Foal Breeding

- by U. and M.O.
- almost as published by << O >> Magazine some 6 or 7 years ago.
- with illustrations chosen and cropped by SirJeff.

It had been a spontaneous decision for her to go. Ever since childhood, she had been fascinated, like most young girls, by everything to do with horses. And then she had seen the advertisement in a specialist magazine. Her pulse quickened slightly at the thought of spending a whole weekend on a stud farm, handling horses, ponies and foals, riding, and spending a couple of days with nice people who share the some hobby. It was even possible, suggested the ad. to assist in the breeding of the foals! As Jessica had nothing planned for that particular weekend, she picked up the telephone to make enquiries and to register...

The weekend was approaching; she'd soon be on her way! She was over the moon when, on Friday afternoon, she left work in the city and returned to her small efficiency apartment. Jessica was as yet unattached and could do with her time as she pleased; she only told her closest girl-friend briefly on the telephone that she was spending the weekend at a stud farm. It did not take long to pack a few things, and she decided to wear the new, black, polished riding boots and jodhpurs there and then. After a couple hours' drive she reached the stud farm, which was somewhat off the beaten track; as she rounded the hotel drive in her small sports car, she came across a woman in riding gear.

"Welcome to the 'Pony Estate' stud farm. I'm Renate!"

She had a winning smile and did not seem unperturbed by Jessica's inquisitive glances, as she took in the lady's extravagant clothes: black shiny vinyl riding boots covered her feet and legs up to below her knees. She had tucked the finely tailored black riding breeches into the narrow shaft of the boots. Jessica could not clearly define the fabric of the breeches, which had a dull sheen in the fading sunlight, and the some went for the red riding jacket apparently made of the same sort of fabric, and trimmed with white, satiny frills. The obligatory riding cap and shiny black gloves, in which was held a thin riding crop, rounded off the startling appearance of this woman in her mid-forties. Jessica happily took up Renate's offer to freshen up first of all. There was a rustling sound as Renate strode towards the main entrance with Jessica's bag, to show her to the room which she would occupy for the next two days ...

An hour later, Renate called for her to show her around; there was no-one else on the tour. "They will no doubt be arriving later", said Jessica to reassure herself.

"You must put on gloves at this point", said Renate, as they were nearing the end of the tour. "We are about to enter the foal breeding stables and we recommend all our guests to do this in view of the risk of infection."

Jessica could see the point of this and so Renate pulled tight mittens made of black rubber onto her hands, fastened at the wrists by wide leather cuffs. Jessica did not notice at first, that strong leather straps were attached on the thumb and finger sides of the mittens.

Despite the dim light, she could make out two windows at about eye-level along the wall of the stable which they were now approaching. Holding onto the horizontal support bar, she stood on tiptoe to catch a glimpse of the interior of the "breeding stable". What she saw so captivated her that for a moment she forgot where she was. That appeared to have been precisely what Renate had expected - a few practiced movements by the older woman, and in no time at all Jessica was tied to the bar by the straps of her own mittens. She naturally protested loudly, but was rewarded only with a rubber snaffle, placed between her teeth and tied behind her head with straps. She tugged at her tied and gloved hands and protested at the gag, but neither did the straps give way nor did the incoherent noises she emitted make the slightest impression on the other woman.

Suddenly everything around Jessica became very dark, there was an intensive smell of rubber and she realized that someone had put a latex eye mask over her face. In horror, she became aware that Renate's rubber-gloved hands were slowly removing her trousers, pullover, panties and bra. A wide, cool leather strap was fastened tightly round her neck, and her waist was enclosed in a very tight bodice-belt; she heard the click of snap links and as if that wasn't enough already she felt the lady present take hold of her right leg, remove her shoe, and press her foot into a tube similar to a boot, tie it tightly and then proceed to do the same with her left leg. It had undoubtedly been a mistake to change from her new riding boots to a pair of comfortable moccasin-style shoes before embarking on the tour through the complex, she realized, somewhat belated. These "special boots" would otherwise not have been quite so easy to apply!

Jessica was still so dazed with surprise and shock that it was not until she was completely tied and laced up before she really thought of resisting. By that time, it was of course too late! And she had no more time to consider it, since all the straps around her body were being tightened, the straps of her mittens untied from the bar and her hands tied behind her back. She felt herself being pulled forward by the neck and had all her work cut out not to lose her balance in her "new" boots. What sort of footwear was this, that held her dainty feet in such a restricted manner that she was obliged to walk on tiptoe to avoid falling over, despite the apparent lack of heels!

At last, she heard the voice of Renate again: "Well, dear horse-lover, I don't suppose you expected this, did you? We only let girls enter the foal breeding stables if they are suitably dressed!"

Jessica was still trying to decipher what this might mean when she was presumably led into the stable itself, because now it was significantly warmer and there was a curious smell of latex and feminine perspiration in the air. The mask was removed without warning and after blinking a few times in the bright neon light of the room, she froze: there before her, she saw real horse stalls - everything, even the walls and ceiling were built of or clad with rustic wood! And the strangest thing was that in the stalls were little horses; though she knew instinctively that they could not be proper horses, because the stalls were in fact too small for live animals. Breathlessly she came to realize that a girl had been placed in each stall and they were all harnessed in the some way! Jessica found it difficult to wrench her gaze from the sight, but it was true: she looked down at herself and noticed that she, like the other girls, was wearing small, black patent bootees which had no heel, but instead were fitted with a plateau sole which resembled a real horse's hoof! So that was how they achieved the horse-like gait! She did not notice that two assistants were approaching with an article made of rubber. The snaffle was removed, but she did not have long to rejoice, because strong hands immediately pulled the rubber mask over her head.

Jessica was afraid that she would again be unable to see, but Renate explained in a commanding tone "this is a special mask. It is made like a real horse's head and has real nostrils! The nostrils and a hole at the back are the only openings in the mask through which air can pass. Your hair will be pulled through the back of the mask to hang like a mane, so be sure to hold your head in the correct position, because the nostrils provide your only air supply!"

Feeling sure that there would be an opening for her mouth, she was surprised to find this not the case. when a rubber balloon of not inconsiderable size bumped up against her still defiantly closed teeth.

"The young lady surely isn't going to be difficult?" said Renate in a mocking tone.

Of course it was no good her resisting, because although she struggled with all her might, it was easy to hold her nostrils closed so that when she opened her mouth to gasp for air. she involuntarily sucked the unwelcome rubber ball into her mouth with an audible "plop"!

Helpless and at their mercy, she realized that the ball was being pumped up inside her mouth, making it impossible for her to eject it! Through the transparent spheres which were meant to be the horse's eyes she was able to see that the woman who was pumping up the ball only stopped when Jessica's cheeks were visibly putted out and she made it clear, by a suppressed and tortured groan, that her entire mouth was full of rubber! The pump was then removed and nothing apparent suggested that the wearer had been silenced. After Jessica's tongue had run all over the enormous ball, she tried to squeeze it together but was forced to accept that this was useless. A check valve, she suddenly realized. The tight mask was also fitted with ears like a horse's, which stood up from the sides of the rubber head. Someone then pulled on a pair of blinkers, so that though she was not blind, her field of vision was sadly restricted.

Jessica was then led, stumbling, by her neck bond, into the remaining empty horse box. While she was wondering why she was being led into the stall, she was aware of two "stable girls" clad entirely in black rubber who were unfastening her hands behind her back and directing them forward into the box. She was then tied, as before, to a solid horizontal bar, but which was only about a foot from the straw-covered stable floor. She tried to make up for the position which she was forced to adopt (trunk horizontal, arms and legs vertical) by bending her knees slightly. A moment later, however, she was sticking her bare bottom in the air with a howl, as the riding crop came down with a crack on her vulnerable hind quarters. In order to keep her in this position, the two "stable girls" first attached a snap link to the front of her tight waist belt, pulled a rope in between her thighs, carefully parted the lips of her vulva with their rubber-clad fingers and placed the rope there, on her hot and aroused flesh! The rope was then firmly knotted above her, just under the stable ceiling, in such a way that in spite of Jessica's stretched legs, there was always a slight tension in the rope!

On the one hand, she was forced to stay standing in this thoroughly provocative position, unable to sit down, and on the other hand, the rope which passed through her crotch rubbed constantly at her clitoris, causing one exciting quiver after another to surge over her. Her breath came in rapid gasps as a result, sounding remarkably like the panting of a real horse, an effect which could only be possible as a result of some sort of valve built into the horse's head and the air channels leading to the nostrils. To her surprise, she realized that her treatment so far had not really been unpleasant! Memories of games she had played with a former lover came flooding back...

Jessica still did not know why she was tied down in a horse box, but she began to have an idea, when she again heard the voice of Renate: "Well then, guests, lovers of foal breeding, stable girls and boys. Now that we have got the last mare into the box, the show can begin.

At this point, Jessica turned her rubber head in the box as far as the tight bridle would allow, in order to catch a glimpse of the group of extravagantly to bizarrely dressed people whom she only now noticed standing behind her.

Renate continued in an unemotional tone: "As you can see, we have once again prepared five mares for breeding. Each one is firmly tied into her box, her insemination orifice ready and waiting for you to service, and there need be no fear of any loud whinnying, because the mares' mouths are filled with pumped-up rubber gags. Just to make sure that none of the stallions goes for the wrong hole, we will professionally close the orifice not required for breeding, she added, with a laugh.

Jessica blushed at the thought! She wanted to cry out, but the aforementioned rubber gag diminished her hysterical shrieking to a ridiculous snorting! It dawned on her in an instant! She was supposed to be the mare while one of the rubber-clad men was to be the stallion! And as a lover of horses, she knew only too well what stallions did with mares!

She had hardly taken it all in when the last announcement was put into action: slippery fingers touched her bottom, applying cream to her sphincter. A coolness spread across the treated area of skin.

"So far, it feels quite good". Jessica thought, when at the same moment she felt pressure in her rectum and realized that a rubber tail was being inserted into her anus. It glided remorselessly on into her and she had to let it happen, incapable of making the slightest protest. The dildo was then attached to the back of her waist belt by fasteners. Two thin leather laces were placed on either side of her labia and passed through her crotch to be attached tightly to the front of her belt. A suppressed groan was heard from the mask, but otherwise there was no reaction to this measure. Thanks to the provocative, enforced stance, her pussy was now protruding from between her thighs and the inquisitive guests had a tantalizing view of her one open orifice. What Jessica had, until now, considered to be her very own private property, was now on show and utterly at the mercy of the bizarre dealings of the rubber clique! Once again, she invested all her strength in trying to pull free of the box. Not only did the existing bonds withstand all of this, but additional wide, leather cuffs were attached to her ankles and fixed with snap links to heavy rings in the floor.

Her resistance lessened as time went on and from deep within her rubber horse's head, she surrendered to her situation with a gasp. That was why she had not seen anyone else at the farm. Everything had been so well organized, her arrival scheduled to coincide with that of the other girls in order to present them all in the "breeding stable"! While all these thoughts were racing through her head, a rubber hand stroked her hind quarters and pulled the rope to one side as, almost simultaneously, a second hand spread her buttocks and - Jessica froze - now a big hard "stallion prick" was drilling into her already drenched vagina! The enormous intruder slowly pushed aside her pussy lips and the hot rod pushed relentlessly on deep into her! Jessica moaned with abandon into her gag as the rubber man withdrew his prick and thrust into her again, causing his rubber suit to slap against her aroused, sweaty backside. This must be how it is for mares, thought Jessica; they aren't asked their preferences as to which stallion they want to mate with them! The mares in the adjacent boxes were being covered, too; that was obvious from the noises.

The tearful, panting moans and groans interspersed with the squeaking and clapping noises resulting from the "stallions" moving around in their rubber suits or smacking against the mares' hind quarters. The hot rod was by now pumping ever faster in and out or Jessica's tunnel of lust. Suddenly she became aware of rubber-clad fingers on her clit, massaging her in circular movements. She had put up a brave but hopeless fight against this dick and now she surrendered to the whole passion that this "hot stallion's knob" was providing.

"So that's what breeding foals is like", she thought to herself, as the "stallion" finally pumped his hot seed into her "mare's slit". "Now all I have to do is conceive and then the whole operation has been a success".

Barely able to draw this conclusion through the haze of her aroused passions, she sank to the ground in her fetters, quivering and almost unconscious from a fantastic, overwhelming orgasm.