Book 2 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 5 - Duty Overall


Now that the girls had had their snacks it was time to return to the rooms. Trainers were waiting for the preparation that would turn the girls into true pony slaves. The trainers all had done this countless times before. Each trainer knew the girls were nervous. They had been there and experienced the fear of seeing a man's cock in front of their face. The fear was paralyzing in its nature. It would take tremendous will to overcome. The trainer's job was to see it done, regardless of the circumstances.

With sixteen girls it took sixty men to provide sufficient human male organs to satisfy the oral sex training needs. Since the girls required five blow jobs every day, each would perform some two hundred in their ten week stay at boot camp. Overall, over three thousand acts of oral sex would be performed in that time. Even the most sex craved male wouldn't be able to hold up to such attention. The load was spread around to all sixty males. Using a staggered schedule the men were kept from being abused so they could always provide a quality organ to be used by the girls.


It was zero hour. Katherine seemed pretty calm considering the event that was about to take place. She saw my fear and couldn't do a thing to calm me down. "What do I do now," I asked.

"Take off your boots. It's time to get into your marching heels."

As I unlaced the boots Kat retrieved the outrageous footwear from the walk-in closet. "Notice the soles," she said as she pointed out the horseshoe shape of the underside of the boot. "Each boot is tuned to make as loud a hoof sound as possible. We want that clip-clop sound to be loud and clear."

I noticed the heel more than anything! "How am I supposed to walk in these things without falling on my face?" I asked.

"The angle from heel to toe is the same as the heels you just took off. It's a five inch difference. Also, the lacing will keep you from turning your ankle and provide additional support. Remember, you'll be marching, not walking. The heels will require you to lift your feet in order to walk properly. The marching session you're going to have next will teach you.

"Oh," I said.

Katherine helped me slip the thigh high boots onto my legs. They felt comfortable at least. Katherine laced the boots up to my knees while I sat on the edge of the bed. Then she had me stand and I suddenly felt like I was on stilts! I towered over my trainer by a full foot! As I looked down she finished lacing the boots. The outer edge of the boots sported the same garter strap that connected to the body suit. I was glad that task was done.

"Walk around in them. Lift your knees a little more than you normally would. It will make it easier.

Walking around with your head seven feet above the ground is an experience I would not soon forget. I've worn heels before but these were beyond believable. Then again, the boots were well designed. I had support in my ankles. The soles were made from some sort of polished wood but had been worked in to prevent them from being slippery. I had good traction, in other words.

I held my arms out to my sides as I walked back and forth across the room. "How do they feel," Katherine asked.

"OK, I guess. They don't pinch or hurt in any way. They have good support. I'm not used to the height. I feel like I'm going to fall with each step."

"That's normal. It will take a few days to overcome that feeling. I need you to pull your arms in though. Put your hands behind your back and lift your knees higher," she ordered.

I tried walking without using my hands for balance and lost my balance almost immediately. Katherine caught me and steadied me as I tried again. "Stand proud," she said. "You're leaning. That causes your hips to throw your balance off."

I tried again. She walked beside me and I managed to cross the room without losing my balance more than once. We repeated the trip two or three times more. I was getting used to the heels but I was still unsteady. "I'm getting better at it," I said proudly.

"That's enough for now. Time to get the rest of the gear on you. Get on your knees," she ordered.

Kat disappeared again into the closet. When she returned she had a black plastic collar and a single sleeve. The collar went on first as I remained motionless for her. The collar was tall, perhaps five inches high at the front. It was contoured to fit snugly around my neck and fully cover my throat. My head was rendered motionless by the device.

"The armbinder will cause you some problems with balance in those heels. We're going to work on that after your blow job session. Let's get this on you," she said.

I expected her to remove the leather gloves but instead she simply slipped the triangular tube over my arms while I held them behind my back. It took her a long time to lace it. Straps over my shoulders and across my chest held the sleeve in place. I was now completely helpless.

The phone rang in the lounge. "Room 8 is ready," the attendant noted. "Carlos Mendoza, Room 8 please," he ordered.

Carlos was a tall Mexican worker with the classic features and a gentle face. He had been through this hundreds of times in the past and didn't consider it nearly as big a deal as some of his co-workers. Slipping his cock into an unwilling mouth was as unpleasant for him as it was for the recipient. While he was sympathetic he also needed the money. He prided himself on his gentle method. This girl would discover his method soon.

Carlos knocked on the door. The kneeling girl that Katherine introduced him to was incredible. He had seen many women turned into ponies before but this one was simply beautiful.

"Magnificent," he said. "You are absolutely gorgeous."

"Thank you," she said sheepishly.

"How do you feel," he asked in his gentle tone as he stood in front of her..

"I'm OK. I never did this before."

"I'll be gentle. Let me go over some of the rules first."

"There are rules?" Jennifer asked.

"Absolutely. First of all, you must always maintain eye contact, even if your mouth is filled. Always look up at the man you are attending to. Can you remember that?"


"Yes, Carlos," he corrected.

"I'm sorry. Yes, Carlos. I can remember."

"Good. Now we'll talk about technique. First and most important is that you never bite. Under ideal circumstances you should not let your teeth ever touch a man's manhood. Second, we like to employ a submissive method for doing this. We want you to extend your tongue beyond your lower lip so you can't let your lower teeth touch. You'll naturally cover your upper teeth with your lip when you do this and it will make for a better performance."

"Yes, Carlos," Jennifer replied.

"Let's practice with my fingers. I'm going to insert my two fingers into your mouth. I want you to perform oral sex on them just like it was a cock. When you're ready, open your mouth and stick out your tongue."


Carlos seemed pretty nice. I took an immediate liking to him as he tried to calm me down. My voice betrayed my anxiety but Carlos knew what I was going through. He didn't want to hurt me. I really liked him.

When he told me to open wide and stick out my tongue it didn't bother me. I just did it. He dropped to one knee and patted my head. I pulled my tongue back in and giggled involuntarily. "Open," he said in a soft voice.

When I opened wide and extended my tongue he took two fingers of his right hand and inserted them into my mouth. Then he slowly began moving them in and out. As he did so he coached me to maintain constant suction. He also wanted me to extend my tongue farther and to keep it in motion.

As I did as he asked he continued to comment and coach. I was constantly being reminded to extend my tongue and keep it moving. "Concentrate, Jennifer," he would say. "Don't let your tongue stop moving," he kept urging. I did the best I could.

We repeated the exercise twice more. "You did fine, sweetheart," Katherine said as she knelt beside me. "Now it's time for the real thing. Ready?"

I nodded but remained silent. She patted my head again as Carlos pulled down his pants and extended his cock toward my face. "Open," Katherine ordered.

Carlos towered over me and Katherine knelt to my right. She took my chin and gently pulled my mouth open. I extended my tongue as I had done with the fingers. Now it was different but I did as I was taught. The cock went between my lips and over my tongue. I wanted to retch! It was horrible. Tears ran down my cheeks as Katherine made calming sounds to ease my distress.

"Concentrate, Jennifer. Move your tongue and stick it out farther," she demanded.

"Eye contact," Carlos said. "Keep looking at me. Don't look at my crotch," he ordered.

I looked up at him and forced myself to do as they asked. As I was doing this I could feel Carlos getting harder. I suddenly realized what was going to happen and began pulling away. "Don't do that, Jennifer! Move toward him when he gets hard. Don't ever pull back!"

As Katherine said this Carlos grabbed my hair and pushed his cock deeper into my mouth. The tip of his cock touched the back of my throat and I gagged. "More suction, honey. Keep your tongue moving!" Carlos demanded.

It happened! Oh my God! He came in my mouth and he wouldn't let me spit it out. It was horrible. "Swallow it!" Katherine yelled. I shook my head. Carlos pinched my nose. "Swallow it," Katherine repeated. I couldn't breathe with my mouth filled with slime. So in one gulp I did it! Oh God!

I thought I was through with the ordeal but they had other plans. "Keep your tongue out. Keep working," Katherine demanded. "As long as the cock is in your mouth you're expected to maintain suction and keep that tongue moving. So, get back to work."

I glanced over at Katherine in amazement. She yelled at me again. "Keep your eyes on him. He's the one who's fucking your face. Pay attention."

Katherine was losing patience with me. I could sense it. Maybe she was getting excited because she was getting turned on by the session. I don't know. But I did know that she wasn't as nice to me once I had started resisting. I suddenly was sorry that I disappointed her.

As I continued to work I discovered that his cock remained hard. He continued to pump in and out as I worked as I was taught. I did my best to keep my eyes on his face as I kept moving my tongue. They kept encouraging me to work harder. They kept praising me when I performed correctly.

It took a few minutes before Carlos erection eased. At that point he withdrew. My mouth tasted strange and I wanted to rinse with water or something to kill the taste. Katherine refused my request for water. Instead she produced the bit and bridle. "I don't want you to lose the taste. I want you to carry it during your exercise," she informed me. "Now, open wide and extend your tongue for me."

Two pins slipped through the holes in my tongue as Katherine pressed the ends of the bit together. This caused the two locking pins to stretch and extend. When they were seated she released the bit and it was stuck in my mouth. At that point she took the myriad of straps and expertly wrapped them around my head. With red blinders on either side of my head my vision was limited to the area directly ahead of me. I didn't see Katherine grab the long blonde tail from the bottom drawer of my dresser.

"Lean forward, Honey," she demanded. Carlos assisted her as I was positioned with my ass high in the air. A small hole in the suit allowed access to my rear end. It was almost invisible when I was standing. It was used to insert the butt plug into my ass. I screamed as the tapered plug was pushed into place. Using a special tool the release pin was removed and the tip expanded to the point that it could not be removed. I hated it.

"Spread your legs a little. I have something for the other hole," Katherine ordered. "This is the last decoration."

Katherine opened a zipper between my legs and inserted an eight inch long metal dildo. It was curved slightly and had a bulbous tip with pins along the edge to accept the twin grommets on either side of my opening. Small nuts held it in place. There was even an extension that ran up to my clit and grabbed the little tube. It felt heavy inside me, perhaps weighting as much as two or three pounds. "All done. We have a couple minutes before you're due in the arena. Let's get you up and we'll see if you can walk in your heels with all these extra distractions."


So many things had happened in the last hour that I was totally disoriented. I now had a tail for crying out loud! But that wasn't even the worst of it. The worst part of all this was the lingering taste and smell of Carlos' semen in my mouth. I couldn't move my tongue because of this god-awful bit between my teeth. And just to complete the set of tortures Katherine stuck a steel cock inside me. And she bolted it in place, no less!

Now I was supposed to march like this, with no hands for support and all sorts of things stuffed inside me. How did they expect me to march like this? I had enough problems with these goofy boots.

"I want you to take slow steps and walk toward the wall. I'll help you keep your balance. Stand up straight and lift your knees about half way. Pretend that you're stepping over a pipe in front of your toes."

I tried marching as instructed and nearly fell down with the very first step. Carlos came to my aid and held me up. "Try again," Katherine urged. "Touch the floor with your toe first, then lower your heel."

I tried again and it went much easier. The devices between my legs distracted me but I had to ignore them. The tail was a huge distraction. It swayed back and forth, brushing my knees. I couldn't even see it because the blinders limited my view. I could only feel it swaying behind me.

"You're doing fine. Lift your knees a little higher and pause at the top of the step," Kat ordered. "Take your time."

I started lifting my knees higher and tried to pose when my knee was up. But it demanded perfect balance and I had not yet achieved that degree of expertise with these boots. I stumbled again but they held me up again.

As I started again Kat pressed her hand against my chest to make me stand up straighter. "Don't look at the floor. Look up. Keep your head high and proud. It will help with your balance. Remember, toe - heel!"

I knew they were going to catch me if I fell so I lifted my head and stepped forward once more. I paused at the top of the step and then did the left leg. I did it perfectly and was rewarded with praise and applause from Kat. I really did feel proud. I continued to march toward the wall. "March in place as you turn," she ordered.

I had learned to walk in eight inch heels in less than a day. I don't know if it was the quality of the training, the fear of being punished, or the skill of yours truly. Probably it was a combination of all three that got me to this level. Was I proud of being able to march in this outfit? Yes. But had I lowered myself to the status of human animal? Unfortunately, I knew the answer to that question as well. The answer was yes.