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Welcome to my ponygirl website.

Aug. 27, 2007:

PLEASE NOTE: I will be on an extended trip with no computer until EARLY OCTOBER. There will be NO updates, group postings nor email replies from me until then.

   This week's headline art, Rubber Ponygirl, is by Contributing Artist Skotti.
   Many have pointed out that I skipped this "chapter five" excerpt from The Racing of Jayne, by new Contributing Author Martin McRae.
   More of an original story, The Story of S, by new Contributor DWC.
   A new original poem/story, Mountaintop, by our Contributing Poet Laureate Peter Loaf, inspired by photos of Cowgirl.
   A Ponygirl Story, by new Contributor John Brand.
   Six drawings of new Contributor Eric van Tilburg.
   Three pictures of an unknown source called Saddled Ponygirl. Anyone know the source or have more?
   This week's vid is a little taste of paris. Who says you cannot keep a ponygirl in your apartment in a big city?

Aug. 16, 2007:

"The morning's harnessing was done. The waiting Pony S could
not believe its incredible tightness and the control it gave her Master. What
with the added sound and feel from her rings and tail, she became ever so horny."

   This week's headline art, Ponygirl S, is by new Contributing Artist/Author DWC. I find this one, with it's intricate and firm harnessing, one of my all-time favorites.
   Contest entry four, Jasmine, by new Contributing Author Suzi Loo.
   A fourth, bawdier, excerpt from The Racing of Jayne, by new Contributing Author Martin McRae.
   A new story, Trapped in Desire, by Contributing Author Dandara.
   The start of a new story, The Story of S, by new Contributor DWC.
   Eight drawings of new Contributor DWC's Ponygirl S.
   This week's vid is via a link to the evermore popular youtube. It is called Ponygirl Night Dancer.
   A CONTEST! A CONTEST! A CONTEST! And the winners are all four! Brock, Suzi Loo, Peterloaf, and Seymour Copius, you are all number one in my mind. Thank you for contributing to the contest and making it fun.

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