by Xaltatun of Acheron

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There are currently 12 stories, either written or planned, in this series, which is part of a new universe I've created. If you want to put stories in this universe, please read as many of them as you can first and then contact me. I have a background document which fills in quite a few details and will keep you from going off in a strange direction.

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Now on to the story...


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Enslaved.

Chapter 2. Preparations.

Chapter 3. The Stall.

Chapter 4. Training.

Chapter 5. The Second Day.

Chapter 6. Ponygirl Sign Language.

Chapter 7. Crystal takes Moonlight for a spin.

Chapter 8. Decisions, Decisions.

Chapter 9. The Plot Surfaces.

Chapter 10. The Plot Unravels.

Chapter 11. Serenity takes a ride.

Chapter 12. The Plotter Arrives.

Chapter 13. The Plotter discovers she’s a Bitch.

Chapter 14. Sold! Or Something.

Chapter 15. Terry and Bethany ride their ponies.


What has gone before.


Anna has been enslaved and checked into Excelsior’s stables as a ponygirl. She’s here for two weeks, or so she thinks.

Her husband’s job suddenly grows a couple of emergencies, and he isn’t able to come for her. Meanwhile she gets familiar with one rider, Crystal, and then another who she calls Serenity. Her husband, Terry, gives her an ultimatum to come home or else, and she decides to be undecided, which is the wrong thing to do. Or maybe the right thing. She’s now a full time ponygirl, and one of the work problems is about to arrive.


Chapter 12. The Plotter Arrives.


The station wagon rolled into the lot at the Excelsior Stables. A maid in a classically skimpy sexy uniform slid out of the driver’s seat to open the door for her owner. Two attendants hurried up with a platform, followed by Jed at a more decorous pace.

The attendants opened the back of the wagon and slid the cage with the naked, gagged and bound woman onto the platform and wheeled it away, not caring in the least about the hate-filled glare she gave them.

“You did say it didn’t matter if they were willing,” Terry said to Jed as the platform with the cage rolled away.

“We have our ways,” he answered. “You want her trained as a dog?”

“She always was a bit of a bitch, now she’s going to learn how to be a real bitch. Besides, Bethany has taken a shine to riding Moonlight, and she thinks having a dog pacing her while she’s riding would be just too cute. She’s also thinking of showing them together.”

“A dog and ponygirl show? If I wasn’t professionally interested I wouldn’t want to be in the same county!”

The two men laughed companionably as the attendants wheeled Crystal around the corner.

“So your new wife is working out well?”

“Oh, is she ever. She isn’t quite as oversexed as Anna, but that’s not saying much. She likes it regularly, and since I’m on the road a lot DeDe fills in while I’m away.” He gestured at the maid hovering in the background.

“How’s she doing?”

“Quite well. Your training did everything you said it would: she responds perfectly to the computer and the modules we installed, and Bethany loves the way she serves and does housework. Of course, that was the training Crystal gave her at Elite Maid Training.”

Jed frowned slightly. “I was wondering what you wanted with her, though?”

“It’s not for the sex: she makes a nice piece of eye candy, but she-males don’t interest me that way. She used to be her husband,” he waved in the direction of the now vanished Crystal. “She trapped him into a slave contract and had a boutique sex change outfit modify him. I bought her contract while Crystal was in jail awaiting trial. She keeps Bethany purring while I’m not around, and one of her jobs is going to be taking care of the dog.”

“Now that is truly evil,” Jed laughed. “Talk about revenge.”

“Well,” Terry shrugged modestly, “a nice, juicy example every once in a while keeps the climbers looking for alternate routes to the top.”


Chapter 13. The Plotter discovers she’s a Bitch.


The young woman who strode into the room was a 5’8” brunette who wore her shoulder length hair tied back with a ribbon. She wore what looked like a red ribbon around her neck that had a decoration of some kind on the front, and a one shoulder, black and white diagonally streaked sleeveless tunic that hugged her curves and came down to mid-thigh. Otherwise she wore sturdy work boots with a two inch heel and not much else. The Excelsior Stables did not lavish raiment on its slaves.

She looked across the room at the cage containing her latest challenge. She wrinkled her nose; the odor of urine and poop was rather strong. On the other hand, the woman huddled in the cage looked like she was ready to beg. Not broken, just at her limit for the moment, and willing to negotiate.

Delia wheeled the cage away from the wall and hosed it down, washing the mess into the drain in the center of the concrete floor. Then she sprayed, taking the rest of the smell out of the room. Finally, she walked to the front of the cage where the woman could see her clearly, and stood, hands on hips, and stared her in the eye.

“You are going to cooperate, aren’t you, bitch?”

“Who are you calling a bitch? Bitch!” she said right back, showing that she had some fire left.

“You are. You are a bitch. A bitch is a female dog, and your owner wants you to be trained to be a dog. When I’m done with you, you’ll bark, sit up, beg, roll over, walk on all four paws, fetch and scratch at the door when you need to be taken out to shit.”

“That’s crazy!”

“You’re a condemned criminal, and the person who bought you gets to decide what you’ll be. He wants a dog. You’re it.” Her smile spoke of things she knew that her victim would discover – too late.

“Let’s start out with your first lesson. You’re thirsty, right?” She didn’t wait for the response, she simply wheeled a small table in front of the cage and put a shallow bowl of water on it. Then she unfastened a piece of the cage front so the woman could stick her head out over the bowl.

“Well?” she said as she stood back. “That’s your water. Lap it up, doggie.

The woman cast her a look of pure loathing, but stuck her head out to where her shoulders pressed against the bars of the cage. She found she could get her head down to the surface of the water. In a few moments, she started to slurp it up, and then began to use her tongue.

Once she got well started, Delia put a package into the microwave and turned it on. By the time the woman had finished lapping up the water, the microwave was done, and Delia put another bowl in front of her new dogie.

The woman sniffed at it and made a face, but obediently plunged her head into the bowl and began eating. “Good doggie,” Delia said with saccharine insincerity as she scratched her behind the ears.

The doggie continued snarfing up the wretched mess in the bowl with every evidence of liking it.

“Now,” Delia said when she’d finished, “you get to ask a few questions. It’s going to be your last opportunity, so make the most of it. When I get tired of answering them, I’ll turn your muffler and earplugs on, and you won’t ever hear a comprehensible word again. Or be able to say a comprehensible word, either.”

The woman pulled her head back in. “You’re serious about turning me into a dog?”

“Serious as death. You’ll learn to like it, too. My orders are that the bitch should be frisky as well as obedient and affectionate.”

“I could ask why, but you already said that my owner wants me that way. Who are you?”

“My name doesn’t matter, especially since you won’t be able to hear it in an hour or so. I’m one of the trainers the Excelsior stable owns; I specialize in breaking recalcitrant slaves.” Her smile was hardly reassuring.

“You’re a slave?”

“Yes. Like my livery?” Delia twirled, showing it off. It was a sleeveless tunic that fastened over one shoulder and hugged her curves to where it ended around mid-thigh. It had a bold black and white streaked pattern that was not precisely stripes, but did swirl diagonally from the single shoulder strap across her breasts to where it finished at the hem.

“Most of the workers here are slaves; it’s actually a fairly soft berth if you’re good at your job and obey orders promptly. I’m like you; I liked to push people around until I pushed one too many and stepped over the line. Well, more like pole vaulted over it.” She smiled reminiscently, obviously showing no remorse whatsoever. “Excelsior made an offer after I was convicted, and I accepted; they’re a lot better than twenty years in prison. Besides, I get a steady stream of victims, um, subjects, and I love what I’m doing.”

The girl in the cage shuddered.

“So what are you going to do to me?”

“Train you. We’ll do a little surgery and some DNA modifications to shorten your hind legs, firm up your breasts, change your shoulders and hips around and tilt your head so you can function effectively on all four paws. You should be ready for delivery in a couple of months.” She paused. “I think you’ll make a perfectly lovely bitch.”

The girl in the cage shrank back as Delia smiled at her.

“More questions?”

“Uh,” the girl stuck her head out again. “You said surgery and DNA changes?”

“Yes. The surgery will put countermotion generators in your breasts so they don’t wobble all over the place when you move. They’ll still move some, but it’ll be pleasant rather than what most women feel without a decent bra.

“The DNA changes will reshape your skeleton. When they’re done you’ll come up to about here,” she patted the air just about level with the hem of her skirt, “and be very comfortable on all four paws. We’ll reset your head on your shoulders so you’ll face forward but still be able to bend to eat out of your doggy bowl. You’ll still have hands, but most of the time you’ll wear cute little paws that will be so much better for walking. Whether you’ll be allowed to use your hands is up to your owner; some owners forbid it, some like you to do most of your own grooming and take care of your kennel yourself.”

“That short?” she asked curiously.

“Oh, your torso won’t change, if anything it might get a bit longer. We try to get doggies about that size. Kitty-girls should come in here,” she gestured to about her knee, “and ponygirls usually come in around here,” she gestured to her waist.

“No more questions?” Delia shrugged and her lips moved slightly. “Well,” she said in a soothing tone, “it’s going to be fun training you.” The bitch frowned at the, to her, meaningless stream of phonemes and then shrugged. Her trainer sounded like she liked her.


Chapter 14. Sold! Or Something.


Silver Mane almost balked at the sight. She’d been called out of the stable that had been her home for the last year to find herself facing the back end of a horse trailer. Well, she thought, it wasn’t like she had a whole lot of choice in the matter. Apparently she’d been sold, or something. She hoped Serenity would miss her.

The attendant had her halter on an unusually long lead. She found out why when he entered the trailer, ran the lead through a ring in the front of the left-hand stall, and then used it to pull her up the ramp. She wasn’t sure, but she though he tied it to a bracket in the back, well out of where she could reach even if she took her hoof boots off.

It wasn’t like it was the first time she’d been in a horse trailer. Back when she was still Anna, and Moonlight on Wheat had been a fun hobby instead of her whole life, Terry had experimented taking her to shows in a trailer. They’d quit doing it for long trips because the trailers they’d rented didn’t have either food or waste facilities.

One thing she found out fairly quickly was that this trailer had both. She’d noticed that the right hand stall had seemed to be closed off with something, now she found out what it was when they slid part of it across and then toward her. It seemed to be a urinal which she could back into. And the low table in front of her had two spigots, one marked with a pair of wavy blue lines and the other with a bowl. Food and water.

It looked like a long ride to wherever she was going.


It was. The fortunate part of the trip was that the trailer had one way windows. They were made of the new nano-tech material that made them truly one way, and that also regulated the internal temperature by varying the amount of sunlight allowed in.

The unfortunate part of the trip was that they didn’t stop to exercise the two ponies. It took three days to get to wherever they were going. Scenery, Silver Mane decided, was scenery. It changed as they went through cities, towns and the countryside, but somehow it was mostly the same. It wasn’t that she was totally lost; she knew where she had started and she could see city names and interstate numbers as they went by, so she knew she was headed across the country.

Eventually they turned off of the interstate system onto a local expressway and then onto a busy four lane highway. Another pair of turns found them in a waiting line at a gate. Then it was stop and start onto a blacktop and past a huge parking lot to where they finally parked in a dirt covered yard before what looked like a ponygirl stable. At least, the ponygirl on the exercise carousel certainly suggested it!


It was definitely their stop. She saw several slaves swarm out of the building, and heard the back door clatter its way up. Then there was a short wait as they unloaded the tack and moved the urinal blocking her path. She carefully backed out and looked around, or as much around as her halter would allow. Then she whinnied joyfully: Terry and Serenity were standing there! It make her glad she’d taken the chance to run a comb through her mane before putting her front hooves back on.

Serenity came up and ran her hand through the ponygirl’s mane while Silver Mane nuzzled her. Then she held out her hand with a sugar cube. Silver Mane looked at it and laughed rather than whinnying; after that ride she thought she deserved a steak dinner! But she took it off with a quick flick of her tongue and nuzzled her mistress again.

“There he is,” Terry said as the other pony came cautiously backing down the ramp. Silver Mane couldn’t, of course, understand what he’d said, but the tone of satisfied curiosity made her turn her head. It was Screws Well, otherwise known as Rings her Bells, one of the stallions from the stable! She whinnied a greeting to him, and he whinnied back on seeing her.

“I think she just said what’s important, love,” Terry told Bethany with a laugh in his voice.

“Oh, absolutely,” Bethany answered, tilting her head up to nuzzle his ear. “Think we should let them get to it and take our rides later?”

“You’d like that, wouldn’t you, minx?” he answered, caressing a breast he happened to find under his hand.

She pulled him down for a long, passionate kiss. “See you in an hour or so,” she waved at the stable hands. “Have them saddled for riding.”


“Should we let them rut?” the taller of the two stable hands asked the other as they led their two ponies toward their stalls.

“Why should we stop them?” she answered readily. “Besides, I want to see how that stallion performs. I might want to sample him myself!”

“You what?”

“You guys. You’ve been having all the fun trying to keep ten mares and little old me satisfied. Too often is probably bad for discipline, but you need some competition!” She reached under his tunic skirt and stroked what she thought of as the most important part of his anatomy.

“Slut,” he said huskily.

“Of course. What else is there?” she riposted as she guided Moonlight into her new stall, stripped the halter off and snapped the hook on Moonlight’s collar. The two of them turned and walked toward the back.


Silver Mane slid out of her front hooves with the facility of long practice, and held up her hands.

“Explore and then show me what your name is all about!” she signed at him.

“Now!” he signed back, and then unsnapped the hook from his collar. A moment later both of the ponies were in the corridor on all four hooves, Silver Mane having stopped to put bells on her breast rings. They poked their heads into the latrine and the feeding rooms before finding the door to their meadow. Then they spend a few minutes checking where the fence was before nuzzling each other.

Silver Mane planted her front hooves as Screws Well removed his hooves to stroke her mane and run his fingers down her spine. She whinnied, ending in a gasp as he walked behind her, stroked the insides of her thighs and entered her. After a minute, they both came, the bells on her breast rings tinkling brightly as she jerked around in the orgasm.


“So that’s why he’s called Rings her Bells,” Stan told Sally.

“He’s a fast worker,” Sally answered huskily. “Now, you make me forget him,” she said as she drew him toward the stairs to their room on the second floor.


Chapter 15. Terry and Bethany ride their ponies.


“This,” Terry said to his beloved Bethany, “is what life should be.”

She laughed musically. “So it is, and you know what?”


“The cherry on top is that all of them think I’m gloating about riding your first wife!” She stroked Moonlight on Wheat’s mane possessively as the two of them rode their ponies through the woods.

“You aren’t?”

Bethany laughed again. “I had nothing to do with it, dear! We didn’t meet until after she decided she wanted to be a ponygirl more than she wanted to be your wife. I save my gloating for something I had a hand in.”

“Let them think that,” Terry chuckled.

“Oh, I will. At first I thought of asking you to sell her. Then you asked me to try riding her, and I absolutely fell in love. My dream horse was always white, but I never thought it would be a ponygirl when I was growing up!

“I’m still puzzled about why you gave her up as a wife, though. I’ve never heard you say a bad word about her; I’d have thought you’d have tried to get her back.”

“Well,” Terry said reflectively, “she was trying to be both a wife and a ponygirl. We could have bought a ponygirl, but that wouldn’t have gotten it out of her blood. So I maneuvered her into a position where she had to make a decision.

“I was being rather aggressively if subtly courted by Crystal. I didn’t see it at the time, but that was part of what made me think I wanted Anna to make up her mind one way or the other. She’d been at Excelsior a week when the Underboard Engineering mess blew up, and I spent the next couple of months globetrotting and living out of my suitcase. I let Crystal take her out with the chariot to see how things worked out in that direction.

“I managed to get back to see her about a month after she started, and we discussed things. She said she wasn’t ready to come home, especially since I was still globetrotting, so I told her that she either came home when this settled down, or she was going to become a full time ponygirl, and I’d get another wife. That was when I was still thinking of Crystal as my next wife.

“Shortly after that, I found out that Crystal was embezzling and trying to frame me for it.

“So she’d been a full time ponygirl for several months by the time things settled down enough so I could stay home more than one day a week! I’d been letting Crystal use her as a carriage pony so that Crystal didn’t catch on that we were putting the case together. That trap snapped shut around her about the same time Moonlight decided she wanted to be trained as a riding ponygirl.

“So you might say that Crystal forced the issue.”

“Crystal,” his wife pronounced, “was an idiot. I like her as Millicent much better. She certainly seems to be having fun, doesn’t she?” She waved in the general direction of the puppy-girl that trotted beside them, tongue hanging out.

“Oh, she is. And DeDe is almost purring on having her ex-wife in a cage.”

Bethany laughed “For her, I guess revenge really is sweet. DeDe thinks her life would be complete if you’d just let her out of the chastity belt!”

“Not while I’m around.” Terry said flatly.

“If it’s me you’re worried about, you needn’t,” Bethany laughed again. “DeDe hasn’t figured out that it’s money, power and social position that turn me on; that big dick of hers is fine when I haven’t got you, but it doesn’t have the other three attached. Not,” she added, “that I’ve got any complaints about your dick size!”

“This stallion is bigger than either of us,” Terry said.

“And that’s just too big; he’d tear me to shreds,” Bethany said promptly. “I’m serious about that. If all I wanted was a series of orgasms that would turn me inside out, wring me out and hang me up to dry, I’d use one of my vibrators. I’ve got a couple that could probably put me in the hospital if they didn’t have safety interlocks.

“What they don’t have is a big, manly chest and nice, comforting arms when I want to feel small and protected. Neither does DeDe, at least any more. And neither of them has money, power and social position. I haven’t felt the urge to take the vibrators out of the box since we’ve been getting it on together.”

“I understand DeDe used to be a more reasonable size before Crystal had him turned into a she-male slave maid.”

“Crystal was an idiot,” Bethany said. “Dick size isn’t everything. It isn’t even everything when it comes time to get horizontal and do it. A woman who’s overly concerned with dick size has her priorities screwed up.”

“As you said, Crystal was an idiot,” Terry said, obscurely pleased in spite of himself. “She didn’t know what was important. Neither did Anna.”

“I don’t know about that,” Bethany said thoughtfully. “I think Anna knew exactly what was important to her, and it wasn’t money, power and social position. From what I’ve seen, she’s happy being a ponygirl. Millicent is still looking for an angle. DeDe seems to be happy taking orders and letting the computer run her around, although she’s still got a real masculine streak that has nothing to do with her tendency to put her round peg into any available hole at the slightest opportunity.”

She shrugged. “I’ve got what I want. Trading up is risky, and men like their wives to be faithful. Crystal didn’t know the meaning of enough; I do. I just want to keep the money and power coming in so I can enjoy milking the social position.”

She mused a moment. “I think you could let DeDe out so she could ravish Millicent to her heart’s content. Jealousy I can understand, but there’s probably a way of setting it up with the control collars so that she couldn’t get it on except with her.”

“Now that’s a thought,” Terry said. “I just might look into it.”


The ponies who thought of themselves as Silver Mane and Screws Well trotted on side by side, ignoring the incomprehensible sounds of the conversation between their riders.




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