Tricked Pony

by Miklos
- do not use without the author/artist's permission.

"Don't be like that Donna," Megan said as she pulled on the chain attached to the collar around Donna's neck, "After all you said yourelf that you wanted to feel what it's like to be a ponygirl, and now you will."

Donna again pulled against the chain leash held by the woman she had considered a friend and thought back to how things had gotten this far.

She and Megan had been lovers for months when Megan had introduced Donna to her interest in BD/SM. She showed her lots of images of women dominating other women and Donna found a secret arousal at the images.

Then an introduction to a website called "Sir Jeff's Ponygirls" really got her juices flowing. The website carried stories about women that were turned into "ponygirls", a type of role play where women are treated like horses.

The website had lots of images and stories and many of the stories carried a non-consensual twist that made Donna wet with need when she read them. She had even commented to Megan that she'd like to maybe try this stuff someday.

That was what Megan ahd been waiting for and she told Donna she had a surprise for her and showed her the harness, and other items she had secretly purchased for Donna.

Donna had squealed in excitement when she saw the gear and eagerly allowed Donna to strap her into the equipment.

- A body harness that attached to the high collar aroundher neck that forced her to keep her head up, while it wrapped down between her legs and held the dildos in her pussy and ass. There was even an attachment so a tail could be fastened to the butt plug.

- An armbinder that held her arms securely behind her. Megan seemed to tighten the binder a little too much but Donna didn't say anything because of her excitement.

- Boots that were shaped like a horse's hooves and went up above her knee. They had a very high heel on them that almost forced her foot to point would take her a long time to learn to walk in them.

- Finally there was the bridle, complete with rubber bit for her mouth, blinders for her eyes, and a red plume atop her head.

Donna loved the feel of the bondage and walked around for several minutes before she grew a little sore and indicated as well as she could that she wanted Megan to let her go.

Megan's answer was to slap a piece of chain around her neck and lock it to the wall. She turned to Donna with an evil look and said, "It amazes me how stupid you girls are. It's so easy getting you in bondage. I hope you enjoy your gear because you're never going to get out of it. Welcome to you new life."

Donna's eyes widened in horror and she fought the bindings but none of them came loose.

Over the next few weeks Megan mercilessly trained Donna in everything she'd need to know as a ponygirl. She was careful not to break the girl's spirit...after all that would be the pleasure of the girl's eventual owner, but she did make sure she knew how to move and walk like a pony.

The big day was finally here and Megan celibrated it by shaving Donna's head bald and saving the long hair so it could be made into a tail for her.

Donna had cried and cried as she realized that this really was her new life if she didn't do something.

So there they were in the basement for the last time and Donna was fighting with all her might against the chain around her neck. Megan had told her that her buyer was here and that it was time to begin her new life for real.

Donna tried to resist, because she knew if she went up those steps she'd never be free again.

Megan just laughed at her old lover's pathetic efforts to resist. She'd done this dozens of times now and knew that, just like all the rest Donna would eventually grow tired and her resitance against the chain would drop to resigned accetance and she would move up the stairs and into her new life.

It was only a matter of time.