My Ponygirl Pleasure Harness
Retaining full control while allowing my pony some measure of self pleasure

by Reverie
- do not use without the author's permission.

Start with you favorite head harness and bit. Add you favorite harness belt and trace system. Apply appropriate arm bondage and pony boots.

The main implement is a pussy hook. This is a broad curved stainless rod with a large stainless ball at the business end. The pony is hooked from the rear so that the ball slides up her pussy and the rod goes up her ass cheeks. In its simple application at loop at the top of her ass cheeks in the rod is not connected and tensioned to the top of her head harness forcing some degree of raised chin.

The pony may now bend her head back to give some relief or forward to cause the ball to move a bit. This may even result in a pleasant rhythmic head nod while she trots.

Advanced users will want to add a pony tail butt plug with a hole at the juncture of plug and tail. Through this hole the pussy hook rod should pass before a thread loop is screwed to its end. The device can be used with the plug running free, or the rod may be semi-fixed to the tail with a rubber band to allow the pony's head movement to stimulate the plug.

More advanced users with want to add the clit crusher/tormentor. At the curve of the rod just below the straight run up to the pussy ball an extension is add to project up and in front of the puss lips. Attached to this and aimed back at the clit is a screwed adjustable pressure rod. The end touching the clit can be tailored to the desires of the owner, a smooth ball for starters, moving on to a ribbed ball, and then to dull spikes. Ponies with clit or clit hood piercing can get extra fun out of the interaction with the pressure rod.

The final measure is to allow the pressure device to swivel slightly. A counter weight can be added to make sure the clit device moves with every pony step.