Ponygirl Minder

by Xaltatun of Acheron

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Now on to the story...


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Jenny: Graduation.

Chapter 2. Jenny. Processed by Reliable.

Chapter 3. Audry: Drop Out.

Chapter 4. Jenny: This is your life. Adapt ... or else.

Chapter 5. Jenny. Ponygirls in their cages.

Chapter 6. Jenny: Training Carol.

Chapter 7. Jenny, Carol and the Tentacle Monster.

Chapter 8. Jenny: Ponygirl Ronnie.

Chapter 9. Audry: First step.

Chapter 10. Jenny: As Luck Would Have It.

Chapter 11. Audry: Faux Ponygirl.

Chapter 12. Jenny: On the Road Toward College

Chapter 13. Audry: The Taxi Service Acquires a Wild Ponygirl

Chapter 14. Beth: If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

Chapter 15. Jenny and Beth: At The Mountain View Motel.

Chapter 16. Jenny: Beth is my

Chapter 17. Audry: Wild Girl.

Chapter 18. Jenny and Beth: Settling In.

Chapter 19. Jenny at the Taxi Service

Chapter 20. Jenny collars Beth.

Chapter 21. Jenny Discovers a Wild Girl Infestation

Chapter 22. Audry: Interlude.

Chapter 23. Jenny: Decisions.

Chapter 24. Jenny: Programming Seminar.

Chapter 25. Audry: Good News, Bad News and News.

Chapter 26. Jenny and Beth: Preparations.

Chapter 27. Audry: A step forward?

Chapter 28. Jenny and Beth: What’s in the box?

Chapter 29. Audry: The light dawns.

Chapter 30. Jenny: Should I?

Chapter 31. Jenny: Engine Girl.

Chapter 32. Jenny: All is Revealed.

Chapter 33. Jenny: Well, maybe.

Chapter 34. Jenny: Tamed Girls.

Chapter 35. Jenny: Vacation Time.

Chapter 36. Jenny: Collared!



What has gone before.


The date is sometime around 2400, and Jenny Jackson is ready to graduate from high school. She discovers, contrary to every reasonable expectation, that she is not picked as a wife, nor is she going to college. Instead, she’s been routed to a job as a collared worker in Reliable’s ponygirl manufacturing process. She finds out that manufacturing only looks simple; it’s anything but.

Meanwhile, a girl named Audry has decided to drop out and become a wild girl; she’s going to hide out at the Taxi Service as a ponygirl.

By now Jenny has spent several months in Stage 2 of Ponygirl Manufacturing, has gotten to criterion on shift work and is learning more of the business. She’s trained three of her former classmates and has been trained as both a ponygirl and an engine.

Then she finds out she’s headed to college. She collects the other three girls who will be traveling with her and gets the engines installed on their mounts in the rental car they will be taking. They have an enlightening discussion on the way.

Then they stop overnight. When the dust (not to mention the sex) settles, Jenny discovers that Beth thinks she’s Jenny’s wife. The settle in, and Jenny discovers her work assignment is with the Taxi Service. The taxi service uses ponygirls, of course. Lots of ponygirls. And she finds time to collar Beth, much to Beth’s pleasure.

Jenny finds out about the fake ponygirls at the Taxi Service, and starts training them. Audry discovers what’s happening to her. After consulting with her favorite hacker, she decides to pull herself out of her mess. Jenny, meanwhile, finds out she’s got some senior level mind-bending courses, and they’re not optional.

Audry decides to reenter the system, and Beth finds out that devotion has ramifications she hadn’t considered. She takes her next steps toward becoming a trained ponygirl, and they move to an apartment in a kink-friendly building. Jenny meets Richard.


Chapter 31. Jenny: Engine Girl.


“We meet again,” Lt. Forsyth said, standing to shake hands over his desk.

“I gather I’m not in trouble,” Jenny said as she took his hand. “So what’s it about?”

“We got a question from the committee in your apartment building, and we thought you’d probably be the best person to fill us in on what’s going on.”


“They asked about whether it was legitimate to train the wild girl they’d acquired as an engine.”

“Right. They want to train Girl.”

“Part of the perplex is that we weren’t aware that they’d acquired a wild girl. They asked a hypothetical question a year or so ago, and we haven’t heard anything since. We don’t even know which one. Wild girls go missing all the time. Sometimes we find a body, sometimes they get a hacker to change their identity. We don’t try to keep track. As far as we’re concerned, if they don’t cause problems and there aren’t too many of them in an area, we let them be.

“So checking our records, it could be any one of three.” He swiveled a display toward her. “Recognize any of them?”

“Could be this one,” Jenny said hesitantly.

The lieutenant called up another display and looked at it. “I’d need a more positive ID before saying for sure, but if it is her you can do anything you like. She’s got a pretty bad record, and we were about to pick her up and send her down to be turned into an engine anyway.”

“Anything I like is a pretty big blank check, Lieutenant.”

“Within reason, girl! You want to train her as an engine, go ahead. Just make sure you don’t make a mess.”


“Make sure you get your seminar advisor’s approval.”


“So,” he looked at it. “For the record, how are they treating her?”

“She’s kept naked in a standard ponygirl and engine training cage. Well, almost standard; these cages have a fitting for her waste valve. They installed a prosthetic throat unit so she can’t talk. She thinks it’s permanent. She’s got a reader to amuse herself. When they want her to do something, they buzz her collar, she gets herself out of the cage and checks the readout, does whatever and gets back into the cage. She’s also allowed out to get a nourishment dispenser. I don’t think she knows how to prepare it; they keep a supply of nourishment dispensers in a little fridge.”

“How’s she taking it?”

“They got her several months before I got there. She seems, um, content.”

“Well,” he said, looking at the display, “it’s certainly a creative interpretation of what they were told they could do. When you tell them about our meeting you might mention that it’s not how they’re treating her that concerns me, it’s how they’re treating her.”

“Huh? Oh!”

“So what are your plans? I presume that you’re going to be doing the training.”

“If my advisor approves,” Jenny replied. “The next step is the surgeries. That’s the brain wave scanner, the catheters, the gene mods and the breast hooks. Unless you tell me otherwise we won’t do the permanent throat unit, and I have no idea where to get a permanent jaw unit even if it was permitted. That means we’ll go with a prosthetic jaw unit.”

He made a few notes. “That sounds about right.”

“We’ve already started her on the Tentacle Monster. We’ve got a couple of jock types that are reasonably well qualified on muscle isolation and all that stuff. That doesn’t need approval.”


“Then I’ll install the engine functional patterns. That will require some custom work to neutralize the addictive effect. That’s what gets most of the attention in the seminar.”

“What are the patterns?”

“I call them interface, engine room and mounted. Engine room is the same as the ponygirl’s functional pattern and mounted is the pattern while the engine is installed on an engine mount. Interface is part way in between a normal person’s way of using her brain and the ponygirl or engine room pattern; it lets her know who she is and what she’s about without giving her access to language and most ‘higher functions’. I install it when a person is going to be an engine or ponygirl part time.”

“So that’s how you’re training your girlfriend?”

How did Beth suddenly get in here? “Uh, yes.”

“I take it she’s in control?”

“Depends. She’ll slide into interface when she puts in the jaw and throat prosthetics and she’ll go back to her normal state when she takes them out. She’ll go into the ponygirl pattern whenever she’s harnessed or restrained. She’s got a little self-hypnotic trigger that will put her in the ponygirl pattern from interface and another one that will pull her all the way out to her normal state. There’s a command that will do it, and some but not all of the normal commands will do it as well. There’s a command that will take her from ponygirl to interface as well as a number of situational triggers.”

“You invented all of this yourself?”

“Goddess, no! That’s the way I was trained at Reliable.”

“So it’s a standard configuration. Interesting.” He nodded thoughtfully. “I gather that Reliable doesn’t let it out?”

“If you know where to look there are descriptions together with the brain function diagrams. Just about every therapist has studied them; they make a great case study. One thing I learned in the seminar is that none of the other students will touch actually doing it. That’s not because there are ethical problems, it’s because there are a lot of little details that need to be gotten right, and it takes a great deal of time. Reliable has an AI that supervises the whole process, and then the night shift people also monitor it and make adjustments as needed.”

“That makes sense; nobody but Reliable and the fetishists would be interested. So what happens after you’ve got the functional patterns installed?”

“Well, the break point is a bit earlier, after the engine room pattern is stable and she’s learned the isometrics. Then they start training her while she’s mounted. It starts out with relatively short periods and gets longer and longer until she can stay mounted for between 8 and 10 days, although they only certify them for a week. They do strength and stamina in parallel with road situations and driving, and continue with maintenance training while she isn’t mounted.”

“So you’ll be going into territory you haven’t explored very well. Be careful. So far you haven’t made any serious missteps.”

He stood up to end the interview.


Chapter 32. Jenny: All is Revealed.


“What are we doing here?” Ceil asked.

“Jenny invited us, and she’s paying,” Denise answered. “Maybe answers?”

“I’d like a few myself,” Estelle said, running a hand through her luxuriant chestnut mane.

“Well, here she comes,” Gina got up and waved at her.

“Hi girls!” Jenny greeted them as she held out a chair for Beth. “This is my girlfriend and roommate, Beth.”

“If it wouldn’t be prying,” Isobel said, “she’s wearing a collar and you’re holding her chair?”

“It’s a passion collar,” Gina reproved.


“Can it,” Ceil told the two. “Jenny’s paying, and I’m flat.”

“You’re probably not. Check your account balance.”

“What account balance?” Ceil said, but obediently got out her reader and fingered the back for a moment.

“I’ve got an account balance?”

“All of you do.”

The server spread appetizers around while the rest of them checked.

“The balances,” Jenny said once the server had vanished, “are because the Taxi Service decided that they should pay you. It’s below minimum and they’re taking room and board out, but it’s still credit.”

“Got it,” Estelle said. “So they know about us, right?”

“Have all along,” Jenny confirmed. “The reason for bring you all together is that we just got a memo from executive that said we couldn’t keep you in the dark. I’ve got other reasons as well for talking to you.”

“Other reasons?” Ceil asked.

“Yes. Let me start by making sure we’ve all got the same background. Over the last year I’ve been conditioning you so that you’ve now got both the ponygirl and interface functional patterns installed in your brains, and there are a set of transition rules between those two and your normal state.”

She held up a hand to forestall questions.

“The ponygirl functional pattern is running your brain while you’re on shift, and the interface pattern is running it while you’re off shift. The difference is that while you’re off shift you know who you are and what you’re about, and can make decisions about whether you want to shift to your normal state and go out clubbing. Or leave permanently, for that matter.

“Real ponygirls don’t have that option: the ponygirl functional pattern is running their brains and it’s a locked pattern: there isn’t a way out to their old ‘normal’ state.”

“So that’s what’s been going on,” Denise scowled.

“Exactly. One more piece of background. Well, two. This is the way Reliable does it when they want to train someone to be a ponygirl part time. Reliable trained me that way, so that’s the way I train. People with ponygirl or engine fetishes should organize it this way, but they are frequently quite sloppy. Or totally clueless about how to do it safely.”

“So we walked into it,” Estelle grumphed.

“That’s one way of putting it. Hold that thought for a while. The final background piece here is that you’ve all got a piece missing to make it work properly. The ponygirl state can be very seductive for a lot of reasons, especially if your normal life isn’t real good. It’s a siren song of living a life where everything works and the ‘gods’ supply whatever you need.

“A standard consensual install makes enough changes to the normal state so that the ponygirl state isn’t all that attractive on balance. It’s too limiting, although you can’t see the limits from inside. Right, honey?”

“That’s what I’m finding,” Beth agreed.

“The hangup here is the personality changes are really custom design; everyone is different and they’ve got to fit smoothly into the rest of the personality so they are sustained rather than be rejected or cause conflicts.

“I did Audry because she dug me out and my seminar leader decided that doing her would be a good learning experience. I didn’t do you because I don’t have either the time or the experience.”


“So”, Ceil summed up after the discussion, “I’ve got to decide whether I want to be a ponygirl full time or let someone fix my brain. Then what?”

“The next decision is whether you want to stay with the Taxi Service as a ponygirl and enjoy yourself on your off time, or whether you want to move on, either as a wild girl or by rejoining the system officially. Either of those options will take some work; you’ve all deteriorated more than a little by pretending to be ponygirls for too long. It’s not hard; the health service has focused exercises that will let you get your mind back in shape to live independently.”

“Rejoin the system?” Isobel asked. “I didn’t think it was possible.”

“It is. That’s why Audry isn’t here. Hey Girl! accepted her for training a couple of weeks ago.”

“So she’s headed for being a collared worker.” Ceil frowned.

“Right. That’s where she was headed if she hadn’t dropped out. She might be one of the rare ones that makes it to senior worker.”

“So where would I wind up?”

“Before I tell you, let me hedge a bit. I had a hacker dig up your school records, and I’ll tell you where you were headed. However, Audry’s problem was personality and the fix to keep her from being seduced by the ponygirl state also fixed that, so you may not be headed there any more.”

“Got it. So tell me!”

“Ceil. Collared worker. Denise. Ponygirl. Estelle. Engine. Gina. Ponygirl. Isobel. Engine.”

“You’re kidding!” Isobel exclaimed.

“Nope. The police were just about ready to pick you up when I started working with you. The two of you have got real bad records, and it’s going to take time to build a better record so people will be willing to take a chance on you. It’s completely up to you, but I’d recommend that both of you decide to stay with the taxi service for a few more years and work on building a decent record while you’re out enjoying yourself.

“For the rest of you, I’d recommend that you take the time to work through the recommended exercises to strengthen the parts of your brain that have deteriorated and then check into having Hey Girl! train you as collared workers.”

Isobel scowled. “I know what being a ponygirl is like. What’s it like to be an engine?”

“Engines don’t remember anything from when they’re mounted,” Beth said.

“So it’s almost like being a ponygirl,” Jenny added. “It really depends on the company that owns you. Most companies try to use their engines the same way the taxi service does: housekeeping and maintenance. The difficulty is that if you’re owned by a company that does long haul or one way operations you’ll be in a different engine room each time you’re unmounted, which makes it hard to integrate properly with a housekeeping operation. Those companies tend to keep at least some of their engines in cages.

“They also,” she added, “keep troublemakers in cages.”

“You’ve made your point,” Estelle said. “If I want a life, I’ve got to have my brain washed.”


Chapter 33. Jenny: Well, maybe.


“Your wife is an incredible cook,” Jenny told Richard.

“Why, thank you,” Donna said.

She really was beautiful when she smiled, Jenny thought. Pity she didn’t do it more often.

“One of her many talents,” Richard agreed, obviously pleased.

Jenny sat back. “Let’s cut right to the bedroom scene. You’d like to make both of us your mistresses, but I’ve been hesitant to get into that close a relationship because there are a few issues to settle first.”

“I thought this dinner would settle them.”

“Oh, it did the first layer. Beth wants an affair with you, don’t you, love.”

“Believe it,” Beth answered. “That’s one prime piece of alpha male. Let me off the leash and I’ll go howl at the moon.”

“And my read on Donna is that, while she’s not really enthusiastic, she’s got no illusions about your habit of taking young women as mistresses and then discarding them in a few years, and she really likes it to be open and above-board.”

“So what’s the hangup?”

“Your wife is desperately unhappy.”


“She’s desperately unhappy, and you’re either unaware of it or ignoring it. She’s really trying to be a good wife, but the fact is that your personalities don’t match real well. You could keep it going while you still had children, but they’ve been gone for what, ten years?”

“About that,” Donna confirmed.

“She was probably the ranking beauty in your graduating class, and you were probably the dominant alpha male.”

“Right,” Richard smiled reminiscently.

“That doesn’t necessarily make for a good marriage. A personality match is more important, and you most likely ignored everything they tried to teach you in the boy’s sex and marriage course about it. And she probably did the same, for the same reasons. You had the girls fawning over you, and she had the guys, and you were both young. You both thought you deserved the very best, and you ignored the longer term issues.”

Richard’s face froze, and then he took a deep breath and sighed. “I suppose that, in a few years, I’ll look back on this conversation as being a very important turning point. You’re right, I’ve been trying to avoid looking at the situation.”

“And it’s incredibly hard for an alpha male to accept that kind of a slapdown, especially from a female.”


“If I’m reading the situation properly, you’re both on the edge of disaster. Donna is at risk for sliding into the ponygirl state and not coming out, and if she does that the authorities are going to get involved. They’ll ask who and why, and they always look at the spouse when one or the other goes over the edge.”

“Could you fix that?”

“In a word, no.” She held up a hand to forestall a retort. “It’s not a matter of won’t. I could do most of it. Her ponygirl and engine patterns are real sloppy, and I could reinstall them so they work properly. I’ve done it a number of times. Doing it over the current messy situation would be a challenge, but I don’t think it’s beyond me.

“What is beyond me is the final adjustment to her normal functional pattern that would keep her from sliding over the edge into the ponygirl pattern full time. That’s because it not only has to fit smoothly with her personality, it has to interact smoothly with yours, and the two of you have major mismatches.

“I also don’t want to get into a conflict of interest. If Beth and I get into a major relationship with you I can’t be doing anything to her that isn’t strictly routine, totally open and will stand up under a rigid scrutiny by people that don’t like me very much.”

Richard looked at her. “If I’m understanding you correctly, you’re saying no.”

“I’m saying unless. It’s no both to having a major relationship and to installing the ponygirl and engine patterns properly unless you get yourselves in to see a marital counselor officially and get the situation resolved.”

“I’ve tried,” Donna said unhappily.

“I know you have,” Jenny answered as Richard looked at his wife in surprise. “The usual assumption is that it’s the wife that needs to adjust, and most people try to keep it off the record. It’s my admittedly student assessment that both of you are going to have to meet somewhere in the middle, and it’s way beyond what a therapist can be expected to do unofficially.”

“I was afraid of that,” Richard admitted.

“With good reason. Nobody likes to be told that their personality needs fixing.”

“I’ll admit to grasping at straws, but what’s likely to happen if we don’t?”

“Without going into detail, I think she’ll do something within a year that will get the authorities involved. They’ll finger you as the major issue. Worst case they’ll condemn you, which means you’ll get a sex change and be sent down as an engine.”

“You’re not joking, are you? No, I can see you’re serious.”

He turned to Donna. “Hon, set up an appointment with the health service for both of us. You know my schedule.”

Donna’s smile, Jenny thought, made her really, really beautiful.


Section End.


Things seem to be winding down at the Taxi Service, and Jenny has taken a tentative step toward becoming Richard’s mistress. Does it work out? You’re going to have to wait for the last exciting episode of Ponygirl Minder to find out.




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