Book 2 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 3 - Special Delivery



I never thought it would be this horrible. The bondage was far more severe than I had witnessed on the web. I never even heard of such treatment. Why were they doing this to us? We would have gladly traveled to wherever they wanted us to go without this ordeal. I just didn't understand why!

Poor Linda; she really didn't want to do this. She acted like she was OK with the bondage stuff but I knew better. I thought she wanted this and I knew she was heavily in debt so I acted like I wanted it too. But I didn't really. I wasn't so greedy that I'd put myself through the torment that was to come. Or was I?


We were on the road now. I could feel the bumps. I had lost all track of time. As best as I could guess we had been in the boxes for two hours. I could breathe and I could urinate. I couldn't swallow because my tongue was bolted to this horrible tube in my mouth. The only moisture I could obtain came from the damp air that was pumped into me.

We began hitting a rhythmic series of highway bumps. The dildos shifted inside me with each jolt. You would think this would be pleasurable but I found no pleasure in being bound like a packed statue. If this got much worse, I was going to go insane!


I can't imagine how but I dozed off. Now I don't know how long I've been in this box. We're stopping now and I can faintly hear voices outside. They speak broken English. They sound Mexican. Are we crossing the border?

I tried to figure out how many hours we've been in these boxes. Since the person was talking with a Hispanic accent I have to believe we're crossing the border. But the nearest crossing is eight hours away in a fast car. Are they going to keep us in these things all day?


They have to let us out soon! I'm so sore. My butt has been rubbing this leather saddle all night. The dildos are rubbing my ass and sex raw and the metal band is digging into my ass. I can't move an inch to relieve the stiffness.

We stopped for a time and I heard voices. Then after an hour we were moving again. The road was worse than before. We encountered potholes and they jarred me to my bones. Was the driver trying to avoid them or was he trying to torment us by hitting every one? Uh! There's another one!

We traveled for several hours more. I dozed off in this strange packaging. When were they going to let us out? I know I was out for several hours and we were still moving. We had to be ten hours on the road since the Mexican voices were heard. That means we were on the road for nearly twenty hours nonstop. Please God! Make it end!

~ ~ ~

The two men stopped for the evening at an Inn fifty miles south of Durango, Mexico. They were exhausted. The trip was slow and boring. They were well paid for the deliveries but it was still a difficult job.

"Let's check them out," Paulo suggested.

Jorge opened the laptop and allowed the Bluetooth connection to sync up. Heart-rate, breathing, temperature of the truck and the interior of each enclosure was noted and logged. All were nominal. A graph of breathing rate showed that both had slept for three hours each. The blonde had slept less.

"It's a shame we can't open the cases and have a little taste before delivery," Jorge suggested.

"If you want to open them up, all you have to do is lift your half of three hundred kilos. Unless you have a crane in your back pocket, it will have to wait till we get to our destination. Let's get something to eat. I'll sleep in the back and stand guard. You can take the inn for the night," Paulo offered.

"Thank you, my brother. You can take the inn on the return trip."

"As I always do, my brother. Please check the environment system. We don't want baked ponies. I wonder what it's like to be packed for two days like that."

"It is something I hope I never have to find out. It must break them to their very souls! I do not envy them."


We sat for hours. I'm not sure if I was suffering more due to boredom or because of my inability to move. The pain in my joints had gone away. Now they simply felt numb. I began to dream even though I was awake. What was a pony girl supposed to do? Was there any human activity? Gerry said we'd have to have sex on command. Oral sex was part of our jobs. So was every other type of sex. And I was getting paid! My God! I was a whore! I had sold my body for money.


I had developed a very good sense of time but in the condition I was in it was hard to come up with an estimate. Best as I could determine we had stopped after twenty hours on the road. Trying to get a feel for our current ordeal I had determined the following. We had arrived at the doctor's office around six. It took four hours to pack us up. It took ten hours to get to the Mexican border. We had driven ten more hours to this destination. Now we had been stopped for four hours. It was ten at night of the following day. We had spent an entire day and night in our boxes. How much longer?

Jennifer had pushed me into this but I didn't hold that against her. I had to take responsibility for my own problem. Nobody forced me to go with her. Nobody forced me to sign the papers. I was smart enough to know better than blame someone else for my ordeal. Why wasn't I smart enough to realize just how horrible this ordeal would become?

~ ~ ~

The trip would last another sixteen hours. The men started again at midnight. The Innkeeper provided them with tamales for the trip. Around 7 a.m. they stopped for breakfast before moving on. There were no problems to report when they arrived.

By the time the crates were taken from the truck it had been almost forty hours since the girls had enjoyed freedom. Now, having been immobile for over a day and a half they were mentally softened for their new role. Their physical health was now a major concern. They couldn't stay in the boxes for more than three or four more hours without risk. They had to be unpacked.

The truck was backed to a loading dock and the two rear boxes were removed. Another pair of drivers would deliver the remaining parcels, real lab equipment, to their destination in Mexico City. The twin boxes were taken indoors using forklifts.


We're moving! We're out of the truck. Thank God!

I was so stiff I could hardly move a muscle. I had been sitting in this saddle for two days and I'd do anything to end this. I was so stiff that if they completely removed my bonds I wouldn't be able to move an inch without screaming at the top of my lungs. My joints were all locked. I just hoped it wasn't permanent!

I heard air wrenches! The pressure on my back was easing. It's over!

The boxes were moved to a special area where the Styrofoam peanuts would be collected in a pit. The wooden boxes were removed first. Then air wrenches loosened the hatches on the heavy rear plates to relieve the pressure. Removing the rectangular hatches revealed tight arrangements of foam pellets. After attaching a metal chute to each opening, forced air was pumped into the top of each box to blow out all the packing. Then the entire metal cabinet was removed from each skid to reveal the captive females.

They were breathing heavily but were quite healthy. The stiffness would be worked out by expert physical therapists. A doctor, specially trained in this type of activity, was allowed to examine the girls. After careful inspection of their bodies they were removed from the saddles.

As knees were straightened and weight was placed on their feet groans could be heard from the girls. Both were extremely stiff. Moving their legs and taking up their own weight was pure torture. But they would survive.

Gerry had flown down ahead of the truck to check on their progress. He wanted to inspect his property. He liked the results. The girls' sheathed heads and open mouths excited him as did the metal framework on their tits. He thought the corsets fit well but they were traveler versions. Better and more appropriate types were coming soon.

Flat boots were for transport. Soon the girls would wear the hooves with the clear plastic heels. He couldn't wait to see them in pony boots. That would come in just a day or so.

They needed to be stripped of their remaining accoutrements. First the steel banding came off. The dildos were wet but not bloody. The doctor inspected their lower openings to verify they weren't damaged in any way. The rings were in good shape too. The corsets were cut off at that point to reveal slightly reddened abdomens. The doctor inspected the skin for abrasions and found nothing significant.

The nasal inserts had to come out. The doctor took a gripper and inserted it into each of Linda's nostrils and pulled gently. Since the grease had kept the tube lubricated, it came out easily. It was a good extraction with no blood. Her remaining nostril was done next and a rag was used to wipe her nose. Jennifer's nose was done in like manner.

He gave his approval for their entry into the compound. "Get them to their rooms and clean them up," the head trainer, Tina Colosanto, ordered.

The girls were placed in wheelchairs to facilitate their movement. The crew didn't want to remove the hoods yet. Gerry and Tina followed as two female trainers took the girls to their room.

The room was roughly thirty feet square. It featured a single bed. A chain hung from the ceiling. The end lay on the floor near the foot of the bed. The room's other features included a fairly large bathroom with a full bath and vanity, a walk-in closet, and a strangely shaped entrance that had no door. The entrance was "L" shaped to afford privacy but prevent the occupants from blockading the entryway.

Linda was freed of her bonds first. On Tina's orders one of the trainers, Elaine Mason, carefully removed the hood. Then using appropriate tools she freed the girl's tongue, and then removed the oral insert. The tooth coverings were broken with a special tool and removed. Replacements would be ready in ten weeks when she was shipped to the main training ranch. Finally her arm bag was removed. She now stood naked in front of her captors.

"How do you feel?" Gerry asked.

"Scared," she replied.

"Don't be. We're going to take good care of you."

"Who are these people?" she asked, still struggling to recover.

"This is Tina. She is in charge of the training and orientation division. She supervises the overall training of the girls. She also decides on major disciplinary matters, although she often clears them with me.

"Elaine and Katherine are two of the many trainers who work under her. Elaine will be assigned to you for this week. Katherine will take care of Jennifer. I'm not going to go into too much detail at this time. You both are exhausted from your trip. I'll let the girls do their work and then let you rest for a few hours. I'll see you both in a couple hours. Welcome to Mexico."

"Can't you let her out of that stuff?" she pleaded.

"We were just about to do that," Tina replied.

As if on queue, Katherine started working on Jennifer's hood. Using the same tools the gag was removed. Tina assisted Katherine at that point so they could get the arm bag off quickly.

"Jen, are you OK?" Linda asked.

Jen nodded first then said, "I'm OK." Looking up at Gerry she asked, "Why did you have to put us through all that? We would have flown down to Mexico."

"I know that. But you're both headed to other locations. The Mexican authorities pay closer attention to visitors than they used to. Their immigration department has been enhanced in the last few years. If you had flown down, we'd have had to file all sorts of paperwork and lay down a paper trail on each of you. Then we'd have to play politics, grease certain hands, and God knows what else to get this to move smoothly. It's much easier this way."

"Oh," Jennifer said, somewhat dazed over the explanation but sufficiently satisfied.

Tina then asked, "Jennifer, can you walk?"

"I think so. Let me stretch my legs."

Jennifer stood up and walked over to the bed where she immediately sat down. She went through numerous gyrations to work out the kinks in her muscles. "I'm so stiff," she said.

"So am I," Gerry replied. The levity of the moment came as a shock to everyone. The group had been so serious that the off color remark struck home full force. The laughter was uproarious!

"It's extremely late," Tina noted. "It's almost 2 a.m. I want both of you to get showered and then get some rest. Kat and Elaine will take care of you. Breakfast is at nine so don't take too long to doze off. Day one is always pretty hectic."

Kat walked over to Jennifer and asked if she felt any better. "I'm OK now," she replied.

"Come with me then. You're roomed next door," she informed her.

Each girl was treated to a hot shower followed by elaborate pampering by their trainer. Lying on their bellies the girls' backs were rubbed down with liniment and then massaged until the girls had nearly fallen asleep. The lights were dimmed and the trainers made their exits.