THE MAN-MAN - Part 1

- by Mistress Pam

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In 1749, the Madera family controlled the Cuban slave trade. They owned a large fleet of slave ships that traveled from Africa back to Cuba with thousands of slaves used in the production of sugar, Cuba’s main export. They also had ships that traveled to China and the orient bringing back specialty slaves that were used in the slave-breeding business. Seconded only by sugar exports, Cuba’s largest industry in 1749 was the breeding and export of specialty slaves to the Southern United States.

Rosetta Madera was the undisputed leader of the Cuban slave breeding business from 1749-1787. While her husband controlled the shipping industry, she governed the infamous Madera plantation for almost forty years, producing over two thousand slaves for export to the U.S.

Miles of jungle swamp surrounded the Madera plantation so there was no need for high walls or fences. There was no escape. The plantation consisted of a grand main house and several barn-like structures. Mistress Madera lived in the main house with her family and household staff while the barn-like structures housed the slaves.

Over one hundred slave girls were kept in the breeding barns. Each slave was ankle chained to a cot where she would receive up to six penetrations a day until she became pregnant. The breeding process was carefully planned and closely watched. If the end product desired was a lady’s maid or house slave, the female selected for breeding would be matched with a light skinned Negro from central Africa. If the end product were a specialty slave, the breeding process would require a complex mixture of just the right genes. The most difficult breeding process involved the production of strong pony girls used in the Americas for basic transport as well as harness racing.

Mistress Madera was the best pony girl breeder in the world. Her secret was using large Mandingo warriors with Mandarin female slaves. Both the Mandingo and Mandarin were great long distance runners in their native lands and the combination of a large boned Mandingo with a short, petite oriental slave girl was a very powerful pony girl who could endure long distance running without fatigue. Two "Man-Man" ponies could plow an entire cotton field or pull a loaded carriage all day long without resting. They were also quite attractive and used by their Mistress as sex slaves. Thus, the Man-Man became a very valuable commodity.

The average Mandarin breeding slave was able to get pregnant six weeks after giving birth. It was not uncommon for them to have ten children in as many years. Pear-Lynne, one of Mistress Madera’s most productive breeders had nine multiple births and gave her mistress twenty-one slaves in fifteen years. Twin Man-Mans are the most valuable.

During the peak-breeding season, the female slave is hooded and placed on her belly, ass held in a slightly elevated position. The Stud slave enters her from the rear six times a day, shooting his seed deep inside her. When pregnancy is achieved, the female slave is sent to work in the gardens until it is birthing-time.

Once the baby is born, it goes to the slave nursery until it is old enough to begin training. By the time a pony has reached the age of eighteen, she has had a lifetime of training and is worth a fortune in the Americas.

The barns on the Madera plantation are filled with ponies in the same age range and development. The oldest barn, which houses some thirty ponies, is filled with eighteen year olds ready for export.

Each girl is kept in her own stall. She sleeps on the floor, secured by neck chain and anklets. She spends up to twelve hours day training and the rest of the day sleeping or socializing with the other ponies. Unlike many slave-breeders, Mistress Madera encourages her ponies to engage is masturbation and lesbian sex. Slaves may share stalls with other slaves as long as it doesn’t interfere with their training. The barns always smell from the sweet aroma of pussy juice.

The most beautiful six slaves from the eighteen-year old barn are usually breed at least once before being sold. They are lined up and bellied next to each other and are entered from behind by the Mulatto studs that service the breeding pens. Often these girls are sold while still pregnant, but occasionally they give birth before being shipped off to their new home. These slaves are in milking condition, which adds to their value.

A breed pony girl from the Madera plantation has been marked the same way a valuable painting would be signed by the artist. Each breast is branded with the initial "M". The brand is then given a special crimson overlay, which looks like a tattoo on top of the brand. The marking is unmistakable. The nipple is then pierced and a gold ring is inserted with a silver disk that has the same letter "M" on it. A similar ring is also inserted on the clitoris, but with two gold disks, one with the letter M and the other disk left blank for the pony’s new owner to engrave.

The average Man-Man is about 5’4" in height. She is perfectly proportioned with small round breasts and a small waist. Like their Mandingo fathers, they have strong muscular legs, thick ankles, and large feet that make them ideal ponies.

Man-Man ponies are conditioned from birth to be naturally obedient and submissive. They are breed to be pleasing. When an American Mistress purchases a Man-Man she has to adjust her thinking. She no longer needs the whip, cage and hot iron used to train the Native American slave girl. The Man-Man obeys almost any command instinctively. Some will run until they drop rather than disobey their Mistress.

The most sought after bloodline are the Pearl-Lynne off spring. A set of female twins brought prices equivalent to one hundred thousand dollars each in today’s market. A perfectly matched pair, Pearl-Lynne twins were not only thoroughbred ponies, but trained lady’s maids as well. After running a long race, they were capable of long hours of lovemaking. It was the height of society to run a team over a long hard course, wash them down and bring them inside to serve dinner before being given to a favorite guest for the night.

Mistress Madera was a hands-on breeder, spending her days in the barns, supervising the entire insemination process. She tested the texture of the sperm and often held the slave’s penis as he went deep inside. Up to six male slaves would be working in a single barn. They’d be lined up in a row in back of the females. Mistress Madera would have them enter the female in one-hour intervals, coming six times a day inside a female slave. A female breeder would have sex forty times per week until she became pregnant. After sex, the females would be placed in locked chastity belts and hand holders that prevented the slave girl from touching herself. She slept on her back with legs up, so the sperm would have an opportunity to soak in. This method worked well, producing record crops of slave girls. The Madera plantation has several trails and riding paths including some that go on for miles. Mistress Madera and her daughter, Sophia, spend every morning on a relaxing ride. They each have their favorite pony teams but try to use as many different ponies as possible so that they have a first hand feel for each slaves strengths and weaknesses.

The young Mistress favored two Man-Mans named Tia and Pia. The girls have different mothers but the same stud father. They are both eighteen, the same age as the young mistress. As young children Mistress Sophia played with them in the slave nursery. As they got older and into the teenage years Mistress Madera made it clear to her daughter that these were slaves and should be treated as such, but a bond developed between them and Mistress Sophia often sought them out to play. Finally Mistress Madera decided to stop arguing about the three of them and gave her daughter both girls as a birthday present.

Sophia often kept the girls in her room, but loved taking them for long rides around the plantation. They would ride for hours through the sugar fields, watching the field slaves work the harvest. Sophia would bring a picnic lunch that she would share with the ponies after detaching them from their pony cart. They would sing and laugh and masturbate each other before Sophia reattached them to the cart and ran them back in. Both girls have been bred once under Sophia careful eye. She used a light skinned Mulatto named Coco on both girls. She held his penis when he penetrated the girls making sure the girls didn’t get torn apart during the procedure. Afterwards, she brought the girls to her room where her lady’s maid bathed and cared for them until the sourness went away. Both girls had given birth to beautiful light skinned females who were now in the slave nursery. Sophia allowed them to see the babies several times per week, but she never allowed them to breast feed since Sophia and her mother used the milk for themselves.

Sophia had avoided branding the girls when they were younger, but by the age of eighteen all slaves on the Madera plantation had to be marked and inventoried, so she reluctantly brought them to the smithy a few weeks before their milk came in. She held each slave’s hand as the white-hot iron hit the soft skin just above each nipple. Later the same day she hand pierced their nipples and placed large gold rings in each one with the inscription "SM". They would always be Sophia Madera’s pony slaves.

After their nipples were pierced, Sophia slept the girls one on top of the other, attached by head harnesses, nipple rings, and anklets, and toe cuffs. She knew that to have a perfectly synchronized matched pair required this kind of closeness and coordination. After several weeks of this type of training, the girls could turn corners as one person. At the command "leg up" both girls lifted their leg to the exact same height as the other. You wouldn’t know that there were two legs in the air. They moved like one person.

Mistress Sophia had grown up with so many of the young slave girls that it was difficult to transition from friend to Mistress. The serving girls in the dining room, who had to stand perfectly still while their Mistress’s dined, had been playmates. It was difficult to whip them for spilling water on the dinner table. Her new body slave was a girl she had played hide and seek with. Now she prepared her mistress’s bath, shaved her, and did her toes. At night she would sleep on a pallet near her Mistress’s bed and had to lick and suck whenever the command came. The most difficult transition from playmate to Mistress was with her milk nurse’s daughter Clara. Clara had been her best friend but now was bred pleasure slave. Her Mulatto coloring, large milking breasts, thin waist and gorgeous face made Sophia wet. Late in the afternoon Sophia would send her body slave for Clara and would make her go down on her till she came. Afterward, Sophia would use her big toe to masturbate Clara into multiple orgasms.

Sophia was a world-class pony racer. The breed was somewhat different than the Man-Man, where the large strong Mandingo was paired with the short, petite Mandarin. Racers were tall and lean. Both male and female breeders were from the central African known as Zulu. Their offspring were over seven feet tall. Racers were unattractive, having tiny breasts and skeletal bodies, but they possessed lightning speed and won races. Sophia treated her Zulu ponies very well. In between races and a rigorous training schedule they were allowed to roam the plantation unfettered. Champion Zulu were often allowed studs and Man-Man female slaves to pleasure them, especially if they did well in the racing competition. One Zulu pony name Tumid did so well that Mistress Sophia gave her a personal body slave of her own.

Each summer a small sailing ship would embark from Cuba to the southern coast of the United States with a dozen Man-Mans in the hold. These slave girls were bought and paid for by southern plantation owners who waited years to get Mistress Madera’s Man-Mans.

Four of the girls were going to Mistress Hartford who bought the girls sight unseen. She couldn’t wait to begin breeding them herself with her own stock of Mandingos.

As the shipping season approached both Sophia and her mother worked ten-hour days making sure that all details had been tended to. Mistress Hartford was their old friend and best customer. They didn’t want to disappoint her.