Book 1 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 7 - A Walk in the Sun


Hugo escorted me back to my room and told me that there wasn’t going to be any activity for an hour. He did warn me to remain on the upper floor. He further warned me that if I violated that rule I would not like the results. He didn’t explain himself beyond that but I got the impression that he meant what he said.

I spent the next hour relaxing in the lounge chair watching TV. There were some old game shows on which I liked. I flipped through the channels mindlessly, just killing time. I must have nodded off during that hour because Hugo surprised me with a nudge to wake me.

Hugo already had taken the few items I would need from the closet and laid them on the bed. First, of course, I had to remove my robe. Then he placed simple leather cuffs on my wrists. These buckled with standard leather straps. Next he had me put on a pair of five inch heeled mini-boots. They barely covered my ankle. I thought they looked ugly to be truthful but I didn’t really have any say in the matter. Next he mounted the self-contained following dildo, which he armed. He connected my hands behind me and inserted a strapless rubber pear gag into my mouth. The end had a metal ring which stuck out of my mouth and flopped onto my lower lip.

“Just a normal walk, Casey,” he demanded as we marched out of the room.

Our destination was the solarium on the second floor. Before heading out onto the deck Hugo had me lay on a leather covered table. He quickly applied tanning oil to all exposed skin, front and back. Soon my skin had a beautiful shine to it.

When we stepped through the doors we were greeted with the afternoon sun. I’ve never experienced such heat without the accompanying humidity. It almost felt nice. It certainly wasn’t oppressive as such heat would be in the east. Instead it felt like a heat lamp. It warmed my bones and muscles in a soothing fashion. I actually enjoyed its warmth.

I had seen the track earlier. What I had not seen was the overhead track that had a single bar hanging from it. He had me lift my hands over my head. Then he connected my wrists to the ends of the bar. He disarmed the dildo and then removed my gag. That surprised me.

Hugo walked over to a shaded lounge chair and started the contraption. “Keep your knees up, Casey. We want the sun to get to those inner thighs,” he told me.

“Yes, Hugo,” I responded obediently. I began lifting my knees and walking around the track. The track was laid out in a kidney shaped pattern that was roughly twenty feet wide by forty feet long. I had to march with my arms lifted above my head. As if this wasn’t bad enough I also had to lift my knees now. I did it because he told me. That was my job. It wasn’t fear. It was duty.

“I’ll have you march for twenty minutes before your first break. I know you’re tired from the morning run so I’ll just have you high-step for a few minutes. As you get better conditioned I’ll have you do it for a longer period of time.”

“Yes, Hugo.”

“So, how do you like your first day so far?” he asked.

The question surprised me and I really didn’t have an answer. “I don’t know,” I said. “I’m OK, I guess.”

“That’s it? If you don’t have anything to say I’ll put the gag back in.”

“So what do you want me to talk about?” I asked.

“I want to know how it felt to be treated like this. After all, you’ve never done this stuff before. You’ve never been bound and gagged, right?”

“No, that’s right,” I said as I began making the first turn. “I’ve never experienced this kind of treatment.”

“When others saw you bound like a horse while you were marching this morning, how did you feel? Tell me something I don’t know.”

“To be truthful, with all the distractions I didn’t really pay attention to that fact. All the girls were dressed alike. It actually felt like a costume more than anything else. It didn’t bother me at all.”

“Good,” he said as I began the turn to come back to the starting point. “Now tell me how you felt about the sex,” he demanded.

“I didn’t like it. But it’s part of the job,” I said truthfully.

“Yes, it is. But we’re not too rough, I don’t believe.”

“This morning was difficult,” I said.

“Deep-throating often is. We don’t do that too often though. For the first few weeks you’ll find the act being performed more often though, just so you get accustomed to it. You’ll find the act most commonly performed at the parties, albeit under close supervision.”

I must have been marching for ten minutes now and I began to labor in my strides. “I’m getting tired,” I complained, panting as I spoke. Still, I kept my knees rising as best as I could.

“OK, half steps now, Casey. I’ll slow the pace a little. Oh, and this is a little punishment for complaining about being tired,” he said. Suddenly I felt the buzzer go off between my legs. Of course it was just annoying. I understood though. He was essentially telling me to keep my mouth shut about being tired. “I’ll decide when you’re tired enough to slow down next time, clear?” he said in a much more polite tone than I expected. Obviously he wasn’t angry. He was just being a good trainer.

“Yes, Hugo,” I replied to his question.

“A little more effort in your strides, Casey. Let me hear your feet hit the tiles firmly,” he said, punctuating the order with another jolt from the buzzer. I quickly began stomping my feet as ordered. He praised me but ordered me to lift my legs more slowly. Eventually I began to please him with my march. I would raise my knee half way then firmly stomp my foot while moving forward. In the meantime I grasped the bar that was just over my head, always looking forward.

Eventually Hugo stopped the march and disconnected me from the bar. “Go sit on the pillows by the bench,” he ordered. There was a huge pile of pillows on the floor right next to where Hugo had been sitting. It was there I would sit and rest. At least that’s what I thought.

“Keep your eyes on me, Casey. You must maintain eye contact at all times with your master, clear?” he asked.

“Yes sir,” I said.

Suddenly his smile turned to a frown. “Don’t ever call me sir!” he said in a sort of stern and slightly angry tone. “Ever! Casey, It’s time you learned to concentrate on your status as a slave and do your job. I’m sorry you have to learn this way but I really have no choice.” With that, I watched as he pressed the button on the transmitter. Suddenly I felt both buzzing and shocks between my legs. I grabbed my crotch and rolled on my side. But the shocks and buzzing didn’t stop because he didn’t let go of the button!

The pain wasn’t nearly as terrible at first but it was consistent and varying. I was unable to get used to it because different parts of the dildo were shocking me. In addition, it felt much worse because it was inside me where I couldn’t touch or massage it. What this all meant was that I couldn’t get used to it. It did not subside as time passed. If anything it got worse!

I went for the bolts that held the dildo inside me but I needed a special tool to remove them. My efforts were futile. I could think of nothing but the pain between my legs. It hurt so much I couldn’t even scream because it took my breath away!

“Eye contact!” he yelled at me. “And get your hands away from that dildo, NOW!”

I was panting and yelping at the same time. From my side I forced myself to look up at him. I slowly pulled my hands away from my crotch and tried to stifle a scream. I grimaced from the pain. It did not stop. He continued to punish me.

“Up on your haunches. Sit back on your heels, Casey. You can do it,” he said in a calm tone. Still I felt the jolts between my legs.

I slowly rose, shaking like a leaf. I pushed myself up onto my knees and sat back with legs clenched together. Apparently this didn’t please him at all because a moment later, while looking directly at him, he increased the level of pain.

“Casey, look at me! Keep those eyes on me, I said!”

I was shaking and my mouth was hanging open. I looked up at him and sat back as best as I could. He reduced the pain slightly but kept the shocks and the buzzer going.

“Now, get your legs apart so I can see that pretty pussy of yours. Come on, you can do it.”

I pushed my knees apart with my trembling hands, all the time looking up at him. “Please,” I begged in a shallow, halting voice. My request was answered in part. The pain subsided, but not completely. Apparently he wanted me to suffer still, although to a lesser degree. Thankfully the pain and the low-pitched buzzing were at an acceptable level now.

He allowed this to continue for a minute or so. In that time I kept my hands on my knees and my eyes on his face. But I did catch my breath and I did relax somewhat. Suddenly the pain ceased. I took a deep breath.

“Answer this question. And do it correctly, Casey. What have you just learned?” He stared at me patiently, knowing full well what I had learned. He just wanted me to say it as a reinforcement of the painful lesson just delivered.

“Hugo,” I addressed him, my voice cracking in the process with tears streaming down my face. “I’ve learned to address you properly and treat you much more respectfully. I know now that you can hurt me, and that scares me. I didn’t expect this level of pain. Now I’m afraid, Hugo.”

“You’re afraid of me?”

“Yes, Hugo. You hurt me. I don’t understand. I know I did wrong by addressing you improperly but it wasn’t that much of an infraction was it?”

“No, that’s not why I did this to you. I did it because you haven’t been acting submissively enough around me. You treat me as your equal rather than as your superior. I’ve had to tell you countless times to maintain eye contact, to address me properly before asking questions or issuing answers. You need to understand your stature. You are a sex slave. Your role here is to sexually arouse the person in control of you by being obedient, by dressing in the outfits and bondage gear you’re ordered to wear, and by opening your mouth and performing oral acts for anyone who asks. That’s your job. That’s how you will earn your money. My job is to make sure that you understand your role. I will use whatever tools I can to get that job done. If a kind word won’t convince you to be obedient, then I’ll press the buttons on this remote to drive the point home. I only have two ways to convince you to do as you’re told. Which one I use is up to you.”

“I’m sorry, Hugo. I’ll try harder next time,” I said submissively.

“Better! Now sit back on your heels and try and relax for a few minutes. Then we can finish the tanning session.”

Five minutes later I was marching again. He simply had me do the half-step march for the entire session. He reminded me to stomp my feet with every step. I did as he ordered, knowing that any disobedience would result in a painful repeat of the lesson just learned. The march lasted twenty minutes, after which he inserted the strapless gag in my mouth and bound my hands behind my back with a metal snap loop.

I followed him to his room where I immediately dropped to my right knee. He signaled me by pointing one finger to the carpet while pressing a button on the dildo transmitter. I took the hint. He seemed pleased.

At this point I wasn’t sure if I was in the doghouse or not. Let me rephrase that, lest someone get an idea to make me bark and wag my tail. I wasn’t sure if I was still in trouble or if I had made Hugo unsure of my commitment to serve. To be truthful, after being tortured I wasn’t quite sure myself. I now understood fully how totally they could control me. As long as they had that thing bolted to my groin I had to act like the submissive slave. I really didn’t have a problem with that before I was punished. I couldn’t understand why I did now. Anyway, my immediate need was to concentrate on what Hugo wanted.

“We’ll be doing another oral session, Casey. Crawl over to the chair and I’ll get your collar,” he said.

While he disappeared into the closet to retrieve the special collar I was all too familiar with, I dropped to both knees and knee-walked over to the chair he had indicated. Of course with my hands bound behind my back it was a difficult task. But I managed.

Once he had returned he installed the collar and inserted the metal hooks into my mouth. He didn’t use the tongue leash this time though. Still, my mouth was propped obscenely open. Without being told, I stuck my tongue out past my lower lip and prepared to accept his actions. It was my signal to him that I agreed to this act.

This time I didn’t need to be reminded about eye contact. I concentrated on looking at his face and tried my best not to waver in that regard. I allowed him to position me to his liking and felt him pull me toward him. I extended my tongue by habit and began mouthing his organ.

I suppose he preferred to lecture me while I was held between his knees. I assumed it was that captive audience thing. Anyway, the conversation was a bit one sided since I couldn’t exactly express my opinion, considering. It went something like this.

“I won’t apologize for punishing you, although I admit it was a much more severe punishment that you might normally receive. I wanted to emphasize the fact that you have to be much more submissive to me and the rest of the crew. I’m not mad at you and I’m not frustrated either. This is your first day after all. As days and weeks pass you’ll understand your position in this household. You’ll get an instinctive feel for when you can push the envelope and when you must grovel.”



Her oval shaped mouth looked so innocent wrapped around my cock. And the eyes did not wander, always looking up to me. They looked so pleading, so frightened. She kept eye contact as I had trained her.

As I petted her, I smiled at this image of the perfect sex slave. She calmly accepted my ministrations without hesitation or revulsion. I fully knew that she did not enjoy being treated in this manner. No woman enjoys being gagged by a man in this way. But she was learning to be submissive and I was her teacher. She was more than my responsibility. She was my creation.

“You may begin, Casey. Just a little light attention to start, if you please. And keep your upper teeth clear. We’ll increase the pace shortly.”

I entangled my fingers in her ponytail and began moving her head in and out. This had the effect of pistoning my cock in and out of her mouth. I let this continue for only a moment. Then the urge hit me and I ordered her to full steam. I immediately felt her increased level of effort. A few moments later I stared down at her and watched her throat spasm. Her eyes never strayed.



The ordeal was over for the time being. I was released from my bonds and told to shower once more. I took advantage of the toothbrush and mouthwash as well. Hugo allowed me to wear a black silk robe and told me I was ‘out of scene’ for now. I was allowed to act as a normal person without the restrictions or protocol of acting the role of a slave, in other words.

While I had showered Hugo retrieved a light chef’s salad from the meeting room as well as a glass of fruit punch and an apple. I was starving and wanted more but he said I was only allowed a certain number of calories for lunch. I didn’t have much say in the matter.

The time was approaching 1:30. Hugo said he had other duties but would be back at four. Marie and Paul were to make use of me at that time. He told me to try and rest as best as possible. I had a long day ahead.

I killed the time by watching TV and wandering around the room. I wandered into the closet and checked out the wardrobe and bondage gear more thoroughly. I noticed that there were many leather outfits, all of which were made with quality workmanship. The boots impressed me was well. There were twenty pairs of thigh high boots, nearly all sporting stiletto heels. The remainder had the clear Cuban heels I had worn while marching in harness. These boots were in four colors; red, black, silver, and gold. I don’t know why but I expected more. They all were suspended on long poles, each heel pointing upward.

Included in the wardrobe were long, elegant dresses. There was nothing kinky or unusual about them except, perhaps, for the quality of the gowns. They were exquisite. With all the exotic gear it took me by surprise to find any outfits that weren’t of a fetish nature. Suddenly I began rummaging through the drawers. I discovered something, or more precisely, discovered what was missing from the collection of outfits. There were absolutely no casual clothes to be had. There was not one pair of jeans, t-shirts, or even a pair of sneakers to be had. In other words, as long as I was here I’d either wear bondage gear, formal dress, or nothing at all!

I decided to watch some TV and relax as much as possible. I wanted to conserve my energy. I knew that the day was far from over and that Hugo and the rest of the crew were not done with me. I didn’t know exactly what was in store but I had a pretty good idea considering what Hugo had been training me for. And I already knew that I’d end the night with another trot in harness. I was still aching from the first run.

While I was watching a maid walked in unannounced. She was dressed in a bright red vinyl outfit accompanied by fishnet stockings and red five inch heels. “Don’t get up,” she said as she began tidying up the room.

“I’m Casey,” I said, trying to break the ice.

“I’m Dina. You’re new,” she said.

“Just got in yesterday.”

“You get the full treatment?” she asked.

“You could say that. That’s a pretty bright outfit,” I pointed out.

“Yeah. That’s my own fault.”

“Excuse me?”

“I couldn’t stay away from the slots so I have to stay here during the week.”

“I don’t understand.”

“I gamble. I ran up a huge debt so I took up a weekend job at the riding academy so I could pay things off. But I couldn’t stay away from the slot machines so they keep me here playing kinky maid during the weekdays. I don’t like it but it’s better than having them put a lien on my mansion.”

“Are you rich?”

“You could say that.”

“Then why not just sell something or take out a loan?”

“Well, it’s really not something I’d prefer to discuss. Let’s just say I’ve traveled that route and I’m a little overextended. Anyway, I really don’t have time to talk about it. I have three more rooms to do. So if you’ll excuse me,” she said as she gathered the discarded boots and leather garments into a large wicker basket. A minute later she looked at the time with wide eyes then left suddenly. Obviously they had her on a strict schedule. I assumed they would punish her if they felt she was not doing her job quickly enough.


To be continued...