Ponyland - 2

by Sir Thomas

- provided for use on SirJeff's Ponygirls by the author.
- inspired by the art of PeterPD
- do not use without the author's and the artist's permission.


Chapter 5

Christine’s day would end in a Spartan room tailored for pony-girls. Just a short distance away from her training building sat a large multi-story white building labeled Horwatch processing center. Christine would have smirked at the title. “So they named the place after our illustrious Prime Minister,” she thought as she walked into the facility.

Paul kept a tight hold of her leash but Christine wasn’t putting up any sort of fight. She walked obediently behind Paul’s left shoulder as he had instructed. “Be docile and you’ll suffer less,” he told her. Considering her experiences over the past several hours she concurred.

They reached her room by passing through several glass partitions, each guarded by at least two attendants. Paul had to use his ID card to verify his identity. The guard checked a computer screen and matched his on file picture with his face. “Pass,” each guard would say.

The door to her room, another glass partition, slid open triggering the room lights to come on. The room was fairly long, perhaps twenty feet deep and ten feet wide. Along the right hand wall were a series of cabinets, each locked. On the left was a bed, a chair, at table, and a toilet. A pair of chains hung from the ceiling and the floor sported matching chains as well. It became apparent to her that her “hanging around” days were not over yet.

And that’s exactly where he led her, to the chains. Instead of suspending her he connected the chains to her shoulder straps. When he manacled her ankles she at least had some support.

“I’m going to strip you of all your gear. If you resist or try to do anything stupid the alarm will sound and someone will be here in seconds to subdue you. You don’t want to know the consequences of an escape attempt. Do I have your word that you won’t fight me?” he asked with that serious look in his eye.

Christine nodded.

“Please send in the attendants,” he said loudly to the wall behind him.

A short time later two females clad in latex like the first two that she had seen arrived. “Silent and gagged,” Paul noted. “The perfect domestics!”

Paul closed the door and told the girls to strip her. They were well trained, knowing to keep the victim’s legs and arms bound as often as possible without risking harm to her. They started with the arm binder, removing the bag and attaching her wrists to the chains. “They won’t suspend you if you don’t fight them,” he informed her. Christine cooperated fully and allowed the girls to lift her arms up above her head.

The remaining gear was simple to remove. A few clasps or straps were all that stood in the way of removing the gear. The girls even had clippers available for the lacing that had been used on the boots and collar. The clasp was cut and the item was removed. They even removed the dildos. They used a plastic bag to collect them along with a oversized sterile wipe to cleanse the area and treat it with lotion. One girl approached with a lighter leather collar which she wrapped around Christine’s neck and locked with a padlock.

“Thank you,” Paul said as the girls left. “They work pretty quickly, don’t they?”

Christine nodded.

“Well I suppose you want that gag out of your mouth.”

Christine nodded again.

“You’ll keep a civil tongue?” he asked.

She nodded again.

“You’ll let me put it back in tomorrow morning?”

Christine stared at him for a moment.


She nodded.

“Good girl. You know I can insert it into your mouth no matter how much you resist, right?”

She again nodded.

“I tire of seeing you just nod or shake your head. I think I’d like to hear your voice for a while.”

It didn’t take long to remove the gag. Just a simple small padlock in the back and a small socket screw allowed the spoon to be extracted.

“Better?” he asked.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“You’re welcome. Now, I’ll get you out of these chains if you promise to be good.”

“I promise. I know I can’t fight you and I don’t want to be hurt anymore.”

“I understand,” he said as he knelt down to release her feet from the chains. He left the leather cuffs in place. “We’re going to leave the cuffs on your ankles and wrists until we can trust you. Standard procedure.”

“I don’t mind. Can I ask you a question?”


“Why am I here? What did I do that made the State put me in here?”

“The truth?” Paul asked.


“You accidentally insulted vice chancellor Godfrey’s son. He got drunk and started bitching to his uncle.”

“Who happens to be the Prime Minister?”


“I don’t remember ever insulting anyone in the royal family. Wait a minute. Now I remember. The bastard felt me up so I kicked him in the balls. But that happened three years ago!”

“As I understand it there was permanent damage. You know our society and how insulting it is for a woman to take away a man’s virility. That’s when he decided to take you out of circulation. Did you notice that all the cased you’ve been assigned were ones you couldn’t possibly win?”

“Well, they were all guilty. I did my duty. I defended them just enough so they wouldn’t bitch.”

“True, but once you’re on the list, you’re on the list forever.

“Dammit! You mean this is all because of an incident that happened three years ago?”

“In part. The PM kept getting complaints from the judges who presided over your cases. They thought you were really arguing to win. You know how they appreciate anyone trying to defend a traitor. It was they that actually got you thrown on the list. The PM didn’t agree to it until two months after the incident. That judge Parson said he wanted first bid on you! He’s the one that insisted you be put on the waiting list. Because of your status in the community some of your friends in government kept pulling strings for you so you wouldn’t have to serve. They fought hard but they couldn’t put it off forever. That’s why it took three years for your number to pop up.”

“Well, can’t someone get me out of this?”

“You’re a lawyer. Once the State decides a case what should a good lawyer do?”

“Walk away. The State gets what the State wants,” she repeated the State’s mantra of law in a monotonous tone.

“Correct. I know it’s tough but you’d be best to drop the idea of getting out of this. You have six weeks of very difficult training ahead of you.”

“More marching?”

“Mostly. There will also be dressage lessons. We’ll also teach you special steps so it looks like you’re performing tricks.”


“At least you won’t be raped,” Paul noted.

“That is something.”

“When you go five years without sex you’ll change your mind.”

“Five years?”

“That’s the average time before a girl’s given the opportunity to move into domestic service.”

“You mean like those girls in the shiny outfits?”

“Those are just work outfits. I don’t insist on such severe outfits at my ranch. I still gag our girls but we use open face hoods. They look more like a diver’s hood.”

“Can I get something to eat? I haven’t had anything but that mush all day.”

“Did you like the cheesecake?” Paul asked.

“Wonderful! I was thinking that you’d pump something like ground oats into my mouth. But that stuff was awesome!”

“Let me get you something a little more substantial. How about a meatball sandwich?”

“OK,” she said.

“Gentlemen, would you please bring a meatball sandwich, some fresh fruit, and my usual.”

A voice boomed over the PA. “Ten minutes.” Was all it said.

“Why were you so cruel to me earlier? Now you’re nice.”

“I’m sadistic when the need arises. This is sort of off duty stuff. Your training is done for the day.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Being sadistic is part of the job. I’m a true sadist. By that I mean that I like making women fear me.”

“You did it well. But if that’s true, why are we talking civilly here?”

“Because now that you’ve accepted your new role there’s not much point to it. I know you’ll voluntarily become a top notched pony0girl. You obviously will hate it but you know there’s no other future for you. Why add to that? There’s no reason to break your will any farther. You’re already broken.”

“What is that smell,” she said as the attendant brought in the plastic tray.

“My favorite snack,” he informed her as she instantly recognized the odor. “Liverwurst and Onions!”

Chapter 6

“It was you who pushed me down the hall,” she said.

“My wife says I should stop eating this stuff. It will rot my insides,” Paul mumbled. He looked up from his sandwich. “Yes,” he said, looking into her eyes.

“Why did you have to be so cruel?”

“Because scared women are exceptionally cooperative. You did exactly as you were told without resistance.”

“I suppose I see your point.”

“You know, you’re taking this very well. Most girls are screaming at me or banging on the walls by this time. I don’t remember ever having a girl simply accept her new role as well as you have.”

“Who said I’ve accepted it? I’m pissed!”

“I’m sure of it. You do seem relatively calm. At least we don’t have to chain you to the floor and gag you.”

“Can I use the bathroom?”

“Sure. The entrance is on the far side of the last cabinet behind you.”

“Oh, I didn’t see it.” As she walked to the entrance she said, “There’s no door!”

“You weren’t expecting privacy, were you? Oh, and the toilets are different than you’re used to. You face the back, not the front. Mind your tail. If you get it caught on something you’ll feel it.”

“I suppose I’m going to have to get used to that,” she thought as she sat down backwards on the toilet. There was a porcelain reading stand on the back of the toilet. They even put a magazine rack beside it so she could browse while straddling the seat. She saw issues of Home and Garden, Playboy, and Equus Eroticus, a magazine dedicated to girls who liked to dress up like horses. Somehow she figured she would look very much like them in short order.”

When she returned Paul told her that the wardrobe next to the entrance was the only one unlocked. He pulled out a black silk robe for her. “Don’t get used to covering yourself too much. Nudity and kinky clothes are your forte from now on.”

As she slipped the silk robe on he surprised her with a piece of information she wasn’t expecting. “Feel free to wander down the hall. There’s a lounge and a cafeteria. You’ll be here six weeks so make some friends. You’ll be training beside them eventually.”

“The door’s not locked?”

“This door isn’t. The security gates at either end of the loop are though. You can’t escape.”

“I wasn’t planning on it.”

“Most girls don’t plan an escape. They just seize the opportunity when it arises. My suggestion is to avoid the temptation to jump at any of these opportunities.”


“I have three other girls I have to visit before the night is out. I’ll see you in the morning. Don’t stay up too late. You’ll be back in harness at seven.”

After Paul left Christine stared out the window. Her natural instinct forced her to examine the glass. First she noticed that it didn’t feel like glass. And the next thing she noticed was that it was ten inches thick. She had never seen glass this thick in all her life. The one thing she realized was that these windows would never break, not even in a hurricane.

It was nearly dark so she couldn’t see much. In the distance she saw searchlights but there were none around the building she was in. In fact she was surprised at how few lights were in the compound. With the number of prisoners she suspected resided in this complex she expected more security. If it was there it was well hidden.

Somehow they had taken her to the second floor. She suddenly remembered the ramp she had been led up. Her room faced north toward the mountains. In the distance she could see Mount Fenwick, the ten thousand foot spire who’s image was incorporated into the state flag. “Twenty miles south of the border,” she thought. “All I have to do…”

Christine quickly tired of staring out a window she could not escape from and decided to take Paul up on his suggestion. Barefoot she walked toward the glass door. It opened without the slightest touch. “Thank you,” she said to the door.

The hallway was somewhat circular. As she glanced down the hall she could see that the glass doors dotted each side every forty feet or so. To her left she spotted an area that looked different. The wall was made of many glass panels. She had found the cafeteria.

As she approached the entrance a girl bound with chains on her hands and feet hobbled right into her. They nearly fell. “Whoa,” Christine said.

The girl was roughly five feet three and had short blonde hair. Around her neck she wore a wide leather collar. Her hands were bound by leather manacles and her ankles had leather cuffs. Like Christine she was barefoot and wore a silk robe, hers being gold in color. It was obvious to Christine that she had been bound after putting on the robe because she wore a leather belt around her waist.

“Who are you?” the girl returned, looking frightened.

“I’m Christine.”

“You’re not wearing chains. Did they break you?”

“My trainer said he trusted me.”

“Hi,” a girl dressed in a pink robe said. She had just come from her room down the hall.

“Hi. I’m Charlie, she said.”

“This is Carly. You looking for something to eat?” she asked, ignoring Carly for the moment.”

“I just ate but I wouldn’t mind meeting everyone.”

“Are you OK, Carly?” Charlie asked.

“I suppose,” she said with the slightest hint of a forced smile.

“Let’s get a cup of coffee,” Charlie offered.

Carly had trouble walking due to the eighteen inch chain between her ankles. Her hands were connected by a four inch length. Because the two chains were connected by a third chain running through a steel loop in the belt around her waist she couldn’t bring her hands up past her breasts while standing.

The three girls found a table in the large eating area. Each table was circular and could accommodate four girls. The tables were roughly a foot higher than normal and extending from underneath like spokes of a wheel were padded pipes that the women would use as seats.

Christine spotted a girl in a waitress’s outfit. “Waitresses?” she asked.

“It’s a cafeteria. What did you expect?” Charlie replied.

“It’s a prison! There aren’t waitresses in prisons!”

“This is a processing center, not a prison. There are lots of things that are different here.”

“You’re telling me! How long have you been here?” Christine asked Charlie as she glanced at Carly.

“Three weeks. Trial lasted two minutes!”

“How about you?” she asked Carly.


“How long have you been here?”

“Ugh, I don’t know. Maybe four days.”

“You need to chill,” Christine said as she saw Charlie signal for the waitress.

“I don’t belong here,” Carly cried.

“Well you’ve got company. Hey, don’t worry. We’ve got our own little girls club going here. We’ll have a ball together. Talk about old boyfriends. Come on. Cheer up!”

“It’s hard to do with these on,” she said raising her bound wrists.

“Maybe we can take them off for a…”

“Hold it!” Charlie said sternly. “Do not touch her chains unless you want to find yourself in a world of serious hurt.”

Christine immediately pulled her hands back. “Yea, don’t touch the chains. Only my trainer can remove them. If you even try they’ll whip you until you bleed.”

“Paul wouldn’t…”

“Paul? Paul is my trainer too,” Carly said.

Just then the waitress came over. “Can we see a menu?” Charlie asked. “Our new friend is just starting out.”

“Hi,” Christine said.

“I’m Janet. First day?”


“They usually chain us for the first week. You must have really impressed your trainer. I only ever saw one other girl be left free on day one. What can I get you?”


“No problem.”

“Same here,” Charlie replied.

“How about you, Carly? Are you hungry?”

“Not really.”

“You should eat something. Hey, didn’t you say you were from Philadelphia?”


“I have something special for you. Be right back,”

“You’re not from around here?” Christine asked.

“No. I was touring your nuclear plant with the IAEC when they said that I had a phone call. They told me that my mother died and I needed to head home. They blew up a limousine that looked just like the one they sent for me. They claimed it was rebels.”

“I remember that,” Christine said. “I was one of the people calling for the head of the rebel leader.”

“I’ve got a news flash,” Charlie said.


“There is no rebel leader. In fact there are no rebels.”

“I’ve seen the news reports. I’ve seen the damage.”

“Our own government is doing it.”


“Why do you think? To hide the kidnappings and murders. The rebel leader is our own Prime Minister.”

“How do you know this?” Christine asked.

“Because I was one of the secret service operatives that helped carry out the orders.”

“So they made you a pony-girl.”

“It’s not fair!” Carly said.

“You don’t have to tell me.”

Just then the coffee arrived. The surprise for Carly was a giant soft pretzel and a cup of lemon Italian ice. Her eyes immediately lit up. “Oh my God! I haven’t had one of these in two years.” She immediately ripped off a small piece of the warm pretzel and stuffed it in her mouth. She just closed her eyes and smiled. Charlie and Christine giggled.

Carly grabbed the cup with both hands and lifted the straw to her mouth. She had to shuffle her legs around to give herself enough slack.

“Is it any good?” Christine asked.

“Oh yea!” she replied.

“It’s about time you broke out of your slump,” Charlie said. “I was about to give up on you.”

Carly kept her lips wrapped around the straw and smiled.

“So what did you do for a living?”

“Lawyer,” she replied sipping her black coffee. She made a funny face. “I need sugar,” she said.

The pedestal in the center of the table held a number of small bins, one of which held sugar packets. Carly grabbed a few and handed them to Christine.

“Thanks. I need a spoon,” she said.

“No utensils allowed,” Carly said. “Use a straw.” Carly pointed to the dispenser.

“Creamer is in the other bin too if you like.”

“I’m good. Thanks.”

“Lawyer, huh! Why would they want a lawyer to be a pony?” Charlie asked.

“Well, let’s put it this way. I don’t think they were interested in my mind.”

The comment drew a good laugh.

The girls talked for some time. Christine was curious about the pretzel so Carly offered her a piece. They ordered two more and sat for an hour drinking coffee and eating soft pretzels. They got to be good friends in that short time.

“So who gets the check? I left my wallet at home,” Christine said.

“Check? Oh, you’re funny,” Carly said.

“I don’t get it.”

“No you don’t. The State gets it. Just charge the bill to uncle Ziggy,” Charlie said, referring to Zigfield Horwatch, the PM.

Christine waited for the opportunity to speak then asked, “I was warned that I shouldn’t try to escape.”

“That’s no lie,” Charlie said. “Don’t even try unless you like being someone’s dog for a week.”

“Dog?” she asked.

Carly opened her eyes. “You’ll see them. They put the girls in a rubber cat suit and make them act like dogs for a week. They have to eat without the use of their hands, they have to fetch sticks and balls and they have to bark. It’s horrible.”

“And they can’t stand up for a week. They have to crawl around all the time. They even sleep in a cage,” Charlie added.


“Yea, you said it. I hated it!” Charlie said.

“You got caught?” Christine asked.

“Third day,” she replied. “The opportunity looked too good to be true. They left a truck unattended. All I had to do was hide in the back and wait till I got past the gate. Well, they were watching me all the time. In fact, I found out that they set traps just so they can have a nice stock of pets for the kinky minded upper class!”

“Are you saying that they want us to escape, just so they can put us in these kinky outfits?” Christine asked.

“No. They want us to try. These guys get their jollies by playing mind games with us.”

The lights-out signal sounded at ten. Three sets of double bells sounded. “Time to call it a night, Carly said. See you tomorrow afternoon.”

“I thought we are supposed to get up early. Don’t we get a chance for breakfast?”

“Oh, we get breakfast but not the way you think. We get it spooned to us.”

“Through the gags?” Christine asked.

“Part of the training. We’re supposed to get used to it. It’s supposed to be part of our subjugation process,” Carly said.

“Well, I learned a long time ago you can’t fight the State. If they want you to act a certain way you’d better comply. I know the role I have to lead now. I don’t like it but I don’t have a choice.”

“That’s an impressive change of attitude for a girl on her first day here. You’re a lot smarter than you look. It’s a shame most of these girls aren’t there yet. Or at least they haven’t learned how to act the part,” Charlie said. “Notice all the other girls with manacles? They aren’t used to it. Some have worn them for four weeks.”

“I thought they were supposed to come off after one.”

“They usually come off after one week. That doesn’t mean they will. They keep them on as long as they feel we need them.”

“I guess I’m past that phase.”

“You better hope so.”

Chapter 7


Handling two ponies at the same time wasn’t as hard as one would think. My domestics knew the routine and a swat team was available should the girls resist. Since each room was monitored via remote camera I had no doubt that the girls would be prepared efficiently.

Carly was almost totally cowed by now. After the first two days of fighting with the crew she’d become sheepish on day three and four. Today I intended to leave her out of chains and see what happened. But I did want to talk to her first.

Christine was another matter. I was absolutely floored by her submission. I suppose her experience as a defense attorney taught her the futility of changing the State’s mind. She obviously didn’t like her fate but she knew there was no way out of it. Still, there was something eating at me about her. Perhaps she was being shrewd. I had the feeling that she’d be a bolter. Well, we had methods for dealing with that.

That morning I was up early to check on Carly and Christine. After today I’d just let the domestics prepare them. I found Carly in her bed naked with only a sheet on her. Her belt had been removed but her hands and feet were still bound together.

The sound of the door sliding open woke her. “Good morning,” I said.

“Is it time already?” she asked.

“Soon. I wanted to let you know that we’re going to leave the chains off this afternoon.”

“Thank you. I promise not to fight anymore.”

“Good. I want you to keep that promise. I’ve been ordered to put you in the kennel if you fight the girls anymore.”

“What? I thought that was only for girls that try to escape!”

“It’s for anyone who we feel need it. If you fight again with our team, well, that will be proof enough. Clear?”

“Clear,” Carly said, her voice trembling.

I held her in my arms as she sat next to me. “Don’t disappoint me. I don’t want that for you.”

“Don’t put me in that dog outfit!” she cried.

“Then you better prove to us that you make a good pony. Understood?”


The girls arrived as if on cue. I told them to prepare her as normal, indicating that she promised to be cooperative. As a test they removed her hobbles before leading her into the bathroom for her preparation. It appeared as though Carly was actually submitting as she had promised she would.

By the time I had arrived in Christine’s room the process had already started. Christine was naked except for her wrist and ankle cuffs. The girls, two latex clad women, had taken her into the bathroom and connected her wrists to a hanging chain. Her feet were linked to a staple in the floor. With her arms held loosely above her head the job went quickly.

First they gagged her with a red ball gag. They removed her collar and began washing her body and hair. When she was totally lathered they turned on an overhead spray nozzle that was as wide as her entire body. She was rinsed in seconds.

Once she was clean on the outside they proceeded to clean her insides. As before a soapy cleaning solution was pumped into each opening. Once that was complete she was plugged with the electronic dildos and taken down from the chain. The gag was removed on my order.

I watched as she walked awkwardly. “I hate these things,” she said, adjusting the belt that went between her legs.

“They work though, don’t they?” I replied, leaning against the wall of the bathroom.

“I suppose.”

“If you promise not to resist we’ll put the gear on freeform. Otherwise you’ll be suspended.”

“I promise,” she replied.

“Ladies. Freeform it is.”


I know they wanted to humiliate and break me. That was the reason for the gag and the dildos. Shocking me between the legs or in the ass was an evil thing to do to anyone, let alone a woman. But besides carrying these one pound rods inside me the flushing out process using that strange hose really annoyed me. Didn’t they know I could use a bathroom?

Paul let me get dressed without being hung from the rafters like I had been on day one. It went faster too. The latex twins, as I had started to call them, knew exactly where to get each item. The cabinets along the far wall opened to their touch. They just took their gloved thumb and pressed it into the indentation above the handle.

They knew each other’s moves as well. One would get the boots while the other would get the corset. It only took a couple minutes to lay everything out on the bed. Once it was laid out they waited for Paul’s orders.

“Stand up,” he ordered me.

Once I did the redhead girl, noted only by the ponytail sticking out of the top of her black latex hood, placed the corset around my body. I immediately noticed that it had no laces. Instead it had straps similar to a straight jacket. The corset went on just like the day before. First they put it under my armpits and tightened the straps just to hold it in place. Then they used the special tool to tighten the straps. I could hear the ratchet working as I felt one area after another pulled to maximum constriction. I could hardly breathe when they were done.

“Beautiful,” Paul said.

“When she’s ready put her on the chains just for support. Don’t suspend her. I’ve got to check on my other pony. I’ll be back in half an hour.”

“You train Carly, right?” I asked.


“How’s she doing?”

“Well, if you’re curious, she didn’t have a good start. Fought and screamed on days one and two. That’s why she was kept in her hobbles. I’m letting her out today but I’m not going to stand for that sort of stuff for long. If she doesn’t make any progress in a week we’ll have to take stronger steps.”

“She’s scared,” I offered.

“Everyone’s scared. And I’m aware that our girls panic and fight. It’s almost guaranteed that will happen at some point. Hell, I expect you to fight me somewhere down the line. The correct thing to do is take swift corrective measures to put the girl in a better controlled environment. And that’s what we do.”

“Chains and manacles won’t help a panic stricken person.”

“I’m aware of that. But they will prevent them from hurting anyone, especially themselves.”

I was starting to get worked up as the posture collar was wrapped around my neck. Besides, I wanted to know about the dog stuff. I’m not sure why but I was curious.

“Does the dog scene help cure panic too? Is that why you put girls in dog suits and march them around?”

“In part, yes, if you must know. They can’t do anything but crawl and bark for a week. They’re kept bound and gagged all week long. Once we have them in that suit they’re only too happy to get back to marching. It’s far more degrading than the way we treat our good girls. We give them perspective.”

“Jesus, you’re a sadist!”

“I told you I was. I wasn’t lying.”

“You have it down to a science.”

“Yes, we do. I actually was given an honorary degree by our Prime Minister for the art of attitude adjustment. Enough talk. I’m keeping Carly waiting. Let the girls do the work. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”


When I got back to Carly’s room things had gone well. She was in her outfit wearing everything but the bit and bridle. She was standing in her heels, arms held in a tight leather arm binder. To keep her from falling the girls had connected her collar to the twin chains that hung from the ceiling.

“Are you OK?” I asked.

“Yes,” she replied.

“Carly, this is your life now. It’s important that you let things happen. Don’t resist,” I reminded her.

“I understand. Let’s get on with this.”

I took the bridle and put the spoon to her mouth. She hesitated for a moment then opened wide. The bit seated against the corners of her mouth. “Bite,” I ordered.

Once her bridle was fully buckled about her head I ordered the girls to take her to serpentine path 6. This would be her second day on the path. There she’d march for ten minute intervals. Then she’d be allowed to rest for two minutes on benches that were laid out around the paths. She’d continue the pattern for two hours before being returned to her room for a shower and lunch. She’d been through this routine twice already. It would be a standard for the next month or so.

I returned to Christine’s room and inserted the spoon in her mouth. As expected she didn’t resist in any way. The only problem I had was that we still didn’t have the full headgear for her. We were still dealing with a single strap. I was told that she’d have one for the afternoon march. Since she was so submissive I was of the mind to put her on the paths this afternoon. I was not sure that was wise at that point so I didn’t reserve a slot for her. Another day in the marching hall would be just as good for her.

My day was spent watching the remote cameras. Carly and Christine seemed to be doing well. I was almost certain that Carly would bolt. But she didn’t. In fact she marched very well. She had a beautiful gait that didn’t fade as she tired. Christine, on the other hand, was awkward in her stride. She wasn’t exactly horrible but neither was her performance the most beautiful march I’ve ever seen. I thought her timing and poise improved significantly with each trip up and down the path. By the time their sessions had ended I was fully impressed.

I met Carly back in her room just as she had finished showering. Putting my hands on my hips I just smiled and stared at her as her naked form emerged from the shower.

“What?” she asked.

“That was something!” I said.

“It’s what you wanted, wasn’t it?”

“More than I wanted. You have a magnificent style and grace to your step. I was very impressed.”

“Thank you,” she replied sheepishly.

“Come here,” I said, holding my arms out to her. I kissed her on the forehead. “As a reward I suppose we can do without the chains from now on. I don’t think you’ll mind, will you?”

“No. Thank you,” she said in a sweet voice as she looked into my eyes.

“Let me check on Christine. I’ll see you this afternoon for the after dinner march. Just do exactly as you did just now and you’ll never have to worry about bad things happening. Just be good,” I reminded her. I kissed her on the lips and walked out.

I met Christine in her room. She had showered and was just putting on her robe in front of the window. “So,” I said out loud so she could hear me, “you’re an exhibitionist!”

She turned around embarrassed and red-faced. Then she giggled.

“How are your feet?” I asked.


“The heels take some time to adjust to. Carly’s waiting in her room. I think she’s waiting for you.”

“I’ll head right over. Have you seen Charlie?” she asked.

“No, not my pony. I’m sure she’ll find you though. She’s a pretty motivated little pony. Got a lot of energy.”

“She’s fun to talk to. I like her.”

“Me too. If I had the funds I’d put all three of you in my stable.”

“I suppose I should take that as a compliment.”

“I run a well respected stable. If my request is approved you’ll see so personally.”

“I suppose that’s better than being under that bastard’s thumb that put me on the list.”

“Well, you don’t have to worry about that. You see, a few things happened over the past few days that you’re not aware of. Would you like an update?”

“Please,” she replied.

“I didn’t tell you but Phillip is, or rather was, my best friend. I grew up with him before we both moved here. The problem was that his sadistic streak was even more ridiculous than mine and he hurt people. Well, sometimes you have to cut out the cancer before it’s too late.”

I walked up to her and put my lips to her ear. “He was assassinated yesterday, not an hour after he made out his will. You’d never guess who gets the rights to you?”

She pushed me away and stared at me. I put my finger to her lips. “This stays with us. I saved your life. You owe me.”

“You’re a treacherous man!” she said.

“I’m smart too. Since he willed you to me I get a second pony for my retirement gift. I’m taking Carly.”

She looked stunned. “Well better to know the devil,” she replied.

“I am a devil, aren’t I?” I said in my false English voice.


Six weeks later my retirement party was held at the Campanera Inn near my own ranch. The Prime Minister himself attended. After my twenty-five years of loyal service to the State they were pulling out all the stops. Dignitaries from every prefecture attended. The food was excellent. The conversations were boring until the drinks loosened a few tongues. As the night wore on the party became loud. We had a great time!

The Prime Minister himself presented me with the reins to the two girls. Each girl was dressed in black latex from head to foot with ornate versions of their training outfits adorning their bodies. The corsets were silver as were all the straps around their heads. Their tails were brushed and sprinkled with silver flecks. From their heads large silver plumes rose two feet above their heads.

As his own personal gift he had a large ornate carriage made in my honor. He explained that he designed the propulsion system himself. He knew only a large squad of girls could pull this heavy contraption. And since I couldn’t afford an eight or ten girl team he added a motor to assist. I thanked him immensely for his forethought and commented on his creativity.

When the girls were rigged to the cart I offered the Prime Minister the first ride. “We’ll go together,” he said.


Carly and Christine spent the next fifteen years as ponies. Their lives had become something that they had never anticipated. The skills of their past lives meant nothing to them now. All that was important to them was the quality of their march, the beauty and grace of their stride, and the totally submissive attitude they had to display at all times.

Paul let them pull him through town daily. Due to the rising cost of gasoline he sold his car and used them exclusively for transportation. He talked to them often, enjoying their company. Christine even offered him legal advice for small favors that he was only too happy to accommodate in return.

His wife appreciated their quality. She entered Carly in the pony show and won third prize on her first showing. She also considered training Christine but after seeing her lack of skill she abandoned that idea. Carly rose through the ranks and won prize after prize for her poise and beauty.

But eventually their pony days were a thing of the past. Paul moved them to the domestic training program and was rewarded with two new ponies. Carly and Christine spent the several years working in the very facility they had been trained in. Now gagged and wrapped in latex daily they worked as a team under various trainer’s orders to indoctrinate other women into the role of pony slave.

At the age of fifty they were given a sum of money and placed in a gated community. The gates were used to keep them, and their story, under secrecy. While the PM considered the possibility of destroying the evidence, he decided against it. Killing ten thousand women simply because they knew about the pony slaves was beyond even his twisted mind. The gated facility would do just fine.

Carly had been taken to the facility two months prior to Charlie and Christine arriving. Carly had established a small business selling leather boots for women. She had done quite well, even providing some of the more ornate pony boots. When the three had been reunited, they hugged each other and cried.

“I like your outfit,” Charlie stated staring out Carly’s riding boots and jodhpurs.

“Thanks. It’s a pretty common item. You’ll need a set yourself,” she replied.

“Why?” Christine asked.

Carly held them in suspense as they walked through the train station. As they came around the corner of the building Carly pointed to a waiting cart. In front of it were two pony-girls. “Check out our new wheels!”

The End