Tales of the Ponygirls - Emissaries

- by ponygirl_shyla

Part 1. Emissaries.


Taken from Historian Shinohara’s personal books. Edited for clarity and length.

"Mistress, Lord Mashonda asks for your presence," said an Elf Slavegirl to a Female Drow, quietly putting on her Armor.

"Tell the Bastard to wait, I’m dressing!!" snarled the Drow.

The slavegirl quickly departed, as the Female Drow continued to dress.

Already, she had put on her Leather Boots, and was trying to put on her Corset. Then, a Black and Red trimmed Leather Armor was put on, highlighting her finely shaped features and offering passersby the fair share of upper body skin.

She went to a bureau, and put on her compliment of Jewelry and the Pendent that identified her as an Emissary to Lolth.

Footsteps approached and a Drow Male, dressed in Black and Red Leather Finery, came in and walked behind the Female Drow. His frame towered over her, as his hands massaged her shoulders.

"You know Lord Mashonda is a very impatient man…" he began, as the massages took into her nerves and psyche. "We mustn’t keep him waiting…"

"Let him wait, I don’t see why we should deal with him," she argued and moped. "What did we deserve to get this job??"

"Well, you must grin and bear it. It’s all a part of Mistress Lolth’s will."



"Presenting Master Tyce and Madame Mercury, Emissaries of…Lolth!" announced a Page in a surprised voice, almost choking on his words.

The doors to the Throne Room opened, as Tyce and Mercury entered. The court turned to look at these two, half shocked, and half scared at the presence of the Emissaries.

Tyce was a Statuesque and Muscular Drow, something of a rarity in the Drow race. Standing an impressive 6 ft, Tyce reeked of a stern and very Strict Drow. His armor signified this, as his Great Sword stood by his side, and a crossbow with the quiver of arrows hid under his cloak. He was more of a Pacifist than a Fighter, but duty demanded that he at least showed his part, much less prove it on occasion.

Mercury looked different than Tyce, or even the Drow kind, being a Half-Dragon Drow. Her skin was lighter than the other Drow, as she was the product of a White Dragon and her Drow Mother. Her Grayish skin earned her the name she bore. To which, her reputation as a very wicked Wizard backed up her Draconic Heritage. And her clothing signified Authority, not like Tyce’s Fighting Garb.

Lord Mashonda loomed from his Throne, and eyed the two Drow. His courtiers and lords watched the two Drow as they made their way down the carpet. Guards seemed to hold their breaths, clutching their weapons even further.

The thought running thru the humans’ minds were varied. Most wondered why the Drow were here. Perhaps Lord Mashonda wanted to form an Alliance?? Or did he have one already, and was brazen enough to flaunt it?? Could it be that these two Drow were defectors, and wanted to warn the Court??

"And what do Lolth’s Courtiers want from me?" snided Lord Mashonda.

Tyce reached into his cloak and threw in front of Lord Mashonda a necklace and a small tiara. The throw shattered the large diamond set into the middle of the necklace, and cracked several rubies in the tiara.

"I believe you recognize these," remarked Mercury.

Lord Mashonda griped the throne tighter, then went into a rage of fury.


"Relax, their safe. That is, if you cooperate," Tyce remarked cool and calmly.

"How dare you defile my presence with threats!! GUARDS!! Seize them!!"

With that shout, all available guards rushed thru the crowd, and aimed Lances and Swords at the two Drow. Archers appeared from above, and aimed their bows at the two as well.

Tyce closed his eyes, and within seconds, several windows crashed open, to reveal a Succubus, Driders, and well armed Drow.

The Succubus took a position above Lord Mashonda, while the Driders grabbed several in the audience, and the Drow aimed their weapons at the Guards and Archers.

"A stalemate. Nobody wins," Mercury said calmly.

Tyce again drew into his cloak and produced a large Quartz Gem and closed his eyes again.

The Gem began to glow, and the images of Lord Mashonda’s Wife and Daughter began to illuminate the room.

They seemed to be in bondage, in a stall of sorts. They were nude, with the exception of the leather straps criss-crossing their body. What appeared to be horse bits were firmly inserted in their mouths. To add insult to injury, their normally long hair was cut short, and what was left of their hair was made into a "tail" for the rear area.

"Pretty, aren’t they?" coyly mused Mercury. "A Demented Drow Mistress calls them ponygirls. She extremely enjoys them…"

Lord Mashonda realized what was going on…and fast.

"What do you want, you cretins of this land!"

The Succubus, not too pleased with the remarks of Lord Mashonda, flew down and grabbed a woman, and flew up, high enough to make the woman get seriously injured.

"Now, now, you don’t want to get Asekiria up there even more riled up. She hates it when Mortals try to act pompous and grand."

Tyce opened his eyes, and the image from the Gem disappeared.

"Understand Lord Mashonda that you are now at the mercy of the Drow. Retaliation will result in your kin becoming more than just ponygirls… They will become true Ponygirls, and we know how to make it permanent."

"Furthermore, should you not work with us, refuse, or not even give a damn about your kin…I’m sure the other representatives here will be more than happy to let go of their females…." childed Mercury.

Lord Mashonda had no choice but to comply. And so began years of torment for his realm…


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