Welcome to my ponygirl website.

All things have a season.

I started SirJeff's Ponygirls in September 1999, 15 years ago. At the time there was very little ponygirl material on an internet that was low bandwidth and expensive for web space. Most, not all, of what was available was a rip off on pay sites. I started the website for a few weeks, to learn how to do HTML webpages, and to publish what little I had collected. I resolved to make it all free, and never to pay for nor profit from it financially. Anyone challenging on copyrights, I immediately removed the challenged material. It was rarely needed.

In its golden years the website became a magnet for excellent contributions by video makers, artists, writers, and photographers - many original contributions came this way. Some folks became friends, beyond contributors. To my surprise the website became the top find in google search under "ponygirls" for many years, and the fans even voted it a top site in its genre.

But now I am in the autumn of my years. Many contibutors have aged out, some passed away. The internet is far faster and more sophisticated, with plenty of ponygirl material available freely on platforms like youtube, tumblr and so on. The ponygirl fetish is now more mainstream, with even Madonna and Victoria Beckham among those playing at it publicly.

So I end now like I began, with a small update. Not with a bang but a whimper. But I will keep the website open as long as the providers allow, just without future updates

Happy trails to you.


Final update on September 30, 2014:

   This update's headline art, is representative of PeterPD's wonderful art, from Nine Days, a story in which we collaborated.
   This update's back cover artwork are, Dusk Stampede, by SirJeff and Jump, by Roissy.
   The Ponygirl Wish, by Contributor I. Binder.
   Two picture stories by integral, The Long Walk Back, and Strutting Her Stuff.

Final update.


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