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Sep. 24, 2009:

This is Madame Migos private Horse Girl after quite a harsh ride through the hills next to the stables. The branding is from her mistress. The "shoes" of the ponygirl are a built with springs inside to make it easier to trot or gallop.

   This update marks the tenth anniversary of my website. What started out as my frustration with finding much free ponygirl material on the internet, and my desire to learn how to do html for websites, led to creating one for a few weeks. The first ever update from ten years ago had two pages, which can be seen here (1) and here (2). It wasn't much but it was a start. I suppose I got a bit carried away, thanks to all the great friends and contributors I met along the way.
   This week's wonderful headline art, called HorseGirl, is by Boronk.
   This week's delicious back cover art is by ZavOban.
   Something different. Two versions of an original story, Woman Called Pony, Version 1 and Version 2, by Contributing Author Helena van Waas. The author is looking for comments, illustrations, and preferences, via my yahoo group.
   Another original story, Escape by Contributor Sogo.
   An original story, Ponygirls, by new Contributing Author Casimir Constantine.
   The start of another original, Martha's Story, The Sequel to Amelia's Story by Contributing Author Coachman.
   More of a story I found, Ponygirls, a Dog, and a Couple of Cute Fillies, by new Contributing Author Bingo. Warning for the prudes, there is sex in it...
   More of an original story, Tale of Island Nation Rebellion, by Contributing Author Teegin.
   More of an original story, The Involuntary Master & Ponygirls, by Contributing Author R.W. Lewis.
   More of an original story, The Morgan Wedding, by Contributing Author The Doctor.
   More of an original story, Strider's Friend, Candy Bar, by Contributing Author George.
   More of an original story, Magic Awakening by Contributor davesslave_9000.
   The last for now of Snow White Caballo, by Contributor Starfyre.
   Twelve more pictures from Contributors Matt and Nikki, who has a new paysite, This blonde ponygirl is the fabulous Lucy.
   This update's little youtube vid is called Maison Broceliande loves ponygirls, by yhiskhorana.
   This update's vid is the delightful ponygirl Lucy.

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