Now Recruiting

by EscortMaster
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Is this a fantasy, or the manuals of an actual escort service? Only the EscortMaster knows!

Introduction - The Ponygirl

The ideal candidate for a ponygirl needs to be smart; can learn; and, even better, must have spirit. She is also required to be a complete slut, she must suck when she is told to suck, she must fuck when she is told to fuck, and she must bend over when told to bend over, without question. She must learn quickly how to present her tits, pussy and ass to Clients.

It is however a scary existence, once you commit yourself to your Mistress or Master, there is no going back. Only the ponygirl and the Master know in their hearts why this has to be.

For the ponygirl nothing learned in your past life can help them, they are best to wipe it all out. They are not just tied up, as then they could always feel that they could be free one day. They must endure full transformation, which is much kinder, and it helps them to reconcile with their new existence. Once committed they are a real pony girl. You have two legs, not four, obviously. You are not a pony. You are a pony girl. But the best thing you can do from them on is THINK PONY.

In the stables the ponygirls panic, her disbelief, her total lack of defence will be the fun, and Clients may enjoy the power. To the Client this may all seem like a stupid game, which they may enjoy, but to the ponygirl and Master it is REALITY.

A ponygirl may be commissioned. They may be informed one day who that person is, but by then it will not matter to them. Some may know from the beginning. To all practical intents and purposes, the stable or farm is the owner. The stable hands are the owners. The Clients are the owners. Better to be commissioned by and serve a Master and Mistress who you know will treat you well.

Ponygirls will be kept totally naked except for the horse trappings that they will wear, where practical. In some cases, however, the girls will wear something extra at their Master or at a Client’s request.

The treatment is not intended to brainwash the ponies entirely. Nobody wants a zombie or a real pony. People quite like real ponies, with their cute habit of pressing their necks together and their frisky, prancing ways. People are a little bit of afraid of them too, and treat them some respect. They have teeth and a good bite and can sometimes kick, like all horses. What is really fun is not ponies, but a ponygirl, with her tits and comic ways. The programming will be subtle. It aims to confuse, to undermine the roots of memory, to chip away at the prevailing social order and its fun-destroying taboos.

Remember, this is not a sex game, and the girl is not pretending to be a pony. She is a PONYGIRL.

Ponygirl Training


Training is an important part of the ponygirl life, and being a good trainer isn't always easy! After some misbehaving the ponygirl will need to be punished!

Walking like a ponygirl should isn't easy! Proper training is needed, and her Trainer needs to be good at what she does!

Basic Dressage

A ponygirl will learn dressage including the presentation of their pussy, and how to produce juices quickly and presentation of their tits. They will learn quickly if they wish to avoid the cat. First they must get used to the bit. Clients don’t just want to look at tits bouncing. They want to control the ponygirl, so a bit is put in the mouth. A harness is strapped to the head. The ponygirl will hate the feel of her teeth on the bit. Reins may also be attached to the bit. The tongue is no longer a problem, as they will use it less and less from now on, except to please the Clients or a Master/Mistress etc.

The ponygirl will be put in high heeled shoes. In flat shoes the movement of the rump is horizontal, more or less, just a little turn upwards. In high heels each jolt of the buttocks is exaggerated. The rump goes up and down more, like a horse, not so much sideways. Each cheek does a real upward jolt. That’s what Clients like. It drives them crazy to see a girl’s arse go up and down like a horse’s. Four inch heels, high and uncomfortable, but not impossible to wear are the norm. They will become part of their feet. A groom or Mistress/Master will stand in the middle of the room and hold the lead while the ponygirl walks round in a circle. The command will be to straighten the back, so as to show off their tits! The breasts, like the cheeks of the bottom will pick up an exaggerated swing and bounce.


If possible, the tack will be just a couple of thin leather straps attached to a leather collar. One strap will hang down to the waist, with horizontal straps coming off metal rings on the vertical strap. The horizontal straps pass under the breasts, giving them an extra lift which men find irresistible. These straps fasten behind the back. Another strap is fitted between the collar and the bridle strap to force the ponygirls head up, showing the ponygirl’s tits off to best advantage. Next a wide leather belt is fitted, with rings sewn into it, round her waist and pulled tight. Finally, the groom will fit leather cuffs to her elbows and tie them to the same belt. In this way her largely useless arms will be held against her body.

The trick is simple. Think Pony. Eat Pony. Drink Pony. Jerk your rump like a Pony. Keep your head high and flop your tits like a well-trained ponygirl. If you don’t, if you think Girl, you’ll feel the training whip.


First Steps

The first weeks may be passed in meaningless walking. The ponygirl may be instructed in such matters as deportment, how to keep its head high, giving Clients the impression that they are proud of their new status as a pony. Certain refinements typical of dressage are added. On the call of “Knees” the ponygirl has to bring its knees up until their thighs are horizontal. This will give a good view of their thigh development and a less good, but nonetheless intriguing view of their pubic area. It will also open the buttocks slightly.

The second week may be devoted to trotting, which requires a light, balanced gait with more spring in it. The main thing here is to hold the head up. When you walk and gallop your head goes down and forwards, then upwards and back. The trot is different. In the trot the head is still. When you trot you bounce. Think Pony. Imagine you’ve got a bareback rider, a man. His testicles are bouncing up and down off you. If he knows about horses he’ll probably post, as we say – go up and down with you. It helps preserve his bollocks! If the rider’s a woman, she’ll probably stay down on your back, maybe rubbing herself with you. She’ll take advantage of the bumps.

Moving on

As the weeks pass, the ponygirl’s timeless existence will become a present existence. It will be daytime when she is awake and night when she is asleep. It will be training time when she is woken up to have her bridle and bit fitted, or to meet Clients. What will matter most to her now will be the details, the piece of chocolate as a reward for example. She will be prepared to do silly things to get them. She will, for example, move her body a little to the left or right to show her breasts off to best advantage. Or she will stand in front of a Client, push her breasts up and forwards, then turn round and touch her toes, showing them her hindquarters.

The training will move on relentlessly. Masturbation, which will have been quietly tolerated, will now be strictly forbidden. Punishment will be meted out to offenders, usually in the form of a repeated beating by stable hands or by Clients. The ponygirl will find itself thinking more and more of the tongues of other ponygirls licking their most private parts. A relation with another ponygirl will be the most satisfactory part of their life of service in a stable.

Information for Our Clients

All sessions will be conducted in a "safe, sane and consensual " manner. We always do our utmost to make sure that our Client will derive pleasure from the sessions. Our aim is to create a total experience leaving a lasting impression. Discipline of the ponygirl will be strict at all times. Her trainer is always known by her as Master, and the Client will be addressed as “Sir” at all times. She will only speak when given permission to do so.

On arrival after introductions have taken place, you may partake of some refreshment and watch some dressage or training, or you may wish to go straight into any other pleasures previously discussed.

The ponygirl may be restrained for pleasure, which may or not be a sexual practice depending on the Client's taste. Therefore, sexual intercourse, be it oral, anal or vaginal, may occur within a session, but is not essential. The Master, depending again on your taste, will join in any sexual activities at your request, he will however, always be present during a session as the pony's trainer and due to the nature of what may take place. Safe sex is practised at all times, however oral sex is given without.

The ponygirl may be bound by tying her appendages together, for example, or by lashing her arms to an object. Bondage may also be achieved by spreading the appendages and fastening them with chains to a bed. The head harness may be left on or taken off at anytime during the session as the Client requires, for example if the ponygirl is required to perform oral sex.

Our prime ponygirl Rachelle is a show pony, which concentrates on its appearance, form and style. The sub-category of “pleasure” pony may also be applied as she may also be used for sexual gratification. However, the ponygirl must be treated with respect and dignity. Nor do we mistreat them.

Aftercare is VERY important. This can be softly caressing, stroking or holding the pony. All activities related to using a ponygirl can be very physically demanding and the handlers of the ponygirl must respect the limitations of the ponygirl. On a lighter side bring along some chocolate to reward the pony if she pleases you.

Our Sample Costs

Incalls - 1/2 hour session Cost £80, 1 hour session Cost £140

Outcalls may also arranged, please call for cost.

Anal sex may be performed on the ponygirl only on a second or subsequent visit at an additional cost of £30.

Photographs many also be taken for £20. A 10 megapixel SLR camera is available for this purpose.

Films may also be taken, please call to discuss costs. A DVD video camera is also available for this purpose.

Showering facilities with lockers are also provided.