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Sep. 28, 2001:

   This week's headline art is another by Sincubus. It is called "rings", which I thought would go well with the Ponygirl Submission vids I am featuring.
   The Duchess And The Ponygirl, is another original story by major contributor Xaltatun of Acheron. It is long overdue for me to include more of his stories, this time a nice fantasy.
   Emissaries is another original short story by ponygirl_shyla. Hopefully, it is the beginning of a new series.
   As a special anniversary party treat, this week is the begining of several vidcaps from Pony Girl Submission. This is a 98 minute ponygirl video that I think is one of the best in the genre I have seen so far. Naturally, as it is produced and sold by Equus Eroticus folks. Click here for their detailed description.

Sep. 12, 2001:

Words cannot express my shock and sadness.

Sep. 5, 2001:

   Great news. One of our yahoogroup members has generously donated an ftp archive site. As well, the clumsy-to-use yahoogroup stored vids are now ftp links to there! And best of all, I have re-added 4 old vids over 5MB, which I had to remove a long time ago. They are cl_ab_ponygirls.rm, cl_fetish_ponyfarm.rm, pony1.rm, and bun_slave_farm_03.rm, in the Climberr, Others, and Bunyip sections of the vids pages.
   This week's headline art is a most instructional one by The Vet. Hurry home and try it on your ponygirl immediately!
   The Stables of Mistress Tori, is the conclusion of three sections from part one of a very nice ponyboy story. I rarely do feature ponyboy material. But I think Tee. K. has crafted an excellent story, with some unique, original concepts I have not encountered before. And, due to response, I may feature a full ponyboy update week later this year, maybe around Sadie Hawkins Day.
   The second of six vids from Dresden Diary #19, tph-sj-dresden2.rm from tph.

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