The Round Up

by SirJeff
inspired by the art of Tortureman
- do not use without the author's permission.

This year's round up for my wild filly went very well. I found this readhead on a road just east of Waco, Texas, walking with a delightful wiggle, a gas can in hand, looking to hitch a ride. The ride she did get, roped in my trunk, was definitely not what she imagined, and soon enough she was on my Big W ranch in Wisconsin.

Once out of the trunk, she put up a real fuss, more hellcat than pony-to-be. Easily taken care of - I've seen this all before. She was perfect, would make a wonderful racing pony, with her fitness and vitality.

My first order of business was to chain her and stabilize her for branding. Of course she was still screaming and trying to wriggle, to no awail. We were miles from anywhere.

Whilst branding her, I admired her beautiful flowing mane. It would be a real pleasure to turn most of it into her buttplug tail. That would be my second order of business, once she calmed a little. We had all the time in the world.