The Stables of Mistress Claire 3

by Ivan Wilson
- do not use without the author's permission.


When Claire had finished her paperwork for the morning, she went over to the stables to work with her ponies. She was very pleased to see how well Adam had cleaned the ponies & their stalls. She was sure that he had taken the opportunity to fuck Daisy or Storm, or both, but provided they were not hurt, she was unconcerned. Claire unclipped Daisy from the wall of her stall, held her by the bridle & walked her out. After unclipping Storm, she walked both ponies out of the stable & over to the exercise yards for a vigorous session of trotting around the circular yard while attached to the exercise machine.

One morning, as requested, Adam reported to Claire that Daisy had her period. Claire then instructed Adam that he was not to fuck Daisy in the cunt until he was told otherwise, but he may use her arse, or fuck Storm, or stimulate Beth, but not fuck her until further notice.

In the next 5 days, Claire took care of Daisy’s personal hygiene needs, then gave Adam an instruction to take Daisy’s temperature every morning.

In the last year, while Claire was very busy buying & establishing her stables, she had no need of contraception for herself or Daisy. There was no man on the scene, except for the occasional workman, who held no interest for herself & was not even allowed to see Daisy. Claire & her vibrator had become very good friends. Daisy’s needs were relieved by hand stimulation from Claire, or even with a vibrator. Depending on Claire’s preference that day, sometimes, she would even fuck Daisy with a dildo. The built-in clit tickler also allowed Claire to fully enjoy her ponygirl. Now that hunky Adam was working for her, Claire was torn between her needs & the risks of fucking an employee. She had thought that Adam’s hypnotic keyword may be useful to control Adam & his memories. Even having Storm fuck her had crossed Claire’s mind. Would that be classed as beastiality ? Would Eric fuck her when he came to visit his ponygirl, Beth, before she was fully trained ? While she was considering these interesting options for the future, Claire decided to put herself ‘on the pill’ for her own security. However, Daisy’s future was another matter. Claire had decided to breed her with Storm. Daisy did not know that she was not being given a contraceptive in her food & it would not have made a difference anyway. A mare does not decide when she is mated to a stallion.

There were 10 stalls in Claire’s stables. Daisy was in the first, Storm was in the second & Beth was kept in the third. The fourth stall had an unusual looking structure fitted to it. This was going to be used very shortly. The fifth stall had a small supply of hay bales transferred from the hayshed. Stalls 6 to 10 on the other side of the walkway were for use by paying customers &/or their ponygirl or ponyboy partner.

Daisy was led to the structure in the fourth stall. She was stood against the upturned U-shape padded metal bar. Her legs were spread & tied to each side of the bar before her body was bent forward onto the shaped & padded board. Her tits hung down through the cut-outs in the board. A wide belt was strapped around her waist & her wrists were tied to the smaller upturned metal bar. Daisy was completely helpless & horrified that she was in such an exposed position with Storm & his erect cock so near.

When Claire began to rub lubricant into Daisy’s cunt, the ponygirl knew what her Mistress had planned for her & began to whinny in protest. Claire ignored her protests & led Storm near to Daisy’s exposed cunt. She released him & instinct took over. Storm moved forward without being told. Although unable to use his arms while they were restrained behind him, he had no trouble lining-up his cock with Daisy’s cunt. He slid his cockhead up & down between her wet cuntlips before lodging the head in Daisy. Daisy tried in vain to dislodge the stallion, but he only drove his cock deeper into her. When he was fully encased by her cunt, he began deeply thrusting in & out of the ponygirl. It did not take long for Daisy’s whinnies of protest to become snorts of pleasure. Instead of trying to evade Storm’s cock, she was pushing back against every thrust he made into her. Daisy felt Storm’s cock swell & knew that he was about to explode. Storm gave several violent thrusts & whinnied loudly as he pumped his semen into Daisy. Now it was Daisy’s turn. As soon as she felt Storm fill her with semen, her body was racked with wonderful spasms of sheer pleasure.

Claire left Daisy on the frame for 30 minutes to give Storm’s sperm the maximum chance to find her egg without any semen draining out of her. At the end of the 30 minutes, Claire untied the ponygirl before leading Storm & Daisy out of the stable. She took them to a small, well-grassed exercise paddock, before releasing them to spend some time together. Claire was under no illusions about what the stallion would again do to the mare.

At first, the ponies just trotted around in the sunshine, feeling its warmth on their almost bare skin. After a while, they rolled in the grass, luxuriating in its soft feel. Storm rolled on top of Daisy, but she was not interested & bucked him off her. Daisy got up & galloped around the paddock. Storm galloped after her, eventually herding her into a corner. With his hoof-shaped gloves, he could not hold her, but he was able to wrap his arms around her from behind, holding her so that his cock was sliding up the crack of her arse, then between her thighs & across her cuntlips. Daisy began to struggle less & less. She parted her legs to give Storm better access. He pushed against her top with one hoof while holding her around the waist. Daisy bent forward & his cock began to slip into her cunt. However this position was not very comfortable for Daisy, so she sank to her knees with her front hooves on the ground. Storm whinnied with frustration as he slipped from Daisy’s cunt when she moved down. However, he gave a loud neigh when he found that he could kneel behind to cover her & slip his cock completely inside her cunt. Now Daisy was really interested. She began pushing back on Storm’s cock, so that he only had to make very little movements to bring them both to a climax. As Storm pumped more of his hot semen into Daisy’s welcoming cunt, he was so sensitive that he felt her muscles contracting on him while she gained her pleasure. Later, Daisy & Storm drank from the provided trough, then moved to a corner of the paddock to rest together under the shady tree.

A few weeks later, a simple urine test confirmed that Daisy was in foal. Now it was time for Claire to begin another business based in her stables. Each morning for three days, Daisy was given a hormone injection in each tit. Her tits had already begun to swell in response to her pregnancy, now they began to dribble a thin clear fluid. In a few more days, Daisy was lactating fully. A milking apparatus was moved into her stall & Claire milked her twice a day. At first the thin milk was discarded, but when Daisy’s milk had reached full flow, the precious liquid was bottled & refrigerated. Claire had made contacts with various people who wanted human milk. Excess milk was given to milk banks for infant feeding, but most of the milk went to people would pay very good money for it. They drank it themselves or used it in a variety of products sold on the black-market. Claire wasn’t really concerned how it got used, as long as they paid well for it.

Ponygirl training:

Claire had pulled Beth from her stall & had also taken her out into the sunshine. Standing beside the stables, Beth had a clear view of Claire’s other mare being well-serviced by her stallion. Watching them had just added to Beth’s increasing frustration. Claire was deliberately building Beth’s sexual tension as a means of further controlling her.

It took a while, but Beth eventually calmed down & become more accepting of her role as a ponygirl. Her brand had healed cleanly & she found that her clit ring & cuntlip rings were a source of pleasure when she moved. Claire was now able to begin more serious training of the former Party Girl.

She walked Beth to a concrete yard with a circular fence. In the centre of the yard was a steel frame like a rotary clothesline, but with an electric motor. Beth was attached to one of the four arms by light ropes clipped to her nipple rings. When Claire turned the electric motor on slowly, Beth was forced to walk in a circle by the painful pull on her tits. Claire gave Beth instructions on high-step walking in her hoof-boots. After Beth had mastered that lesson, the ropes were attached to the rings each side of her halter. Claire increased the motor speed until Beth was forced to trot or be pulled over onto her face. Sweat began to run down Beth’s body as her forced exercise continued. The coating of oil that Adam had rubbed all over her body was preventing Beth’s leather tack chafing her body. Finally, Claire increased the motor speed until Beth was forced to run. Now Sweat was streaming down Beth’s body. Finally, Claire slowed the apparatus to a walking speed to allow Beth to cool down. Her breath was coming in gasps as her tits moved up & down with each tortured intake of air.

Claire said, “Your exercise will get easier as you get fitter & you get better at moving in you new hoof-boots Now stand still while I wash you down.” Claire took a hose from the rail & began to wet Beth with a cooling spray. Beth was then released into another exercise paddock for a few hours until all three ponies were put back into their stalls.

When Beth had improved her fitness & mastered the different movement speeds in her ponyhoof boots, Claire began a different type of ponygirl training. She fitted two small bells to Beth’s tit rings. Beth was blindfolded & taken out into the middle of the stable yard. She was instructed to stand still while Claire snapped light ropes to the rings each side of her bridle. Claire also fitted a wide belt around her waist, then clipped something to the rings on each side of the belt. When Beth felt Claire’s weight moving on the things strapped to her, she was shocked to realise that she was between the shafts of a ponycart. Beth sat down in protest, but Claire was expecting that. Beth immediately felt a sharp pain on her rump as Claire flicked her with a whip on a long handle.

Claire said, “Unless you move, you will get a lot more of that, or I will attach reins to your tit rings & pull you along. Now, get up & start walking. I will guide you with the reins.” It only took one more flick with the whip onto Beth’s other rump before she reluctantly got up & began to walk slowly. Claire sat in the cart & trained Beth to move left & right, or start & stop in response to movement of the reins. Beth hated the constant tinkling of the bells on her tits as she moved. She felt totally humiliated & very angry to be used this way, but eventually accepted that this was just one more aspect of her new ponygirl life. Although still blindfolded, Beth soon learnt to trust that Claire was not going to allow her to crash into anything & be hurt. When Eric next came to the stables, Beth was going to discover another part of her role as a ponygirl serving her new Master’s needs.


Beth had deliberately not been fucked since she had arrived at Claire’s stables. She had been stimulated to orgasm by Adam while washing & oiling her, but not fucked. After being very sexually active in her former life, both professionally & for fun, Beth was very frustrated. One Friday afternoon, Beth heard a helicopter arrive at the stables, but was unable to see it, or who was in it. It was actually Eric, who had finally been able to rearrange his businesses. He was going to live at his & Claire’s property. Conducting business on the Internet & only flying out for as few meetings as possible.

Eric was very keen to take personal control of Beth. She still had to learn who had arranged her kidnapping & ponygirl conversion. Eric was looking forward to enjoying Beth in every way he could imagine. She would soon know who her new Master was & how her role in life was to serve Him as a compliant ponygirl.

Adam was instructed to put Beth in the usual A-shape restraint in the middle of her stall. She was to be blindfolded as well. Eric asked Adam to arouse her, but Beth was not to be allowed to orgasm.

Beth was puzzled to be restrained this way in the afternoon. This was her usual morning wash, oil & strap-up position. She was unable to even move her clit ring in this position, so she was extremely wet & frustrated. After Adam left her stall, Beth heard someone else walk in. The sound of his boots made her think that it was a man. This was confirmed when a large hand gently stroked her cheek. Beth tried to bite him, but he was too quick. Then she felt two stinging slaps on one of her arse cheeks. Another stroke on her cheek & another attempt to bite led to two more stinging slaps on her arse cheeks. After that, Beth let the hand stroke her face & neck without protest. He moved behind her & began to stroke her shoulders before moving lower to her back. Eric gently rubbed her arse cheeks to soothe the stinging from his slaps. He was surprised how quickly Beth had stopped trying to bite him after only four slaps. Such hard slaps must have really stung her painfully.

Eric knelt down to massage Beth’s legs from her feet to her arse. Her soft whinny’s showed how much she was now enjoying the attention. He moved to her front to massage her shoulders again. It didn’t take very long before he was stroking & cupping her tits. He gently tugged in her nipple rings & felt her tits swell with her increasing arousal. Beth was so involved with her massage, that she began pushing her chest forward so her tits were in stronger contact with his hands. Eric moved his hands lower, caressing her belly, before running his finger through her landing strip of cunt hair. Beth was so aroused by now that she was spreading her thighs as far as her restraints would allow. Eric moved a hand to completely cup Beth’s cunt. Beth gave a loud whinny of desire. Eric started to move Beth’s clit ring to arouse her further, before using her other rings to open her cuntlips. First one, then two, then three fingers were pushed into her welcoming cunt. His thumb began to flick Beth’s clit ring. Her desire was so strong that Beth gave a loud neigh.

Beth was shaking when the hand was removed from her body. She was writhing in a fruitless attempt to bring herself to orgasm. Then there was a rustle of clothing. She hoped that it could only mean one thing. Eric walked up to the front of her to start sliding his cockhead between her cuntlips. Although he was taller than her, Beth’s ponyboots put her at just the right height for his cock. Eric increased the speed of his fucking of the helpless ponygirl. Because it was the first time that he had fucked her as her Master, Eric was so excited that he didn’t last long. With no control at all, he continuously pumped semen into Beth. As she felt him exploding, Beth was overcome with wonderful spasms of pleasure that continued until Eric stopped moving inside her & pulled his cock out.

The unknown man began unstrap Beth’s blindfold. Now she would know who had been fucking her. As she saw Eric, Beth gasped. She recognised the young man who had paid for her services & had tried to make her his mistress some time ago. He said to her, “Since you would not agree to become my mistress, I have arranged for you to become my ponygirl. Your life is now serving me, your Master. You will live in these stables for my pleasure. I will fuck you, or have you fucked, in any way I choose. You will pull me around in a ponycart & have my foal if I decide to breed you.” Beth was still her post-orgasmic haze, but it was soon replaced by fury at the forced change in her life. She tried to abuse Eric, but all she was able to produce was a series of snorts & neighs that further increased her anger. Eric began to caress Beth’s tits again, while pulling on her nipple rings. He changed to sliding his fingers in & out of her cunt which was dripping with her own fluids & his semen. Initially, Beth tried to pull away from his touch, but her movement was very limited. It didn’t take long for her to become aroused in response to his manipulation of her body. Eric stepped up to Beth, slipped his cock into her & started a vigorous fucking of his ponygirl. Despite herself, Beth moved to deepen his thrusts. It took a lot longer for Eric to orgasm this time, so Beth was able to reach a plateau of continuous orgasms before he pumped his semen into her. As Eric withdrew, he said to her, “You no longer have any control over your life, but as you have just felt, there will be many pleasurable rewards. Also you no longer have any worries about earning money, paying rent or bills. Your sole reason for existence is for my pleasure.

Next morning, Eric visited Beth’s stall after Adam had finished his daily routine in her stall. He attached a leash to one of the rings on Beth’s halter & led her out of the stable to the yard. Beth could see the ponycart waiting for her, so she tried to shy away from it. Eric soon put a stop to that by giving Beth’s flank a hard slap with his riding crop. Beth reluctantly cooperated as Eric backed her between the shafts of the ponycart. As Eric leant down to pick up the shafts, Beth tried to run away. All Eric had to do was give a hard pull on the leash. Beth was pulled sideways & tumbled down onto the ground. While she was still down, Eric used his riding crop on Beth. A hard slap on each flank left stinging red marks which stopped Beth’s rebellion very quickly. Eric said to her, “You are my ponygirl now, so you will do as I want or you will experience a lot more pain than you are currently feeling.”

Beth slowly stood up & backed herself between the ponycart shafts. “Good decision” said Eric. Without further protest from Beth, he strapped the wide belt around her waist & clipped the shafts to the rings on each side of the belt. Before mounting the ponycart, Eric hung a small bell on each tit ring & attached a light rein to the rings each side of Beth’s bridle. Beth again felt totally humiliated at this treatment, but acknowledged that Eric was her Master & she was in no position to oppose him.

Eric spent some time in the yard training Beth to respond to his movement of her reins. When she was slow to respond, Eric flicked one of her arse cheeks with his light whip. It didn’t take long before Eric was able to guide Beth out of the yard until she was walking on a path leading to the back of the property. He gave Beth a flick with the whip & said “Gee up”. Beth started trotting down the track with her tit ring bells tinkling. Eric was enjoying the sight of his near-nude ponygirl in front of him so much that he had a raging erection. He slowed Beth to a walk & guided her into one of the cul-de-sacs off the main track. Eric got off the ponycart to give Beth a drink of water. He pulled her down to her hands before moving behind her. Eric started to rub more oil into Beth’s back. It didn’t take long before he was cupping her breasts. Beth started to rise & pull away, but Eric gave her a reminder tap with his riding crop. Beth then stayed still to let Eric do as he pleased. Eric used taps from his crop to move Beth’s knees apart. He cupped her cunt before he began to slide his fingers up & down her cuntlips. Eric middle finger deliberately moved Beth’s clit ring with each stroke. Shortly, Beth began to whinny gently & lowered the front of her body to give her Master better access. Eric wasted no time in dropping his shorts to free his cock. He rubbed his cockhead up & down between her sopping cuntlips before sliding straight into her. When his cock was fully encased, Beth started to move back onto him even before he had begun a stroking motion. Beth’s tit ring bells were tinkling furiously with the combined movement of the ponygirl & her Master. Eric gave a roar of pleasure as he began to pump his semen into Beth’s pulsating cunt. Her pleasure was causing Beth to neigh softly. Eric said, “Claire has already told you that there will be restrictions on your new life, but there is also total freedom from any responsibility & much pleasure to come.”

Eric stood Beth before giving her another drink. He used the reins to guide Beth back to the stables. When Beth was back at the stable, it was Adam’s responsibility to undo Beth, wash her down & clean up the semen dripping out of her cunt, before putting her back in her stall.