A Final Look

- by Dr. K

Book excerpt from Part 4 supplied for exclusive use on SirJeff's Ponygirls website by Dr. K.
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Some things never change.

It was spring and Joseph lay in the fragrant grass on his favorite clearing up at the top of the hill overlooking the small Montana town where he went to school. His favorite sulky mare, his ex-high schoolteacher…his Dressage trainee and lover… had pulled him up the now familiar winding dirt path. Eleanor knew her route all too well, though these days, unless a sulky wheel got caught in a rut or on a pine branch, he would leave the whip unused. But use it, he did, at the slightest infraction.

She hovered over the young man who lay naked below the waist. Still harnessed to the sleek rig, she was bent so sharply at the waist that her Master’s whip slid off the deeply angled sulky seat with a thunk. Her arms were folded in their ‘chicken wing’ bondage position and she had nothing to control her Masters bobbing erection with other than her lips.

Jennifer had been sold off for over two years now, and been joined by the extremely busty Marilyn and two others. It was no longer a mystery as to their whereabouts, and the morale of the remaining Workhouse Mares at Damon-Ranch was at an all time low. But business continued as usual, though at a slower pace in spite of the increased whippings one could hear all the way up at the Ranch House on a still day.

The sale of human flesh had made many millions for the young master of "Degradation-Ranch", whose interest in forcing the pace of electronics assembly was fading.

The horrific possibility of being sold like cattle hung in the air, and resulted in higher stepping Sulky Mares and harder working sex slaves, who despite their awful plight, did not want to be sold.

The more Joseph grew to respect and love Eli…and to love her as a ‘mate’ and not the mother that she was old enough to have been… the more he felt a need to strictly discipline her. This instinct materialized as more rigorous whippings behind the sulky when she faltered… or very serious, adult spankings while he took her from behind late at night. Her face slappings were probably the hardest form of discipline for her to accept, as he could not help but see her reddening tear drenched face while he did it.

(from Eleanor’s ‘secret’ diary)

"Dear Diary,

If I try very very hard, I suppose I can imagine how a man might get some degree of pleasure, no matter how wrong it surely is, from spanking or even maybe whipping another person…a woman.

I don’t excuse it, but I have to deal with my reality. It’s as if ‘we’, the women, don’t exist when they do these hurtful things. I suppose it makes them feel more important. But Diary, when my Master (and I don’t mind calling him that) can actually see my face and see how distressed I am when he slaps it so very hard, I really don’t get it.

I want to yell, ’it’s me…please recognize me behind all my tears…it’s me…do you really want to hurt me so?’



She was nude and fully harnessed to a sulky on an ice-cold spring day…bridled with the nose-rein shafts embedded deeply up her gorgeous nose, her knees bent and bowed obscenely, her head lower than her knees…

He whipped her hard on the return trip, as if he required her suffering to maintain his stiff cock…stiffness he wished to maintain. Once again Eleanor proved her heroic concentration and devotion as a beast of burden, and a half-hour later they pulled into the barn with a flourish…

Eleanor stood bent, still breathing heavily, broken once again. Joseph had accomplished his evil little ends, and instructed the groom to remove her nose reins and tack, bathe her, and return her to the Ranch House.


Dressage competition was the closing event, held on the final evening. It was ‘black tie’ for the Masters and guests, and had turned into a showcase, even more so than a competition. There were two main sections: the Compulsories and the Freeform, taken unabashedly from international figure skating competitions. Both events involved a Mare harnessed to her sulky, but the Compulsories included a separate "driver-less" section where a mare, still harnessed to her sulky, had to maneuver a series of obstacles in a variety of preset steps without the aid of her Master’s whip and encouragement.

The grand old riding rink had housed Nazi-confiscated champion dressage horses during World War II, and had been refurbished with luxury seating for only about one hundred on the north side. The Masters enjoyed sitting together near the front, with their personal bitches directly behind. The occasional randy spectator would at times ask his compatriots if they minded him having his bitch kneel between his legs for a blowjob during the events, but everyone wished to keep the proceedings as dignified as possible. When a ‘contestant’ was announced, her Master would descend from the stands to an appreciative round of applause from his comrades and descend to the staging area.

"Gentleman! Formally of the United States and now stabled out of France, let me introduce the well known and well accomplished "Eleanor ‘Boom Boom’ Pony Girl, out of Damon stables, in the driver-less Compulsories!"

Joseph, thirty-odd years her junior, stood beside Eleanor at the entrance to the brightly-lit arena. She looked incredibly beautiful…full costumed…luscious and theatrical. Her perfumed, mature essence filled her Master’s nostrils so powerfully; it masked the horsy smell that still lingered in the ancient equine hall.

Her feet shuffled nervously in her heels and her tack clanked as Joseph took the reins that flowed from her shimmering nose. He carefully laid them over her back and backside on either side of her rectal ponytail, tying them neatly and loosely to the little rail at the front of the sulky. He stood before his doubled over pony girl and tilted her face up the best he could. He kissed her as romantically as he ever had on her willing lips.

"I know, sweet darling, that you’ll make me proud."

And she did not disappoint. With the frisky high stepping of the most highly trained thoroughbred, Eleanor moved through her complex routine with a grace and sexuality that would be impossible to describe in words. The usually raucous crowd was eerily silent as she walked, strutted, cantered and galloped her way around each obstacle, the huge sulky wheels coming within just millimeters of each stanchion.

After negotiating each series of obstacles with style and no lost points, there was a dignified applause, which reached a slow crescendo as the flawless performance progressed. Between sets of obstacles, this innocent ex-school teacher, the unfortunate object of perverted sexual obsession of her high school student, twitched her anal tail implant from side to side, the tail that so beautifully matched her hair in color.

After this first phase of competition, Joseph met her at the entrance to the holding area with great enthusiasm. He was proud as a peacock, and Eli, still huffing and puffing, basked in his pleasure. He removed her harness and bridle, tugged her nose shafts from their obscene location within her head, and gave her a quick bath back in the old horse grooming room. There was only fifteen minutes respite before she would again be out on the floor of this ring of sadistic exhibitionism. She was quickly back in harness and ready for her next performance, this time with her Master on board.