Costume Party

by Sogo
- do not use without the author's permission.

In the box, slave, is the costume you are to wear to the Fetish Ball tonight. I will be running late, so get there early and I will meet you there later. Master

Amanda read the note and smiled. She and her boyfriend had been into fetishes for a while now, but this would be the first time that they would go public in fetish costume. The young woman felt a thrill of anticipation as she opened the box: what would he have her wear?

She gasped when she saw the profusion of leather straps and restraints. Amanda saw almost immediately that it was a ponygirl harness and bridle, complete with bit, blinders, horseshoe boots, and butt plug pony tail. Beneath it was a full-length spandex body suit with open crotch in the appropriate horse-brown color and a transparent banana clip that would hold her hair back in a mane. The woman felt a shiver of fear ripple through her body. Could she really go out in public like this? Well, if Master demanded it . . .

The party was in two hours. Amanda showered, dressed, and did her make-up, her mind wandering to the box on the kitchen table as apprehension ate away at her gut. Could she really go through with it? What if someone she knew saw her like that? What if something went wrong? Hell, she thought, it was a fetish party. EVERYBODY would be dressed in something outrageous. Finally, she grabbed the box and headed out the door.

She took the van, planning on changing after she got there. The last thing she wanted was to be stopped by a cop while dressed as a ponygirl.

Though the party had just started, a number of cars were already at the rented banquet hall. Her self-consciousness dissipated when she saw others leaving their cars in kinky, revealing leather and lingerie outfits. Well, at least I won't stand out, she mused.

Amanda undressed, stepped into the body suit, and worked the clingy garment onto her voluptuous frame. The boots were next, and it took her a few minutes to tightly lace the leather knee-high footwear. The harness was tricky, as she had to tightly cinch all the straps herself, but she somehow managed. The butt plug, however, was the most difficult of all-- though she wasn't a virgin in that area, the plug was rather large, and she was glad that Master had had the foresight to include a small bottle of lube. After much effort and gritting of teeth, she managed to work it in. Then finally there was the bridle. She held her hair back with the clip, then buckled the straps securely. The thick bit was uncomfortable, but she knew her jaws and mouth would adjust shortly. The only thing she couldn't do was restrain her arms, as the cuffs hung from the back strap of the harness, but she could get someone to do that for her.

Amanda took a twenty from her purse for the admission fee, left the van, and stuck her keys under the bumper for safekeeping, then headed for the entrance. She couldn't help but be embarrassed as her metal horseshoes clip-clopped loudly on the sidewalk, boldly announcing her presence.

A leashed woman on all fours guarded the front door. Dressed in a poodle costume complete with tail, her permed hair fashioned into little doggie ears, she growled and barked threateningly as Amanda approached, her dog tags jingling as she strained against her leash. A sign stuck on the front lawn said: FEED DOGGIE TO ENTER. Beneath it was a pail of dog biscuits. Amanda shrugged and bent down, then tossed a biscuit onto the front walk. The human poodle grabbed it in her teeth and crunched away, letting the ponygirl pass.

Inside, she was met by a smiling Goth girl in a black vinyl dress and waist cincher. In a large room beyond, throbbing techno music and flashing lights spilled out into the hallway.

Amanda handed over the twenty and removed her bit just long enough to ask, "Could you restrain my arms, please? I don't want to be punished for not being a hundred percent compliant."

"No prob," said the Goth girl, eager to assist. When she had cuffed the ponygirl's arms securely behind her, she gave her a little spank on the behind, letting her hand linger briefly. Amanda was startled, and hoped others didn't take such liberties with her helplessness.

Amanda was afraid she would stand out but, upon entering, found that she blended right in with the mind-blowing fetish fashions of the other partyers. She wandered around, unable to do much of anything because of her harnessed and bridled state except wait for her boyfriend.

Fortunately, it didn't take long. Dressed completely in leather, including a zippered hood, her boyfriend came up to her and clipped a lead to her bit rings. She couldn't hear what he was saying because of the loud music, but a tug on the leather lead indicated his intentions. Willingly, she followed him.

Strangely, he led her right back outside. The Goth girl waved and smiled as they left: "Have a good night, you two."

He led her straight to a horse trailer, which he opened up before leading her in. What the hell does he have planned, thought the woman. This is way beyond anything we've ever done before.

It was dark, so Amanda didn't see the straps hanging from the inside walls, but she could feel herself slowly being held in place as he clipped them to rings on her harness and bridle. When he finished, he removed his hood and fondled her immobilized body.

"Perfect. You'll make a fine addition to the stable of pretties."

Fear jolted the young woman. The voice was deeper and rougher than her boyfriend's, and the hand was larger and more calloused. He laughed, and then she knew that it was someone she had never met before. What the hell was going on here?

She felt the trailer shift as the man left, and then things went totally dark as he closed up the trailer and locked it. Amanda whimpered, trying not to panic, the sounds of her fear echoing off the bare metal walls. Was this some kind of joke? A test of her obedience? She desperately wanted to believe that her Master was playing some sort of prank on her. To believe otherwise meant something too horrible to consider. There was a small jolt as the car started up, and then they headed off down the road.

Needless to say, it was no prank. Amanda was never seen again, and all attempts to trace her abductor failed. One can only speculate on her possible fate. It is almost certain that she is part of a wealthy person's stable, and that her appearance is altered - her head shorn of its long beautiful locks, and tattoos and brandings applied in strategic places. She may also have piercings in her face, nipples, or labia. If her new owner's tastes run to the extreme, she may have had her cunt sewn shut, or even body parts surgically modified! Her life, no doubt, is one of constant misery, her days filled with bondage and punishment, and totally devoid of any human comforts. Certainly not one minute goes by when she doesn't regret following her Master's orders on that fateful night.