Book 1 of the Million Dollar Chronicles


by Sir Thomas

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Chapter 3 - Moving Day



It had been six weeks since I had met these strange people. Now all the preliminary stuff was at an end. By the end of the day I’d be in Nevada, on my way to earning a million bucks. A year from now I’d have that million bucks and I’d be able to live happily ever after. I liked happy endings.

Marie called me late last night and gave me my final instructions. She told me to remove everything from the bathroom that I wanted to be packed and shipped with the rest of my possessions. She told me to be thorough because the moving people would not enter the bathroom at all. Next she told me at six a.m. I was to shower and throw the towels outside the bathroom. I was to remain naked and leave a sign on the bathroom door that said ‘Do not enter’. She told me to carefully check my body for jewelry. She wanted to take me and me alone. Her exact words were, “I don’t want to even see a bobby pin on your person, clear?”

I responded, “Yes, Ma'am.”

It was now 9 a.m. They had been packing and moving furniture for nearly two hours as best as I could guess. I sat naked on the toilet, waiting for someone to come and get me. A half hour more passed when things suddenly got quiet. Ten minutes later I heard a knock on the door and Marie’s voice calling. She opened the door as I rose. Paul, her husband, was standing behind her.

The door to the apartment had been closed and locked. I was ordered out into the now empty apartment. I heard my own feet slap on the wooden floor as I walked.

Marie had brought a suitcase with various articles of clothing for me. She first produced a metal dildo with a flat plate on the end. It had a green plastic lens on the front and metal studs around the edge. “Hold still, Honey,” she ordered as she knelt between my legs and inserted the device. She pulled the grommets over the eight small posts. Then she placed an oval mating piece over the posts and threaded a small white pearl onto each.

Next she inserted a silver ring into the grommet of my clit. It hurt and I yelped but she calmed me with soothing words. A small plate was swung up from the dildo. When she was able to get the ring to protrude through the slot provided, she produced a small padlock and fastened the dildo to my clit.

“This is a following dildo,” she explained. Once it’s armed you have to follow the person who holds the transmitter very closely. If you get beyond six feet from the transmitter it will begin buzzing. If you get beyond eight feet it will shock you. Understand?”


“Good. Then let’s get you dressed and made up. We have a long day ahead of us.”

She produced a makeup case and told me to go back into the bathroom and fix my face. Those were her exact words. The lipstick was deep red and the rouge was awfully bright but I did as I was told. Still, it made me look like a hooker and I didn’t like that at all.

When I returned Marie said, “Good enough for starters. We’ll work on your technique later.”

She next produced a pair of knee length leather boots and told me to put them on. They were zippered and went on quickly. They had six inch heels but fit perfectly. I never wore such high heels before and I expected my toes to begin hurting immediately. But the boots felt pretty good, perhaps a little stiff, but not bad. When she produced the pink silk blouse and the leather skirt I knew where she was heading. She was dressing me to look like the other girls she had brought to New York several weeks ago. Again, everything fit perfectly.

The black leather skirt sported wide pockets on both sides and was fairly long, going just beyond my knees. Inside the each pocket was a gold chain with a small padlock attached. I now fully understood how the girls were bound. Marie took a gold bracelet and wrapped it around my right wrist. Then she pulled the chain out and closed the lock. I couldn’t pull my right hand out of the pocket.

Next came the handbag. When she draped it over my left shoulder I was surprised at how heavy it was. She informed me that the batteries were inside. The chain in the left pocket connected to the bag and would be hidden between the bag and my body. Another gold bracelet was produced and connected to a third gold chain that emerged from the bag. Finally she clipped the shoulder strap to my blouse with a nearly invisible pin hidden under the strap.

“You OK?” she asked.

I nodded and said yes.

“Good. Time to shut you up.” She returned to the nearly empty suitcase and produced a clear bag with a round piece of leather. When she showed it to me more closely it resembled a small triangular leather pouch. This was my gag. It was small and thin, designed to be worn without anyone noticing. The leather was wrapped around a small metal frame. In the back was a hole for me to insert my tongue. Once in place it would lay a pad of leather over my tongue from the back of my throat to the tip of my tongue, fitting comfortable behind my teeth. My mouth would hardly bulge from the device but I would be completely unable to make intelligible sounds.

Marie held the device in front of my mouth and told me to open wide. As I inserted my tongue into the gag I could feel small buttons inside where the grommets were supposed to grab. When Marie was satisfied she produced a small hex wrench and secured the device. Even if my hands were free I couldn’t remove the gag without the wrench.

When I pulled the gag back into my mouth I realized how effective it was. I was forced to curl my tongue upwards and touch the roof of my mouth. The gag pad filled the remaining cavity when I pressed my lips together. I had a hard time finding a comfortable position but eventually I got used to it.

“Smile, Sweetheart,” Paul ordered.

I tried as best I could.

“She’ll get used to it in a few hours,” Marie said.

Marie fixed my hair by pulling it into a ponytail to keep it out of my eyes. She used a two inch wide gold band to hold it in place. I had no use of my hands so something had to be done in this regard. At the same time, Paul produced a black choker with a gold button on it. Sex slaves wore gold buttons. Bondage slaves wore silver.

There was one last task. Marie picked up her own handbag and produced a small electronic device. She had to first start the transmitter before she started the receiver. A wire was threaded from the inside of my bag through a hole in my left pocket and connected to the dildo. “I think we’re all set. Stay close, Dear.”

Paul retrieved the now empty suitcase and opened the door. As Marie moved, I followed closely. I didn’t realize how close I’d have to stay. I had to concentrate on walking in the new heels. I was unsure of my step and couldn’t walk as quickly as Marie. I paid for that with a low frequency buzzing of my crotch and clit. It wasn’t pleasant or sexual. It was just annoying. It forced me to pick up the pace.

The limo waited downstairs. A tall female chauffer stood silently, waiting for us to climb in. I sat in the only rear-facing seat surrounded by a bar and a TV. My owners sat opposite me. They made sure I was buckled in. Then they poured themselves drinks and just smiled at me.

It was a long drive. They were going to use their own private airstrip in the country. It was a three-hour drive and I couldn’t move or say anything during that entire time. The worst part about the trip was the gag. My mouth was gathering saliva and I had to concentrate otherwise I’d end up drooling. It was just one more thing I had to get used to.

We finally arrived at their east coast estate. It was so big they had to drive three miles from the gate before they arrived at the mansion. As I exited the limo Marie said not one word to me. She simply walked to the house. I not only got buzzed but I got a quick shock and yelped as I failed to pay attention to her. I quickened my steps and ran toward her. I didn’t even have a chance to look around.

A tall man in white pants and shirt waited for us at the door. “Phillip,” she said. “So good to see you again. Is everything ready?”

“Yes, Ma'am. The plane is fueled and ready whenever you are. You need to be airborne no later than five though.”

“Shouldn’t be a problem. Oh, Dear, you can drop to your right knee now. Whenever we’re on our own private property you should do that. Whenever I stop walking, just count to five and then drop down.”

I immediately followed her orders. “First day,” I heard her explain.

“Shall I get her ready?” Phillip asked her.

“Yes, I need to freshen up anyway. Here’s her box,” she said as she handed the transmitter to Phillip.

“Up,” he said and I rose.

I followed him down the hall and to the left. We continued for some distance. He talked to me as he walked but never looked back at me. “Follow me behind my left shoulder. When I stop, count to five and drop to your right knee. Always drop to your right knee.”

I grunted a reply. He told me to remain silent. Gagged slaves don’t make a sound unless it’s absolutely involuntary. He told me to get used to being gagged, especially during the first three months.

We entered a room with a number of leather items laid out. He stopped moving. I counted to five and knelt. “You’re very nice,” he said as he lifted my chin.

“Open,” he ordered.

I thought he was going to remove my gag but instead he just inspected the fit. He had me close my mouth and I was disappointed that he hadn’t removed this horrible sack of leather. I was not disappointed though when he opened my bag and turned off the dildo.

Working on me while I knelt would have been inconvenient for him so he told me to stand. He disconnected my wrists and removed the bracelets. Then he removed the bag and the skirt, throwing them in a heap on the floor. Eventually he had me stripped of everything except the dildo, the gag and the gold band that held my hair in place.

“Come with me,” he ordered.

I followed him into a large bathroom. The details of what he did next to me are not something to be discussed in public. I will just leave it with the fact that I was clean, front and back. At least it gave me a chance to use the bathroom.

Phillip inserted a new dildo in my sex and fastened it in place. In my rear he inserted a well-greased ribbed plug, which was held in place with four special clips. Next he wrapped a leather vest around me. It had rubber-lined holes for my breasts with gold studs around them. It hugged my hips perfectly even though there was no lacing. When he pulled the zipper up to the top he snapped a metal fitting into it, thus locking it in place.

“Lift your chin a little so I can get the collar nice and tight,” he said as he wrapped the four-inch wide leather strap around my neck. Again it fit perfectly. It had no buckles. The edges met at the back of my neck and snapped together. Once that was done, I couldn’t turn my head sideways.

Hip boots were next. They were black leather with zippers on the inseam rather than running up to the hip. The cut was diagonal and followed the vee of my crotch, leaving my sex exposed but covering my hips up to my waist. The top edge was secured with snaps and buckles that connected to the bottom of the vest. I again wore six-inch heels.

I was expecting gloves next but instead he produced a strange bag. It looked like a leather suitcase but I soon discovered it was more bondage gear when he had it unzipped. Inside, sewn to the edges were the gloves I had expected to wear. Only the upper arms were sewn to the bag. He held it behind me and told me to insert my hands into the gloves while keeping my arms pointing straight down. As my hands went in, he pulled the bag up until the top edge was even with my shoulders. At that point he pulled two straps thorough slots in the bag and clipped them to my upper arms, thus preventing the bag from slipping down. He forced me to fold my arms behind my back and proceeded to strap my arms together forcing fingertips to elbows. He next placed a small battery inside a pocket between my shoulder blades, feeding the wire down to my rear. Finally he lifted the lower portion of the bag and covered my arms with it. Zippers on either side secured everything. These zippers had self-contained locks too of course.

It was now time for the headgear. I hadn’t figured that they could do much worse to me at this point but I was wrong. The gag he was using, he explained, was a very comfortable gag that was used mainly in public. My owners preferred something much more severe.

After he removed the gag from my mouth he allowed me the luxury of drinking a cool glass of water. Afterwards he produced a new gag, something much more severe and much wider. It was bright red and wedge shaped. In the center was a wide rubber lined slot for my tongue. But before inserting it, he placed a ring through the grommet in the tip of my tongue and attached a short chain to it. I allowed all this because I hadn’t figured out exactly how the gag was supposed to fit in my mouth. Now I knew. He pulled the chain through the slot and ran the gag right up to my mouth. I was already so disoriented from all the bondage that I just opened my mouth and inserted my tongue through the slot. I discovered that the back and sides of the gag were soft but the areas where my teeth were supposed to slip into were not. I could feel the rubber pressing against my cheeks and the back of my mouth as my teeth climbed the rubber wedge. Eventually they slipped into grooves and my mouth was effectively plugged with my tongue sticking out through a rubber-lined slot.

“I’m sure you won’t like this gag,” he said as he proceeded to squeeze my cheeks and feel for the fullness in my mouth. “None of the girls do.”

He checked the fit carefully, peeling back my lips and verifying that my teeth were seated firmly. But he wasn’t through tormenting me. He was far from done with my head. For next he produced that strange little wrench. He teased my tongue farther out of its slot until he was sure the grommets inside were properly positioned. Then he tightened the screws hidden near the corners of my mouth and drove the pins inside the gag down through the holes. With the pins secured the gag wasn’t coming out any time soon. Furthermore, my tongue was under a constant strain from the two pins that pulled on it. Finally, as one last bit of tongue torture, he removed the ring and covered the tip of my tongue with a small gold cone. This was secured from underneath with a screw. There was a gold ring with a six-foot leash attached to it. He was going to lead me by my tongue!

He told me we were almost done. First he draped a series of leather strap over my head and attached it to the collar. Then he inserted one inch diameter rings in my nose and ear lobes. He used a special tool to expand the gap. When he released them the gap disappeared and the ends fit together. The nose ring hung on my upper lip. He clipped thin gold chains from my ears to the nose ring and allowed them to drape across my cheeks under my eyes. Then he had to connect the wires from my battery pack to the dildo and put my skirt back on. Once this one done he told me to stay close. This time I really didn’t have any choice since I had a leash attached to my tongue.

“Heel,” he said. I followed him out to a golf cart. He buckled me into the passenger seat and drove me out to the plane.


Marie and Paul were waiting. I sure presented a strange picture. They seemed extremely impressed, especially Marie. Paul enjoyed the view for a moment but quickly ran into the plane to arrange for my transportation.

“She’s magnificent,” she said to Phillip as she took the leash and the transmitter from him. “Janice did a magnificent job, didn’t she?”

“She always does,” Phillip replied.

“Did she give you any trouble?”

“Not a bit. She did exactly as she was told. I think she’s a keeper.”

Marie turned her attention to me. “Jaw hurt?” she asked.

I grunted and nodded.

“Grunts mean nothing to me, Honey. You need to keep quiet when you’re gagged, right?” she asked as she tugged at my leash.

I grunted again, this time from the pain of having my tongue stretched.

“Now that was allowed. You’re not supposed to make a single sound when gagged unless you’re in pain. Clear?”

I nodded silently.

“Better. I know you don’t like this but this is pretty standard stuff for us. Don’t worry. The pain in your jaw will disappear in an hour or two. Certainly you’ll feel better by the time we land. Now, the big question is, ‘When I take the gag out, will you let me put it back in?’”

I wanted to shake my head and answer no but after a moment’s hesitation I nodded instead. I knew where she was coming from. Was I committed enough to let them do this kind of stuff to me? The answer was a reluctant ‘Yes’.

“You sure?” she asked.

Again I nodded. I wanted to survive so bad that they could do nothing to discourage me. I don’t know why. To be truthful it wasn’t the money and it certainly wasn’t any sort of sexual excitement. I suppose it was the challenge. I intended to go the distance. It was a knee-jerk reaction. Push me and I push back.

There was more to it than that though. I made a promise. I signed a contract and I had an almost religious belief that a promise was a promise. I swore to be their slave for a year in return for that check. I intended to keep that promise regardless of how much I had to suffer. I knew everything before I put my name on that paper. Certainly I never realized how extreme or uncomfortable the bondage would be. I certainly never expected to have my mouth stuffed to this degree nor my jaw spread this wide. I never expected to be led by a leash attached to my tongue. But I did expect that I’d be gagged and bound. I knew I’d have to suffer quite a bit to earn a million dollars. So I had no right to argue.

I had one duty, to obey. That was my lot in life. I had no one to blame but myself. Yes, I was sure. I was very sure that this was what I wanted. I wanted to be a slave, not for the money, not for the sexual pleasure. I wanted to beat the odds. I wanted to obey them because they had doubts. They didn’t think I could last a year. I could sense it. Maybe they had a lot of women who had already failed. I could understand why! But I intended to prove them wrong. I nodded and stared into Marie’s eyes. Bring it on!


The trip lasted five hours. The advantage of owning your own private jet is that you can fly non-stop to anywhere in the world if you file your flight plan in a timely manner. Paul’s crew had done just that so when we called Kennedy for clearance (we were still in their airspace) it was hardly five minutes before we were able to take off.

Of course I was oblivious to all the details of our flight. I was forced to sit in a special seat for the duration. It had many straps to secure me. That I expected. But it also had a recess in the seat and in the back to accommodate my butt plug and my arm bag. It was actually much more comfortable than I imagined.

Believe it or not, I actually was able to sleep during the flight, at least for an hour or two. Marie checked me often. She was concerned about the gag and my tongue. She peeled back my lips and checked for good circulation. She massaged my jaw and felt my cheeks. She even checked my protruding tongue, going so far as to squeeze and prod it to make sure it was healthy too.

Finally we arrived in Nevada. Marie informed me that the property was nearly twenty miles square. The airstrip was on the eastern portion of the property and the mansion was not visible from where we stood. A limo was waiting for us. Again they had me seated facing the rear, buckled firmly into the seat as I stared at my owners. It took nearly thirty minutes of driving on dusty roads before we arrived at the three story building. We were home.

Upon exiting the limo, I could see five separate structures arranged in a horseshoe arrangement. All but one, the main building, were two-storied. That one towered above the rest and dominated the property. All were connected by long, glass-enclosed walkways which curved away from us. I couldn’t see past the buildings but it was apparent that there was some sort of courtyard behind them.

The main building was three stories tall with an adobe roof. It was exceptionally large, at least a hundred feet wide. The adjacent buildings were cylindrical with the nearer buildings constructed with five foot high brick walls topped with two bands of large tinted windows. There were few supporting pillars. These buildings were huge, perhaps a hundred feet across and forty feet high.

The buildings at the far ends were hardly visible. They were similar to the nearer buildings but much smaller. The windows were much smaller as well and there were less of them. Also, there were cars parked near these end buildings in clearly defined spaces.

Being led by a tongue leash is not the nicest way to follow someone. It’s painful and it’s demeaning. Not that having your tits hanging out, being forced to wear a weird straightjacket and having both your lower openings plugged with steel are much better conditions. But I endured. I don’t know how though.

We approached the main building, a three-story mansion of obvious Southwestern architecture. The roof was a bright orange adobe and the walls were made of multicolor stucco. The windows were all lightly tinted. Some were stained glass. Wide glass panels of glass block flanked the door itself.

Marie continued to lead me, even though she had armed the dildo. I couldn’t really understand why she needed to hold onto the leash since she knew I wouldn’t move more than a few feet from her left shoulder. She knew the consequences should I stray. Maybe she just wanted the feeling of total control. Perhaps it was some sort of sexual turn-on.

All I knew was that I had no choice but to follow her. I couldn’t resist with a chain pulling on my tongue. Every tug was painful, although not nearly as painful as I thought it would be. Apparently the hole had healed quite nicely in the past week.

As we entered servants flocked to Marie’s aid. Several males, all dressed in white, greeted her before passing us to unload the luggage from the limo. One tall man came forward and gave Marie a huge hug. On the right side of his shirt was a name tag. This was Hugo, her chief of staff.

“So, is this the new piece?” he asked.

“Pretty, isn’t she? She needs lots of training. Can’t even remember to kneel when she’s supposed to,” Marie noted sardonically. I took the hint and knelt on my right knee. Neither Marie nor Hugo praised me for my act. They simply remained silent as if it was expected. I suppose it was.

“Did she go for the whole enchilada?” Hugo asked.

“Yup. She spotted those six zeros and that was that.”

“Greed is good,” Hugo stated with a smile.

“So I’ve heard. Anyway, I’ve got to get out of these clothes and get a shower. Take her to her room and prepare her as we discussed. I’ll give her the fifty-cent tour at six. I’ll pass the word to have the staff assemble in the parlor for the usual introductions. Three hours should be plenty for you, right?”

“No problem. How many calories do you want to allow?” Hugo asked. Calories?

“Paul? You’re the one with the medical degree. What do you think?” Marie asked.

“No more than two thousand. Her hips are a little wider than I’d like. I want those thighs a lot trimmer than they are now. That will come down with the morning training of course. But I think 1200 will work well for starters. Use an MRE.” 

“Will do. Come along,” he said as he grabbed the leash and transmitter from Marie.


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