The Stables of Mistress Tori

- by Tee. K.

As edited by SirJeff.
Posted by permission to SirJeff's Ponygirls.


Part 1.3


CHAPTER 7: The First Training. The Yard.

The look and feel of his restraints and the sight of his piercing and branding had magnified his sexual excitement and he was somewhat surprised to see just how large and swollen his cock was in the mirror before him, he involuntary moved his hand to his groin.

Mistress Tori laughed out loud at the look on Sunflower's face when he remembered that instead of a hand he now had a hoof and that any self-gratification was now well beyond him.

He whinnied loudly in frustration; he needed so badly to relieve the powerful sexual urge he felt.

Mistress Tori stood at his side and stroked his head, "Sorry boy" she said soothingly, "But you know if you behave yourself, I might find a way we can satisfy those urges."

While he was still staring in the mirror, letting the full realisation of what he saw sink in, Mistress Tori bent his arm to his side and clipped the restraint at his wrist to a ring on the girth. She repeated the process with the other arm. His arms were now firmly locked to the girth making it impossible to extend or lower them. Finally, while holding his bridle with one hand she gently, so as not to startle him, clipped the reins to it.

Sunflower continued to stare at his reflection, vaguely aware that his arms were now restrained.

The feelings of completeness, of belonging, was slowly intensifying as though this was his true role and it gave him a growing sense of satisfaction, one which he had never known. He suddenly felt a great desire to obey and respect his Mistress's every command. He was now her pony, her property, totally under her command and control. He whinnied loudly and stood erect, head held high and proud, he felt a great energy and an impatience, he wanted so much for her to lead him, to command him and to train him.

Mistress Tori was well satisfied with what she saw. There was still a lot he had to be taught, and the day had only just begun. She had brought the small farm for one reason, she intended to develop it as a fully stocked ranch. With extensions to the house and stables she would be able to cater to individuals and groups wanting a safe, very private place to train their own ponies. Also she would be able to cater to those wanting to gain experience in pony training before perhaps acquiring their own stock through auctions she also planned to hold on a regular basis.

Sunflower was to be her only stallion, she already owned one very beautiful young filly for almost two years now. The filly, which she had named ‘Passion', had now become so totally immersed in the role she that had been forced to assume by Mistress Tori, that speech and other normal human behaviour was becoming lost to her forever.

However, Passion had become very self-assured and overconfident, almost arrogant in her privileged position as Mistress Tori's only pony. That was about to change. Sunflower was to be used not only for customers to her ranch wanting to experience working with a stallion, but also to keep Passion and other fillies firmly in their place, by allowing Sunflower to service them under her strict control, probably much against their will.

Sunflower now looked every part of the role he would permanently assume, but he still had a lot to learn. From the basics of walking and trotting, obeying the reins and pulling the sulky, he would also be indoctrinated and trained in other roles as demanded by his Mistress. She smiled at the thought that some of his future roles would no doubt have to be taught to him much against his will.

She now stood at Sunflower's head, holding the reins loosely in her hands. She gently tugged on the reins and led him slowly across the floor. Sunflower walked clumsily, very much unused to the hooves he now had.

" When you walk, your hooves must come straight up and then be moved forward," she instructed. Lift your leg at the knees."

Sunflower obeyed, and by concentrating hard, managed to change his clumsy walk into a more elegant stepping motion, which set his tack jingling.

Turning was also something he had to learn.

"Pick up your hoof and place it forward at an angle, take small steps, until you have turned." she instructed.

Mistress Tori lead him slowly back and forth across the floor. His motion became easier and more fluid - he soon began to feel at ease with the high stepping motion. His hooves clipped the floor lightly, setting his tack jingling. The chain from his groin brushed lightly against his thigh with each step.

Mistress Tori watched him, well pleased with his progress. He certainly showed the grace and poise for dressage after all. He looked magnificent in his black tack with brilliantly contrasting white tail. Again she began to feel so incredibly horny and felt the impulse to rush the next stages of his instruction. She smiled to herself at the events she had planned for her new stallion.

She struggled to maintain her poise and managed to control the urge to rush him through to her final lesson for him. Her feelings were made sweeter by the anticipation. He needed to be trained in the basics first.

She walked over to him and took hold of the reins. Mistress Tori would no longer talk directly to him. Now all instructions would come from the reins or the whip. It was important that he be completely immersed in the role of a pony. In time his persona would slowly but surely change until, like her filly Passion, he would regard himself as a pony, and her, as his owner.

She next led him over to the door and out into the yard. Sunflower hesitated at the doorway. Mistress Tori tugged on the reins and he was forced to follow. She led him over to a large fenced yard. Once in the yard, Mistress Tori released the reins and placed then over Sunflower's shoulders. She took hold of his bridle and began walking quickly around the ring.

Sunflower had no choice but to obey and began walking as quickly as he could beside his Mistress.

Mistress Tori increased her pace. Sunflower stumbled, but his Mistress's hand remained firmly on his bridle, steadying him. He quickly began to get used to the new pace and found that by keeping his upper body still, instead of trying to move his shoulders as he ran, and with the high stepping gait she had previously showed him, his motion was easier and more smooth.

Mistress Tori was pleased, as his gait became more relaxed and graceful. She stopped him and tethered him to the fence.

She walked from the yard and into the largest of the buildings next to the house. She returned after a short time holding a lungeing line and a long whip. She clipped the line onto Sunflower's bridle and untied him from the fence. She then stepped backwards into the middle of the yard. She stood and faced Sunflower then expertly flicked the whip at Sunflower's rump. The tip stung him and he reacted by walking slowly in a circle around his Mistress. When she again flicked the whip at his rump to increase his speed, Sunflower obediently increased his walk to a slow trot.

Lungeing, Mistress Tori felt, was very important. As with any horse, it helped with balance and rhythm, taught the new pony obedience and would also encourage him to accept the bit and become used to moving in tack.

The oil on Sunflower's body now proved its worth, as it allowed his body to move within the tack and prevented any possible rubbing. His skin would take more time to harden and become used to being restrained.

For over half an hour she worked him, all the time his gait and rhythm improved until he was moving with grace and poise. Mistress Tori was well pleased. He would likely fetch a very good price at auction if she ever decided to sell him, but in the mean time he would suite her business and personal plans very well indeed. She stopped him and walked toward him, coiling the lungeing line as she went.

Sunflower stood still, head and body held proudly, relishing his role, his body was covered in a film of sweat. His breathing had become deeper and easier.

She took hold of the reins and led him easily across the yard to the largest of the outbuildings.


CHAPTER 8: Passion's Lesson.

It was dark inside after the bright sunlight, but his eyes grew quickly accustomed and he saw that the building was in fact originally a stable, complete with open stalls. In front of the horse stalls was a large open area, where he presumed real horses were once readied by their owners. The walls were festooned with old horse tack. Bridles and straps hung from pegs around the walls. In the corner was a small forge, complete with accompanying large black anvil.

It was then he heard a low whinny, he instinctively tried to turn his head, but the straps from his bridle to neck collar prevented him. He faltered but was brought back on track by Mistress Tori's sharp tug on his bridle. As he was led past the stalls he managed to catch site of Passion from the corner of his eye. There, in one of the stalls, stood a young attractive female! He saw that she was harnessed as he was.

Passion stood staring questionably at him and then at her Mistress.

Sunflower only had a very short time to return her stare before he was led past the young filly toward a low table. As he was being led he heard behind him the filly begin to loudly snort and stamp her rear hooves on the wooden floor of the stall.

Mistress Tori took delight in the sounds from Passion, for she knew they were sounds of indignation and anger. Passion, she assumed would be horrified at the thought of having to share her beloved Mistress with another pony and having her privileged position taken away from her.

Sunflower was left tethered at the table, as Mistress Tori walked over to Passion's stall. She gently stroked the filly's head. Passion nuzzled her Mistress's hand, basking in the attention.

Passion was prevented from leaving the stall by a long leash, one end clipped to the chain hanging from between her groin, the other locked securely to a ring in the far wall of her stall.

Mistress Tori leaned down and unclipped the tether from the chain between Passions legs and then gently took hold of the filly's bridle. Passion snorted with indignation as her mistress led her over to where the stallion was standing.

As Passion got closer to Sunflower she could see the stallion's full erection, Passion snorted and faltered, but was forced to walk on by her Mistress's firm grip on the bridle.

It was time. Mistress Tori had decided to acquaint Passion with Sunflower in a way that would remove from Passion any thought that she held any sort of privileged position at the stables. It was her intention that these two ponies would become a team, working together. But first Passion would have to overcome her pride and her obvious sulking at having to share her little world with the stallion and learn to work along side Sunflower under Mistress Tori's control.

Mistress Tori was going to allow Sunflower to mate with Passion, and although Passion could easily be brought into a state of high sexual excitement, it would be the first time she had been mated to a stallion.

Mistress Tori led Passion past Sunflower and stopped her in front of the table and forced her to bend over such that her front hooves were resting on the table. Passion whinnied in protest at being forced to assume such a position in front of the stallion. Passion was very aware that her arse and vagina were very exposed and that with the stallion standing behind her, he would be able to take in the full exposure of her privates. She could feel his hot gaze on her and from the corner of her eye she could see the stallion's large cock.

She realised then what her Mistress was going to have this stallion do to her. She whinnied loudly in protest. Mistress Tori silenced her with a stroke of the whip across her rump and Passion immediately ceased her protests, but continued to snort in anger. Passion desperately wanted to please her Mistress in all things. But at the same time the thought of the stallion mating with her filled her with anger that she was to be used in such a way.

Sunflower was led to a position behind Passion. His cock ached to feel the filly's vagina grip him and give him some relief from the almost unbearable sexual excitement he felt. He gave a low whinny of frustration, he desperately wanted to mate with this attractive ponygirl in front of him, but his Mistress's hand on his bridle prevented him from mounting Passion there and then.

"Steady boy" Mistress Tori murmured, and while holding onto his bridle with one hand gently stroked his cock with the other while she smeared on a thick lubricating gel.

The touch of his Mistress's hand on him was unbearably beautiful, and he involuntarily began to thrust his cock into Mistress Tori's hand.

Mistress Tori smiled, her teasing had made the stallion more than ready to cover the filly. While holding tightly onto the bridle, she led him closer to the waiting filly, who had become agitated and very nervous. Mistress Tori leaned down slightly, took hold of the chain hanging down from between the filly's legs and tugged on it gently.

The filly steadied and stopped stomping her rear hooves on the wooden floor but she continued her heavy snorting.

Mistress Tori allowed the stallion to find his way into the filly, then released her grip on Sunflower's bridle. The stallion immediately thrust his member full length into the filly. She stiffened under the sudden intrusion and the painful sensation of her muscles being forcibly stretched to accommodate the stallion's hugeness.

Mistress Tori laughed out loud at the look of fury on the filly's face. Passion gave a high whinny in anger and in pain, the stallion felt so big inside her. With his thrusting deeper and deeper, her vagina became moistened by the stimulation, allowing the stallion's cock to slide in and out of her more easily.

The tempo of the stallion's mating increased as the incredibly erotic sensations on his cock drove him into a wild animal lust to take this filly, to drive his cock as deep as he could into her. Suddenly Sunflower stiffened as he exploded deep inside the filly.

Passion stiffened too as she suddenly felt the stallion's cock increase in size, followed by the hot, forceful sensation of his come spurting deep inside of her.

The mating slowed, Sunflower was snorting heavily from the exertions, Passion whinnied softly in humiliation and resignation from the ordeal.

While the two ponies were stilled coupled in the last throes of mating, Mistress Tori quickly leaned down, and with a double-ended spring clip secured the ends of Passion's and Sunflower's chains together. With each of the chains secured in their groins now joined, Sunflower was now unable to dismount from the filly, as he would be unable to completely withdraw his cock.

Mistress Tori straightened up and surveyed her handywork with a smile. Passion and Sunflower were now locked together, permanently mated until she released them.

When Sunflower tried to withdraw his cock, Passion suddenly gave a high pitched whinny in pain as the ring in her perineum was pulled painfully by the chain now attached to Sunflower's own chain.

Both ponies stopped momentarily, both suddenly realising what their Mistress had just done. The filly stamped her hoof and whinnied, Sunflower once again attempted to withdraw from the filly but stopped as the ring again pulled painfully on his groin.

Mistress Tori laughed at their plight. After giving their chains a gently shake, she turned and left the stable. She intended leaving the two together for a time, knowing full well that the stallion would not be able to resist the urge to continue the mating and that Passion would be helpless to stop him. She knew that Passions anger would soon give way to the acceptance of the fact that as a filly she would be mated to this or any other stallion her Mistress wished to cover her.

It wasn't long before Passion felt Sunflower's cock, still buried within her, beginning to stir, lengthening as it hardened. Sunflower snorted as the sensation of the filly's tightness gripping him again and the thought of her helplessness aroused him. As his cock responded, so to did his thrusting.

Passion knew that any protest was futile, she was totally at the mercy of the stallion. Again his thrusting built quickly and ended in an explosive burst deep within her. Passion shook herself. Her lower back and rump were sore from the incessant pounding of the stallion against her. She was dripping, his come spilling from her, down the cleft of her rump and onto the tops of her thighs.

Twice more the stallion forcefully mated the filly before their Mistress returned, and with each mating Passion's resistance fell. She too began to feel an animal urge to mate, to drive her hips in rhythm with this stallion's thrusting. Rather than passively allowing the stallion to mate with her as before, she now found a growing pleasure in not only the physical sensations but in the fact that she was tethered to the stallion and forced into being totally submissive to his desire.


CHAPTER 9: The Road Ahead.

Mistress Tori entered the stable in time to see the stallion and the filly both obviously enjoying the mating. The stallion's thrusting was now matched with the filly's hips rising to catch him, both lost in their animal urge. Both ponies gave a shudder as their mating climaxed and their movements slowed.

This would be the last time that they would be allowed to mate in private or at will. From now on their mating would be under the strict control and supervision of Mistress Tori and would only occur as a part of their or other ponies' training. The filly would be allowed to mate as a reward for a stallion and Sunflower himself would be only allowed to mate as a means of either a reward or as a punishment for a filly.

Whilst Mistress Tori had left the two ponies alone, she had been busy finalising details with her first paying customer, a businessman who had decided to add a pony to his list of playthings.

This particular woman, who he would be bringing to Mistress Tori's ranch for training, he had rescued from the streets. Although she didn't know it yet, she was to be fully trained in all aspects of the role of a very obedient and submissive filly.

Mistress Tori relished the visit. She was particularly looking forward to this one as the young woman in question probably had no inclination to bondage or S and M. No doubt, given her past, she'd certainly resist any effort to force her into the role of a submissive filly.

Yes, she would certainly be a challenge, but that in itself would make the eventual and inevitable transformation even more satisfying. She could hardly wait to see the look on this new initiate's face when she was shown these two beautiful and fully trained ponies on her arrival. Sunflower and Passion were now motionless, both breathing heavily from their exertions.

Mistress Tori deftly unclipped the chains from between their legs and taking hold of Sunflower's bridle, pulled back. Sunflower slowly dismounted from the filly. Both whinnied as his cock slipped out.

She gently stood Passion up and led them both by the bridle, back to the stalls. She tethered the chain hanging from Sunflower's groin to a long leash anchored in the far wall of his stall and removed his bit. Mistress Tori then led Passion to her own stall and repeated the process.

It was early afternoon and she had accomplished so much already. Later this afternoon both were to be trained in pulling the sulky as a team. Then for the next few days until her paying customer arrived, they would be trained hard, to build up their stamina and team work. But for now she would let them rest.

She returned to Sunflower's stall and stroked his head. "Good boy, Sunflower. Get some rest. You will need it for later." And with that, she was gone.

In the corner of the stall was a thick cotton covered pad, Sunflower stepped over to it slowly.

Gratefully he lay down. He hurt all over, but was too tired to care anymore. He could hear the filly in the next stall whinnying, but the sound slowly faded as sleep overtook him. Before he drifted off to sleep, he realised that from now on this was to be his life. From that one nervous phone call he had made, he had given the ownership of his life completely to Mistress Tori, to do with him whatever she wanted. He also realised that he was powerless to prevent his Mistress from controlling all aspects of his new life. Whatever his future life held for him as a stallion he was unsure of. But he was sure of one thing. It would be what ever his Mistress wanted.