My Life as a Pony Girl

by TheDarkLadyOfSlytherin
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Summary: “Get used to this, pet.” He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand ever so mockingly. “Get used to this state of physical being because for the rest of your pathetic life you will live like this.” He leaned into me, grazing his lips against the shell of my ear in a way that made me shiver. “You…my dear mudblood are my new pony girl in training.”

Author’s Note: This is absolutely nothing like anything I’ve ever written before. I really have no idea where to begin. Alright…the other day while surfing through the yahoo search engine I came across a rather…interesting…form of bondage. I don’t really want to explain too much because I feel it’ll definitely ruin the affect of the story but if anyone is ever interested in the bondage and forced submission art of ponygirls feel free to visit the site: SirJeff's Ponygirls,

WARNING: This is a total post war Draco-dominion-over-Hermione fic. Meaning Hermione is a slave to him in every single way. So don’t flame me for it. READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!


Part 1: Obedience

“Wake up you filthy creature…I SAID WAKE UP!”

“AAAAAAAAAHHH!” I screamed as I felt the whip come down on my back. Taking in my surroundings I noticed that I was no longer in the dungeons but rather in a stable of some kind that ran about 10 feet wide, 10 feet in long, and 6 feet in height. It had been weeks since Voldemort had won the war at the end and all of the muggleborns and blood traitors were captured and sold to the highest bidder. And said bidder who was currently my new owner who had paid a generous amount of galleons for my ownership was Draco fucking Malfoy. Standing up from what was meant to be a rather poor excuse for a makeshift bed, a stack of hay, I looked down at my body and realized one thing…

I was naked. I had absolutely no clothes on what so ever. The only thing that was covering me were a pair of black leather 5 inch thigh high boots.

I looked up at my new owner and with the deadliest of glares I asked. “Malfoy, where the bloody hell are my clothes? I demand that you AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!” I yelled once more as I felt the whip come down even more harshly on my back, sending me down to my knees…my head falling to his feet.

Suddenly, I felt him grab a handful of my hair and pull my head back so our eyes would meet. “Listen to me and listen to me well, I did not pay 50,000 galleons for you to speak to me that way. I am your new master and you best learn to respect me and learn fast, for if not…” He made his statement clear by slamming my head onto the ground and with a strong downward motion he once whipped my backside.


Again, I felt him grab my long hair and pull my head back to eye level with his. “Did I say you could scream?”

I glared at him through narrowed eyes. “Ferret.” I mumbled, earning me a sharp slap with his whip on my inner thigh, sharply grazing my pussy.


This time I didn’t speak. I shook my head in fear and whimpered.

“No, I didn’t.” He sneered. “In fact…” Just then, still holding onto my hair he held my head back with one hand, he reached with his other hand and pinched my nose so I couldn’t breathe as he motioned for Dobby (Since the dark side has won one of the first thing the Malfoys did was take back their once freed house elf.) to come over to his side.

I tried to defy him. Really, I did. But eventually I had no choice and opened my mouth to breathe. As soon as I did Dobby had placed a red ball gag into my mouth. Malfoy then slammed me once more face first into the hay on the ground and, while holding me down with his ankles, tied the two leather straps that held the gag ball in place around my face and snapped it tightly behind my head.

He then proceeded to pull me up to my knees once more by my hair and told me to stay.

“Don’t move a single muscle unless instructed.” He arched a brow. “Or else.”

I shivered. I knew what that would mean. The whip.

I looked up at Malfoy through my lashes (I dare not look up at him completely for he would notice and not hesitate to quickly discipline for disobeying him.) and saw him reach into his cloak and pull out a pair of leather past-the-elbow gloves. They reached about 3 inches past my elbows. The gloves themselves looked like something out of a kinky bondage flick. They had a whole bunch of leather straps that, to be honest, scared the bloody hell out of me. He smirked. “Give me your left hand.” I did so and he slipped on a glove all the way up to my elbow and again obeyed him when he asked for the right.

I was still as a board when he told me to stay on my knees when he walked around behind me. He then proceeded to grab both my arms and put them behind my back. He ordered me to grasp my hands and clasp them together while keeping me elbows locked. Once I did I felt them being tightened in place. ‘The straps.’ I thought.

I the felt him slide something tight and leather over both of my arms (sort of like a pillow covering) and tied my arms even tight by my leather straps. My arms now helplessly bound behind my back.

While all of this was going on I noticed Doby cowering in the corner of the stable with tears in his eyes while mouthing something to me. The first time I didn’t catch it but the second time I did…

‘Please forgive Doby Miss. Hermy.’

A single tear slid down my face as I shook my head in a silent response. ‘There’s nothing to forgive. You’ve done nothing wrong.’

“LOOK AT ME!” Malfoy barked at me. I quickly looked up at him from my knees and notice him now standing in front of me. “Get used to this, pet.” He stroked my cheek with the back of his hand ever so mockingly. “Get used to this state of physical being because for the rest of your pathetic life you will live like this.” He leaned into me, grazing his lips against the shell of my ear in a way that made me shiver. “You…my dear mudblood are my new pony girl in training.”

He leaned back and smirked as he crossed his arms in front of his chest. “Let the training begin.”


Once more he reached into his cloak and this time he pulled out a thick leather collar. It was as thick as my neck from base to chin and when he secured it on my neck I couldn’t move it all. I couldn’t move my head nor up nor down nor left nor right. I then heard a latching sound and realized that he hooked on a leather leash to the front. Looking down at me he smirked. “Follow me.” And with a quick yank of the leash I was right behind his heels.


He had taken me through the stables to a training ground of some sort. When we reached the middle of the ground he lead me to a wooden pony trainer. (or so he calls it.) It consisted of a thick circular wooden pole shoved straight into the ground with a revolving one ran through the top of it horizontally, about 10 feet in diameter.. The horizontal pole reaching my waist. One end of the pole was empty. But the other end was taken by another pony girl. Or rather…Ginny.

Malfoy laughed. “Ahhhhh, I see you’ve met Ginger.”

I looked at him oddly as if he’s sprung two heads.

“Oh yes I forgot to tell you. All ponies get new names. She,” he motioned to Ginny, “is no longer Ginevera Weasley but goes now by Ginger. And you will no longer go as Hermione Granger.”

‘What? You can’t be serious. Can he even do that? No! I refuse to believe it. No matter what he tells me…I AM Hermione Jane Granger.’

He snickers at my obvious distress. “I really don’t know what to name you but all within due time. For now you shall go by Pet. Understand?”

He sneered at me but remembered about the collar and my inability to move my head. “Oh right, the collar.”

I unconsciously rolled my eyes and was rewarded with a whip to the back. “Now now, Pet, I don’t want you giving me any of that non verbal sass now. Meaning no scowling, no narrowing of the eyes, no rolling of the eyes, and no scoffing. I give an order and you ever so eagerly obey.”

I wanted to roll my eyes but I knew that that meant being punished again so I just kept a neutral face. He smiled. “Good girl. Now, like I was saying, since you’ve been removed all abilities to speak, nod, and shake your head the only form of communicating will be your legs. The collar is only temporary until you learn proper posture. Ponies never lower their heads and always keep themselves upright. Now as far as communicating is concerned when I ask you a question you’ll stomp your foot once for no and twice for yes. ” He grinned. “Understood?”

I reluctantly stomped my high heeled boot two times and inwardly cringed. For some reason it made me feel like a show horse.. He grinned. “Good girl. Now, on to the task at hand. You will be in these high healed boots until you earn the right to get your pony boots. For now you’ll have the ball gag in your mouth until tomorrow where you’ll be fitted for your bit and bridle. (A/N: Bit and Bridle is the bar placed in a horse’s mouth so when pulling carriages they can be instructed to go either left or right or stop.) "Pony girls never speak. You will use your legs for that. You’re arms will always be bound behind your back like thus. Whether it hurts or not I do not care. So you better get used to it seeing as pony girls have absolutely no use for them what so ever."

With a quick tug of the leash Malfoy placed me in front of the end empty of the pole. He ran a thick chain through a metal loop at the end of the pole and then ran it through a smaller metal loop at the end of my hands. Locking me in place he stepped back to take a good look at me he spoke. “You’re job from now on, Pet, is to pull the Malfoy family carriages like the good little pony you are. So…first thing’s first. You must learn how to trot like a pony. No more walking like a human.”

WHAT? I’m going to trot like some fucking horse. I can’t believe this.

“I want you to lift your left leg up directly in front of you, bend your knee, and raise it parallel to your waist, just like a horse would. Yes, good girl. Now bring it down and lift the other. POINT YOUR TOES…good girl. AND AGAIN!”

For the next hour or so he trained me how to trot like a pony and not walk. Since my body was tied up to the revolving pole by my arms I had to use my entire body strength to pull it around, Ginny or rather…Ginger was ordered to move along with me but at the same time against me…making it much harder to pull. When he ordered us to stop he first went over to Ginger and unfastened her from the pole. Brandishing a chain leash from his cloak he lead her to her private stable. That’s when I noticed.

Ginger…looked like a real pony. I mean yes…her arms were fastened behind her back as mine and she was completely naked as I was but seeing the rest of left me in shock. Her hair was cut really short, probably up to her shoulders, and styled into a high ponytail. Looking at her head I noticed that she didn’t sport the ball gag like I did but rather the Bit and Bridle Malfoy had mentioned earlier. It was fastened on her by leather straps that ran around her neck, over her head, and around her forehead. She did not, however, have on the thick collar like I did. But it seemed like she didn’t need it. Her head and neck was straight and paralleled perfectly with her shoulders. Looking down towards her body I froze.

‘What in Merlin’s name…’

Ginny…I mean Ginger…had both her nipples and her clitoris pierced and adorned with metal hoops.

Looking down to her feet I noticed her boots were not like mine they looked almost like…‘Hooves?’ Yes, from the ankles up they looked just like my thigh high boots but rather than normal heels they looked like horse hooves. But then as she turned around she noticed one thing…

‘In the name of Godric Gryffindor what the bloody hell…no….’

A tail. She actually had on a bloody tail. It was ginger red just like her hair and braided all the way down to her mid thigh. No it couldn’t be. How is that even possible?

‘Maybe he conjured it through magic.’

I inwardly sighed. ‘Poor Ginny.’

“Ahhhh…what a good little pet.” I heard from Malfoy as he returned from the stables. “You’ve done exceptionally well for the first day and listened to everything I’ve said. You are ever the obedient one, aren’t you.”

I closed my eyes and tried not to let him get to me but was rewarded with a crack of the whip to my left hip. “I asked you a question, Pet.” He growled but then mockingly grinned. “Now…Ever the obedient one, aren’t you?”

Swallowing my pride I lifted my leg, bending perfectly parallel at the waist as he had trained me, and gracefully stomped the floor twice. He grinned. “Good girl.” Malfoy untied me and after clasping the leash in my collar he led me to my stable. Every now and then looking back at me, making sure I was trotting and not walking. Once inside he led me the middle of the stable. He then undid the leash from my neck, walked around me, and ran the leash through the metal hoop at the end of my gloves, through a hanging chain from the ceiling, and tied me in place.

Walking back around to face me he grinned. “You, my pet, will now sleep like a pony…standing up.”


“You will never again sleep like a human. You’ve lost that privilege along with walking and talking like one too.” He smirked. “You’re a pony now and thus you will sleep like one”

Just then I noticed the evil grin on his face. “But first…I think it’s time I introduce you to your…” he licked his lips. “…other duties.”

‘Other duties? What does he mean by other duties.’

He chuckled as he walked behind me and, once standing right behind me, pressed himself against my ass. “Ever wonder why ponies like yourself and Ginger are completely nude? Hmmm? With easy access to certain…areas? That’s because, Pet, aside from pulling our carriages, you are here to service me.” I felt his hands caress the back of my thighs in a way that made me shudder. “Of course I’ll eventually introduce you to the stallion boys and with my choosing you’ll begin to breed and give me nice…young…healthy colts to raise. But…” He ran his hand around my waist and ran a single finger lightly over my pussy lips making me moan. “…first and for most…” He licked my ear. “…you are mine.”

The first thing I heard after that was a buckling noise. After that it sounded like clothes rustling and hit the floor. Pressing up against my bum once more I realized one thing…

He had taken off his pants and trousers.

I heard him mutter few words and (through magic of course) suddenly felt my legs spread wider apart while I completely bent at the waist at a 90 degree angle. My arms were pulled high above me by the chains so tightly that my shoulders began to hurt. His lips grazed my ear. “I’m going to enjoy fucking you the pony way, Pet. Oh yes, make no doubt about that.” And with one quick thrust…he was inside me.

He didn’t go slow and they slowly sped his pace. No, he would never do that. I’m a pet…a pony. And thus so he simply fucked me. From beginning to end he fucked me…raw, rough, hard, and fast. And Merlin help me…did I ever enjoy it. The rougher he was the wetter I got. I could feel myself getting so wet my juices slid all the way down my thighs.

“Is my little pet getting turned on by her master?” He grunted as he kept fucking me from behind. I unconsciously stomped my foot 2 times and I didn’t even have to turn around (not like I could with this thing on my neck) to know he was grinning like a Cheshire cat. He leaned over to my ear once more. “You listen and listen well. You are not to cum until I tell you, got that?” I stomped twice and he grinned. “Good girl.”

Grabbing my left leg he lifted it on the air and rested it against the wall to the side and continued to fuck me. My knee slightly bent. “You’re so tight, Pet. Such a tight little cunt. Ohhh yes. You’re so wet too. Almost buttery. Ahhh yes. Th-that’s what I’ll call you.” He moaned. “Buttercunt.”

At the time my mind swarm with so many thoughts. How dare he name me such a nasty, dirty, derogative name? How dare he insult me? It was absolutely disgusting. And yet…

‘Why am I so turned on by it?’

He reached forward and grabbed my hair, pulling it back so he could bite my neck…hard. “Do you like your name, Pet? You like the name Buttercunt? Does hearing your new name turn you on?”

Although my brain was screaming NO! That’s no my name…it’s Hermione. Hermione Jane Granger. my body, the traitorous bitch that she was, had betrayed me and before I realized what I had done…I stomped my left leg against the wall…twice.

He snickered as he continued to fuck me from behind.

I didn’t know if I could of lasted any longer. I was close…so close. My body was shaking…begging for some release. I wanted to ask him…beg him to let me cum. But because of the ball gag I couldn’t. So I did the only thing I could do…I whined. Like a bloody horse I whined.

“What was that, Buttercunt? Do you want to come?” He growled in my ear as I stomped that wall twice ever so enthusiastically. Actually, knowing how turned on I was, I probably just kept right on stomping that wall over and over and over and over. He snickered. “Not yet, Pet…not yet.”

I held it in for as long as he told me to. My body felt like it was on fire. The shaking got worse and I could of sworn I was swimming in my our juices knowing how turned on I was. Every now and then I’d whine…reminding him of my need for release. He’d just laugh and spank me hard on my arse…making me even more wetter than before.

It wasn’t too long after that that I felt him getting close to his peak. He leaned over to my ear and whispered. “Listen to me, Pet. I’m close, so close, and when I say cum…you bloody well cum. If you cum before I tell you there will be dire consequences. Do you understand?”

I stomped twice against the wall and waited anxiously for his word. He grabbed my hips and gave a few final thrusts and came inside me. “Now…CUM!” He groaned. And Merlin did I ever. With a loud as Hades whine I came, feeling my inner walls I milk his cock for all it’s worth.

He stayed there, behind me, for quite a while and finally slid out of me. I heard him mutter a quick ‘scourgify’, thank Merlin, and felt all of my juices disappear.

I heard rustling in what I could only imagine was him putting back on his clothes and walked around to face me. Brandishing his wand and with a flick of his wrist my legs came back together and I was straightened upright once more.

He smirked as he ran his hand through my hair the way you would a horse’s mane with praise and I unconsciously closed my eyes and leaned into his touch. “Good girl.” He whispered and made his way to the gate. “Now get some rest, Pet.” He said. “Come tomorrow’s lesson you’re going to need it.” Closing the gate of my stall he turned around and smiled. “Goodnight, Buttercunt.” And with that he was gone.

Thinking back at the day’s events I should have been furious with him. I should of felt humiliated and degraded for what Draco Malfoy has done to me. But instead…I smiled. Inwardly of course. Merlin knows how damn near impossible it is to smile with a bloody ball gag in your mouth. I stifled a gagged yawn and closed my eyes, trusting his words and getting some good nights sleep.

‘Goodnight, Master.’ be continued