Book 1 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 11 - New Recruit


The routine had changed little in the four weeks I had endured. Greg had been firm but fair in my training. I was now accustomed to the harsh treatment and the total control that was imposed on me. I had even become used to the oral duties I had to perform four or five times a day.

I suppose I had become desensitized. I had now performed over one hundred acts of oral sex in the last month. This was their intent. Greg had often dictated that this was the reason for the frequent acts I was forced to perform. Well, that was true only of the male organs I attended to. Marie’s desire was to dominate me. That was the primary reason for her requirement that I perform oral sex on her. It took me little time to realize this.

The oral sex acts I performed on Marie were often intense from my end. I was always decorated and bound in such a way to make me an ornament rather than a human who had a duty to perform. I was adorned in chains, jewelry, and quite often heavy, exaggerated breast plates that made me look like some sort of Norse goddess. I was forced to remain between her legs for at least an hour at a time. Often I had another sex slave standing by in case Marie desired that I do something else for her such as pose or bind myself with chains or straps.

I had little to do with Paul during the first month. Yes, I had my sessions, but I could probably count the nights that I serviced him on one hand. When I did, I was always placed in the special box that allowed only my head to protrude. I also had to wear jaw chocks, which he liked to refer to as “practicing safe sex.” He seemed to enjoy this method of satisfying himself. For me, it seemed very awkward.

Three weeks into this affair Marie came into my room shortly after I had finished my evening trot. It was a Sunday. It seemed strange to see her here. She had never visited me since my arrival. I was always taken to her, bound and gagged. I was taken by surprise and disoriented.

Marie pointed one finger to the floor and I immediately walked to her and knelt on my right knee. My training had established an instinctive response to the various hand signals that dictated my actions. It was a conditioned response. I didn’t mind.

After smiling and patting my head she told me we were going on a little trip tomorrow. “Don’t bother getting in your pony gear tomorrow. Just shower well and apply some conservative makeup. Greg will arrange your outfit. I need you ready by eight so you can sleep in for an extra hour. Just don’t be late,” she warned.

“Yes, Marie,” I responded.

“We’re going to recruit a new girl. I like to take a slave along as an example. It will be up to you to present yourself and relay any experiences you are asked about. I want you to answer truthfully. This is a recruiting session. While she has already agreed to come, I want her to see you and talk to you. It’s your job to give her a heads up on how extreme it gets. Do tell her the truth. Don’t mince words. If something is hard for you to take, don’t paint a pretty picture. I want her fully informed so it isn’t such a shock to her when we bring her here. And yes, I know this is different than the method we used with you. But each circumstance demands adjustment. I think this girl needs to be told the truth by someone who’s been through it. Understand?”

“Yes, Marie. I’ll do my best,” I responded.

Marie patted me on the head and simply smiled. Then she just turned on her heels and walked away. I was almost disappointed that she didn’t allow me to do anything with her. Did I really miss serving her that much?

The next morning Greg arrived shortly after the alarm had roused me from my slumber. I had hardly pulled the covers off when he walked through the passageway into my room. “We don’t have a lot of time so I need to get you prepared quickly.”

I headed into the bathroom and sat on the toilet to do my morning ritual. As before the process of cleaning my insides took roughly ten minutes for the three cycles to complete. I was impaled on the anal probe, pumped with air and water and cleansed completely. It was a mechanical process that I had long since become accustomed to.

Greg handed me a box with a perfumed douche. I used it while I was mounted on the toilet, thus saving a bit of time. Then I took a shower. Greg wasn’t waiting with a towel. Instead he had a wet/dry electric razor. In short order my underarms and legs were quickly cleansed of unwanted hair.

I grabbed a towel and dried my hair during this time. Greg continued to work on my legs, dropping to his knees and feeling my legs for smoothness. This razor was a new type that spread a lotion onto the skin. It was as good if not better than a twin-blade razor. And it didn’t hurt or burn! Finally he finished his “hair care” by taking a comb and scissors and trimming my bush. It was strange that no one had touched this area before, I thought.

At that point we went into the main area. Greg had me sit at the vanity. Using a hair dryer and a comb he removed the remaining dampness from my hair. Then he bound it into a ponytail with a simple rubber band. I applied some lipstick and did my eyes as he dictated.

As he took the large head harness from the bag he explained the situation. “You’ll be taken in severe bondage to a mansion owned by one of Marie’s good friends,” he said as he held the large red ball in front of my mouth. I automatically opened my mouth as I had done many times before. In seconds, not only had the ball been pressed into my mouth, but the screws had secured it to my tongue as well. Greg left the tip unsecured for the time being. “Marie has a lot of friends that happen to own private airports. Considering the sort of thing we do, it helps quite a bit. Anyway, we’ll be landing near Eugene, Oregon. We’ll be bringing our new girl to a nearby hotel to visit. Then you can go into your sales routine,” he continued.

All this time he attended to his work. Straps were fastened all around my head. A leather collar was placed around my neck. And finally a small gold cone was placed onto the tip of my tongue and secured with a small screw. Attached to it was a long gold chain with a leather handle. Greg gave it a tug and pulled me to my feet.

It took little time to put me into a leather corset. I still had my hands free and I held it in place while Greg laced it up my back. It was severely boned and caused me to stick out my rump proudly. This was convenient for him since his next act was to insert my dildos. With my hips rotated as they were, it was quite easy for him to access both my openings from behind.

The last items were a pair of hip boots with five-inch heels, and a leather arm binder. A small battery was inserted into a pouch inside the binder and wires were connected to my two little friends. These were items I was well familiar with. It was quite common to wear these during my pony runs so it wasn’t nearly as big a deal as it could have been. Still, it ranked as one of the most severe sessions that I had ever endured.

There was one last item, a leather skirt. It was quite difficult but I managed to step into it without tripping. Greg fastened it around my waist and pulled the zipper down. While I appreciated being covered below the waist I soon realized that the skirt was very tight and hobbled me. It accented my extended rump and went all the way down to my knees. It was just tight enough to allow me a twelve inch stride and little more. It forced me to take short, quick steps.

I appreciated being led to the elevator rather than the long sloped ramp. In my condition every step I saved in my long march to the front steps was a blessing. Greg did not seem to even notice that I was struggling to do my best imitation of Morticia Adams as I took three steps for every one of his. Instead he simply urged me onward by pulling on the six-foot leash that was attached to my tongue. I had no choice. I was his slave. I had to follow.

Even with the assistance of the elevator it took a very long time and hundreds of tiny steps to reach the waiting limousine. Marie was there, dressed in a black pants suit. She wore long sleeves, which seemed out of place for this warm morning. Then I realized we were heading to Oregon and it was late October.

As Greg held my leash tight, Marie did a cursory inspection. After looking at my bound form Marie was all smiles. “She’s perfect,” she commented. “You’ve outdone yourself. 

“Thank you, Marie. She’s a joy to work with. But aren’t we running short of time?” Greg asked.

“Yes,” she said, looking at her Rolex watch. “We’d better get going. Paul is waiting at the airport.”

We all piled into the limo with me placed in the same rear facing seat that I had arrived in. It was like they were re-enacting my arrival in reverse. The only difference was that I was wearing a triangular arm binder rather than a square one.

Several buckles mounted me to the cushions. The entire seat was designed for someone wearing an arm binder. The back of the seat sported a triangular depression with an opening for my hands to fit through. The seat also had a depression where the dildos protruded so I wouldn’t be sitting on the devices. Even the area around my thighs was molded to make everything as comfortable as possible. Considering that it was almost an hour’s drive to the airstrip I would need every one of these features.

Eventually we arrived at the airstrip. There was one significant difference between this scene and my original arrival, however. The limo parked nearly a hundred yards away from the plane. I would have to walk that distance in my heels and tight bondage.

After being detached from the strange seat I was taken to the rear of the car. We waited till everyone had assembled around me. A sole figure emerged from the Gulfstream IV. It was Paul. He was dressed in long white pants and a blue golf shirt. He seemed to be dressed much more casually than normal. Of course, everyone looked normal compared to my outfit.

While I was kept on a tight leash, we walked to the large white jet. Greg held the leash and Marie and the rest followed. My attention was devoted to keeping from landing face first on the tarmac. Everyone else’s attention was devoted to me as I shuffled with a ten-inch stride behind Greg.

My tongue, my toes, and my lower orifices all hurt. The pull on my tongue distracted me the most, especially since my jaw was stretched so wide. It caused me to groan and grunt from the pain. Nobody seemed to notice or care. Instead our little mass of people walked toward the entrance to the plane.

Marie must have loved the sight. I had to walk with my butt extended rearward. I’m sure if Marie were so inclined she would have used a riding crop on the tempting target. I could feel the leather pulled tightly around my ass. I’m sure that if we hadn’t been in a rush I’d have felt several strokes there.

My entire upper body was arched. My head was perfectly vertical, in line with my chest. My lower back was curved and extended rearward, forced into this position both by the corset and the heels. I must have looked like a bimbo!

I was so grateful when I was placed into the plane. They already had a seat ready for me. It faced rearward and was set on the right side of the cabin. It must have been made for this occasion because it had the same depression in the back of the seat. In no time at all I was strapped in place. I would have a perfect view of them. The reverse was also true. They could gaze at my kinky outfit as well as the female held captive inside it. Their imagination didn’t have to work very hard to understand how much torment I was going through. And they fed on it!

We arrived in Eugene three hours later. I couldn’t sleep or relax during the entire ordeal. All I could do was stare straight ahead. They ignored me for most of the trip. I wasn’t allowed food or water. I was an ornament and nothing more. The only thing they did was wipe my face and clean up the drool. Otherwise, no one seemed to notice me any more than a house plant.



The weather was not going to cooperate. It was 42 degrees outside and damp. I couldn’t allow Casey to be exposed to those conditions. She wasn’t sufficiently covered to allow her to simply walk to the limo. I would have loved to come up with a complicated arrangement to put her in more torment, perhaps placing her in a box and taking her by truck to the destination. Instead, I relied on the simplicity of an ordinary cloak with a hood. I simply allowed Greg to cover her with the cloak I kept for such an occasion. She looked like a monk, her head hidden deep in the hood. It would work out well.

The wind whipped a cold, irritating spray about us as we exited the plane. Greg had covered Casey with the cloak and would help her walk the fifty yards to the small control shack nearby. Paul took me by the arm and we walked to the shack as well.

Halfway there four figures emerged, two of which I recognized immediately. Elaine and Fred Cummings were old friends. Like several I had tutored, they owned a small stock of slaves. Last I heard they had ten slaves to satisfy their needs. Fred was dressed in jeans as well as a long black leather coat. Elaine wore a red leather coat but it was much tighter. It looked like a long hobble dress. Four-inch heels further restricted her gait. Hanging from her neck was a six-foot chain, which terminated in Fred’s right hand. Her hands apparently were free at the moment. I had visited them before where that aspect of her bondage was taken care of as well.

“Maybe I should treat you like that,” Paul quipped quietly.

Without even looking at him I said, “You have enough toys to play with.” He didn’t say anything after that.

Elaine wrapped her arms around me. “It’s been so long. How have you been?” she asked.

“I’ve been well. I see you’re still your husband’s favorite toy,” I noted as I pointed to the three-inch collar around her neck.

“As it should be. Haven’t you tried being the submissive yet?”

“It’s not my cup of tea. That’s why I bring in so many more slaves than you do. How many do you have now?”

“Ten. I have four into bondage and six attending to our other needs,” Fred stated suddenly. “It’s too cold here and I know your slave isn’t really dressed for this weather. Let’s get inside,” he insisted.

Once inside, Fred and Elaine took their time examining Casey. Greg removed the cloak and allowed them to gaze upon her bound form. He had her kneel in the standard position, right knee on the floor and left knee square. He simply pointed one finger to the floor and she immediately responded. Both seemed impressed.

“How long has she been with you,” Fred asked as he ran his hands over the headgear.

“Three weeks,” I offered.

“She’s amazingly disciplined. Look, Fred. When I walk in front of her she immediately makes eye contact with me.”

“She has excellent posture,” Fred noted. “Only three weeks? Amazing. How well does she perform in harness?”

“She’s a joy,” Greg volunteered. “She’s not show-quality yet but we’re working on it.”

“Well, we’d better get a move on. I’ve arranged everything as you requested. The new girl will be arriving at the Windy Northern Motel in approximately ninety minutes. That gives you just enough time to run over there. I own the facility so there shouldn’t be any complaints from the management. You’ll find a single cabin, number 12, in the northwest section of the property. That’s the one you’ll use.”

“How will the girl arrive?” Paul asked.

“She’s driving in herself. She called two hours ago. I offered to have a plane or helicopter fly her here but she’s a little skittish from what I could pick up.”

“Thanks, Fred.”

“Are you sure she’s OK with this? She sounded nervous.”

“I gave her all the paperwork and told her she’d be put through hell. She wants the money. This one was the same way. She’s working out. I’m sure the new girl will be fine. We just have to give her a live example to be sure.”

“I suppose it’s the smarter route. Best of luck,” Elaine said. “When you’re finished, head over to the mansion and we’ll make you feel at home.”

Greg replaced the heavy garment, laying it over Casey’s shoulders. The hood was pulled up to cover her head. It was partly for her protection and partly to keep her from drawing unwanted attention. The motel was a public place. Obviously we would have to take precautions.

Casey was placed into the waiting limo on her knees. We had her lean forward with her head on the floor as well. Even though the windows were darkened I didn’t want to take any chances.

We arrived on schedule at a large camping facility. The owner simply peeked out of the office and pointed to the road that would lead us to the proper cabin. It was in a secluded spot, hidden in the woods. We would have no issue with regard to privacy. No one could see us here.

We found the interior of the cabin to be spartan. There was a double bed, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. There seemed to be an inordinate amount of open space in the living room. I suppose that was intentional. I noticed large eyebolts in the ceiling. If I had the time I suppose I could have done some suspension bondage with Casey.

I had Greg take Casey to the bathroom. She had been in bondage for several hours and we needed to do some basic maintenance. Unfortunately we were running short on time. I had him take care of just a few essential tasks. He removed the ball gag and gave her some water. Once she was watered, I allowed her to work her jaw for a moment before the gag was reinserted. After the front dildo was removed, she was allowed to relieve herself. The dildo was replaced by a fresh one and secured in place. Finally a warm, moist towel, dampened with a special perfumed cleaner, was used to moisten and soothe any bare skin that was still exposed. Greg even forced it into the hard to reach areas under her arms as well as across her breasts. Her loins were gently bathed as well.

Just as Greg had finished, the doorbell rang. A delicious tall blonde, similar in appearance to Casey, entered. It was a stroke of luck to find someone so similar. I had hoped to find a match for the tandem pony cart. If I could just convince her to join without scaring her away, well, that was a challenge. My intention was a bit complicated. I wanted to join for reasons other than the money. She wasn’t into the scene any more than Casey was when she started with us. Then again she was neither a virgin, nor a devoutly religious girl either. That meant, in my mind, that she was open to suggestions.

She was here. That meant she was interested. When I had last visited her I had provided a set of visual aids so she knew exactly what she was getting into. I had left her three hours of video and countless pictures taken over the past three years. They showed the outfits, the ponies, and even the sex. And she was still here. She was interested!

Now I wanted her to see Casey. The reason was simple. I wanted to give her the chance to talk to someone who was relatively green. I wanted her to see what she would look like when we had put her into bondage. And I wanted her to know just how hard it would be to earn a million dollars under my rules. I wanted her to understand in advance so the shock would be experienced before she had made the commitment rather than afterwards. Most of all, I wanted this all to work. She was perfect! It had to work!

Her name was Christina Petrie. She was exactly the same height as Casey, 5 feet, 11 inches tall. Her breasts were medium size, C-cup from the report. She wore five-inch heels as I had ordered and she wore a leather skirt also. When she took off her short leather jacket I saw she was wearing a long sleeved white silk blouse. She was dressed exactly as I had dictated. At least she could follow orders.



I had come to this motel room for a specific reason. Marie had told me all about her operation and I had decided that the money was too good to pass up. She told me she was going to provide me with an example of how I would be treated. I assumed she was going to put me in some sort of restraints. But that was not the case at all!

When I arrived, Marie and Paul greeted me. Paul had opened the door. Marie was lounging on the couch. I could hear water running in the bathroom and I saw that the door was open and the light was on. Someone was in there as well.

“I’m glad you came,” Marie said as Paul took his place beside her.

“I almost didn’t after looking at the pictures and the video,” I replied.

“Then why did you,” Paul asked.

“I decided it was worth the money,” I responded.

“Do you understand what I want from you?” Marie asked.

“Yes. You want me to be your slave. I know what that means. You want to tie me up and make me do things for you.”

“That’s right. You have trouble saying the word sex?”

“I’m a little uncomfortable and a little anxious.”

“Understandable. Well, I have an example of what is expected of you. Are you sure you want to experience it?”

“I think so. What do you want me to do?” I asked, expecting her to tell me to remove my clothes.

“Just sit over there and relax.”

“I don’t understand.”

“Just sit down. You’ll see in a minute,” Paul insisted.

I did as ordered. At that point Marie walked into the bathroom and returned pulling a leash. Attached to the end of that leash was the most amazing sight I had ever seen! “This is Casey,” she said. “She’s been with us three weeks. As you can see she’s completely under my control. You may also notice that she is under no duress. She is not struggling to get away. She is not in any pain. This is a very good example of the type of treatment you will be subjected to. This is what you have to do to get me to pay you a million dollars. Now, you have a decision to make. I want you to be sure. I want you to examine Casey very carefully. Please notice where she is pierced. Notice how she behaves. This is how you will be treated. This is what one million dollars buys.”

I fully expected to be shocked by the things I would be subjected to. Seeing this strange girl bound in this manner was another story. I had seen the pictures on bondage sites and I had viewed the videos supplied by Marie and Paul. Still, this was a live person and it hit me hard. Her nipples, her crotch and even her nose were pierced with silver rings. And that gold covering on the tip of her tongue could only mean that it was pierced too.

The level of bondage was so severe that I almost had second thoughts. I needed to talk to her and make sure that there was no chance that this was a captive rather than a voluntary slave. “I’d like to talk to her, alone if that’s possible,” I asked.

“I was going to insist on it,” Marie replied. “Greg, remove her gag and arm binder.”

Greg did as Marie ordered. “You’re out of scene,” Marie said to the kneeling figure. You’ll return to your knees when one of us enters. Clear?”

“Yes, Marie,” Casey replied.

And they left.

As soon as the door closed Casey rose to her feet. The heels were quite high. My attention was drawn to her breasts. Each was pierced and a length of chain drooped between them. From there my attention was drawn to her face. The first thing I noticed was the ring in her nose. I didn’t find it very attractive. It seemed to be there for control purposes more than beauty. It was heavy and ugly. She wore little makeup except for a dark red lipstick. Considering her gag, there didn’t seem to be any smearing. My guess was that she was wearing some sort of gloss coat.

She stretched out her arms above her head and rotated her neck as best as she could, considering the collar. She appeared to be very stiff. She groaned as she sat on the chair.

“Sore?” I asked.

“I’ve been bound for nearly four hours. But I’m used to it by now,” she replied.

“I need to ask you some questions. Is that OK?”

“Sure. Ask away,” she responded as she massaged her neck muscles.

“Is this completely voluntary? I mean, are they forcing you to do this?”

“I’m doing it for the money. They aren’t forcing me to do anything. I can quit any time I want. Of course that would be a very stupid thing to do right now.”

“Did you ever do anything like this before you met these people?”

“Never. I was not into bondage or kinky sex.”

“But you’re into it now,” I offered.

“Only because it’s required.”

“Then you don’t enjoy what you’re doing?”

“Let’s just say I’m indifferent. They do this stuff so often that you become desensitized.”

“But it must have been hard for you at the beginning, right?”

“It was horrible,” she replied.

“What did they do to you?”

“Well, I’m sure Marie has already described how they treat you, right?”

“Yes. She described the bondage and the sex. She told me I’d have to kneel between a man’s legs for half an hour at a time.”

“Kneeling is the easy part,” she said sardonically.

“I’m aware of the other part. That’s the part I don’t know if I’m capable of. I’ve never done it even once.”

“But for a million dollars…”

“For a million dollars I can learn.”

“You think you can become used to it?”

“I think so,” I replied.

“You won’t.”

“Come again?”

“They do it to you five times a day. To them, oral sex is a tool of subjugation. It’s meant to debase you and control you. They get more pleasure from control than from sex. Understand?”

“What happens if I do become used to it?”

“I don’t think that’s possible. They keep changing things. Every few weeks they change your trainer so you can’t develop a relationship. They vary the type of bondage they put you through. They make you act like an animal sometimes. Sometimes you have to act like a robot. And sometimes you have to act like a whore. But they always change the outfits or the methods. Nothing is ever the same for more than a few days at a time.”

“Yes, but it’s all abuse. How do you manage?”

“You just do! If you want the money you have to accept their kinks. I really hated it at first and I’m sure you will too. Just think of the money. It’s like winning the lottery. You have to realize that this is good fortune. Yes, you’re going to have to make huge sacrifices to fulfill this deal. But let’s face it. Without these people you would never have a snowball’s chance in hell of coming across a million bucks. Understand?”

“I do. But I’m very anxious about the sex.”

“I understand.”

“I don’t want to be treated like a whore,” I said.

“You don’t really have much choice if you want the money.”

“I know. I do want the money,” I said.

“Then the choice is pretty clear, isn’t it?”

“Thank you. Is there anything else I need to know?”

“I don’t think so. Don’t be afraid of these people. They’ll put you through your paces but they always look out for your welfare. They won’t put you in any danger.”

“That’s good to know. That tells me a lot.”

At that point the door opened. Casey’s eyes opened wide and she suddenly leapt off the sofa and dropped to her knees. Before anyone walked in she placed her forehead on the floor and placed her hands behind her back. I pictured myself in a similar situation. If I wanted to earn a million bucks I’d have to do the exact same thing. The question I had to ask myself was, “Why did she react so quickly?” The answer had to be that she was frightened of the consequences. She was obviously afraid to displease these people. It seemed contrary to the way she was acting only a few minutes before. She didn’t appear to be frightened, antsy, or anxious while she was talking to me. She wasn’t looking for a way to escape either. She was afraid to disobey. Perhaps it was conditioning. Perhaps she was attached to these people. I rejected the latter thought though. Her attitude that she conveyed to me in our conversation didn’t indicate that at all. Quite the contrary, if anything, she hated the things she had to do. She just wanted the money. Watching her kiss the floor, I realized I wanted the money just as much if not more. I knew then that in a few weeks I’d be obeying just as abjectly.

Marie and Greg returned to the room. Their first order of business was the slave girl’s bondage. “Bag her arms and get her gagged,” Marie ordered. “Fred and Elaine are expecting us and I want to be back by midnight.” Greg quickly bound Casey’s arms by returning them to the leather bag that had earlier been removed. I then watched her spread her lips wide and obediently stick out her tongue. A six-foot leash was attached to the tip of her tongue. Greg took a rubber ball out of a plastic bag and slid it down the chain. There was a large hole in it, obviously for her tongue. I watched the ball approach her lips with total fascination. Her lips seemed to stretch around the ball as it entered her mouth. It didn’t seem to fit. It was too big. Greg pulled harder on the chain and her tongue came with it. I heard her groan. Suddenly the ball popped into place.

After laying a cloak with a deep hood over her, Greg led her outside. Marie seemed more interested in my reaction than to the care of the bound girl. I suppose she either trusted Greg or was used to the process. Perhaps it was both.

“Now you know what is in store for you. I want you to think about this carefully. That will be you! Can you deal with it?” she asked sternly.

There was little hesitation. I suppose I was shocked by her directness. I was certainly distracted. “I can handle it. Just tell me what you want me to do,” I returned boldly.

“Good,” she said. “Sit down. I’ll go over the details….”


I was on my way back to my little apartment outside of Seattle. Soon I’d be making a very large lifestyle adjustment. I had just committed myself to a year of slavery. Three days from now I was going to be on my way to San Francisco. There I was going to stay a week at Marie’s expense in a small apartment that she had reserved for me. While staying there I was going to visit a special tattoo artist who specialized in piercing the human body. I even had a layout of where they were going to put various rings and grommets! She also would be measuring me for a special wardrobe. Finally I had to get a checkup and lab work.

Marie gave me two thousand dollars in a brown envelope along with a bound folder containing countless pages of pictures and literature. I knew well before getting on the plane what I would have to endure. I didn’t like the idea of having my private parts pierced. But everyone has their price and a million dollars is simply not to be ignored! I had to do this.

Two weeks later I had completed all the tasks assigned to me including the body piercing, the fitting and measurements, and the doctor appointments and blood tests. I returned home and waited. A week after the doctor visit I was bound and gagged. My outfit used hidden bonds. No one who looked at me could tell that I was unable to move my hands or speak. The gag was small and literally bolted to my tongue. The bracelets were actually handcuffs, which had fine steel wires running to a belt hidden inside my leather pants. Between my legs I was wearing a special insert that forced me to stay within six feet of whoever was carrying the special transmitter. Essentially it would act like an invisible leash.

And that was how my adventure began. Eventually they would train me in the fine art of oral sex, with both male and female partners. They helped me conquer my inhibitions regarding all forms of bondage for I was bound for most of the waking day. No day was boring. Each day offered surprises beyond my wildest imagination. Some I liked. Some I didn’t. A year later I knew I’d be richer. Whether I’d stay for another session was a question I had yet to answer.



To be continued...