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Welcome to my ponygirl website.

Sep. 1, 2004:
headline art

September is the fifth anniversary of SirJeff's Ponygirls. I have been updating it regularly, weekly. Some updates were from when I was in the U.S.A., some from in Canada, and some from in Mexico. Now I am heading off for a nice long vacation in Europe, but this time without my notebook PC. So the next update will be only next month, and till then there will be no replies to emails, no posts cleared by moderator on sjpg002. Have a nice September.
   This week's headline 3D art is by Featured Artist Desperado.
   I am trying my own hand at 3D art. So, I have begun a weekly original "back-cover" art at the bottom of this page for my efforts, until I get bored with it. This week's back-cover art by SirJeff is called "Laura's Dusk Stampede". Move your cursor over the art to see the accompanying little story. More of my art with the accompanying little stories can be seen by members of, which is free to join.
   A fascinating new poem, On Parade, by Contributing Author Nob.
   A hauntingly lovely story, The Teton Mare, also by Desperado.
   The start of a farm story, Island Farm, by new Contributing Author Ray Thomas.
   Six more delicious works by Featured Artist Bob.
   This week's vid double header are a sixth part from Ponygirl au Torquemada and a fifth part from Skye and Summer Pony Show.

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