Book 1 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 9 - The Evening Trot


Marie was meticulous about procedure. It was only a hundred yard walk to my room, a short five minute walk at most. Yet she insisted I be properly gagged before returning to my chamber. I watched as she slid the plug up to my lips and inserted it. At the same time I felt my tongue being pulled into the slot inside the penis shaped device. When she had finished my tongue was held firmly captive, an unpleasant but all too familiar situation as of late.

At that point she had me stand and take up a position behind her and to her right. I observed that she placed the remote on her belt near her right hip. A simple hand signal was all it took to get me marching in the half-step mode. Yet she didn’t move. She remained with her back to me, listening to the sound of my feet hitting the floor. Even with her back to me, I knew she was enjoying the clip-clop echo of the hollow soles of the shoes. Her body language spoke volumes in this regard.

Eventually we began the short walk to the bedroom. Marie didn’t say a single word to me during the entire trip. She simply walked on, knowing that I’d follow. I had to. Failure to remain within six feet of her would result in an annoying buzzing between my legs followed by a painful jolt should I fall behind much farther. The walk was not that simple though. If I got too close I’d lose sight of her right hand. I needed to see her hand so that I could obey her signals. But I couldn’t see well because my chin was held so high and the straps from the head harness kept blocking my view. In addition, Marie was substantially shorter than Hugo so her hands hung lower. What this meant was that I had to move to the limit of my invisible electronic leash in order to keep an eye on her fingers. I constantly received the warning jolts from the dildos. I don’t know if this scene was meant to torment me but if it was then Marie and Hugo had designed a devilish torture.

We eventually returned to my room. Marie walked straight to the window and pointed one finger to the ground. I knelt like the obedient pet that I had become. Still she said not one word. She simply petted my hair and gazed at the fading scenery.

To be truthful, I really couldn’t explain my feelings at this stage of my training. I knew what they wanted. They wanted me to live the part rather than act it. Yet I was still role-playing. I was hired to be a slave and I was doing my ‘job’ as best I could manage. Yet they wanted more. Certainly Marie wanted more.

Marie wanted me to be devoted to her as a pet would love her mistress. She wanted to dehumanize me. That’s what I read from her actions. To a certain extent I resented it. She was asking me to sacrifice my humanity. I was being asked to act in an unbelievably depraved manner, on command no less. It wasn’t something I would do without great persuasion.

Yet here I knelt, obediently waiting for the next command. I was sucking on a plastic cock with my tongue stretched to the limit. In a short time I’d have the real thing in my mouth, a requirement before each meal according to the information that Hugo had given me. And after a quick meal I was going to be harnessed just like a horse, complete with bit and tail. How much more like an animal can one get? And this was the daily routine. I was a sex slave and I had committed myself to endure these tribulations. I wasn’t going to quit. I wanted the million bucks that bad!


It was nearly 8:00 when Hugo had taken me downstairs. Hugo had stripped me of the plastic cuirass and the collar. He had also removed my boots and my head harness. For that I was very grateful. My tongue had endured all it could stand by that point. The only things he didn’t remove were the dildos. He told me I’d be wearing them till I went to bed. I suppose I’d be walking funny for another couple hours.

I serviced him of course, although this time I wore no chocks or training collar. Instead I simply knelt in front of him and opened my mouth. He gave me no instructions. I knew what to do based on the many times I had done him before. I didn’t have to perform the act for very long. Time was short and he wanted me to digest my meal before the evening events.

Dinner consisted of a small piece of broiled fish with roasted potatoes and lima beans. I didn’t like the beans but he insisted I clean my plate. Since I had eaten very little up till this point it didn’t take much persuading to get me to finish the meal. I wolfed down the apple and the banana he offered as dessert before washing it all down with three glasses of spring water, the only drink he would allow.

After dinner Hugo had me stand with my arms above my head while he performed a general inspection of my body. I had to open my mouth and allow him to check my teeth and my tongue. He used a flashlight for this. Next he felt my breasts. This was not an intimate inspection though. He was inspecting my breasts for lumps. The good doctor had trained him and all the other trainers in this regard. I was grateful when he told me I was fine. Of course he also inspected every ring that invaded my body. He checked every joint, my elbows and especially my knees and ankles for wear, even asking me to lift up on my toes while he felt each ankle. I didn’t really mind but it was a bother.

“As a rule, we generally let you have a half hour before getting you harnessed for the evening trot. But we’re very short on time so I’m going to get you rigged now. I’ll let you relax on your knees until we’re ready for you. Have to let you digest.”

The gear he provided me was virtually the same as the pony outfit I had worn earlier that day. The colors of choice were black and red.

Hugo explained that the evening trot would start out while the air was quite warm. This explained the change. I didn’t wear a corset this time. Instead I wore a wide belly harness which sported a complex web of straps. These straps encircled my body, ringing my breasts in the process so they were well supported. My nipple rings were pulled through gold cones. Fine chains joined the rings. Small bells were attached to the rings as well.

The rest of the gear was similar. He gave me the hip-length pony boots to slip onto my legs. These boots were dark red in contrast to the black straps that secured my upper body. My arms were slipped into the arm bag similar to the one I had worn earlier, also dark red. Once secured, my fingers touched the elbows of the opposite arm. A stiff black collar was added. More black leather straps encircled my head and a red leather bit was presented. “Stick out your tongue, Casey,” I heard him say. In a second my tongue was attached to the bit. He pulled it firmly into the corners of my mouth, forcing me to groan from the discomfort. He produced a pair of thick leather pads and attached them to the sides of my bridle, forcing me to look straight ahead.

As a final act he removed my dildos, and slipped fresh dildos back into my lower openings. Straps which hung from the belt were connected as well as wires which ran down my backbone from the arm binder. The rear dildo already sported the long blond tail as well. He opened a small pouch above my arms and inserted a battery, connecting the wires in the process.

He stood in front of me now, admiring his work. After smiling for a moment he said, “You know, I’ve changed my mind.” He next pressed a button on the remote attached to his belt and I instantly felt a sharp thud between my knees which informed me that the dildos were armed. “I think I’d like some company for dinner.”

Dinner was served in the common room of the same floor. It was where I had been served breakfast that morning. Only the trainers were there. I assumed the other sex slaves were in their rooms bound and equipped similar to me. Without prompting I knelt to the right of Hugo. The crowd didn’t seem to notice my obedient act, as if it were a common sight.

Suddenly one of the trainers noticed me. “’This your new project?” a tall blonde male asked. He was dressed in a white uniform.

“Yeah. It’s only her second day but she’s learning. Aren’t you next in line, Greg?”

“Yes. I suppose I’ll be getting her after you’re done with her. What’s her name?”

“Casey. She’s from New York.”

“So how’s she really doing?” Greg asked.

“Well, she’s pretty good in harness and she marches well. She follows hand signals promptly although she’s a bit slow for my taste. That should improve with practice.”

“What about her oral skills?” Greg asked, obviously not talking about my speaking capabilities.

“She’s not bad. She lacks enthusiasm though. I might have to encourage her a bit. I might leave that up to you. I’m really just interested in getting her accustomed to doing it three or four times a day. That takes time.”

“Maybe you’re too easy on her? I know your style. It works well but it takes time. If you’re impatient, let me have her early. I’ll bring her up to speed.”

“I don’t think she’d stay if we went that route. I don’t think she’d think the money would be worth the abuse. I know your style as well, Greg.”

“All I do is keep them gagged with rubber cocks, except when I have the time to insert a real one. They learn to hate the taste of rubber and embrace the real thing. It’s just aversion therapy. Try it on her for a week or so. She’ll come around. She won’t quit. It’s the method we’ve been using for quite some time. All our slaves have gone through the week of sucking. It has never been the bondage that made them quit. It’s the other stuff that causes problems.”

“I don’t think she’s ready for that level of treatment. She’s not your average sex starved slave. She’s from more conservative roots,” he commented.

“She’s not a virgin, is she?” someone said. It was a dark haired man sitting three seats down from Greg.

“No, she’s not, at least in the standard areas. She didn’t have any experience in the oral, anal, or bondage areas though. Considering our poor turnover rate, I’d prefer to go slow in some of these categories. Her pace is slow but it is acceptable.”

“I suppose you’re right. Let’s give her a few weeks and see what develops.”

“We’ll resort to your method if she hasn’t improved after the thirty days are up.” Suddenly Hugo looked up at the clock. “My God! Will you look at the time? We’d better get down to the carts.”

I was not surprised by the topic of conversation, nor was I upset by it. Hugo was grooming me into becoming the best slave he could make out of me. Part of that was sexually satisfying the group. No, the idea of oral sex did not sit well with me. Hugo’s evaluation of my performance was correct in that regard. I didn’t understand how he could tell I wasn’t enthusiastic about the act. Could he see past all the leather straps and read my mind? Maybe he could read it in my eyes.

And what was this week of sucking? Was this for real or was it an idle threat? I had a feeling that this was all for real. One day in the not so distant future they would be inserting a rubber, anatomically correct tube into my mouth and I’d be dealing with the bitter rubber for a week or more. Just knowing the consequences of a lack of ‘enthusiasm’ was enough to improve my attitude. But then again, wasn’t that exactly what they wanted?

Hugo’s signal forced me to stand and begin the march down to the lower level. There I was immediately connected to a four-wheel cart. I was the only pony there at that point. Hugo took advantage of the time by tightening all my straps and primping and combing my hair and false tail. Then he disappeared behind me. I felt his weight as he sat down but I felt no tension on the reins. He seemed to be waiting for the others.

A moment later I watched as two of the four remaining trainers led their ponies down the ramp to the remaining carts. Ten minutes later the final pair of ponies was brought down. These two girls were rigged to a larger cart in a side-by-side configuration. We all waited for an additional fifteen minutes before Marie and Paul arrived. We were all getting impatient at that point.

The larger cart was brought up beside mine while the other single cart was positioned the farthest from me. We assumed a line for Marie’s inspection. I assumed a proud, chin-high stance, prompted by Hugo’s sudden but steady pull on the reins. My training told me to look directly at her as soon as she stepped in front of me. My blinders would prevent my eyes from following her for very far. I was grateful in a sense. I couldn’t be blamed for losing eye contact when she walked past.



I liked to do an inspection once or twice a week. With Casey now on her second march I felt it was as good a time as any. I wanted to see how well she was coping with the pony stuff. I needed to establish firmer control over her as well. I wanted her to stop thinking of me as a friendly, motherly woman and begin understanding that she was now my property.

I started by taking my remote and switching it to her frequency to take control of her dildos. She was now wearing twin powered dildos. Both front and rear could be set to buzz or shock. The battery held between her shoulder blades had plenty of power to maintain control over her for many hours.

As I pressed the button that made the link to her I saw her jump. The dildos had both delivered a sudden thud inside her. Her eyes opened wide at that point.

“I have control, Casey. Do exactly as I say. Knees together! Heels together!” I said, punctuating my commands with a quick press of the buzzer. “Better! When you come to attention I don’t want to see a millimeter of daylight from your knees to your heels. Now, stay like that until you’re told to march.”

It felt so good to exercise my authority, to control her. It gave me that warm, wonderful feeling inside. Her eyes were focused on me and they followed me as I walked before her. Her head was rock steady and her nose was held up perfectly. That gold ring that hung from it was so tempting but I let it be. Instead I grabbed her reins and jerked her head up with my left hand. With my right I pressed my fingers behind her bit, checking to see how firmly it was seated in the corners of her mouth. It was extremely tight, just as it should have been. Hugo knew exactly how to rig a pony, of course. I just enjoyed checking to see how much distress my girls were put in. I was quite pleased.

“Now that you are wearing the new dildos we’ll be using them to give you your marching orders. Both dildos have small impact hammers that will move from side to side when I press certain buttons on the remote. We’ll use the front dildo to signal how high to lift your knees. Two thumps will signal a half-knee march while four thumps will signal a high-knee march. We will use the rear dildo to correct your posture and march. The thumping will provide head position signals and the buzzer will signal you as to how high your are lifting your knees. Single buzzes or thumps are a signal to lower your knees or head. Triple buzzes or thumps are a signal to raise your knees or head. Remember, thumps are for the head position and the buzzer is for the knees. Finally, we’ll use only the reins to control your speed. I know this is complicated but you catch on quickly.”

I pulled her nose to nose with me and stared straight into her eyes. I saw fear in her and I felt her tremble. When I thought her anxiety was at its peak I broke into a smile suddenly. It caught her by surprise. I pushed her head upright to what I considered a proper position and walked on to the other girls, leaving her staring straight ahead.

The remaining inspections were not nearly as thorough. I knew I had spent far too much time with her but it was an enjoyable experience. Nonetheless I needed to pay some attention to the remaining females. I’m sure they understood the situation. The new girl needed special attention. I would make it up to the veterans at a later time.

I climbed into Casey’s cart and took the reins. With a signal the doors were opened and a blast of heated air assaulted us. The temperature outside had risen during the day to almost 105 F. and had hardly cooled to 85 by sunset. However, the temperature in the desert would drop quickly. By the end of the exercise the girls would be marching in mid-70 degree air. That was the reason behind the lighter outfits. Except for the hip-length boots they were almost totally exposed to the air.

I signaled Casey to execute a high-step march and engaged the helper motor. With a slight pull of the left rein I guided her through the door into the night air. It was already getting dark. Hugo flipped a switch and a pair of halogen lights illuminated the path ahead.

As prearranged, the other carts took the right path while we took the left. They would try and keep their distance, although we were certain to cross paths sooner or later. I wanted Casey to march solo so she would not be distracted.

We marched perhaps fifty yards before I pulled her to a stop for no apparent reason. Once we had halted I checked her heels. They were not touching. Neither were her knees. I immediately applied corrective punishment by pressing a button on the remote. I heard her scream past the bit. “Knees and heels,” I yelled before zapping her again. There was a second moan. But she had understood. She immediately assumed a stiff position of attention. “Better! Don’t let me catch you making that mistake again,” I yelled.

After a few seconds we resumed the high-step march down the path. Upon reaching the first intersection I had her turn right toward the center. After the turn I zapped her again and yelled at her. “You dropped your knees when you went around,” I yelled. “Let’s try that again.”

I pulled hard on the left rein and forced her to make a U-turn. There was hardly enough room on the path. One wheel actually went into the grass but the grass was laid on concrete so she didn’t have any problem completing the turn.

“Keep those knees up,” I yelled as I pulled on the right rein. This turn was much better.

A moment later I stopped her. This time she came to perfect attention. But I didn’t praise her. I just let her stand there a moment before signaling for a half-step march. I increased the pace and ordered a slow canter. I also increased the lift of the pull bars, reducing her weight by ten pounds. I think she appreciated it.



It had been a very long day yet it wasn’t over! I was in harness and I was expected to perform like a beast of burden. Never mind that I had been under their control for the entire day, bound and secured in a plastic shell, forced to service Marie and Hugo. Now I had to march like a pony. I was tired and it was frustrating. It was getting to me.

Marie demanded excellence. I learned this a second after she had begun her inspection. The dildos, both of them this time, were live. Getting zapped in my pussy was bad enough. But the anal plug hurt ten times worse. With both of them going off at the same time it felt like I was sitting on an open fire. Obviously it forced me to obey immediately.

Being tired I lost my concentration quickly. I knew how to march and I knew how to come to attention. But I was frustrated as well. I knew I wasn’t marching well and I forgot to stand properly at attention. The payment for that mistake immediately drew the wrath of Marie. She must have held the button down for five seconds. I was out of breath when she released it. I got the message and pulled my calves together immediately.

It was the marching that bothered me the most. It wasn’t the effort or even the knee-lifts I had to do. It was the dildos. Having two rods stuffed inside me was not fun when standing still. While marching they caused constant stimulation, not all of it enjoyable. Lifting my knees high just made things worse. The anal plug was especially painful as it stretched my rear. The long tail was quite heavy and when it swayed it pulled the plug in all different directions. This only added to the misery. The front dildo was connected to my nether lips and each movement caused it to shift inside me, pulling on the piercings. The dildo was ribbed also. This caused it to grab and release the tissues inside my tunnel. Normally this would cause sexual stimulation. But I was distracted by the concentration needed to march properly. I didn’t have time to relish an orgasm. Instead I had to concentrate on marching in a straight line, keeping my chin up, and lifting my knees in a way that would please the person who held the reins. There was only one reason that I took this abuse and marched to their orders. Money!

We were not fifteen minutes into the exercise. Marie had taken me to the left side of the field, leaving the other two carts to follow the other path. The exercise consisted of short walks in the high-step mode followed by a sudden stop. Obviously they were teaching me to come to attention. This was harder than I thought it would be because my arms were pinned behind me. I found it difficult to maintain my balance. The pull-bars helped though. Since they were connected to the hip belt I was able to use them to steady myself.

But pulling my legs tightly together caused another problem. In order to pull my knees and heels together I had to press my thighs together as well. That forced me to clench my loins tightly and that put pressure on both dildos. I suddenly felt as though I was skewered by two poles. Both were painful, especially my anus.

For another twenty minutes we explored the remaining paths. Marie altered the pace and the march. She made me high-step most of the time but changed to a half-step when she wanted a faster pace. Several times she brought me to a halt, obviously driving home the correct method of standing properly. She began mixing the steps to throw me off, having me high-step at canter speed or half-step at a slow march. If I failed to pick up the signals I was punished. I learned quickly. I hated the shocks in my groin.

By the time we had reached the shack at the far side of the field I was exhausted, sweaty, and my entire chin was covered in saliva. We were the first ones to arrive. Hugo exited the buggy and grabbed my reins. He led me forward until I was directly under a hanging strap. This strap was clipped to my nose ring and I was suddenly held erect and immobile. Marie had set the parking brake as well to prevent the buggy from rolling away.

“Clean her up and water her,” she told Hugo before disappearing from view.

Hugo didn’t say a word. Instead he took a squirt bottle from an outdoor cooler and pushed the tip into my mouth, past the bit. I appreciated the gesture but I wished he had hit me with a hose to cool me off. Still, he continued to squirt water into my mouth until it was empty. Much of it spilled out of my mouth but I did swallow enough to satisfy my thirst.



“You may stand at ease. We’ll be taking a break as usual. When you see us approach, you’ll come to attention immediately. Clear? Please answer correctly, Casey.”

I watched as she nodded one time only. She was learning. I was impressed. This was only her second day in training and she had learned to respond in the manner we had demanded. Few girls understood the importance of this simple discipline. The idea of changing the constant nodding or shaking of the head to a single motion was that we were changing the method of responding to questions. If a person is denied the ability to speak they will use head movement to relay their response. We prefer slaves to keep their head motionless and square to their shoulders. Our collars are specially made to prevent side to side head movement for just this reason.

Slaves need this sort of control. It defines their position in life. By definition, they are not free. They are slaves. The more we control them, the better they become. We do not demand fear nor do we demand respect. We only demand obedience. More than serving their owners, slaves must serve their purpose. Obedience should not be an option. It should be an obsession. We are their guides and their objects of service. But they must have their own goals. In the end, slaves not only serve us. They serve themselves.

A light breeze arose in the night air. The sun had just set and it was beginning to cool rapidly. I didn’t want Casey to catch a chill so I took a black cotton poncho that I normally keep for such purposes and wrapped it around her. It was split in the back and had a Velcro strip along its length. Even with the 80 degree temperature there was no humidity. She would feel cold without the wrap.

I found Marie nursing a beer as she peered through the tinted window. Casey was standing with her head up in the air, afraid to put any tension on the nose ring. She was breathing heavily but she looked like she was catching her breath.

“So what do you think,” she asked me as I searched the fridge for a molson.

“You’re the one who was holding the reins. You tell me.”

“For day one she has amazing form. She might even be show quality.”

“Possibly. Of course you know the rules. The show is only for one year olds and up. She’s not eligible.”

“We’ll have to convince her,” she said.

“You have an awful lot of confidence, especially considering our history. Our last girl only held up for two days.”

“She was a mistake. I was obsessed by her tall figure. I didn’t realize how fragile her emotions were. Otherwise I would have worked her into it a little slower.”

“She never seemed to get comfortable with lip service,” I offered.

“Casey doesn’t have that problem, right?”

“No, she’s fine with it. She still needs to work up some enthusiasm for the act but she’s coming along. Right now I’d rate her as being tolerant. She’s improving each time.”

“When do you want to let Paul have a crack at her?”

“Let’s give her a week or so. I think Tuesday of next week will be a good day to try her out. It’s a single march day so she’ll be scheduled to be in the parlor that afternoon anyway. We might as well put her in the cube for the evening.”

“That should work out well. We have to head to Seattle on Wednesday to retrieve our newest addition. Did you review our notes?”

“Yes I did. She should fit nicely. We already have the last room set up and most of her gear is stored.”

“Are you going to do double duty or are you going to hand Casey off to Greg?”

“I’ll give Casey to Greg if there’s a conflict. Otherwise I’ll handle both. We’ll run this schedule for a week or two, at least until I see that Greg and Casey are getting along. Greg’s a little heavy-handed.”

“I’ve heard those rumors too. I don’t necessarily agree though. Tight discipline and a few extra jolts between the legs can get very quick results. Remember, our goal is to train these slaves to perfection.”

“Are you saying I’m soft?”

“At times, I’d say yes. I don’t have a problem when you’re soft with the new recruits. But when you go easy on the veteran girls, I’m not particularly happy about it. I think you need to tolerate much less than you do.”

“I don’t know if I can. I’ve been doing it this way for several years.”

“And who pays all the operating expenses so you can continue to do so? Who brings in the cash from the Vegas Riding Academy?”

“You do. Look, I know I agreed to allow Paul and you to manage things but sometimes I have problems with the way we treat these girls.”

“We all have problems with the way we treat them. It’s just a clash of styles. You like to treat the girls as human beings. I prefer to treat them as inhuman objects. I prefer it that way because it makes it easier to enjoy their services. Look at Casey out there. That’s not a woman clipped to the nose rein. That’s a ponygirl. She’s wearing a bit, bridle, and horseshoes. She pulls a cart. She’s a beast of burden. When we get her back to the house, she’s a pet. She responds to hand signals and voice commands. In my presence she is unable to speak or use her hands. She’s no different than a well trained dog or cat, just more intelligent. That’s how you have to think.”

“Are you suggesting that I keep her bound and gagged too?”

“If that helps with your attitude, I don’t see any reason why you can’t go that route. You might want to try the new silencing collars. They leave the mouth free of obstruction.”

“I suppose that wouldn’t be nearly as oppressive. I’ll think about it. Maybe I’ll move in that direction after she’s been here a week or two. I don’t want to scare her off.”

“I don’t think you could frighten her if you put a knife to her throat. Casey is tough.”

“More than likely, she’s got dollar signs in her head.”

“That too. Oh, there’s the other carts pulling in now. You’d better get going. Casey needs a lot more work.”

Marie decided to stay and talk to the other trainers. I would take Casey out for another march around the field. I decided she could use a half hour of work. This would have to do. She was not in any physical shape to do much more.

Before removing the poncho and freeing her from the nose strap, I wanted to give her another squirt of water. I used the squeeze bottle and forced it past her bit. She coughed once or twice when she failed to swallow quickly enough. I wanted her to consume most of the water that remained in the bottle. I didn’t want her to get dehydrated.

I then freed her of the nose rein and removed the poncho. This revealed her lovely, belled breasts. I did a quick inspection, checking that her harness wasn’t chafing and her straps were still tight. I found some slack in the chin strap and tightened it. Casey didn’t like it at all. But she had little choice. I was in charge, not her.

Eventually we ended up on the path. I had her doing a full knee lift for a hundred yards or so. Then, just to test her, I pulled up short. Her knees were together as were her heels. And her chin was up. “Good girl, Casey,” I praised.

We continued the march. For the next half hour I varied the pace and the knee height as before. I had her take left and right turns and I also threw in a few unexpected stops to check her stance at attention. I only had to zap her three times. Immediately afterwards she marched to perfection.

It was nearly 9:00 when we returned to the house. I put the brakes on and told her to stay. Of course she couldn’t move but I wanted her to remain at attention for a little while, perhaps fifteen minutes. I wanted to test her resolve.

I did this by walking behind the cart, out of her view and remaining very quiet. She couldn’t have known if I were still there. I wanted to see if she would slacken her pose when she thought she could get away with it. Well, she didn’t, at least not for a while. Then she tired and rotated her hips and moved her feet. She returned to the same pose however. It was a good sign. One day she would learn to take the pain of immobility for as long as she was instructed.

Five minutes later my approaching footsteps alerted her to my presence. I saw her stiffen and press her knees together more firmly.  It was a sign that she had slacked off for a moment and I needed to fix that. A moment later she was groaning past the bit as I pressed the button to punish her.

“Next time, you’ll stay at attention until you’re told otherwise,” I said in a flat tone. Only then did I release the button. “Now, let’s see if you’ve learned anything. Come to attention.”

Immediately she stiffened, pressing her knees and calves together. I wanted the chin a little higher. I zapped her with a quick press of the buzzer. “Chin up high, Casey. Eyes on me. Keep your head square to your shoulders.”

She did everything I asked. The stance was excellent but I doubted she could hold it for longer than a minute or two. She was obviously frightened that I’d shock her again and she was tense and stiff. She didn’t know how to hold the pose without tensing. I let her hold the pose until her breathing became labored. Then I told her to stand at ease.

With that lesson learned I decided to take her back to her room. I released her from the cart and told her the dildos were armed. She knew exactly what that meant and took up a position directly behind and to my right. I ordered a half-knee march and proceeded up the ramp. She obediently stayed directly behind me.

When we arrived in her room I immediately walked to the large window to see if anyone still remained outside. Casey followed closely. I pointed one finger to the ground. A moment later she was kneeling at my side. I patted her on the head.

I could immediately see three carts still roaming the grounds. They were pulled by matched pairs of girls. Farther away, too far to see in the desert darkness, were six more sets of lights. Obviously these carts were being pulled by single ponies. Each cart possessed a pair of headlights that illuminated both the path ahead and the ponies as well. The drivers were invisible due to the glare.

Most of these girls were veterans. The last bondage slave we recruited finished her training at least three months ago. I know that at least three girls have been with us for at least four years. It was an easier life than the sex slaves but they were regarded as little more than decoration. They were here to fill in the background while the sex slaves did the work and entertained everyone. Oh, Marie and Paul did enjoy their look. But it wasn’t the same as having a sex slave kowtow to you.

It was getting late and I needed to have Casey perform her oral duties once more. We wanted her to become desensitized to the act. This time I wanted her free of all bonds. I wanted to see how she reacted when the act was totally voluntary. Of course Paul never had sex with an unrestrained slave. Neither did Marie. But there might be times when a trainer wanted satisfaction. Perhaps she might be required to entertain a guest. We needed to remove her inhibitions. Those inhibitions having been impressed upon her for many years would require much time to suppress. That was our most difficult task.


Hugo required me to perform oral sex. Notice I didn’t use the more common term, blow job. Even the trainers refused to refer to it by that name. Hugo informed me that they all preferred to call it “entertaining”. OK, so Hugo wanted me to entertain him.

As usual Hugo sat in the lounge chair and had me kneel between his legs. The difference this time was that I wasn’t bound. He didn’t use the special chocks to hold my mouth open. My hands were free also. In fact I was completely naked except for the permanent rings in my breasts, clit, nose, and ears. I still had the dildos in me too. It actually felt good to please him this time. I didn’t feel like I was being raped. Of course he could always punish me by using the dildos but he didn’t even have the remote in hand. This time it was actually fun.

After the act was done he gently kissed me on the forehead and accompanied me to the bathroom. There he removed my dildos and placed them in a special hamper. They would be washed, sterilized and recharged. It felt strange to have them removed after having worn them for so long. I actually missed them.

He told me to shower and brush my teeth. “I’ll set the alarm. There won’t be any changes in the morning routine. Just do exactly as you did today. There’s some fruit on the counter if you’re still hungry. Try not to say up past ten. You’ve got another busy morning,” he said. Then he left.

I was so exhausted that I didn’t want to sleep. I had been through an unbelievable ordeal that pushed me to the brink of insanity. Every event forced me to concentrate on being as obedient as humanly possible, which sounds strange because I was hardly treated as human. Still, I got a sense that they didn’t want to drive me insane and were always concerned about my safety and comfort. They were always inspecting my piercings and my bindings. Hugo kept telling me while checking the buckles that he didn’t want anything loose enough to rub me raw. Of course tight straps look better too.

I rinsed my mouth and walked into the main chamber. I grabbed an apple and turned on the news. There was no news today that was very interesting. I surfed the channels for a few minutes but didn’t find anything to my liking. Perhaps world events and fiction couldn’t match what I had just been through.

So I took a shower, turned off the lights and hit the sack. Every muscle ached but the bed was soft and the sheets smelled wonderful. I closed my eyes and thought about all that had happened during the day. I had to ask myself if I could do this for a year. I kept telling myself that I’d get used to it. I wasn’t sure that I would but maybe that’s what kept me hooked. It was the challenge.



To be continued...