Book 2 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 2 - Decisions and Preparation


The girls returned to Linda's apartment to ponder the situation. Could they do this? Was it worth it?

"What do you think?" Jennifer asked, more curious than anxious.

"I don't know. The gold is really tempting. I just don't know if I could do what they ask without going insane."

"I hear you. I don't find it exciting but I do find the money tempting. Let's sleep on it and make a decision in the morning."

Jennifer walked down the two flights of stairs and entered her room. Still thinking about the offer she undressed and climbed into bed. She couldn't sleep. Maybe she should browse the web and see exactly what was being asked of her. She searched Google and found a huge number of sites mentioning the topic. Unfortunately most were phony ads for pay-sex sites and they had no images of pony-girls. Finally she came across a site by the name of Sir Jeff's and decided to look at the real life ponies. The images were upsetting because she had never viewed such pictures before. Still, this was going to have to be her lot in life for a year if she wanted that big payday. She became mesmerized by the images to the point that she lost all track of time. When she next looked at the clock it was 3:00 a.m. Well, her boss was upstairs.

Jennifer threw on a robe and called Linda. A groggy voice answered. "Hey Linda, it's me. I couldn't sleep. I found this site on the web with these girls and I just had to view each one of them."

"What time is it?"

"Uh, three."

"Get some sleep! We have to be at work in three hours."

"Let's both skip work. This is important."

Linda thought for a moment then answered, "Yeah, you're right. We'll bag tomorrow."

"Great, now pop down here. I need to show you something."

"Can't it wait?"


The walk to the bar seemed twice as long as yesterday's trip. They had called earlier and met with Jack. Unfortunately Gerry was out of the country and wouldn't be back for another ten days. The meeting would have to wait till then. So Jack had arranged a date and time for their return meeting. Jack knew a decision had been made. He knew one of the girls had said yes but which one he wasn't sure. Getting the pair would be a huge win. His commission would bring in at least $50,000 just for the blonde. The other one was bound to go for $200,000 if she could win a tournament. His take on her would be ten grand. That was nothing to sneeze at!

Eleven days later, Gerry was already at the bar having a cup of coffee when the girls walked in. "Ladies, can I offer you some coffee?" he offered.

"Sure," Linda said. Jennifer added her request.

"Would you two like some privacy while we discuss our offer?" he asked as he waived toward the back room. The gold box was already open and the temptation was renewed.

"A year?" Linda asked.

"Yes. Actually it will be a little longer than that. Your first sixteen weeks in training won't count." Gerry replied. "There is no other term of contract available."

"What about our possessions, our jobs?" Jennifer asked.

"A moving company will collect your things and put them in storage. You won't need your jobs anymore. We'll provide a financial planner to assist you in living on your remaining money after taxes. You can survive on six hundred grand but you can certainly do more with more. Understand?"

Both girls nodded.

"After making this kind of money do you really want to bother with simple paper shuffling?"

"I hadn't thought about that," Linda said.

"I need a decision," Gerry said as he looked into their eyes.

Jennifer was first. "Yes," she said as she bit her lip.


"Yes," she replied. As she did so, Jennifer took her trembling hand.

"Great. Wait here. I'll get the contracts and the packets."

A moment later, Gerry produced two manila envelopes and two contracts. The gold trimmed vellum felt strange to the touch as they read the documents. Not since their college graduation did they ever lay their hands on such material.

"Read the entire document," Gerry warned. "Your signature is your word of honor. You will not be allowed to go back on your word."

For several minutes they each read the documents in front of them. Of particular note was the wording of the penetration clause. It seemed so clinical.

….Under no circumstances shall I refuse to submit to any penetration, natural, unnatural, flesh or artificial. I shall fully expect to be punished and forced to comply should I fail in such duties.

This clause made each girl linger over the passage for some time before moving on. If any one phrase frightened them, this was it. The only thing that pushed them beyond was gold. There was gold on the fringe, gold in the inlaid design of the document, and there was a huge stack of gold at the end of the table. Linda signed first. Jennifer signed a moment after.

"Good!" Gerry said as he shook the girls' hands. "You'll do just fine."

"I hope so," Linda replied. "So what do we do now?"

"Open your packets and fill out the questionnaires. After you're done, we'll arrange for your exams and prep session."

"Where we get pierced?"

"No. You get pierced immediately before shipping. The exam is nothing more than a standard physical and blood test," he replied.

Things would happen quickly now. The doctor's appointment was to occur in two days. A preliminary blood test would be taken. Then two weeks later they would be pierced and shipped off to a holding facility for healing and orientation. Before that time each girl had to pack all their belonging, resign from their jobs and pay an extra month's rent to cover the early notice.

The doctor's office was in Dallas. This was a four hour drive from Midland so Gerry arranged for the Doctor to take the blood samples at his bar. Since the bar had no facilities or equipment to do the other procedures their final preparation had to be done in the doctor's office in downtown Dallas. Gerry would provide transportation.

Two weeks later, with all the loose ends taken care of, Gerry provided a limousine to the doctor's office. The appointment was set for the early evening after the offices had closed. A slim nurse opened the door when she spotted them coming up the driveway. "Would you come with me please," the nurse asked.

They followed her into the basement to a special preparation room that the doctor and his nurse had used many times before. Under Gerry's orders, they had prepped more girls than they could count for the farms around the country. Twelve people from his staff were on hand and would provide assistance.

The nurse observed their behavior in order to evaluate how much attention they would need during the ordeal. The behavior of these two was not unfamiliar. They were obviously nervous and anxious. They shifted their feet and their fingers kept busy. Before long it wouldn't matter. They were going to be bound shortly.

The doctor arrived promptly. Dressed in a white lab coat he looked like any other middle aged doctor. He examined the girls and nodded.

"Jennifer. Would you please disrobe and place all your belongings in the blue case? Put your jewelry in the small bag that's attached to the side. Also, I need your apartment keys. You don't own a car, correct?"

"No," She said as she began disrobing.

"Linda, please do the same using the red case," the nurse instructed.

After removing all their clothes, jewelry and accessories, they were instructed to gather their hair in buns. Both girls sported long hair that would look quite lovely when their manes were styled later.

Things were about to get difficult for the girls. They were instructed to lay face down on twin tables. The doctor took one girl, the nurse the other. Each girl had a series of bondage gear laid out for them on a nearby table. The nurse and doctor each took a leather arm bag and laid it under the girls' arms.

"Things are going to get a little scary now but I don't want you to panic. We're going to bind your arms in leather bags. Then we'll make the mouth impressions so we can make gags that are comfortable for you. Just relax and allow us to do the work," the doctor explained.

As instructed, the girls folded their arms behind their back. The leather bags slipped between their arms and their upper backs. Twin leather straps buckled each upper arm to the bag while the lower armw were carefully laid beside each other and strapped in place with three soft bands. Once the arms were secure the bag was folded in half and closed with zippers along each side. Integrated three-inch wide collars were left open and would later be wrapped around the girls' necks.

The girls were then assisted into a sitting position. They were asked if they were OK. "I'm scared," Jennifer said as tears ran down her face.

"I know," the nurse said. "You're doing fine. Just hang in there."

"We'll be making some dental impressions now. This will take a little while so try and relax. You're welcome to sit in the chairs near the door if that's more comfortable. The girls took the doctor's offer and sat in the chairs. Unfortunately their naked butts did not appreciate the cold vinyl seats. They endured and became accustomed to the seats in short order.

"Nurse Brown will now take dental impressions. It takes five minutes for the gel to set up. You'll need separate sets for the upper and lower teeth. She'll give you a little break between sets. I'll be back in a little while."

The gel tasted like toothpaste. The nurse pumped it out of a bottle and added hardener. Then she smeared it onto a horseshoe shaped palette, top and bottom. Jennifer was first. The process was repeated for Linda.

While the upper molds set the nurse began the tedious job of measuring each girl's body. The breasts' diameter and bulge were recorded. The distance between nipples was added. Each girl's head had no fewer than ten measurements that needed to be considered for her full harness. Shoe size and maximum extension with knee bent and straight were taken. By the time she was finished with the majority of the tests the upper sets were firm. A little wiggle extracted them and fresh paste was mixed for the lower set.

While the lower molds were cast she examined and measured the girls' necks and lower orifices. Collars were then closed around the girls' necks and locked. The device used to measure the sex cavity and anus was based on the speculum. Similar in design, it sported a condom that would be replaced after each use. Incorporated into the assembly were a pressure adjustment and a dial meter set to millimeters. Jennifer was first. The device was inserted into her crotch and expanded until Nurse Brown heard the click telling her that the speculum was pressing on the inside walls of Jennifer's sex with the correct amount of force. Jennifer groaned until the nurse removed the device. After a fresh condom was placed on the unit Jennifer's anus was measured in like manner. She appreciated this act even less. Linda watched, knowing that she would have to endure the same ordeal. She endured but had nothing good to say about it.

With impressions made for both girls' oral cavities another nurse, with the assistance of three technicians in another room, began the process of making the actual casts. This would take place while they were being pierced. The girls never liked this part.

"Jennifer, you'll wait here," the doctor said.

"Linda, come with me."

"Jen?" Linda cried.

"It's going to be OK. You'll see her soon. Gina, why don't you stay with her? Ann and I can do this," the doctor said. Linda gazed at Jennifer as she was guided gently through the door.

They entered a room across the hall to begin the final preparations. The other nurse was waiting for them. "This is Ann. She's a very capable RN. She's going to take you into the bathroom and give you an enema. Nobody likes this part but we have to make sure you're empty so you can hold a dildo in your butt for the entire transit period."

"This way, dear," the pretty little nurse ordered.

The procedure was nothing short of humiliating. Soapy water was fed from a plastic hose directly into the girl's bowels. Linda was told to immediately sit on the toilet and vacate. The process was repeated twice more before Ann was satisfied. As a final act, Ann produced a pair of douches. Ann wiped the girl down with a large towel and led her back into the room.

"The mouthpiece will take a few minutes more so we'll get to work on your rings. We're going to insert a number of rings and grommets into you. All these operations are reversible so when your term is complete they can be removed. The rings are gold plated steel of the finest quality. They can be cut off and replaced if needed. The grommets are made of a special nylon that adheres to raw flesh naturally, similar to the vascular tubing using for such things as valve replacement and arterial repair. The grommets snap together but can be broken with a special tool. We'll work from the bottom up. Once we get to your tongue your mouthpiece should be ready. Now, would you sit on the table please?"

Linda was shaking when they helped her onto the examining table. "I'm so scared," she whimpered.

"I know," Ann said. "I went through the same thing four years ago."

"You went through this? Why?"

"Money, of course. I still wanted to be an RN but college was too expensive. The doc here was running this operation with his wife and they thought I'd work out. So I trotted for three years. Now I have two million in investments, I drive a Ferrari, and I live like a movie star. Of course, these little adventures are fun too," she added.

Linda remained silent and just stared at the woman. She didn't realize until now how beautiful Ann was. She was nearly six feet tall and slim as a rail. Her hair and makeup were perfect. Every aspect of her spoke of poise and grace. And she had the look of extreme awareness. She knew her job. It was perhaps the most obvious feature that she noticed.

"Let's get scrubbed," the doc said. Each took their turns washing up and donning rubber gloves. A tray nearby was uncovered to reveal the rings, attachments, and implements necessary for the procedures. "Spread your legs dear and let me apply the topical. This will anesthetize the area," the doctor requested of his patient.

Linda was still shaking but complied nonetheless. As the doctor painted the green substance on her labia and clitoris he could not help but notice the fear in the poor girl's eyes. He glanced at his nurse and nodded.

"Honey, you've got to calm down. This is no worse than getting stitches for a cut. Just let us do the work. We're professionals and we've done this many times before. Watch. The doctor's going to do the first grommet."

Linda stared calmly as the doctor punched a tiny hole in her labia. The device buzzed for a moment and sealed the wound. Using a second tool he pressed matching plastic disks together. They were tinted gold. It looked like a little button with a hole in the center.

"That wasn't too bad, was it?" she asked.

"No, I'm OK."

"Doc, the other girl's going to be far more nervous than this one. I know it's contrary to practice but why don't we do them together?"

"Yea, I think that's a smart idea. I'd like to keep things under control. Just remember to maintain the sterile field," the doctor warned. "You don't have a problem, do you?" he asked Linda.

"No. I'm just as frightened as she is. I could use her support as much as she could use mine."

"Go get her," the doc ordered.

A moment later, Jennifer found Linda sitting on the table with two grommets in her left labia. "Come here dear," the doctor ordered. I want you to watch something," he said. I've spread an anesthetic over Linda's sex and I've inserted two buttons as you see. Linda, tell her how it went," the doctor requested.

"It's no big deal. Go ahead, doc," she insisted.

Using the tool he punched the last two holes and inserted the last two grommets in the right labia. "You see, she didn't wince or react in any way. There is no pain associated with the process. Feel better?"

Jennifer was more confused than frightened at this point. Before they had been separated Linda was just as frightened as Jennifer. Now she showed a different face. She was still a little scared but she was not petrified. She took the procedure like it was nothing more than getting her ears pierced. "I guess it isn't that bad," she acknowledged.

"We're going to do Linda's clit next. You're welcome to watch or you can go with Gina and have your enema performed while we do the process. The choice is yours," the doctor offered.

"Stay," Linda insisted. Jennifer stepped aside and stood by her friend. Gina led her to a spot where she could get a good view as they laid the girl on her bent arms and inserted a pillow under her rear.

"The anesthetic only deadens the surrounding skin so you may feel some pressure. Let me know when you're ready."

Linda nodded and the doctor carefully placed the tool. A quick snap, a short yelp and it was done. "Hold still while I finish the work, honey." The doctor took a pair of forceps and inserted a soft nylon tube into the opening. On each side he then used super-glue to temporarily hold it in place. He was careful to keep the adhesive out of the tiny tube. Then, to finish the job he used a special tool to press small buttons onto each end. The tool was designed to prevent crushing the tender nub of flesh. It worked perfectly.

"You OK?" Jennifer asked.

"Yes," she said with a slightly labored tone.

"Does it hurt?"

"Just a little."

"It's going to sting for a day or two but it won't be too bad," Ann informed them.

Jennifer looked at her friend and realized that this wasn't such a bad ordeal as she had imagined. "So what happens now?"

"Gina will take you into the back room and get you ready. Ann will help me finish up with your friend."

"Can she stay until I get my stuff done?"

"Sure," the doctor said. "Now go with Gina. You'll be back in time to see the procedure."

"Sit up, Linda. We'll do your nipples next," he said. Gina helped her up then replaced her rubber gloves. The doctor took a small metal device resembling a spoked wheel. It was gold in color and cast in soft metal. The center hole fit over the nipple and the outer rim was nearly two inches in diameter. The base of the inner ring was flared and quite thick. The doctor fit it over Linda's right nipple and examined the fit. Using a pair of pliers he adjusted the curvature of the inner surface until he was happy that it would sit flush against her aureole. Then he repeated the process with the other nipple using a matching frame.

"What are they?" Linda asked.

"These are the frames for your nipple plates. We use a nipple covering on our girls to strengthen the attachment points of their nipple rings. We used to just ring the girls tits but we found the nipples couldn't take the punishment. You'll be a lot more comfortable with these than you would if we didn't use them."

"Oh!" she responded, somewhat bewildered by the explanation.

The doctor continued his work. After using a liberal amount of green goo on her nipples, he sat back and stared at his watch. While doing so Jennifer came back in to find the doctor getting ready to mount the right frame. He had to repeat his explanation to Jennifer as he began the process. He started by super-gluing the frame into place after carefully aligning it so the spokes were in an X pattern. Then he took fine nylon cord and used it like suture material to sew the frame into place. Along the rim two tiny loops between each spoke were used. Along each spoke two additional sutures were used. Once completed with the right frame he moved immediately to the left and repeated the process. It took nearly twenty minutes to complete all the suturing. To finish he used a needle to open horizontal holes in each nipple, inserting it through the base of the gold center ring until it came through. Similar to the operation on Linda's clit, and tiny tubes were inserted then glued in place. These tubes were stiff though and allowed the doc to flare each end to hold it in place.

"OK, we'll do your nose and your ears. Then we'll let you rest while we work on your friend. How are you doing?"

"I'm fine. Just get done," she said impatiently.

"Sure. Tilt your head back please. These will be quick."

The anesthetic was applied to her ear lobes and the cartilage inside her nose. They waited only a minute before reaching into her nostrils with a new punch device. This one did all steps at once. Instantly she had a grommet in her nose. Her ears were done in like manner but with a newer attachment that held larger grommets. These contained Linda's ID number. They allowed her to stand by the table as Jennifer was brought over.

"Ready?" Gina asked.

"Yea," she replied. Linda stood next to her and leant her silent moral support.

"OK, let's get this done….

It took nearly an hour to complete Jennifer's preparation. After the clit was pierced she didn't seem to mind the work on her breasts, nose, and ears. She just watched in a sort of curious manner. It was like she was watching someone tattoo her. It was a very strange feeling.

During the time that the girls were being prepared a team of workers gathered their clothing for packing. They also delivered the harnesses and other gear the girls would be wearing during transport. A group was also fine tuning the special gags they would need. Two hours were required to build the complex mouthpieces. They were cast out of resin and then neutralized to remove any poisonous material from them. Using the casts created earlier the units were carefully fine tuned until they fit perfectly. They took pride in their work.

Two carts were wheeled into the preparation room. All the items were hidden from view to avoid upsetting the recruits. The doctor thanked the attendants then opened one of the drawers. The cart was labeled for Jennifer.

"You'll be first, he said. We're going to gag you in a moment. Do you want to say anything to each other before we begin?"

She looked at her friend. "We'll get through this," she said. It was all she could think of.

"Think about the money!" Linda replied.

Jennifer smiled then turned to the doctor. "Let's do this."

"Sit on the chair beside your friend. We're going to start by inserting the grommets into your tongue. This will be your last piercing." The doctor showed her a black plastic bit roughly ten inches long and three quarters of an inch in diameter. "Open wide and let me position it." The doctor centered the device between her teeth with the aid of evenly spaced rings molded into the device. He secured the device with a Velcro strap. "Touch your tongue to the back of your lower teeth. Then press your tongue against the bit so I can mark it. Make sure your tongue is comfortably positioned." The doctor watched carefully, repositioning the bar slightly to line it up. He then pressed a pair of buttons on the top of the bit. This released a pair of black pens that left twin markings on her tongue.

"Good. Now lift your tongue and I'll mark the front." With the bit holding down her tongue it forced it into a tight cone shape. The doctor took a small sleeve and slipped it onto the tip of Linda's tongue. A marker was used to dot both top and bottom of the cute pink flesh.

"Your turn, Linda," the doctor said. The process was repeated using a fresh bit from Linda's cart.

After having marked each girl with the devices the bits were discarded. It took a mere fifteen minutes to do each girl's tongue with tiny gold buttons. These buttons were different though. They were metal and they were slightly larger. The holes were over an eighth inch in diameter and the buttons were a half inch wide. The girls didn't like them at all and mumbled with the new devices mounted to their tongues.

"We're going to temporarily hood each of you because we're going to be doing some things that require us to use a small welder. I don't want either of you to panic. We're also going to put your gags and your head harnesses on. That's a little intense. You need to each gather your will. Jennifer, you're first."

Standing over top of her the doctor positioned a series of straps over her head. After carefully buckling them in place, several straps still hung from the harness. The doctor then placed simple blindfolds on each girl. "OK, let's have the lower one first."

Ann retrieved a gold colored nylon mouthpiece from the box on the left cart. "OK, open wide," the doctor ordered. The unit slipped perfectly onto Jennifer's lower jaw. Ann had the upper unit ready for him. As before, the upper unit made a perfect fit. "Now, bite down gently to seat the halves."

As with each previous step, Linda was subjected to the same treatment. Again the coverings fit over her teeth perfectly. Using dental mirrors the doctor examined the fit along the gum line. When he was satisfied he asked if either girl felt any discomfort or pinching. Both girls said they were fine. It was time to move on.

Jennifer's gag would be mounted first. The device resembled a flattened funnel with plastic lips. "Open wide," the doctor ordered. As she opened her mouth the device was slipped between her teeth. The bottom edge had an opening on the bottom to accommodate the tongue. In the front a tab extended down to the base of the gum. From this tab a threaded pin extended upward. The top edge of the unit simply was positioned firmly against the roof of her mouth.

Incorporated into the tooth covers were thickened areas where threaded platinum inserts were positioned. Four screws were inserted horizontally, thus securing the unit. Jennifer's mouth was now filled with a hard plastic tube and her lips were covered with the outer portion of the gag. Between their lips the plastic flattened into a flange.

Now the doctor could insert the nose ring. The ring was made of steel. It would be cut off and replaced later with a more decorative metal when she arrived at the farm. But for now, steel would suffice. After inserting the one inch hoop into her nose, he placed a small fireproof rag over her mouth and nose. This left only the ring exposed. After having done this operation a few dozen times he decided a special tool that closed the loop and welded the ring together was feasible. The curved jaws closed the loop. A slight increase of pressure brought down an electrode which sparked and immediately withdrew. It was done.

All that remained was to attach the straps to the unit and pull them taut. Once that was accomplished the blindfold was removed. "You hate this gag, don't you?" She nodded. "Hang in there," the nurse said.

After completing Linda's preparation it was time for the hoods. Linda would wear red and Jennifer would wear silver. The colors were a play on their hair color. Ann handed the doctor the red hood. As he examined it Linda noticed it had no eye holes. While he was examining it and rolling it up in his hands, Gina pulled Jennifer's hood from her cart and prepared to cover her head. Almost simultaneously they both groaned. The two paid little attention to them as they began pulling the thick leather down over the girls' heads. When the unit was zippered closed they couldn't see or talk. Due to the heavy leather covering their ears they could hardly hear either. The only openings were the nostrils and oral cavity.

With their heads covered the girls became incapable of knowing what was ahead. They were also defenseless since their hands were bound. It made the remainder of the job go easier.

The next operation was the simple act of securing their tongues. Using a pair of forceps the doctor pulled their tongues over the studs mounted behind their front teeth. The tongues were secured with tiny plastic nuts. The girls' ability to form any intelligible speech was completely eliminated.

After examining the smooth heads and open mouths of both girls, he asked the girls if they were in any pain. The doctor was happy with the work done so far. He finally said, "Let's get them through the final prep. I want them on the road by morning."

Linda was first. She was lifted and placed on the operating table. They placed her on her back which caused her some discomfort in her arms. A pillow was placed under her ass to make her more comfortable.

Ann repositioned the overhead light to shine into the girl's nostrils as the doctor dropped the hinged end of the table. He carefully lowered Linda's head until he could easily see into her nose. "Suction," the doctor ordered. Ann handed him a thin tube which the doctor used in each nostril. Linda didn't like the experience at all and groaned loudly.

"You're doing fine, Honey," Ann said as she petted the leather coated skull.

"Ok, let me have the first one," the doctor asked.

Ann handed him a black surgical hose approximately four inches in length and a quarter inch in diameter. It was made of stiff plastic but it was somewhat flexible. The hose was lightly greased then inserted in her left nostril. The doctor used the welded ring as a handle to maneuver the cartilage. Slowly the hose continued to disappear into the opening until it was flush with the end of her nose. "Grip," the doctor ordered. Ann handed him a small pencil-like tool which slid into the end of the tube. When he was finished the hose was positioned just beyond the grommet.

The process was repeated on Linda's other nostril. Then Jennifer's nose was similarly prepared. Jennifer wasn't happy and groaned and complained throughout the process. It was nothing the team hadn't seen before.

The purpose of the inserts was to insure a good airway. The girls were going to be gagged for a significant period of time and they didn't want the airway to become blocked. This would keep the airway open. This was critical during transport since only minimal air was going to be delivered through the girls' oral cavities.

The girls were ready for packing. The nurses guided them to a special room for this task. The crate they would be placed in was labeled "Biological Research material / Triple seals in place / Report any breach of seal or any other damage to …" The phone number listed was forwarded to a cell phone that was forwarded to a Mexican recovery team that had been assembled from medical experts who also delved into bondage. The masquerade was perfectly planned and thoroughly backed up. Every contingency, every problem that could be anticipated was.

The first items to go on the girls were corsets. The corsets were generic black leather garments with the exception that they were designed to be laced in the front. The corsets held the breasts in half cups that were reinforced with wire. They were laced tight but not so firmly that the girls would have any difficulty breathing.

Next came the boots. These were flat soled boots. They possessed the unusual feature of twelve inch thick soles. The soles were made of steel which featured several holes in the bottom and sides. The side holes were threaded. The boots themselves were made of thick leather and ran up to the thigh.

Jennifer was first. Lifting the first box's cover revealed a metal tank roughly the size and shape of a dog house. Contained within the metal enclosure were air tanks, a bin to catch her waste, and an air pump with a fine water spray system to keep the subject hydrated. Extending up from the structure was a single reinforced pipe to deliver air and water to the girl. It was an unpleasant way to spend nearly two days of travel but it was essentially foolproof, especially considering that they'd have to cross the border and be subject to searches.

Catheters were installed on both girls by the nurses. Jennifer then felt someone wrapping a wide metal band around her waist. The four inch steel belt snapped closed with some effort. Two dildos were attached, having been selected based on the measurements taken earlier. Pulling up on the center strap, the doctor heard the click of the lock. Linda was subjected to a similar process.

Now it was time to mount the girls on the tanks. Attached to the top of the doghouses were saddles that featured a severely curved seat. There were elongated holes to allow the center straps' studs to extend. The girls were going to be bolted to the saddles.

First a large washer was placed on each stud. Following this, a castellation nut was threaded onto the bolt followed by a cotter pin. The girls could slide in the saddles but could not free themselves. It would provide the girls with some stimulation, especially while on rough roads.

The long pipe that extended from the top of the doghouse was actually an air feed. The mouthpieces sported a three inch long hollow dildo made of rubber. It was rotated ninety degrees to enter the girls' mouths. Four cap screws were used to hold each in place. The bolts went through the leather mask and into the mouthpiece. Finally twin hoses were added that connected to the pipe. These hoses were pushed into each girl's nostrils. The bottom edge of each nasal insert was ringed along its inside diameter to allow it to capture the metal end of the hose. The air supply was started and the catheter was connected to the waste receptacle.

The legs were secured next using a series of bolts. The soles were inserted into receptacles then two bolts were used to secure the feet. Straps were wrapped around the bent legs in no less than three places per leg. Finally several layers of plastic wrap were wrapped around their exposed skin as others connected more straps from the corset to the center pole. Soon each girl was completely immobile.

An oversized refrigerator shell was lowered over each girl at this point. The crews worked quickly to secure the base to the stainless boxes. False locks were mounted to the doors of the refrigerator cabinets in case the authorities were curious. From openings in the top foam pellets were pumped in until the cavities around the girls were filled. An air wrench was used to tighten a metal plate on the back of the box, thus compressing the pellets and reducing the movement of the girls even farther. Heavy wooden crates were lowered to cover the units. By law these coverings were supposed to be easily removable. Since the lower unit also contained five hundred pounds of steel plating to make the unit appear heavy enough to be genuine, the number of bolts was expanded to eight per side. No customs agent would bother unless they had suspicion. Since these shipments occurred every two months they had become accustomed to them. There would be no problems during transit.