Book 1 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 8 - Teacher’s Pet


It was almost 4:30 when Hugo returned. I was kind of glad to see him since I was beginning to get bored. TV wasn’t exciting but to be truthful I was a little anxious about the next scene since I didn’t know what to expect. Hugo gave me the details.

“You’re going to be Marie’s pet. I’m not sure if she’ll let you attend to Paul but you will most certainly attend to her. She’s pretty strict so try and pay attention. Now, go into the bathroom and prepare yourself for the plugs.”



I always enjoyed the first full session with my slaves. It was this session where they displayed their most genuine fears and emotions. The look of anxiety in their eyes just as I would push their face between my knees was a sight that was simply priceless. The girls were never Lesbians. I wouldn’t allow it. I wanted to invoke fear and apprehension in them. That enhanced the power trip. I found being in control of another human being to be the ultimate sexual experience. All these slaves did as I wished. It was a delicious feeling!

The first session would be solo. No other slaves were present. Paul was here though. We had agreed on certain terms with Hugo and set up rules to ensure safety at all times. During the moments of passion I knew that I might stray beyond the path of common sense and prudence. Paul and Hugo were here as observers to make certain I didn’t go too far.

My new slave’s approach was announced by the sound of heels in the hallway. Hugo had specifically laid parquet flooring throughout the house for this express purpose. The sound of heels was an erotic appetizer that was to be savored before the meal. I smiled at Paul when I heard the wondrous sound.

The sight I beheld was absolutely breathtaking as Hugo led Casey into our presence. She was dressed in a metallic burgundy outfit. Starting with her legs, they were encased in dark reddish purple hip length leather boots sporting six-inch heels. Metallic flecks glimmered within the finish. Above that her corset was made of a solid fiberglass material. Its color tended more toward the reddish end of the spectrum than the rest of the outfit to set it off. Gold cones that were attached to her nipples by large gold rings capped the two luscious mounds. A burgundy collar made of a hard plastic material encircled her throat. Its color also had metallic flecks in it. The fit was perfect, not allowing an inch of movement from her head and forcing her to keep her chin high and proud. A large single gold ring was securely mounted to the front of the collar.

Her arms were bound in a strange way. They were pulled behind as was usual but instead of using an arm-binder, the corset had a built-in case that enclosed her arms behind her back. In fact, there were even plastic covers for the shoulders. Not one inch of skin was visible from her neck to her waist.

Burgundy leather straps that held a large oval ring in her mouth bound her head. It was of the common design with straps running down both sides of her nose, under her chin, and from cheek to cheek behind her neck. The interesting thing about the harness and gag assembly was the large plug that filled her mouth. I had seen this gag before and was quite familiar with it. It was a penis gag. But it had a special feature. Coming out of the gag was a foot long chain leash terminating in a leather strap. Inside her mouth, the other end of the leash was attached to her tongue and was at this time pulling the tongue into a wide slot inside the dildo. A white button on the end of the gag held the chain securely and kept the tongue under constant tension. I’m sure she hated this gag as all the girls did.

Finally I examined her lower holes. Both front and rear were securely plugged as usual. I noticed the red light on the front dildo indicating it was armed. This would keep Casey obediently close to whoever held the transmitter.

I rose from my seat as Hugo had Casey stand in the center of the room. “Remain standing, Casey,” he ordered.

Even with my five-inch heels she was at least two inches taller than me. She had to look down the bridge of her nose to maintain eye contact with me. I noticed that she indeed tried very hard to keep her eyes on me. I considered it a good sign. She was concentrating on her role.

I had to keep things moving. We had a number of things to cover and we still had to get her fed and rested before the evening trot. I wanted at least two hours between the meal and the exercise. The activity would be quite strenuous and I didn’t want to risk having her get the cramps. But still I wanted to admire Hugo’s work.

“You did a marvelous job,” I told Hugo as I circled. “I really think this is your finest piece of art,” I added.

“Thank you,” he replied. “I’m not sure she can stay in it for long. There’s no ventilation in the torso section. It’s a bit heavy too. I’m working on a few ideas but I haven’t worked out all the details yet.”

“For short term it looks pretty good though.”

I circled the girl silently for a minute or two more. She was stunning.

“Casey, we’d better get started. Paul and Hugo will simply observe tonight. You’ll be serving me exclusively. Walk over to the couch and kneel in front of it. I’ll be right back.”

She started walking to the couch obediently but suddenly stopped and groaned. I realized I had the transmitter on. “Sorry,” I apologized as I turned the gadget off. “Go kneel in front of the couch and I’ll be right back.”

I wanted to make sure I was properly cleaned for her attention and so I went to the washroom and cleaned myself up in that area. In addition I wanted to make the experience pleasant for her first trip below, if you can catch my drift. So, borrowing from an old method of perfume usage I had heard of on TV, I lightly coated my pussy with a few drops of vanilla extract. Now when she placed herself between my knees she’d smell something quite pleasant rather than something she was unfamiliar with. I hoped it cut down on the anxiety I knew she felt.

I returned to the couch and straddled the kneeling form. She immediately began looking at me, almost pleading with her eyes to ease the strain on her tongue. I was sure the gag was causing her a bit of discomfort but I knew its design well. I had tested it myself when it was originally created. Yes, it was uncomfortable and it was annoying. But it wasn’t dangerous in any way. I had made certain of this fact.

“Ok, let’s see what that pretty little tongue looks like,” I said as I pressed the button and pulled the dildo out of her mouth. I was rewarded with a soft moan from the open mouth that was before me. I slid the dildo to the end of the leash and wiped her face with a soft cloth that I always kept handy.

Her mouth and tongue looked so inviting. Ok, I’ll admit to enjoying the physical sensation of having her tongue explore my loins, but in truth the power of controlling her and forcing her to do as I wished was far more exciting. In addition, I knew she didn’t want to do this. She wasn’t a Lesbian. She didn’t enjoy the act. In fact, I was quite certain she actually hated it!

It was time to exert some authority upon my slave. I looked down at her while gently pulling upward on the leash. Her eyes opened wide and I heard her groan from the painful pull on her tongue. This was the sweet-and-sour speech that I always gave my slaves upon their first encounter with me. “You’re doing fine, Casey,” I said soothingly. “In a moment I’m going to put your head between my knees. I’m going to keep you there for quite some time, perhaps half an hour. During that time I want you to keep your tongue moving. If I don’t feel movement I’ll provide you with some encouragement through that little friend inside your pussy. On that note, if you stop for more and a few seconds I’ll consider it a deliberate act of disobedience. I won’t use the buzzer to warn you in that case, if you catch my drift.”

I pulled her close to me and pressed her head into my crotch. I was wearing a special belt under my black leather skirt. When I had her head in position, I leashed her nose to it via a short chain leash. Only then did I reach underneath and disconnect the other leash from her tongue. “You may begin,” I said sternly.

I paid close attention for a few minutes as she began using her tongue on my clit. She was hesitant to press her oval lips tightly against my sex at first. She was confused and frightened. And while I understood her hesitation, I couldn’t tolerate it if I wanted her to learn. So I hit the button on the remote for a few seconds and heard the strangled grunt that told me she was learning her role.

“Get your tongue deeper and press your lips against me. And keep those eyes looking up at me!”

She did as I said but she was now whimpering while she attended to me. This was a normal reaction also but I had to comfort her to some extent. I spoke in a calm voice.

“Good girl, you’re doing just fine. Just keep your concentration. Remember, you were told how this would go when I first briefed you. Don’t cry. It’s simply a physical act. Don’t treat it as anything more. A few weeks from now you’ll get used to these little scenes.”



This was disgusting! I was kneeling between this woman’s legs licking her sex. Oh God! How I wanted to get out of this mess. But I simply couldn’t. I had to endure this abuse if I wanted the million. I tried to keep my eyes on her and keep my tongue in contact with her clit. It was very hard to do this. I would get used to this? I couldn’t see how.

Hugo had prepared me by enclosing my upper body in a solid plastic shell. It was fairly light and didn’t seem to cause me any problems. In order to get into it though I had to lay down on the bed, fitting my breasts and stomach into the front of the shell as he mated the back section. He used a special tool to secure the many clasps that seemed to disappear into the design of the unit.

The front section had extensions that covered my shoulders in front. The back section had indentations that crossed in the back for my arms. Hugo arranged my arms into the slots and snapped several half-circle clasps in place to secure them. He arranged my arms so that my palms lay across each other at the center of my back. Once my arms were secure he covered them with a third piece of molded plastic.

The rest of the gear was pretty standard. I got a set of patent leather boots, a high plastic collar, and he gagged me with a ring equipped with a penis shaped plug. And I hated it all!

I kept reminding myself that all of this was necessary and that is how I endured. I let Hugo and friends dominate me, bind me, and torture me for one simple reason. There was a pot of gold, a million dollar pot to be more precise, at the end of the rainbow. The only problem with that was, as Hugo and a couple of the girls had mentioned, that if I didn’t find some way to enjoy the scene I wouldn’t make it to the end of the road. That bothered me. I didn’t know my own limits and I didn’t know exactly what was coming down the pike. Oh, I had a pretty good idea, but still, the anxiety was getting to me. Knowing that the last two girls didn’t last more than three days didn’t exactly help either.

Eventually we made it into Marie’s parlor and I knelt between her knees. I had never done this sort of thing before. As she pressed my face into her loins I became extremely apprehensive. Still, I mustered enough courage to stick my tongue out and touch her flesh. I tasted and smelled vanilla extract. It smelled sort of nice and, I assumed, masked any body odor that might have been present. Marie was obviously considerate of my situation and obviously wanted to eliminate at least one sensory aversion.

She wanted more though. She forced me to keep looking up at her. This required tremendous concentration. She didn’t want me to look at her sex. She wanted me to look up into her eyes. This required me to pivot my head upward. But with my nose firmly attached by a chain to her waist, the action caused me to drive my lips into firm contact with her labia and clit.

My tongue movements must have slowed beyond her liking for a few minutes after attaining the correct position she pressed a button on the remote and drove a painful shock into my loins. I groaned loudly. “A little faster, Casey,” was all she said.

Eventually, with the encouragement and threat of painful jolts, Marie had me doing exactly as she liked. She only had to zap me three more times but eventually I understood what she wanted and complied. I didn’t find the effort nearly as difficult as I had anticipated. But I still didn’t like doing it.

After a few minutes I was suddenly put into the dark. Marie took her leather skirt and pulled it over my face. Then I felt a weight against my head as she laid a book on top of me and began reading. I felt disoriented and distracted by all this and lost track of what I was doing. Obviously Marie wasn’t distracted because I suddenly felt a painful shock between my legs. “Back to work!” she yelled angrily. I extended my tongue and did as she asked.


Apparently Hugo had not left. “How’s she doing?” he asked.

“Fair,” Marie responded. “Her enthusiasm is obviously lacking but that should improve over time, assuming she lasts.”

“She’ll be fine. You shouldn’t worry about such things. I know we’ve had some weak subjects recently but those things happen. You should have seen her do me this morning. She doesn’t have any problem with lip service.”

“Do you think we’re ready to present her to Paul?” she asked.

“Tomorrow perhaps. I haven’t done her without the chocks and I want to be sure she won’t buck. I’m sure she’ll be ready by week’s end.”

“Good. Why don’t you meet me in the dining room in an hour? I’m going to keep her for a dinner pet.”

“We’re doing evening work,” he reminded her.

“Oh, I forgot. Let me have a few more minutes. You can get her fed and equipped while Paul and I eat dinner.”

“No problem. I’ll get her a meal from the kitchen. Why don’t you take her back to her room when you’re finished with her?”

“I’ll meet you up there.”



To be continued...