Ponygirl Minder

by Xaltatun of Acheron

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Now on to the story...


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Jenny: Graduation.

Chapter 2. Jenny. Processed by Reliable.

Chapter 3. Audry: Drop Out.

Chapter 4. Jenny: This is your life. Adapt ... or else.

Chapter 5. Jenny. Ponygirls in their cages.

Chapter 6. Jenny: Training Carol.

Chapter 7. Jenny, Carol and the Tentacle Monster.

Chapter 8. Jenny: Ponygirl Ronnie.

Chapter 9. Audry: First step.

Chapter 10. Jenny: As Luck Would Have It.

Chapter 11. Audry: Faux Ponygirl.

Chapter 12. Jenny: On the Road Toward College

Chapter 13. Audry: The Taxi Service Acquires a Wild Ponygirl

Chapter 14. Beth: If it’s wrong, it’s wrong.

Chapter 15. Jenny and Beth: At The Mountain View Motel.

Chapter 16. Jenny: Beth is my

Chapter 17. Audry: Wild Girl.

Chapter 18. Jenny and Beth: Settling In.

Chapter 19. Jenny at the Taxi Service

Chapter 20. Jenny collars Beth.

Chapter 21. Jenny Discovers a Wild Girl Infestation

Chapter 22. Audry: Interlude.

Chapter 23. Jenny: Decisions.

Chapter 24. Jenny: Programming Seminar.

Chapter 25. Audry: Good News, Bad News and News.

Chapter 26. Jenny and Beth: Preparations.

Chapter 27. Audry: A step forward?

Chapter 28. Jenny and Beth: What’s in the box?

Chapter 29. Audry: The light dawns.

Chapter 30. Jenny: Should I?

Chapter 31. Jenny: Engine Girl.

Chapter 32. Jenny: All is Revealed.

Chapter 33. Jenny: Well, maybe.

Chapter 34. Jenny: Tamed Girls.

Chapter 35. Jenny: Vacation Time.

Chapter 36. Jenny: Collared!



What has gone before.


The date is sometime around 2400, and Jenny Jackson is ready to graduate from high school. She discovers, contrary to every reasonable expectation, that she is not picked as a wife, nor is she going to college. Instead, she’s been routed to a job as a collared worker in Reliable’s ponygirl manufacturing process. She finds out that manufacturing only looks simple; it’s anything but.

Meanwhile, a girl named Audry has decided to drop out and become a wild girl; she’s going to hide out at the Taxi Service as a ponygirl.

By now Jenny has spent several months in Stage 2 of Ponygirl Manufacturing, has gotten to criterion on shift work and is learning more of the business. She’s trained three of her former classmates and has been trained as both a ponygirl and an engine.

Then she finds out she’s headed to college. She collects the other three girls who will be traveling with her and gets the engines installed on their mounts in the rental car they will be taking. They have an enlightening discussion on the way.

Then they stop overnight. When the dust (not to mention the sex) settles, Jenny discovers that Beth thinks she’s Jenny’s wife. The settle in, and Jenny discovers her work assignment is with the Taxi Service. The taxi service uses ponygirls, of course. Lots of ponygirls. And she finds time to collar Beth, much to Beth’s pleasure.

Jenny finds out about the fake ponygirls at the Taxi Service, and starts training them. Audry discovers what’s happening to her. After consulting with her favorite hacker, she decides to pull herself out of her mess. Jenny, meanwhile, finds out she’s got some senior level mind-bending courses, and they’re not optional.


Chapter 26. Jenny and Beth: Preparations.


“So you went behind my back and got a brain scanner installed,” Jenny said to Beth, trying to put some disapproval into her voice.

“You know?”

“Yes. I got asked what I intended to use it for.”

“They didn’t.”

“Of course they did. You forget what your husband is all about. So I told them what I thought you had in mind, and what I’d use it for.”

“You did?”

“Of course. They approved. But...”

“But what?” Beth said a bit hesitantly at the tone.

“I don’t want you going behind my back again. We need a new agreement.”

“We do?”

“Here.” Jenny handed Beth her reader.

Beth read it and frowned. “I like it, honey. It’s just that it’s so, um,”


“That’s the word.” She snuggled up to her faux husband for support.

“So it is. It’s decision time. Go into the bedroom and when you’re ready either come out and hand me your collar, or come out naked with the cuffs on your arms and wrists.”

Beth took a deep breath and hugged Jenny closer. Then she untangled herself and got up. “I’ll just be a minute.”

So, Jenny thought, which was it going to be?

A minute later, right on the dot, Beth padded out of the bedroom, stark naked. “I’m yours,” she said simply.

“Turn around, honey.” Jenny commanded.

Beth spun around, letting Jenny pull her arms together behind her back and snap the cuffs together. Jenny gave her a gentle twist.

Beth spun around again and knelt, legs spread in a precise right angle. She bent forward, almost horizontal to the floor. Jenny put the reader on the floor where she could see it.

Beth took another deep breath, and then started reading.

“I, Beth Danials, acknowledge that I regard Jenny Jackson as my husband and myself as her wife. I give her my passion, my devotion and my obedience, and I ask her to accept the obligation to ensure, using any means within her ability that is within both law and custom, that my passion for her is intense, that my devotion to her is pure, and that my obedience to her will is swift and unconditional, to the extent that it does not interfere with my ability to discharge my obligations to the community as a professional.”

Jenny said formally: “This is your will?”

Beth replied: “It is.”

Jenny put her hand on Beth’s head and pushed down, causing Beth to shift to avoid falling over.

“By my will and your will, I, Jenny Jackson, acknowledge that you, Beth Danials, regard me as your husband and yourself as my wife, with all the private rights, privileges and duties that entails, and that it is also my duty to ensure that your passion for me remains intense, that your devotion to me is pure, and that your obedience to my will is swift and unconditional. I will not use any methods, require you to perform any actions or present yourself in any way that will interfere with your ability to function in the community as a professional.”

She let the silence continue for a minute, and then shifted her hand to bring Beth to her feet. “Make lips!”

Beth closed her eyes and tilted her head back. Jenny let her stay that way for a minute, and then pulled her in and bent to kiss her.


“So what are you going to do to me?” Beth asked as she nestled against Jenny. “Or shouldn’t I ask?”

“Ask away,” Jenny replied. “I’ve put a set of conditioning routines in your collar. You really are passionate, devoted and obedient when you want to be, so they’re more gentle reinforcements than anything heavy handed. They also do a couple of other things.”


“First, they’ll nudge you to bring anything you’ve got doubts or questions about to the surface so we can discuss it. Second, they’ll shape your response to seeing me or thinking of me so that it reinforces our vow.”

“So I really don’t have any choice any more?”

“Pretty much. I really did not like your getting the brain scanner without telling me. It put me in a bit of a pickle. Fortunately, it worked out, but I had to do some quick explaining. I’d have agreed if you’d have asked; it really is the next step if you want to experience what it’s like to be a ponygirl or engine.”

“Oh!” Beth said contritely.

“It worked out, so we’ll just call it experience and move on. Now that you’ve got the scanner, we need to do the rest of the preparations. You need to set up to get the rest of the non-visible mods installed.”

“What are those?” Beth asked, a dreamy smile on her face.

“The gene mods, the breast hooks, the catheters and the tail attachment. You’ll also get fitted for the jaw and throat prosthetics. And...”


“I want you measured for an engine mount.”

“You know, I forgot about that,” Beth said thoughtfully. “I do want to find out what engines feel like, but I doubt if I’ll want to go there more than a few times.”

“We’ll see, lover. I don’t think you know what you’re letting yourself in for.”

“Ummm...” Beth settled back against her lover’s legs and brushed her collar, smiling dreamily.

“There’s one more thing to do before we can get well started.”

“What?” Beth answered.

“We move to a new apartment.”

“I’ve just got this one in shape.”

“Whine, whine,” Jenny giggled. “It won’t be for a little while; we need to get the rest lined up first and they need an opening for us. You’ll love it when you see it.”

“Oh? Right now?”

“Yep. The gal we need to see is in.”

Beth raised her hands to press the hidden release that would remove her collar.

“You can wear it. They’ll expect it,” Jenny said.


Jenny took out her reader and fingered the back for a moment. “Let’s go.”

The ponygirl taxi was just pulling up as they left the building. Jenny handed Beth in and then slid into the other side. She pressed the go button, and the ponygirl moved smoothly out, her tail moving from side to side as her powerful legs pulled the taxi along.

“She’s beautiful,” Beth breathed, watching the ponygirl’s mane flutter in the breeze.

“So she is,” Jenny agreed. Her lover had come a long way since that first day at the rental agency.


“This is it?” Beth asked as the taxi stopped in front of a five story brownstone apartment building that was arranged in an open U shape around a central lawn.

“Yep,” Jenny said. “And this must be the apartment agent?”

“I certainly hope so,” the woman who walked up to meet them said. “I’m Mabel, and you’re Jenny and Beth?”

“I’m Jenny,” Jenny answered.

“And your girlfriend must be Beth. You’ve got her in a passion collar. How sweet,” she gushed briefly.

Beth blushed and hugged Jenny.

“I know we talked, but I need to be sure. You do know we’ve got some special requirements.”

“I remember, but I wanted to surprise Beth.”

“I love the expression the first time someone sees it,” Mabel said. “Let’s show you 226.”


“It’s about like our old one,” Beth said a bit doubtfully.

“Well, we don’t have the money to move up,” Jenny replied. “So let’s look at the real amenity.”

“That’s downstairs,” Mabel said, locking the door as they left.

“This is, of course, not to be talked about.” She opened a solidly built door in the basement.

“It’s a dungeon?” Beth gasped.

“Exactly. The part you’re interested in is back here,” Mabel said, leading the way past a large X frame and several sets of shackles hanging from the ceiling into an open space. Beth stared at a large box with a hooded head sticking out the top. It had a tube running from the top of the box into the head’s mouth.

“We’ve got five cages behind this half wall,” Mabel said, leading the way behind a partition that seemed to extend one of the walls.

“Oh!” Beth wrinkled her nose when she saw the row of five cages, and then said “Oh!” again when she saw that one of them contained a naked girl sitting relaxed, hands palm up on her thighs.

“Wherever did you get them?” Jenny asked as she looked at the controls. “They look exactly like what Reliable and Hey Girl! use.”

“The same supplier,” she answered smugly.

“Off the record, of course.”

“Of course.”

Jenny stepped up and pushed a few buttons, looking at the readouts.

“She’s being trained?” She pushed a couple more buttons. “She doesn’t have a brain scanner installed. Or is it broken?”

“She doesn’t have a scanner. She’s a wild girl; we use her for general utility and cleanup. You know how to use these things?”

“I worked for Reliable for a few months before my college number came up,” Jenny answered idly.

“So you know all about them.”

“Well, I did qualify at level two on the cages,” she admitted. “You’ve got her trained not to talk?”

“She can’t.”


“We installed the throat unit.”

Jenny gave Mabel a strange look, and decided not to ask where the girl could hear her.

“You’re going to put me in one?” Beth asked with a bit of trepidation.

“Well... Yes. It’ll speed up the conditioning routines if you can spend a few hours at a time just sitting and letting it shape the way your mind wanders.”

Beth looked at the waiting cage. “You’re going to be good, right?” she asked, patting it on the shelf. Jenny giggled.

“Here’s the engine trainer,” Mabel said, moving around the corner.

“Ah!” Jenny’s eyes lit up. “You’ve got a six engine setup.”

“It’s overkill. We have to schedule an event if we want all six mounts filled at once, but it lets us train without having to coordinate schedules.”

“That’s important,” Jenny agreed. “Back on your wild girl. How did you get her and manage to keep her?”

“She’d moved in and had a nice little nest where she thought we didn’t know about it. We knew she was there for a while. The committee checked what we could do with her, and found out that since we were fetishists keeping her in a cage and keeping her from talking would be legitimate, at least if she agreed and was able to leave if she wanted. It would be totally out of bounds for anyone else, of course.”

“Of course.”

“So we had the throat prosthesis made up and then confronted her. Told her to get out or let us keep her and put her to use. She gave us a sob story about being wanted by the police for something and promised to work for us if we’d hide her. We installed the throat unit right there and put her in the cage. It took a week or so to train her the way we wanted, but she hasn’t given us any trouble since.”

“How do you keep her from going stir crazy?”

“She’s got a reader. You can’t see it because she’s required to keep it hidden while anyone’s around. She’s got a storage account on our server. It’s open for any of us to look at, of course. She’s forbidden to put anything there that would identify her or that could be construed as begging for special privileges, and there’s an AI that checks, deletes it and notifies us. Then we revoke her reader privileges for a while.”

“It sounds like you’ve got her under control.”

“Oh, we do. It took a couple of months, but she’s accepted it now.”


“And now,” Mabel said as she led around a corner and then bowed, hand out, “the trainer!” They walked around the corner.

“What is that thing?” Beth gasped as she saw the pole seeming standing on the ceiling.

“That’s the automated trainer,” Jenny answered. “You’ve only got one?”

“Don’t need more, and that sucker is expensive.”

“I’ll bet,” Jenny answered. “We had 16, but they were all in use when we had most of the cages filled.”

“That must have kept you hopping”

“Oh, it did,” Jenny said reminiscently.

“Fortunately, we can use it for more than the ponygirls.”


“So how do you use her?” Jenny asked when they came back around. “Someone lets her out when they want her to do something?”

Mabel chuckled. “We’ve got a call system rigged. It buzzes her collar when she’s wanted. She pushes the button to get out and then checks to see where and what she’s supposed to do.

“She’s allowed to get out to hit the head and to feed herself, but she has to go right back. We monitor her, and if she’s out too long or can’t account for her time, she loses reader privileges. She absolutely hates that.”

“I can believe it,” Beth said with feeling. “So you keep her naked?”

“Well, of course. Why should we spend money on clothing? She’s very low maintenance.”

Jenny laughed. “Beth would probably throw the collar at me if I suggested I thought she needed help with the apartment.”

“You are so right, lover.” Beth snuggled up to take the sting out of it.

“But it’s nice to know that she’s available.”

“True,” Beth looked at the girl calculatingly.


“You like it?”

“Let’s take it,” Beth answered.


“You know,” Jenny said on the way back, “your attitude has changed.”

“You’re my husband, even if it doesn’t quite say that on my collar. It’s a wife’s duty to support her husband in all things. You think that taking advantage of them is fine, so I think that.”

She giggled. “The more I say that, the stranger it sounds, but it’s still true. That’s the way I was raised: when someone made me his wife, I was not to argue the imponderables with him. If he said something was true, it was true, and that was supposed to be the end of it.”

She stopped for a moment. “You make it easy. Your only criterion seems to be whether it’s acceptable enough to not get into trouble, and you seem to take a fairly wide view.”

“Of course, dear. Making waves wastes energy.”


Chapter 27. Audry: A step forward?


“You’re looking a bit more, um, self-assured,” Shelly said as Audry slid into the booth.

“I’m feeling like I’m a bit more in control,” she answered as the server slid a snack plate onto the table.

“So how’s it going?”

“In pieces,” she laughed. “Jenny has me a couple of hours a day for training devices I didn’t know existed! They must have been keeping them in a back room somewhere.”

“Tell me!” Shelly leaned forward.

“One’s a ponygirl trainer. It’s this thing that stands on the ceiling and does rein training. It’s beginning to settle in so I’m reacting without thinking.”

“Stands on the ceiling?” Shelly giggled as her fingers stroked the back of the reader. “This?”

“That’s it.”

“Weird. What’s the other piece?”

“Something she calls the tentacle monster. It’s the resistance trainer from hell. Or your worst nightmares!” She giggled. “I’ve got to think it’s funny, or I’d be terrified.”

Shelly stroked her reader a moment. “They’ve got to be kidding! Is this it?”

“That’s it.”

Shelly looked at the image in her reader and shook her head. “Someone very perverted had to have designed it. How’s it working?”

“I’m getting stronger and I’ve got more stamina, but there’s something else going on that I’m puzzled about.”

“Well, tell me.”

“Jenny started me on it, and she coached me through the first few sessions. Then she just put me into it and took me out, and left me to its tender mercies except when she thought I needed some coaching. Then this guy shows up with her one day. He’s gorgeous, a jock type hunk, crew cut, muscles on his muscles.”

“Quit before I start drooling!”

Audry giggled. “OK. So they work together for a while, and then he takes over. Jenny hasn’t supervised my training for several weeks. She’s still around; I see her in the maintenance area a lot, but this guy has taken over the tentacle monster, and she’s got several of the ponygirls that are strapping me into the rein trainer and taking me out.”

“So you’re wondering what’s up with these things?”

“Just the tentacle monster. The rein trainer is obvious.”

Shelly’s fingers stroked her reader for a while. “Now that makes sense,” she finally said, sliding the reader into her purse.

“So tell me!”

“What he’s doing is muscle group isolation. Figure a jock would know all about that.”

“Muscle what?”

“Muscle group isolation. You’re being trained to be able to use the correct muscles for each exercise, and let the others relax. Jenny had a level 2 certification on both putting you in and taking you out and on coaching when she left Reliable. What she didn’t have was the certification on what to coach. She was letting someone else set it up for her. Obviously he’s a lot better.”

“Well, I can see that they’d want me to do it right, but I don’t understand why they’re covering the whole body.”

“I suspect the taxi service is doing it by the book, and the book covers everything a ponygirl can be called on to do. That’s a lot more than pulling taxis.”

“Makes sense.”

“There’s more,” Shelly said. “I don’t know whether they’ll teach you the rest.”


“Yeah. They don’t ship a tentacle monster with each ponygirl to keep her in shape.”

Audry giggled at the image.

“They teach her a group of exercises she can do by herself with a small number of props. Mostly a couple of pulleys, ropes and weights.

“No health club subscription?” Audry giggled again at the image.

“Nope,” Shelly said. “So how’s your planning for getting out of there?”

“In one sense it’s better. At least I’m beginning to plan and carry it through again. On the other side it’s not coming at all. I have no idea of where to slide back into being legitimate.”

“I can do that for you.”

“That’s how. To slide back in as a collared worker I need an owner who’s got something for me to do that I can do and like. I’ve never had the slave training.”

“Point. I’ll have to let that jell.”

“So what do I owe you?”

“Nothing. That tentacle monster is worth a week of giggles.”

“See ya,” Audry said.

“Be well,” Shelly replied as Audry slid out of the booth.


Section End.


Beth has put her foot into it by going behind Jenny’s back to get the brain monitor installed. Jenny reforms their relationship; Beth is now her mind-controlled slave, subtly of course. Audry has decided to reenter the system as a collared worker. This can’t be the conclusion? Of course not! You’re going to have to wait for the next exciting episode of Ponygirl Minder to find out.




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