A Ride in the Snow

by UrbanSniper
- do not use without the author's permission.

It was a crisp morning, the sun just beginning to warm the horizon with its glow. A freshly fallen snow covered everything, and it was deep, maybe two feet in some places, but from the look of it, not deep enough to cause them any trouble on the main trails. Sipping her morning tea, Saya smiled, her tail twitching with anticipation. Master would wish a ride this morning, probably from one end of the property to the other. The short summer months were gone, and the long winter had set in once again, but it was of little concern; one was just as nice as the other. She hoped that the months spent luxuriating in the warmth hadn't softened her or the other girls up too much.

Saya turned quickly as she stuffed another biscuit in her mouth, hurrying back toward the slave quarters, her black ponytail swishing wildly behind her. The others were up already, of course, talking about the snow and how tasty breakfast was this morning. She finished off the bread and the last of the tea as she swept into their room, arranged something like the stables, with all the beds on one side, and leather harnesses and their special clothes hanging on the other, with a large hearth at the end that kept the room toasty warm, usually to the point that everyone went nude. There was an adjacent doorway that led to the kitchens. "Okay, girls! The first big snow looks plenty deep enough, so I hope you're all ready for a ride today. Master will be up soon, so we should all be ready for him, right?"

"Right, mistress!" they chimed, already cleaning up the dishes. Saya was in charge of them whenever Master wasn't around, but really all she did was direct their chores and make sure they maintained their tack; sometimes when she was feeling particularly restless she'd lead them all on exercises. She couldn't help but feel pride when she looked at how all of them, Akare, Kina, Rini, Tokara, Wassiri, and Namia, had adjusted to Master's stringent expectations. Poor Kina had been terrified when she had first arrived four years ago, but now she was perhaps the most eager of all of them, very nearly dropping a pile of dishes in her haste to get ready.

Once the room was presentable, Saya clapped her hands, and the girls formed up in a line in front of their beds, standing at attention. Unlike most cat-slaves, they weren't required to wear their collars this far up in the mountains, and were completely nude aside from the small bell piercings dangling from their nipples; honestly, where could a slave run to that it wouldn't freeze to death? "This is going to be a long day, so I want everyone to be ready. If the girls in the kitchen are doing their jobs, they should have the food packed and ready to go. I'm going to be checking on that while all of you get dressed. Be sure to double check that everyone's harnesses are secured and done up correctly. I'll be double checking everything when I get back before we head to the stables."

With energetic nods, the girls went into action as Saya slipped out toward the kitchens, the sounds of leather creaking and metal buckles jingling behind her. The stop in the kitchens were brief, saying hello and making some quick small talk with the girls handling breakfast, while they finished packing up the two large picnic baskets, enough food for a dozen people. Saya hefted both of them and walked them to the stables, where the sleigh was already being prepared by the stable hands. The morning was frigid against her naked flesh, but she hardly noticed it anymore; she had been living up here with her master for nearly thirty years now. Smiling to the hands as they readied the sleigh's harnesses, Saya placed both baskets in the rear compartment and very nearly ran back to the girls.

Once she came back inside, Saya was very pleased indeed. All six of the girls were standing at attention, arms behind them, and from all appearances, fully dressed and ready for the ride; they even had their hair up in ponytails. She started with Akare, working her way down to Wassiri at the far end of the line. Her inspection took at least fifteen minutes, but as she had hoped, their help in dressing one another had made sure that all harnesses were snug and secure, the plugs between their legs were placed just right, and the black leather bodysuits were hugging their bodies perfectly, leaving only their breasts and heads exposed. She tugged a strap or two here and there just to keep the girls attentive, but was overall very pleased. They had even gone so far as to strap the hobbles around their boots, limiting their strides to keep them from trotting.

"Very good, girls, very good indeed! I'm sure Master will be pleased as well. Now, turn around and I'll get your arms secured before Master arrives." The girls stomped their right feet in acknowledgement, since they were all wearing head harnesses with blinders and bit gags, the horse shoes on the bottoms ringing pleasantly as they turned and presented their arms, hands already clasped together and linked with a small lock at their wrist cuffs. Starting at the other end of the line with Wassiri now, Saya picked up the leather arm binder sitting on the bench next to her and proceeded to guide it up her arms, keeping her fingers linked once her hands were inside the pouch on the end. Once the straps were secured around Wassiri's shoulders, Saya tightened the laces, melding Wassiri's arms into a single, useless form. With a pat to the girl's rump, Saya moved up the line, repeating the same process with the other girls.

By the time she finished, she heard Master's and Mistress' footsteps coming down the hall, so she took her place in front of the others, head bowed as he stepped into the room. "Master, your transportation is very nearly ready. Only one more pony remains…" she purred, licking her lips.

"You never cease to amaze, Saya," Mistress said, patting her head. "Go ahead and put your suit on dear and we'll get you strapped up."

"Yes, Mistress!" Saya said, excitedly hurrying to the wall of gear in across from her bed while her Master and Mistress examined the others. She took down her carefully shined leather bodysuit, which covered nearly everything from the tips of her toes to the base of her neck, leaving only her head, breasts, and pussy exposed. All of their suits were enchanted as well, she recalled as she slipped her feet inside the warm leather. They were always warm, keeping the cold away, even from their nipples; she always thought it funny that she could feel the snow or the cold wind blowing and making her nipples rock hard, but never once did it get unbearable. The black leather slid up her body easily, hugging to her every curve like a second skin, also part of its enchantment, she had been told. Saya pushed her arms into the leather, her fingers reaching the end of the gloves. Feeling with her tail, she found the right hole and slipped her tail through, then pulled the little dangling strap just above her tail, which sealed the back of the bodysuit, all the way to her neck.

Saya worked her body around, finding nothing wrong with the suit, just as she suspected, and quickly fetched her boots. They were black leather, covering all the way up her calves, and forced her heel upward, making her walk almost on her tip toes. But the front of the boot looked almost like a horse's hoof, and even had a steel horseshoe nailed to the bottom. It took some practice, even for a cat-slave to master, but Saya loved going for a trot in these boots. She slipped her feet in, adjusted the long tongues, and started lacing them up, having them fully tied in a matter of moments, honed from decades of training.

Her master was waiting when she stood, with the bright red, leather corset that served as the primary attachment point for the sleigh. Turning her back, Saya lifted her hair out of the way, letting Master wrap the ribbed leather device around her and started pulling the laces. Saya breathed easily, even as it compressed around her; it wouldn't be too tight since they would be going for a long ride. He finished up several minutes later while Mistress worked with her harness.

The first part of the harness was the collar, a wide, stiff posture collar in red and black leather with silver metal highlights, which kept her head straight and mostly forward. The rest of the harness had a matching color scheme and was attached to it at its base, and another strap was secured around the top of her breasts and back, a metal ring resting at the tops of her breasts where the straps connected it to the collar. Master held the harness while Mistress continued down her body, another strap just below her breasts, which was actually formed to cup them from below and hold them up, and another at the narrowest area of her waist, around the corset. A smaller pair of straps dropped from the waist belt to her thighs, and were soon secured, though a wider strap was left to dangle between her legs.

A matching pair of red and black leather cuffs went on her wrists and around her ankles, and Saya automatically brought her arms behind her, hearing the soft snick of the lock at her wrists, and the hobble chain going into place between her ankles. Next was the head harness, which Master slipped over her head, pulling her hair through the straps. Saya took the bit into her mouth as Mistress straightened the blinders and the strap across her forehead. A moment later Master had the harness secured, the leather-covered bit resting comfortably between her teeth. Only two more pieces to go…

With only a slight nudge from Master, Saya bent herself forward, spreading her legs to allow access to her exposed sex. The strap that had been dangling from her waist came up between her legs, a pair of phallus-shaped plugs rubbing between her lower lips, then going into her pussy and ass, sliding in easily thanks to her own juices; the strap was jerked once, playfully, making her moan. Saya heard the other girls giggling; they knew she was always happiest when she was in pony mode. Standing straight, Master brought the arm binder up and brought her arms together, securing them soon after. As she turned, he clipped a pair of leads to the head harness, patting her rump affectionately as he clicked his tongue; at the signal, she followed him out of the room.

She heard the other girls behind her, moving in step with her after only a few yards, as they were lead to the stables, their hooves clacking on the stone floor. Saya's blood was already pumping as she pranced, anxious for the hobbles to be removed, following Master's lead. She had waited all summer for this! A summer ride just didn't have the same refreshing feeling as a run through the snow.

The sleigh was waiting just outside the stable doors, while the hands were already tending to the real horses, brushing them down or feeding them. Saya followed master to the front of the sleigh's harness, where she had always been, it seemed, always the lead pony. She had been the first of the cat-slaves Master had trained as a pony, and for that, she was eternally grateful; it was the most wonderful experience she could have imagined.

Master patted her rump again and let the reigns droop, leaving Saya staring out over the winter landscape, letting her take in the cold, refreshing air. Bells jingled and leather creaked as the other girls were attached to the sleigh. Saya worked her legs up and down as far as the hobble chain would allow, hearing snow crunch underfoot, barely able to control her excitement. They would go across the plateau, through the woods, and to the small cabin nestled near the overlook…about a two or three hour ride there, some time to cool off and eat lunch, then another two or three hours back, maybe longer if Master and Mistress were really enjoying themselves. Saya stomped her feet again, jerking her head back and forth, feeling drool dripping from the bit to the tops of her breasts, as it was apt to do.

Finally, after what seemed an eternity, Master took hold of the lead again and moved her to the front of the line; the other girls were arranged side by side in two columns, and Saya would be in the middle, at the front of both of them. She stepped back slowly, following Master's guiding hands. Mistress brought Saya's encased arms down behind the bar that rested at the back of the corset and attached the sleigh's harness to her own. Once they had finished, Saya was bound to the sleigh, and had little movement other than her legs. She heard the other girls stomping anxiously, and could smell their excitement. Finally Master removed her lead and hobble chain, and went down the line to remove the rest of them.

Heart pounding, she heard Master give a few final orders to the stable hands and the guardsmen that would be riding near them. Finally, he climbed aboard the sleigh where Mistress was already waiting and called out to the team. "Okay, girls, here we go!"

Bells jingled and leather slapped across Saya's back. She pushed forward, feeling just a moment of tension before the other girls joined in. They made their first step, then another, the sleigh moving along smoothly behind them; Saya knew that it was made to be light, but enhanced with magic to be stronger than it normally would have been otherwise. With the crack of the reigns behind her, Saya stepped quicker and higher, pounding through the lighter snow along the roadway ahead. Her boots ensured that her ankles stayed straight, and with the support of the harness frame, she couldn't fall, but that was something she didn't worry about anyway. She confidently strode forward, setting the pace for the others, letting herself be released into her Master's steady hands. She saw the bends in the roadway ahead, but waited until she felt the tug at the reigns before she started the turn. They passed through the main gate and headed toward the forest, the snow deepening to her knees, but even if they slowed a little, years of training had them moving steadily.

It was a wonderful day, and there was still so many miles left to cover. Saya couldn't have been happier.