Snow White Caballo

by Starfyre
- do not use without the author's permission.

Chapter 11 - Kentucky?


“Master?” James turned quickly. He currently had an arm full of hay. “I didn’t do anything.”

“I want you to prepare Snow Caballo for travel. I am going to the Kentucky’s a nice little private show. It will be a good test for her. So pack her Show gear, her show saddle and I want you to call the vet to make sure He sends some sedation pills..just in case she ..gets too excited.”

“Yes sir.” Looking away. He hadn’t been too argumentative since that morning that he had to violate her. “Should I tell of the other stable boys to pack so that she can have a personal stable hand?”

“You will be her stable hand. Have her gear ready for travel by this afternoon. The private plane leaves at twelve.”

“Yes Master.”

Giovanni smirked to himself as he watched James. He had broken the boys spirit. That was good because it didn’t do to have your own stable hands questioning your ways.

“Caballo..” Looking over at her Stall. “My Caballo.”

The man approached and opened her stall door slowly. Giovanni admired the sheer simple perfection of her tiny form laying there. She was sleeping, apparently. But he didn’t let that stay. He knelt down on one knee beside her and started petting over her bare side.

Her legs shifting slightly. A small sound came from her throat. Giovanni nodded and grasped the halter. Caballo’s eyes opened slowly to see him. Somewhere between a state of sleep and awake, she was being coaxed to her hands and knees.

“That’s my Caballo. Tired after this mornings workout with Mistress Raven?” Chuckling, attaching a lead rope to the halter. “You need groomed for travel. I shall do it my self while James packs your equipment.”

Standing, pulling the rope gently, at first, to test her willingness to follow. Caballo’s spirit had been tamed ever since the morning incident as well. She only hesitated for a moment before following his lead.

At first she was slow because she was still waking up. Caballo shifted and gasped. She’d almost stumbled but she caught her self. Giovanni laughed lightly and let her catch up.

“Wake up now Caballo.”

James looked over at them from the Tack room and sighed. His guilt for what he had done to her was growing inside. He didn’t like seeing her start to comply like she was. Giovanni glanced at James and nodded before be led Caballo onto the grooming table.

She was strapped in and being raised to an easier grooming height for him. Caballo simply kept her eyes down and tried to ignore the way Giovanni looked at her. Her heart was shaken from the whole thing.

“Such a good girl today.” Brushing his large hands over her cheeks and back through hair. Giovanni was petting her. “Yes..I think you are ready for your first show..”

He reached into his pocket and pulled a small Mint candy out. He placed it in his palm and put that to her lips and clicked softly. He was very gentle with his mares if one looked. But it was an earned gentleness. They had to behave to get treated better.

“That’s a good Caballo.” Whispering to her.

The candy smelled good. She hadn’t had any in forever. Snow couldn’t help her self when she lowered her lips down to meet the candy. She chewed the Mint candy slowly. It was a soft mint that tasted like a tootsie roll flavor. Was it that? She’d forgotten what regular food, aside from salads and other healthy foods like some fruits, tasted like.

“You are going to behave for your master, no?”

This was a giant leap forward for Giovanni as far as her training was concerned. He smiled and gave her another piece of the Tootsie roll mint while stroking and petting her still. James found him self frowning when he watched. His heart was being torn again as he watched her.


And deeper into the world of ponies outside Giovanni’s manner, Drake was delving. He knocked on the office door of Diana and paused.

“Yes?” Came her voice.

“It is me..Your..pony..”

The past four days had been rather intense and he was working another angle of this pony world clue. He wasn’t finding out anything by being just a student who showed up to beginner classes. So he had started to flirt very heavily with Diana. She responded very well. It was Friday and she had instructed him to show for an advanced class. She wanted to ride him.


Turning on her desk, crossing her slender leg over the other, she leaned back and smiled.

“Mistress..” He closed the office door and smiled at her. “Did I intrude at a bad time?”

“Not at all..I was just looking over a private site.” Minimizing her computer screen. “I like my ponies early and..dressed.” Diana admired the newly purchased gear on him. “Very delicious.”

“If I recall..There’s something else that the Mistress likes as well.” Reaching back, locking the door.

She giggled and licked her lips in anticipation. “Is My stallion going to be a naughty boy?”

It was PERK! He was starting to really like her, even after just a week. He Drake snorted playfully and smirked as he approached her.

“Oh my..I do like when My Stallion gets a wild streak to him.”

Squealing in delight. Her hands went to his head and grasped silver hair between her legs. Her skirting had a new addition under it and she moaned in delight.

At the office Door, Fiora shook her head and turned. “Hey Bri...Class is going to be held for at least a half hour. Better tell the students.”

“What, again?!” Bri asked as Fiora exited the room.

“Yes.” Sighing. “Gods I wanted that to be me! I dressed him. I fitted him.”

“Whining doesn’t help.” Bri chuckled and started dialing. “You go tell the ones that are already here. I’ll call the rest.”

“Blah.” Fiora grumbled said as she walked away. “And Blah!” She called back.

“Poor thing needs to get laid.” Bri laughed and nodded. “Yes..hello. Mr. Kevins..yes. This is Bri.”

“Like she’s one to talk.” Fiora entered the main stabled and headed to the tack rooms where people were readying for class. “Hello Masters, Mistress’s and ponies. I’m afraid that Mistress Diana is a bit tied up in a meeting so class is going to start late.”

“Again?” One woman grunted. “She did this yesterday too!”

“You pay for the best..She has many clients which need her attention. Now..She won’t be too long. I suggest you relax or go browse the store.” Fiora spoke as calmly as she could. “ can go get some food in the break room. But no matter what you do..she’s busy.”

“Down Pony.” A males voice scolded. “We can wait.”

Why doesn’t Miss Fiora start for us?” Oneof the Mistree’s in training spoke. “She is learning well..and that way Mistress Diana won’t be so rushed.”

“Well you all paid ..for a real mistress. I am only an apprentice.”

“Mistress Fiora is more experienced than we.” The same woman spoke. “We accept that and we also don’t wish to rush Mistress Diana.”

“Very well then.” Fiora was blushing. “I shall go ready my self.”

“We shall be here.” Another replied.

Fiora suddenly felt a hundred times better. She was upset that she lost Thaylin but these this advanced class, they said it was alright if she took over! That was almost as good as getting Thaylin.


Back at Giovanni’s manner

It was close to noon and Snow Caballo was completely groomed. Giovanni put her in a traveling blanket made of silk. It was pure white with her name Monogrammed into the sides. Her facial mask matching. White covered her cheeks and went over her head. Her eyes covered with side blinders so she could only see to the front.

Her white mane was braided back and her tail was washed and dried to a fine silky sheen. He put her show halter on which was white leather and put the custom matching lead rope on her. He was leading her to the Plane which sat just beside a riding pen.

He had his own runway. He had his own plane, yes. He had many things that were his own. James was already loading the back transportation area of the plane and preparing Caballo’s traveling stall.

She was loaded into the back just as a real horse would have been. Giovanni led her to the smaller stall and, of course, she was on all fours. Only instead of her show white Knee pads, she had on black ones for now. He would have James put the rest of her show gear on before they landed.

Caballo gasped and jumped. The plane’s back ramp had shifted slightly. James grimaced and looked away. Gods he HATED to see her like this! It was his fault!

“Shh...” Clicking soothingly. Giovanni held her firmly, yet gently. “Easy Caballo..” Looking up. “The door.”

“Yes sir.” James opened the traveling stall’s pen for Giovanni. “Fresh bedding and a soft Mat you ordered for her.”

“That’s a girl..Easy.” He led her into the pen and tied the end of the lead rope to the gate side. “Good Caballo.”

The man seemed to know that seeing her comply made James ever more tense. It was as if he was TRYING to push the boys buttons. And further when he fed her another Tootsie roll mint piece.

“Go tell the captain that we are ready to take off. I trust you have our things loaded as well, yes?”

“Yes master Giovanni.” Jame nodded. “Her show tack is in it’s protective covering and stored safely. I brought the regular non show as you instructed as well..”

“Yes..just in case I want to go pleasure riding. Her show tack is only for shows.” Petting her, scratching at her cheek and ear gently. “My Caballo is going to win this show.”

“I will go tell the captain.”

James made as quick an exit away as he could. Anything, just as long as he didn’t have to see that anymore.

“Be a good Your master has to go sit down and buckle in and you have to sit back and enjoy the flight so you stay relaxed. For if you win..Your master is going to reward his Snow Caballo.”

Her eyes raising to look at him. He chuckled and stroked the silken mask over her cheek.

“Alright, alright. One more..”

Giovanni pulled another ‘Tootsie treat’ from his pocket and gave it to her. Caballo happily ate it up. They tasted So much better than carrots and Lettice!

“See how well My Caballo is treated if she behaves?” Whispering to her. “Now I really must go sit..”

Pulling away from her. Smiling as he closed the pen gate. He knew he’d break her. It simply took time, that was all.

To be continued....