Book 2 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 1 - A Golden Opportunity


Geraldo Smart had always been rich. Nothing has ever been denied him in his adult life. As the owner of three shipyards and ten super-tankers it would be an understatement to say that he never had to worry about his next meal. He's always been rich.

As an adult he developed a taste for unusual hobbies. Some people collect stamps, bottle caps, or perhaps cars or motorcycles. While he did many of these things he had one hobby he kept hidden from the public eye. He collected women. He trained them, used them, dominated them, and then sold them. Oh, they are not forced into bondage. Rather they are recruited and offered large sums of money. In the end they become handsomely rich. For such riches they endured quite an ordeal. This is his story.

The morning sun was oppressive as Gerry walked into a bar located in the heart of Midland, Texas. It was already in the mid-eighties with high humidity and storms predicted for later in the day. The cool air inside revived him from his hour long ride in his Lexus SUV.

Jack Miller was getting the bar ready for the afternoon crowd. Jack took care of this establishment as if he owned it. The fact that Gerry used the bar as a recruitment center didn't bother him at all since he was paid a commission for his work. This was the gateway to both heaven and hell. In this town, only he and Jack were aware of the difficult road ahead for the next lucky girl.

Jack had done some research under the directions of Gerry and his acquisition team. They set the rules based on demand. Demand was the key. The price ranges tailed off quickly when girls were auctioned off that were not up to the seller's standards. Better to move merchandise that sold.

Gerry and Jack moved to the back room where they watched a DVD of two girls leaving the bar. The images had obviously been taken during the day using the hidden camera mounted across the street. One girl was about 6'2" tall with long blonde hair. She was a perfect addition to the team of four he had an order for. The other girl was around 5'10" with bright red hair. Her hair was even longer, trailing down to her butt. Gerry evaluated her as someone who would go well on the block if he could get a partner for her.

"Do they come here often?"

"Every Thursday afternoon," Jack said.


"Not that I can see. They flirt with the guys."

"Got any 'in-house' images?"

"Yea, but they aren't that good. You know how it is with the lighting."

Gerry examined the still photos and couldn't make out much detail. He played the short video again and decided that they were worth checking out in person. "Get me some info on both of them," he ordered.

"Consider it done.

Three days later two packages were delivered to the bar. The detective delivering the parcels was paid $500 for each investigation. The detective never asked questions. He just took his money and moved on. The reason was quite clear. Each Christmas, for not being so curious, he was handed a check for $200,000. That, James Palumbo, P.I. thought, was enough to keep quiet.

Gerry returned to the bar once he had heard of the deliveries. The first packet contained a detailed description of the tall blonde. Her name was listed as Jennifer Erdman. She currently was making $35,000 per year as a secretary at a local business. She was single with no current relationship. Mother was deceased. Father worked in Seattle. Jim had done his homework well. He had included close-up images of her face and hair so that her natural hair color could be determined by careful examination of her roots at the crown of her forehead. In this case it was obvious that she had lightened her hair somewhat. However, she still had blonde roots. That would increase her selling price.

The other girl's name was Linda Sparks. Her job was office supervisor in the business that Jennifer worked at. Jennifer was her secretary. Linda was divorced and not currently seeing anyone. Her salary was close to $60,000 and she was often overdrawn. Jim reported that she was a clothes horse.

There were some negatives involved. Neither was into exercise. That could be a problem during their training. It would require quite a bit of patience at the start. Also, Jim had no info on their sexual activity or preferences. That was going to require some awkward questions that he never enjoyed asking.

Still, both were prime candidates. Two days from now he'd approach them with his proposition. Everyone had a price. The price he'd offer was one no sane human being could refuse. But when they saw what was expected, could they really accept it? That was a question few girls had said no to. But those that said yes would find out just how dangerous curiosity is. That was the part that Gerry enjoyed most!

As expected, two days later the pair arrived in a happy mood. Jennifer ordered as she always did, buying for her friend and supervisor. Jennifer had Scotch on the rocks. Linda had a Miller Lite. They chatted aimlessly as they nursed their drinks.

Jack approached. "Ladies, my boss would like to have a word with you."

"Is there a problem?" Linda asked, worried.

"Oh, no! There's nothing wrong. Mr. Smart would simply like to speak with you. He has a business proposition he'd like to offer you."

"What type of proposition?" Linda continued the query, her curiosity piqued.

"You do know who owns this establishment, don't you?"

"No," each replied in unison.

"Geraldo Smart."

"THE Geraldo Smart?" Linda asked.

"Who's that?"

"He's like the third richest man in the country. Don't you read Time? They did a write-up on him last month."

"No offence but what is the third richest man in the world doing with a little bar like this?" Jennifer asked.

"I think it's best if you ask him yourself." As Jack said the words Geraldo entered from the back room.

"Ladies! I'm Geraldo Smart. It's a pleasure to meet you."

Geraldo towered over the girls. He was six feet seven inches tall with dark hair. He had broad shoulders and large hands. His smile was captivating. Both girls were awestruck by his presence, now knowing that the most eligible bachelor in the country was standing right in front of them.

"Jack, bring fresh drinks for our guests. You know mine. Ladies, if you please."

They entered a fairly large back room. The wood paneling was of the finest cherry with recessed panels. Dominating the center of the room was a six foot diameter table. Off in a small alcove was a heavy metal table covered by a steel box that was secured with a pair of recessed locks.

The girls waited patiently as the drinks were delivered. Jack left the door open. The bar was not busy so Gerry didn't have any problem with being overheard. He figured that anyone who did hear a fragment or two wouldn't really know what they were talking about anyway.

"Your name is Jennifer, correct?" he asked the tall blonde.


"And you are Linda."

"How did you know our names?"

"I have my sources. I have a relationship with the company you work for."

"Isn't that an invasion of privacy," Linda asked.

"I'm sure it is." Gerry left the note hanging, allowing one of the girls to make the next move.

"So, why are we here?" Jennifer asked.

"I am going to get around to that but I'm going to show you something first. Would you come over here and look at this?"

Gerry took out two keys and unlocked the twin locks. When he swung back the lid the girls were stunned by what they saw. "Each brick weighs 10 kilos. That's 22 pounds each. Each brick at today's going rate is roughly $100,000 each. You're looking at $2 million dollars in gold bullion. If you say yes to my proposition you'll each take home half."

The girls' expressions were mirror images of each other. They kept shifting their gaze from the gold to Gerry then to each other. Their mouths were locked open. They were totally stunned by the offer. And then it hit them simultaneously. At what cost?

"What do you want from us?" Jennifer said in a tone that was obviously both serious and anxious.

"Ownership," Gerry responded.

"Of the company?"

"No, I want to own each of you."

"Come again?" Linda replied.

"Please, sit and I'll explain."

After sitting down the girls stared at Gerry, not knowing if he were someone to run away from or someone to trust. The gold was in plain view. He was serious on that part, assuming the gold was real. Both girls knew in their hearts it was. They knew this was the real Geraldo Smart. Linda recognized him from his photos. What did he really want though?

"I collect and train women."

"For what?" Jennifer asked.

"For pleasure," he replied.

"Let's go!" Linda said suddenly.

They both rose from their seats, startling Gerry. Gerry simply pointed to the gold. "Are you sure you want to pass that up?" he said.

"You're a pervert!" Jennifer yelled.

"All men are perverts! You just have to know which ones to trust," Gerry responded jokingly. The laughter caught and both girls relaxed a bit. "Please, sit and let me explain the whole deal."

The girls looked at each other for a moment then took their seats once more.

"Notice the open door. Jack and I have an agreement between us that the door stays open at all times; for your benefit. If you wish to leave, that's fine. But if I don't fully explain the proposition, I'll simply go shopping again, if you catch my drift."

Linda seemed the calmer of the two. She asked Gerry, "So, what do you mean by ownership?"

"I'm going to explain the situation in detail and it's not going to be pleasant. The things I'm going to tell you are frightening, upsetting, and perhaps even disgusting. If you can't bring yourself to do these things, walk! There will be no repercussions if you say no to the offer.

"I run a training facility for bondage slaves. We specialize in a very particular form of bondage slave known as the pony-girl. Pony-girls are dressed in special leather outfits that make them look like horses. Special boots are worn that have hooves. A head harness is employed that holds a bit and blinders. And most upsetting to the girls is the tail, which hangs from the pony's rear plug."

"My God!" Jennifer whispered.

"As bad as the physical requirements are, the sexual requirements are even more demanding. Sex is common during training and oral sex is expected on demand without hesitation. You'll use your mouth sexually until you become comfortable with the notion. If you're not using your mouth, we'll keep you gagged."

"It sounds like a horrible way to live," Linda said.

"It's hell for a year. Then you can spend the money. If you run out of money you can come back for another year."

"Still, it's horrible!"

"I said it was. I'm not pulling any punches. The girls hate this life from the day they arrive until they are released. The funny thing is the return rate is quite high. You would think a million bucks would set them up for life. But there's a catch. We report the income to the IRS. So your actual return on a million is something closer to $600,000 after taxes. Not exactly chicken feed but it's not enough to live on for more than a few years, especially if you develop expensive tastes. Most girls get greedy."

The girls hesitated and stared at each other. They kept looking at the golden bricks. They both wanted the money but didn't want the commitment and the torture. Each was torn by fear and greed. The scales were balanced equally between them. Was the fair market value of a year of bondage and torture worth it?

"What happens if we say yes then change our minds," Jennifer asked.

"You will not be allowed to back out once you sign your contracts. If you refuse to do something that is demanded you will be punished and forced to comply."

"Even if it involves rape?" Linda asked.

"Technically there is no rape. When you sign the contract there is a section that gives us unlimited permission to have sex with you in any orifice. If you refuse there will be nothing pleasant to come about by it."

Now the girls were very frightened. They looked toward the open door. It was still opened and they knew they could walk out. But they remained seated. The gold was at the opposite end of the room. They had to move one way or the other. Should they take the gold or walk away. It was a million dollars. How could they say no?

"We need to think about it," Linda said.

Gerry smiled and took out a pair of envelopes. "For your troubles," he said as he handed each girl a packet containing $5,000 in cash. "Dinner's on me," he quipped.

"Thanks!" Jennifer said. Suddenly she jumped up and kissed him on the cheek.

"And there's one other point to ponder. Jennifer, you're the key player here. I need you in order to complete a team of girls that are going to North Carolina. Linda will stay in my private stock. I like your form. If you accept you'll go to my place."

"You never mentioned that! I thought we'd be together."

"During the first ten weeks you will see each other often although you probably won't be able to communicate. But you'll see each other."

"Can't you work something out?"

"Well, normally we don't make deals with our girls. Then again, I don't think we've ever enlisted two friends before. I'm not sure I can do anything about it. Jennifer's a perfect match for a team that's reenlisting. One of their group was killed in a traffic accident and they need a replacement. Jennifer's the right height, hair color, and weight to take the spot. Unless someone else shows up I don't have much choice.

"Just supposing we accept. What could we do to stay together?"

"You're not serious," Jennifer asked.

"It's a million bucks, Jen."


"What? You think we can't deal with a year of abuse? We'll be rich!"

"Let's think about it."

"What do we have to do to stay together," Linda repeated.

"If someone shows up that's a better match, I'll try and keep Jennifer with me. That's the best I can do at this time."

"That's going to make this decision hard on us."

"You know, I almost forgot about our network. You girls can communicate via email and IM. We even have video messaging. It's not that great but it works most of the time."

"Well, I guess that's something," Linda said.

Jennifer simply stared at her friend in disbelief. What was she getting her into? They wanted her to suck cock! She'd never done that before and didn't want to start. The kinky bondage didn't really excite her either. What did excite her was the increase in salary from a measly $35 grand per year to a million! She began thinking of the Porsche she always dreamed of, the mansion, the clothes.

"I need to think this over," Jennifer said.

"Take your time, Jennifer. I'll need your decision two weeks from today. Training begins two weeks after that and you'll need a couple weeks for your piercings to heal."


"We pierce nose, nipples, ears, clit, and labia. The nose ring is temporary and well hidden. We also pierce the tongue for control purposes."

"Well, considering all the other horrific details I should have expected it," Linda replied.

"Think about it carefully. Once you sign up, you will be slaves. You will live a life we dictate. You will have no free will. You will toe the line or be punished. You will be held captive, against your will if necessary, until your contract has expired. Understood?"

Both girls nodded. As they walked out, they took one last look at the pile that gleamed in the bright lights. What was their freedom worth?