Ponymaking, Part 1

by Sawa

- do not use without the author's permission.
- as edited by SirJeff.
- with the wonderful art of Peterpd.


The acquisition went smoothly, for as usual I picked my pony to be with care. For my first step, to acquire, I always go to another state, preferably one in which I didn't "work" before. There I find the matching specimen, in this case it is an eighteen year old pale blonde, 5'10", with a 36C-26-30 figure.

Second step, I observe and find out about it as much as possible. Doctors' records are quite helpful, since I don't want to acquire someone who has any future health problems.

Third step, my stun gun and a van always work well.

Fourth step, in a rented warehouse I prepare it for shipment - with a vigorous enema, then a catheter and a butt plug, both with tubes to get rid of the waste. And of course an IV with nutrition, sleeping and calming drugs. I now use a breathing tube, as I don't rely on masks any longer - I had a perfect acquisition die once because a mask slipped off its face and it suffocated in transit.

On go the arm and leg binders, hood, posture collar, corset and over it all a stiff body bag. Of course no rubber or leather. The skin can't breathe in those things and you get a burnt skin that you must later treat. The boning is definitely not metal of any kind, generally you want to avoid metal as much you can.

Then I fit it into a case big enough to accomodate both it and the life sustaining system and ship her to the first "pit stop". I never go for the straight route. Yes the shipping takes longer with me picking it up at three or more places. I always go for different "companies", sometimes even skipping personally from town to town to set them up or change them, always making sure it is still alive and replenishing its food and drug supplies.

But all this serves two purposes. First it muddies the trail for any eventual pursuers, and second, after such a long time in transit, the pony to be is that much weaker, less able to fight its destiny. The whole process takes about a month.


By the time it arrives at my place, my operating team is ready. The operating team is really only my "veterinarian", a qualified surgeon, who transforms and later takes care of my ponies. He shares my ponygirl kink. I'm his only nurse and help during the process.

The subject is never woken up. I don't treat my ponies as sentient, they are animals and you don't explain to an animal what you are about to do with it. No need to be unnecessarily cruel to it, so I don't wake it up to witness its own change.

After undressing, the future pony goes through an intensive check up, including X-rays, blood tests, magnetic resonance and a number of other procedures. For this purpose I had built at my ranch what amounts to a hospital with one ward and an operating theatre. Before the various operations, the vet stabilizes the ponygirl-to-be and I prepare the required "equipment" which will go into it.

My ponies are remade quite extensively. First the vet amputates its arms at the shoulders, so not even stumps remain. He must patch up the vacant place very carefully, so as to not damage unnecessarily any muscles and so it doesn't have scars on its skin. This is the worst part of the transition, and if it lives we go on.

I do a body wide electrolysis, except a portion on the head that will become the future mane. The vet implants a wide strip along the spine down the shoulders with its cloned hair follicles to lengthen this mane. Then the back teeth go out to later allow the bit to fit in. This is also a convenient time to pierce and ring its nipples and septum.

Finally it is time for the last three implants. One pair goes into the ears. Its a marvel what modern science can do. These are miniature receivers and speakers that fit in just before the eardrum. They are connected to a small computer chip implanted on one shoulder with a battery under the other. The program filters what the ponygirl hears and switches human languages into garbage; the only partial recognizable sound will be its ponygirl name, which I input beforehand. It shall be Golden Sunrise.

The second pair of implants are pony hooves. These are specially designed titanium alloy braces that go into its feet to keep it on tiptoes. They start from above the ankle, where they strengthen it, and they are partial movable to allow ankle movement. Then comes the foot part, which is immovable. It consists of multiple layers, which capture and keep steady the small bones of the foot. All the toenails are removed, so they won't interfere with the outer part, a titanium hoof coated with a thin layer of industrial grade rubber to allow for a slightly springier gait. The hoof has screw ports for the later fitting of a horseshoe. This part is always tricky, for it is easy to ruin the feet of the pony, but the vet has it down pat.

The last implant is the tail. The tail-stub is also a titanium alloy, this one porous to allow for the back muscles to attach themselves and the skin to catch on. This goes onto the base of the ponygirl's spinal column. The attachment points for the muscles allow for the tail to be eventually movable by muscle control.

The tail-skin makes up the outer part. It looks like a thin cord 2 feet long and 1 inch thick around the base, and narrowing itself at the end. It is cloned beforehand and implanted with her hair follicles to allow hair growth.

Throughout the whole ensuing healing process Golden Sunrise is kept under. It takes about two months. Any longer and muscle loss would be very hard to overcome. As it is, it will take up to a year in training to reach optimal strength. But all good things require time, as they say.

There is one more change to make, the voice, but as I want it to be able to produce whinnies and snorts, this change has to be made when the ponygirl is at least partially by conscious. The vet already has the results of the various tests, X-ray pictures and what not of the vocal cords, but to successfully modify it he has to observe it at work. So after Golden Sunrise is ready to be released we get it hooked up and lessen the drugs. As it comes to, we stimulate the ponygirl to make noises - ok, we make her scream, whine, cry, and what other noises it is capable of making, and that includes bringing the ponygirl to orgasm. Then we put it under again and the vet goes to work for one last time of the ponygirl transformation, creating the perfect whinnie.

After two more days, I bid him good-bye and transfer my ponygirl to the stable. I remove the IV, catheter and butt plug, and lay Golden Sunrise on the straw. It is the late evening and the drug will let it sleep till morning. I go to sleep myself in the nearby stablehands' room. I know that from the morning onwards it will be a hard time for Golden Sunrise, and it will need me to calm it and to train it.

Training – Part One

I wake well before Golden Sunrise. After eating, I go into its stall. I have the stall discreetly monitored by cameras at all times, so that I can observe and watch over my property. I don't want it to attempt suicide, after all the work I did to make it into the ponygirl it has become.

As it comes to, I can see the first signs of distress showing. The motions of the shoulders and realization that it can't feel arm and hands hit the ponygirl first. Golden Sunrise's eyes spring wide open in shock and a loud whinny of distress fills the stable. I had split the main stable from the training one long time ago, so as to not stress the older ponies. The view of a new and untrained one may make them remember their own beginnings as ponies, and I don't want that.

The shock mounts up as it hears itself whinny and registers its hooves and tail. Now Golden Sunrise is full into it and barely registers me holding it and caressing its mane to calm it. The whole first day is spent so, with me trying to feed it cereal and milk. This is the last day when it gets to eat normal food, later it will be grains and dried vegetables. In doing so I'm fixing myself as the only person in its life to rely on.

Time for the training to begin. I attach leads to its nipple rings. Then I drag it on a short walk outdoors, so it can get a feeling for the hooves and being naked in my presence. The days go on with longer walks and trots.

The greatest hurdle of the second day is when the ponygirl has to relieve itself and I walk it to a nearby meadow. It is obvious that Golden Sunrise doesn't want to do it in my presence but can't hold on anymore. At first it is all done without the harness and I don't correct its form at all. I want to get it on its feet, used to its new body balance, new hooves and lack of arms. Especially having no arms makes it rely on me as it trips frequently. I speak to it using a gentle tone and frequently calling it by its new pony name so it can get used to it sooner. I think Golden Sunrise knows that I am training it, but after the long period of forced sleep it is too weak to do anything on its own. As it regains its strength it learns that I am always there for it, that I know what comes next and it doesn't.

About a month later I introduce it to some serious training and some harnesses. At first it's a simple leather posture collar with silk lining to prevent skin scratching, to keep its head straight and fixed facing forward. I add a little bell onto each nipple ring. Now comes the training on the rope tether. I stand in the middle of a field with a long whip and make it trot in circles.

At this point I introduce the posture training, namely shoulders back, knees high, head up and looking forward. Much of it is provided by the collar, but the sound of the nipple bells help to accentuate the ponygirl's awareness of posture and graceful movement. I make sure it maintains the posture all day. Horses get sugar when they please their trainer, but my ponies get chocolate as a reward.

I also introduce it to endurance training. I have had this walking machine set up in a corner of the stable. Golden Sunrise would spend two hours daily on it at the beginning. First it is walking. It is affixed by the nose ring to the machine and if it stops the walkway would drag it. At first I am present nearby all the time to correct posture, but I then start to watch less and less, coming at different intervals to check up.

I'm the only human Golden Sunrise sees during the first three months of training, I groom it, feed it, walk it, harness it, in short I am the ponygirl's whole world.

Finally, it gives up. They always do, the lack of arms, nakedness, body modifications, being unable to communicate or understand others in a normal way all take its toll, and Golden Sunrise finally gives up one day while being alone in a meadow. As I call, it trots to me and starts nuzzling me for chocolate, That's when I know I have it, totally.

By this time it has the walk down pat and is spending four hours daily at endurance training, two of them walking and two trotting. I wait another week and introduce another other groom to it. Golden Sunrise freaks out at first, but I am there and calm it down.

Later that day a further surprise awaits, the head harness and bit. It is made as all harnesses used for my ponies are, of leather lined with silk, always the best for my beauties. The head harness consists of a rather wide band around the hair at the forehead and above the ears. From this runs a short piece between the eyes down the nose, parting just under the eyes and going to the corners of the mouth. The rings are affixed with a loose under-the-chin strap connecting with the collar and a second tighter one which goes around the head under the ears to meet the main band in the back.

The bit is attached to the rings. The first one for it is very soft, not to control but to get used to. It barely touches the tongue, not making any pressure. At this point, it often is teathered by the nose ring instead of the bit.

After another month I finally transfer the ponygirl to the main stable. Golden Sunrise is surprised to see my other ponies, but overcomes its shock quite quickly.

Training – Part Two

As it was time for more strenuous training, I called for the vet to examine my newest ponygirl. The vet comes the next day, checks the ponygirl, pronounces it to be ok and shaping up nicely. He gives me the ok with phase two of the training. During the check up it remains fairly calm as it is used to other people by now. Still I am the main person as I still am the only one to give it chocolate.

From the check up I lead it to the "blacksmith" to put horseshoes on the hooves. As the ponygirl would now begin to use some canter and gallop, the rubber coating on the hooves would grind up fairly fast. I don't want that, so the horseshoes are screwed to the hooves using the prepared holes. I give it a day to get used to the new feeling.

It is time to introduce a new trainer, who would train it to canter, gallop, and pull a sulky. The whole staff of the stables are people of the same tastes as me, that I met and picked up at various times and parties surrounding the pony girl scene.

From this day on Sunrise has a fixed routine, wake up at 7 a.m. till 8 a.m. grooming, feeding and relieving at a meadow near the stable. Then endurance training till 10 a.m., one hour of posture training at canter and gallop, an hour of rest with the other ponies plus a light "lunch", two more hours on endurance, one of sulky training, an hour of cross-country walking/trotting with a trainer in a sulky leading the ponygirl. An hour of rest and "dinner", from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. endurance training and later rest till 8 p.m. After that comes bathing, evening grooming and finally it is lead to the stall.

In the morning it is fed in the stall, but "lunch" and "dinner" are eaten by all my ponies from a common trough in the pasture. There are various fruit trees and bushes planted in it and all the ponies are encouraged to eat from them.

At this point the full harness is introduced. This is a broad waist corset, although its purpose is not to reduce the waist and take the breath away. It is used as a firm attachment point for the sulky, reaching from above the hips to just under the ribs. In the rear it goes above the tail, and at this point a strap leads around it and down between the legs to the front It parts to go around the vagina up to the corset - this prevents any uncontrolled stimulation. In the back a strap connects the collar with the corset, in the front four straps go up from the corset to the collar. Two each go from under the breasts, parting, the middle ones meet inbetween them and then go up as one to the collar. The outer ones go around the breasts on the outside, curving and also reaching the collar, so that all three meet at one spot. To prevent the outer ones from squeezing the breasts, vertical straps connect them with the back strap.

Also now, the bit becomes a more serious affair, and is to be used to put pressure on the tongue for movement and direction control while Sunrise pulls a sulky. Blinkers too are introduced, limiting side vision.

This phase of Sunrise's training takes another four months. All in all since the beginning it has been eight months. The ponygirl doesn't react anymore in any human way. Gone is the shame at relieving oneself openly, the nakedness has become its nature, it plays with the other ponies, maintains her posture at all times and is obedient to rein control.

I visit it every day during the "lunch" and "dinner" breaks, making sure it knows I look after all my ponies, as I pet them all, all eight others I have at this time.


The day I brand Golden Sunrise is a calm summer one, although here in the south we don't get much in a way of different seasons. After the morning grooming, the endurance practice is put off, and I take it to the vet again for a check up. It passes with flying colors, so I take it to the "blacksmith" again. There its shoes are changed for new ones, which although the same size were heavier. I do this so that it can get used to the greater weight, then, before the races, I would always switch the shoes for lighter ones.

Then it is time to brand my newest pony. My personal brand is a prancing ponygirl in a circle, head held high, breasts forced forward, one knee high. It is beautifully made so that the branding will look good and not be an unrecognizable mess. My ponies are branded on the right buttock, and the brand occupies more then half of it. Sunrise goes mad at the sight of the hot iron, but I secure it to a frame, bent forward for better access. I then freeze the cheek to diminish the pain and in one swift motion bring the iron down. Then I take its face in my hands and start calming it with soothing words. The branded pony looks at me with hurt eyes, but I tell it what a good pony it is, and give it chocolate, and it relaxes somewhat. I treat the wound so it will heal nicely and unfasten it from the frame. Now all that remains to do is a tattoo on the high on the left breast, displaying the ponygirl's name and owner. It is done in Greek, the same as the name on the stall. This is done with all my ponies, so that they wouldn't be able to read it, and so remember the days when they were human.

I lead it to the pasture, allowing it to skip the early posture training and rest till "lunch". But the remainder of the day is a standard one. From this point its basic training is complete, what remains is to build up speed and endurance. I want to ride my newest ponygirl in the five mile race at our annual games in the fall. For that it doesn't need to be a sprinter, it just needs endurance and a bit of speed for the finish. So that is what I concentrate on.

Maybe as the years go by, when Golden Sunrise will not be able to compete anymore, I will retrain it for posture contests. But that is all another story, in the future, as is breeding, racing, working in a team and all the other joys of being my ponygirl.