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Dec. 28, 2000:

My mirror site has been down for almost a week now, so I am working on an alternate mirror site for movies only. More on this shortly.
Yes, yes I know. Some folks complained that I did not put enough new pictures in the updates. I have managed to add something new each week since I set up the website September 23, 1999. But I am now giving priority to original items, and also have to limit the amount I add each week. Oh the woes of maintaining a free website! Thanks to the many wonderful contributors, I have a lot of nice stories, pics and vids still awaiting their turn...

   This week's headline art is by an artist I think is named M. Lao. Anyone for a chariot ride?
   Something different that I found by accident, the lyrics to Human Pony Girl, a song written by Glenn Danzig. I have also added the MP3 for it, performed by Samhain, that a friend sent me subsequently. If anyone else is aware of any ponygirl music, email me and let me know.
   Scientist's Nightmare, another original story with a twist, by contributor ponygirl_shyla.
   Introducing the first three pictures of two Real Life Ponygirls cherry and g. Are not these ponygirls absolutely delicious? We definitely need more pics of them!
   The third of seven vidcaps by tph, tph-sj-reiten03.rm.

Dec. 21, 2000:

Judging the Christmas contest for this week's webpage turned out to be harder than I thought. There were a number of original entries, and I thought they should ALL be winners. But I did promise to chose one. So, after agonizing over it, the winner and headline art for this week, is by Crinkley. Thanks to all who contributed. And all the best to all of you for the Holidays.

   This week's headline art is by Crinkley.
   All the art contributions for the Christmas contest. I have also added two seasonal art items I got elsewhere.
   A Christmas Story, a delightful story of Santa's ponygirls, by maxxine.
   Christmas in the Stables, a short story of the way her Master lights up the life of a ponygirl at Christmas, by Moonshiner & sweetwhisper.
   Kernís Christmas, a story where Kern has a really nice Christmas day, by Carter Fell.
   All pictures of Real Life Ponygirl Britney removed at her request, as she has left the pony world.
   The second of seven vidcaps by max, max-sj-bdclub5_pony2.rm . (As I have no Christmas-themed vids, this is the only item this week that is not so.)

Dec. 14, 2000:

There is a now Christmas contest for next week's webpage, which has already started at the sjpg egroup. You are invited to email me any ponygirl contributions of a Yuletide theme, be it art, pics, stories, or vids. There just may be a prize for the best original contribution...

   This week's headline art is by Ann.
   Eleven delicious pictures of new Real Life Ponygirl susanne, by her master and trainer, Steve.
   All pictures of Real Life Ponygirl Mrs KC removed at her request.
   Old Wives Tales, a fascinatingly different ponygirl story by Alphax.
   The second of three vidcaps by maniac, ma-sj-step2.rm. (I now have a number of very nice new vidcaps from max, maniac and tph, and I am featuring them alternately in the coming weeks.)

Dec. 7, 2000:

Yes I know. Many have written that my history and headline index pages are out of date. I will try to do a catch-up on them soon.

   This week's headline art is the only known ponygirl work by an artist who calls his work Rat Art.
   Three delicious pictures by new Featured Artist Crinkley.
   A Final Look - Some things never change, the second of two book excerpts from Part 4 of Degradation Ranch, supplied for exclusive use on SirJeff's Ponygirls website by Dr. K. This book will soon be released from Tawsingham.
   The second of seven vidcaps by tph, tph-sj-reiten02.rm. (I now have a number of very nice new vidcaps from max, maniac and tph, and I am featuring them alternately in the coming weeks.)

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