Book 1 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 6 - The Morning Run



I remember thinking as I awoke to the sound of the loud buzzing that they had thought of everything. It was 5:30 in the morning and I so desperately wanted to hit the alarm clock’s snooze button. But there wasn’t one! In fact, the button to turn off the alarm was on the far side of the room, even though the speaker for the alarm was mounted in the headboard. I couldn’t turn off the annoying sound without getting out of bed.

I stumbled into the bathroom to wash the sleep from my face. There were a pair of special tablets that provided me with instructions. The tablets were posted both in the bedroom near the vanity as well as in the bathroom next to the mirror. Displayed in black letters on a white background were the instructions I needed to follow. Next to each instruction was a white box. I had been told to touch the white box when I had completed each task. Apparently the tablets were electronically linked so that when I marked a task done on one tablet it would show up on the other.

The first task was somewhat simple. “Brush your teeth twice. Be thorough,” it said. That was fairly simple to complete. I used the brush and toothpaste they provided and completed the task. Then I pressed my finger to the first white square and it suddenly showed a large check mark on it.

The next task wasn’t nearly as simple. “Empty bowels naturally if possible. Then perform 3 enema cycles.” It was humiliating to have a machine evacuate my insides like I was some sort of engine component for a car. I pushed the button to raise the probe. Then I sat on it. When I pressed the buttons in the order I had been taught the dildo expanded to seal itself inside me, thus locking it in place. I couldn’t rise without causing myself significant damage. First air then warm water was pumped into me. I could feel it fill my insides. I saw on the panel the countdown for the filling process. When it stopped I would have to soak for two minutes. There was a countdown display for this as well. Then it sucked the water out. That wasn’t pleasant at all but it was necessary according to Hugo’s previous explanation.

I sat for another ten minutes while the process was repeated twice more. I couldn’t get up during the entire time. With nothing else to look at the electronic panel drew my attention. It was as if I were detached from the process as I watched the various lights come on and blink off. I quickly became accustomed to the feeling of water and air being pumped into me.

The process wasn’t painful but it prevented me from moving. I stretched my legs while seated. I also noticed a number of bondage magazines on a stand beside the toilet. Of course with nothing else to do and nowhere to go I began perusing through the material. It wasn’t my cup of tea but it helped pass the time.

The last green light came on and the display said depressurizing. At the same time the dildo reduced in size and I could feel an oily substance being pumped around my opening. Hugo explained yesterday that this was a special healing ointment that was being applied. It would both lubricate my anus and help heal any abrasion that had occurred from the dildos I had worn.

I was grateful to press my finger to the tablet and mark this process done. But the next task was little better. I had to give myself three douches. The pre-loaded syringes were in a closet. They were packaged in groups of three with a small tube of healing salve which needed to be applied last. At least it was a task I had done before. It didn’t take long before the process was complete. I then took the tube of healing cream and spread it around my opening. One more task was complete and I marked it on the panel.

I next had to shower. The instructions said to take no longer than ten minutes. Hugo had explained that I would have to take a second shower after the exercise period. Essentially I washed my hair, applied conditioner, and gave myself a quick wipe over my body. I used the towels from the closet and the hair dryer to complete the process. The entire task took just over ten minutes. One more task was complete. This completed all the tasks on the first page. I pressed the button that said “Next Page” and a new set of tasks was displayed.

The remaining tasks were to be completed in the bedroom. I looked at the tablet next to the vanity. It, of course, was identical to the one in the bathroom and it displayed all the tasks I had completed. The next item was simply to fix my hair into a ponytail using the black leather strap. My ponytail had to be formed at a particular spot on my head. Otherwise it might interfere with the harness I was going to apply. Hugo had provided a template which measured the correct distance from my forehead to the strap and I adjusted it until my hair emerged from my head at the correct position.

Next came the makeup. I first checked my lipstick but it seemed fine. Hugo said I probably wouldn’t have to touch it for another day or two. My lips still had that matte dark red look that they had since yesterday when Hugo had applied the coloring.

I did have to do my eyes and my cheeks. My nose was a little shiny so I toned it down with foundation. Hugo told me to be meticulous with the makeup, as if I was preparing myself for a TV appearance. He told me to go easy with the rouge though and to apply light diagonal strokes along my cheekbones. I liked the effect. One more task complete.

The next line said, “Install collar.” I thought the wording seemed strange but I got the idea. Install? The guy who wrote this must have been a mechanic! Anyway, the job was fairly easy to accomplish. I picked up the three inch wide black leather strap and wrapped it around my neck. The edges were contoured to fit my neck snugly. When I connected the ends I couldn’t rotate my head without moving my shoulders. I walked over to the pad and marked this task done as well.

I had to put the boots on next. Of course I had seen them the day before. The plastic heels seemed exceptionally strong and the soles above the horseshoes were over an inch thick. I slipped the right boot on and it went right up to my crotch. The top was cut at a slight angle, higher on the outside of the leg. I began pulling on the slightly elastic laces. It took several minutes to pull the leather tight enough so that it looked right. Hugo had warned me that my boots would be checked carefully. He wanted the seam straight and he wanted the leather stretched perfectly around my legs. I’d get my butt warmed if I didn’t do it right. Once both boots were on I stood and walked in them a bit. They felt strange but reasonably comfortable. I found that I couldn’t turn my ankle to the side which I considered an advantage. There was little chance of injury from a misstep.

Only three more tasks remained on the checklist. Since these items wouldn’t take long to complete I decided to wait till I had ten minutes left. At 6:50 I took the head harness and slipped it down over my head. I had to pull the ponytail through a metal ring at the top. This harness again had the inverted “V” shaped straps that ran down either side of my nose as well as the strap that ran up to the center ring that my ponytail was sticking through. A pair of vertical straps ran from that ring and connected under my chin via a metal buckle. The horizontal strap ran from this belt to the back of my neck. More vertical straps ran down to encircle my head with two straps remaining free for the bit that I had to apply next.

This was the most difficult task. All the other self bondage was little more than decoration. I had worn boots before, albeit none so kinky. I had worn chokers, which I considered a collar to be to some extent. The nose ring was a bit much but it was jewelry more or less. But the bit was real bondage. It was a gag and I had to secure my tongue to it as well. For me, that was more difficult than showing my crotch or my tits to the gang downstairs. I decided at that point I was making far too big a deal of it and inserted my tongue into the slot. I pressed the little rod upwards and felt it go into the grommet. Then I clipped the straps on either side of my head to the device and I was quite effectively gagged. I walked to the wall and marked another task complete.

That left two more small items. First I took the two small chains and connected them to my ear and nose rings. I pressed the button again. Then I applied the elbow length heavy leather gloves. They fit perfectly as everything did. That being done I pressed the next to last button.

At that point the last button began blinking. The instructions were quite simple. “Press button to declare yourself ready for service. Warning! Once you press button you must take station,” it said. Being bound and gagged as I was I wanted to get this thing rolling. I pressed the final button and walked to the foot of the bed where I knelt on both knees facing away from the wall. Hugo had instructed me last night on the proper position. In front of me was a padded bench with a wooden stock for my head. I pulled the stock open and inserted my head. The lock was magnetic and would only engage if my neck was in the hole. I then rested my chin on the bench and folded my hands on the small of my back. I was ready.



I had been through the process hundreds of times but this was different. I didn’t want to treat her any more special than the others but she had this innocence about her that intrigued me. Yes, it’s true that most of the girls were innocent to the bondage scene. Most of the girls, even those that had accepted the life of slave, considered these acts of bondage as a form of rape. Even though they had the ability to escape from the scene at any time, they found themselves locked into the agreement because they wanted that huge sum of money so badly. I didn’t see that in Casey. While she wasn’t totally willing, I got the feeling that she actually enjoyed most of the things we did. The oral stuff was still a reach for her but that wasn’t unusual. But the bondage and the marching seemed to be something she actually enjoyed.

“Your girl’s ready,” Angelo, our captain, said. He would monitor the task panels as well as secretly observe each girl in our section. There were hidden cameras in every room designed for this task.

I proceeded down the stairs and found her kneeling as I had instructed her to do the previous day. Her bare back and her tightly bound leather legs made me forget my commitment to my sexual tendencies. I silently admired that lithe body that had obediently completed the list of tasks without hesitation. The question on my mind as well as everyone else’s was, “Would she be able to continue to be obedient for a full year?”

Time was short. I had little time left to get her ready. With her head in the stock she was for all practicality helpless. In the position I could easily inspect her. Even with time being short I wanted to present a quality image so I made sure I inspected her body carefully. First I kicked her knees apart to expose her crotch. It was dry and clean. Her ass showed a slight reddening around her hole indicating that she had indeed used the cleaning device. Finally I checked her makeup and her mouth, verifying that she had applied the makeup according to directions and had captured her tongue in the bit as I had ordered. I patted her on the head. “Good job,” I praised.

The first article of clothing I applied was a red leather corset that fit from neck to hips. It was more or less a sleeveless vest which zippered closed in the back. I had to use the ratchet straps to pull the waist section closed and shape her waist. It was heavily boned along the back which caused her to arch and lift her ass high in the air. Once the edges met I snapped the clips closed, removed the temporary tension straps, and pulled up the zipper.

All this time she kept her hands obediently behind her back, moving them only to accommodate me. This helped tremendously since the next garment was the triangular arm binder. I walked over to the rack and retrieved the black triangular garment. It slipped easily up her arms. Internal sleeves kept her arms straight as I connected short straps to the top of the vest. This garment was designed to be hidden behind the back with no apparent straps showing in front. Again, this was a lace free garment. I had to use the ratchet straps to pull her arms together until I could close clips and hide them with the zipper. In the process, I inserted a small battery between her arms and secured it firmly. The binder had wiring built into it. The battery would power the dildos of course.

“Time for your dildos. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll get the stuff,” I said. She grunted once in acknowledgement. I retrieved the gear from the shelf and started with her ass. The device I inserted first was a socketed dildo with a butterfly flange. I greased it well and inserted it. She groaned when I did this. The studs appeared through the holes in the flange. Next I took a strap that was attached to the arm binder at the elbows and pulled it downward. I laid the ring that was attached over the protruding shaft from the dildo and sandwiched it between the flange and the matching gold cover. I pressed four fasteners over the studs and gave them a half turn to secure them. It formed her body into a pleasant arch. Finally I inserted a white horsetail into the socket. Now I could open the stocks and let her stand.

The front dildo was hardly any trouble. I knelt in front of her and simply inserted it. Eight small gold pearls secured it. I also slipped her little clit ring through the provided slot and secured it with a tiny padlock. A thin pair of straps, actually the positive and negative wiring harnesses, was inserted into the lower edge of the device. The green bezel lit for a second then went off. I heard her yelp from the short buzz it gave her.

We were almost done. I only needed to add the harness and the chains and I could take her downstairs. The harness consisted of black leather straps. The belt went on first and was very thick and well padded. It fastened in front and hugged the hips nicely. A pair of leather straps ran down each hip and connected to the highest point on the boots.

Next came the two thin leather straps. I clipped the first strap on her right hip in front. I then ran the strap under the left arm, up to the right shoulder, avoiding the arm binder of course, and then down between her breasts to be clipped to the left rear side of the belt. This I repeated the process from the left front, going under her right arm and coming down from her left shoulder to her right rear clip. In the end she was entirely wrapped in a patent leather web. The black leather looked fabulous against her red outfit.

The front of her outfit had small metal lined holes for her nipples. The cups included restrictive rings inside, which formed her breasts properly so they would fill the outfit in a way that I found pleasing. I wanted her breasts covered because I found the tight outfit made them look more appealing rather than leaving them bare. But I liked the idea of nipple bondage and I left them available for a little extra decoration.

First I cut the old rings off. They were cheap plated spring steel as were all the rings. Then I covered each nipple with a gold cone. I placed half-moon shaped rings in the proper position and inserted a special pin into the cone, securing the ring and cone to her breast with a special pin that slipped through the thin tube that had been inserted into each nipple. I then secured the cone to the metal openings with small threaded screws that had gold heads. These became small studs that encircled her nipples.

When both nipples were captured I only needed to decorate her with a few gold chains. First, thin chains connected her nipples together. I draped three strands of quarter inch gold between them. Then I ran a thicker pair of gold chains from her tits to a small clip just below her collar’s large center ring. Finally I ran a pair of half-inch chains from her clit, up to each breast, then up to the ends of the bit.

“I think you’re done, I said as I stood back. Watch the hand signals from this point further. No walking either from now on. Assume a half step march at all times unless you’re told to high step. Clear?” I asked.

Her bitted and bound body seemed reluctant and nervous but she nodded her head once. I didn’t like the soft nature of her response so I hit the buzzer on the remote. She groaned. “You need to be more assertive when you’re responding. Move your head more quickly. Clear?” I said in a stern voice. This time she acknowledged my command with a quicker nod of her head. “Better!” I said.

We were just barely on schedule. I indicated that she should follow me and began the slow march downstairs. I could not hear her steps loudly. I knew she wasn’t doing the proper step. I pressed the button on the remote and heard a satisfying groan. But she didn’t get the hint. I repeated the act and also gave the hand signal to high step. Soon I heard the loud sounds of her boots clopping down the ramp. A second later I made her do the half steps. Now I heard her feet hitting the wooden ramp properly. I didn’t need to look back once. I knew she was following orders.

Four girls were already hitched to Marie and Paul’s coaches when we arrived, with two girls hitched to each cart. Casey was the odd girl for the time being. The next girl wouldn’t arrive for a few weeks from what I heard. Not that it mattered. We had a single cart ready for her.

Marie and Paul’s coaches were elaborate affairs with an awning to keep them in the shade. One was painted gold and the other silver. The single cart I would use with Casey was red to match her outfit and this also had an awning. Each was a four-wheeled affair with gold spokes and black rims supporting four foot diameter rims. I’m sure Casey must have wondered how she’d pull such a heavy contraption by herself. I explained it to her as I connected the pull bars.

“Casey, these carts have a motorized assist. All you have to do is march and guide the cart,” I said as I connected the reins to her bit. “There’s a gasoline engine driving the wheels. As you put tension on the bars the wheels will begin to turn. The faster you walk or run, the faster the cart will go. When you stop, push backwards with your hips to engage the brakes. You always have to maintain some tension on the bars. If you ease up the cart will slow naturally from friction. Clear?”

I waited for the movement of her head and watched carefully. Her head moved smartly. “Good girl,” I praised.

“A couple more things. First, the bars have hydraulic lifts to take some of the weight off your feet. That will allow you to march for longer periods of time in this sort of footwear. Once I start the engine I can adjust how much lift I can provide for you. Also, we don’t use buggy whips here. Instead we use the transmitter as an incentive. When you feel the buzzer go on and off quickly I want you to speed up. If you feel it for any longer than a quick jolt that means I’m not happy with the way you’re performing. If you feel it you’ll have to figure out what you’re doing wrong. Got it?”

Again she made one single nod of the head. We were ready.



I was so disoriented. I knew I was going to be led around like a horse and I listened to everything Hugo told me. But this was weird, really weird. Hugo treated me both like an animal and like a work of art. He was exceptionally strict with everything I did. He wanted me to move my head just as he said and not speak a word or make a sound while gagged. As for the art bit, that was pretty obvious. He was so careful with every aspect of my outfit and my physical appearance. He corrected my posture, telling me to keep my feet together for instance. He told me to arch my back and keep my head up too. With the stiffness of the corset and my arms pulled tightly together, I couldn’t help buy arch my back and stick out my ass. The support actually helped a bit, I soon discovered.

The sensation of being bound like this was such a shocking change of pace in my life that I felt myself slipping into a trance of sorts. I suppose the best way to describe my attitude was curiosity and patience. It was like being asked to play a bit part in a movie then suddenly realizing you’re the star. I had everyone tending to me and guiding me through this strange new role. Some of it I liked. Some of it I didn’t. But I found it all so unusual I had to find out what was next on the agenda.

For instance I knew when I put the gag in my mouth it wasn’t going to be comfortable. It wasn’t. Having your tongue mounted to a bit running between your teeth is not the most pleasant thing in the world. Let me tell you.

My head was held firmly in a thin stiff collar. It had a well thought out design. The collar was roughly a quarter inch thick and composed of several layers of quality leather. When I examined it I noticed the stiffness of it and its weight. It was obvious that there was a layer of steel inside as well. Every surface that would contact my skin was lined with soft leather, probably kid. The edges were lined with a shiny plastic material with a black leather covering.

What this all meant was that I couldn’t move my head and I couldn’t lower my chin. In fact my head was held so high I couldn’t see my chest or my feet. It was uncomfortable in sense that I couldn’t move my head but my head wasn’t tipped so far back that it caused neck strain. I suppose it was all part of the design.

Below my neck I could only feel the things they had done to me. Of course my hands were bound behind my back. Yes, they had done this a couple times before and I still hadn’t gotten used to the idea. What I wasn’t used to was the fact that they had mounted my arms to the plug in my ass. Every time I moved my hands I pulled on the dildo. That wasn’t fun either.

And speaking of dildos, I wore a tail too! As I had walked down the ramp I could feel it. It was strange to feel the swish of the thing against my legs. Very strange!


Marie and Paul walked over from their chariots and examined me. “Absolutely stunning,” Paul said.

“Thank you,” Paul replied. “She’s an amazing beauty.”

“She wouldn’t look half as good without your talents, Hugo. Don’t sell yourself short,” Marie returned. “Sun’s coming up. We need to get started.”

I watched Marie and Paul climb into their coaches and felt Hugo climb into mine. Soon I felt the rumble of the small engine and smelled the fumes from the exhaust. A couple attendants opened the large doors in the rear of the building. Marie apparently gave her girls a jolt because I saw them stiffen before they started marching. Both girls marched in unison, lifting each leg high as they began walking. Their gait seemed effortless, as if they were hardly pulling their own weight.

Paul soon followed. I felt the quick buzz from the dildo and I began pumping my legs as well. “Higher, Casey,” he yelled as I felt the buzzer go off for a longer period of time, a punishment if you will. I began lifting my knees as high as my waist. And so this was their exercise program.

As we exited the building Hugo had me follow the other two carts. We marched under the shade of the palm trees. They had created a brick path around four diamond shaped fields. The four fields themselves were arranged in a diamond pattern as well which created a sort of crossroads in the center. The distance between intersections looked to be about two hundred yards.

We followed a zigzag path, starting with a right turn to get us onto the path followed by a left, a right, and a final left. All paths were shaded heavily with imitation palms. That actually made the trot quite comfortable. We were of course in a desert but the sun hadn’t warmed the air yet. Now I understood why they had insisted on getting an early start. They wanted to get the exercise in before the sun rose too high.

I was out of shape. I hadn’t really done any sort of jogging in months. Doing this high step didn’t help much either. By the time I made my second turn, perhaps a quarter mile of walking, I was really feeling it in my legs. I had trouble lifting my knees as high as Hugo wanted. Soon after starting on the third leg I felt the quick buzz of the dildo, a clear signal to pick up the pace. In front of me I could see the other girls pulling away as they too began a faster gait. “Half knee march, Casey,” I heard him yell from behind.

I started to jog and I immediately got yelled at. I felt the reins tighten until I slowed. And again he hit the buzzer! “Dammit, make up your mind,” I wanted to yell at him.

“No,” I heard him yell at me. “Don’t jog. I want a fast walk with a half knee lift.”

Before long we got our signals straight. By the time we made the final turn I was beginning to get my second wind. Of course Hugo recognized that fact and I soon was prodded into finally getting into that jogging pace I had previously attempted. It actually found it easier to jog than to march. The engine seemed to push me along and the hydraulic lifting system kept the weight off my feet. It felt like I was nearly weightless since the bars lifted me into the air with every step. It was kind of fun to be truthful. Hugo let me run for the last two hundred yards. He controlled my speed by gently pulling back on the reins and prodding me on with the buzzer. I ran the last stretch at a nice leisurely pace, slowing only when we reached the buildings at the far end of the path.

We arrived at a small cluster of buildings. The buildings consisted of a large garage and two long wooden buildings resembling barns. The barns were L-shaped. Both featured long awnings complete with hitching posts. They were mirror images of each other with the doors bordering a wide driveway which led to the garage.

The two other carts were already parked under the right awning and the girls were standing there with their reins tied to the hitching post. I was led to their left. Hugo tied my reins to the same long wooden rail and told me to wait and rest. I could do little more than that since I was so exhausted. A moment later Hugo returned with a squirt bottle and let me drink my fill. The water was cool and refreshing. I appreciated the gesture.

“You’ll get ten minutes rest. Then Marie is going to take you on the full circuit,” he said before leaving.

Hugo disappeared into the barn, leaving the five of us bound to the hitching post. The other girls didn’t say anything and they didn’t look my way. They simply stood there trying to relax. I took the hint, knowing that an even longer exercise period would soon commence. I had just done a half mile. I quickly realized that I’d be doing a full mile soon. Then it dawned on me. I’d still be 800 yards from home. I’d have to do another half mile before heading home, and that was assuming they took the short route.

Ten minutes passed before everyone came out of the building. Hugo and Paul went directly to one of the other coaches while Marie came directly to me. She had a plastic bottle and asked me if I wanted another drink before we set off. I nodded once as I had been trained and was rewarded with a smile and a refreshing swig of chilled water.

“This is going to be a fairly long run, so I’ll take it easy with you, especially since this is your first time in harness. Just follow my lead like you did with Hugo and you’ll do fine. OK?”

Again I nodded once.

“My, you do look scrumptious in that outfit. Hugo knows how to decorate a female,” she said. She smiled and ran her fingers over my breasts, paying special attention to the gold plates that bound my nipples to the outfit. It was a sexual experience I had never had the pleasure of. But I actually found myself enjoying the gesture. Suddenly I found a previously undiscovered craving for attention. I don’t know why I liked having her admire my body. I just did.

Marie took my reins and climbed into the coach. I soon felt the engine come to life. A moment later I felt the bars lift me nearly off the ground before lowering until my feet touched hard earth again. This, Hugo would explain later, was a calibration process. The system applied lift until half my weight was taken up by the bars that were attached to the harness.

Marie pulled back on the reins to put the cart in reverse. I pushed backwards with my hips until she let my reins go slack. Suddenly the cart’s brakes were applied. I soon felt a hard tug on the left rein and a short buzz between my legs. The exercise had begun again.

My initial pace was far too fast for Marie. She quickly took control and forced me to slow by pulling on the reins. “Keep the pace slow. Knees high,” Marie yelled as I marched. She hit the buzzer again to emphasize the point. I tried my best to please her. But a moment later she hit the buzzer again. “Keep your chin off your collar,” she ordered. I did as I was told and kept marching. Soon I felt the reins tighten and again I felt the buzzer. “Slow down,” she yelled. “Lift your knees gracefully. Try and swing your knees up to the horizontal, but slowly,” she yelled.

Just before reaching the first intersection both carts passed me and turned left toward the center of the field. They were obviously working the girls much harder. Since each cart had twice the horsepower, literally, I assumed they could pull the carts much faster. Then again, I thought, maybe that was the norm. Perhaps they were just being easy on me since this was my first day. I had the feeling that I’d be trotting much faster in the future once they got me in shape.

Suddenly I realized there were an additional three carts running up the path towards us. Each was pulled by two girls dressed identically to us. The only real difference was the color of the carts. While ours were gold, silver, and red, all of theirs were green. I couldn’t pay much attention to them. I had my own work to do. Marie reminded me by giving me another disciplinary buzz to gain my attention.

By the time I had reached the halfway point I must have been disciplined a dozen times. Marie and I had difficulty getting our signals straight but eventually I was marching pretty much to her satisfaction. Only occasionally did I get buzzed on the return trip to the barn, at least until I got to the final two hundred yards. By that time I was getting exhausted and I began to loose form. Marie wouldn’t allow me the pleasure of marching without lifting my knees, nor would she allow me to drop my chin. Instead she began ‘encouraging’ me to improve my performance.

“Almost there, Casey. You can do it. Just another fifty yards. Keep your knees up,” she said as she zapped me again. That building looked so good. If she’d only let me pick up the pace. Instead she held me back. My legs felt like they were bound in iron. But I did the full lap!

Once again I was parked under the awning and allowed to rest. Marie made certain that I had my fill of water. I now had worked up quite a sweat. Marie took a towel and wiped my face gently, being careful not to mess up my makeup.

“We’ll let you rest for another few minutes before Paul takes you on the final march. You did really well. I’m proud of you, Casey. Just keep following orders and you’ll be fine,” she said.

A moment later Paul and Hugo pulled their coaches under the awning and I suddenly had company. They quickly glanced at me then disappeared into the barn, leaving the five of us to rest on our feet. I could barely see the other girls because the collar prevented me from turning my head. But I could hear them panting. Apparently they had been worked hard just like I had.

Fifteen minutes later the three of them exited the barn and approached us. Again they traded off. Of course, Paul would finish the ride. He approached me with Marie and admired my body. Hugo went directly to his coach. With Marie and Paul attending to me I didn’t see him leave.

“She is amazing,” Paul commented. “I haven’t seen anyone so perfect since Michelle in ’07. Look at her stature. Those long leggings and those heels suit her beautifully. Don’t you think?” he asked Marie.

“Yes Dear. I think we’ll both enjoy her company. But we are running late. Best to get her back to the house. She needs to be fed and I do have a dinner party to arrange for this weekend.”

“You’re quite right. Let’s get going, shall we?”

It was eight hundred yards to the house. Paul intended that I maintain proper form all the way there and punished me every few seconds if I didn’t keep my knees up. “Higher steps if you please, Casey,” he yelled. And I complied.

Every muscle in my body ached from the exercise. But Paul paid no mind to my grunts and panting. Instead he urged me on, forcing me to maintain a pace to his liking, a pace just a bit faster than a normal walking speed. The harness helped by taking some of the weight off my feet. But I was still in heels and my toes were getting sore. Add to that the fact that I had to keep my head high. Every time I failed to do so Paul punished me.

By the time I pulled the cart into the house I could hardly stand on my own two feet. I didn’t hurt much but I was exhausted! The only thing holding me up was the support of the bars attached to my hips. My shoulders and neck were another story. Having my arms pulled back and attached to my butt caused me to lean forward and arch my back. After an hour or so of running around like this my entire upper body ached in more places than it didn’t. And I won’t even talk about my pierced nipples and my crotch!

All of the riders, Hugo, Marie, and Paul, left us alone for a few minutes. We were still attached to our carts. I sorely hoped that we weren’t being rested for another run. I somehow doubted that was the case since it was starting to get quite warm outside. Putting this fact together with the way we were dressed made me think that we were done with this session. Fortunately, I was correct.

Hugo and two trainers returned ten minutes later and disconnected us from the carts. We were all led upstairs to our rooms. Hugo waved the transmitter in front of me and gave me the hand signal to walk normal. I took the hint and followed him upstairs.

As I followed him into the room he pointed to the ground with one finger. I immediately and obediently knelt on my right knee. He pushed a button on the transmitter and threw it on the bed. Apparently he had disarmed the device.

Hugo walked over to the wooden shelf and returned with the special training collar. I knew what that meant. “Before I can let you have your breakfast I need to give you another oral training session. Let’s get you set up and we’ll get this over with. Stand up.”

Hugo removed all the chains except the ones running from my nose to my earrings. Then he removed the collar and the head gear. He then encircled my neck with the new collar which had the spoons attached for my mouth. I didn’t resist as he inserted the metal loops into my mouth and pulled the straps tight. This time though he didn’t attach anything to my tongue. That was a surprise.

“Kneel. This will be a short session,” he said. “I’m going to do your mouth quickly. I want you to extend your tongue voluntarily and do as you were trained yesterday. If you can’t handle that, I’ll get the tongue leash and make you do it properly. Now, tilt your head as far back as you can so I can get into your throat.”

“Throat?” My eyes opened wide with that comment but I was helpless to offer any resistance. I was scared. Then again, he hadn’t hurt me in the last encounter. So I let him do his thing. I extended my tongue and began sucking him as I had done the day before. Once he had gotten hard he forced himself completely into my mouth. I gagged. “Breathe through your nose,” he warned. I tried. He backed off and I gasped for breath. “Let’s try this again,” he said without removing his cock from my mouth. Again he forced himself deep. Again I choked and again he backed off, leaving himself in my mouth. “Eye contact, Casey,” he ordered.

I looked up at him timidly. In one sense I was scared. On the other, I understood his motives and I wanted to please him. So I tried to submit to his will. When he did it a third time I was prepared. I didn’t gag and I didn’t resist. I performed the task calmly and businesslike. When he pulled away I was proud of what I had accomplished. It felt as if I had just graduated to another level. When I saw his smiling face, I knew I had.

“Good girl,” he said. “Let’s get you out of this gear.

It took several minutes to remove all the gear. He had to unscrew the bolts that held the rings in my nipples and he had to remove the head harness too. He even removed the tail and both dildos. Eventually I was completely naked. He pointed to the bathroom and told me to brush my teeth and shower thoroughly. “I’ll get you some breakfast in the meantime. Here’s your robe. Your breakfast will be in the hall,” he said.

After that strenuous session in harness, the hot water felt luxurious. I let the water flow over my body and wash away all the stiffness in my shoulders and legs. After a few minutes of allowing the water to loosen my muscles I suddenly remembered that breakfast was being served. I decided to quicken my pace and finish. I toweled off quickly, using the blow dryer on my hair and brushing thoroughly. I threw the black silk robe over my body, gave the sash a tie, and headed toward the office.

I found Hugo sitting at the long thin table eating his breakfast. All the other girls were there similarly dressed in black silk robes. On the table in front of Hugo was a tray containing a plate of scrambled eggs, two slices of French toast, and two strips of bacon. A similar tray sat on the table across from him, obviously waiting for me. It all looked delicious.

“This is yours. Have a seat,” he said between bites, pointing to the food across from him. Sandra was seated next to my chair. She looked up at me and smiled before returning to her meal. I took my seat near the end of the table.

The meal was not bad. I can’t exactly say it was healthy but it hit the spot. Sandra offered me a piece of fruit from one of the many baskets. I chose an orange. Hugo grabbed a small bran muffin and placed it in front of me as well. “We insist you eat one serving of bran and one piece of fruit at each meal. You have four hours before the next meal so eat up.”

There was a lot of idle chatter during breakfast. I could hear little with all the noise. Every sound seemed to echo from one side of the room to the other. It was as if we were in trying to talk in a tunnel, which I suppose we were.

“Are you still leaving?” I asked Sandra.

“Yes, I have two weeks left. I suppose I’ll miss the place,” she yelled over the noise.

“The money will help,” I said.

“Maybe, but after three years of being with all these people it’s hard. I don’t know if the luxury is worth it.”

I looked up at all the people at the table. I somehow got the feeling I knew what she was talking about, even though I had only been here for a day. Still, money meant a lot. “You could always stay, couldn’t you?”

“I’ve thought of that. I haven’t seen the outside world as a free woman in three years. While I don’t mind the occasional bondage session, I’m starving for a little free time. You know what I mean?”

“Yeah, I think I do,” I said.

Hugo spoke. “You know, I may have something for you, Sandra. I have this new venture that I’ve just started. I just finished negotiations with a group of acceptance corporations that do the loans for the casinos. I’m building a facility for bondage fantasies called the Vegas Riding Academy.”

“I’m listening,” she said.

“Well, we take beautiful women who happen to be heavily in debt and put them under contract to provide certain services to very wealthy customers.”

“Isn’t that illegal, as in prostitution?” I asked.

“No, not if there’s no penetration below the waist. Besides, most of it will be ponygirl stuff, sort of what we do here.”

“And what would my role be?” Sandra asked.

“Well, we need trainers. These people haven’t had any experience with this sort of stuff, at least most haven’t. Your job would be one of both trainer and monitor. You’ll teach the girls how to please and then you’ll make sure things don’t get out of hand. In other words, you get to watch.”

“I might consider it. When are you going live with this?”

“Memorial Day, next year. I need to know by March of next year if you’re interested.”

“I’ll think about it,” she said. I had the feeling she would have her mind made up well before then.



To be continued...