Ponygirl Minder

by Xaltatun of Acheron

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Now on to the story...


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Jenny: Graduation.

Chapter 2. Jenny. Processed by Reliable.

Chapter 3. Audry: Drop Out.

Chapter 4. Jenny: This is your life. Adapt ... or else.

Chapter 5. Jenny. Ponygirls in their cages.

Chapter 6. Jenny: Training Carol.

Chapter 7. Jenny, Carol and the Tentacle Monster.

Chapter 8. Jenny: Ponygirl Ronnie.

Chapter 9. Audry: First step.

Chapter 10. Jenny: As Luck Would Have It.

Chapter 11. Audry: Faux Ponygirl.

Chapter 12. Jenny: On the Road Toward College

Chapter 13. Audry: The Taxi Service Acquires a Wild Ponygirl

Chapter 14. Beth: If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

Chapter 15. Jenny and Beth: At The Mountain View Motel.

Chapter 16. Jenny: Beth is my

Chapter 17. Audry: Wild Girl.

Chapter 18. Jenny and Beth: Settling In.

Chapter 19. Jenny at the Taxi Service

Chapter 20. Jenny collars Beth.

Chapter 21. Jenny Discovers a Wild Girl Infestation

Chapter 22. Audry: Interlude.

Chapter 23. Jenny: Decisions.

Chapter 24. Jenny: Programming Seminar.

Chapter 25. Audry: Good News, Bad News and News.

Chapter 26. Jenny and Beth: Preparations.

Chapter 27. Audry: A step forward?

Chapter 28. Jenny and Beth: What’s in the box?

Chapter 29. Audry: The light dawns.

Chapter 30. Jenny: Should I?

Chapter 31. Jenny: Engine Girl.

Chapter 32. Jenny: All is Revealed.

Chapter 33. Jenny: Well, maybe.

Chapter 34. Jenny: Tamed Girls.

Chapter 35. Jenny: Vacation Time.

Chapter 36. Jenny: Collared!



What has gone before.


The date is sometime around 2400, and Jenny Jackson is ready to graduate from high school. She discovers, contrary to every reasonable expectation, that she is not picked as a wife, nor is she going to college. Instead, she’s been routed to a job as a collared worker in Reliable’s ponygirl manufacturing process. She finds out that manufacturing only looks simple; it’s anything but.

Meanwhile, a girl named Audry has decided to drop out and become a wild girl; she’s going to hide out at the Taxi Service as a ponygirl.

By now Jenny has spent several months in Stage 2 of Ponygirl Manufacturing, has gotten to criterion on shift work and is learning more of the business. She’s trained three of her former classmates and has been trained as both a ponygirl and an engine.

Then she finds out she’s headed to college. She collects the other three girls who will be traveling with her and gets the engines installed on their mounts in the rental car they will be taking. They have an enlightening discussion on the way.

Then they stop overnight. When the dust (not to mention the sex) settles, Jenny discovers that Beth thinks she’s Jenny’s wife. The settle in, and Jenny discovers her work assignment is with the Taxi Service. The taxi service uses ponygirls, of course. Lots of ponygirls. And she finds time to collar Beth, much to Beth’s pleasure.

Jenny finds out about the fake ponygirls at the Taxi Service, and starts training them. Audry discovers what’s happening to her. After consulting with her favorite hacker, she decides to pull herself out of her mess. Jenny, meanwhile, finds out she’s got some senior level mind-bending courses, and they’re not optional.

Audry decides to reenter the system, and Beth finds out that devotion has ramifications she hadn’t considered.


Chapter 28. Jenny and Beth: What’s in the box?


“Nothing seems to be happening,” Beth complained a couple of weeks later.

“Oh?” Jenny said. “Nothing about what?”

“My ponygirl conditioning.”

“That’s because nothing’s going on. You had to get the surgeries; then I’ve been waiting for the rest of the equipment.”


“These. They arrived today.” Jenny picked up a box and opened it. “Good. Go into the bedroom and strip, lover. Let’s see if they fit.”

“Oh!” Beth scurried to the bedroom, shedding clothes along the way.

“Eager, eager,” Jenny laughed. Beth’s giggle floated into the hallway.


“What did you get me?” Beth practically bounced on the bed.

“Let’s start with this,” Jenny drew out an object and shook it out.

“Oh! A tail!”

“Your tail. Let’s see if it fits. Lie down.”

Beth flopped onto the bed, face down as Jenny took the end and slid it into the socket that had been surgically implanted in her tailbone the week before. It snapped into place with an almost audible click.

“There. It fits.”

Beth bounced up. “Ohhhh! It tickles.”

She twisted around, looking at it flow back and forth in the mirror.

“Why won’t it swish by itself?”

“It’ll take a while.”

“Everything takes a while,” Beth pouted.

“Of course, lover. The nerves have to connect, and that’ll take a week or so. Then you’ll have to practice.”

“I don’t remember your saying Audry had to practice with it.”

“She got a cheap model. This really is a prosthetic. It’s designed to power itself from your bloodstream and it connects to your nervous system. It’s really not connected with your ponygirl conditioning; you can wear it around the apartment building if you want so that you give it lots of opportunity to integrate.”

“Oh my. You really are doing it up, aren’t you?”

“That was the most expensive piece. The other two pieces are for the ponygirl and engine.” She pulled two other items out of the box and put them on the bed.

“That’s the jaw and throat prosthesis?” She picked them up and turned them over in her hands, looking curiously.

“Let’s see if they fit, and then you need to practice putting them in and taking them out.”

“Oh.” She picked up one of them. “This is the throat piece?”

“Yes. Open up. It goes in like this.”

Beth opened her mouth, and Jenny managed to get the bulky object in and settled.

“How’s that?” Jenny asked.

Beth opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

“Perfect!” Jenny responded as Beth tried to say something.

Beth’s eyes widened in sudden realization and she started to look scared.

“Come here, lover,” Jenny said, and gathered the smaller woman in her arms for a comforting hug.

“You know ponygirls don’t talk, and the throat piece is what keeps them from talking in the early stages.”

Beth finally relaxed, her breathing slowing down.

“Now let’s do the jaw piece,” Jenny told her silenced lover. “Open real wide.”

Beth’s eyes got big as the piece approached her face. Jenny slid it in and settled her teeth into the slots. She turned a knob, expanding the device until Beth’s eyes bulged, and then she turned another setscrew, securely locking it.

“Feels like it’s going to take your head off?” Jenny asked solicitously.

Beth nodded vigorously.

“Well, you’ll have to get used to it if you want to keep on.” She pulled the gagged girl over to her and began massaging the muscles of her jaw.

“Just keep breathing. That’s a good girl. Let those muscles relax. That’s a good girl.” She kept crooning until Beth’s jaw muscles relaxed.

“Let’s leave them in for another fifteen minutes. Then I’ll take them out.”

Beth looked at her lover pitifully, and then her body shook slightly with a giggle that had nowhere to go.

“Good girl!” Jenny praised her. “Come on out to the kitchen.” She hooked a finger in Beth’s collar ring and pulled.

A minute later she had taken some fruit and put it in the blender. She took it out, poured it into a small bottle with a plunger and a long tube, and approached her novice ponygirl with it.


Beth’s eyes crossed as she saw the tube approach her face and vanish into her mouth. A moment later she felt as much as heard a slight click. Jenny pushed the plunger, and Beth felt the contents pour into her throat. She swallowed.

“Good girl!” Jenny praised her.

“I think that’s enough for the first session. Back to the bedroom.”

She carefully removed the jaw and throat devices.

“How’d it go, lover?”

“Intense,” Beth answered, clearing her throat to assure herself that her voice still worked. “So that’s what a ponygirl goes through?”

“Well, the first week can be excruciating until her jaw muscles and ligaments adjust. I didn’t see any pain after a week or so in the ones I worked on. There’s no reason for you to go through that; we’ll take it slowly and give your jaw time to adjust.”


“So how was the rest?”

“Not being able to talk was scary! Then walking out into the kitchen naked, and what you did to feed me ...” She took a deep breath. “Let’s say it’s going to take some getting used to.”

“Not as much as you’d think. We’ll do this every day until you can put them in and take them out yourself, and keep them in while you’re doing your housework. Once we’ve moved and they’re comfortable we’ll schedule three and four hour sessions in one of the cages three or four times a week. You should quit noticing that there’s anything strange in a month or so.”

“Is that all?”

“Goddess, no! There’s a lot of training to do, but we’ll do most of it on cage time. You’ll go into the cage, and I’ll take you out for training sessions and put you back afterwards.

“It takes about six months to fully train either a ponygirl or a lead engine. Back engines can be done in a bit less time, but it still takes time to build the strength and stamina and make sure they can stay mounted for a week or more without problems. That takes fairly large blocks of time; even with the best preparation there’s no way to spot problems other than to do it and see what happens.”

“Engines should be simpler than ponygirls, right?”

“Well, almost. The lead engines have to be rather thoroughly trained so they can drive the vehicle. It’s a cooperative task between the engine and the vehicle’s computer.”

Beth thought for a moment. “I think I rushed into this with more enthusiasm than planning,” she finally admitted. “I still want it, but I’d like you to tell me what you’re going to be doing to my brain. It’s my only brain, and I kind of like it the way it is.”

Jenny giggled. “You should already know, lover. We talked about it on the way up here.”

“That was a long time ago! Tell me again.”

“The key point is that we condition ponygirls and engines so that they don’t use a lot of the brain’s functional areas and pathways. We call the way someone uses her brain a functional pattern, and there are four of them we work with: normal, interface, ponygirl or engine room, and mounted engine.

“Both ponygirls and engines are trained to use the ponygirl or engine room functional pattern. It’s the same pattern, just the name is different because there’s different training that goes with it. It’s a viable chunk, but it doesn’t include the language areas or what we normally consider ‘higher functions’.”

“Viable chunk?”

“A ponygirl would be able to live wild. They ran some experiments some time ago, and found that they could get ponygirl tribes to live in wilderness areas just fine. As long as you teach them how to fight, they’re quite capable of taking out an adult chimpanzee or most predators. They garden beautifully, but they never managed to teach them how to do organized agriculture.

“To continue: the mounted engine function pattern is just enough to run their body, pedal the generator, watch the road and steer the car. The interface functional pattern is the same as the ponygirl functional pattern plus additional areas and connections that let you consider your situation and whether you want to stay in the ponygirl or engine room state or come out to your normal state. Ponygirls and engines don’t have that.”

“That’s how you’ve got Audry trained?”

“Right. When she’s on shift she can only use the same functional pattern as the regular ponygirls. When she’s off shift but still on the premises, she can use the interface functional pattern, which means she can decide to take the prosthetics out and go out for a night on the town. Or leave permanently, although that’s not too likely yet. She doesn’t have any choice whether she goes on shift or off shift; the taxi service’s scheduling computer controls it.”

“So engines go into the mounted engine state when they’re put on a mount?”

“A bit earlier. They go into it when they’re hobbled, bound and put on a dispenser. They’ll stay there until they’re returned to an engine room.”

“How does my brain know when to shift?”

“When you put the jaw and throat units in or take them out. Once you put them in, you’ll go into the interface state, and you won’t return to your normal state until you take them out. There are a number of triggers we can set up to shift between the regular ponygirl state and the expanded state, and to switch to the engine state.”

“I suppose that’s as good as I’m going to get without learning to read the diagrams,” Beth laughed. “It sounds like a lot of work.”

“Oh, it is. But I’ll learn a lot from it.” She hesitated a moment. “So will you.”

“So what else was in that box?”

Jenny picked it up and took out two long, hairy tubes. “Your leggings.”

“Oh!” Beth stroked them and then shed her skirt. “I’m going to try them on.”

“And next?”

Jenny took out something that looked like a wig, except that the center was something that wasn’t hair. Beth looked at it doubtfully. “That will make my hair look like a mane?” she asked as she took it over to the dresser and sat down, tail falling off the end of the chair. She looked at it again and then started brushing her hair toward the center, pinning it up so it looked somewhat like a mane. She put on the headpiece and applied the brush again.

“This has got possibilities,” she pronounced. “I need to work on it a bit. It’s still lumpy.”

“So it is, lover. I know you’ll get it.”

“It wouldn’t dare misbehave!”

Jenny giggled. “Here’s the final piece.”


“Tattoo appliqués. They’re for your engine mount adjustments. They’ll wash off with the correct solvent. I probably won’t use them, though.”

“Oh. Why not?”

“The parameters are stored in your collar for automatically adjusting mounts. It’s a bit clumsier to use my reader while adjusting the mount, but it’s workable, and it saves applying the tattoos and removing them.”


Chapter 29. Audry: The light dawns.


“You’re really looking good,” Shelly said as Audry slid into the other side of the booth.

“I’m feeling good. I think I’ve got it figured out, but I want a bit of backup.”


“Yeah. Just ask if Hey Girl! wants to take me. That’s their business, after all.”

“That might work. What’s the hangup?”

“I don’t want to take the chance that they’ll track me down and turn me in instead of taking me as a collared worker.”

“I don’t think that’s likely,” Shelly said. “Still...” She took out her reader and began to stroke the back lovingly.

She looked at the results and laughed. “They’ve not only got a procedure for it, they’ve got an application form. It’s still a risk, because they will turn you over to Reliable if they think you belong there.”

Audry shrugged and took out her reader. “Shoot me the form. I’ve been living with ponygirls for almost three years, and they seem to be a happy bunch. I’ll take the chance. What’s likely to be more of a problem is learning to say ‘yes, ma’am, right away ma’am’ and mean it.”

Shelly laughed. “I know what you mean.”


Chapter 30. Jenny: Should I?


Jenny sat quietly watching the rein trainer marching Beth across the room. She’s getting better, she thought as she checked the brain monitor and nodded.

Then she sat back and let the sight of her roommate wash through her. Beth was a bay; blond hair, blond tail and blond leggings. Right now she was lightly tacked up with just a bridle. The reins came back to the trainer. The thing moved across the ceiling with awesome silence.

Just then she felt a hand on her shoulder.

“Eep!” she turned around to look at who. Male. Check. Jutting jaw. Check. Piercing eyes. Check. Unshakable air of dominance. Check. Just approaching middle age at around 70. Check.

“Hi Richard. You startled me.”

“Darn,” he responded. “She’s coming along nicely.”

“Pretty good for just a few sessions.”

“I’d say darn good.”

“How much practice have you had training?”

“Not as much as you, obviously. Where’d you learn?”

“Reliable. I worked in the ponygirl training section for three months before coming to college.”

“You’re a professional!”

“Well, kinda. There’s a lot to training a ponygirl properly, and three months isn’t much more than a good start on learning all of it. Fortunately I worked at the front end, and we really aren’t interested in turning her into a real ponygirl for long periods of time. Well begun and all that.”

“True. She really seems to be into it.”

“Of course,” Jenny answered, taking a moment to admire her roommate making the turn around the far corner of the room.

“Of course?”

“Right now she’s only got the same parts of her brain active as real ponygirls. It’s still a little rough, but she’s right on schedule.”

“You’re doing that to her? We’ve looked at it and decided we didn’t want to touch it.”

“If I hadn’t learned at Reliable, I wouldn’t want to touch it either. It isn’t the same conditioning as a ponygirl. It’s more complex, and there is one critical part that is really custom design. Don’t do it and she’ll get addicted to being a ponygirl, botch it and you’ve got a real mess on your hands that will take a professional to resolve. And you probably won’t be around to see it happen.”

“I’ve heard it’s addictive. How do you avoid it?”

“By making her day to day life at least as attractive. That’s the custom design part; it has to fit smoothly into the rest of her personality and support itself.”

Richard frowned. “And that would take a good deal of expertise.”

“Right. It’s something that I’m barely qualified to do, and that’s only because I’ve got a graduate seminar that will rip my plans to shreds if they don’t make sense.”

“You’re in grad school?”

Jenny giggled. “Not by a long shot. The department’s got me in the seminar so they can keep an eye on me.”

“That’s strange.”

“No stranger than your hand straying to where it’s not wanted, Richard.” She gently shoved it away from the vicinity of her right breast.


“Come off it. You’re a prime dominant male and you know it. You know I know it, and you know that I’m attracted.”

He backed up a couple of feet. “So why?”

“Am I not throwing myself at your feet and spreading my legs? I’d love to, but I need the lines drawn first, and I need them drawn by both Beth and Donna.”

“What does my wife have to do with it?”

“Probably nothing. Most wives don’t worry much about where their husbands are catting around, but I need to hear it from her, not from you.”

“Your girlfriend is wearing your collar. She should accept what you do.”

“She does, usually. Obedience has its limits. She regards me as her husband, so she’ll most likely accept it without a fuss. I don’t know that though until I check. I’m not into the ‘see how far you can push your slave’ bit, and that is one of my hard limits.”

“You’re harder than I thought,” he said.

“Well, yes. On the other hand I think a down payment to hold the reservation might be appropriate.” She slid a hand behind his waist and pulled gently. His arm encircled her waist as he pulled her the rest of the way. She lifted her head to his lips.

“Wow!” she said inelegantly a few minutes later. “That was hotter than I expected.” She patted his bulging erection gently. “That’s to hold the reservation.”

“I need a cold shower.”

Jenny giggled. “Some of Beth’s passion must be leaking.”

“Now that I’ve seen what you’re doing with your girlfriend,” he continued, “is there anything you could do with Girl?”

“You really call her that?” she giggled again.

“There’s a name on her collar, but it probably isn’t her real name, and we don’t want to spread it around anyway.”

“The fewer people who know it, the better. Besides, I think collared workers are all trained to react to ‘Hey Girl!’ anyway. So what do you want to do?”

“Train her as an engine.”


“So we can use her on trips. We’ve got a number of slaves that can play engine, but they don’t last.”

“No stamina and no focus,” Jenny agreed. “There’s a legal concern, and then I’d have to get permission from my seminar supervisor. I was planning on starting Beth in a month or so, when the ponygirl programming has stabilized and she’s finished with the Tentacle Monster. From there it’s going to be new territory.”

“Legal? I suppose so. What’s the Tentacle Monster have to do with it? Besides scaring her witless?”

“Engines,” Jenny said didactically, “are in one position for a week or more at a time. That would lead to cramps, circulation problems, blood pooling and all sorts of unlovely stuff.”

“So they must be trained to do some kind of muscle exercises. Talk about missing the obvious!”

“Right. They’re trained in two stages. Ponygirls in three. The first stage is with the Tentacle Monster for muscle group isolation.”

He slapped his forehead. “Of course. Second stage is obviously voluntary control by muscle group and isometrics. What’s the third?”

“How to set up ropes, pulleys and weights for strength and stamina exercises. That’s for ponygirls; engines exercise on engine mount trainers.”

“Which we have. You know the whole sequence?”

“I qualified at level 2 on the tentacle monster and on coaching, and barely level 1 on all the theory behind muscle group isolation coaching. The rest I’ve never done; those were in different units. The third stage for ponygirls is supposed to be obvious – to a trained ponygirl. Show her once and she’s got it. I can probably learn it in a few sessions. Then I’ll be able to teach it, but only to trained ponygirls.”

“I see. I think we’ve got a couple of guys that learned isolation and isometrics in college. The good thing is that I don’t think we need any special permission?”

“I can’t imagine why we would. We aren’t screwing with her head or making any physical modifications that would prevent her from walking out.”

“So you need to talk to Donna,” he switched subjects.

“If you want to get into my panties, yes.” She giggled.

“Which I do. Let’s make another down payment. Make lips!”

Jenny felt herself close her eyes and tilt her head back. It was, a stray thought suggested, almost involuntary.


Section End.


Beth takes her next steps toward becoming a trained ponygirl, and they move to an apartment in a kink-friendly building. She meets Richard. Is it going to work out or not? You’re going to have to wait for the next exciting episode of Ponygirl Minder to find out.




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