Strutting Her Stuff

by Integral
- do not use without the author's permission.

"Round and round the fountain, like a ponygirl; high step, high step, pony head in the air!

Come on, keep at it! Strut your stuff for the Lady!'

The pony girl complied with her leather clad handler's commands and the woman at the reins glanced sideways at her one woman audience.

"What do you think, Ma'am?'

"A definite improvement over her last performance..." said the Lady, appraisingly; "However, she still lacks the stamina to maintain her posture over any length of time... especially after she's been pulling the cart. A bit more discipline is required, I think. Yes, you must motivate her to do more."

The Lady turned away and went back to the house leaving the pony and her handler to continue circling the fountain.

After a dozen more turns, the woman in leather brought her charge to a halt and stepped up beside her.

"So, you lack discipline and need to be motivated?' she said. "Well you have made an improvement since your last performance, but I'm still going to have to spank you for not being good enough for our Lady's pleasure... and I hate having to spank you because the effort makes me all hot and sweaty under this leather. That means I'll have to strip off afterwards... and you know what you've got to do when THAT happens?" she tugged on the reins; "Back to your stall, ponygirl. It's time for some discipline and some motivational therapy..."

The Instructor began to pull her charge in the direction of the stables... and even though she was leading by the reins, it was a race to see who got there first.