Member of the Club

by Sogo
with art by Marquis de Panasewitz

- do not use without the author's and artist's permission.

Alexis Chalmers remembered the first time she stood in the front office of the country club, immaculate in her new hairstyle and tailored suit, demanding to be admitted as a member.

"But why?" she asked. "I make two hundred thousand a year at my law firm and I have impeccable credentials."

"I'm sorry, ma'am, but this is a male-only club."

"That's discrimination."

"I'm sorry, but that's the way it is. Women just don't apply here."

"Bullshit. I know there are women who have come in here. You're trying to tell me they aren't members?"

"Not in the strict sense, no."

"Well, if they can be admitted, then so can I."


She now regretted those words-- and regretted not having done her homework. They had relented, and now she found out why.


The whack of golf club against ball brought her back to the present. She was now a caddy, a *ponygirl* caddy dressed only in a shelf bra that exposed her breasts, a boned leather lace-up "waspie" waist cincher with garters, and fishnet stockings underneath her leather harness and bridle and high-heeled pony boots. A heavy golf bag full of clubs was strapped to her back. Blinders prevented her from seeing anything but what was immediately in front of her, and her arms were bound in a leather sleeve behind her tightly-cinched waist, arching her back and thrusting her exposed tits out even further.

She was in constant agony. Needles of pain shot through her feet every time she moved in her boots with the too-high heels, her arms ached from their unnatural position, her back hurt from carrying the heavy golf clubs, her mouth was sore from the thick rubber bit, and beads of sweat from her shaven head stung her eyes and attracted clouds of gnats. Her only comfort was the warmth of the sun on her bare breasts and the warm summer breeze caressing her exposed and shaven cunt.

She and the three other ponygirl caddies followed the players to the next hole, forbidden to interact, make a sound, or even look at each other. They were at the ninth hole, and already she was getting woozy from the heat and the weight of her burden.

A thick riding crop spanked her in the bare ass. "Pick up the pace, bitch!" Alexis felt the anger surge within her. Before this, she would have retaliated with a vengeance, but now she had no choice-- they had video and pictures of her as a near-naked ponygirl which they could use to blackmail her, and the name of the country club had been branded on her breasts and left buttock with a hot wire brand. Her thick beautiful red hair had been permanently depilated except for a narrow mane down the back of her head. She was now theirs.

Still, she considered herself lucky. She had been given the tour, and had seen the muffled and mini-skirted French maids in the dining room dispensing drinks from bags surgically implanted in their breasts, the naked and chained well-preserved fifty-something woman kept busy sexually satisfying the men in the locker room, and the three naked and kneeling women hogtied along the one wall in the men's room, their heads covered in latex hoods with large urinal-shaped openings over the lower halves of their faces.

She had struggled against her bonds as they taunted her with these options. "How would you like to squirt vintage wine from your tits, or have multiple sex partners for hours every day, or drink piss from dozens of men after a large social event?"

In the end, though, they needed more caddies, and so she was now permanently housed in a stable with at least a dozen other unfortunate women who had once-promising professional careers, waiting each morning in revealing underwear and pony tack until she was led out to serve as some golf course mule for the day. She was now a member of the club.

A lifetime member.

Copyright 2007 by Sogo.