Artists & Models

From the hand of Turk and the pen of Van.
- do not use without permission.

Excerpt from “Artists & Models” by Van:

"Congratulations are in order," Beverly purred. "You've done so well in your training, I've decided you're both ready for promotion." They'd reached the doors and Beverly's hand was poised at a panel with a pair of buttons. "You are no longer slaves, but are now ponies." She thumbed the "OPEN" button and the doors parted and began to swing open.

Erin and Madison exchanged confused looks. Their thoughts were the same: 'Ponies?'

Beyond the doors was a running track. Beverly led her "ponies" into the sunshine.

They heard an approaching jingling and whirring noise, turned their heads—and something truly remarkable came into view.

Erin and Madison's eyes popped wide and they stared in amazement.

Thundering down the track towards Erin, Madison, and Beverly was a two-wheeled cart, a sulky. It was painted a bright, ultramarine blue and perched on its minimal seat was Crystal. The Evil Pixie was in equestrian costume, but this time as a jockey. Her long-sleeved blouse was purplish blue silk, complementing the color of the sulky, her riding pants white, and her boots black. Black gloves and a purple racing helmet with goggles completed the outfit. The sadistic little monster was adorable, as ever, but Erin's and Madison's main focus was on the "pony" pulling the sulky.

It was Lyndal, and she was dressed/restrained in a version of Erin's and Madison's new costumes: head-harness bit-gag, inner and outer corsets, and what were now clearly best described as "pony-boots." The running, sweating blonde's nipple rings were belled, also like Erin's and Madison's, and she was running flat out, exerting all of her considerable athletic skill and grace.

Erin and Madison stared as the sulky continued to approach, rounding the near turn.

Lyndal's outer corset was stainless steel, and its back was clamped or bolted in some manner to a horizontal rod stretched between the sulky's shafts. The rings of the running blonde's bit were linked by leather reins to Crystal's left hand, and in the munchkin jockey's right hand was a buggy-whip. She was using it, of course, delivering light but no doubt stinging snaps to Lyndal's shoulders and upper back with consummate skill.

"Magnificent, isn't she?" Beverly sighed as she tightened one of Erin's corset buckles. "I mean Lyndal, of course. Crystal is as cute as ever, but Lyndal is magnificent."

The sulky rolled past, the slightly damp sand of the track flying in clumps from under its spinning wheels and Lyndal's flashing hooves.

"She won the mile at last year's Sisterhood Games," Beverly continued, smiling at Erin and Madison, "setting a new record." They watched as the sulky dwindled into the distance, continuing around the track. "You don't know about the Sisterhood, of course," Beverly chuckled, "but don't worry your pretty heads. All a pony needs to know is that she must do her best to run very, very fast. A pony's total concentration must be on her training. That and pleasing her Mistress, of course."

Lyndal continued running... and sweating... and Crystal's whip continued flicking. The sulky completed the track, made the near turn, and once again thundered past the watching "ponies" and their Mistress.

"Magnificent," Beverly sighed, then smiled at Erin and Madison. "And so are you, Fire and Ice. Your bodies are responding well to your training, just as I hoped they would. You've both gained muscle, kept up your weights, and your physiques are ever more lithe and strong—just what ponies need to pull a sulky at race-winning speed. And yet, your curves remain deliciously feminine."

Erin and Madison exchanged wide-eyed, horrified looks, then focused on Beverly.

"The next phase of your training will strengthen your ankles and calves and get you used to walking, and then running in pony-boots," Beverly explained. "Next, you'll learn to pull a sulky. My ultimate goal is to have you ready for your first race by the next Sisterhood Games, as a tandem pair. You may not win, but it will be good experience." She stood between the tottering captives and placed an arm around each of their corseted waists, below their encased arms and above their naked rumps. They watched as Lyndal and Crystal thundered away down the straightaway.

"You both have a lot of hard work ahead of you," Beverly purred.

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