The Stables of Mistress Claire 6

by Ivan Wilson
- do not use without the author's permission.

When Mark was settled in as Claire’s live-in Master, the stable business continued to operate successfully as before, with Mark totally dominating Claire sexually like she was dominating the mares & stallion in her stables. One day her Master said to Claire, “It is time to have you fitted with some other items & permanently mark you as my property.” After Claire had branded & pierced the two ponygirls & the ponyboy in her stables, she knew what was in store for her. She replied, “My body is available for you to do anything you wish.”

Mark took Claire to her workshop where he told her to strip & lay back on the workbench. Since she was willingly allowing her body to be pierced & branded, Mark did not need to restrain his slave. Mark climbed onto the workbench to kneel astride Claire’s belly. He put on rubber gloves & began to pull on her right nipple, rolling it between his finger & thumb until it stood completely erect. Mark wiped the erect nipple with antiseptic before pulling it out from her body. Using the same technique as Claire had done, Mark pushed a large diameter needle through the base of her nipple. After withdrawing the needle, Mark inserted a sterile gold ring through the new nipple piercing. Claire was hurting, but she was not going to stop Him piercing her, if that was His wish. Mark also fitted a ring to Claire’s left nipple before making the ring fittings permanent with gold solder. Some antiseptic cream was rubbed into each tit to prevent infection.

Next Mark lit the small butane flame to make a needle red hot. As he pulled Claire’s clit hood back, she began to shake knowing how much pain was to come, but she slowly relaxed until Mark was able to continue. He pushed the glowing needle through Claire’s clit. She gave a groan of agony, but did not move. Mark then inserted a sterile ring & made the ring placement permanent. Using an ordinary ear-piercing tool, he made three holes down each side of Claire’s cunt, then permanently fitted six gold rings into her cuntlips. Antiseptic solution was again used to clean the blood off Claire’s cuntlips & cream was applied to prevent infection.

Claire had now been pierced to His satisfaction, but she knew that there was more pain to come. Mark sat Claire upright before turning her over to lay her chest down on the workbench. Claire was quivering as she could hear the gas flame heating the branding iron that Mark was about to use on her, but she did not move off the bench. Mark cleaned Claire’s right rump with antiseptic solution, before rubbing Novocain cream into it. When her flesh was quite numb, Mark quickly pushed the red-hot branding iron onto Claire’s skin. Despite wanting to have His brand, Claire could not help screaming at the burning pain. As tears streamed down her face, Claire was happy to see His Circle-bar-M brand on her rump. It was an ugly black now, with angry reddened skin around it, but she knew it would look beautiful in the future.

* * *

Claire was very happy operating her stables & living with Mark. Their life was unusual, but had settled into a routine, until Mark said, “It’s time to spice things up a bit. I have a surprise for you.” He instructed Claire to strip & come outside wearing only her collar, high heels & a cape. Outside the house, he met Claire & escorted her to the hay barn. She was puzzled about what Mark had planned, but just waited until He told her what was to happen. In the barn, Claire saw that a hay bale had been put in the middle of the floor & covered with a blanket. She was sure that this was for her, but why ? Claire was soon to find out. Mark led her to bale, removed her cape & fitted a blindfold. He told her, “You look lovely.” As he kissed her & started caressing her tits, Claire pressed herself against his erect cock, hoping that He was planning to fuck her on the hay bale. Mark moved a hand down her belly to caress her cunt. He played with her clit ring & cunt rings, then slipped one, then several fingers into her until his hand was soaked with Claire’s juices. Claire was disappointed when His hand was removed. Perhaps He was going to fuck her now, but he had not even opened his trousers to get out his cock.

Without saying a word, Mark pulled Claire’s collar down until she was kneeling with her body laying along the hay bale. He said, “Wait there.” Claire shivered in anticipation, expecting Him to fuck her. Shortly, she heard claws scratching across the flagstone floor of the barn, then her senses exploded as a wet nose pressed against her cuntlips. In a moment, she felt a rough wet tongue licking up & down the length of her slit. It was Mark’s wolfhound. Claire had never taken part in any beastiality scene, but this felt so wonderful that any reservations were instantly ignored. The tongue licked deeper into her cunt. It continually moved her cunt rings & clit ring which further stimulated her.

The dog was pulled away from her while Mark did something to it. She could hear it’s claws on the flagstones as the dog was struggling to get back at her. As Mark moved to the front of her, Claire felt dog paws on the bale each side of her, but they were covered with something. There was also a wet nose at the back of her neck & Claire could feel something leather. Mark must have muzzled the dog & put socks on its front paws, so the dog would not be able to bite or scratch her. Claire felt the dog instinctively thrusting its cock at her rear. Suddenly it found her cunt. With a single thrust, its cock was fully encased within her. Claire opened her mouth with surprise, only to have it filled with Mark’s cock. Mark began an in & out motion, gently fucking her mouth. However, the wolfhound was in a fucking frenzy. Claire had never experienced anything like the incredible speed that the dog was fucking her. It was so fast that the already aroused Claire started to orgasm almost continuously. Her body was shuddering with spasms of pleasure. The dog’s movements, combined with Claire’s movements, were giving Mark the face-fuck of his life. He was unable to hold back for his usual long time & could not even withdraw enough to cum in Claire’s mouth. Claire felt her throat filled with His semen & swallowed it without even getting to revel in her Master’s taste. She also felt the heat fill her as the dog pumped her full of his semen. Then her cunt was stretched wonderfully as the dog knotted with her. Mark held the dog’s collar so it could not dismount & turn around. Claire was in an orgasmic haze of pleasure. She just lay there with Mark’s cock still in her mouth & waited until the dog’s knot released her cunt. After the knot had released her & Mark had tied-up the dog, he gently pulled her up to a kneeling position. The wolfhound’s thin semen was dripping out of her cunt. Claire was barely able to stand, so Mark carried her back to the house. She was ready for a warm bath & a night of more conventional sex, if that was what He wanted.

* * *

Claire never ceased to amazed by the variety of sex activities that Mark was able to bring to their relationship, but one day he stunned her completely. Mark said, “I have another surprise for you.” Claire was again instructed to strip & come outside wearing only her collar, high heels & a cape. When Mark met her outside the house & took her to the hay barn, she thought that she was to be fucked by his wolfhound again. She was wrong. Mark took her into his stallion’s stall, where the horse had been closely tied to the bars on the upper wall of its stall. The horse had a leather strap around its body just behind the front legs. Attached to this strap was a padded blanket with another strap laying on the ground. Mark prepared a large syringe & injected it into the stallion’s cock sheath. Claire was still puzzled about Mark’s intentions, but was beginning to get the idea. Mark fitted padded wrist & ankle bands to Claire. He attached metre-long leather straps to the steel rings through these bands. Claire was now certain that He was going to have her fucked by the stallion. Claire’s cunt flooded with the thought of what was about to happen, but she worried, “How could it be done without hurting her ?” She felt safe with Mark, so she just waited until He told her what was to happen.

The hormone injection had certainly had its desired effect. The stallion’s cock had begun its bloat. The head had come out of the sheath & the cock continued to grow until its hugeness filled Claire’s eyes. Mark took a bottle of lubricant & spread copious quantities on the giant cock. The stallion instinctively responded to the touch & started thrusting its hindquarters forward. Mark directed Claire to sit under the stallion, facing its cock & putting her hands in the air around its body. He buckled the wrist-strap ends together behind the animal’s shoulders. Mark then took the longer straps attached to Claire’s ankles & the loose end of the blanket, loosely placing them over the horse’s hindquarters. He mounted the horse, faced backwards & strongly pulled the straps upward. Claire was pulled up off the ground until she was lying under the horse’s belly. When mark buckled the ends of the blanket straps, Claire found she was supported by the blanket. Buckling the ankle straps allowed her to pull up & move herself against the horse’s belly.

Now that Mark had Claire in position, he dismounted & moved to begin Claire’s fucking. He said to her, “Now it is up to you. By pulling against your arm & ankle straps, you will be able to control how much the horse’s cock penetrates your cunt. You can also make your own movements to pull away from the stallion’s cock or move against his thrusting.” He took the stallion’s cock & placed it at the entrance to Claire’s cunt. She lifted herself slightly so the huge cockhead could begin to enter her. When the stallion felt the pressure on his cock, he moved his hindquarters forward. Claire gave a small groan as the cock slipped into her cunt. She had never had anything so large inside her, but she had also never felt so aroused. She was belly-riding a horse, being fucked by a stallion. She could hardly believe that it was happening. The stallion began thrusting further into her swollen cunt. Claire pulled on the straps to stop the monster cock reaching her cervix & hurting her, but she didn’t move so far that the cock came out of her. She was sweating from the exertion & groaning more & more, but they weren’t groans of pain, they were groans of extreme pleasure. Mark was extremely aroused seeing Claire fucked by the stallion. To gain his own pleasure, he moved up near Claire’s head. She turned her head sideways to take His cock in her mouth. The stallion didn’t last long before Claire could feel its cock swelling, stretching her cunt even further. Suddenly the stallion whinnied as it pumped a huge amount of semen into Claire. There was so much that it was running out of Claire’s cunt. Now it was Claire’s turn. Her eyes rolled out of her head as continuous orgasms caused her body to thrash up & down against her straps. Mark had no way of delaying his pleasure any longer. He pushed his cock deeper into the semi-conscious woman until he was full depth down her throat. It was his turn to give a roar of pleasure as he ejaculated straight into Claire’s throat. She automatically swallowed his semen, then licked his cock clean while he withdrew. Just as she was after the wolfhound fucking, Claire was barely able to stand when Mark released her from her straps. Mark carried her back to the house for a warm bath & a lot more fucking that night. Claire said, “Thank you Master. That was unlike anything else I have ever experienced.”

* * *

Mark had decided to have Claire mated, so he was taking Claire’s temperature every morning waiting for the 1 degree drop in temperature that would tell him that she was ovulating. When Mark found that Claire was fertile, he went & made a phone call. He instructed Claire to have a shower, then be ready in an hour. She was to wear her gold collar, high heels & nothing else. An hour later, Claire’s alarm told her that a car had driven onto the property. Mark had turned off all the outside cameras so Claire could not see the newcomer. He told her that the cameras inside the stable were still active & recording for her later viewing. Mark went outside to meet him & give him his instructions. A leash was attached to one of the rings on Claire’s collar, then Mark blindfolded her. He told her that she was going to be mated with an old school friend. They used to call him “Donkey”. Not because he was stupid, but because of the size of his cock. He was very strong, fit, healthy & highly intelligent. Overall, an excellent stud. Claire had hoped that she was to be mated with her Master, but she knew that it was not her choice. He did not explain why He was not the one impregnating her & she knew better than to question one of His decisions. Mark took her leash & steadied her elbow as he led her from the house to the stables. Claire was wondering if her mating would be in private or others would be present. As she stepped into the doorway of the stables, the collective in-drawing of breath told that perhaps everyone was there.

Owen thought that he had never seen anything as erotic as the beautiful, blindfolded, naked woman was led into the stables to be impregnated by another man at the will of her Master. His own cock was instantly erect & he was sure that Neale & Adam were in the same state.

When Fiona saw Claire led into the stables, her cunt was flooded with juices, as she wished that she was the one to be publicly fucked & impregnated. Fiona was sure that every other cunt in the stable was as wet as hers.

Claire was led to the mating stall. Before she was strapped onto the frame, Mark puzzled Claire by attaching a length of thin hat-elastic to the ring through her clit. Claire thought being strapped to the frame was unnecessary, but it was certainly erotic. She had her legs spread & strapped to each side of the front of the frame. Her body was bent until her tits were hanging through the cut-outs in the padded board & her wrists were strapped to the legs at the front of the frame.

Claire heard footsteps & a murmur of talk as someone entered the stables. The others present watched as the tall, barrel-chested man, wearing a cape & a mask, walked up to the breeding stall. The man undid the knot at his throat, then with a theatrical flourish, threw off his cape. There was an instant gasp from everyone as they saw his huge, erect cock. It must have been 25cm long, with a thickness to match its length !! Claire was certainly going to have a wonderful time being serviced by this man.

Mark instructed Fiona to lubricate Claire’s cunt. She took the bottle of oil & started to lubricate Claire, but found it mostly unnecessary, as her cunt was already soaked with the anticipation of what was to happen to her.

The man walked up to Claire & rubbed the head of his cock up & down through her wet cunt lips. He then pushed just the head of his monster into her cunt. Claire opened her mouth to give a gasp. Whether this was a gasp of pleasure, surprise or shock, nobody knew. When her mouth opened, Mark pushed his cock between her lips, then down her throat. Claire instantly recognised that it was Mark’s cock in her mouth. Before the cock invaded her cunt any further, Claire had two more surprises. Firstly, she felt each of her hanging tits being licked & sucked gently as Fiona & Janet very willingly participated in the further stimulation of Claire. Secondly, Claire felt a slight pulling on her clit ring, before a rhythmic tugging began. Now she knew the purpose of the hat-elastic. It must have been Mark stretching the elastic to give her even more stimulation.

The man then placed his hands on Claire’s hips & began a serious invasion of her cunt. With each forward movement, he worked his cock a bit more into Claire’s cunt until he could feel her cervix. He then began a vigorous fucking of the helpless woman. Claire felt absolutely wonderful. She was in sensory overload, with her mouth, tits, clit & cunt all being stimulated. Claire thought it was strange that she could not feel his belly slapping against her bum cheeks, but she did not think about that for long. Her stimulation caused an explosion of almost continuous orgasms to rack her body, so her cervix softened & dilated to allow easy passage for any sperm to find her egg.

Mark judiciously removed his cock from Claire’s mouth, then nodded to the masked man. This was his signal to push the last 5cm of his cock into Claire. As the head of his cock passed through her cervix & entered her womb, Claire initially passed-out from the pain. However, it did not take long for her to recover, before beginning a frenzied riding of the invading cock. Even with her limited movement, the man did not have to stroke in & out while Claire was doing all she could to milk the semen from his balls. Mark replaced his cock in Claire’s mouth & continued to face-fuck her. Claire felt the man’s incredible cock stiffen & swell more. She knew that her impregnation was only seconds away. With a roar, the man began an uncontrollable pumping of semen into the helpless woman. A moment later, Mark also filled Claire’s mouth with semen. Although, she swallowed as fast as she could, so much semen had been pumped into her that it began leaking out of her mouth. Semen was also dripping out of Claire’s cunt & dripping off his balls.

Mark told Claire that she would be left here for 30 minutes, then he would be back to free her. He escorted the masked man to the house for refreshments. When he left the stable, there was an eruption of furious fucking activity. The only paying customers in the stable, Gary & Holly, had not waited. Holly was already on her knees, being thoroughly fucked by Gary. Neale took Fiona’s hand & quickly led her back to her cabin. Fiona was grateful that she no longer wore panties. She didn’t even make it to the bedroom before she & Neale were fucking like rabbits on the floor. Owen knew that he would be very busy satisfying Janet after what they had just witnessed. Adam went straight to Daisy’s stall. She had no hesitation in getting down on all fours & waving her arse in the air. Adam knelt down behind her & guided his cock to her cunt. She was so wet that he was able to enter her with a single thrust. Beth similarly got down on hands & knees to allow Eric to fuck her as fast as possible. Poor Storm was the only one to miss out on this occasion, but Adam planned to make up for that later.

Claire was still blindfolded, but she could clearly hear the action going on around her & wished for the huge cock to take her again. She was soon to have her wish.

Mark returned alone to the stable to free Claire, remove her blindfold & give her a fruit juice. Much to her surprise, he did not take her back to the house, but restrained her hands behind her back & put her in a stall like the other ponygirls.

After lunch, Claire was again taken to the mating stall. Mark put a blindfold on her again, before spreading her feet apart & tying them to the frame. No other restraint was needed as Claire willingly bent forward onto the padded board. She heard the man walk back into the stables & come up behind her. Without any preliminaries he pushed his cock between her wet cunt lips until he was fully encased within Claire. Since her body was not restrained, it was Claire who was able to begin the rhythmic movement that moved his cock in & out of her. After a short while, when Claire had orgasms pulsing through her body, the man gripped her hips firmly. Claire knew what was coming next. Again he pushed the last 5cm of his cock through her cervix & into her womb. Claire lifted her head from the board. Her mouth formed a soundless “Oh” before she put her head down again& began furiously fucking back onto his cock. Although the man had already filled her with semen only a few hours ago, Claire felt the head of his cock swell inside her womb. With an enormous groan, he pumped even more semen into Claire who had ripples of pleasure travelling through her whole body. Claire was disappointed when he pulled his cock out of her. Claire’s Master instructed her to lick him clean before the unknown man left the stables.

A little while later, Claire heard a car leave her property. She would be able to watch her fucking & impregnation later on her video surveillance system, but she would never know who the masked man was. Claire was in no doubt that her body had complied with her Master’s wishes. A week later, a simple urine test confirmed that she was pregnant.


Some months later, in a quiet moment, Claire was looking back over the last half year. There had been a steady stream of paying customers, with many repeat bookings. The sale of human milk was also a real money-spinner, so the property was doing well financially. Also there was going to be a population increase in her stables.

After Claire had arranged the mating of her ponygirl with her ponyboy, Storm’s semen had proved to be potent. Daisy’s belly was swelling nicely as her foal was growing within her.

Beth was happily living in the stables. She was completely into her new life as a ponygirl 24/7, satisfying her Master’s wishes. Eric had also mated with Beth & impregnated her.

Fiona was having a wonderful time living with Neale. Even better, he had adjusted to the idea of sharing Fiona with Storm &/or Adam, or even getting into girl-on-girl action with Beth or Daisy.

Janet’s life was so good compared to what it was like before the lucky day that she drove onto Claire’s property. Much to her surprise, she also became pregnant to Owen.

Her own Master, Mark, was very pleased that her own belly was swelling as a result of her mating with the unknown masked man.

Life was good.