voice said, "Or do I? I accept all that you ask of me. You may measure me and plug me and I shall be your totally obedient slave forever if you so desire."

"And we shall tend to you with love and attention like no other slave ever has.", proclaimed Susan as she gave Ally a big hug.

"Yes you did quite well. Now before you are fitted I wish to inform you of the method by which you will go to the island and the preparations that need to be made. Today is Thursday. On Sunday at noon I will pick you up and take you to my yacht. I will arrange for all your belongings to be kept safe and all your bills will be paid by my organization. I need the name of your bank. I will, with , your power of attorney, place all your fund plus the sum of $10,000 into a trust fund. This money will be yours should you ever leave the island. One of my financial services will maintain and reinvest the interest. You need not pack anything. Do you have a strapless two piece bikini?"

"No, I don't. Sorry."

Alex pulls ten twenties from his wallet. "Buy one, and a pair of red six inch heels. He tells her where she can purchase them in L.A. At noon on Sunday you will be picked up by myself. We should reach my 120 foot yacht, the 'Pursuit of Happiness' by 1:00 PM. You will be taken to a specially prepared cabin. There you will be given a pill that you must swallow. It is a extremely powerful laxative and will purge all solid waste from your system in about six hours. Every hour I will enter your cabin and ask if you wish to continue. You may say no up till 12:01 am Monday morning. After that point you will be committed and will have no say in what happens to you. Back to the laxative, when I enter you will be made to drink 8 oz. of water up until 4 PM. After that time you will not be allowed to take anything by mouth. The ship will depart at 4 PM. The trip will last 16 hours. As you may have noticed the halfway point of the trip is at midnight. After that you are a slave. Understand so far?"

"Yes I have no problem so far. Just lead and I will follow."

"Excellent. As I said the ship sails at 4 PM. At that point into the trip your bikini will be taken from you. A thick collar will be place around your neck and the buckle will be secured with a bolt which is only accessible by special wrench. Your wrists will be likewise adorned. We will then attach them to the sides of the collar so as to train you to where to keep your hands. Your lips will be spread wide and a custom made combination phallus and bit will enter your mouth. We will measure for this device shortly. You will be made to kneel in front of a mirror rising only to use the toilet. I may change this treatment slightly. Can you accept all this?"

"Yes. A thousand times yes." At that point Ally sprung from her chair and dropped to her knees. She bent down and kissed her master's and mistress feet.

Part 2